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him, tho' others say she was (and 'tis very probable) in Love with more
Scholars than one, who had inveigled her, tho' formerly she seemed
extraordinary modest. And indeed 'tis certain that one Newborough,
a Commoner of IMerton College, a rakish sort of spark, was so very
intimate with her that some say they were married, w^ however was
lo not so, but she was with child by him, & upon that account retired to her
Grandmother's at Littlemore, & the Child was destroyed, so as never to
come to perfection, & after this she was never well. She was 23 years
and a half of Age. She was buried on Wed., May 8*^, in Ifley Church.
She hath left 2 Sisters, the youngest named Mary, who is also very pretty
& tho' but 14 years old, yet she is very forward & very fond of young

May 9 (Thur.). Mr. Ward hath sent me and I have perused
a Transcript, done by M^. Ward himself, of Jo. Ross's Account of the
Earls of Warwick. Mr. Ward can command tlie Original, but he does
20 not tell where it is. M^'. Ward saith he took his Copy cursorily. He
hath omitted most of the Pictures. There is a Copy among S^ W™
Dugdale's MSS. in Mus. Ashm.

May 10 (Pri.). Yesterday Morning at four Clock, Mrs. Mary Johnson,
wife of Mr. Richd Johnson, Mancipal of Edm. Hall, was brought to bed
of a Daughter. (It was baptized by the Name of Mary, on Wed., June 5,

One Mr. James, a Bach, of Arts of St. John's Coll. in Oxford, was at
Cambridge the other day, when the Duke of Brunswick was there, and he
had then and there the Degree of Doctor of Physick conferred on him.

30 May 11 (Sat.). Yesterday being a prodigious hot day, we had
abundance of Thunder and Lightning m the Afternoon.

Mr. Taylour, Fellow of Univ. Coll., told me on May lott 1728, that
Mr. Cavendish Nevile, Fellow of their College, assured him that a great
number of the famous M"". Roger Dodesworth's Collections are in the
Custody or hands of their (the Nevile) Family in Yorkshire, in w<^h
Family he sometime lived, & then was diligent in gathering materials for
the Monasticon.

May 12 (Sun.). A great Tempest of Thunder and Lightning from
two a Clock in the morning 'till about half an hour after three. M^".

Bp. Rotherham's Will, and of the first chapter of the Statutes of the College
at Rotherham.

May 8, 1728. Jane Hearne to H. (Rawl. 28. 1 10). ' Honoured son-in-
law, the bag came safe and I return you my hearty thanks for thes and all
other kindnesses. ... I shall have gras for your horse whenever you come.'

May 10, 1728. H. to Ric. Mead (Rawl. 15. 155). Thanks for the
generous gift of i2| guineas, received last night through Mr. Whiteside.
Declines the proposal about Junius because of ' the very ill usage 1 have
met with'.

May 8-15.] VOLUME CXIX, PAGES 36-40 15

Mattaire hath published Proposals for putting out a new Ed. of Marm.
Oxon.; I have not seen them. He hath got the use of a Copy of
Prideaux corrected in some Places by D"*. Thomas Smith. This is in
possession of the Earl of Oxford. I hear some wish that this editor
would have pursued his design on the Paris Printers, &c., and not
launched into an Ocean where 'tis feared he'll sink. A Grammarian he
may be, but he is far from being an Antiquary, and hath not (I fear)
those qualifications that are necessary for an Editor of Greek & Roman.
Inscriptions. A Friend of mine (who pleased himself that this work was
reserved for me, & is sorry to find himself deceived) could wish here that 10
Horace his rule had been considered humeri quid ferre recusant.
Mattaire (it seems) has given us no proof of his abilities by a specimen.
His cause is much espoused, and Subscriptions will be procured to render
him for the future easy enough, zxi^ fames, not fama, seems to be the
motive of many.

May 13 (Men.). It is not determined how D^". Woodward's treasure
will be disposed of, only in general, that the Natural Curiosities are
appropriated to his Cambridge Professorship, to be founded out of 3,000
pounds, to be raised out of his other effects, as books, medals, &c., w^h
some say will not answer the Exspectations of the world. 20

Norden's Chorographical Description of Cornwall is printed pompously
at London in 4*0. Four were printed on Vellom, one for the Earl of
Oxford, the Patron, who gave 50 libs, to poor Christopher Bateman under
the notion of Editor, another D^, Rawlinson hath, and two others are in
private hands.

