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(MARCH 27, 1728-DECEMBER 8, 1731)







[Aii rights reserved]


THIS volume, extending from March 27, 1728, to Dec. 8, 1731,
covers three and a half years of Hearne's life, and leaves as much
more for a concluding volume. During this period Hearne lost some of
his best friends — Dr. Stratford of Christ Church (p. 128), Mr. Whiteside
of the Ashmolean (p. 190), and Mr. Graves of Mickleton (p. 182);
he also lost two of his enemies, Bishop White Kennett (p. 80) and
Joseph Bowles (p. 207), and he made a new enemy in the Rev. J. Lewis
of Margate (p. 100 and passim). Among the letters, the account of
Maryland by B. L. Calvert will be interesting to many. Towards the end
of this period Hearne suffered much annoyance at the hands of his
enemies, owing to a letter which he wrote many years before to
Mr. Cherry, giving his reasons for taking the Oath of Allegiance. By
accident this became the property of the Bodleian, when Mrs. Cherry,
.by the advice of Samuel Parker, gave to the Bodleian the manuscripts
< of her late husband. Hearne made efforts to recover his letter, but
^without success; and his enemies printed it. As every one knew that
Hearne had taken the Oath of Allegiance, which was necessary if a man
was to obtain a degree, but had refused the Oath of Abjuration, the letter
could do him no harm ; but he was annoyed, and for the future could not
speak well of Mrs. Cherry or Samuel Parker, who were the innocent
causes of his trouble. 1388039

The works that Hearne produced during this time were : (i) The
Black Book of the Exchequer, 2 vols., issued at the end of Jan., 1729
(p. 89); (2) Trokeloxves Annals, 6^^., 2 vols., issued soon after Jan. 23,

1730 (p. 230); (3) Key's Vindiciae Antiquitatis Universitatls Oxoniae,
2 vols., consisting mainly of miscellaneous materials, issued in Feb.

1731 (P- 382).

Something was said in the Preface to the last volume about the income
which Hearne derived from his publications. In this connexion it may be
well to print the following account^ of Hearne's expenditure when he
issued the two volumes of Key's Vindiciae. It will be noticed that

1 Rawl. MS. Q. e. 18.



it amounted to £122 4J. o\d., but this included a large payment of
£45 los. od. for paper, which was evidently more than was needed
for the one work he was printing. His receipts were £210, if all the
copies that he printed were sold. It will be noticed that it was the
custom to give drink and tobacco, when the printing was begun, and that
a shilling was given when the letter O was reached in each alphabet. It
was Hearne's custom to use two letters for each sheet, one on the first
and the other on the ninth page, perhaps that it might seem that the book
was a quarto ; the result was that an alphabet served for only eleven and
a half sheets, and the two volumes of Key's Vindiciae ran into the fifth
alphabet. The list of subscribers, with which the manuscript ends, adds
nothing to the names that are printed in Hearne's publications, but
it illustrates Hearne's method of working, and shows the difficulty of
collecting debts and of distributing the books.

Jan. 28, i7|§, Wedn. ; began fo work off Key's Vindiciae, the first Form being
then wrought, viz. 50 large & 100 small with two bad small, in all 150 good
ones, besides the two bad ones.

Feb. 17, 173$, Wedn. ; began to work off Hemingford, the first Form being
then wrought, viz. 50 large & 100 small with two bad small, in all 150 good
ones, besides the two bad ones.

Mar. 13, 173^, Mon. ; began the 4*^ Form of Thomas Otterbourne worked off
in my presence, viz. 1 00 small with the two bad ones, and 50 large.

Feb. 26, i73§, Mon. ; first form of The Chronicle of Dunstaple worked off.

Mar. 13, i73f, Wedn. ; ordered M^ Brookland to work off fourty-six large
and ninety small Paper Copies of Benedictus Abbas, besides two bad small
Paper Copies, the price 23 s. per sheet.

Apr. 28, 1735, Mon. ; ordered M"". Brookland to work offfourty large & four-
score small Paper Copies of Joannis Beveri Chronicon, besides two bad small
Paper Copies, the price 23 s, per sheet.

Feb. 27, 1735.

