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New Year's. Ap. Cr. Est. Lo. Mer.

Butts, Mrs. Mary Frances [Bar-
ber]. R. I., 1836 . A writer of

popular juvenile works. Three Girls ;
Lottie ; Nellie's New Home ; Lizzie
and her Friends ; The Frolic Series,
are some of them.

Byerly, William Ellwood. Pa.,
1849 . A professor of mathemat-
ics at Harvard University. Elements
of Differential Calculus ; Elements of
Integral Calculus. Gi.

Byers, Samuel Hawkins Marshall.

Ms., 1838 . A United States con-
sul at Zurich, subsequently a consul-
general to Italy and now a resident of
Des Moines. Switzerland ; Switzerland
and the Swiss : Historical and Descrip-
tive ; Florence ; History of Switzerland ;
What I Saw in Dixie ; Military History
of Iowa ; The Happy Isles, and Other




Byfield, Nathaniel. E., 1653-1733.
A jurist of note in Massachusetts in
the colonial period. Account of the
Late War in England, 1689.

Byford, William Heath. O., 1817-
1890. A physician of prominence in
Chicago. Practice of Medicine and
Surgery Applied to Diseases and Acci-
dents Peculiar to Women ; Theory and
Practice of Obstetrics ; Philosophy of
Domestic Life, are his more important

Byington, Ezra Hoyt. Vt, 1828-
1901. A Congregational clergyman of
Newton, Massachusetts. Puritan in
England and New England ; Puritan
as Colonist and Reformer ; Christ of
Yesterday, To-day, and Forever. Lit.

Byles, Mather. Ms., 1706-1788. A
Congregational clergyman of Boston
famous both as preacher and wit.
After 43 years' ministry in the Hollis
Street Church, his Tory sympathies
obliged him to give up his charge in
1776. See Sprague^s Annals of the Amer-
ican Pulpit; Tyler'' s American Litera-
ture ; Unitarian Review, vol. 27 ; Atlan-
tic Monthly, vol. 59.

Bynner, Edwin Lassetter. N. Y.,
1842-1893. A popular historical nov-
elist of Boston. His best work is in-
cluded in the three historical tales,
Agnes Surriage ; The Begum's Daugh-
ter ; Zachary Phips. Of lesser import-
ance are Nimport ; Tritons ; Damen's
Ghost ; Penelope's Suitors ; An Un-
closeted Skeleton (with L. P. Hale, in-
fra) ; The Chase of the Meteor, a book
for boys. Hou.

By rd, William. Va., 1674-1744. A
colonial Virginian and man of letters,
•whose Journals, first published in 1841,
are known as The Westover Manu-
scripts, from Westover, the family man-
sion of Byrd. A fuller collection, styled
The Byrd Manuscripts, was printed in
1866, edited by T. Wynne. They are
well worth reading for their wit, keen
observations, and vigorous style. They
comprise The Story of the Dividing
Line, an account of the expedition to
fix the boundary between Virginia and
North Carolina ; A Progress to the
Mines ; A Journey to the Land of Eden.
See Harfs American Literature ; Tyler'' s
American Literature; Century Maga-
zine, vol. 20.

Byrn, Marcus Lafayette. 18 —
. A physician. Complete Practi-
cal Brewer ; Rattlehead's Travels, or
the Recollections of a Backwoodsman ;
Complete Practical Distiller ; Reposi-
tory of Wit and Humour ; Book of Na-
ture, an expositor of the Science of Life
and Sexual Physiology ; FamUy Physi-

Cabell, James Lawrence. Fa., 1813-
1889. An eminent Virginia physician.
The Testimony of Modern Science to
the Unity of Mankind.

Cabell, Mrs. Julia [Mayo]. Fa.,

18 185-. An Odd Volume of Facts

and Fiction in Prose and Verse ;
Sketches and Recollections of Lynch-

Cable, George Washington. La.,

1844 . A writer of fiction who

has reproduced with much success the
life and dialect among the Creoles of
Louisiana. He served in the Confed-
erate army during the Civil War, and
is now a resident of Northampton, Mas-
sachusetts. Old Creole Days ; The
Grandissimes ; Madame Delphine ; Dr.
Sevier ; John March, Southerner ; Bon-
aventure ; Strange True Stories of
Louisiana ; The Creoles of Louisiana ;
The Silent South ; The Busy Man's
Bible ; The Negro Question. See Ved-
der^s American Writers. Fl. Scr,

Cabot, James Elliot. Ms., 1821-
1903. A Boston writer whose princi-
pal work is A Memoir of Ralph Waldo
Emerson. Hou.