May 14 (Tu.). Yesterday IM^. Mathew Gibson (now in Oxford) told
me that he is in great quest after what Papers he can meet with relating
to S"* Hen. Spelman's Hist, of Sacrilege. I have formerly observed that
he is a crazed person, as he most certainly is. I could wish therefore
that any Papers of that great man may meet with a far better Editor. 30
But as the poor man is conceited and opiniative, he will have his own
way, and no better a Performance must be exspected from him than his
late Book of the Scudamore Family.

May 15 (Wed.). Copy of a Fragment relating to the City of Oxford
given me by M^". James West, in the same hand with that I have printed
at the end of Elmham. He gave me it since the former, viz. Jan. 17,
1727. 'Mayor has 200 capons and hens; in the walking of franchies
the Chamberlains find bread, beare, and cheese, the Mayor gives the
meat. Every freeman is to give the Mayor a potte of wine, should be
invited to the dinner, but now he takes the 4^. & never invites him.' 40

May 14, 1728. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32. 20). ' I thank you for your
intended Present.' Thinks Dr. Mattaire is unsuitable to edit Marmora
Oxonitnsia ; it is done for money. Hears that Norden is a pompous book,
a quarto. ' 1 find quarto books are now much in vogue in London, which for
my part I look upon as the very worst and most useless form of all. . . . Were
I to see you, I could say more than may be proper for a Letter. But you
seem to be as much against coming to Oxford, as I am against going to


May 16 (Thur.). Yesterday morning died suddenly M^ Adrian
Butler, in S*. Peter's Parish in the East, Oxford, aged more than fifty.'
He had been Deputy Steward of Magd. Coll., but having cheated the
College to a considerable sum, he was discarded, wch, with his hard
drinking, contributed much to the shortening of his Life. He died in
poor Circumstances, leaving a wife and five children. His wife, a great
drinker also, is sister to M^. Stephen Kibblewhite, of Oxford, Book-
seller. He was buried to-day at lo o'clock at night.

Yesterday died Mr. Reynolds Walker, Fellow of Magd. Coll. He was
JO a hard drinker, w<^^ threw him into a Consumption. He was a strange
ill-natured man, and beloved by none. He took the Degree of M.A.,
May 5, 1710, and that of B.D. Jan. 24, 1720. He was minister of
Horspath, but being negligent of his Duty, neither performing himself
nor getting anyone else to do it, he was prosecuted once, if not more, in
the Bishop's Court. [He was buried at Magd. Coll., on Saturday, in the
Afternoon at Prayer time, May 18.]

May 17 (Fri.). They are reprinting at London, Burton's Leicester-
shire with Additions from his own MS. Copy.

They are about reprinting at London the four 4*0 Volumes of Prynn's
20 Brevia Parliamentaria.

One Palmer, a Printer in Bartholomew Close, Lond., hath been some
time making Collections for an History of Printing. He hath had the
use of John Bagford's Collections, &c., in the Harleyan Library. It is to
be in two Quartos ; Mattaire assists. I have seen his Proposals and
Specimen, by wch it appears that he is not equal to such a History and
that 'twill be fraught with Fooleries. They will make use of Bagford's
Papers with litde Acknowledgement, and Justice will not be done him.

May 18 (Sat.). M^. West hath got in folio (a very thin Book)
a MS., being a Transcript of Thomas Worthington's printed Catalogus
30 Martyrum. Mr. West hath lent it me to peruse. The Printed Book is
extremely scarce. Yet I had one formerly, but I gave it to Mr. Charles
Eyston, of Hendred, in Berks., upon his giving me the printed Vellum
Missal of Hereford.

Mr. West hath lately met with the late M^ Ralph Thoresby's son,
Vicar of Rickmansworth, from whom he is in prospect of getting some
of his Father's Things.

May 19 (Sun.). M^. Corsellis, of Lincoln College, is first Cousen to
D"". Richard Rawlinson.'^

[Two Roman inscriptions found at Hexham are here omitted ; they are well
40 known from other sources.]