Paid to M'. Hanley, my Bookbinder, for the following Particulars, viz.
For sowing 204 small Copies of Caius (reckoning 102 to £ s. d.
each Volume) at 3^ apiece . . . . . .2110

For sowing 100 large Copies of Caius (reckoning 50 to each

Volume) 150

Gave him at the same time twelve pence for conveying Books
from the Printing House & twelve pence to his son . . 20

3 18 o

Mar. I, 173''. A pound and half of Packthread . . . .. 13

Two pencils .......... 6

A shilling at Shepherd's at packing and a penny to the boy . i i
Mar. 2. A shilling at Shepherd's at carrying out books and

a penny to the boy 11

Gave M'". Hanley 5/- (at 2/6 per diem) for carrying books

out two days 5 o



Charges for Key's Vindiciae.

Jan. 28, 175^. To the Pressmen in drink at working off the first £ s. d.

Form ... 36

Item for Tobacco i\

To the Boy o

Mar. II, i7§§. O, in the first Alphabet, one shilling ... 1

June 6, 1730. Paid him Oo in the second Alphabet .

July 3, 1730. Paid to M"". Brookland ^13 4. 6. for composing,
working, off, &c., the second Alphabet of Thomae Caii Vindiciae,

being ii-S sheets . 13

Paid him for reading the said second Alphabet


Apr. 14, 1730. Paid to M'. Brookland ;^i3 4. 6. for composing,
working off, &c., the first Alphabet of Thomae Caii Vindiciae
(at ^i 3. 6, per sheet) the said Alphabet being iij sheets . 13 4 6
Paid him at the same time 9/7 for reading the said first
Alphabet, or 1 1^ sheets, at ten pence per sheet . . 9 7

13 14 I

13 14 I

Aug. 13, 1730. For Ooo

Sept, 12, 1730. Paid to M*'. Brookland ^13 14. i. for printing

and reading the third Alphabet of Thomas Key . . .13
Oct. II, 1730. Oooo ........

Nov. 5, 1730. Paid to M"^. Brookland ^13 14. 1. for printing and

reading the fourth Alphabet of Thomas Key . . . -13
Dec. 9, 1730. Paid for Carriage and Wharfidge of Paper .
And to a Boy for assisting in the Carriage

And to M"". Brookland to drink

Cartidge (to a Woman) from the Wharf

Jan. 4, 173^. Paid for Paper -45

Feb. 2, 173^. Paid little o








Feb. 4, 1730. Paid to M"". Brookland ^14 19/- for composing,
working off, &c. the last 13 sheets, viz. 6|- sheets at the begin-
ning and 6^ sheets at the end, at 23/- per sheet

Paid him for reading the said 13 sheets .

For receipts and advertisements .

Copy Money for the Press men

Copy Money for himself ....

Received by me, Joseph Brookland.
Gave him half a Crown to drink.









16 8 4

Subscribers to Key's Vindiciae.

Jan. 29, i7§0. M'. Francis Taylor of Univ. Coll., i small, pd.
Feb. 9, i7f|. From M^ Baker of Cambridge, who sent it to
M'. Thomas Bedford, who sent it by Godfrey the Waggoner: —

D^". Middleton, one small, pd.

D"". Baker, one small, pd

D^ Dickins, Regius Prof, of Law at Cambr., one small, pd

D'. Zach. Grey, one small, pd

M"^. Thomas Baker of Cambridge, one small, pd. .

I o

I o

I o

I o

I o



D^ Matthew Brailesford, one small, pd

Peter Davis, Esq., Recorder of Wells, one small, pd.

M'. Archdeacon Archer, one small, pd

M"". John Tottenham, of Lincoln College, one small, pd.
(These four p;iid by IVF. Tottenham, Feb. 25, 17'^).
Feb. 17, i7§g. M''. Sheldon of Weston, one small ; paid by M'.

Wilmot of Oxford, bookseller

Feb. 18, i7§g. Mr. Allen, Rector of Murston in Kent, desires

two small, in his letter of Feb. 16, T]%%.
Feb. 19, 1729. These paid in full by M'. Richard Clements : —
Sir Ch. Mordaunt, i sm., pd.
Rev. M'. Rob. Woodford, i sm., pd.
Bp. of Waterford, i sm., pd.
D"". Clarke, i large, pd. .
M"". Griffin, i sm., pd. .
Ric. Topham, Esq., i sm., pd,
Feb. 19, i7§^. Di". Frewin, one small, pd
Feb. 20, i7f§. Sir Henry Sloane, 3 small, pd. by Godfrey
Feb. 21. Five guineas by Godfrey from M''. John Murray, see

below under Ap. 18.
Feb. 23. Paid by The. Godfrey from M^. Tho. Bedford of
London : —

D"". Ric. Rawlinson, i large, pd. 2 guineas.
Thos. Bowdler, Esq., 2 small, pd. 2 guineas.
Edw. CoUingwood, Esq., i large, pd. 2 guineas.

