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not. Ending the reign of King John, he found it thus —

In ye yer of grace he deide tuelf hundred & sixtene
And seventene yer he was king & fif monthes, ich wene,
And fif dawes .... Mani Man longe i wis.
At Wircetre in y^ Munstre, vaur iburied he is.

Immediately follows — 30

Henri was king imad aftre his fader Jon.

A sent Simondes day & sent Jude, at Glocestre anon.

Nye jer old he was.

Including ' Henri was king imad ' (and the last line he writ down in his
preceding Letter, as he observed), the whole of which is only the life of
this Prince (& yet fol. 63 is entirely wanting, containing by a Medium 76
lines and notwithstanding its being imperfect, as he had before noted), it
contains exactly Fourteen hundred eighty eight verses. M^^. Sotheby
infered upon the whole ours in Bodley to be an Abstract & more modern.
I find (says M"". Sotheby) by your Letter that it is a note of JSF . Thomas 40
Cottons ; you may say (continues M^. Sotheby) S'' Thomas's ; he was
son dj- heir of -S"'" Robert, Bart., the Founder.

Feb. 18 (Wed..). Mr. Sotheby at the same time told me that, upon
M"". Bagford's desire, he had carefully surveyed those Bricks (Mr. Bagford
had given me notice of in his Letter) & that tho' odd, yet he did not think

Feb. 17, 17t§. H. to John Murray (Rawl. 112. 267). Sends eight
copies of Trokelowe for distribution.


them to be so much depended upon. As he took it, they were about
Hen. VIII's time, except 2 or 3 fragments hke Roman. If I thought it
•worth while, he said he could send the dimensions in his next. Whether
he did or not, I do not remember.

The said Mr, Sotheby (who was of the University of Cambridge) is
a very ingenious man & formerly spent his time very laudably and
industriously in antiquities, but he is since grown a meer sot & is (as it
were) mopish. He hath a good Estate and is (I think) a single man.
Thomas Key, in his Vindiciae, p. 540, mentions Jo. Drum. Quaere,
10 whether the same with Michael Drum, mentioned by Mr. Wood in his
Fasti, as incorporated at Oxford, and yet I do not know whether either
John Drum or Michael Drum were graduated at Cambridge.

Feb. 20 (rri.). Williams, Archbishop of York's Library was sold
for £382 ds. od. with which in the year 1652 were purchased lands to the
value of £20 per an. about a mile from Cambridge, twenty marks whereof
was for a yearly supply of books, which are most wanting in St. John's
Coll. Library. Ask Mr. Baker about this.

Feb. 21 (Sat.). From the Northampton Mercury for Feb. 16, i7|§:

There is very lately dead William Phipps, Esq., only son of the late Sir
30 Constantine Phipps, who in 17 18 married Catharine (born Jan. 7, 1700), only
daughter of James, late Earl of Anglesea (by Lady Catharine Darley, born
anno 1681, natural daughter to King James II, who afterwards married the
late Duke of Buckingham), and niece to the present Earl, by whom he has two
Sons and one Daughter.

There is likewise very lately dead, The Lady Craven, wife to the Rt. Hon.
William Lord Craven, of Hamsted Marshal in the county of Berks, and
daughter to Frederick Tilney of Rotherwick in the county of Southampton.
By this Lady's death a very great Estate falls to the Lord Viscount Castlemain's

30 Feb. 23 (Men.). The same Paper also takes notice of the Death of
Will. Beauvoix, D.M., Regius Professor of Physick in the University of
Oxford, formerly Fellow of Pembroke College and a native of Guernsey.
The Paper stiles him ' a Gentleman of great Learning, Humanity and
skill in his Profession '. He took the Degree of M.A. as a member of
Pembroke Coll., July 3, 1704, & that of B. and D.M. July 7, 1710.

Feb. 20, 17§g. Sir Philip Sydenham to H. (Rawl. 9. 166). The
Catalogue of his books is very incorrect, but H. shall have a copy when he
returns to London. He is now in the Country at Fryar's Barnet, for his

Feb. 21, 17|§. H. to John Murray (Rawl. 112. 268). Acknowledges
the receipt of 5 guineas. Though Wood's Diary contains, as M. truly observes,
matters of great and curious Remark, yet 'tis nothing near so full as the Life
which H. is about to print.