May 20 (Mon.). Dr. Rawlinson bought several Books himself of
very good value out of some of the Auctions of his late Brother's books,

* In the margin, ' He was 52.'

2 A note at the end of the volume: 'Will. Ball died Sunday, May 19, 1728.
Jerry of Godstow was bom in 1688.'

May 16-24.] VOLUME CXIX, PAGES 40-47 is

and he hath told me by Letter that he hath not let slip any book with the
valuable MSS. notes of learned men, as J. Casaubon, Heinsius, Faber,
and my Friend D^. Thomas Smith, of whom he hath the Inscriptiones
Athleticae, published by Sign"". Falconieri at Rome, corrected by that
learned D^.

May 21 (Tu.). Tho' the King hath been adjudged Visitor of Univ.
Coll. in Westm. Hall, yet D^". Shippen, D^. Bouchier, and others of
Mr. Denison's Side, being much nettled at this, endeavour to bring the
University into a Scrape, and to have the Convocation undertake the
affair. Accordingly they have applied to my L^ Arran, Chanc. of lo
the Univ., and prevailed with his L<^ship to write a letter to the Vice-
chancellor, &c., in favour of this Matter, wct was read and considered at
a Meeting of the Heads yesterday, when they sate two hours at the
Delegates' Room at the Printing House, and great clamours there were
by Dr. Shippen and D"". Bouchier, but notwithstanding that, the Letter
was thrown out and rejected, so as 'tis not to come to Convocation, it
being looked upon (very rightly) as highly absurd to engage the Univ. in
a Lawsuit about what hath been so plainly determined already.

May 22 (Wed.). Dr. Batteley's Antiquities of S*. Edmund Bury is
so imperfect a thing, that M^. Baker cannot imagine they will print it. 20

May 23 (Thur.). Yesterday Mr. Stanhope, Gentleman Commoner of
X* Church, who is nine years' standing, was admitted to the Degree of
Bach, of Civil Law as a grand Compounder of that Coll.

One of those that had Degrees lately conferred upon them at Cambridge
was Martin Benson (he being in the King's List as one of the King's
Chaplains), Archdeacon of Berks., Prebendary of Durham, and Rector of
Blechley in Bucks. I say King's List, because there were two lists of
those that had Degrees, viz. the King's list and the Chancellour's list.

One Mr. Martin, the Owner of the Metrical History of Hen. V by
Thomas Elmham (of which I have given a Specimen in my Ed. of 30
Elmham's Prose Life of that Heroe), is writing the Antiquities of Thetford.
He is a Norfolk Gentleman and is an Atturney.

May 24 (Fri.). M^. Murray, in a Letter from London of the 12th of
Oct. last, told me that M^. Bateman was then very forward in printing
Norden of Cornwall, having got to the letter Y ; that he proposed to print
but a small number, not exceeding 150, the Charge of wc^ to be defrayed
by his Friends, he being at that time out of Business.

Yesterday died of a dropsy old M"". Townsend, of Oxford, mason. He
was near fourscore, a strong, hearty man till of late. He was good for
nothing. 4°

May 21, 1728. H. to Peter le N"eve (Diaries, 119. 45). Asks him, who
is so well acquainted with the books in the Exchequer, to give a short account
of the Black Book in the Exchequer.

May 24, 1728. Thomas Baker to H. (Ravvl. 22. 43). Dr. Woodward
died April 25; sends what details of his will are known. Cannot suggest
a derivation for simenellus. Is sorry Sir Philip Sydenham's books must be
sold ; not many years since, he was a purchaser of books. Sends a copy of
a letter of the University of Cambridge about Bp, Rotherham's benefactions.


