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whose writing ia largely of a humor-
ous nature. Trotty's Trip ; Folly in
the Forest ; Abeniki Caldwell ; Chil-
dren of Our Town ; A Phenomenal
Fauna (with O. Herford, supra) ; Non-
sense Anthology (edited) ; The Merry-
Go-Round ; Mother Goose's Menagerie ;
Patty Fairfield ; The Pete and Polly
Stories; Eight Girls and a Dog; Patty
at Home ; The Staying Guest ; Folly
for the Wise ; In the Reign of Queen
Dick ; A Parody Anthology. Ap. Bo.
Dou. Scr.

Wells, David Dwight. Ct, 1868-
1900. Son of D. A. Wells (page 414).
A litterateur of Norwich, Connecticut.
Her Ladyship's Elephant ; His Lord-
ship's Leopard ; Parlous Times.

Wells, Horace Lemuel. Ct., 18.55-

. A professor of chemistry at

Sheffield Scientific School of Yale Uni-
versity. Laboratory Guide in Qualita-
tive Analysis ; Fresenius's Qualitative
Analysis (translated).

Wells, Webster. Ms., 1851 . A

Boston mathematician who has pub-
lished a series of mathematical text-
books. He.

Welsh, Charles. J?., 1850 . A

publisher and writer. Publishing a
Book ; A Bookseller of the Last Cen-
tury. He. Dut.

Wemyss [weems], Francis Court-
ney. £., 1797-1859. A theatrical
manager in New York city. Chro-
nology of the American Stage, 1752-

Weuley, Robert Mark. S., 1861-

. A Scottish thinker and a leading

exponent of the spiritual reaction in
philosophy, professor of philosophy in
the University of Michigan from 1896.
Socrates and Christ ; Aspects of
Pessimism ; Contemporary Theology
and Theism ; Introduction to Kant ;
Preparation for Christianity in the An-
cient World. Ho- Bev. Scr.

Went-worth, George Albert. N.
H., 1835 . A Boston mathema-
tician. Elements of Geometry ; Ele-
ments of Algebra; Elements of Analyti-
cal Geometry. Gi.

Wentworth, John. 1815-1888. A
Chicago journalist of note. Early
Chicago ; Congressional Reminiscences ;
History of the Wentworth Family.

Wesselhoeft, Lily F. See Wessel-
hoeft, Mrs. Elizabeth {page 415).

West, Anson. N. C, 1832 . A

Methodist clergyman of Alabama.
The State of the Dead ; The Old and
the New Man ; History of Methodism
in Alabama. Lip.

West, James Harcourt. Ms., 1850-

. A Boston publisher who has

held several Unitarian pastorates.
Holiday Idlers and Other Poems ;
Uplifts of Heart and Wilt ; In Love
With Love.

West, Max. Min. 1870 . A

journalist of New York city. The
Inheritance Tax. Mac.

West, Willis Mason. Min., 1857-

. Brother of M. West, supra.

A professor of history in the Univer-
sity of Minnesota from 1892. Ancient
History to Charlemagne ; Modern His-
tory : Europe from Charlemagne to the
Present Time. Ap.

Westcott, Ed^^ard Noyes. iV . Y.,




1847-1898. A banker of Syracuse,
whose David Harum, a Story of Amer-
ican Life, was published after his death
and achieved a widespread popular-
ity ; The Teller is his only other book.

"Weston, James Augustus. N. C,

1838 ■ — . An Episcopal clergyman

at Edenton, North Carolina. Historic
Doubts as to the Execution of Marshall
Ney. Wh.

Weston, Stephen Francis. Me.,

1855 . An educator ; dean of An-

tioch College, Ohio, from 1902. Prin-
ciples of Justice in Taxation.

Wetmore, Claude Hazeltine. O.,

1862 . A novelist whose youth

was passed in Peru. Fighting- under
the Southern Cross ; Sweepers of the
Sea; Incaland; In a Brazilian Jungle ;
The Battle against Bisbay. Bo. We.

Weyl, Walter Edward. Pa. , 1873-

. An economist of Philadelphia.

The Passenger Traffic of Railways
(1901). Gi.