Feb. 23, 11%%. Rev. Eusebius Isham, at Lamport, to H. (Rawl. 7. 109).
Hopes to be in Oxford soon, and will then call for his book. Was lately in
London, where he saw Mr. John Murray and Mr. West at an auction in
St. Paul's Coffee-house. Thanks for ' the Compliment with relation to the
new living I have '.

Peb. 18-26.] VOLUME CXXV, PAGES 25-32 247

His successor as Regius Professor is D^". Woodford, formerly of New

Feb. 25 (Wed.). M^. Francis Taylor, Bursar of Univ. College,
having (by virtue of an old, & also another late, order) stopped two of the
Junior Fellows of that College's names, by reason they did not pay their
battles, wch had been contracted before they were Fellows, within six
Weeks after the Quarter was expired, complaint was thereupon made by
them to the Master, M^. Cockman, in the Country, who sent up a scurrilous
Letter to Mr. Browne, the Senior Fellow present, to convene M^". Taylor
and make him beg pardon. Accordingly, on Thur. Feb. 5, M^. Taylor 10
was before the Society in the Common Room. That part of the Master's
Letter relating to this Affair was read, but M^". Taylor could not have
a Copy. ]M>". Taylor in his Defence pleaded the order de Batellis solvendis.
The meeting was adjourned till Thursday, Feb. 19, when they came
together again in the Common Room, but M^. Taylor (though sent for),
being ill, was not there.

The Books being in the Lodgings, the Master's Lodgings (notwith-
standing the Master's absence) were broke into in the morning about ten,
and not only Windows & Shutters broke thro', but the Doors, by the
smith, afterwards to let in M"". Walwyne and the rest. This arduous 20
negotiation held them all Dinner time, tho' they begun at eleven, and the
Afternoon was most consumed in looking over Books and Papers in the
Master's Study in the Lodgings. What the Result is, or will be, is yet
a secret. They pretend the order does not extend to Fellows, as if
Fellowships were ever intended as a Privilege to skreen men from paying
their just debts, contracted & due before they were Fellows.

Feb. 26 (Thur.). Mr. Roger Holman of S*. Peter's in the East,
Oxford, born March 10, 1671.

Mr. Henry Dodwell's Estate in Ireland is eight hundred libs, per an.,
as appears fully from a Book of Dr. Swift's lately published. He is 3°
written there Esq., and so his Father should have wrote himself.

Mr. William Dodwell, brother of the said M^. Henry Dodwell,
determines this Lent as a member of Trin. Coll.

Feb. 24, 17§g. T. Baker to H. (Raw). 22. 25). John Herryson took
the degree of S.T.P. in 1457 ; he was previously Doctor of medicine. ' Your
printing M'". Wood's Life puts me in mind of what you said in one of your
letters of the late Bp of Peterborough's having additions to his Athen. Oxon.,
concerning the Welsh Dioceses. Copies of these Additions & Corrections
I have from the Bishop. How he came by them I never enquired, but they
had been sent to M''. Wood by D"". Humphreys, Bp of Bangor, after his book
had been printed off ; for they refer to the pages or columns in the printed
book, & (what is most strange) these Additions & Corrections, as far as I have
yet compared 'em are not entred in the new correct edition. They are pretty
large & seem to me pretty considerable. ... It's pity they should be lost, but
I leave the fate of 'em to you.'

Feb. 24, 17|§. Sam. Mead to H. (Rawl. 8. iii). Has received the
copies of John de Trokelowe ; wishes to be a subscriber for Thomae Caii


From the Northampton Mercury :

London, Feb. 17. Yesterday, between nine and ten in the Forenoon, came
on before the Lord Chief Justice Eyre, in the Court of Common-Pleas at
Westminster, the great Tryal between the Right Hon. the Lord Abergavenny,
Plaintiff, and Richard Liddeli, Esq., Defendant, for the latter's having had
criminal Conversation with the late Wife of the said Nobleman. There were
nine Witnesses to prove the Fact ; and the Defendant called four Noble Peers
to his general Character. The Hearing lasted many Hours and the Jury
brought in a Verdict of ^10,000 Damages for the Plaintiff.

