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summer Assises 1728.

B 2


& several of them besides have come to ill ends. He, as the rest of
them, was born & lived at a Place called Caucot, by Upper Heyford, in
Oxfordshire, where, viz., at Caucot, he was a Farmer. The other now
hanged was one Williams near the same Place.

April 7 (Sun.). Mr. Francis Bromley, of X* Ch., admitted M.A.
Friday last. He is presented by his father, the Hon. Wj^^ Bromley, Esq.,
to the Living of Oxhill in Warwickshire.

Out of I\Ir. Ward's above-mentioned MS. of S'. John's Hospital, Coventre.

lo Item Prior & conventiis de Erdebury tenentiir reddere hospitali predicto
xviiirt'. annualis redditus infra octavam sancti Michaelis sub pena vu. viiirt'.,
solvend' infirmis dicti hospitalis ; quern quidem redditum Adam de Napton'
dedit & assignavit dicto hospitali ad emendum vinum ad officia divina celebranda
in eodem hospitali ; pro ilia terra in Weston', quani ipse Adam dedit dictis
priori & conventui.

April 8 (Men.). L^ Oxford hath rec<l his IMS. of Elmham safe.
This is the MS. I used in printing that Author, being sent me by D"^.
Mead, to whom I returned it.

L«J Oxford will look into his Library, whether there be anything
20 relating to the Black Book of the Exchequer. He thinks there is. What
he finds he will let me know. He does not take the Red Book and the
Black Book to be the same, but this he says is certain, that there are
many things in one that are the same in the other. He thinks they
should be compared.

>B. I have no opportunity of comparing them. The coronation of
Q. Eleanor is in the Red Book, & so are some other Things that are not
in the Black. I undertake the Black Book & 'tis not my Province to
concern myself about the other.^

April 9 (Tu.). M^. Ward, of Warwick, hath lent me, he having

30 borrowed it, a single folio MS. sheet of Paper indorsed (tho' the thing be

in French), The Coppt'e of the refnonstrance zv''^^ the Deputies of the States

generall made to Queene Eliz. after she had first refused the Soverainty of

the Low Contries, Aniio lySj.

On the 4*11 inst. Mr. West bid i lib. 5 s. for the Case (in Bibl. Rawl.)
about Jonas Proast, but my Ij^ Oxford had it for i lib. 6 s. M^. West
hath read it over & does not find much in it. D^. Finch printed it on
Mr. Proast's appeal to the ArchbP. It is not worth above 6d., it being
reprinted in Tillotson's Life. But M^". Proast's own case, drawn up by
himself, is very well done & extreme scarce, wc^i I never yet saw in print,
40 tho' I am assured it hath been printed. It effectually carried the business
for Mr. Proast, & Dr. Finch & his Friends were utterly confounded. [See
Diary, Mar. 9, 172^.]

April 10 (Wed.). Mr. Ward, of Warwick, hath lent me a MS. sheet
of Paper, w^li he also borrowed, intit. : Sir Edward Walker his humble

1 A note at the end of the volume :— Ap. 8, 172S, Monday, M"". Lydal the Chirur-
geon's boy hanged himself, 14 years of age.

Apr. 6-13.] VOLUME CXIX, PAGES 8-14 5

Representation of the State of the Case touching the Renewing of the Charter
of Incorporatio7t of the Towtie of Stratford upon Avon, in the County of
Warwick, and how ^^ for what Reasons he hath interested himsef therein.

April 11 (Thur.). ]\Ir. Ward, of Warwick, hath lent me a Paper IMS.
of two Sheets fol., w^^ he borrowed himself, intit. : Sir fohn Elliott's
Speech, beinge the last of the S of the hoivse of Commons that presented the
grevances of the Kingdome to both howses of Parliament in the painted

This Speech is directly levelled against the Duke of Buckingham. He
is made to be the Original of all the Grievances. He is accused to be 10
ambitious, proud, luxurious, & what not.

Yesterday INI^^. INIary Musgrave (whose ]Maiden name w-as Prince) was
brought to bed of her first Child, being a girl. (It was christened on
Fri., Ap. 26 following.)

