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with Richard the third, and upon the last leafe is the print of John
Rastall's sign, and the words /okanfies Rastell cum privilegio Regali ; no
date of the year. If I have a mind to see this book my Lord will send
it me down.

Yesterday called upon me D^. Tanner and D^. Knight. This is the
same D^". Knight that wrote and published the lives of Dean Collet and of
Erasmus. He is now upon the Life of D^. Simon Patrick, late Bp
of Ely.

lo July 18 (Sat.). On Thursday last, in the afternoon, D"". Knight called
upon me again with Morgan Graves, Esq., son of my late friend Richard
Graves, Esq., wch son is now Gentleman Commoner of Univ. Coll.,
having in his father's life time been only Commoner. D^. Knight is related
to Mr. Graves.

The Dr. said that he did the Catalogue some years ago of the Univer-
sity of Cambridge Library and that a Present of 50 libs, was made him
for it.

He is for having a Catalogue of the printed books of Cambridge done,
so as to take in also all other printed Books in the libraries of the Colleges

20 and Halls, that shall be found wanting in the publick Library, w^h is
a Method I had proposed formerly for Oxford, & D"". Charlett mentioned
it several times in his printed Papers of the Theatre Books, and 'twas
mightily approved of. But after I was debarred the Library & forced to
retire, my Method was not followed, but they only printed the Bodleian
Catalogue without taking in the Colleges and Halls, and that particularly
for this reason, because I had finished only the Bodleian Library and had
done nothing of other places (abating a good part of the Ashm. Museum)
& they stuck therefore to that only wc^ was ready drawn up to their
hands. Bowles indeed, when he first became Librarian, vaunted, &

30 bragged that other places should be taken in, but 'twas only talk, he did
nothing, and when he began to print, 'twas nothing but my Catalogue,
unless some few Additions of Books come in since my time, & the strange
alterations that he made of the former numbers. When I say my
Catalogue, I mean that wch goes under the name of D"". Thomas Hyde, of
•vvch M"". Emanuel Pritchard, Janitor of the Bodleian Library, was the true
Compiler, continued by me, wch Continuation of mine was fairly tran-
scribed by me in two large folio volumes by way of Appendix, & was
designed to have been printed by itself, but at last D^". Hudson, designing

July 17, 1730. H. to Lord Oxford (Diaries, 126. 143). Would be glad
to see his copy of Rastall's Chronicle.

July 17, 1730. H. to John Anstis (Diaries, 126. 144). Having heard
nothing from Mr. Murray \see letter of May 19], H. is at a loss what to do,
and leaves it to Anstis to send the copy of Hemingford as he thinks best.

July 18, 1730. H. to John Murray (Rawl. 112. 275). Acknowledges
the safe receipt of the MS. of Hemingford. The previous day ' being Friday ',
H. had a fish dinner with Mr. West at Godstowe. * We remembered you and
other friends most heartily.'

July 18, 1730. W. Booth to H. (Rawl. 13. 104). * I thank you for your
great civillitys to me when I was at Oxford. . . . M'. Jett has died poor.'

July 16-19.] VOLUME CXXVI, PAGES 142-150 309

to assume the whole Honour of the Work to himself, had my Appendix
and the former Catalogue thrown into one Alphabet, and so Bowles
began to print it, and 'tis now carrying on at the Press by M^". Fysher in
the same manner.

Dr. Knight said that Bp Patrick wrote his own Life, and that he
intended to have printed it just as the Bp left it, \vith Additions of his own,
but that the Bp of London disswaded him from it, & advised him to
compile a new one, using Passages verbatim out of the other only upon
occasion. The D^". insinuated, however, that he is not inclined to print
it, least some things should disoblige. 10

The Dr. said he had thoughts of writing the Life of Robert Grosthead.
I told him there were excellent materials for him in the Ashmolean
Museum among the Papers of Anthony a Wood, who wrote this Bp's life,
& 'tis contained there in a 4*0 MS.

July 19 (Sun,). Yesterday, at 5 Clock in the afternoon, M". M.
Butler, wife of D^. Edward Butler, President of Magd. Coll., was buried in
Magdalen College Chappell and 'twas a great Funeral, there being at it
abundance of Ladys &c., besides all the College.

On Thursday night last came to Oxford out of Worcestershire, where
he had been a little while to look after his Affairs, M^. James West, & 20
immediately sent for me, but I was from home, so did not see him that
evening, but the next morning he called upon me, staid with me at least
two houres and being gone to Banbury, & to lodge that night at Bodicot
near that place, we agreed to meet together in his way at Godstowe, he
riding it and I walking. Accordingly we did so, and had a fish dinner &
enjoyed one another's Company with great pleasure & satisfaction for
about four houres.