10 ^B. The said M^. Lyddell was formerly Gentleman Commoner of Xt
Ch., where he had afterwards a Brother, Mr. Charles Lyddel, a Gentleman
Commoner also, but at length Bach, of Law and now a Divine. M^.
Richard Lyddell was a pretty man, of a sweet modest Temper and well
beloved, so that all are sorry for him. He was never married. The Fact
was plain, the Lady and he being found in bed together. She was a very
fine Woman, and died soon after the Discovery.

Feb. 27 (Fri.). D^. Bradshaw preached on the 30*^ Jan. last before
the House of Lords. His Sermon is printed. He speaks of the Act of
that day as a very great piece of wickedness, & so indeed do now all
20 that are for the present Government, more out of fear that the Life of
an Usurper should be taken away, than out of detestadon of the murder
of that most just and good hereditary Prince. His Sermon is clumsy, and
yet as bad as 'tis, some say 'twas done by some one else, viz. one Allen,
student of X* Church, and that Bradshaw cannot make any tolerable
Sermon. At the conclusion he speaks mightily for the Duke and Dutchess
of Brunswick.

Feb. 28 (Sat.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,
Feb. 23, i7|§:

There is very lately dead The Rev. Thomas Bray, Minister of St. Botolph
30 Aldgate, in the ti'^ year of his Age. He had been for several years an
indefatigable Promoter of many excellent Designs for the service of Religion
and the Publick Good. About 30 years ago he was employed by D''. Compton,
late Bishop of London, as his Lordship's Commissary in Maryland, where he
obtained several Acts of the Government for supporting the Clergy and
Schools in tliat Province, which subsist to this Day. At his return from that
Service he formed the Design and was the principal Solicitor for procuring
the Charter of the Society for propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts. He
contrived, and by the assistance of his Friends founded in Great Britain and
the Plantations above 150 Parochial Libraries from ^10 to ^50 value, those
in South-Britain being secured to Posterity by an Act of Parliament passed

Feb. 28, 175t}. H. to Rev. Thomas Carte (Carte MS. 227. 184).
Acknowledges the receipt of two guineas, of which one is from the
Marquis d'Aubais for a copy of Avesbury, the other is a subscription for
Thomae Caii Vindic'iae. Points out that the Hymns of Bernardus Andreas were
printed at Paris in 15 17.

Feb. 28, 17M. S. Cholmondeley to H. (Rawl. 4. 84). Would have
written betore, but has been greatly hurried by a troublesome suit. Wishes
to subscribe for Thomae Caii Vindiciae.

Feb. 28, 172§. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32. 41). Thanks for 'your
Folio Ed. of the Proceedings against M>'. Wood '. Desires a list of all R.'s

Feb. 2e-Mar. 2.] VOLUME CXXV, PAGES 32-37 249

for that purpose in the year 1708. To say no more, he was a most com-
passionate solicitor in behalf of, poor Prisoners, particularly those at White-
chapel and the Maishalsea, where the Prisoners, being very numerous and
exposed to great Hardships, had for some years past a plentiful Dinner provided
once a Week, at the expense of several charitable Persons, by the Doctor's
Instigation, till the late Act for relieving all the Gaols in the Kingdom set them
at Liberty.

Mar. 1 (Sun.). On Friday last died M^". Gilman, an old bookseller in
the Gravel Walk (near Magd. Coll.) in S*. Peter's parish in the East,
Oxford, commonly (from his vain weak Temper) called Va7iiiy Gihnan. 10
[Buried tonight in S*. Peter's churchyard.]