April 12 (Fri.). D^. De Laune hath just published an 8^0 vol. of
twelve Sermons, preached at several Places & upon difierent Occasions.
Some of them had come out separately before. The Book is dedicated
to the Earl of Abbington. The Dr. is deep in debt, and 'tis done to get

There is something, I am told, about Elmham in Elstob's (Saxon 20
Homily) Notes, p. 44, & the Appendix, p. 34, &c.

Sir Philip Sydenham's books are offered to sale together at 3,000 libs.
There is a printed Catalogue. jMi'. Vertue hath engraved Sir Plii lip's

On Tuesday, the 2^ inst., died M"". Anderson, the Scotch Antiquary.
He published 4 volumes in 4^0, relating to Mary Q. of Scots, about
a month before, but his great History of Scodand, deduced from Charters,
Seals, and coins, is left unfinished. He had made great Collections, and
]\Ir. Sturt engraved 150 folio Copper Plates for the Work.

April 13 (Sat.). Yesterday, 2 Clock afternoon, was a Convocation, 30
in wcli a Letter from the Chancellour was read, that D^". W™ Fullerton
might have the Degree of Dr. of Physick conferred on him by Diploma,
wch was granted, tho' with much opposition. The House was full,
& Speeches were made against it, particularly by D^. Matt Lee, a Physician
of Xt Ch., by Mr. Oliver Battely, of Xt Ch., & by IM"". Burton, a Divine
of Corpus Xti, a busy man & always speeching of it in a very dull flat
way in the Convocation House. There was nothing material in either of
their speeches. As for D^". Fullerton, who had been D^". of Physicke
beyond sea, & had had a License to practise Physick in London, where
he now lives with his Wife, who was a good Fortune to him, he is a very 40
honest worthy man and my particular Friend & acquaintance. He was
one of those honest Gentlemen that were turned out of their Exhibitions

April 13, 1728. H. to John Murray (Rawl. 112. 243). Acknowledges
the receipt ot eight guineas. Is glad to hear that IM. designs to be in Oxford
soon, and desires some conversation with him. ' Honest John Bagford's print
hangs in my room, by the small-coal man's ; 1 wish I had yours also.'


at Balliol College, because they would not take the diabolical Oaths
& methinks neither Dr. Frewin (as he did also) nor Dr. Lee nor no X*
Church man should have opposed him, he being a particular and intimate
acquaintance of the late honest W. John Urry, of Xt Church, for whom
the Gentlemen of that house pretend to have had so much Esteem. But,
it seems. Dr. John Freind, of London, was also hot against a degree
being conferred upon him ; I am sure for no good reason ; but complyers
will do any thing against honest men, notwithstanding upon occasion
they pretend to be their Friends, and when it serves their Interest will

10 caress them.

Dr. Whitby died March 24, 1725, in the SStt year of his age. He was
so strangely ignorant of and unacquainted with worldly Affairs, as is
hardly credible. He imbibed several odd opinions. Mr. Dodwell and
he were once great. There are 44 books of his printed, most of them
polemical against the Roman Catholicks. He was a man of a low stature
and very thin.

April 14 (Sun.). At the end of a Book Mr. West lately bought,
intit. The English Martyrologie, by a Calholick Priest, 80, 1608, is
a Catalogue of those who have suffered Death in Defence of the
20 Catholick Cause from 1535 to 1608 by J. W. Mr. West wants to know
whether this be not Worthington's Catalogue, a copy of which I gave to
Mr. Eyston, as I told M^. West. ^B. 'Tis not the same, Thomas
Worthington's Catalogue being in Latin, and reaches from an. 1570 ad
an. 16 1 2.

April 15 (Men.). Mr. Ward hath lent me a MS. sheet of Paper, wch
he likewise borrowed, intit. The meanes how to ballance our forr eigne trade.
I wrote nothing from it.

April 16 (Tu.). I am told of a very large stone Coffin found on the
West side of Dorchester Church in Oxfordshire. M^. Day (one of the
30 sons of the late Farmer Day of that Place) sends me word of it, and says
'tis the Coffin I was some years ago looking after. I suppose he means
Bp ^schwine's or else Birinus's. He wants me to go over, I having not
seen him my self, but he sent me word by a Friend.