Wharton, Mrs. Edith Newbold
[Jones]. N. Y., 1862 . A nov-
elist of New York city. The Greater
Inclination ; Crucial Instances ; The
Valley of Decision ; Sanctuary ; The
Touchstone ; Italian Villas and their
Gardens ; The Descent of Man ; The
House of Mirth. Scr.

Wharton, Henry Redwood. Pa.,
1853 . A physician of Philadel-
phia. Text-Book on Minor Surgery
and Bandaging ; Practice of Surgery
(with B. F. Curtis).

Wheeler, Candace [Thurber].

N. Y., 18 . An artist of New

York city. Double Darling and Other
Fairy Tales ; Household Art ; Content
in a Garden ; Decorators and Decorat-
ing ; Domestic Weavings. Har. Hou.

Wheeler, Charles Gilbert. Ont.,

1836 . A chemist of Chicago.

Outlines of Modern Chemistry ; Ele-
mentary Guide to Determinative Min-
eralogy ; Outlines of Determinative
Mineralogy ; Medical Chemistry ;
Chemistry of Building Materials.

Wheeler, Edward Jewitt. O., 1859
. A New York prohibition edi-
tor. Stories in Rhyme for Holiday
Time ; Prohibition : the Principle, the
Policy, the Party.

Wheeler, EverettPepperell. N.Y.,

1840 . A lawyer of New York

city. The Modern Law of Carriers ;
Real Bimetallism. Put. Rev.

Wheeler, Henry. E., 1835 . A

Methodist clergyman of Ocean Grove,
New Jersey. The Memory of the Just ;
Methodism and the Temperance Re-
formation ; Rays of Light in the Valley
of Sorrow ; Deaconesses, Ancient and
Modern. Meth.

Wheeler, Joseph. Ga., 1836-

noted cavalry officer, who served with
distinction in the Confederate service
during the Civil War, and in the army
of the United States in the war with
Spain. The Santiago Campaign ; A
Revised System of Military Tactics ;
Alabama, in Confederate military his-

Wheeler, Post. N. Y., 1869 .

The Reflections of a Bachelor ; The
Writer ; Love-in-a-Mist, a collection of

Whigham, Henry James. S., 1869-

. A journalist of New York city.

How to Play Golf ; the Persian Prob-
lem ; Manchuria and Korea. Scr. S.

Whinery, Samuel. O., 1845-

A civil engineer of New York city.
Municipal Works. Mac.

Whipple, George Chandler. N. H.,

1866 . A chemist and sanitary

expert of Brooklyn. Microscopy of
Drinking Water. Wil.

WTiipple, Henry Benjamin. N\ Y.,

1823-1901. The first Protestant Epis-
copal bishop of Minnesota, consecrated
in 1859. The Indian Question ; Lights
and Shadows of a Long Episcopate,

WTiitaker, Walter Claiborne.
N. C, 1867 . An Episcopal clergy-
man of Jackson, Mississippi. Dives and
Lazarus : Six Studies ; History of the
Protestant Episcopal Church in Ala-

Whitaker, William Force. L. I.,

1853 . A Presbyterian clergyman

of Albany. Swiss Travel ; Southold'a

Whitcomb, Merrick. N. Y., 1859-

. An educator of Cincinnati. Source

Book of the Renaissance ; History of
Modern Europe. Ap. Lgs.




White, Charles Joyce. Ms., 1839-

. A mathematician of Cambridge.

Elements of Theoretical and Descriptive
Astronomy. Wil.

White, Ed"win Augustine. Ct,

1854— . An Episcopal clergyman,

now (1904) rector of Christ Church,
Bloomfield, New Jersey, but in earlier
life a lawyer. American Church Law.

White, Eugene Richard. N. Y.,
1872— . Songs of Good Fighting.

WTiite, Frances Hodges. Me., 1866

Sea Tales ; Helena's Wonder
World ; Aunt Nabby's Children.

White, Henry Alexander. W. Va.,

1861 . A Presbyterian clergyman,

professor of history in Washington and
Lee University. The Origin of the
Pentateuch in the Light of the Ancient
Monuments ; Robert E. Lee and the
Southern Confederacy ; History of the
United States. Put.

