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Jan. 20, 172|. H. to John Murray (Rawl. 112. 250). The Black Book
is finished and copies will be sent shortly. Evesham's Life of Richard II
is being printed.

Jan, 23, 172f. Sir Hans Sloane to H. (Rawl. 9. 93). Sends ^4 14J. 6d.
' I find I have lost the guinea and halfe sent by the post, which cannot be
helped. I thought to have found an easier way of sending you money than by
the carrier.'

Jan. 23, 172f. W, Bedford to H. (Rawl. 28, 18), ' Your advertisement
was put into the Daily Post of yesterday.'

^ There was a Little University Hall on the site of B. N. C, and another in High
Street, about the middle of the Eastern Quadrangle of Univ, College. — Ed.


John Ross was of Oxford, w^^ John Ross was very diligent in searching
after our Antiquities and our old Histories, and being afraid of the
destruction that would follow from the Warrs, he did what he could to
preserve them.

Jan. 25 (Sat.). D"". Tanner, in his Letter to me of Dec. 31 last (he
being then in Oxford), tells me he can't find in his collections anything of
Jo. Rosse's, wcb he and I did not mention when he was last at my room,
wct was at the latter end of December last.

Will. Whitlock, in his Litchfield Cronicle, quotes the book wch Leland,

10 Bale, &c. mention, de episcopis Wiccensibus librum ; \i^^ the D^". fears will

prove only the Catalogue of the Bishops of Worcester, MS. Dugdal. G. 2 , p. 9 1 .

I have often looked into the said Ashm. Museum MS. of Sir Wi^
Dugdale, wcb besides Ross's Latin History of the Earls of Warwick, con-
tains the catalogue of the Bishops of Worcester, w°^ is nothing but a bare
hst, and yet I take it to be the very same thing mentioned by Whitlock.

Jan. 26 (Sun.). D^. Tanner at the same time observed that among
the MSS., late M"". Jones's, of Sunningwell, in the printed Catalogue, is
said to ht Johanttis Rossi Werwicensis quatuor viundi aetates. What this
is he says he can't yet tell, unless part of his History. N3. It is his His-
20 tory, the very same I have printed, and 'twas this very MS., now in the
Bodl. Library, I made use of, as he might have known from my Book,
but I suppose he never yet saw it.

Dr. Tanner supposes Jo. Ross's book of Gyants, wci he mentions in the
preface to his History, is lost.

Mr. Spencer of Horsepath told me yesterday that he is 54 years of age.

Jan. 27 (Men.). One M^. H. Pearson, M.A. of X* Ch., told me last
night he hath a MS. of Roper's Life of Sir Thomas More. But I, having
printed this work, am not sollicitous about it. Indeed there are many MSS.
of it up and down, for ought I know more than there are printed Copies.

30 Jan. 28 (Tu.). On Saturday I received from D'. Rawlinson a vellom
MS. in English, being the Chronicle of England, commonly called Brute
0/ Englafid. He lent it me, and this day I sent it back again by Godfrey's

Jan. 23, 172|. James West to H. (Rawl. 11. 140). Sends H. the first
and last words of De La More's Life of Edw. II. Dr. Friend's books, sold by
Christopher Bateman, realised ^1,000. Dr. J ebb is employed by Fletcher Gyles
and Davis as a corrector of the Press.

Jan. 24, 172|. H. to Dr. Salmon at Bishop's Stortford, in Hartford-
shire (Diaries, 120. 107). ' A great while ago I had two little books of yours,
relating to the Roman stations, brought to me ; . . . being uncertain to what
place to direct to you, I deferred writing ; but being now informed how
to direct a Letter, I desire that you would accept of my thanks for your two

Jan. 24, 172|. W. Bedford to H. (Rawl. 2. 70). Desires a copy of the
Black Book for Mr. Thomas Hurdman, if there is a spare copy ; and mentions
that Mr. George Smith, the writer's brother-in-law, should be printed in
the list of H.'s subscribers as of Burnhall, Durham, as he has left St. John's
Coll., Cambridge, this seven years.