April 17 (Wed.). The News Papers mention the Death of Sir Harry
Atkins, Bart. I'his young Gentleman' (who was 24 or 25 years of age)
was lately of Magd. Coll., Oxford, and married one of the Daughters
(a very beautiful! creature) of Sir John Stonehouse, of Radley, near
Abbington in Berks. Quere what Issue she had by him. He was a man
of but a shallow Capacity, but mighty good natured and wonderfully fond
40 of his said Lady, tho' she despised him, she being very proud, as her
mother is also. He died of a Consumption.

April 18 (Thur.). M"". Henry Stephens, formerly Fellow of Merton
Coll., hath published an ^^^ Vol. of ten sermons, preached beyond sea
at Oporto, against Popery, with a fulsome flattering Dedication to K.

April 18, 1728. The Earl of Oxford to H. (Rawl. 8. 194). Finds in his
library two MSS., both by Simonds D'Ewes; the one is a copy of Liber niger

Apr. 13-22.] VOLUME CXIX, PAGES 14-20 ^

George II'^'^ Queen Carolina. He is a conceited man, as may plainly
appear from these sermons.

Mr. Arthur Bedford, formerly ]\I.A. of Brasnose Coll., now a minister
Somersetshire, hath published an 8^° Book just now against Sir Isaac
Newton's Chronology. He is looked upon as a crazed man. He hath
I elder Brother living in Oxford, in St. Gyles's Parish, formerly a Glazier,
now a Maulster, an ill-natured Fellow, and generally called (from his
Fanatical Principles) Bedford the Presbyterian. The said M^. Arthur
Bedford (who took the Degree of M.A. on July 9, 1691) designs a Folio
Book of Chronology for the Press. 10

April 19 (Good Friday). On the 7*^ of this month, being Sunday
(viz. A. D. 1728), died, at London, of a nervous Fever, my Friend and
Acquaintance, Mr. Francis Philips, the youngest Brother of the late
eminent Poet, M^. John Philips. This Mr. Francis Philips (who, as his
two surviving Brothers, M^. Robert Philips and M^. Stephen Philips are,
was a Non-juror) followed the Common Law, and was good at con-
veyancing. He was a very ingenious man, as his other two Brothers,
now livins:, likewise are.


April 20 (Sat.). From Mist's Journal for this day, Ap. 20, 1728.

Princess Amelia set out last Saturday to use the Waters at Bath, for the 20
Recovery ot her Health. She is attended by the Countess of Pomtret and
carried by 8 Chairmen by Turns, lay that night at Hampton Court, and
the next at D"^. Freind's House near Maidenhead ; on Monday went through
Reading, where the Mayor and Corporation waited upon her Highness and
made a Speech, wishing her a good Journey, benefit by the Bath, and a long

April 21 (Easter Sun.). IM^. Ward, of Warwick, lately lent me
a little MS. of five Leaves of Paper, the Author, T. B., dated 4 Mali, 1596,
touching the League with France. M^. Ward borrowed it of 1 know not
whom. I perused it, but wrote nothing out of it. 30

April 22 (Men.). I heard M^. Whiteside say lately that his Tutor,
Mr. Hamer, of Brazennose coll., had IMr. Proast's Case, as drawn up by
himself (i. e. Proast) ; that it was bound with other Things, but he knows
not what became of it.

Mrs. Catherine Cooper (whose Maiden Name was Sherwin, she being
Daughter to the late M^. W™ Sherwin, yeoman Beadle of Div. of the
University of Oxford) died about a Quarter of a year since in the Country
(Cheshire), her husband having been dead several years before. She was
about 50 years old, and when young was a very pretty litde Woman.
She had 8 Children (all sons, six whereof are Hving) by her Husband, 40
M"". Cooper.

par'vus Scaccarii ex parte Rememoratoris Regis, the other is extracts from the
Red Book of the Exchequer. Will gladly lend them to H.

Aprn 18, 1728. J. West to H. (Rawl. 17. 73). Is grateful for the
information about ' D"". Finch's Case '. Has bought a fine copy of the first
edition of Fox's Book of Martyrs. Sir Philip Sydenham's books are Divinity
for the greatest part. ' Wont you go to see M'". Baker, now the King will be
at Cambridge ? '


April 23 (Tu.). I am told that D^. Sammon is now proceeding with
his Account of the Roman Stations in Britain, and that his Paper is to
come out monthly. I have two Parts, published before the Death of the
late Earl of Winchelsey, but these were not monthly Things. IM^. Sammon
follows D"". Stuckley in whims, and for that reason is not approved of.