White, Hervey. la., 1866 . A

novelist of Chicago. Differences;
Quicksand ; When Eve was Not Cre-
ated and Other Stories ; Noll and the

White, John Stuart. Ms., 1847-

. The head master of the Berkeley

School in New York city. Boys' and
Girls' Plutarch; Boys' and Girls' He-
rodotus ; Boys' and Girls' Pliny ; The
Viking Ship. Put. Scr.

White, Richard Edward. I., 1843-

. A verse-writer of San Francisco.

The Cross of Monterey, and Other

White, Stewart Edward. Mch.,

1873 . A novelist. The Claim

Jumpers ; The Westerners ; The
Blazed Trail ; The Magic Forest ; The
Great Silent Places ; The Mountains ;
Blazed Trail Stories. Ap. Scr.

White, Trumbull. la., 1868 .

A Chicago journalist. Wizard of Wall
Street; The War in the East (1895) ;
Free Silver in Mexico (with W. E. Cur-
tis) ; Our War with Spain ; Our New
Possessions ; Martinique and the
World's Great Disasters.

WTiite, Wilbert Webster. O., 1863
. A United Presbyterian clergy-
man of New York city. Thirty Studies
in the Gospel by John ; Thirty Stud-
ies in the Revelation ; Inductive Studies
in the Minor Prophets ; Thirty Studies

in Jeremiah ; Studies in Old Testa-
ment Characters ; Thirty Studies in the
Gospel by Matthew.

WTiitehouse, Mrs. Florence
Brooks. Me., 18 . A novel-
ist of Portland, Maine. The God of
Things, a novel; The House Party, a
play. Lit.

Whitelock, Mrs. Louise [Clark-
son]. "L. Clarkson." Md., 1865-

. The wife of a prominent lawyer

of Baltimore. The Shadow of John
Wallace, a novel ; A Mad Madonna,
short stories of art life ; How Hind-
sight met Provincialatis, contrasted
stories of North and South; besides
books of verse with colour illustration,
such as Indian Summer; The Rag
Fair ; Heartease, and others. Pa,

Whitham, Jay Manuel. II., 1853-
. A consulting engineer in Phila-
delphia. Steam Engine Design ; Con-
structive Steam Engineering. Wil.

Whitlock, Brand. O., 1869 . A

lawyer of Toledo, Ohio. The Thirteenth
District ; Her Infinite Variety ; The
Happy Average. Bo.

'Whitman, William Edward Sea-

ver. Me., 1832 . A journalist

of Augusta, Maine. The Ship Carpen-
ter's Family, a Story ; The Wealth and
Industry of Maine ; Maine in the War
for the Union.

Whitmarsh, H[ubert] Phelps. Q.,

1863 . A Boston writer of stories,

mainly for young people. The Young
Pearl Divers ; The Mysterious Voyage
of the Daphne ; The World's Rough
Hand ; The Golden Talisman. Pa.

Whitney, Mrs. Belle Armstrong.

Ms., 1861 . A writer of New York

city. The Art of Dress.

WTiltney, Mrs. Helen [Hay]. N. Y.,

18 . Daughter of John Hay

(page 177). The Rose of Dawn ; Some
Verses ; Little Boy Blue ; Beasts and

WTiitney, Henry Clay. Ms., 1831-

. A lawyer of Boston. Life on

the Circuit with Lincoln ; Marriage
and Divorce.

Whitson, John Harvey. Ind., 1854-
. A novelist of Somerville, Massa-
chusetts. The Young Ditch Rider and
Other Stories ; Barbara, a Woman of




the West; With Fremont, the Path-
finder ; The Rainbow Chasers, a Story
of the Plains. Lit.
"Whitten, Robert Harvey. In<t.,

1873 . A librarian at Albany.