May 25 (Sat.). Yesterday morning died of a Dropsy, at his Lodgings
in St. John's Coll., Oxon., Dr. W'l Delaune, President of that College. This
Gentleman is several times mentioned in these Observations. He was near
seventy years of age, and was a man of Parts and Learning, and much of
a Gentleman, and was one part of his Life looked upon as a fine Preacher,
but tho' he had a great Fortune, w'hen he became Head of that College,
and had by his Places a very good Income besides, and was withall
always a single man, yet by his Imprudent Management, particularly by
his gaming at Dice, Cards, &c., he spent all, and died vastly in Debt, and

lo was not long since troubled by a Gentleman, to whom he owed a very
considerable sum ; wcli the Gentleman would not have been so forward to
have done, had not D^". Delaune scorned him and laughed at him. This
Dr. Delaune took the Degree of M.A. Mar. 31, 1683, that of B.D.
Oct. 17, 1688, that of D.D. July 7, 1697. He was chosen President of
his College upon the Death of D'^. W™ Levinz in the year 1698. In the
year 17 14, Feb. 18, he was elected Margaret Professor of the Univ. of
Oxford, in the room of D^. John Wynne (then made Bp of S*. Asaph and
is now Bp of Bath and Wells), wcl» Post Dr. Delaune held to his dying
day, he being withall Prebendary of Worcester (wcti is annexed to the

20 Professorship), and Prebendary too of Winchester. [He was buried in
the Coll. Chappel on Sunday night following.]

May 26 (Sun.). Yesterday came to Oxford M'. John Murray, who
brought me a Present from M^. Christopher Bateman, of Norden's
Survey of Cornwall, w^li is managed in a very poor, paltry manner.

May 27 (Men.). At the end of Sylvanus Morgan's Armilogia, Lond.
1666, 4*0, * The Author doth also advise that he had and can still procure
several Pieces of John Norden, his Speculum Britanniae, viz. Kent, Essex,
Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, the Isles of Wight, Gersey, and Garnsey.'

May 28 (Tu.). Yesterday I went with M^. Murray to M's. Gyles's
30 (of whom he formerly bought M^'. Baskervile's Books), who now lives in
Bear Lane. He went now with a Design to get others, and accordingly
he bought Gerard's Herbal of her and some MSB. notes of M^. Basker-
vile's Journeys from one Place to another, in wch notes are mentioned the
miles from one Place to another, the goodness of the B'eer, and other
accommodations of the Houses and Places where he lay and stopt, of
little or no use, tho' Mr. IMurray is pleased with it. He had also a MS.
Catalogue of the Books in Mr. Baskervile's Study in the year 1678, in
wcb are mentioned several Books, MSS. and printed, of very good value
and great Curiosity, different from those Mr. Murray formerly bought,
40 but these she either hath still or else some body else had them.

May 27, 1728. H. to [Rev. James Gibson] (Rawl. 28. 122, draft).
Advice about his proposed book on grammar. Wonders he has been absent
so long.

May 28, 1728. Thomas Baker to H. (Rawl. 22. 46). Sends a copy of
the account of Thomas Rotherham in Bp. Wren's manuscript.

May 25-June 1.] VOLUME CXIX, PAGES 47-54 I7

May 29 (Wed.). Yesterday, in the Afternoon, Mr. Tho. Jenner, B.D.,
and Fellow of Magd. Coll., was elected Margaret Professor in opposition
to Dr. Theophilus Leigh, D.D. and Master of Balliol College. Dr. Leigh
had only 24 votes and IM^. Jenner 34. Besides these two, at first
appeared Candidates Dr. Felton, Princioal of Edm. Hall ; M^. Niblett,
Warden of All Souls Coll. ; and Mr. Rob. Lydall, of Magd. Coll. But
Dr. Felton, having not above one vote, that I can hear of (viz. D^. Gibson,
Provost of Queen's, who was also out of Town), and M"". Niblett and
Mr. Lydall not being able to succeed, they let their Literests drop, tho'
Lydall did not relinquish his till just the time of Election, a thing wch if he 10
had not done, Magd. Coll. would most certainly have lost it, and D"". Leigh
would have been the man.

May 30 (Thur.). M'. John INIurray is compleat 58 years old (as he
says) next January, I think on the 24*11 of the month. M^. Murray's
Father's Brother was Provost of Edinburgh and a merchant.

The mapps in Norden's Cornwall, lately printed, M^. Bateman
borrowed of Roger Gale, Esq. They were returned to M^". Gale again,
who had also in lieu of his lending them three Copies. These Mapps
without doubt belonged originally to the MS. that M"". Bateman hath and
printed from, it being, as appears by the Royal Arms on the Cover on 20
each side, the very book the Author presented to the King. And I make
no question, but 'tis that very MS. that was formerly in the Royal Library
at S*. James's, tho' gone since.

