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world that piece of service, as well as that justice to M^. Lhwyd's \_sic'\
memory as to digest and publish them, wct will likewise tend very much
to the honour of Wales, and yet (alas) there is very little prospect of this,
10 the very Scholars of Wales turning their thoughts another way, the
Encouragement of things of this kind being so very small.

June 1 (Sun.). The Contents of an old Paper MS. lent me by
Roger Gale, Esq., Ap. 5, 1729. An oblong Book. It is very rotten. It
belonged (as I take it) to the Abbey of Glastonbury. It was written /emp.
Hen. VI.^

1. Decimae Abbatis Glaston.

2. Apocalipsis Johannis ignoti per Walterum Mapes (vide Bibl. Cott. Vesp.

E. xii) yi tauro torrida latnpade Sinthii.

3. De poena conjugii per Walterum Mape. Sit Deo gloria, laus, benediccio.
20 4. De virtute clavium.

5. De 4 Raptoribus.

6. De Musica & Organis.

7. Aqua & Vinum.

8. Satyricum quid in Abbates.

9. A Medycyne for the Flixe.

10. A Triumphe of K. Henry VI.

1 1. The feast of Gardening.

12. Pluk of her belles & let here flee.

13. Revertere.

30 14. Who sayth the truth shall be shente.

15. Parce michi domine.

16. And evermore thank God of alle.

17. Hyre & see and say not alle.

18. As ryght as a rams home.

19. Beware the blynd etyth meny flye.

20. Epitaphium D. Joseph.

21. Nota de luxuria.

22. De Symonia et avaricia.

23. Mors inexorabilis, sive tractatus de morte [carmine itidem ut pleraque
40 hoc in codice].

24. De Cantu, Alma Redemptoris mater.

25. De potandi numero.

26. Jhesus Mercy, lady helppe. A Fable relating to the Fidelity of a most

beautiful Lady to her husband.

27. Oratio ad B. M. Virginem & S. Josephum.

28. jEstas et hiems.

29. Felicitas.

30. Mors.

31. Ingratitudo, a fratre Stephano Deverell monacho Glaston'. Vol-venti
50 plurima in cordis specula.

^ This manuscript is thought to be identical with MS. O. 9. 38 in the Library of
Trinity College; Cambridge; see Collectanea iii (O. H. S.), p. 188. — Ed.

May 31-June 1.] VOLUME CXXI, PAGES 67-73 137

32. Whatever thowe sayes, avyse the welle.

33. The xv^" condycyons of a good horse.

34. Tryvytlam de laude Universitatis Oxoniae. Ad te nunc habeo "verhum,

o ci-vitas.

35. Jhesus Mercy, Lady helpp.

36. De astantibus Crucifixo.

37. De supersticione Pharisaeorum.

38. Jhesus Mercy, Lady help.

39. Versus de quatuor complexionibus.

40. De Petro de Gaverstone. ^°

41. Tancredus Princeps Salernitanus [no Title, this being the beginning of the

thing which is in prose] ; per Leonardum Aretinum de Italico in
Latinum translatum.

42. Hilda Martyr.

43. Nicholaus Abbas Glaston. carissimis confratribus suis Johanni ... &

Ricardo Busard monachis monasterii Glaston. Scriptum apud Colo-
niam in die Primi & Fehciani. It was written either anno 1433 or
1434, as I take it.