Ric. Thornton, Esq., had a Copy of the Red Book of the Exchequer ;
see Thoresby's Antiq. of Leedes, p. 175.

April 24 (Wed.). Tho' Dr. Charlett used to say that Mr. Locke,
while of the University, he having been student of Christ Church, was in
10 the Coffee House and in other Companies modest, reserved, and of very
few Words, yet the contrary appears to me from what M^. A. Wood
writes of him in his (the said M^. Wood's) MS. Life, lent me by D^.
Tanner, whence I gather that Mr, Locke was very proud and clamorous,
and scorned almost to be taught by his betters, or at least to take notes
(as others of equal, if not superior, worth did) when he went through
a Course of Chimistry, carried on in Oxford by a most eminent Master,
one of the scholars in w^'b Course was M^. Wood himself.

April 25 (Thur.). The Scottish Gentleman, who goes under the
Name of White, and put out Proposals for printing _/////««/ Caesares, told
20 me some time since, that he intends to publish Buchanan's History in
English with Improvements, the Translations we have already, he said,
being very erroneous. I am told the true name of this Gentleman is not

April 26 (Fri.). M"". Chishull hath published in folio the first Part
of his Asiatic Inscriptions, with a Latin Translation and a Commentary.
I have not yet seen this Book. The Inscriptions are of value, but as for
Chishull's Commentary, no great matter is to be exspected from it, he
being a confident conceited Writer, and but heavy and injudicious.

April 27 (Sat.). Yesterday M^. Dering was restored unanimously to
30 his Fellowship of Oriel College (of wct he had been unjustly deprived by
the late D^. Carter) and he was admitted by the Dean of that College,
Mr., commonly called D^., Robert Fysher, who is a Batchelour of
Physick. Even Bowles concurred with the Society in this Act, not out
of an honest Principle, but because there were not knaves enough to
prevent it.

April 28 (Lowe Sun.). The Easter Preachers before the Univ. this
year were : M^. Oliver Battely, student of X* Ch., at Xt Ch. on Good
Friday; M^. Conybear, of Exeter College, at S*. Peter's in the East on

April 23, 1728. William Brome to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 163). Sends
payments for Elmham and the Black Book.

April 23, 1728. The Earl of Oxford to H. (Rawl. 8. 192). Sends the
two MSB. [see letter of April 18].

April 26, 1728. H. to the Earl of Oxford (Raul. 8. 193, draft). Has
received the two I\ISS., which will be of use. Has already printed as far as
the end of Yorkshire, so that observations from Lord Oxford's MS. must come
at the end of the edition.

Apr. 23-30.] VOLUME CXIX, PAGES 20-29 9

Easter daj' ; M^. Owen, of S*. John's, on Easter Monday at S*. Marie's ;
Mr. Grifliihs, of Magd. Hall, at St. Marie's on Easter Tuesday, wcli
Mr. Griffiths was also Repeater of the said four Sermons this day at
St. Marie's.

Dr. Tanner called upon me yesterday. He told me old M^". W™ Smith
had printed a Book in 8™ of about 400 pages against M'". Cockman, but
that 'tis stupid and frivolous. This 1 have not yet seen. It seems it is
to puzzle Affairs. This Smith, when of Oxford, used to be called (from
his dark muddy head) Puzzle Cause, and often Old Crust.

I find Dr. Tanner hath many other Papers than those he lent me, 10
relating to Ant. Wood's Life, written also by Anthony himself. But
I find the D^". does not care to have them seen, they being (he says)
references rather than intire Memoirs. Be it as they will, I should be
glad to peruse them.

D"". Tanner hath (as he told me) a Glossary for his own use of many
old Latin Words & others, not explained in common Glossaries.

He told me that the foresaid Mr. Smith had Ant. Wood's Papers about
the City of Oxford for at least 7 years. INIany of these are now wanting.
He had also the English Copy of Hist. & Antiq. Oxon. It seems he
had these and other Papers of Ant, Wood's from Charlett, under Pretence 20
that these & many other Things of Anthony's were not to be put into the
Museum till seven years after Anthony's Death. D^. Tanner said this
was Anthony's desire also. I can hardly think it, it being not agreeable
to his will that I printed.

