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Rookhill, William Woodville.

Pa., 1853 . A traveller. Oriental

scholar, and diplomat ; appointed
United States minister to Greece in




1897. Udanvarga, the Northern Bud-
dhist ; A Life of the Buddha and the
Early History of his Church ; Land of
the Lamas ; Diary of a Journey in
Mongolia and Tibet ; Notes on the
Ethnology of Tibet. Cent.

Rock-well, Alfred Perkins. Ct.,
1834 . A mining engineer of Bos-
ton. Roads and Pavements in France.

Rockwood, Elbert "William. Ms.,

1860 . A professor of chemistry

at the University of Iowa from 1888.
Laboratory Manual of Physiological
Chemistry ; Introduction to Chemical
Analysis for Medical Students.

Rodney, George Brydges. Bel.,

1872 . An historical novelist. In

Buff and Blue. Lit.

Roe, Mrs. Nora Ardelia [Metcalf].

Ms., 1856 . A writer of Worcester,

Massachusetts. Two Little Street
Singers. Le.

Rodriguez, Jose Ignacio. C., 1831-
. A lawyer of Cuban birth, a resi-
dent of Washington city from 1870.
Vida de Don Jos^ de la Luz y Cabe-
llero ; Vida del Presbitero Don Felix

Rogers, Arthur [Kenyon]. E. L,

1864 . Son of H. Rogers (page

321). An Episcopal clergyman, rector
(1904) of Holy Trinity Church at West
Chester, Pennsylvania. Men and Move-
ments in the English Church. Lgs.

Rogers, John Rankin. Me., 1838-
1901. A politician, governor of the
State of Washington, 1896-1900. The
Irrepressible Conflict ; Looking For-
ward ; The Inalienable Rights of Man.

Rogers, Lebbeus Harding. O.,

1847 . A writer of New York

city. The Kite Trust ; The Temples
of Psestum. Ap.

Rogers, Robert. N. H., 1727-1800.
A famous American soldier who com-
manded the noted Rogers's Rangers in
the French and Indian War. A Con-
cise Account of North America (176,5) ;
Journal of Major Rogers (176.5) ; Pon-
teach, or The Savages of America, a
blank-verse tragedy, now very rare ;
Diary of the Siege of Detroit in the
War with Pontiac, first published in
1860. See TyWs Literary History of
the American Revolution, volume 2.

Rohe, George Henry. Md., 1851-
1899. A Maryland physician, superin-
tendent of the State Hospital for the
Insane. Text-Book of Hygiene ; Elec-
tricity in Medicine and Surgery ; Hand-
book of Skin Diseases.

Rollins, Mrs. Clara Harriot [Sher-

■woodj. Mo., 1874 . A Boston

writer of short stories. A Burne-Jones
Head ; Threads of Life. Lam.

Rollins, Frank West. N. IL, 1860-
. A Boston banker whose resi-
dence is in Concord, New Hampshire.
He was governor of New Hampshire,
1899-1901. The Ring in a Cliff; The
Twin Hussars ; Break o' Day Tales ;
The Lady of the Violets; Old Home
Week ; Speeches. Le.

Romero [ro-may'-ro], Matias. Mex-
ico, 1837-1898. A Mexican diploma-
tist who was secretary of the Mexican
Legation at Washington, 1859-63, and
minister plenipotentiary, 1863-68 and
1882-98. Coffee Culture on the South-
ern Coast of Chiapas ; The State of
Oaxaca ; Mexico and the United States :
a Study of Subjects affecting their
Policy, Commerce, and Social Rela-
tions. Put.

Rood, Henry Edward. Pa., 1868-

. A New York writer, assistant

editor (1904) of Harpers' Magazine.
Hardwieke ; In Pastures New.

Rood, John Remain. Mch., 1868-
. A law instructor in the Univer-
sity of Michigan. The Law of Gar-
nishment ; Common Remedial Pro-
cesses ; Attachments, Garnishments,
Judgments, and Executions.

Rooney, John Jerome. N. Y., 1866-

. A broker of New York city.