Copy of Number 10.
A tryumphe [of K. Henry VI].* 20

And as towchyng tydyngs of thys Centre, the kyng came un to Parys from
Seynt Denys the secunde day of December, and ther was he receyvyd as
worthely as ever was eny kyng yn to any Cytee. And atte a vyllage clepyd
Chapelle by twene Seynt Denys and Parys, there mette with the kyng the
provest of Arechaunde and iii other estates wyth hym, all clothyd yn swete
of fyn rede satyn Crymsyn furryd with martroons wyth blew hodys un to
a grete nombre notable wyth hem. And whan the kyng was past that vyllage,
ther mette hym the provest of Parys yn a gowne of velewette and alle the
maystres of the Chatteiettes wyth hym clothyd yn blew, wyth blake hodys,
and next after tham the ix worthy emprovaunce [sic] kynges and quenys, and 30
eyche of tham armyd savyng the quenys, and ther horses trappyd wyth theyre
armes, and the quenys horses trappyd with theyre armes. And than come
the mayster of the Chambour of Acomptes, alle clothed yn violett wyth
Scarlett hodys to a notable noumbre. And than after cam the presedent
wyth alle the maystres of the parlement alle yn scarlett, wyth furryd hodys
and rounde stondyng cappys of Tripper. Thes were the fowree estates of the
towne wyth the ix worthy. And after that comyng to the gate of Seynt Denys
of Parys, ther was a fore the frontt of the gate the armes of the towne of gold,
a schyppe of aswre wyth the flowre-de-lys of gold yn the aswre. And allso
ther was a verrey schyppe wyth alle the purtenance longyng therto covered 40
wyth sylver foyle and certeyne personys ther ynne. And atte the kyngges
comyng they hangyd owt of the schyppe iii hertys alle blody lyke un to iii
hertys of men, butt they were gretter. And as the kyng cam to the gate, thes
iii hertys opennyd and owte of hem flew whyte dowfes and other bryddys
and certayne scripture made schewyng im to the kyng, that they receyvyd
hym wyth alle here hertys, as for theyr soverayne lord and kyng. And atte
the comyng yn atte gate was ordeynd a clothe of gold and vi men beryng hit
upon vi sperys shaftys, everych of hem barehede, wyth a gerlande of golde-
foyle upon here hedys, and clothyd yn blew. And yn the same strete was
made a condyjt and iii meremaydyns swymmyng a bowte yn the water. 50
And owte of that condyjt rennyng iii stremes, onee of ypocras, the secunde of
rede wyne, and the thyrde of mylke. And that every Englysman that wolde
drynke ypocras hadde ynowe, and men redy to serve hem wyth peces and iii
wodewoses \sic\ plaiyng on the topp of the condyjt, and other men benyjt to

* This enclosed is by a later hand.' Note by Hearne.


kepe the condyjt. And than yn the same strete was made a sckaffold, and ther
uppon men dysgysed, after the weddyng of owre lady, and the byrthe of owre
lord, from the begynnyng un to the endyng. And ther was nother man ne
chyld, that cowthe perceyve that they chaungyd eny chere or contynaunce
alle that tyme duryng, but holdyng theyre contynaunce as thovvh it hadde
bene ymages peyntyd. So that alle men that saw it sayde they saw never
none sewyche don yn there lyfe. And after that they came ynto the ynner
gate of Seynt Denys, ther was made the lyffe of Seynt Denys, where he was yn
Chartour, and many dyverse persones yn grete estate abowte hym, bothe

10 spiritualle and temporalle, and after Crystyne men maad and hethen men
maad, as they were yil tyme passyd. And so comynge ynto the fontayne of
Seynt Innocentys ther was made an hegge of holme busschys and ther was
lete sterte an herte and howndys regnyng after hym, covered yn the armys
of Englonde and of Frawnce. And atte Chatelette there was made a statly
ordynawnce of Scaffoldys hongyd wyth clothys of golde and of arras, wyth the
kyngges armes, and men lykenyngge to the kyng, syttyng yn hys see yn his
estate yn scarlett wyth a furryd hode and two Skocheons made wyth armes of
Englond and of Frawnce, and uppon the ryght hand knelyng my lord of
Bedford, my lord of Gloucestre, and my lord the Cardynalle wyth all other lordys

20 of England after theyre degre, wyth theyre cote Armers uppon thaym. And
than the duke of Burgoyne uppon the lefte syde offryng up the armes of
Frawnce and alle other lordys yn theyre degree, and offryng up theyre armes,
gyfyng Scripture made, requyryng the kyng a Justice, And after that was
presentyd to the kyng a wylde hert brydlyd and trappyd wyth the armes of the
towne. And so the kyng rode forthe to owre lady Chyrche and offryd. And
alle the stretys from Seynt Denys gate ware hongyd wyth clothes of arras and
clothes of tappestres werk and for the most parte alle thorvve was coveryd
wyth whyte lynnen clothe. And so than from thennys the kyng rode to
Turneux. And by cause hit was perylous rydyng for the froste yn the tovvnes,

30 alle the stretes yn the towne and thaward the towne was strewyd for slydyng
of the horsys, and soo came to Torneux, and there he sowpyd wyth my lord
of BedfFord and lay ther alle nyght, and so uppon the morne wente and spake
wyth the quene of Frawnce, and ther sheo made hym alle so grete chere as
scheo myght, and sayde scheo was never so glad syththe scheo sawe the kyng
of Frawnce yn goode plyte. And soo forthe from the quene he rode streyght
un to Boysvyncent, an ther schalle be un to the day a fore hys Coronacyon
that schalle be on Sonday the viii dayes a fore Crystemesse Day.