Deduct for 2 Letters sd., & sending for the parcel 2d.
The same day, Arthur Van Sittart, Esq., one large ; pd. by


Feb. 25. M"". Vesey of Line. Coll., one large for the Coll.

Library, pd

The said M^". Vesey, one small for himself, pd.
Sam. Mead, Esq., 2 large and i small. Bespoke by Letter
from Lincoln's Inn, Feb. 24, i7f§. Paid Jan. 18, 173^ .
Feb. 27, i7||j. Sir Anthony Wescombe, i sm., pd. by Godfrey .
Feb. 2{

I I o

I I o

I I o

I I o





!8. M"". Carte, i small, paid by Godfrey. See my other

Mar. 3. M'^'. Serjeant Skinner, Recorder of the City of Oxford,

one small, pd

Thos. Frewin, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn, one sm,, pd. by M"*.
Recorder Skinner ........

Mar. 5. Received from M"", Tho. Bedford by Godfrey £7 2. 3.,
which with 4/6 for an advertisement and 3^ for one letter
makes seven guineas, which are in full for the following sub-
scriptions : —

M"". Geo. Smith, i sm

The Rev. M^". Harbin, i sm. .
The Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Foley, i large
The Rev. M'". Creyke, i sm.
Martin Folkes, Esq., i large .

John Loveday, Gent. Com. of Magd. Coll., Esq., i sm., pd
Mar. 7. Martin Wright of the Inner Temple, Esq., i sm., pd
Mar. 8. M"". Holwell of Exeter, i sm., bespoke by M'. Foulkes

of Xt Ch.
Mar. 12. John Strachey of Sutton Court in Somersetshire, Esq.,

I sm., pd

Francis Canning, of Foxcote in Warwickshire, Esq., i sm.,


6 5 5

I o

5 o
I o

I o

I o

I o




Mar. 13. John Worthington, M.A., i sm. ; pd. Apr. 25, 1730, £

the money being brought by Godfrey i

Mar. 14, i7i§. Beaupre Bell, Esq., i sm., paid by M". Fletcher
of Oxford, bookseller, by order of M^ Abram Vandenhoeck of

London, bookseller • . . . i

Mar. 16. From D"". Girdler by the Rev. IM"". Peers of Faringdon,
a guinea and an half, which with half a guinea I owed the D'.
makes two guineas for two copies small paper, one of which for

Dr. Worth of Dublin . 2

Mar. 18. Roger Gale, Esq., i sm., pd. by M'. Heming . . i
Mar. 30, 1730. M'". W"^ Webber of Exeter, i sm., pd. by M^".

Sandford of Balliol i

M^ Sandford, Bach, of Div. of Ball. Coll., i sm., pd. . . i
Apr. 2, 1730. Justinian Isham, Esq., i sm., pd. by M^ Isham of

Line. Coll. I

Apr. 3, 1730. W™ Inge of Thorpe Constantine, Esq., i large,
by M.^. Sam. Martin of Oriel Coll., to be delivered to M^". Yar-
borough of Brasennose, or else to M'. Inge's son ... 2
Apr. 8, 1730. M'". LevettjOne large, to be delivered to the War-
den of All Souls, ?vlr. Niblett, who said then (for I met him by
Mr. Clements's) that he would pay for this upon delivery & all
for the future for M"". Levett
Apr. 10. James Joye, Esq., in Oxon. at my room, & desired one
large, and at the sam.e time gave me a copy of Guy's last will &
testament, w^ii he promised me without delay. This is M'.
Joye's wedding day, he being married to his wife M^^. Mary
Jeffs. He paid me at the same time two guineas in full for one

copy of Thomas Key in large paper 2

Apr. 18,1730. Nicholas Corseiiis of Layer Marney near Kelvedon
in Essex, Esq., i cm., pd. by M"". Tho. Bedford, who sent it by

M'. Tho. Godfrey i

M'". John Murray, three guineas paid me by M"^. Thomas
Godfrey. M'". Murray sent it Apr. 15, as by his letter of
that date from London. These three guineas with the five
I received before on Feb. 2 1 make eight guineas and are in
full for these subscriptions, viz.