Cahan, Abraham. E., 1860-

New York city journalist, editor of
Zukunft. Yekl, a Tale of the New
York Ghetto ; Raphael Narizokh (in
Yiddish). Ap.

Cain, William. N. C, 1847 — —. A
professor of civil engineering in the
University of North Carolina. Theory
of Voussoir ; Solid and Braced Arches ;
Maximum Stress in Framed Bridges ;
Solid and Braced Elastic Bridges ;
Symbolic Algebra ; Practical Design-
ing of Retaining Walls.

Caines, George. 1771-1825. A re-
porter of the New York Supreme Court.
Lex Mercatoria Americana ; Cases in




the Coiirt of Errors ; Forms of New
York Supreme Court ; Summary of
Practice in New York Supreme Court ;
Cases in the Court for Trial of Im-
peachments; New York Supreme Court

Caldwell, Charles. N. C, 1772-
185.3. A Kentucky physician, who
beside publishing some 200 technical
monographs and pamphlets, wrote The
Life and Campaigns of General Greene,
and translated Blumenbach's Elements
of Physiology. See Autobiography,
1855 ; Life, by Caruthers, infra ;
Sketches of Contemporaries, by S. D.
Gross, infra.

CaldTvell, George Chapman. Ms.,
1834 . A professor of agricultu-
ral chemistry at Cornell University.
Agricultural Qualitative and Quantita-
tive Analysis ; Manual of Litroductory
Chemical Practice (with A. Breneman) ;
Manual of Qualitative Chemical Analy-
sis (with S. M. Babeock).

Caldwell, Joseph. N. J., 1773-1835.
A once noted educator who was pres-
ident of the University of North Caro-
lina. A Compendious System of Ele-
mentary Geometry ; Letters of Carle-

Caldwell, Linus Boues. N.Y., 1834-
. A Methodist clergyman and edu-
cator, of Tennessee. Wines of Pales-
tine, or The Bible Defended ; Beyond
the Grave.

Caldwell, Merritt. Me., 1806-1848.
A professor of metaphysics at Dick-
inson College. The Doctrine of the
English Verb ; Manual of Elocution ;
Philosophy of Christian Perfection;
Christianity Tested by Eminent Men.
See Memoir by S. M. Vail. Meth.

Caldwell, Samuel Lunt. Ms., 1820-
1889. A Baptist clergyman whose later
life was passed in Providence. Cities
of Our Faith and Other Addresses and
Discourses. Hou.

Caldwell, William "Warner. Ms.,

1823 . A resident of Newburyport

■who has published Poems, Original and
Translated, and has translated many
lyrics from the German.

Calef, Robert. Ms., c. 1648-1719. A
Boston merchant who published in 1700
More Wonders of the Invisible World,
a satirical reply to Cotton Mather's
Wonders of the Invisible World. Its

line of argument was in direct opposi-
tion to the witchcraft persecutions, and
the book was publicly burnt by In-
crease Mather in the grounds of Har-
vard College. See Tyler^s American
Calhoun [kal-hoon'], John Caldw^ell.
S. C, 1782-1850. A South Carolina
statesman who was secretary of state
under Monroe, and again under Tyler,
vice-president under John Quincy Ad-
ams, and United States senator from
184-5 till his death. He was one of the
ablest of political leaders, a gp^eat ora-
tor, and a political thinker of the first
rank. His literary style is both vigour-
ous and concise, and displays at times
a remarkable intensity of expression.
A Disquisition on Government ; The
Constitution and Government of the
United States. See Works in 6 vol-
umes ; Parton's Famous Americans ;
Lives by Jenkins ; Yon Hoist. Ap.

Calkins, Norman Allison. N. Y.,
1822-1895. The first assistant superin-
tendent of primary schools in New York
city for thirty-three years. Primary
Object Lessons ; How to Teach ; Man-
ual of Object Teaching ; Aids for
Object Teaching ; Trades and Occu-
pations ; Natiu-al History Series for

Callender, James Thomas. E.,

17 1803. A writer who was exiled

from England on account of his pam-
phlet, The Political Progress of Great
Britain. He was at first the friend
and soon the violent political opponent
of Thomas Jefferson. Sketches of the
History of America ; The Prospect be-
fore Us.

Callender, John. Ms., 1706-1748. A
Baptist clergyman of Newport, Rhode
Island, whose Historical Discourse,
1739, is a careful monograph of Rhode
Island history for the first century of
the colony's existence. See edition of
1838, with notes and memoir.