Jan. 28, 172f. W. Brome to H. (Rawl. 3. 142). Desires that the Black
Book be bound in the same manner as the previous volumes ; will subscribe for
Fita Ricardi II,

Jan. 23-30.] VOLUME CXX, PAGES 107-113 91

waggon, by wcli it came. It is in folio and is intitled on the back side
Chronicle of England by Dowglas, Monk of Glastonbury MS. It ends in
the 6tb year of Hen. V. I ran it over more than once but found nothing
in it ascribing it to Dowglas, so that I know not by what authority 'tis
ascribed to him. There are many MSS. of the Chronicle oi Brute of
England, wct may be all ascribed to Dowglass, as well as this, among
-vv-ch ought to be reckoned a very good one that I have myself, w°^ was
given me by M"". Baker of Cambridge, as also another (but very imperfect)
that was given me by Mr. Wm Burman of X* Ch., of w^li latter MS.
I have made mention in my Glossary to Peter Langtoft. There seems 10
something to have been torn out at the beginning of D*". Rawlinson's, but
I believe it did not at all relate to the Chronicle, his brother Thomas
having noted that 'tis perfect, as indeed it is. At the end of the D^.'s are
some verses in old English about the Acts of Ric. I, but these seem to
be imperfect and to be of the same kind with those upon that King that
I have taken notice of in my Ed. of Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle.

Yesterday, at two Clock in the afternoon, was a Convocation in w^li
Sir Thomas Twysden was created M.A. This young Kentishman was
Gentleman Commoner of Univ. Coll., and became a Baronet very lately
(about 4 months since) by the Death of his Father. I am acquainted 20
with him. He is endowed with many good quaUties. He formerly gave
me some Roman Coins.

Mr. Sam. Parker asked me this afternoon where the late M^. Obadiah
Oddy's papers are lodged. I told him my Lord Oxford had them. He
said Mr. Fabricius of Hamburgh was about an Edition of Dion Cassius,
and would fain have what Mr. Oddy had done towards one. He said
great Inquiry had been made about M^. Oddy's papers, but no intelli-
gence could be got before. M^". Parker said, Fabricius's picture is put
into the Bodl. Library.

Dr. Wallis, tho' otherwise a very healthy man, had sometimes the Gout. 3°

The famous M^". W. Oughtred was a good Chymist and Magician, and
a great collector of such curious books, wcli papers (a great number) his son
Ben. used to speak of and to say that his father burned them before he dyed.

Jan. 30 (Thm:.). This being the martyrdome of K. Charles I, the
Sermon before the Univ. of Oxon. was preached at S*. Marie's by
Dr. Ric. Banner of Univ. Coll.

Jan. 28, 172|. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32. 27). Thanks for the MS.,
which he returns. It proves to be the Chronicle of Brute of England', cannot
find any passage which ascribes it to Douglass. ' I have not paid the Carriage

Jan. 29, 172|. H. to Dr. Mead (Diaries, 120. 112). In his last letter H.
had desired a transcript of MS. Cott. Claudius D. vi, Hen. Blancford^s Cbronicon
de treugis inter Scotos &■= Anglos, the only copy of this work known to Wharton
and Bishop Nicolson. As Thomas Walsingham says that in his time the
Chronica fratris Henrici Blankford monachi sancti Albani was to be seen in
St. Alban's abbey, it is desirable to observe whether there is any note in MS.
Cott. Claudius D. vi of the place to which it formerly belonged.

Jan. 30, 172|. H. to West (Rawl. 11. 140). Thanks for the letter. ' I
now perceive that the Life of Edw. II in your MS. is different from De
la More.'


Last night, about half an hour after six Clock, called at my room
a decayed Gentleman called Rosewell, who said (and he had abundance
of Certificates and Testimonies to prove it) that he had been a very
great sufferer, to the loss of many thousand libs., that he had been
a merchant & was now so reduced as to become an object of Charity.
He said he had a Wife & two Daughters also in Oxford, and that both
his Wife & Daughters were very curious in cutting Images & Figures in
Paper. He said Mr. John Rosewell, formerly Schoolmaster of Eaton,
was his uncle, and that himself was a Scholar of Eaton under M^. John
lo Newborough, who succeeded Mr. Rosewell.