Tho' Mr. Murray formerly told me in a Letter that Mr. Bateman
would print only 150 Copies at most, yet now he saith he hath printed
two hundred and perhaps they may be more.

June 1 (Sat.). They write from Edinburgh that an unhappy Accident
happened lately in the Shire of Angus, by a Quarrel between two Gentle-
men Friends of the Earl of Strathmore, who kindly interposing to prevent
Mischief, was himself killed in the Rencounter. I have made mention of 30
this noble Person (with whom I was acquainted when he was in Oxford
and with whom I used to be very often) in pag. 135 of vol. 61 of these
Memoirs. His Death is a very great Loss and 'tis much lamented,
especially since it happened in such a manner. He was about 28 years
old and was a man of great Honour and Integrity, as well as of large
Sense & understanding:.


Restoration Day [May 29], 1728. "Will, rullerton to H. (Raw!. 5.
127). Hopes that, with the help of Mr. Bowdler, he may be able now to
secure for H. the residue of Mr. Walden's legacy, Mr. Orme being now
returned from Bath to London. Suggests that H. should write him a letter,
mentioning that Mr. Price had once offered his service in this matter, but that
H. did not know his address.

May 30, 1728. H. to Peter Le Neve, Esq. (Rawl. 28. 122, draft). Asks
if Le Neve has a roll of coats of arms of Norfolk families, which has been
attributed to William Worcester, alias Botoner. (See letter of July 2.)

May 31, 1728. H. to Fullerton (Rawl. 5. 127, draft). Congratulates him
on his degree of Dr."of Physick [see Diary, April 1 3], thanks for the letter of
Restoration Day, for former kindness in procuring ^40 of the legacy, and ends
according to the suggestion of Mr. Fullerton's letter of May 29.



June 2 (Sun.). Yesterday D^". W»i Holmes was chosen by the
majority of five votes, President of S*. John's Coll. in room of Dr. Delaune
deceased, in opposition to D^. Winch Holdsworth. This Dr. Holmes is
a very proud man.

June 3 (Men.). My L<i Oxford has all Sim. Dewes's Collection &
by Mr. Wanley's conduct, at an easy rate, which M^". Wanley has boasted
of to IMi". Baker of Cambridge. Sir Simon himself was a Boaster, and
has given the World great expectations, / doiibi (says Mr. Baker) the
performance would not have answered. I have given a Specimen of his
10 skill in Antiquities by the Speech I have publisht in Sprot in favour of
the Univ. of Cambridge, where he was a Member, and particularly of
S*. John's College.

June 4 (Tues.). Memorandum that the MS. M'. Murray (who
returned to London on Friday last, May 31) got at Oxford of old crazy
Baskervile's, contains nothing more than what Mr. Murray had before,
as Mr. Murray told me himself, what he had before being a fair transcript
of this.

This day about 12 Clock or about noon, died the Widow of M^. Adrian
Butler, who died on Wed., May 16^^ last, she having been strangely
20 affected at his death. [She was buried, as she desired, by her mother at
All Hallows Church, Oxon., June 6^^^ Thursday.]

June 7 (Fri.). 3P'. Symon Dewes, Coll. Jo., admissus in Matriculant
Acad. Cant. Jul. 9, 16 18. Scholars are usually matriculated the first
year, when we may presume him to have been about 16 or 17 years of

June 2, 1728. H. to James West (Diaries, 119. 55). Wood, in his
History of the Univ. of Oxford, p. 347, mentions the Polyandrium Oxoniensium of
William Worcester, quoting from Brian Tvvyne's Apologia. As Cott. MS.
Julius F. vii, a volume of several tracts, contains three by W"" Botoner alias
Worcester, it would be a kindness to H. to examine the volume to see if any
other of the tracts is the Polymidrium.

June 2, 1728. Gilb. Lake to H. (Raw). 7. 146). Is better, but hardly
fit to correspond. Has no hopes of seeing Oxford this summer. Has ordered
Robert Casemore^ to pay for Ehnham.

