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Fishing in Maine Lakes.

Stevens, Frank Lincoln. N. Y.,

1871 . A professor of botany and

vegetable pathology at the North Car-
olina College of Agriculture for 1903.
Agriculture for Beginners and many
professional papers.

Stevens, Hazard. R. I., 1842 .

Son of I. I. Stevens, infra. A lawyer
of Boston. The Life of Isaac Ingalls
Stevens. Hou.

Stevens, Isaac Ingalls. Ms., 1818-
1862. A major-general of the United
States army, killed at the battle of
Chantilly. Campaigns of the Rio
Grande and Mexico ; Report of Explo-
rations for a Route for the Pacific Rail-
road from St. Paul to Puget Sound
(1855-1860).- See Life, by H. Stevens

Stevens, Joseph Earle. Ms., 1870-

. A business man of New York

city who has published Yesterdays in
the Philippines, a record of life in
Manila, 1894-1895. Scr.

Stevens, Sheppard. See Stevens,
Mrs. Susan.

Stevens, Mrs. Susan Sheppard

[Pierce]. AL, 1862 . Daughter

of H. N. Pierce (page 297). A novelist
of St. Louis. I Am the King ; The
Sword of Justice ; The Eagle's Talon,
a Romance of the Louisiana Purchase ;
The Sign of Triumph. Lit. Pa.

Stevens, Walter B . Ct., 1848-

. A Washington newspaper corre-
spondent. Through Texas (1892).

Stevenson, Burton Egbert. O.,

1872 . A librarian of Chilicothe,

Ohio. A Soldier of Virginia, an his-
torical novel ; At Odds with the Re-
•gent ; The Heritage ; Tommy Rem-
ington's Battle ; Marsan ; The Halla-
day Case ; Cadets of Gascony ; The
Marathon Mystery. Cent. Hou. Lip.

Stevenson, James Henry. Ont.,

1860 . A Methodist clergyman,

professor of Hebrew in Vanderbilt Uni-
versity, Nashville. Herodotus and the
Empires of the East (joint author) ;
Babylonian and Assyrian Contracts ;
Hymnology of the Assyrians and Baby-
lonians. Am.

Stevenson, Paul Eve. N. Y.,

. A writer of Garden City, Long

Island. A Deep-Water Voyage ; By
Way of Cape Horn. Lip.

Stevenson, Mrs. Sara [Yorke].

F., 1847 . An archaeologist of

Philadelphia. The Book of the Dead ;
Maximilian in Mexico. Cent.

Stewart, David. Md., 1856 . A

lawyer of Baltimore. The Law of Mar-
riage and Divorce in England and the
United States ; Digest of the Law of
Husband and Wife (with F. King).

Stifler, James Madison. Pa., 1839
-1902. A Baptist clergyman, professor
of New Testament exegesis at Crozer
Theological Seminary, Chester, Penn-
sylvania, 1882-1902." The Life of
Christ; An Introduction to the Book
of Acts ; Commentary on the Epistle to
the Romans.

Stillman, Annie Raymond. S. C,
1855 . How They Kept the Faith.

Stillman, Thomas Bliss. N. J.,

1852 . Nephew of W. J. Stillman

(page 361). A professor of analytical
chemistry in the Stevens Institute of
Technology at Hoboken, New Jersey,
from 1886. Engineering Chemistry ;
The Rutgers Scarlet Letter.

Stimpson, Herbert Baird. Md.,

1869 . A novelist of Baltimore.

The Regeneration; The Tory Maid.

Stimson, Henry Albert. N. Y.,
1842 . A Congregational clergy-
man in New York city. Religion and
Business ; Questions of Modern In-
quiry ; The Apostles' Creed. Bev.

Stine, Wilbur Morris. Pa., 1863-

. A professor of engineering at

Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania,
from 1898. Photometrical Measure-
ments ; The Wreck of the Myrtle, and
Other Verses.

Stiness, John Henry. R. I., 1840-
. A jurist of Providence. History




of Lotteries in Rhode Island ; Liquor
Legislation in Rhode Island.

Stockard, Henry Jerome. N. C,
1858 . A North Carolina educa-
tor who has published Fugitive Lines.