Jan. 31 (Fri.). I am told that D"", Banner, yesterday at St. Marie's,
spoke mightily for Passive Obedience. And yet at the same time he is
one of those great numbers that act quite against the Doctrine.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, called upon me M'. Eusebie Jsham and
Mr. Richard Hutchins, Fellows of Line, Coll., and one M^. York,
a Northamptonshire Gent., was with them. M^, York said my late
friend John Bridges Esq.'s map of Northamptonshire will be out in some
short time. It is called (it seems) M^. Bridges's, because it was done by
his directions and 'twas to have been adapted to his Book, \v<^'^ is not like
20 to appear in hast, if ever ; tho' M^. York says no one is fitter for doing
it than D^. Isham, brother of the abovesaid M^. Isham, provided he could
have the use of Mr. Bridges's papers.

Soon after they were gone. Sir Thomas Twysden (who is gone out of
Town this morning and designs to travell into France and Italy) called
upon me and staid with me near 2 hours. He told me his father
Sir Thomas Twysden (who was just turned of three score) died suddenly
in his coach of an ashthmatick Fit (he, his son, being with him) having
been a quarter of an hour before very well and merry.

Feb. 1 (Sat.). Mr. Tho. Allen, rector of Murston and Kingsdowne,
30 near Sittingbourne in Kent, designs to send me several particulars,
relating to some antiquities, &c., in Kent.

Feb. 2 (Sun.). Dr. Rye, archdeacon of Oxford and rector of Islip,
is made rector of Ickford near Thame.

About 2 months agoe dyed old M^. Will. Peacock (aged at least
fourscore). Vicar of Cumnor in Berks., and Mr. Kent of Magd. Coll.
succeeds him. This Mr. Peacock had also both the Hinxeys (as also
Wotton, till about 2 or 3 years ago), but now they are all made four
distinct places. The Minister of Wotton is M^". Stephens, Master of
Magd. Coll. This Wotton is made to be fourty libs, per an., being

Jan. 31, 172f. Richard Graves to H. (Rawl. 6. 154). Has been ill since
Aug. 2, first with a fever, then with a cold. Sends 3 guineas for two copies of
the Black Book, one large and one small ; a crown for binding one copy in white
calf with red leaves (the other copy to remain unbound in quires) ; and half
a crown to drink with Mr. Whiteside.

Feb. 1, 172f. Sir A. Wescombe to H. (Rawl. 11. 100). In answer to
H.'s of Jan. 27, he desires that the copies of the Black Book be sent to
his house in Hanover St.

Jan. 30-Feb. 6.] VOLUME CXX, PAGES 113-125 93

collected of the Inhabitants, &c., and I understand my Lord Abbington
takes care also to make the Hinxeys 40 libs, per an. each.

Feb. 3 (Men.). The above-mentioned M^. Yorke is a Clergyman,
and was of S*. John's College in Cambridge, and was well acquainted
with my late friend John Bridges, Esq. He hath a love and value for
Antiquities and assisted M^. Bridges what he could.

My friend Mr. Brome, of Ewithington near Hereford, wants to know
whether M'". Hutchinson's Ed. of Xenophon's Cyropaedia be an extra-
ordinary performance. For my part, I hear no one commend it, and as
to what I know of it myself, I think D^. Well's Ed. much better. 10

Feb. 4 (Tu.). In D^. Stratford's Copy of Pitseus is no MS. note
either upon Trikelowe or Hen. Blankforde. The Author of the MSS.
notes in that copy was M^. John Theyer.

Feb. 5 (Wed.). ]\Ir, Loveday of Magd. College's mother's maiden
name was Lethullier, and M^. Lethullier (late of Trin. Coll., Oxon.) is
related to her. This M^". Lethullier is a worthless vain man, whom
therefore M^. Loveday hath a very mean opinion of, and yet some in
Oxford used to cry up this Lethullier, notwithstanding he despised true
Learning, but 'twas meerly to flatter him.

Feb. 6 (Thur.). On Sat., Jan. 25, 1728, I received from D^. Rich, ao
Rawlinson a catalogue of his late Brother Thomas's MSS. wch Catalogue
is lent me. There are 394 folios, 364 quartos, and 211 8'^os^ in all 969.
I sent it back Jan. 28, Tuesday, 1728.

[Then follows a list of the MSS. which Hearne considered to be of most interest.
The printed Catalogue of Thomas Rawlinson's MSS. was issued in 1733 and is
accessible ; what Hearne saw was probably what is now in the Bodleian, Rawl. MSS.
D. 902, a rough catalogue of Thomas Rawlinson's MSS. made in 1728.]