D'". Crowe, i large 2

M"". Richardson, i large 2

Lord Coleraine, i small ....... i

M'. Luttrell, i small i

M'. Clavell, i small i

Mr. Murray, i small i

M^. Murray, in the same letter of Apr. 15, desires M'". Anstis
may be put down for one small & he will be accountable for
it by the next opportunity. [It was paid me by M^ Murray,
who sent it by Godfrey, July 18, 1730] . . . . . i

Thomas Rawlins, Esq., in his letter from Stratford-upon-
Avon, Apr. 16, desires one small. Pd. by M'. Taylor of Univ.

Coll., July 20 . I

Apr. 27. D'". John Thorpe of Rochester, i sm., pd. by a young

Gent, of Univ. Coll i

May 7, 1730. Edward Acton, LL.B., rector of Bentworth in
Hampshire and Chaplain to the Rt. Hon. Talbot, Earl of
Essex. His Letter, May i, 1730, from Bentworth .
May 25, 1730. The Rev. M^. George Coningsby, M.A. & Rector
of Bodenham in Herefordshire, i sm., pd. all by M'. Godfrey . i
Rev. Mr. Godwyn of Ball. Coll., pd. all . . . . i




May 27, I730-
I sm., pd. all
June 10, 1730

Mr. Ric. Sandford, B.D., Fellow of Ball. Coll.,

M"". James "West, i large

M'". Thomas Granger, i small

[Paid by
^ Ruddai


Bespoke by M"". West in his letter of that date
M^. West, July 17]
July 6, 1730. M^ Prowse of X* Ch., i sm., pd. by M

at M"-. Wilmot's

July 20, 1730. D'", Charles Kimberley, M.D. of Northampton

I sm., pd. all

July 28, 1730. M^ Fletcher Gyles of London, bookseller, 5 small

paid by the widow Fletcher of Oxford ....
Aug. 21. The Hon. Cuthbert Constable, Esq., one large, pd. by


Aug. 25. M'. W"^ Brome, one large, pd. by Rev, D"*. Stapylton
with half a Crown M'". Brome owed me for binding of Troke-

lowe . , .

Sept. 5. Six guineas from the Hon. Cuthbert Constable, Esq

received by M'^. Godfrey for two large and two small
Sept. 15. My. Charles Davis of London, bookseller, i small, pd.
Oct. 3. The Hon. Sir John Evelyn, Bart., i small.
Thomas Bryan, Esq., i small.
Sam. Gale, Esq., i small.

All bespoke by Sam. Gale, Esq. in his letter of Sept. 8.
Oct. II. M*'. Hen. Layng, rector of Paulerspury in Northants,

1 sm,, pd

Dec. 5. Smart Lethieullier, Esq., F.R.S.

Robert New, of the Middle Temple, Gent,
Both bespoke by M^. West, who desires in his letter of that
date their books may be sent to him and he will send me their
Dec. 1 5, From D^. Ralph Bridges by M^", Tho. Godfrey :

Lord Pembroke, i large, pd,

Thomas Sclater Bacon, Esq., i large, pd

Sir Clement Cottrell, i sm., pd

D^. Ralph Bridges, i sm., pd

Dec. 17. The Rev. M"". John Hotchkin, rector of Abbats Ripton
in Hunts., i sm., bespoke in his letter of Dec. 14. [Paid by

Godfrey Jan. 16] i

Dec. 24, Christopher Wren, Esq., F.R.S., i sm. ; paid nothing ;

M'-. Bateman of X* Ch.
Jan. 28, 1 73 J. From D^". Mead, twelve guineas by M^". Rolleston ;
viz. three for four copies of Trokelowe, which I desired he
would be pleased to accept, and nine for subscriptions in full for
Caius, as follows —

Duke of Newcastle, i large 2

Sir Roger Mostyn, i large 2

, 2

Richard Mostyn, Esq,, i large

D"". Goodman, i large

Di". Rich. Tyson, i small ,,,*,..
Edward Leedes, Esq., i small, bespoke by M''. James West
in his letter of Feb. 2, 173 J, but 'twas too late to be printed.
April 20, i73§. Ml". Turvin, one small from M^'. John Clarke of

London, bookseller, by the Rev.

of Queen's, paid. It was

5 5






a book that another should have had, but he failed.