Stockbridge, Horace Edward.
Ms., 1857 . An agricultural chem-
ist, professor of agriculture in the
Florida Agricultural College. Rocks
and Soils. Wil.

Stockham, Mrs. Alice [Bunker].

O., 1833 . A Chicago physician.

Tokology, a Book of Maternity ; Ke-
radin ; Karezza ; Parenthood ; True
Manhood ; Koradine (with L. H. Tal-
cott); Creative Life ; Tolstoi.

Stockton, Louise. Pa., 1838 .

Sister of F. R. Stockton (page 362).
A novelist and journalist of Philadel-
phia. Dorothea ; Apple Seeds and
Briar Thorn ; The Sylvan City, a series
of papers upon Philadelphia.

Stockwell, Chester Twitchell.

Ms., 1841 . A dental surgeon of

Springfield, Massachusetts. The Evo-
lution of Immortality ; The Philo-
sophic Idea of God ; Sentiment versus
Science ; Ethical Aspects of the Evo-
lution of Machinery ; Relation of Evo-
lutionary Thought to Immortality ;
Ethical Basis of Equality ; The New
Materialism ; The New Pantheism ;
Ethical Ideals and World Movements.

Stoddard, Enoch Vine. Ct, 1840-

. Cousin of W. 0. Stoddard (page

363). A physician and surgeon of
Rochester, New York, professor emeri-
tus of therapeutics and hygiene in the
University of Buffalo. Beside profes-
sional papers- he has published Ber-
trand du Guesclin : his Life and Times.

Stoddard, Francis Hovey. Vt.,

1847 . A professor of English

literature at the University of the City
of New York. The Modern Novel ;
The Evolution of the English Novel ;
Tolstoi and Matthew Arnold; The
Ideal in Literature ; The Uses of Rhe-
toric, are among his writings, Mac.

Stone, Frederick Dawson. Pa.,
1841-1897. An historical scholar of
Philadelphia, librarian of the Histori-
cal Society of Pennsylvania, 1876-1897,
and author of many historical essays of

Stone, Mrs. Margaret Manson

[Barbour]. Mo., 1841 . A St.

Louis writer. The Problem of Do-
mestic Service ; One of " Berrian's "
Novels ; A Practical Study of the Soul.

Stone, Richard French. Ey., 1844

. A physician of Indianapolis.

Elements of Modern Medicine ; Bio-
graphy of Eminent American Physi-
cians and Surgeons (edited).

Stone, "Witmer. Pa., 1886 .

Son of F. D. Stone, supra. An orni-
thologist of Philadelphia, among whose
writings are Bird Waves ; The Birds
of Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jer-
sey ; Report on Birds collected in Yu-
catan and Southern Mexico.

Stowell, Calvin Llewellyn. Pa.,

1845 . A prominent financier of

Rochester, New York. The Red Cross
of Constantine, a work upon Free Ma-

Strang, Lewis Clinton. Ms., 1869-
. A dramatic critic. Famous Ac-
tresses of the Day ; Famous Actors of
the Day ; Prima Donnas and Soubrettes
in America ; Celebrated Comedians
in America ; Players and Plays of the
Last Quarter Century. Pa.

Stratemeyer, Edward. N. J., 1862-
. An author of Newark, New Jer-
sey, popular as a writer for young people.
Victor Horton's Idea ; Richard Dare's
Venture ; Oliver Bright's Search ; The
Last Cruise of the Spitfire ; Reuben
Stone's Discovery ; Bound to be an
Electrician ; The Minute Boys of Lex-
ington ; Under Dewey at Manila ; A
Young Volunteer in Cuba ; Fighting in
Cuban Waters ; The Campaign of the
Jungle ; The Minute Boys of Bunker
Hill ; Under Otis in the Philippines ;
To Alaska for Gold ; With Washing-
ton in the West ; Under McArthur in
Luzon ; Between Boer and Briton ; On
to Pekin ; True to Himself ; For the
Liberty of Texas ; The Young Band-
master ; With Taylor on the Rio
Grande ; Lost on the Orinoco ; The
Young Volcano Explorers ; Young Ex-
plorers of the Isthmus ; Young Ex-
plorers of the Amazon ; Two Young
Lumbermen; The Young Auctioneer;
Shorthand Tom ; Fighting for his Own ;
American Boys' Life of William Mc-
Kinley ; American Boys' Life of Theo-




dore Roosevelt ; Marching on Niagara ;
At the Fall of Montreal ; On the Trail
of Pontiac ; Joe the Surveyor ; Larry
the Wanderer ; Under the Mikado's
Flag. Est. Le.