Copy of num. 40.
De Petro de Gauerstone

40 Vexilla regni prodeunt, fulget cometa comitum,

Comes dico Lancastriae, qui domuit indomitum ;
Quo vulneratus pestifer mucronibus Walensium
Truncatus est atrociter in sexto mense mensium.
Impleta sunt quae censuit auctoritas sullimium ;
Mors Petri sero patuit ; regnavit diu nimium.
Arbor mala succiditur dum collo Petrus ceditur ;
Sit benedicta framea, quae Petrum sic aggreditur.
Beata manus jugulans, beatus jubens jugulum,
Beatum ferrum feriens quem ferre nollet saeculum.

50 O crux, quae pati pateris banc miserum miseriam,

Tu nobis omnem subtrahe miseriae materiam.
Te summa Deus Trinitas oramus prece sedula
Fautores Petri destruas et conteras per saecula. Amen.

Pange, lingua, necem Petri, qui turbavit Angliam,
Quem rex amans super omnem praetulit Cornubiam.

Junei.] VOLUME CXXI, PAGES 73-78 139

Vult hinc comes et non Petrus dici per superbiam.

Gens est regni de thesauri fraude facta condolens,

Quando Petrus de thesauro prodige fit insolens,

Quid Ventura sibi dies pariat non recolens.

Hoc opus nostrae salutis, quod Petrus \iic\ interiit ;

Multiformis proditoris ars tota deperiit.

Exnunc omne cor laetetur, quia ve [j/V] praeteriit.

Quando venit apta rei plenitude temporis,

Est praecisum caput ei de junctura corporis ;

Turbans turbas intra regnum nunc turbatur aforis. 10

Nulli volens comparari, summo fastu praeditus,

Se nolente, subdit collum passioni deditus ;

De condigna morte cuius est hie ympnus editus.

Perdit caput qui se caput paribus praeposuit.

Rite corpus perforatur, cuius cor sic tumuit ;

Terra, pontus, astra, mundus plaudant quod hie corruit.

Trux, crudelis inter omnes, nunc a pompis abstinet,

jam non ultra sicut comes, vel ut rex se continet.

Vlr indignus morte dignus mortem dignam sustinet.

Flexis ramis arbor alta ruit in proverbia ; 20

Nam rigor lentescit ille, quem dedit superbia.

Edes Petri, qua tenetur, non sit fulta robore ;

Sit prophanus alter locus, sit & in dedecore,

Quem foedus cruor foedavit, fusus Petri corpore.

Gloria sit creator!, gloria comitibus,

Qui fecerunt Petrum mori cum suis criminibus,^

Amodo sit pax & plausus in Anglorum finibus. Amen.

Copy of number 43.

Carissimis confratribus suis, Johanni ... & Ricardo Busard, monachis
nionasterii Glast'. 3°

Nota quod omnes borones [jzV] & nobiles Bohemiae et marchionatus
Mora viae, nuper post Pascha circa quartam ebdomadam, Sencientes se sub-
jectos per plebes & iniimos populos, haeresi ista nephanda percussos, convenerunt
in unum, & ducem Austriae Albertum adierunt, cui quidam ex eis fidelitatem
jurarunt, quidam autem ex eis arbitrati sunt non esse tutum talem fidelitatem
jurare pro tunc, qu[oniam] si juramentum perciperetur a vulgo indocto populi
civitatum et opidorum difficiliores se redderent a[d] pacem, minusque confi-
derent in ipsis baronibus, dum cum ipsis tractarent. Quare niagis eis videbatur
accommodum pro pace procuranda treugas unire ad tempus ; quod eciam
factum est. Ceterum veri ipsi Barones, in vigilia Assencionis se invic[em] 40
congregantes in campo, de mane jurarunt mutuo, se non deficere usque ad
mortem inclusive, donee populum, legi Dei, ecclesiae & hominum tam rebellem,
predictis legibus subicerent, ac hereticos, taboritas, orphanos et communicantes
sub utraque interficerent, perimerent, aut in exilium mitterent. Unde [die]
Assencionis Domini hora quasi meridiana, ingressi Pragam veterem, habita
prius bona fide cum ci[vibus] ejusdem civitatis, secretissime tamen servata
[ ], sumpta modica recreacione, statim ante horam secundam cum civibus
ingressi sunt isti domini Barones civitatem Pragensem novam, singulare habita-
culum & specialem nidum hereticorum. Non tamen ita caute ista facta sunt,
quin ad aurem quorundam istorum hereticorum perveniret horum dominorum 50
propositum. Set tam subito irrue[runt] domini Barones & Gives predicti in
illam civitatem novam, ut in foribus essent civitatis antequam portas possent
claudere. Quod videns Procopius Rasus, rector in spiritualibus Taberitarum,
statim fugit cum quatuordecim equis. Christi militibus jam portas occu-