Calthrop, Samuel Robert. E., 1829-
. A Unitarian clergyman of Syra-
cuse. Essay on Religion and Science ;
The Rights of the Body.

Calvert, George Henry. Md., 1803-
1889. A litterateur of Newport, Rhode
Island, who published a great number
of volumes of verse that never was mis-




taken for poetry by any reader, and
almost as many prose works. Among
his writings are Goethe : his Life and
Works ; Dante and his Latest Trans-
lators ; St. Beuve, the Critic ; Count
Julian, a tragedy ; Three Score, and
Other Poems ; a translation of Schiller's
Don Carlos.

Cameron, Henry Clay. • W. Va.,

1827 . A professor at Princeton

College since 1877. Princeton Roll of
Honour ; History of American Whig

Camp, Walter. Ct., 1859 . A

writer of prominence on athletic mat-
ters. Book of College Sports ; Ameri-
can Football ; Football Facts and Fig-
ures ; Football (with L. F, Deland).
Har. Hou.

Campbell, Alexander. I., 1788-
186(3. A Baptist clergyman of West
Virginia, who was the founder of the
sect of Campbellites, or Disciples of
Christ. He established Bethany Col-
lege in 1841, and was its first president.
His writings, mainly controversial, are
nearly sixty in number, among them
being Christian Baptism ; Infidelity Re-
futed by Infidels ; Essay on Life and
Death ; Popular Lectures and Ad-
dresses ; Christianity as it Was ; Fa-
miliar Lectures on the Pentateuch ;
Six Letters to a Sceptic. See HarVs
American Literature ; Memoir by Rich-
ardson, 1868.

Campbell, Alexander Augustus.
Va., 1789-1846. A Presbyterian cler-
gyman and physician, once prominent
in Tennessee, whose only book was a
work on Scripture Baptism.

Campbell, Alexander James. 18 —

. Son of A. Campbell, supra. The

Power of Christ to Save to the Utter-
most ; American Practical Cycloptedia ;
A True Friend, reflections on Life,
Character, and Conduct.

Campbell, Hartley. Pa., 1843-1888.
A journalist of Pittsburg, who turned
his attention to the stage and became
a popular playwright. My Partner ;
The Galley Slave ; Matrimony ; Sibe-
ria ; The Big Bonanza ; The White
Slave ; and Peril, comprising his most
successful plays.

Campbell, Charles. Va., 1807-1876.
An educator of Petersburg, Virginia,
whose father, John WUson Campbell, a

bookseller there for many years, wrote
a History of Virginia to 1781. The
writings of Charles Campbell include
History of the Colony of Virginia ; Ge-
nealogy of the Spotswood Family ; The
Bland Papers; Memoir of John Daly
Burk, supra. Lip.

Campbell, Douglas. N. Y., 1840-
1893. Son of W. W. CampbeU, infra.
A lawyer of New York city, whose
notable historical work. The Puritan in
Holland, England, and America, has
attracted much attention. Har.

Campbell, Douglas Houghton.
Mch., 1859 . A professor of bot-
any in Stanford University. Elements
of Structural and Systematic Botany;
Structure and Development of the
Mosses and Ferns. Mac.

Campbell, Mrs. Helen [Stuart].

1839 . A writer who is deeply

concerned in philanthropic and social
reforms, and whose work covers a wide
range of topics. In Foreign Kitchens ;
The Easiest Way in Housekeeping, are
books for the housekeeper. Prisoners of
Poverty ; Prisoners of Poverty Abroad ;
Some Passages in the Life of Dr. Martha
Scarborough ; Women Wage-Earners ;
Problem of the Poor ; Darkness and
Daylight in New York, relate to the
social problems of the time. Six Sin-
ners ; His Grandmothers ; Roger Berke-
ley's Probation ; Miss Melinda's Oppor-
tunity ; Mrs. Herndon's Income ; The
What-to-Do-Club ; Under Green Apple-
Boughs; Unto the Third and Fourth
Generation ; Patty Pearson's Boy, are
fictions. Other works are Girls' Hand-
book of Work and Play; A Sylvan
City, a description of Philadelphia ; The
Ainslee Stories, for juvenile readers ;
Anne Bradstreet and her Time, supra.
Fo. Hou. Lo. Rob.