Stratton, George Malcolm. CaL,

1865 . A professor of psychology

in the University of California. Ex-
perimental Psychology and its Bearing
upon Culture. Mac.

Streaker, Herman. Pa., 1836-1901.
A naturalist and sculptor of Reading,
Pennsylvania. Butterflies and Moths
of North America.

Street, Ida Maria. la., 1856 .

A Milwaukee educator. Ruskin's
Principles of Art Criticism. S.

Streeter, John Williams. O., 1847-

. A Chicago physician. Doctor

Tom, a. novel. Mac.

Stringer, Arthu*^John Arbuthnot.

Ont, 1874 . A litterateur of New

York city. Watches of Twilight ; Pau-
line and Other Poems ; Epigrams ; The
Loom of Destiny ; The Silver Poppy.

Stringham, [Washington] Irving.

N. Y., 1847 . A professor of

mathematics in the University of Cali-
fornia from 1882. Uniplanar Algebra.

Stroebel, Edward Henry. -S. C,

1855 . A lawyer and diplomat.

Secretary of the United States Lega-
tion and Charge d' Affaires at Madrid,
1885-1890. The Spanish Revolution, a
histc f covering the period from 1868
to 18,5. Sm.

Strong, Charles Hall. La., 1850-
. An Episcopal clergyman of Sa-
vannah. In Paradise ; Sermons ; Creed
in Deed ; A Fair Agnostic ; Is Hell
Endless ?

Strong, Frank. N. F.,1859 . The

chancellor of the University of Kansas
from 1902. Life of Benjamin Frank-
lin ; A Forgotten Danger to the New
England Colonies ; The Government of
the American People (with J. Schafer).

Strong, George Augustus. " Marc

Antony Henderson." 18 . An

Episcopal clergyman now (1904) living
in Cambridge, but formerly a professor
in Kenyon College, Gambler, Ohio.
The Song of Milkanwatha, and Other
Poems, — the title poem a witty parody
of Hiawatha,

Stryker, William Scudder. N. J.,

1838-1900. An author of Trenton,
New Jersey, adjutant-general of New
Jersey. The Battles of Trenton and
Princeton. Hou.

Studer, Jacob Henry. O., 1840-

. An ornithologist of Columbus,

Ohio. Columbus, Ohio : its Resources
and Progress ; The Birds of North
America ; Ornithology.

Sudbury, Richard. See Gibson,
Charles H.

Sudworth, George Bishop. Wis.,
1862 . A dendrologist in govern-
ment service, among whose writings are
Check List of North American Forest
Trees ; Forest Flora of the Rocky
Mountain Region ; Forest Flora of Ten-
nessee ; Trees of the United States Im-
portant in Forestry ; Nomenclature of
Arborescent Flora of the United States.

Sullivan, Mrs. Elizabeth Higgins.

Nebraska, 1874 . Out of the West.


Super, Charles William. Pa., 1842-

. An educator, president of Ohio

University at Athens, Ohio. Transla-
tion of Weil's Order of Words ; A His-
tory of the German Language ; Be-
tween Heathenism and Christianity ;
Wisdom and Will in Education. Pev.

Sutherland, Mrs. Evelyn Green-
leaf [Baker]. Ms., 185 . A

playwright of Boston. Po' White
Trash and Othefr One-act Dramas ; In
Office Hours and Other Vaudeville
Sketches, and other one-act plays.

Sutphen, William Gilbfert Van
Tassel. Pa., 1861 . A littera-
teur of New York city. The Golficide ;
The Golfer's Alphabet; The Nine-
teenth Hole ; The Cardinal's Rose ;
The Doomsman ; The Golfer's Calen-
dar. Har.

Swift, Lindsay. Ms., 1856 .