Mr. Smith, it seems, says in his book that he is 77 years old.

The several Papers in the printed Copy of Athenae Oxon. in the Mus.
Ashmol. were all loose, till digested & pasted in by D"". (then M'.) Tanner,
as he told me himself, Mr. Wood using to write on such scraps of Paper.

On the lotli of this month died Sir Percy Freke, Bart., in Ireland, of
a mortification in his Leg, (a Gentleman who, when he was of Xt Church, 3°
Oxon,, was my intimate acquaintance), of 27 years of age, and of great
good nature.

A. Wood had a MS. of Tho,. Eccleston de adventufratruvi Minorum in
Angliam. He lent it to Franciscus a S. Clara. He mentions it in his
Life written by himself. D>". Tanner knows nothing of it.

Mr. Joseph Taylour, a lame Fellow of St. John's Coll., Oxon., drew up
an account of the Founder's Foundation, Presidents, & Benefactors of that
College. He lent it to Ant. Wood a. d. 1666, who transcribed it, but
calls it in his account of his own life short and trite. Yet I do not doubt
but 'tis of good use. 'Tis now in Museum Ashmol. This Di". Taylour 4°
was LL.D. and a learned man.

April 29 (Men.). The Person that informed against Mr. Coningsby's
3ott of Jan. Sermon, mentioned formerly, is one M^. Rich. Eaton, Vice-
Principal of Magd. Hall, a conceited Puritanical Man.

April 30 (Tu.). Mr. Ward, of Warwick, hath lent me, that he
borrowed, a little 4*0 Paper MS. of Conferences, in wcli are some things,

April 30, 1728. Thomas Baker to H. (Rawl. 27 b. 50). [See Diary,


but of no great moment (unless it be that the Infanta should not be
married to Prince Charles unless he would change his Religion, wct could
not be eftected) relating to the Spanish Match. I perused it, but
transcribed nothing.

Mr. Stephen Richardson, senior, of Holywell, Oxon., the Printer, was
born on S*. Stephen's Day, anno 1670.

May 1 (Wed.). M^. Ward, of Warwick, hath sent to me to peruse
a thick 4*0 Paper MS., being a modern Commentary upon Aristotle's
Physicks. It seems to have been of some foreign Professor for some
10 Course with young scholars, according to the way there, & it may be of
use in such Countries & to such as study those Things, but I found
nothing in it to my purpose.

May 2 (Thur.). At the same time Mr. Ward sent me to peruse
a modern fair Paper MS. in S'^o, called Methodus Hebdo^nadalis Deo gr alias
ac laudes persolvendi in el per suavi Bealissimam Crealuram, Sponsam ac
virginem Malrem, praecipiie conslans Psallerio Bealae V. M. conscripio
a S^" Bonavenlura, cui advenerunl plures Psalmi, Hymni, Lecliones,
Anliphonae, Oraliones.

May 3 (Fri.). Yesterday in a Convocation at two Clock in the
20 Afternoon, the Proctors for 1727 laid down their Office, & those for 1728
took place, viz. Mr. Carew Reynell, of New Coll., and M^. Rob. Manaton,
of Xt Ch.

May 4 (Sat.). M^". Baker, of Cambridge, saw a Letter lately from
Dr. Tanner, where by his own account his Book (viz. a new Ed. of
Notida Monastica) seems to be in great forwardness, & if it may be
depended on, his Book will be shortly ready for the Press.

Mr. Baker will send me a Copy of Archbishop Rotherham's will, he
having lately met with an antient Copy thereof at Sidney College,
engrossed in a long Roll of Parchment. There is likewise at Sidney Coll.
30 an antient Copy of the Statutes of the College at Rotherham, but so
wasted and mutilated in every Leafe that it is of little use. I mentioned
this last particular to D"". Tanner, who was ignorant of it, though he
knows many things relating to Rotherham College.

May 5 (Sun.). On Easter Tuesday last George, Duke of Brunswick,
went to the Horse Race at Newmarket. Thence, on Thursday, Ap. 25,
he went to Cambridge, where the Entertainment was very splendid
& sumptuous, at Trinity College, and will cost that University a thousand
pounds or upwards, w^h his Majestic (as the Duke is stiled) has sufficiently
recompensed by presenting the University with 2,000 libs. The number

May 4 and 5.] If Mr. Parne ceases to subscribe, H. may enter Mr. Beaupre
Bell, a gentleman, and born to an estate.