A few corrections to Vol. IX have been kindly supplied by J. Challenor
Smith, Esq.,F.S.A., who points out that on p. 225, 1. 46, Manduit should
be Mauduit, and in the next line Westbornedon should be Wesihornedon ;
on p. 226, I. 3, a note should be added that Robert Halstead was a
pseudonym for the Earl of Peterborough (see Cokayne's Peerage, vi.
244); the first line of the inscription on p. 9 is apparently pvr • lalme-
lOHAN and the last line et • treie • ivrs • de • [pardon].




iium cuiqfue.



March 27 (Wed.). Thomas Ward, of Warwick, Esq., hath lent me
a little Q<^o MS. of twenty pages in paper, intit. A relation of the carriage
of the marriage that should have bin made between the Prince of England
and the Infanta major, and also after with the yonger Infanta. This was
anno 1611. The name of the elder Infanta was Anna, mentioned in
this little MS. more than once by the name of the Lady Anna. The
King of Spain insisted peremptorily that the Prince should be a Roman
Catholick, nor would the Pope dispense with it. This could not be
complyed with, so that this occasioned the miscarriage of the Match.
This MS. is not Mr. Ward's own. 10

March 28 (Thur.). On Monday last died in S*. Clement's, near Oxford,
Mrs. Jenny Newton, the wife of Mr. David Jordan, a Barbour, a handsome
Fellow, but she always went by her maiden name Newton. She was
near fourty years of age, if not quite so, and when young she was very
handsome, and lived with her mother at a litde house at Holy Well, wch
from thence was called Newton's Well. This Jenny Newton, being very
handsome, proved a great Whore, and was so afflicted with the Pox that
her nose was quite off, so that she halh kept in several years. Among
others that used her body was the late old IM^. Josiah Pullen, vice-
Principal of Magd. Hall, who used to give her a great deal of money 20
upon that account, as did also the late Michael Burghers, the University
Engraver. She was buried last night at Holywell.

March 29 (Fri.). M^. Ward, of Warwick, hath lent me (what he
borrowed also himself) large Political Tables, being an oblong fol. IMS.
in Paper, wcl» I have just run over, finding nothing in them to my purpose.
M^^. Ward himself hath indorsed them Pseudo- Utopia.

March 30 (Sat.). Dr. Stanhope, Dean of Canterbury, died very lately.
He was a man of good Learning and Piety, and wrote and published

March 29, 1728. H. to R. Levett (Rawl. 27 c. 30, draft). Mr. Ives ' upon
sight of your letter' [see March 10] has paid for a copy of Thomas Elmham,
and taken it.



several Books, and was, as I am told, very charitable to the Poor. He
complyed, yet I am informed loved a Non-juror, and he might have been
a Bishop long since, would he have done some very mean Things, such
as are the common Practices of this age.

March 31 (Sun.). The Rev. ]\Ir John Slade, M.A., and Lecturer of
St. Laurence's Church in Reading, hath printed a sermon in 4*0, preached
and printed at Reading against M^. Fr. Fox's Assize sermon, in w^h M^".
Fox hath advanced odd heterodox notions in behalf of Presbyterians, &c.,
wch Assize sermon it seems M*". Fox had preached before at Reading, at
10 w'ch time 'twas found fault with by M"". Slade & others, & when Fox
preached it at the Assizes at Abbington, he made no Alterations, only
added two or three Things for the occasion. M^, Slade hath prefixed
some Letters passed between him and Fox, by wc^ it appears that Fox
cannot defend his Sermon, waving both a personal Conference & a Dispute
in writing with M^. Slade, who justly observes that Mr. Fox is an
Hypocrite, giving several Instances of it, and I could myself add many to
the number, were it my business.

April 1 (Mon.). Browne Willis, Esq., being in Oxon., last night he
spent the evening with a great number of us in Cat Street. He is now
20 collecting Things about all the Wakes or Feasts in Oxfordshire and some
other Counties. He hath given the living of Bletchley to M^. Martin
Benson, Archdeacon of Berks., who is to resign it when M^". Willis's son,
now at New College school, comes to age. This Martin Benson is
a most vile Whig & of no good Character. He will do any thing for
Preferment, and therefore truly honest men avoid, as much as they can,
Conversation with him. M"". Willis hath now made a worse choice than
he did before of Dr. Wells.