June 4, 1728. Jane Hearne to H. (Ravvl. 27 B. 380). 'Ever Loving
son, I reseved your Letter and what was in it, and I Return you harty Thanks
for your Token you sent me; and I remain still very weke, that I am not
abell to goo abroade to do any Thing as yet, but I am somthing better, I bles
God. And your Brother William goes to se his sister at Wittson Tide, and
I will be shewear to send your Token by him to hur. Your brother Edmon
has som Books at my howse and when he sends for Them, I must send them
by the wagon. So no more at present, but my Herty prayers for your helth.
I am your Ever Loving mother, Jane Hearne.'

June 6, 1728. Rob. Wev^r, of Pump Court, Inner Temple, to H.
(Rawl. 8. 166). Wishes to subscribe for the Black Book and any future
publications of H.

June 7, 1728. Peter Le Neve, at Great Witchingham Hall, Nor-
folk, to H. (RawU 8. 165). Thinks H.'s Black Book must be identical with

^ He was a farmer at Headington, tenant of Mr. Lake. See letters of Mar. 26,
1729, and May 9, 1729.

June 2-12.] VOLUME CXIX, PAGES 55-63 19

age ; Fellow Commoners (as he is by his admission) seldome stay above
2 years. They have no general College Register of Admissions at
S*. John's in Camb. till the year 1629; otherwise his age would appear.

Mr. Ward of Warwick sometime since lent me a little 4*0 Paper MS.,
with the Arms finely drawn & coloured, intit.: Nomina, Insignia, Etymo-
logiae, Insigniumque Descriptiones, Gallice, Latine & AngKce, unius-
cuiusque scuti, pertinentis ad Dignissimum virum Thomam Spenser
Armigerum. At the end, ' Mr. Patten, Blu Mantel!.' So that 'twas done
by the said Patten. M'. Ward himself borrowed the said MS.

June 8 (Sat.). M"". Graves lately met with 3 British coins; one of 10
them is in gold, very fair and perfect, of Boadicea or Boduo, the very
same with that in Speed; shield-like, convex on one side and concave on
the other ; another of copper or iron plated over with a base sort of gold,
of the same form as the first, and is the same with that coin wch in Speed
is said to be for King Lucius ; and a third of Copper, very fair and
beautifull, but not so large and concave as the other two ; with a hand-
some Head on one side and a Pegasus on the Reverse, which M"". Graves
takes to be of Cunobeline, tho' there is not a Letter upon it.

June 9 (Sun.). D^". Woodward died Ap. 25, 1728, aet. 63, and was
buried near Sir Isaack Newton in Westminster Abby. io

June 10 (Mon.). D^". Delaune was buried in S*. John's Coll. Chappel
by the steps as we go up to the Altar. 1 am told there is already a stone
put over him, with words to this Effect, G. Delaune ob. Mali 24, 1728,
aetat. 69.

June 12 (Wed.). On Monday last died M". Pottle, the Wife of
Mr. Pottle, one of the yeomen Beadles of the Univ. of Oxon., she having

what is now called the Red Book. Suggests that H. should copy from his
Black Book the return of the Bp. of Chichester about his Knights' Fees. The
original is in the Tower, put by Le Neve in the bag of the deeds of the county
of Sussex ; he has a copy of it which he will compare with Hearne's. That
in the Red Book corresponds with the original.

June 8, 1728. Sir William. Barker, Bart., of Chancery Lane,
London, to H. (Raw!. 14. 23; Diaries, 119. 61). Asks if H. can give any
information about one John Heron of the Middle Temple, who was Trustee
in a settlement of the present Sir William Barker's grandfather, Alderman
William Barker, in the year 1655. It is supposed he may have been the second
son of Edmund Heme of Garsington. It is important to know when he died
and where his papers are,

June 10, 1728. Thomas Baker to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 52). Sends Bale's
account of William Botoner. 'The Itinerary of William Worcester is in so
■wretched a hand that my eyes will not read it. Being turned of 70, 1 am forced
to lay aside such MSS.'

June 11, 1728. H. to Sir William Barker (Diaries, 119. 62). In
searching his papers has found nothing, except that in 1669 there were in
Dr. Barlow's Library, at Qiieen's College, some papers about Headington,
found among the papers of Mr. John Hearne, a lawyer.

June 11, 1728. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32. 21). Thanks for letters of

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