The Men Behind the Guns, a collec-
tion of verse on the Spanish- American

Rorer, Mrs. Sarah Tyson [Hes-

ton]. Pa., 1849 . A teacher of

domestic economy, among whose many
writings on culinary topics are Mrs.
Rorer's Cook Book ; Canning and
Preserving ; Salads ; Leftovers ; Good
Cooking ; How to Use a Chafing Dish ;
A Book on Diet and Cookery; Hot
Weather Dishes ; Bread Making ; Colo-
nial Cookery.

Rose, Ray Clarke. N. Y., 1870-
. A Chicago journalist. At the




Sign of the Ginger Jar : some Verses
Gay and Grave. Mg.

Roseboro, Viola. Tn., 18 . A

New York writer for magazines. Old
Ways and New, a volume of short
storiss ; Players and Vagabonds ; Out
of the Heart, a novel. Mac.

Rosenfeld, Morris. Po., 1862-

A Hebrew tailor of New York city.
Songs from the Ghetto.

Rosenfeld, Sidney. Va., 1855 .

A popular playwright. The Senator
(with D. Lloyd) ; A Possible Case ;
The Stepping Stone ; The Politician ;
and other plays.

Rosewater, Victor. Nebraska, 1871-

. An Omaha journalist. Special

Assessments, a Study in Municipal
Finance. Mac.

Ross, Denman Waldo. O., 1853-

. A writer of Cambridge. Early

History of Landholding among the

Ross, Edward Alsworth. iZ., 1866-

. A professor of sociology in the

University of Nebraska. Social Control ,*
Honest Dollars.

Roth, Filibert. Wg., 1858 . A

forestry expert in Government service.
First Book of Forestry, and various
professional monographs and govern-
ment reports.

RothTvell, Richard Pennefather.
Ont, 1836-1901. A civil and mining
engineer of New York city, editor of
The Engineering and Mining Journal
from 1873. The Mineral Industry : its
Statistics, Technology, and Trade ;
Universal Bimetallism.

Rowan, Andrew Summefs. Va.,
185 . A United States army offi-
cer. The Island of Cuba. Ho.

Rowlandson, Mrs. Mary [White].
16 . The wife of Joseph Row-
landson, first pastor of Lancaster, Mas-
sachusetts. She was taken captive by
the Indians in 1676, and ransomed
after three months' captivity. In 1682
she published The Narrative of the
Captivity and Restauration of Mrs.
Mary Rowlandson among the Indians.

Rowley, John. N. Y., 1866 . A

prominent taxidermist of New York
city. The Art of Taxidermy. Ap.

Rulison, Nelson Somerville. N.Y.,

1842-1897. The second Protestant
Episcopal bishop of Central Pennsyl-
vania; History of St. Paul's Church,
Cleveland, Ohio ; A Study of Conscience.

Runkle, Bertha Brooks. N. J.,

187 . A novelist. The Helmet

of Navarre, a popular romance. Cent.

Rusby, Henry Hurd. N. J., 1855-

. A botanical writer of New York

city. Essentials of Pharmacognosy ;
Morphology and Histology of Plants ;
Materia Medica of Buck's Reference
Handbook of the Medical Sciences.

Rusling, James Fovrler. N. J.,

1834 . A lawyer of Trenton, New

Jersey. Across America ; Men and
Things I Saw in Civil War Days ; Euro-
pean Days and Ways. Meth.

Russell, Charles Edward. la.,

1860 . A Chicago journalist. Such

Stuff as Dreams. Bur.

Russell, Frank. la., 1868-1903. An
entomologist who published Explora-
tions in the Far North,

Russell, Henry Benajah. Me., 1859-

. A journalist of Hartford. Life of

William McKinley ; International Mone-
tary Conferences ; Our War with Spain.

Bussell, Isaac Franklin. Ct., 1867-
. A professor of law in the Uni-
versity of the City of New York. Out-
line Study of Law ; Lectures on Law
for Women.

Russell, James Earl. N. r.,~1864-

. An educator, dean of the

Teachers' College of Columbia Univer-
sity from 1898. The Extension of Uni-
versity Teaching ; History, Organiza-
tion and Methods of Secondary Educa-
tion in Germany. Lgs.