May 1, 1728. H, to Sir Thomas Sebright, M.P., at Beechwood, near
Market Street, Hartfordshire (Rawl. 4. 123, draft). Is sorry to hear of the
death of Mr. Drake, who owed four guineas for books supplied on Sept. 6,
1726, and Sept. 5, 1727. Asks Sir Thomas to tell him to whom application
should be made for the money.

Apr. 30-May 8.] VOLUME CXIX, PAGES 29-36 II

of Degrees conferred on this occasion is pretty remarkable, & beyond
what has usually been done upon such occasions at either University, the
account of \vcl» follows, as it was sent to me by M^. Baker in his letter of
Ap. 30 : Doctors of Divinity 59, Doctors of Law 44, Doctors of Physic
58, Bachelors of Divinity 9, Bachelors of Law 18, Bachelor of Physic i,
Masters of Arts 97. The Duke of Brunswick arrived at Cambridge about
12 Clock on Thursday above mentioned. He dined in Trinity Coll.
Hall, and between 5 and 6 that Evening returned to Newmarket, and the
next day for London again.

May 6 (Men.). Dr. John Woodward, my Friend, with whom I have lo
corresponded many years, is very lately dead, after a long Indisposition
(he having been confined to his Bed for at least three Quarters of a year),
and hath left his Museum to the University of Cambridge, & by his Will
orders a Lecture to be founded there in Natural Philosophy, with a stipend
of 100 lib. per an. to the Reader, & 50 lib. per an. for other uses con-
cerning it, if the Estate will reach it. He was near 70 years old, as
I have heard. He was a single man, & was Professor of Physick in
Gresham College and Fellow of the Royal Society. He was an ingenious
learned man, but undeservedly despised by many. He wrote many
Things, the most remarkable of which is his Theory of the Earth, printed 20
more than once in English (the language in wct the Author wrote it) and
is also in Latin. He also wrote and published a Defence of it. It was
his Misfortune to differ in his notions of Physick and Philosophy from
several great and leading Men, such as Sir Hans Sloane, D^. Mead, D^.
John Freind, &c., wcb drew down great Troubles upon him, wch must
needs shock and vex him.

May 7 (Tti.). Sir Wm Dugdale, in his Origines Jtiridic, cap. xix,
p. 49, ed. 2d, quotes the Black Book of the Exchequer twice. In the
margin thus : — Ex codice nigro penes Thesaur. Sj- Camerarios Scacc. per
Gervasium Tilbur. {tii /eriur) composiio tempore Regis H. 2. But this is 3°
not the Black Book I am publishing, but the same with what Mr. Madox
hath printed. Nor indeed is it the Black Book as contradistinct to the
Red, but the Black I am printing is that wch my Lord Oxford's Copy
stiles liber parvus niger Scaccarii, w^li word parvus, however, is not in
the Copy I print from.

May 8 (Wed.). On Monday last died, at her Father's House at Ifley
near Oxford, of a Consumption, Mrs. Sarah Jackson, the eldest Daughter
of Mr. Ralph Jackson, Victualler and Farmer of that Place. She was
a very pretty, clean young Girl, and admired by many Oxford Gentlemen,
one of wcb one M^. Rich, a Gentleman Commoner of Queen's Coll., 40
engaged to marry her, but his Friends understanding it broke it off, and

May 7, 1728. R. Mead to H. (Rawl. 15, 154). Thanks for 16 copies of
Elmham, 8 large and 8 small; sends i2| guineas 'which I desire your accep-
tance of. Some of our Friends here are of opinion that it would be very well,
if you would choose for your next book Junius's Glossary of the five old
northern languages, which is in the Bodleian Library.' Will send an account
of Dr. Goodman's MS. about Thomas a Becket.

May 8, 1728. Thomas Baker to H. (Rawl. 22. 40). A transcript of


look him from the University, wc^ so afifected him that then he married
his Father's INfaid, on purpose to vex those that prevented his marrying
Sarah Jackson, & he died soon after, viz. about a year since. After wc^,
this Sarah Jackson pined away & grew much dejected out of love for

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