April 2 (Tu.). Last night I spent the evening with D^". Tanner and
Mr. Whiteside at D^. Tanner's Lodging at X* Church. No one else was
30 there, except Mr. B. Willis, who came in and was busy in discourse about
Wakes and I know not what, with reference to a Book he is about,
relating to the Diocess {sic) of Lincoln, w^h will, like his other Things
(excepting what some body else took care of), be a meer indigested
unaccurate Rhapsody.

Dr. Tanner hath disobliged both sides by his proroguing the Con-
vocation latelv without the usual Form. This is cowardice, and will tend
much to the D^'s. disgrace,

Br. Willis designs to dedicate his Book to both the Universities.

A. Wood, when in his last illness, being a suppression of Urine, went
40 down to Merton Coll. church, and shewed the very place where he would
be buried.

He was speechless a day or two, but made a motion with his Arm to
have certain Papers burnt.

Dr. Tanner gives no satisfactory account why the Antiq. of Oxon. (the
English Copy I mean) was detained from the Mus. Ashmoleanum. It is
now in the School Tower among the Univ. muniments.

Dr. Tanner said Anderson's 4 vols, in 4*° about the Q. of Scots are

Mar. 30-Apr. 6.] VOLUME CXIX, PAGES 3-8 3

April 3 (Wed.). Yesterday the following Querie (wch came from
Dublin) was put into my Hands : Whether one Ryres (Brother to Sir
W'ni Ryres, who was great-grandfather to the present Mr. Ryres, of
Dublin) did not dye head of a College in Oxford, & leave by will to that
College or University a considerable estate lying near it, with a Road
running through the estate, which is called Ryres's Road.

I do not remember to have heard of any such Thing. To enquire of
Mi^. Baker, whether he hath, or whether there be any Thing like it at

April 4 (Thur.). ^^Tien we were with D^. Tanner the other night, lo
the Dr. said that the IMS. of the English copy of Hist. & Antiq. Univ.
Oxon., now^ in the School Tow-er, most certainly belongs to the Ashm.
Museum, being that very book mentioned at the beginning of the printed
Catalogue of the MSS. to be in that Place, so that (according to this
account) D^. Charlett, as well as Dr. Tanner too himself, both of them
being Trustees, must have acted the knavish part in keeping it from that
Place, and at last in letting the late D"". Gardiner have it for the School
Tower, to be kept only for the private use of the respective Keepers of
that Place, that least [j/c] they should not understand Latin enough (the
printed book being in Latin) they may be assisted by this Book. 20

Browne Willis, when he was this last time in Oxford, told us publickly
last Sunday night, when there was a great number of us together in Cat-
street, that Dr. White Kennett, Bp of Peterborough, lends him all his
Collections, and that he extracts from them what he pleases.

Mr. Wm Slyford (as Mr. Willis said on Mond. night last) hath sold his
Pension for life of 40 libs, per an., left him by the late John Bridges, Esq.

Monachi de Wallop mentioned in the Black Book under Lincolnshire.
I know not what this Wallop should be, unless Welhoue.

April 5 (Fri.). There is a monument in Bletchly church, com.
Buck., to M^. B. Willis's Lady, who was a fine ingenious Woman. 30

Mr. Ward, of Warwick, hath a very imperfect Parchment Survey of all
the Lands & Estate belonging to S*. John's Hospital at Coventre. It is
ancient. He borrowed it of a Friend, & he sent it me to peruse. It may
be of good service to such as write of the Place. I think Sir W™ Dugdale
had not met with it. It is of Hen. VI's time.

April 6 (Sat.). About 3 Weeks since, young Mr. Hales left S*. John's
College without so much as taking leave of any one, or giving the least
notice thereof to any one of his acquaintance in Oxford. The reason
I cannot yet learn.

Yesterday two men, condemned this Lent Assizes, were hanged at 4°
Oxford Castle, one of wch was one Caucot, who came out of a very
unfortunate family. His Father, or else Grandfather, was hanged at
Oxford about 30 years ago, & he hath a Brother now in Newgate,^

April 3, 1728. H. to [E. P. Gwyn] (Rawl. 6. 169, draft). Would be
glad to see the IMS. of Gervase of Tilbury. A bovate was generally 13 acres
in the north, but their acres were often larger than acres in the south.

^ Who was since brought to Oxford, tryed there, condemned and hanged this

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