Russo, Nicolas. ly., 1845-1902. A
Roman Catholic clergyman of New
York city, for forty years a member of
the Society of Jesus. The True Reli-
gion : Summa Philosophica.

Ryan, Daniel Joseph. O., 1855-

. A lawyer of Portsmouth, Ohio.

A History of Ohio ; Arbitration be-
tween Capital and Labor.

Ryley,Mrs. Madeleine Lucette. E.,

18 — . A dramatist among whose

plays are The American Citizen ; Lady
Jemima ; A Coat of Many Colours.





Saalfield, Mrs. Adah Louise

[Sutton], L. L, 1865 . A writer

for young people. Lingua Gemmae ;
Mr. Bunny : his Book ; Seeds of
April's Sowing.

Sabin, Edwin Legrand. IL, 1870-

. A writer of Des Moines. The

Making of Iowa ; The Magic Mashie.

Saokett, Henry Woodward. N.

Y., 1833 . A lawyer of New

York city. The Law of Libel for
Newspaper Men.

Sage, Agnes Carolyn. L. I., 1854-

. A writer for young people.

Christmas Elves; The Jolly Ten; A
Little Colonial Dame ; A Little Daugh-
ter of the Revolution. C. P. S. Sto.

Sage, William. N. H., 1864-

Son of Mrs. Sage Richardson (page
314). A writer of New York city.
Robert Tournay : a Romance of the
French Revolution ; The Clay homes ;
Frenehy : the Story of a Gentleman.

Sagebeer, Joseph Evans. Pa., 1862

. A Baptist clergyman of Ger-

mantown, Pennsylvania. The Bible in
Court ; A First Book in Christian Doc-
trine. Rev.

Sajous, Charles Euchariste. J'.,

1852 . A Philadelphia physician,

professor in Jefferson College. Cura-
tive Treatment of Hay Fever, Diseases
of the Nose and Throat ; Annual and
Analytical Cyclopedia of Practical Med-

Salisbury, James Henry. N. Y.,

1823 . An Albany physician of

prominence as a specialist, and presi-
dent of the Institute of Micrology from
1878. Beside prof essional monographs
he published The Relation of Alimen-
tation to Disease.

Sallmon, William Henry. Ont,
1866 . A Congregational clergy-
man, president of Carleton College from
1903. Studies in the Life of Jesus ;
Studies in the Parables and Miracles of
Jesus ; Studies in the Life of Paul.

Salmon, Lucy Maynard. 185 .

A professor of history at Vassar College.
Domestic Service ; A History of the Ap-
pointing Power ; History : Suggestions
as to its Study and Teaching. Mac.

Salter, William Maokintire. la.,

1853 . An ethical lecturer of

Chicago. On a Foundation for Reli-
gion ; Die Religion der Moral ; Moral-
ische Reden ; Ethical Religion ; First
Steps in Philosophy ; Anarchy or Gov-
ernment ? Cr. El. Lit.

Sample, Robert Fleming. N . Y.,

1829 . A Presbyterian clergyman.

Early Dawn ; Shining Light ; Clouds
after Rain ; Sunset, or The Christian's
Death ; The Curtained Throne ; Educa-
tion and Christianity ; Memoir of Rev.
T. C. Thorn ; Christ's Valedictory.

Sanborn, Charles Henry. N. H.,

1821 . A physician and justice of

the peace of Hampton Falls, New
Hampshire. The North and the South.

Sanders, Thomas Jefferson. O.,
1855 . An Ohio educator, presi-
dent of Otterbein University from 1891.
Philosophy of the Christian Religion ;
Transcendentalism ; The Purpose and
Place of the College.

Sanderson, Ezra Dwight. Mch.,

1878 . A professor of entomology

in the Texas Agricultural College from
1902. Insects Iniurious to Staple Crops.

Sands, Benjamin Franklin. Md.,
1811-1883. A rear-admiral in the Uni-
ted States navy, retired in 1874. From
Reefer to Rear-Admiral. Sto.