Campbell, James Valentine. N.Y.,
1823-1890. A Michigan jurist. Out-
lines of the Political History of Michi-

Campbell, John Lyle. Va., 1818-
1886. A professor of chemistry at
Washington and Lee College, 1851-86.
Manual of Scientific and Practical Ag-
riculture ; Idaho, Six Months in the
New Gold Diggings ; Guide to the Ag-
ricultural and Mineral West ; Geology
and Mineral Resources of the James
River Valley, Virginia.




Campbell," John Poage. Va., Vl&l-
1814. A once popular clergyman on
the Ohio border. The Passenger ; Stric-
tures on Stone's Letters on the Atone-
ment ; Vindex ; Letters to the Rev. Mr.
Craighead ; The Pelagian Defeated ;
An Answer to Jones.

Campbell, William Henry. Md.,
1808-1890. A Dutch Reformed cler-
gyman, president of Rutgers College,
1863-82. Subjects and Modes of Bap-
tism ; Influence of Christianity in Civil
and Religious Liberty ; System of
Catechetical Instruction.

Campbell, William W. N. Y., 1806-
1881. A jarist of New York city. An-
nals of Tryon County, reissued as Bor-
der Warfare ; Memoirs of Mrs. Grant,
Missionary to Persia ; Life and Writ-
ings of De Witt Clinton ; Sketches of
Robin Hood and Captain Kidd.

Canfield, Henry Judson. Ct.. 1789-
1856. An agriculturist who published
a serviceable Treatise on the Breed,
Management, Structure, and Diseases
of Sheep.

Cannon, Charles James. N. Y.,
1810-1860. A New York litterateur
who besides compiling a series of read-
ers published, among other works. Po-
ems, Dramatic and Miscellaneous ; Pen-
cillings from the Web of Life, and a
number of dramas now forgotten.

Cannon, James Spencer. W. I.,
1776-1852. A Dutch Reformed cler-
gyman of New Jersey, professor of met-
aphysics at Rutgers College, 1826-56.
Lectures on Chronology ; Lectures on
Pastoral Theology.

Capen, Nahum. Ms., 1804-1886. A
Boston publisher who was postmaster
1857-61, and introduced the custom of
street letter-box collections. The Re-
public of the United States ; Reminis-
cences of Spurzheim and Combe ; His-
tory of Democracy, or Political Progress
Historically Illustrated.

Capers, William. S. C, 1790-1855.
A Methodist bishop once prominent in
the South. Cathechisms for Negro Mis-
sions ; Short Sermons and True Tales
for Children. See Life, by Wightman,

Carey, Henry Charles. Pa., 1793-
1879. Son of M. Carey, infra. One of
the foremost of American political econ-

omists, who advocated protection as a
preliminary step toward ultimate free
trade. He opposed such theorists as
Malthus and Ricardo, holding that hu-
man progress depends upon success in
subjugating nature ; that land values
depend upon labour ; and that the social
well-being is directly dependent upon
existing conditions. Principles of Po-
litical Economy ; The Credit System ;
The Principles of Social Science ; Lec-
tures on the Currency ; Letters on Po-
litical Economy; Letters on Interna-
tional Copyright ; Financial Crises ; The
Unity of Law, comprise his chief works.
See Allibone's Dictionary ; Memoir by
Elder ; Gross''s Sketches of Contempora-
ries. Bai. Lip.

Carey, Matthew. J., 1760-1839. An
Irishman who came to America in 1785,
entered into politics, and established
himself in Philadelphia as a bookseller.
His writings include The Olive Branch,
or Faults on Both Sides, Federal and
Democratic (1814), which soon entered
a tenth edition ; Vindiciae Hibernicse ;
Thoughts on Penitentiaries and Prison
Discijiline ; Essays on Political Econo-
my ; The Yellow Fever of 1793.

Carleton, Henry Guy. N. M., 1856-

. A journalist of New York city

who is best known as a writer of plays,
among which are Memnon ; The Pem-
bertons ; Victor Durand.

Carleton, Osgood. 1742-1816. A
Massachusetts mathematician. Amer-
ican Navigator ; South American Pilot ;
Practice of Arithmetic.

Carleton, William. Mch., 1845 .

A writer of homely verse which ap-
peals with great force to imperfectly
educated tastes, and has been very
popular, but which is without literary
merit. Farm Ballads ; Farm Festivals ;
Farm Legends ; City Legends ; City
Ballads ; City Festivals ; Rhymes of
our Planet ; Young Folks' Centennial
Rhymes ; The Old Infant, and Similar
Stories. Har.