Son of J. L. Swift (page 370). A
librarian in the Boston Public Library.
Brook Farm ; Benjamin Franklin, a
brief biography ; Literary Landmarks
of Boston. Hou. Mac. Sm.

Sw^ift, Morrison Isaac. 18 • — .

A writer of Cambridge. Imperialism
and Liberty ; A League of Justice ;
The Advent of Empire ; Grimple's

Swing, Albert Temple. 0., 1849-




. A Congregational clergyman,

professor of church history in Oberlin
Theological Seminary from 1893.
Theology of Albrecht Ritschl. Lgs.

Swing, Melvin, Ms. 1863 . The

Darrow Enigma.

Tadd, James Liberty. At Sea, 1854

. An educator, director of the

Philadelphia School of Industrial Art.
New Methods in Education. Ju.

Taft, Lorado. II., 1860 . A

sculptor of Chicago. The History of
American Sculpture. Mac.

Taggart, Marion Ames. Ms., 1866-

. A New York writer for young

people. Aser the Shepherd ; Bezaleel ;
Blissylvania Post Office ; By Brans-
combe River ; Three Girls and Espe-
cially One ; Treasure of Nugget Moun-
tain; Winnetou; Jack Hildreth on the
Nile ; Loyal Blue and Royal Scarlet ;
The Wyndham Girls ; Miss Lochinvar ;
The Little Gray House. Ap. Ben.

Tait, John Robinson. O., 18.34 .

A New York author and artist. Eu-
ropean Life, Legend, and Landscape ;
Dolce far Niente, a collection of verse.

Talbot, Arthur Newell. B., 1857-

. A professor of engineering in

the University of Illinois from 1890.
The Railway Transition Spiral.

Talbot, Eugene Solomon. Ms.,

1847 . A prominent Chicago

dentist. Degeneracy : its Causes, Signs,
and Results ; Irregularities of the
Teeth and their treatment ; Interstitial
Gingivitis. Scr.

Talmage, James Edward. E.,

1862 . A professor of geology in

the University of Utah. First Book of
Nature ; Domestic Science ; The Arti-
cles of Faith ; The Book of Mormon ;
The Great Salt Lake, Present and

Tappan, Eva March. Ms., 1854 .

A teacher in the English High School,
Worcester, Massachusetts. Charles
Lamb : the Man and the Author ; In
the Days of Alfred the Great ; Old
Ballads in Prose ; England's Story ; lu
the Days of William the Conqueror ;
Our Country's Story ; In the Days of

Queen Elizabeth ; The Christ Story ; In
the Days of Queen Victoria; Robin
Hood : his Book ; Canada's Story.
Hou. Le.

Tapper, Thomas. Ms., 1864 . A

Boston musician, among whose publi-
cations are Chats with Music Stu-
dents ; The Music Life ; Pictures from
the Lives of Great Composers ; First
Studies in Music Biography ; The
Child's Music World; The Natural
Course in Music.

Tarkington, [Newton] Booth. Ind.,

1869 . A novelist of Indianapolis.

The Gentleman from Indiana ; Mon-
sieur Beaucaire ; The Two Vanrevels ;
Cherry. Dou.

Taylor, Albert Reynolds. R. 1846-

. An educator of Illinois. The

Church at Work in the Sunday School ;
Civil Government in Kansas ; Apple-
Blossoms ; Among Ourselves ; The Gov-
ernment of the State and Nation. He.

Taylor, Arthur Nelson. Wis., 1867 -

. A lawyer of New York city.

The Law in its Relations to Physicians.

Taylor, Barnard Cook. N. J., 1850-
. A professor of Old Testament in-
terpretation at Crozer Seminary, Ches-
ter, Pennsylvania, from 1883. Outline
Analysis of the Books of the Bible ;
Historical Books of the Old Testament.

Taylor, Charles Elisha. Va., 1842-

. A Baptist clergyman, president

of Wake Forest College, North Caro-
lina, from 1884. The Story of Yates ;
Gilbert Stone, the Millionaire ; How
Far may a State Educate ?

Taylor, Charles Maus. Pa., 1849-
. A retired merchant of Philadel-
phia and a member of several geo-
graphical societies. Vacation Days in
Hawaii and Japan ; The British Isles
Through an Opera Glass ; Odd Bits of
Travel with Brush and Camera ; Why
My Photographs are Bad.