Sanford, Bzekiel. C?., 1796-1819. A
writer who published in 1819 A History
of the United States before the Revo-
lution. The Humours of Eutopia, a
satirical novel, remained in manuscript
at his death.

Sanger, William Cary. L. I., 18.53-

. An army officer. Letters of an

Idle Man ; The Reserve and Auxiliary
Forces of England and the Militia of

Sargent, Frederick Leroy. Ms.,

1863 . A botanist of Cambridge.

Corn Plants : Their Uses and Ways of
Life. Hou.

Sargent, Herbert H[owland]. //.,

1858 . A captain of the Second

Cavalry, of note as a military strategist.
Napoleon's First Campaign ; The Cam-
paign of Marengo, with Comments.

Sartain, John. 1808-1897. A noted




engraver of Philadelphia. Reminis-
cences of a Very Old Man. Ap.

Satterthwaite, Thomas Edward.

N. Y., 1843 . A physician of

New York city. Manual of Histology ;
Practical Bacteriology.

Saunders, Margaret Marshall.
"Marshall Saunders." N. S., 1861-

. A Nova Scotian writer of fiction,

much of whose literary work has been
done in Boston. My Spanish Sailor;
Beautiful Joe, a prize story written for
the Humane Education Society ; Daisy ;
Charles and his Lamb ; For the Other
Boy's Sake, and Other Stories ; The
House of Armour, a novel ; The King
of the Park ; Rose k Charlitte, a story
of Acadian Life ; Deficient Saints ;
Her Sailor ; 'Tilda Jane ; For his Coun-
try ; Beautiful Joe's Paradise ; Nita.
Bap. Cr. Pa.

Saunders, Marshall. See Saunders,

Saunders, Ripley Dunlap. Mi.,

1856 . A St. Louis journalist.

John Kenadie. Hou.

Savidge, Eugene Coleman. Md.,

1863 . A physician and author of

New York city. The American in Paris;
Gallery of Eminent Men ; The Life
and Times of Brewster ; Wallingf ord.

SavidgTB, Frank Raymond. Md.,

1866 . A lawyer of Philadelphia.

The Law of Boroughs in Pennsylvania.

Savoy, George Washington. N.H.,
1856 . A Congregational cler-
gyman of Los Angeles. Marriage ;
Stronger than Samson, a book for boys.

Sawin, Theophilus Parsons. Ms.,

1841 . A Presbyterian clergyman,

pastor in Troy, New York, from 1886.
The Transfiguring of the Cross ; Lib-
erty in the Presbyterian Church.

Sa-wyer, Josephine Caroline. N.

Y., 1879 . An historical novelist

of Watertown, New York. Every Inch
a King ; All 's Fair in Love. Do.

Sawyer, Walter Leon. Me., 1862-

. A Boston journalist and litt^ra-

texir. An Outland Journey ; A Local
Habitation. Sm.

Sayre, Theodore Burt. N.Y., 1874-

. A novelist and playwright of

New York city. He has published two
novels: Two Summer Girls and Ij The

Son of Curleycroft ; and among his
plays are A Classical Cowboy ; Manon
Lescaut ; Tom Moore ; The Bold Sojer
Boy. Har.

Scaife, Walter Bell. Pa., 1858-
. A writer of Allegheny, Penn-
sylvania. American Geographical His-
tory ; Florentine Life During the Re-
naissance ; A History of Geographical

Schaeffer, Nathan C . Pa., 1849-

. The state superintendent of in-
struction in Pennsylvania from 1893.
Thinking and Learning to Think ; His-
tory of Education in Pennsylvania. Lip.

Schaff, David Schley, Pa., 1852-

. Son of Philip Schaff (page 330).

A professor of church history at Lane
Seminary, Cincinnati, from 1897. Life
of Philip Schaff ; Commentary on Acts.

SchaufiEler, Adolphus Frederick.

Ty., 1845 . Son of W. G.

SchaufBer (page 330). A Presbyte-
rian clergyman of New York city.
Ways of Working; The Teacher, the
Child and the Book ; The Pastor as
Leader of Sunday School Forces. We.