* carminibus, MS.


pantibus, nuUus post eos evadere poterat. Quod videntes alii incolae haeretici
coeperunt ascendere praetorium & domos fortiores civitatis illius, pluribus
hinc inde in plateis alternis sanguinibus balneatis, aliis flumen petentibus & in
eodem submersis, paucissimis ad aliud litus pervenientibus. Set hiis dominis
Baronibus a caede non cessantibus, interfecti sunt senes cum junioribus,
mulieres cum pueris. Inter quos interfectus Lupus, sacerdos eorum, potissimus
haeresiarcha, & impeditor per suas predicaciones omnis pacis & concordiae
inter ecclesiam & illos. Videntes autem domini Barones, quod tantus haere-
ticorum populus domos fortissimas occuparent & se laborabant defendere,

10 posuerunt ignem ad praetorium, quod fortius erat, & quosdam combusserunt,
quidam se praecipitaverunt, alii autem exeuntes se reddiderunt, ex quibus
capitales statim mortui sunt gladio & aliis bellicis, & alii carceribus mancipati
sunt ; & sic factum de singulis, qui alias domos reciperent pro suis fortaliciis.
INIodo quoque isto liberata est civitas ista a malis habitatoribus. Et nobiles
domini Barones, fideles milites, ipsam inhabitant. Hec vero audientes exercitus
Boemiorum in numero decern millia, qui jam per undecim menses opidum
quoddam Boemiae, dictum . . . bnam obciderunt,^ statim, combustis tentoriis
& aliis defensionibus ligneis, quibus se ab insultibus opidanorum defenderant,
recesserunt sine ordine, ut homines confusi & devicti. Et si adfuissent de

20 bonis viris cc equestres, plurimos de exercitu, ut creditur, prostrassent. Set
illi cives obcessi ^ duos dumtaxat equos habuerunt infra civitatem. Gives isti
semper manserunt fideles tanto tempore hujus gravissimae persecutionis ; et
venientes ex haereticis ad eos, ut suam haeresim praedicarent, quosdam igni
tradiderunt, quosdam amputatis manibus & erutis oculis ad ^ suos patriarchas
haereticos remiserunt. Racione cujus facti haeretici acrius eos invaserunt,
erantque eis magis infesti, ignem minantes & mortem. Set Deus misertus
est populi sui, & ipsos per undecim menses adjuvit, ut in omnibus insultibus
cotidianis non sunt ex omnibus opidanis sex mortui, pluribus ex haereticis
prostratis. Et tandem die sancta dominica post Ascencionem domini placuit

30 Altissimo eos eripe[re] de manibus inimicorum. Acta sunt hec sive ista in
Bo[emia] anno domini millesimo ccccxxxiii circa festum Ascencionis domini,
prout superius annotatur, et relata reve[ra] coram toto consilio Basiliensi in
congregatione generali die vicesima octava Mali, per reverendum magistrum
dominum Johannem de Pallamore, auditorem curiae Apostolicae, & tunc
legatum circa partes Boemiae ex parte cons .... scuri praedicti.

Et cognoscant vestre benevole fraternitates, quod h[ec] nova habuimus in
scriptis in Colonia in die sanctorum Primi & Feliciani, ubi per octo dies
expectavimus dominos subsequentes. Ad quam civitatem accedentes XL
miliaria, propter guerras inter ducem Guldriae & ducem Montensem fuimus

40 in tanto periculo positi [ut] oporteret nos post Deum confidere in archubus &
sagittis, non obstantibus salvis conductibus vivis & mortuis. Spem tamen
posuimus, ponimus et ponemus in suffragiis sanctorum ecclesiae nostrae et
vestris oracionibus specialem ; per quae, Deo duce, salvi et incolumes prae-
servamur, quomodo revertemur ignorantes. Si non Deus [quicquam] solacii aliter

disponat, pro nobis Novem les sunt in consilio. Dominus Imperator

est [in urbe] que vocatur Ulme, super flumen Danubii. Summus pontifex est
in Roma. Et si nostri domini supervenisse[nt] nos fuissemus in consilio vel
prope, Deo duce, ante datam presencium, ubi pluribus cognitis & auditis
possemus dominos nostros & vos de novis contingentibus reddere cerciores.