Taylor, Joseph Russell. 18 .

A professor of English literature at
Ohio State University. The Overture :
Poems. Hou.

Taylor, M[ary] Imlay. 18 .

A novelist of Washington city. On the
Red Staircase ; An Imperial Lover ; A
Yankee Volunteer ; The House of the




Wizard ; The Cobbler of Nimes ; The
Cardinal's Musketeer ; Anne Scarlett ;
Little Mistress Goodhope, and Other
Fairy Tales ; The Rebellion of the
Princess. Mg.

Taylor, 'William Alexander. O.,

1837 . A journalist of Columbus,

Ohio. Eighteen Presidents ; Peril of
the Republic ; Roses and Rue ; Ohio
Statesmen ; Ohio in Congress ; Inter-
mere. (Joint author) The Book of Ohio ;
Twilight or Dawn ; The Next Morning

Temple, Edward Lowe. Wis., 1844

. A banker of Rutland, Vermont.

The Church in the Prayer Book ;
Shakespeare : the Man and his Art ;
The Testimony of the Scriptures ; Old
World Memories. Pa.

Temple, Oliver Perry. Tn., 1820-

. A prominent lawyer of Knox-

ville, Tennessee. The Covenanter ;
The Cavalier and the Puritan ; East
Tennessee and its Union Leaders in the
War. Clke.

Terry, Benjamin. Min., 1857 .

A professor of mediaeval history in the
University of Chicago from 1892. A
History of England from Earliest
Times to the Death of Victoria. Sc.

Terry, Henry Taylor. Ct., 1847-
. A lawyer in Yokohama, profes-
sor of law in the University of Tokio.
First Principles of Law ; Principles of
Anglo-American Law ; The Common

Thiokstun, Frederick. See Clark,
F. T.

Thomas, Allen Clapp. Md., 1846-

. A professor of history in Hav-

erford College, Pa., from 1878. Ele-
mentary History of the United States ;
History of the Society of Friends in

Thomas, Augustus. Mo., 18.59 .

A popular playwright of New York
city. Alabama : In Mizzourah ; After
Thoughts ; A Man of the World ; The
Burglar ; Reckless Temple ; New
Blood ; The Hoosier Doctor ; In Illi-
'noy ; and other plays.

Thomas, Calvin. Mch., 1854 .

A professor of the Germanic languages
and literatures at Columbia University
from 1896. A Practical German Gram-
mar. Ho.

Thomas, Henry Wilton, N. Y.,

1867 . A New York journalist.

The Last Lady of Mulberry Street, a
novel ; The Kiss of Nero, and Other
Tales of Mulberry. Ap.

Thomas, Hiram Washington. Va.,
1832 . A popular Methodist cler-
gyman of Chicago. Origin and Des-
tiny of Man ; The People's Pulpit, a
volume of sermons.

Thomas, James. Ky., 1843 . A

physician of Cincinnati. Lectures on
Physiology ; Theory and Practice of
Medicine ; Heart Disease ; Exiled for
L^se Majesty.

Thomas, Martha Carey. Md., L857

. An educator of note, president

of Bryn Mawr College from 1894. Sir
Gawayne and the Green Knight.

Thomas, William Hannibal. 18 —

. The American Negro : What

he Was, What he Is, and What he may
Become. Mac.

Thomas, William Widgery. Me.,

1839 . A diplomatist, minister

plenipotentiary to Sweden and Norway,
1883-1885, 1889-1894, and from 1897.
Sweden and the Swedes.

Thompson, David Decamp. O.,
1852 — ; — . A Chicago journalist.
Abraham Lincoln, the First American ;
John Wesley as Social Reformer. Lgs.

Thompson, Mrs. Ella Mason [Wil-
liams]. Ms., 183—1875. A writer
of Newton, Massachusetts. Beaten
Paths, or a Woman's Vacation. Le.