Public Administration in Massachu-
setts ; Taxation of Corporations in New
York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and
New Jersey.
"Wieclimann, Ferdinand Gerhard.
L. I., 1858 . A lecturer in chem-
istry in Columbia University from 1883.
Sugar Analysis ; Lecture Notes on
Theoretical Chemistry ; Chemistry : Its
Evolution and Achievements; The
Maid of Montauk. Wil.
"Wiener, Leo. E., 1862 , A pro-
fessor of Slavic languages at Harvard
University. History of Yiddish Liter-
ature ; Songs from the Ghetto ; Antho-
logy of Russian Literature. Put.
Wigmore, John Henry. CaL, 1863-

-. A jurist and dean of the law school

of Northwestern University from 1901.
Digest of the Decisions of the Massa-
chusetts Railway Commission ; The
Australian Ballot System ; Land Ten-
ure and Local Institutions in Old
Japan ; Materials for the Study of Pri-
vate Law in Old Japan.
Wilbor, William Chambers. N.
Y., 1852 . A Methodist clergy-
man of BuflEalo. Beauty for Ashes;
Our Guests. Meth.
Wilcox, Delos F[ranklin]. Mch.,

1873 . A writer of Elk Rapids,

Michigan. The Study of City Govern-
ment ; Municipal Government in Mich-
igan and Ohio ; The American News-
paper ; Ethical Marriage ; The Ameri-
can City. Mac.
Wilcox, Earley Vernon. N. Y.,

1869 . An agricultural expert in

government service. The Farmer's
Cyclopedia of Agriculture ; Handbook
of Meat Inspection. Ju.
Wilcox, Walter Dwight. IL, 1869

. An author of Washington city.

Campaigning in the Rockies, reissued
as The Rockies of Canada. Put.
Wilder, Marshall Pinckney. N.

Y., 1859 . A popular entertainer.

People I 've Smiled With.
Wildman, Edwin. N. Y., 1867-

. A former vice-consul in the

Philippines. Brother of R. Wildman,

infra. Aguinaldo, a Narrative of Fili-
pino Ambitions. Lo.

Wildman, Rounseville. N. Y.,
1864-1901. An American consul-gen-
eral at Hong Kong. Tales of the Ma-
layan Coast; Talked in the Sanctum;
China's Open Door. Lo.

•Wiley, Hiram Ozias. Vt., 1831-1873.
A lawyer and verse-writer of Peabody,
Massachusetts. Eternity, and Other

Wiley, William Halstead. N. Y.,

1842 . A publisher of New York

city. Yosemite, Alaska, and the Yel-

Wilkinson, Florence. N. Y., 18 —

. Daughter of W. C. Wilkinson

(page 424). A Chicago novelist. The
Lady of the Flag Flowers; The
Strength of the Hills, and several plays.

Will, Arthur PercivaL Owf.,1868-
. A lawyer of Chicago. A trea-
tise on the Law of Circumstantial Evi-

Willard, Josiah Flynt. "Josiah

Flint." IL, 1869 . Nephew of

F. E. Willard (page 425). Tramping
with Tramps ; Powers that Prey (with
F. Walton) ; Notes of an Itinerant
Policeman ; The World of Graft ; The
Little Brother ; The Rise of Ruderick
Clowd. Cent. Pa.

Willard, Julius Terass. Kan., 1862-

. A professor of chemistry in the

Kansas State Agricultural College.
Organic Compounds of Everyday Life.

Willcox, Mary Alice. Me., 1856-
. A professor of zoology at Welles-
ley College from 1883. Pocket Guide
to Common Land Birds of New Eng-
land. Le.

Willet, Herbert Lockwood. Mch.,

1854 . A professor of Semitic

languages in the University of Chicago
from 1896. Life and Teaching of
Jesus ; The Teaching of the Books ;
Prophets of Israel ; The Ruling Qual-
ity. Rev.

Williams, Alvin Dighton. Pa.,
1824-1894. A Free Baptist clergyman
in Nebraska. History of the Free
Communion Baptists ; Four Years' Co-
operation in Nebraska; The Church
and its Institutions.

Williams, Dwight. N. Y., 1824-1898.




A Methodist clergyman in Cazenovia,
New York. The Beautiful City in
Song, and Other Poems ; A Book of

Williams, Edward Higginson. Vt.,
1849 . A mining engineer, lec-
turer at Lehigh University ^lom 1902.
Manual of Lithology. Wil.