50 Et quantum ad ilia pertinet, retrahimus calamum cum salute, intimis cordis
nostri affectibus desiderantes ut sancta religio, quam in exitu nostro pro tem-
pore nostrae absenciae benevole promisistis, ad honorem Dei & profectum
animarum vestrarum continue convalescat, & in gaudium amicorum, obpro-
brium malignancium, cum [rejmediis pacis & caritatis, indies augmentetur. Et
de singulis pertinentibus ad gubernacionem ecclesiae exterius, simpliciter

^ i. e. obsederunt. ' i. e. obsessi. ' et, MS.

June 1-3.] VOLUME CXXl, PAGES 78-84 141

confidimus in habentibus potestatem. Et si quae fuerint inter vos nobis
transmittenda inposterum [transm]ittantur primo Londonias ad Alexandrum
de Albertinis, quia ejus eorum \sic\ nuncii tempore guerre securius pertrans-
ibunt. Et de singulis peragendis vestris occupationibus, praesupposita sanitate,
non intendimus vos per nostras litteras fatigare. Et si dominus meus singularis-
simus dominus Bathoniensis, vel dominus de Hungerford, ad vos declinaverint,
ostendatis eis vultum, secundum ultimum potenciae vestrae. Et si majores
supervenerint pro consilio habendo, mittatis ad dominum de Hungerford quam
cito poteritis, Et salutetis merito salutandos,^ Et valeatis sicut nosvellemus
valere nosipsos, in corpore & anima vel toto composito. Scriptum apud 10
Coloniam in die Primi & Feliciani.'^

Per Nicholaum abbatem Glaston'.
Hec sunt nomina Cardinalium residencium in consilio.

Cardinalis sancte [j/V] primus presidens.

Cardinalis sancti Angeli secundus presidens & legatus.

Cardinalis Bononiensis.

Cardinalis Placentiniis.

Cardinalis Rotomagensis.

Cardinalis Arelatensis.

Cardinalis sancti Petri ad Vincula. 20

Cardinalis Cipri.

Cardinalis Firmanus.

In a later hand : —

The tenth day of October anno 2<* Eliz,, Frenche Crownes and pystylettz
were cryed lesse by a grote, so that the French Crowne was butt vi s., the
pystylett vs. x d.

June 2 (Mon.). Last night I spent the evening with M^. Martin &c. in
Cat Street.

Mr, Sam. Buckley now in Oxford to get Subscriptions for a new Ed.
in Latin of Thuanus. The chief Editor (I am told) is Mr. Carte. I hear 30
Mr. Jebb hath also a great hand in it.

Mr Sam Buckley is Gazzetteer and undersecretary to L^ Townsend,
and a Bookseller. He is a man by no means to be trusted.

The MS. account of the Wardrobe of Edw. the 21^^ when Prince of
Wales, lent me Aug. 15, 1728, and which I returned Feb. 11 following, is
the oldest thing of that kind Mr. Murray hath in his collection. Mr.
Murray lent this book to M'. Anstis, when he was publishing his History
of the Garter, who, he thinks, approved of it.

June 3 (Tu.). It was reported that Mr. (commonly called D^.) Jebb's
wife's fortune was 10 thousand libs., but now 'tis said two thousand libs. 4°
Not finding any great account either in the profession of a Divine or an
Author, he now practiseth Physick & is settled at Stratford near London,
by the recommendation of D^. Mead, in whose house he lived lately &
who himself had formerly much practise in that place.

S*. Thomas of Acre's Chappell on the south side of Cheapside. The
Serjeants at Law used formerly to go thither at their Creation, and there
kneel and praie and give their Almes. In a folio paper MS. containing

^ salutandis, MS, -*

2 Apparently the MS. was frayed at the edges. The missing letters have been
tentatively restored between square brackets. — Ed.


among other things, The form of the election and the creation 0/ Sergeants,
lent me by Dr. Tanner, Frid., May 2, 1729, fol. 20*^.

At the beginning of this year, in the Papers for January 4*^, was
printed a speech of my friend Benedict Leonard Calvert, Esq., to the
General Assembly of Maryland, complaining of many Differences subsisting
there, and in the close he told them that his frequent indispositions would
occasion his stay to be very short. This speech I have not yet seen.
I hear one of his brothers is gone over.