Thompson, Ernest [Evan Seton].
E., 1860 . An artist and natural-
ist of New York city, at one time offi-
cial naturalist of Manitoba. Birds of
Manitoba ; Mammals of Manitoba ; Art
Anatomy of Animals ; Wild Animals I
liave Known ; The Trail of the Sand-
hill Stag ; The Lives of the Hunted ;
Biography of a Grizzly; Lobo, Rag
and Vixen; Wild Animal Play for
Children ; Monarch. Cent. Mac. Scr.

Thompson, Frederick Diodati,
Count. N. Y., 1850 . A law-
yer of New York city. In the Track
of the Sun. Ap.

Thompson, Mrs. Grace [Gallatin].

CaL, 1872 . Wife of E. E. S.

Thompson, supra. A Woman Tender-
foot. Dou.




Thompson, Slason. N. B., 1849-
. A Chicago journalist. Eu-
gene Field : a Study in Heredity and
Contradictions. Scr.

Thompson, Vance. 1862 . A

journalist and playwright of New York
ci*y. Song's and Symbols (verse) ; Ber-
wyn Kennedy ; The City of Torches ;
A Flash of Honour ; Writers of Young
France ; Spinners of Life ; and several
dramas. Lip.

Thompson, William Oilman. N.
Y., J 856 . A New York physi-
cian. Practical Dietetics ; Text Book
of Practical Medicine. Ap.

Thorndike, Edward Lee. Ms., 1874

. An adjunct professor of genetic

psychology in the Teachers' College,
Columbia University, from 1901. The
Human Nature Club. Lgs.

Thornton, Gustavus Brown. Va.,

1835 . A prominent physician of

Memphis, Tennessee. Yellow Fever,
Pathology and Treatment ; Six Years'
Sanitation in Memphis.

Thornton, Thomas C . Va., 1794

-1860. A Methodist clergyman in Mis-
sissippi. Inquiry into the History of
Slavery in the United States ; Theo-
logical Colloquies.

Thrasher, Max Bennett. N. H.,
1860-1903. A New Hampshire writer.
Tuskegee, its Story and its Work. Sm.

Thruston (throo'ston), Gates Phil-
lips. O., 1835 . A lawyer of

Nashville, brevetted brigadier-general
for service in the Federal army during
the Civil War. Antiquities of Ten-
nessee and Adjacent States. Clke.

Thruston, Lucy Meacham. Va.,

1862 . A Baltimore novelist.

Mistress Brent, a story of Lord Balti-
more's Colony ; A Girl of Virginia ;
Jack and his Island ; Where the Tide
Comes In. Lit.

Thurston, Ernest Lawton. Ms.,
1873 . An educator in Washing-
ton city. Mental Commercial Arith-
metic ; Practical Tests in Commercial
and Higher Arithmetic.

Tiffany, Francis Buchanan. Ms.,

1865 . Son of F. Tiffany (page

373). A lawyer of St. Paul. Hand-
book of the Law of Sales ; Death by
Wrongful Act. West.

Tiffany, Mrs. Nina [Moore]. 0.,

18—- . Wife of F. B. Tiffany, supra.

A writer of St. Paul, Minnesota. Samuel
Edmund Sewall : a Memoir ; Pilgrims
and Puritans ; From Colony toCoramon-
wealth. Gi. Hou.

Tiffany, Walter Checkley. Ms.,

1857 . Son of F. Tiffany (page

383). A lawyer of Minneapolis. The
Law of Persons and Domestic Rela-
tions. West.

Tighe, Ambrose. L.I., 1859 ,

A lawyer of St. Paul. The Develop-
ment of the Roman Constitution. Am.

Tilley, Lucy Evangeline. O., 1859-
1890. Averse-writer of Medina, Ohio.
Little Rhymes in Brown ; Verses.

Tillotson, Mrs. Mary Ella [Tillot-
son]. N. Y., 1816-190-. A writer
and lecturer on hygiene, long resident
in Vineland, New Jersey. History of
the Dress Movement ; Love and Tran-
sition (verse) ; Miscellaneous Poems.

Tillson, George Williams. Me.,
1852 . A civil engineer of Brook-
lyn. Street Pavements and Paving
Materials. Wil.

Tilton, Howard Winslow. Me.,
1848-1902. A journalist of Council
Bluffs, Iowa. Editor of The Nonpareil
Lay Sermons.