Williams, Egerton Ryerson. IS —

. A lawyer of Rochester, New

York. The Hill Towns of Italy. Hou.

Williams, Espy William Henry.
La., 1852 . A New Orleans play-
wright. He has published A Dream
of Art (verse) ; and among his plays
are Parrhasius ; The Duke's Jester.

Williams, Eustace Leroy. Va.,

1874 . A Louisville journalist.

The Substitute Quarterback ; The Mu-
tineers; That Kentucky Campaign.
Clke. Est. Lo.

Williams, Francis Churchill. Pa.,

1869 . Son of F. H. Williams

(page 426). J. Devlin: Boss; Smith
of " Pennsylvania " ; The Captain. Lo.

Williams, Frederick Benton. See
Hamblen, Herbert.

Williams, Frederick Wells. Ch.,
1857 . Son of Samuel W. Wil-
liams (page 427). A professor of mod-
em oriental history at Yale University
from 1900. The Middle Kingdom
(with S. W. Williams) ; Life and Let-
ters of Samuel Wells Williams.

Williams, George Forrester. Sp.,

1841 . A journalist of New York

city. Bullet and Shell ; Lucy's Rebel ;
The Memorial War Book ; Unfair in
Love and War ; Across the Lines. Fo.

Williams, Gorham Deane. Ms.,

1842 . A lawyer of Boston. The

Penal Statutes of Massachusetts ; The
Massachusetts Peace Officer; Massa-
chusetts Insolvent Law. Hou.

Williams, Harold. Ms., 1853 .

A physician and novelist, dean of Tufts
Medical College, Boston. Mr. and Mrs.
Morton ; Silken Threads ; Climatic
Treatment of Phthisis.

Williams, Henry Smith. H., 1863-

. A physician of New York city.

The Story of Nineteenth Century Sci-
ence ; History of the Art of Writing.

Williams, John. S. C, 1809-1886.
A Presbyterian missionary in Africa.

Western Africa : its History, Condition
and Prospects (1857).

Williams, John Whitridge. Md.,

1866 . A professor of obstetrics

in Johns Hopkins University from 1889.
Text Book of Obstetrics. Ap.

Williams, Mrs. Mary Bushnell.

La., 1826 . Tales and Legends of


Williams, Ralph Olmsted. 1838-

. A lawyer and philologist of

New York city. Our Dictionaries and
Other English Language Topics ; Sonie
Questions of Good English Examined.

Williams, Rufus Phillips. Ms.,

1851 . A teacher of chemistry

in the English High School, Boston,
from 1885, who has published a valu-
able series of chemical text-books. Gi.

Williamson, Mrs. Mary Lynn

[Harrison]. Va., 1850 . A

Virginia educator who has published a
Life of Gen. T. J. (Stonewall) Jackson.

Willing, John Thomson. Ont., 1860-

;. An artist of New York city.

Some Old Time Beauties ; Dames of
High Degree.

Willis, Richard Storrs. Ms., 1819-
1900. Brother of N. P. Willis (page
427). A journalist and musician.
Church Chorals and Choir Studies ; A
Waif of Song.

Willoughby, Hugh L[aussat].
N. Y., 1856 . A writer of trav-
els. Across the Everglades. Lip.

Willoughby, Westel Woodbury.
Va., 1867 . An associate profes-
sor of political science in Johns Hop-
kins University. The Rights and Du-
ties of American Citizenship ; The
Nature of the State ; The Supreme
Court of the United States ; Govern-
ment and Administration of the United
States ; Social Justice ; The Political
Theories of the Ancient World ; The
American Constitutional System. Am.
J. H. U. Lgs. Mac. Cent.

Willoughby, William Franklin.

Va., 1867 . Twin brother of

W. W. Willoughby, supra. A profes-
sional expert in the United States De-
partment of Labour in Washington
city. Workingmen's Insurance. Cr.

Willson, Frederick Newton. L. L,

1855 . A professor of geometry

at Princeton University from 1883.




Theoretical and Practical Graphics ;
Note-Taking, Dimensioning and Let-
tering ; Practical Engineering ; Per-
spective of Reflections. Mac.