June 4 (Wed.). Yesterday, talking with Mr. James Gibson, of

10 Wootton Underwood in Bucks., about Dionysius's Periegesis, he told me

(but how he heard it I know not, for I never heard it before) that the

very learned Preface (so he called it) to Hill's Ed. of that Book, was

written by Mr. Dodwell.

[From Fogg's Journal, May 31, 1729, an account of a cyclone at Bexhill, Sussex,


June 5 (Thur.). Many years agoe the publick Prints had signifyed
that Dr. W" King, archbishop of Dublin, was dead, but 'twas a mistake,
and he did not die 'till very lately (about six weeks ago) being of an
advanced age, & whereas formerly a bad Character had been given of him,
20 now the Papers were lavish in his Commendation for^Generosity, Hospitality,
and Charity. What is to be beheved I know not. This I know, that he
was in his younger days utterly ignorant of the Greek Tongue, w^b he
therefore learned, when at Dublin, of M^. Dodwell, that he was a time-
server, and having acted in favour of rebellion, could not look the con-
scientious Nonjurors in the face, as may be partly seen in what I have
observed at the end of the vitli Volume of Leland's Collectanea.

June 6 (Pri.). M'. Fr. Taylour of Univ. Coll. told me last night that
there are at the Lodgings of Univ. Coll. a vast number of Ant. Wood's
MSS. Papers, enough to fill two sacks, w^h they intend to put into the
30 Ashm. Museum, to be placed with his other papers, a great long Box
full whereof was ' there deposited since the death of D^". Charlett. I should
have been glad to look them all over and make Extracts from them, but
this is a Favour they envy & I did not indeed so much as insinuate that
I had the least desire to see such Papers, especially since I have so much
other business upon my hands, as will hardly leave me at liberty to
peruse them.

M''. Loveday of Magd. Coll. rode to Fairford last Wedn. and returned

June 6 [1729]. Ja. Gibson to H. (Raw). 6. 76^). ' I beg the favour of
you, so far as it shall ly in your way, to recommend the sale of my book.
Your understanding the title of it to be Exceptions agahtst Grammar, I look
upon as a great mistake. Grammaticalis has no such signification, nor ever
had ; however, the whole tenour of my book is for Grammar and for Lilie's
above any other ; only I would have no unnecessary alterations made in it.
I suppose M''. Buckley was at Oxford about the dispersing of their new

^ were, MS.

June 3-9.] VOLUME CXXI, PAGES 84-92 143

last night, and hath made observations upon the place (wcb he went to
on purpose to see it) relating to several particulars that have fallen out
since I was there.

June 7 (Sat.). M^". Hutchinson of Hart Hall, who put out Xenophon's
KvpoTT.,^ hath just put to the Theater Press another Piece of that Author,
viz. his 'Ava/3ao-t?, intending to go on with the rest of his works. But
Dr. Wells took a much better method in publishing Xenophon's Works,
viz. in 8^0, by the direction of the late D^ Henry Aldrich, Dean of X*^Ch.,
w^h Ed. is now grown scarce.

June 8 (Sun.). From Fog's Journal for Sat., June 7, 1729 : — 10

London, June 7. M'. Adams has won his wager of ^50 by riding a mare
1,000 miles on Newmarket Heath in less than 1,000 hours, he having performed
it in 24 days, w^^ is about 800 hours.

Her Majesty, who had been greatly indisposed of an Ague and Pleurisy,
attended with the Gout, has found much Relief by an Emetick, and by
bleeding, and has begun to see Company. Her Royal Highness, the Princess
Amelia, has also been very ill of a Fever and Pleurisy, but is much better.

June 9 (Men.). On Friday last the Widow of the late D^. George
Smalridge, Dean of X* Church and Bp of Bristol, was buried in Xt Ch.
Cathedral by her Husband. She died near London. 20

Last night I spent the evening in Cat Street in company of D^.
Richard Richardson of Yorkshire, M'". Martin and many others. D^.
Richardson hath brought another son to Oxford. He mentioned an old
Inscription that he was told was a thousand three hundred and odd years
old, but when he come {sic) to cleanse it, he found to be of the
year 1322.

Mr. Martin designs an Edition of Virgil's Georgicks in Lat. and
English. He finds great fault with that done by one Benson.

My. Martin thinks that Sir Hans Sloane's collection of Fossils exceeds
that of the late D^". Woodwards' {sic), tho' he says he cannot yet judge, 30
they being at present locked up and in confusion, and no access to them.

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