Schelling, Felix Emmanuel. Ind.

1858 . A professor of English

literature in the University of Pennsyl-
vania. Literary and Verse Criticism
of the Age of Elizabeth ; Life and
Works of George Gascoigne ; The
Queen's Progress. Gi. Hou.

Schenck, Ferdinand Schureman.

N. Y., 1845 . A [Dutch] Re-
formed clergyman of New Brunswick,
New Jersey. The Ten Command-
ments in the Nineteenth Century ; The
Ten Commandments and the Lord's
Prayer. Fu.

Schenk, David. N. C, 1835 . A

lawyer of Greensboro, North Carolina.
The Battle of Guilford Court House ;
North Carolina, 1780-1781 ; Railroad
Law in North Carolina.

Schermerhorn, Martin Kellogg.

N. Y., 1845 . A Unitarian clergy-
man of Poughkeepsie. Sacred Scrip-
tures of the Woi'ld (edited) ; Renascent
Christianity. Put.
Schimpff, Henry William. N. Y.,

1868 . A physician of New York

city. Textbook of Volumetric Analy-
sis ; Qualitative Chemical Analysis.




Schmidt, Nathaniel. Sn. 1862 .

A professor of Semitic languages at
Cornell University from 1896. The
Character of Christ's Last Meal ; Ma-
ranatha ; The Son of Man and the Son
of God in Modern Theology. Mac.

Schneider, Albert. IL, 1863 .

A professor of botany in Chicago. A
Text-book of General Lichenology ;
Guide to the Study of Lichens ; Micro-
scopy and Micro-Technique ; Hints on
Drawing for Students in Biology; Gene-
ral Vegetable Pharmaeography.

Schoenhof, Jacob. G., 1839-1903. A
prominent political economist, resident
in the United States from 1861. De-
structive Influence of the Tariif upon
Manufactures and Commerce ; The In-
dustrial Situation and the Question of
Wages ; Wages and Trade ; The Eco-
nomy of High Wages ; Technical Edu-
cation in Europe ; History of Money
and Prices. Put.

Schofield, John McAllister. N.Y.,

1831 . The lieutenant-general of

the United States army in 1895 ; previ-
ously major-general commanding the
army from 1888. Forty-six Years in
the Army. Cent.

Schultze, Augustus. G., 1840 .

An educator, professor in the Moravian
College at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,
from 1870. History of the Foreign
Mission Work of the Moravians (in
German) ; The Books of the Bible Ana-
lyzed ; Grammar and Vocabulary of the
Alaskan-Eskimo Language ; Theology
of the Apostles Peter and Paul in their
Own Words.

Schuyler, James Dix. N. F., 1848-
. An hydraulic engineer of dis-
tinction, who has published a valuable
work on Reservoirs for Irrigation, Wa-
ter Power, and Domestic Water Sup-
ply. Wil.

Schwab, John Christopher. N. Y.,

1865 . A professor of political

economy at Yale University. The Con-
federate States of America, 1861-1865.

Scidmore, Eliza Ruhamah. la.,

1856 . A writer of Washington

city. Alaska ; Jinrikisha Days in Ja-
pan ; Guide to Alaska and the North-
west Coast ; Westward to the Far East ;
Java : the Garden of the East j China ;

the Long Lived Empire ; Winter India.
Ap. Cent. Lo.

Scott, Charles Angus. K, 1858-

. A professor of mathematics at

Bryn Mawr College from 1885. Cer-
tain Modern Ideas and Methods in
Plane Analytical Geometry. Mac.

Scott, William Amasa. N. Y., 1862-

. A professor of economic history

and theory in the University of Wis-
consin. Repudiation of State Debts ;
The Economics of Commerce. Cr.

Scott, William Berryman. O., 1858

. A professor of geology and

paliBontology at Princeton University.
An Introduction to Geology. Mac.

Scott, William Earl Dodge. L. I.,

1852 . A naturalist, curator of

the department of ornithology at
Princeton University from 1897. Bird
Studies ; Story of a Bird Lover ; Birds
of Patagonia. Put.