Dr. Rawlinson tells me (in a Letter from London the 24th inst.) that
Dr. Kennett's Life is published by one who will not be known. The
Preface tells us the Dr. had seen some part of it in his lifetime and
approved it. It is a perfect Invective against D^". Hickes, Jacobitism, and
even poor Toryism comes in for its share. The most usefuU part is the
Catalogue of his Works. M". Campion's Epitaph in Latimers Church,
Bucks., is not amongst them, tho' he has been more than once charged
strongly on that head and has not had face enough to deny it.

Mar. 2 (Mon.). The Judges for Lent Assize, M^". Justice Denton and 20
Mr. Justice Reynolds, came 10 Oxford on Saturday last. Yesterday they
were in the morning at S*. Marie's Church, and in the afternoon at
S*. Peters in the East. M"". Woodson (a young Gentleman M.A. of
Magd. Coll. who is usher to Mr. Hiley, the Schoolmaster of Reading) was
appointed to preach the Assize Sermon, w^^ was to have been as this
day in the morning at S*-. Marie's, but the Judges desired of the
V.-Chancellour that the same Sermon might be preached yesterday
morning, being Sunday, at S*. Marie's, pretending Business that would
hinder them this Morning. Accordingly, M^". Woodson preached it at
S*. Marie's yesterday morning before the Judges. It was a very short 30
one. It is the first Instance (I believe) of the kind that ever happened,
that there should be no proper Assize Sermon. For tho' twas calculated
for the Assize, yet the proper Auditors, viz. the Grand Jury, &c., not being
there, 'tis an Innovation & ought not to be stiled therefore properly an
Assize Sermon. There was time enough for one, there being but little
Assize Business, & twas observed that the Judges did not go from their
Lodgings 'till after xi Clock this Morning, by w^h time the Sermon would
have been ended.

c. March 1, 17|g. James West to H. (Rawl. 1 1. 177). ' My silence hath
been too long to admit of any excuse. . . I thank you for Trokeloive, which
1 read with great pleasure. Inclosed is the guinea for it.' Mentions some
papers of Colonel Holies of 1646-9, now in his possession. ' I am glad to
hear the Life of Antony Wood is different from the Earl of Oxford's Diary,
which I have perused. That gives the Cambridge men but a mean opinion of
the Oxford Antiquary, as some call him.' [The Letter is undated, but some
of the details in it are reproduced in the Diary for March 3.]

March 2, 17|g. H. to Mr. Drake, Surgeon, in York (Diaries, 125. 36).
In answer to the Letter of Oct. 27, H. advises that Mr. Drake should bring
his book into a short compass and should consult the MSS. of Dr. Nathaniel


Mar. 3 (Tu.). I am told 'tis surprizing to hear the prices ^ D'". Robert
Gray's books ^vent at. To mention in one particular, the Duke of
Somerset's Expedition into Scotland (sold in the last auction of INK
Thomas Rawlinson's books at 2 Guineas) rose up to £4 ^s. od. Every
thing else was proportionable. D^. Rawlinson had not time from his own
affairs to attend the Auction, and indeed he was afraid of an expensive
temptation amidst such a glutt of Scotish History, in which I hear that
learned D"". had made good observations, some of which D^. Rawlinson
hopes to recover as to men and books, taken by those who had more

10 leisure and moneys than himself.

Mr. Le Neve's books will be sold probably next Winter. The College
of Heralds claim his Genealogical and Historical MSS. from a Clause in
his Will, in which he reserved a power of disposal by writing under his
own hand, which is found unsigned or unwitnessed. His MSS. relating
to Norfolk and Suffolk he has left to the Cathedral Library of Norwich, as
it is said, at the instigation of D^. Tanner. Amongst his Collections are
several old Charters by himself preserved on Copper, of wcii he gave D^.
Rawlinson some, old monastical Seals, Coins, &c., all which will come with
several MSS. to sale. This man was, though whimsical, very commu-

20 nicative, industrious, but injudicious, and an Heretick in Morals as well
as Religion.

March 4 (Wed.). D"". Croxall's Sermon on the 30*^ of Jan. last
amuses much. 'Tis full of double Entendres and contradictions. D"".
Trapp's is an invective on the Rebellion arid a Panegyrick on the King,
but withall a Satyr on the succeeding Royal Family; for he speaks
dishonourably both of K. Charles II and K. James II.