Carman [William], Bliss. N. B ,

1861 . A poet of Ca,nadian birth,

whose literary work has been done
mainly in New York and Boston. Low
Tide on Grand Pr^ ; A Seamark ; Be-
hind the Arras ; Songs from Vaga-
bondia (with R. Hovey, infra) ; More
Song^ from Vagabondia (with R. Hck




rey) ; Ballads of Lost Haven, a Book
of the Sea, Cop. Lam.

Carnegie, Andre-w. S., 1835 ,

A noted steel-manufacturer of Pitts-
burg who came to America in 1845.
He has made many important gifts to
his native Scotland and to Pittsburg,
and as a -writer is distinguished for the
rather exuberant Americanism of his
•work. An American Four-in-Hand in
Europe ; Round the World ; Trium-
phant Democracy, or Fifty Years'
March of the Republic. Scr.

Carnochan, John Murray. Ga.,
1817-1887. A New York surgeon of
distinction. Treatise on Congenital
Dislocations ; Contributions to Opera-
tive Surgery. Uar.

Carpenter, Edmund Janes. Ms.,

1845 . A journalist of Boston. A

Woman of Shawmut, a Romance of
Colonial Times ; History of Roger Wil-
liams. Lit.

Carpenter, Esther Bernon. R. J.,

1848-1893. A writer of southern Rhode
Island, whose South Country Neigh-
bours is a series of sympathetic studies
in fiction of Rhode Island types of char-
acter. Hob.

Carpenter, Francis BicknelL N-
Y., 1830-1900. A portrait painter of
New York city, who painted The Eman-
cipation Proclamation in the Capitol at
Washington. Six Months in the White
House with Abraham Lincoln.

Carpenter, Henry Bernard. L,
1840-1890. A Unitarian clergyman of
Boston, brother of W. Boyd Carpenter,
the Anglican bishop of Ripon. He
wrote principally in verse, his only pub-
lished books including The Oatmeal
Crusaders ; Liber Amoris, a Metrical
Romaunt of the Middle Ages ; A Poet's
Last Songs. The last-named volume
■was issued after his death, with memo-
rial sketch by J. J. Roche, infra.

Carpenter, Stephen CuUen. E., c.

17 1820. An English journalist who

came to America in 1806 and settled in
Charleston. Memoir of Thomas Jeffer-
son, containing a Concise History of the
United States (1809); An Overland
Journey to India, published under the
pseudonym " Donald Campbell."

Carpenter, Stephen Haskins. N.
J., 1831-1878. A Wisconsin educator,
professor of literature at the University
of Wisconsin. Evidences of Christian-
ity ; English of the 14th Century ; In-
troduction to the Study of Anglo-
Saxon ; Elements of English Analysis.

Carr, Lucien. 3fo., 1829 . An

archaeologist of Cambridge, assistant
curator of the Peabody Museum, 1876-
1894. The Mounds of the Mississippi
Valley Historically Considered ; Mis-
souri, a brief history of the State ; Pre-
historic Remains of Kentucky (with
N. S. Shaler, infra). Clke- Hou.

Carrier, Augustus Stiles. N. Y.,
1857. A Presbyterian clergyman of
Chicago, professor of Hebrew in Me-
Cormiek Theological Seminary from
1892. The Hebrew Verb, a Series of
Tabular Studies.

Carringtou, Henry Beebe. Ct.,

1824 . A general in the United

States army living in Boston. Hia
principal writings include Crisis
Thoughts ; Battles of the American
Revolution ; Apsaraka, or Indian Op-
erations on the Plains; Hints to Sol-
diers Taking the Field ; The Washing-
ton Obelisk and its Voices. See One of
a Thousand. Bar. Le. Lip.

Carrol, John. Md., 1735-1817. The
first Roman Catholic archbishop of Bal-
timore. His writings are mainly of a
controversial cast. Concise View of
the Principal Points of Controversy be-
tween the Protestant and Catholic
Churches ; Discourse on General Wash-

Carroll, Anna Ella. Md., 1815-1894.
A political writer who was the real au-
thor of the Federal campaign of 1862
in Tennessee. The Great American
Battle, or The Contest between Chris-
tianity and Political Romanism ; The
Star of the West, or National Men and
National Measures ; The Union of the
States ; The War Powers of the Gen-
eral Government; The Relation of the
National Government to the Revolted
Citizens Defined. See S. E. BlackwelVs
A Military Genius.

Carroll, Henry King. iV. J., 1847-
. A Methodist clergyman and re-
ligious statistician. The World of
Missions ; The Catholic Dogma of




Church Authority ; The Religious
Forces of the United States.