Scribner, Frank Kimball. N. Y.,

1867 . A litterateur of New York

city. The Honour of a Princess ; The
Love of the Princess Alice ; The Fifth
of November ; A Continental Cavalier.

Scripps, James Edmund. E., 1835-

. A retired newspaper publisher of

Detroit. Five Months Abroad ; Me-
morials of the Scripps Family.

Scruggs, William Lindsay. Tn ,
1834 . An Atlanta lawyer. Uni-
ted States minister to Colombia 1871-
1877 and 1881-1887. British Aggres-
sions in Venezuela ; Fallacies of the
British Blue Book ; The Colombian and
Venezuelan Republics ; The Evolution
of American Citizenship ; Origin and
Meaning of the Monroe Doctrme. Lit.

Sealsfield, Charles. A., 1793-1864.
An Austrian author resident for some
years in the United States, whose
original name was Karl Postle.. To-
keah, or the White Rose, published in
German as Der Legitime und die Re-
publikaner ; Transatlantische Reise-
skizzen ; Der Virey und die Aristokra-
ten, a Mexican novel ; Lebensbilden
aus beiden Hemispharen, reissued as
Morten oder die grosse Tour ; Deutsch-
amerikanische Wahlverwandtschaften ;
Siiden und Norden ; The Cabin Book,
or Life in Texas. See KertbSny's
Erinnerung an Sealsfield (1864).

Seaman, Louis Livingston. N. F.,





A major-surg'eon In the
United States volunteer engineers dur-
ing the Spanish-American war. The
Social Waste of a Great City ; From
Tokio through Manchuria with the
Japanese. Ap.

Search, Preston Willis. O., 1853-
. An educator of Worcester, Mas-
sachusetts. An Ideal School. Ap.

Searle, George Mary. E., 1839-

. Brother of A. Searle (page 334).

A Roman Catholic clergyman and as-
tronomer, belonging to the order of
Paulists. Elements of Geometry ;
Plain Facts for Fair Minds.

Sears, Lorenzo. Ms., 1838-

Henry D-wight. Ms.,
Son of H. D. Sedgwick
A lawyer of New York
Leading Cases on

professor of rhetoric and oratory at
Brown University. The History of
Oratory from the Age of Pericles ; The
Occasional Address : its Literature and
Composition ; Principles and Methods
of Literary Criticism. Put.

Sedgwick, Annie Douglas. N. J.,

187 . A novelist. The Con-
founding of Camelia ; The Dull Miss
Auchinard ; The Rescue ; Paths of
Judgment. Cent. Scr.

Sedgwick, Ellery. N. Y., 1872 .

A New York litterateur. Son of H. D.
Sedgwick, infra. Life of Thomas
Paine. Sm.

(page 335).

Sedgwick, Henry Dwight. 186 —

. Son of H. D. Sedgwick, supra.

An essayist and historian, of Stock-
bridge, Mass. Samuel de Champlain ;
Essays on Great Writers ; Francis Park-
man. Hou.

Sedgwick, William Thompson.

Ct , 1855 . A professor of biology

in the Massachusetts Institute of Tech-

■ nology from 1883. General Biology
Principles of Sanitary Science and Pub-
lic Health. Ho. Mac.

Sedley, Henry. Ms., 1835-1899. A
journalist of New York city. Danger-
field's Rest : a Romance ; Marion Rooke,
or The Quest for Fortune.

See, Thomas Jefferson Jackson.

Mo., 1866 . An astronomer at

Washington city. Researches on the
Evolution of the Stellar Systems.

Seeley, Levi. N. F., 1847 . A

professor of pedagogy in the State Nor-
mal School, Trenton, New Jersey,
from 1895. The American Common
School System ; The German Common
School System ; History of Education ;
The Foundations of Education, are his
most important works. Am.

Selleck, Willard Chamberlain.

N. Y., 1856 . A Universalist

clergyman of Providence. The Spirit-
ual Outlook. Lit.