On Friday, the 2ott of Feb. last, Mr. Anstis began the hearing of his
Appeal with respect to a Fellowship of All Souls as Founder's Kinsman,
for well he stood last Election. Advocates were D^. Henchman and

30 D^. Strahan. They moved they might clear up the point of relation ^ to
Archbishop Chicheley, but this was overruled by the influence of the
College over Wake (who, 'tis feared, will prove exceeding partial) and
proofs ordered to be brought in, in about a fortnight's time, that he was
not disqualifyed by his Post (wcb is Register of the Knights of the Bathe)
for a Fellowship of All Souls by enjoying an mmua pensio, w^b Mr. Anstis's
friends seem to think relates not in All Souls Statutes to secular, but
Ecclesiastical preferment, and all seems to turn on interpretation. As to
the benefit of a fellowship, neither M"". Anstis nor his father values it, but
only to re-establish their right of kindred for futurity, and the College

40 tremble at the view they have of a numerous issue. Let the consequences
be what the justice or partiality of Lambeth thinks fit, the work M^.
Anstis's father is now upon in Latin on this head, I am told, will gall
[the] College &c. to the quick, & quite confound them.

Mar. 5 (Thur.). Mr. Needham, that published the Geoponicks some
years since, collected materials relating to the Presentations of Livings,
and entered the several Remarks he had got concerning the persons in
whose gifts they were, in a Copy of the Valor Bcneficiorum. This

* MS. : prizes. 2 i. e. relationship. — Ed.

Mar. 3-8.] VOLUME CXXV, PAGES 37-45 251

Mr. Needham about that time was preparing an edition of iEschylus for
the Press, but I have heard nothing of it a great while. He had put
his MSS. observations in a Copy of Stanley's yEschylus. This Stanley
(a truly learned man) left behind him a Son, who when very young
translated into English Claud. Elianus his Various Histories. Quaere if

From the Northampton Mercury for Monday, Mar. 2, i7|§:

London, Feb. 24. A wager of ^50 being laid, that a Poulterer did not
walk 100 miles in 27 Hours, he on Thursday morning last, at half an hour
after nine, set out in the Upper Quarter of Moorfields to walk the same, and 10
performed it yesterday ^ by eleven minutes after twelve at noon, which was
26 hours 41 minutes, tho' he went to Bed for about two hours in the time.

Mar. 7 (Sat.). D^. Caius wondered why there were so many
differences in the folio Ed. of Bale from the 4*0, particularly why he
should change some Positions, that were right in the first. That there
were some alterations for the worse, I cannot but acknowledge ; but then
Bale did it because he thought himself more now in the right than before,
at least he would fain appear to be so. And even Thomas Key in his
Vindiciae observes that those Alterations happened ne in errore perseveraret,
p. 140. 20

From the Northampton Mercury for Mar. 2, i7|f :

[An account of an action for breach of promise of marriage, in the King's
Bench, Feb. 25, between Miss Holt of Hackney, plaintiff, and Knox Ward,
Esq., Clarenceux King of Arms, defendant ; verdict for the Plaintiff for

Mar. 8 (Sun.), Yesterday, called upon me Mr. John Poynter of
Merton College. He told me he had in his possession Ant. k Wood's
Register of the Parish of S*. John Bapt. Oxon. This, M^. Wood drew up
and continued to near his Death. 'Tis mentioned by him in his Life.

Mr. Poynter appeared (as he said himself) for Gustos Musei Ashm. 30
upon the death of M^. Whiteside, but D^. Shippen (upon whom he
waited) told him 'twas too late.

Mr. Poynter said, had he been made Custos, he would have given to
the Museum his Collection of Curiosities.

Mr. Pointer said he had other Things besides what is published that he
intends for the Press as soon as finished.

Mr. Poynter's Tutor was first Mr. Welchman, and upon his leaving the
College of Merton, Mr. (now D^.) John Holland.

Mr, Pointer said he remembered M^", John Winter of that College, that
he was a very ingenious man, almost blind with Study. 40

The said M^. Winter's father was parish Clark of Cookham, near
Maidenhead in Berks. He went to School at Bray, Mr. John (now
D^. John) King being Master.