About 3 weeks since, at Becconsfield, was married M". Eliz. Cherry to
Mr. Hen. Frinsham. She is the youngest of the two daughters living of
M". Eliz. Cherry (who lives at Becconsfield), widow of my late best friend 30
Mr Francis Cherry. M^. Frinsham is Vicar of White-Waltham near
Maidenhead, in Berks., and son of the Rev. M^". Frinsham, vicar of
Wargrave near Reading, in Berks.

Yesterday was M^. Loveday of Magd. College 's birth day. Q. in what
year he was born.

M'". Loveday told me last night that his mother, who lives at Caversham,
is about 43 or 44 years of age.

Q[uaereJ about M^. Arnold, an old Gentleman that died not long ago
at Goring in Oxfordshire, and was very rich, having a very good estate,
but was so very penurious that he lived in a little thatched House, in 40
a nasty manner, like an hermite. He was a single man, and a man of

Feb. 4, 172|. E. Burton at Whitehall to H. (Rawl. 3. 186). Is sorry
that Mr. Peisley has not yet called and paid for B.'s copy of the Black Book,
according to his instructions ; knows no one but Peisley in Oxford so proper for
that purpose.


excellent good sense and very charitable and religious, and left all he had
to charitable uses. Many have looked upon him as a Roman Catholick,
but quaere.

Feb. 7 (Fri.). Colonel Sawyer (that is John Sawyer) of Heywood
near Maidenhead in Berks.'s Lady (by whom he hath had a great number
of Children) was Daughter of Sir Charles Duncombe. She is a very good
notable Woman, and so far from Pride that she will even milk the cows

At Heywood was a very large old House, and one of the most con-
10 venient Houses for a Gentleman in England, insomuch that when I was
a schoolboy with the said Col. Sawyer, I have heard it often commended
on that account by Gentlemen of skill. But some years since the Colonel
pulled it down (tho' there was no manner of occasion, it being very strong
and firm) and built a new fashioned, litde, inconvenient House in its stead,
for wct he hath been much blamed.

Feb. 8 (Sat.). Yesterday morning M^. Tsham of Lincoln College
called upon me, and told me M'. Prowse of X* Ch. had a draught of
about 20 Coats of Arms of so many Abbats of Glastonbury, that had been
represented in some old monument at Glastonbury.
ao Charles Lowe of Westminster, Esq., was in Oxford last summer, but
I did not see him, and he went from thence to Mickleton in Gloucester-
shire with his nephew, young Mr. Graves, Commoner of Univ. Coll.
This M^". Lowe, I have heard, is versed in Registers. He is an agent for
my Friend, the Hon^^^ Benedict Leonard Calvert, Esq., Governor of

Feb. 9 (Sun.). Yesterday I saw a Farmer that lives at Merton upon
Otmere, near Bicester. He told me that the Roman way wc^ goes from
Beckley over Otmere, passes thro' one of his grounds in its course to
Alchester (in the parish of Wendlebury) and is called Akemanstrata Way.

Feb. 8, 172f. H. to Rev. T. Carte (Carte MS. 227.176). Thanks for the
4 guineas due from the late M. G. Drake. On Tuesday, Feb. 11, will send
a copy of the Black Book.

Feb. 8, 172|. T. Ward to H. (Rawl. 17. 49). 'You desired some account
of Ross's MS. [see letter Dec. 20]. My MS. certainly belonged to Henry
Beaufoy, a relative of my mother's ; for his name occurs on the top of a blank
leafe about the middle of the book, or rather where this account ends. I cant
help thinking it an original, left at Guy's-ClifFby the Author himself, and there
preserved till such time as William Hudson purchased the estate, which after-
wards cam to Sir Thomas Beaufo by marriage (in whose family it still continues,
says Dugdale), and very likely this MS. with the rest of the writings.' The
Latin Roll used by Dugdale was in the possession of Robert Arden ; a copy of
it, made by Dugdale, is in the Ashmolean Museum.

Feb. 10, 172f. James West to H. (Rawl. 11. 141). Mr. Whiteside and
Mrs. Murray dined yesterday with Lord Oxford. [See Feb. 11, 12, and 13.]