Sellers, Edwin Jaquett. Pa., 1865-
. A lawyer of Pliiladelphia. Gen-
ealogy of the Jaquett Family ; Gene-
alogy of the Kollak Family ; and other
genealogical works.

Semple, Ellen Churchill. 18 —
. A Louisville writer on geographi-
cal subjects, and an editor of the Jour-
nal of Geography. American History
and its Geographic Conditions. Hou.

Senn, Nicholas. Sd., 1844 . A

Chicago physician. Four Months
among the Surgeons of Europe ; Ex-
perimental Surgery ; Principles of
Surgery ; Surgical Bacteriology ; Pa-
thology and Surgical Treatment of
Tumours ; Tuberculosis of the Genito-
urinary Organs.

Serviss, Garrett Putnam. N. Y.,

1851 . A Brooklyn lecturer on

astronomy. Astronomy with an Opera
Glass ; Edison's Conquest of Mars, a
novel ; Pleasures of the Telescope ;
Other Worlds. Ap.

Setchell, William Albert. Ct.-, 1864

. A professor of botany in the

University of California from 1895.
Laboratory Practice for Beginners in
Botany. Mac.

Severance, Frank Hayward. Ms ,

1856 . An historical lecturer of

Buffalo. Old Trails on the Niagara
Frontier. Pur.

Sewell, Robert. I., 1831-1897. A
lawyer of New York city. Pension
Law Practice in the United States ;
Titles to Beds of Ponds and Streams in
the State of New York.

Seymour, Horatio Winslow. N.

Y., 1854 . A Chicago journalist

and publisher. Government and Co.
Limited. Mg.

Shackelton, Robert. Wis., 1863-
. A novelist. Toomey and Others,




a volume of short stories ; Many Wa-
ters ; The Great Adventurer. Scr.

Shackford, Charles Chauncy. N.
H., 1815-1891. A Unitarian clergy-
man, pastor in Lynn, Massachusetts,
1840-65, and from 1871 professor of
rhetoric at Cornell University. A Cit-
izen's Appeal in Regard to the War
with Mexico ; Social and Literary Pa-
pers. Rob.

Shaffer, Newton Melman. N. Y.,

1846 . An orthopaedic surgeon of

New York city. Potts' Disease ; The
Hysterical Element in Orthopsedic Sur-
gery ; Brief Essays on Orthopaedic Sur-
gery. Ap. Put.

Sharp, Dallas Lore. N. J., 1870-
. A Methodist clergyman of Bos-
ton, professor of English at Boston
University from 1902. Wild Life Near
Home ; Roof and Meadow. CeM.

Sharpless, Isaac. Pa., 1848 .

An educator, president of Haverford
College, Pennsylvania, from 1887. Eng-
lish Education in Elementary and Sec-
ondary Schools ; A Quaker Experiment
in Government ; The Quakers in the
Revolution ; Two Centuries of Penn-
sylvania History. Lip.

Sharpless, Joseph. N. J., 1772-
1801. A Quaker philanthropist of
Burlington, New Jersey. The Story of
Joseph and his Brethren, set forth in
a Pleasing and Instructive Manner
(1812); A Family Record (1816), a
Sharpless genealogy.

Sharts, Joseph William. O, 1875

. A lawyer and novelist of

Dayton, Ohio. Ezra Caine ; The Ro-
mance of a Rogue ; The Hills of Free-
dom. S.

Shaw, John. Md., 1778-1809. A
physician of Baltimore. Poems (1810).

Sheedy, Morgan Madden. I.,
1853 . A Roman Catholic clergy-
man of Altoona, Pennsylvania. Chris-
tian Unity ; Social Problems.

Sheldon, Charles Monroe. N. Y.,
1857 . A Congregational clergy-
man in Topeka, Kansas, whose writ-
ings have been extraordinarily popular,
especially in England. In His Steps ;
His Brother's Keeper ; The Redemp-
tion of Freetown ; Richard Bruce ;
Robert Hardy's Seven Days ; The
Twentieth Door; The Crucifixion of

Philip Strong; John King's Question
Class ; Malcom Kirk ; One of the

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