The said M^. John Winter died a young Master of Arts. He bore
a great Character in the Country.

^ Note by Heame : ' I suppose it should be next day.''


Mar. 9 (Mon.). To D^. Richard Rawlinson, at London House in
Aldersgate Street, London.

Dear Sir,

I know no hurt in changing any opinion for the better, especially when
secular Interest is not the motive in it. As for the Juvenile or Puerile
Exercise you speak of, M'. Sam Parker who (with great weakness) advised
the putting of those MSB. (contrary to M'. Cherry's Design, for he intended
them for me) in the Bodl. Libr., can tell you more of it than I can. I lent it
to M"". Cherry with a desire that it might be returned or else destroyed.

lo Neither was done, tho' I afterwards made the same Request also to his widow.
Whatever it be, for I have no Copy either of the whole or any part of it (nor
indeed ever had any), I revoke every Thing in it, as a boyish Performance not
fit to be preserved. The right of this Thing belonged & does still belong to
no one but my self, and consequently (notwithstanding it be unjustly detained
from me) no one either had or hath a right of disposing but my self. As far
as I can learn 'tis 30 years ago since 'twas wrote. What the particulars of it
are I cannot tell at such a Distance. Let them be what they will, they must
not be looked upon as my present sentiments, or as the result of what I would
write now. Tho' I took the Oath of Allegiance, as you and many others did,

20 but went no farther, yet I much question whether it will appear from this MS.
(to which they say my name is subjoined) that I did so. But be the thing
what it will, I consign it to the Flames, and protest against its being kept in
the Library. 1 repeat my thanks to you for your hint about Potiphar. 'Tis
not material as to what I alledged it for, whether it be Pharaoh or Potiphar.
However, I may have a proper opportunity perhaps (for I am always willing
to own any mistake) of signifying that it should be rather Potiphar. In the
mean time I am sincerely,

Dear Sir, your obliged and most humble servant,

Tho: Hearne.
30 Edm: Hall,


Mar. 9, 1729.

NB. I thought not fit to send the said Letter, but what follows instead
of it : ^


You say so many of those ivho pretend to that title [of a friend] coming open-
mouthed with their boasted MS. I wish you would let me know their names,
I am a stranger to the MS. I am glad you will send me a genuine Catalogue
of your Works. 'Tis not material with respect to the point, for w''^ 'twas
40 alledged, whether Pharaonis or Potiphtrae be read. You speak of some at London,
ivho nvish me better to my face than behind my back. Let me know their names,
vvcii will be a kind office done to

Your most humble servant,

Tho: Hearne.
Edm. Hall,

Mar. 9, 1729.

* Hearne adds ' Since which, however, I have thought it proper enough to send it to
the D"", w'^'' accordingly I did on Friday, March 30, 1729, and altered the date from
March 9 to March 20.'

Mar. 9-12.] VOLUME CXXV, PAGES 45-51 253

Mar. 10 (Tu.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,
March 2, lyff:

[An account of the trial of Colonel Chartres for the ravishing of the
servant-maid of Miss Anne Bond, his conviction, sentence to death ^, and the
forfeiture of his goods, chattels, land and tenements, said to be worth

Mar. 11 (Wed.). Last night M^. Burton of Corpus Xti Coll. and
I spent the evening together.

He told me he had seen my Letter in the Bodl. Library, but kept
privately, M^". Fysher being not satisfyed that it belongs to the Library. 10

He had a mind to see it at the importunity and request of M^". James
West, who had wrote to him on that account.

Whether M^. Burton transcribed any part I know not.

I find they are making as ill an use as they can of it, out of malice.

Yet I believe they will find themselves quite mistaken in what they aim
at, which is to sift whether there be any thing in it against the Government
that may touch me.

Mar. 12 (Thur.). Remember to ask M^". Baker whether he hath
anywhere found that M^. Roger Dodsworth, the Antiquary, had received
any Education at Cambridge. He was son of Matthew Dodsworth, Esq. 20

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