Feb. 10, 172f. Thorpe to H. (Rawl. 10. 113). Subscribes for Vita
Ricardi II. Suggests that as Cambridge has lately so far demeaned herself as
to act on a level with any petty University abroad, in conferring Degrees on
promiscuous numbers, without regard to Character or Qualification, it would be

Feb. 6-13.] VOLUME CXX, PAGES 125-129 95

Feb. 11 (Tu.). The late M^ Betham of Silchester, in Hampshire,
married the sister of D'. Dawson, minister of Windsor. She now lives in
Saily Street in the parish of White Waltham, near Maidenhead in Berks.,
upon a litde estate of about 25 libs, per an. that she bought of her said
brother D'". Dawson, who cheated her in it, & hath been a villain to her
in other respects, particularly in getting what money she had and making
no return.

The said D^. Dawson, now in the Fleet for debt, is a sad vain Man.
He hath wrote and published several Books, very poor and mean. Some
years ago he pretended to write the Antiquities of Berks., but he was not 10
capable. His present Wife is sister to the Duke of Chandois.

Yesterday died Mr. Townsend, a wheelwright of S*. Gyles in Oxford,
brother of the late old M^. Townsend of Oxford, mason.

This day I received a letter from M"". James West, dated from the
Inner Temple Feb. 10^^, in a Postscript to which he writes thus: —
'M'^. Lowe, Registrar to the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, and
brother in Law to our good friend Mr. Graves, drowned himself this week
in his own cistern.' [I hear since it was an apoplexy.]

Feb. 12 (Wed.). Some people having heard that I have a mind (as
indeed I have, if I could get a perfect Copy) to publish Domesday Book, 20
instead of promoting, are doing all they can to hinder it. Hence
Mr. West, in his said Letter of the lo*^, informs me that he is told by my
Lord Oxford I have a mind to print Domesday Book, 'w°l^ would be
a glorious Work and redound much to the honour of our English nation
and its Antiquities, since no nation can shew a record of that authority,
age and value ; but,' says M^. West, ' I fear such a Design will meet with
obstructions from such, whose private mercenary designs will always have
stronger influences over them than their regard for the Publick Good.
Besides, it will be necessary to have a Sign Manual for that Purpose.'

But notwithstanding this, had I a Copy, I would say nothing to any 30
one (for discovering a Design is one way to hinder) about it, but put it
directly to the Press, without the least Regard to a Sign Manual, or
anything of that kind.

Feb. 13 (Tlmr.). M^. West at the same time informed me that his

but justice to the Graduates of Oxford, if H., in the list of his subscribers, added
the words Oxon. or Cantab, after their Degrees.

Feb. 11, 172|. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32. 28). Sends two copies of
Black Book. 'No. 117 of your brother's MSS. is Depositio regis Ricardi
secundi. Tho' I pretty well guess what it is, yet I should be glad to see it, did
not your restriction hinder any publick use that may be made of' it at

Feb. 11, 172|. H. to John Murray (Rawl. 112. 239), Sends nine copies
of the Black Book. Also returns with thanks the MS. of Edward II's ward-
robe. Evesham's Life of Ric. II goes on with expedition.

Feb. 11, 172|. H. to Sir Thomas Sebright (Rawl. 9. 57, draft). On
Dec. 24*^ Mr. Coppin [see letter of Nov. 17, 1728] said he would shortly call
for the copies of Elmham ; but has not done so. The books are now being
sent, together with copies of the Black Book, to one of H.'s friends in London,
who will deliver them to Mr. Gosling [see letter of Nov. 17, 1728].

Feb. 13, 172f. The Earl of Oxford to H. (Rawl. 8. 195). Has received


MS. Chronicle, that I have by me and from wch I am transcribing the
Life of Edw. II, belonged formerly to Sir Gervase Holies, among whose
papers and letters (as he remembers) it came to his hands.

Mr. Anstis called on Mr. West on Monday morning last, and told him
that there is a beautifull 4*0 MS. in the Cotton Library of Ross's, being
the Life and Actions of Guy of Warwick, with most beautifull Illumina-
tions, which if ever that be printed ought to be most curiously engraved.