"Wilson, Bird. Pa., 1777-1859. An
Episcopal clerg5rman from 1829, but
previously a noted lawyer of Philadel-
phia. Abridgment of the Law by
Matthew Bacon ; Memoir of Bishop
White. See Memorial of, by Branson,

"Wilson, Mrs. Calista. 18 .

Pedagogues and Parents. Ho.

"WUson, Calvin Dill. Md., 1857-

. A Presbyterian clergyman in

Ohio. Bible Boys and Girls (with J. K.
Reeve) ; The Child's Don Quixote ;
The Story of the Cid for Young People ;
The Flight of the Hebrews. Cr. Le.

"Wilson, Daniel Munro. S., 1848-
. A Unitarian clergyman of Brook-
lyn, New York. Where American
Independence Began, an historical
description of Quincy, Massachusetts.

"Wilson, Edmund Beeoher. B.,

1856 . A professor of zoology at

Columbia University. General Biology
(with W. T. Sedgwick) ; The Cell in
Development ; Atlas of Karykonesis
and Fertilization. Ho. Mac.

Wilson, Ed-ward Livingstone. N.
J., 1838-1903. The editor of Wilson's
Photographic Magazine from 1864. In
Scripture Lands ; Wilson's Photograph-
ies ; The American Carbon Manual ;
Cyclopaedic Photography ; Quarter Cen-
tury in Photography ; Lantern Jour-
neys. Scr.

"Wilson, Epiphanius. E., 1845 .

An Episcopal clergyman of New York
city. Nugse : Greek and Latin Verses ;
Dante Interpreted ; Cathedrals of
France ; and translations of the dramas
of Balzac, the poems of Maupassant,
the Moorish Ballads of Spain, and of
Pugstall's German version of The Rose
and the Nightingale.

"Wilson, Floyd Baker. N. Y., 1845-

. A lawyer of New York city.

Uphill, a novel ; Paths to Power. Fu.

"Wilson, Francis. Pa., 1854 . An

actor of note. The Eugene Field I
Knew ; Recollections of a Player ; Go-
ing on the Stage. Scr.

"Wilson, George Grafton. Ct. , 1863-

. A professor of social and polit-
ical science in Brown University from
1891. Besides various professional
monographs he is joint author with G.
F. Tucker of a treatise on International
Law. Sil.
"Wilson, Harry Leon. II., 1867-

A New York journalist, editor of Puck
from 1896. The Spenders, a novel ;
Zig Zag Tales ; The Lions of the Lord ;
The Seeker. Bou. Lo.

"Wilson, Herbert Michael. S., 1860

. A geographical engineer in

government service. Manual of Irri-
gation Engineering; Geographic and
Topographic Surveying. Wil.

"Wilson, Lucy Langdon Williams.

Vt. , 1865 . A professor of biology

at the Philadelphia Normal School
from 1892. Domestic Science ; Nature
Study in Elementary Schools. Mac.

"Wilson, Rufus Rock-well. Pa.,

1865 . A New York author.

Rambles in Colonial Byways ; New
York Old and New ; Washington : the
Capital City ; Lincoln in Caricature ;
Historic Long Island ; New England in
Letters. Lip.

"Wilson, Victor Tyson. Pa., 1864-

. A teacher in Sibley College,

Cornell University from 1893. Free-
hand Perspective ; Free-hand Letter-
ing. Wil.

"Wilson, "William Huntington. D.

C, 1870 . Rafnaland, a novel.


"Wilson, "William Rob eirt Anthony.
II., 1870 . A physician and nov-
elist. A Rose of Normandy.

"Winchester, Caleb Thomas. Ct.,

1847 . A professor of English

literature at Wesleyan University,
Middletown, Connecticut, from 1874.
Some Principles of Literary Criticism.

"Winchester, Charles "Wesley. Vt,

1843 . A Methodist clergyman.

The Gospel Kodak Abroad ; Wells of

"Winfield, Charles Hardenburg.
N. Y., 1829-1898. A lawyer of Jersey
City. History of Land Titles ; History
of Hudson County, New Jersey ; Ad-
judged Words and Phrases ; The
Founding of Jersey City.