Timby, Theodore Ruggles. N. Y.,
1822 . The inventor of the float-
ing dry dock, the revolving turret, the
turbine water wheel, and other im-
portant inventions. Stellar Worlds ;
Lighted Lore for Gentle Folk.

Timlow, Elizabeth Westyn. N.Y.,

1861 . An educator and writer of

juvenile tales. Cricket, a story ; Cricket
at the Sea Shore ; Eunice and Cricket ;
A Nest of Girls ; Dorothy Dot ; What
Came to Winifred. Dut. Est.

Titherington, Richard Handfield.
E., 1861 . A New York littera-
teur, editor of Munsey's Magazine.
History of the Spanish-American war
of 1898. Ap.

Titterington, Mrs. Sophie [Bron-

son]. E. L, 1846 . An author of

Rochester, Illinois. A Summer Bro-
ther ; Mabel Livingstone ; Hill-Top
Farm ; Little Pilgrim Series ; A New
Endeavour ; Folded Hands (verse) ;
Joe Nelson's Problem; Soldier Jack.

Todd, Mrs. Mary [Ives]. la., 1848-




, A writer of Los Angeles. The

New Adam and Eve ; Little Ruth.

Tolman, "William HoTwe. R. 7.,
1861 . A social economist. His-
tory of Higher Education in Rhode
Island ; Municipal Reform Movements
in the United States.

Tompkins, Arnold. IL, 1849 .

A Chicago educator. Science of Dis-
course ; Philosophy of Teaching ; Phi-
losophy of School Management ; Liter-
ary Interpretations. Gi.

Tompkins, Elizabeth Knight. Cal,

1867 . A novelist of Berkeley,

California. Her Majesty ; An Unles-
soned Giil ; The Things that Count ;
Talks with Barbara.

Tooker, Lewis Frank. N. Y., 1855-
. A New York writer, on the edi-
torial staff . of the Century Magazine
from 1885. The Call of the Sea (verse).

Torrence, Frederic Ridgeley. O.,

1875 . A librarian of New York

city. The House of a Hundred Lights,
a volume of verse in the Persian man-
ner ; El Dorado, a Tragedy in Blank
Verse. Sm.

Torrey, Henry Augustus Pierson.
3fs., 1837-1902. A clergyman, pro-
fessor in the University of Vermont.
The Philosophy of Descartes.

Torrey, Mrs. Mary [Ide]. Ms., 1817-
1869. Wife of C. T. Torrey (page 385) .
Christian Rule in Dress ; City and
Country Life.

Tower, Charlemagne. Pa., 1848-
. A lawyer and diplomatist, min-
ister to Austria in 1898 ; ambassador to
Russia from 1899. The Marquis de la
Fayette in the American Revolution.

Townsend, "William Kneeland.
Cl, 1849 . A jurist of New Ha-
ven. New Connecticut Civil Officer.

Trask, Mrs. Katrina [Nichols].

L. I., 1853 . "V\^ife of S. Trask,

infra. A magazinist of Saratoga.
Under King Constantine (verse) ;
Sonnets and Lyrics ; White Satin and
Homespun ; John Leighton, Jr. ; Les-
sons in Love ; Free, not Bound. Har.
Put. Ran.

Trask, Spencer. N. Y., 1844 .

A banker of Saratoga. Bowling Green,
an historical monograph. Put,

Triggs, Oscar LoveU. H., 1865 .

An instructor in the University of Chi-
cago. Browning and Whitman : a
Study in Democracy ; Chapters in the
History of the Arts and Crafts Move-

Trimble, Henry. Pa., 1853-1898. A
Philadelphia botanist and chemist. The
Taunins; Handbook of Analytical
Chemistry. Lip.

Trine, Ralph "Waldo. IL, 1866 .

A Boston lecturer and writer upon
social science. What All the World 's
a-Seeking ; In Tune with the Infinite ;
The Greatest Thing ever Known. Cr.

Troeger, John "Winthrop. II. , 1849

. A Chicago educator. Troeger's

Science Book ; Hand Book of Geogra-
phy ; Harold's Discoveries ; Harold's
Rambles ; Harold's Quests ; Harold's
Explorations ; Harold's Discussions.

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