Feb. 14 (Fri.). The MS. M'. Anstis mentioned to Mr. West sure is
not of Guy, Earl of Warwick, but of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of that
10 Place, if we may (as I think we may) rely upon Dr. Thomas Smith's

Mr. Baker hath not the admissions of the Titular Doctors, Salmon &
Jebb, but he is told (by a friend of his, Mr. Salmon's) that M^". Salmon
was of Bennet College, where he took the Degree of Bac. of Law, tho' he
practiseth Physick, and was the Son of a Clergyman in Bedfordshire.
Mr. Jebb was of Peter-House, where (M^. Baker thinks) he took his
degrees in Arts.

Feb. 15 (Sat.). Mr. Lightwine, Fellow of Caius Coll., Cambr., who

was trusted with D^. Brady's MSS., shewed M^. Baker some of them

20 many years ago, but never said any thing of a continuation of his History.


the two copies of the Liber Niger, and a parcel for Mr. William Thomas. ' I
would make you some acknowledgement, if I knew well how either to send it
down to you or pay it here in Town to any friend of yours ; I will do it either
way that is most agreable to you, if you please to let me know.' Would be glad
to recover the second part of the life of Sir Simonds D'Ewes. ' I have a very
excellent picture of Sir Rob. Cotton, painted by Cornelius Johnson ; this
picture did belong to old Sir Simonds ; 1 bought it and paid for it a very good
price.' Sees in H.'s ed, of the Liber Niger that there is a life of Anthony Wood
which extends beyond the MS. in Lord Oxford's library; would be glad to be
allowed to transcribe, from this life, what is lacking in his own MS. Has lately
received from Scotland a MS. of Fordun ; will send it, if H. has a mind to see
it. ' I had the satisfaction lately to drink your health with honest Master

Feb. 13, 172f. Sam. Mead to H. (Rawl. 8. 105). Has received the
Liber Niger. Subscribes for the Vita Ricardi H.

Feb. 13, 172f. Marmadoke Alington, Esq., to H. (Rawl. i. 5).
Would like a copy of a Book relating to the Exchequer which he hears
H. has just published. Has a nephew at Queen's, who will call and pay for it.
[Hearne replies that he is unable to supply a copy.]

Feb. 13, 172f. R. Bridges to H. (Rawl. 3. 109). Sends ^5 i6j. by
Godfrey, being the last payments for the Black Book, ' including my mis-
reckoning of sixpence last time.' When the books arrive, he will let H. know
the opinions of the subscribers. Has no high opinion of Monachus quidam de
Evesham, which H. proposes to publish. Why does he not undertake Junius's
Glossary? [On the back two drafts of H.'s answer: 'There will be no
occasion for you to send any one's opinion either of the Black Book or of the
Monk of Evesham. Every one is left to his own liberty to subscribe or not to
subscribe. . . . The Monk of Evesham is fully as good as the Monk of St. Alban's,
and yet Walsingham was published by no less a man than Mathew Parker,
Archbishop of Canterbury. ... I hear that the University will publish Junius's


Feb. 13-17.] VOLUME CXX, PAGES 129-133 97

The D^'s last thoughts seemed to have been employed in his Treatise of
Buroughs, wc^ M^. Baker saw in MS. Poor Mr. Lightwine is now very
old & reduced to Childhood & incapable of answering Enquiries, other-
wise Mr. Baker could send me an account.

Yesterday, was buried in the afternoon, in S*. Peter's churchyard in the
East, Oxford, old Mrs. Swan, who died in that parish (tho' she was really
of S*. Clement's parish) on Wed., Feb. 12 last. She was born in 1642.
She was married to Richard Swan, May 29, 1670. Her son Richard
Swan was born March 17, 1670. Her son Thomas was born about
1680. Her husband died at least 24 years ago. She was born at 10
Ridmerley, com. Wigorn. She went to school a year at Tewkesbury.
Her schoolmaster's name was Beachfield, a man of good Character. She
came from the Country anno aetatis 22. When she went to school,
Ml". Kimberley was then minister of Ridmerley, a good preacher & a man
of a fair Character, being sober and religious.

A fortnight before Michaelmas last, died of the epidemical Feaver the
widow Carter, of Foxcomb Hill in Berks., and is buried at Sunningwell by
her Husband. She was near sixty years of age, & Carter was her third

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