"Winship, George Parker. Ms., 1873




. Son of A. E. Winship (page

430). A librarian of Providence. The
Coronado Expedition ; The Cabots ;
Early Mexican Printers.

"Winter, Mrs. Elizabeth [Camp-
bell]. S., 1841 . Wife of W.

Winter (page 431). A novelist of New
Brighton, Staten Island. The Spanish
Treasure ; The Curse of Dangerfield ;
Hawthorn Lodge ; The Mistress of the

"Winterburn, Mrs. Florence [Hull]

[Brown]. IL, 1858 . A writer

of New York city. Nursery Ethics ;
From the Child's Standpoint ; Southern
Hearts ; The Children's Health. Ba.

"Wise, Barton Haxall. Va., 1865-
1899. Grandson of Henry Alexander
Wise (page 432). A lawyer of Rich-
mond, Virginia. Life of Henry A.
Wise of Virginia. Mac.

Witmer, Lightner. Pa., 1867 .

A psychologist, director of the labora-
tory of Psychology in the University of
Pennsylvania from 1892. Experimental
Studies in Psychology. Gi.

Witthaus, Rudolph August. N. T.,

1846 . A toxicologist of New

York city. Essentials of Chemistry ;
General Medical Chemistry; Labora-
tory Guide in Urinalysis and Toxi-

"Wolf, Emma. Cat., 1865 . A Sau

Francisco writer. Other Things Being
Equal ; The Joy of Life ; A Prodigal
in Love ; Heirs of Yesterday. Mg.

"Wolf, Simon. Bv., 1836 . A law-
yer of Washington city. The American
Jew as Patriot, Soldier, and Citizen.

Wolfenstein, Martha. 18

A writer of Columbus, Ohio. Idyls of
the Gass, a Collection of Short Stories.

"WoU, Fritz Wilhelm, N., 1865-

. A professor of agricultural

chemistry in the University of Wiscon-
sin from 1893. Agricultural Calendar ;
Dairy Calendar ; A Book on Silage ;
Handbook for Farmers and Dairymen.
Ra. Wil.

"Wood, Mrs. Edith [Elmer]. N. H.,

187 1 . A novelist of Washington.

Her Provincial Cousin ; Shoulder Straps
and Sun Bonnets. Cas. Ho.

"Wood, William Converse. Ms.,
1839— . A Congregational clergy-

man. Five Problems of State and Re-
ligion ; Heaven Once a Week.

"Wood-Allen, Mrs. Mary. O., 1841

. A physician of Ann Arbor,

among whose publications are Teach-
ing Truth ; Almost a Man ; What a
Young Girl Ought to Know ; Marriage.

"Woodburn, James Albert. Ind.,

1856 . A professor of American

history and politics in Indiana Univer-
sity, Bloomington, Indiana. The Amer-
ican Republic and its Government;
The Causes of the American Revolu-
tion. J. H. U. Put.

"Woodbury, Charles Jeptha Hill.

Ms., 1851 . A civil engineer of

Boston. Fire Protection of Mills.

WoodhuU, John Francis. N. Y.,

1857 . A professor of physical

science in the Teacher's College, Co-
lumbia University. First Course in
Science ; Chemical Experiments ; are
among his works.

"Woodman, Alpheus Grant. Ms.,

1873 . A Boston chemist. Air,

Water, and Food from a Sanitary
Standpoint. WIL

"Woodman, Clarence Eugene. Me.,

1852 A Roman Catholic priest

of New York, prominent as an orator.
The Bridal Wreath ; Manual of Prayer ;
Poets and Poetry of Ireland.

Woodruff, Edwin Hamilton. N.T.,
1862 . A professor of law at Cor-
nell University from 1896. Cases on
Domestic Relations ; Introduction to
the Study of Law ; Cases on Insurance.

"Woods, Robert Archey. Pa., 1865

. A University settlement worker

of Boston. English Social Movements ;
The City Wilderness (edited). Hon.

"Wood-Seys, Roland Alexander.

E., 1854 . An olive-grower of

Southern California. A Woman with
a Secret ; Blacksmith of Voe ; Cut
with his Own Diamond; The Shep-

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