Carryl, Charles Edward. N. F.,

1841 . A broker of New York

city, the author of the popular juvenile
tales, Davy and the Goblin ; The Ad-
miral's Caravan. Cent. Hou.

Carson, Joseph. 1808-1876. A med-
ical professor at the University of Penn-
sylvania from 1850. Illustrations of
Medical Botany ; Lectures on Materia
Medica and Pharmacy.

Carter, FrankUn. Ct., 1831- .

President of Williams College. Life of
Mark Hopkins, infra, and a scholarly
translation of Goethe's Iphigenie aii
Tauris. Hou.

Carter, James Gordon. Ms., 1795-
1849. A once prominent educator of
Massachusetts. Essays on Popular
Education ; Geography of New Hamp-
shire ; Geography of Massachusetts ;
Letters to William Prescott on the
Free Schools of New England.

Carter, Nathaniel Franklin. N.

H., 1830 . A Congregational

clergyman in New Hampshire. The
Ride for Life, and Other Poems ; His-
tory of Pembroke, New Hampshire.

Carter, Nathaniel Hazeltine. N.
H., 1787-1830. A New York journal-
ist who published Letters from Eu-
rope (1827), and wrote many poems of

Carter, Peter. S., 1825 . A

prominent New York publisher.
Crumbs from the Land of Cakes, a
volume of travels in Scotland ; Sco-
tia's Bards ; and three juvenile tales,
including Bertie Lee ; Donald Fraser ;
Ef&e's Home.

Carter, Robert. N. Y., 1819-1879.
A New York writer who was one of
the editors of Appleton's American
Cyclopaedia, to which he contributed
many articles. A Summer Cruise on
the Coast of New England was his only
hook of importance.

Carter, Russel Kelso. Md., 1849-

. A mathematician of Chester,

Pennsylvania, prominent in the " Holi-
ness " movement in the Methodist
church and as a Faith healer. The
Atonement for Sin and Sickness ; Mi-
racles of Healing.

Cartwright, Peter. Va., 1785-1872.
A once famous Methodist preacher of
Illinois. Controversy with the Devil ;
Autobiography of a Backwoods Preach-
er ; Fifty Years a Presiding Elder.

Caruthers, "William Alexander.
Va., 1800-1850. A physician of Sa-
vannah who wrote a number of ro-
mances now quite forgotten. The
Kentuckian in New York ; The Cava-
liers of Virginia ; Knights of the
Horse Shoe ; Life of Charles Caldwell,

Cary, AUce. O., 1820-1871. An
Ohio writer who came with her sister
Phoebe to New York city in 1852, and
as poet and novelist became prominent
in literary circles there. The weekly
receptions of the sisters were attended
by artists and writers for many years.
Her books of verse include Lyra, and
Other Poems ; A Lover's Diary ; Bal-
lads, Lyrics, and Hymns ; Early and
Late Poems (with Phoebe Cary, infra).
Her other works are Clovernook, a book
of the type of Miss Mitford's Our Vil-
lage ; Pictures of Country Life ; the nov-
els, Hagar ; The Bishop's Son ; Married,
not Mated. Snowberries, a juvenile ;
From Year to Year, a Token of Remem-
brance (with P. Cary). See Memorials
of Alice and Phcebe Cary, by Mrs.
[Clemmer] Hudson. Hou. Lip.

Cary, Edward. N. Y., 1840-

A journalist of New York city, on the
editorial staff of The Times. Life of
George William Curtis, infra. Hou.
Cary, George Lovell. Ms., 1830-

. A professor of New Testament

literature at Meadville Theological
School since 1862. Introduction to th»
Greek of the New Testament.

Cary, Phoebe. O., 1824-1871. Sister
of A. Cary, supra. Poems and Paro-
dies ; Poems of Faith, Hope, and Love.
She will be longest remembered by the
well-known hymn, Nearer Home. Hou.

Casey, Silas. R. L, 1807-1882. A
general in the United States army who
published Infantry Tactics; Infantry
Tactics for Colored Troops.

Cass, Lewis. N. H., 1782-1866. A
statesman of Michigan who was the
Democratic candidate for president in
1845. Inquiries Concerning the His-




tory, Traditions, and Languages of the
Indians in the United States ; France,
its King, Court, and Government, 1840.
See Lives by Schoolcraft, I848 ; W. L.
G. Smith, 1856 ; McLaughlin, 1891.

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