Mr. West gave me then one of his Father's funeral Rings, by wc^
I learn that his Father, M^". Richard West, died on May 25 last, in the
63^'^ year of his age. 30

M^-. West shewed me a 4^0 MS. of Anthony Wood's writing, relating to
Oxford, well he said he met with in the Country. I told him I had
formerly just ran over it, when 'twas shewed me by M^". Thomas Rawlins.
I made a motion that M^. West should lend it me. He said 'twas none of
his, I suppose therefore 'tis M^. Rawlins's still. Yet Mr. West is about
procuring that and other Things in M^, Rawlins's hands. M"". Rawlins,
both by word of mouth & by letter, promised to lend me any thing, but
hath lent me nothing as yet, & perhaps may not. This 4*^^ Book, & other
things he hath, might be of service in my present undertaking of Thomae
Can Vindiciae Antiquitatis Academiae Oxomensis, &c., but now 'tis almost 40
too late & therefore I shall concern myself very little. The said MS.
I think is in good measure nothing but some extracts from Miles Windsor's
papers in Corpus Xti Coll. Library, in w^^i it seems are many mistakes.
I could wish to have carefully considered this MS. I remember that in it
Aula Graeca or Aula Graecorum is made with Aula Peckwatriensis &c.
to be one of those places destroyed for building X* Church. Yet by the
list of old Halls in one of my MSS., I find that this Aula Graeca was in
St. Gyles's parish, & I believe that to be truest.^

* One Greek Hall was near the site of the kitchen of St. John's College, the other


I must remember to ask M"", West, to see particularly in the MS. and
to let me have the very words relating to this Aula Graeca.

On Thursday, July i6, about five Clock in the afternoon, died of
a violent Feaver, M^. Saunders, Bayliffe of Banbury, where he also kept
a publick Inn, and brother to M^s. Eliz. Shepherd of S^. Peter's in the
East, Oxford, a young man of a good Character. He was born July 21,
1699. He married one Chandler, by whom he hath had five Children
that are living, the last born but the day before his Death. He was buried
last night at Enston by his father and mother.

10 July 20 (Men.). Yesterday, died in his Lodgings at Exeter College,
Doctor Matthew Hole, Rector of that College and Vicar of Stokegursy in
Somersetshire, of a very great age. He took the Degree of M.A. as
a Member of Exeter College, June 14, 1664; that of B.D., Oct. 13, 1674;
and that of D.D., June i, 17 16. He spent all his Life in Celibacy, and
was an excellent practical Divine, and so fond of preaching that he
followed it as long as he was able to get up into the Pulpit, \^^ was
within a year or less of his Death, and (wch is very remarkable) he used
no Spectacles. He hath written and published many practical Books.
Mr. West did tell me on Friday last that his copy of Rastall's Chronicle

20 (as does also the Earl of Oxford's) wants the first Leaf.

He said Wise of Trinity was the first that sent up to London about the
juvenile Letter they have of mine, about the Oath of Allegiance. He
sent (it seems) to his former pupil Lethullier, who made thereupon a
noise, but it hath not had their desired ends, but the contrary, and good men
(& such as act & speak sedately) say that they now have a better opinion
of me than they had before, declaring that 'tis an argument that I acted
with deliberation and not rashly, when I formerly took the Oath of
Allegiance, and not as those do, who take Oaths without considering
at all.

30 Some of the houses & part of the land in the Town of Burford belonged
to the Veseys. The Priory of Burford came to the Tanfields, particularly
to Sir Henry Tanfield, from whom it came to the Lenthals.

July 21 (Tu.). Mr. West bought his White of Basingstoke, containing
xi books, of Fletcher Gyles.

Yesterday, in the forenoon, called upon me Sir Justinian Isham, Bart.,
lately elected Member of Pari, for Northamptonshire. D"", Charles
Kimberley, M.D., of Northampton, was with him.

Sir Justinian (whose Lady, a very pretty Woman, was likewise in
Oxford with him) is a very ingenious, honest Gentleman, and a great
40 lover of Antiquities.

He told me he had a MS. Register of the Abbey of Tewksbury, wc^ he
wished he had brought to shew me, but he said he would take an
opportunity that I should see it.

July 21, 1730. Lord Oxford to H. (Rawl. 8. 203). Sends RastaU's

Greek Hall would be in the quadrangle of Christ Church ; see the plan in Balliol
Oxford Deeds CO.H. S.), p. 100.— Ed.

July 19-23.] VOLUME CXXVI, PAGES 150-156 311

He said he hath many other writings (some of W^ old) relating to

July 22 (Wed.). Last night D^. Matthew Hole, Rector of Exeter
College, was buried in Exeter College Chappell. He hath left an hundred
libs, towards building new Lodgings for the Rector of that College, two
hundred libs, to the two Charity Schools of Oxford, and, besides some
small Legacies, the rest he hath left to his two nieces, whom he hath
made Executrices. These nieces were present at his death and have
been with him for some time.

From the Northampton Mercury for Monday, July 20 : — 10

D''. IMatthew Leigh, an eminent Physician at Oxford, was lately marryed to
INIiss Sally Knapp, who was daughter of M"*. Knapp, an eminent Drysalter of
the City of London.

July 23 (Thur.). On Tuesday night last, about 7 Clock, called upon
m^e one M'". Partridge, a young Gentleman of Cambridge, with four or
five more young Cambridge Gentlemen, and a Gentleman Commoner of
Oxford, with him, with service from his father, Henry Partridge, Esq.,
who was formerly, before I came to Oxford, Gendeman Commoner of
Edmund Hall, & was in that very Room, where I am now, in \y^^ his
name is put in the Glass next the Quadrangle with a Diamond ring, & it 20
occurrs also in the wood under the Glass. This young Gentleman would
not stay, & therefore did not sit down, but wanting to see the Chappell of
the Hall, to w°ii his Father was a Benefactor, I waited upon him thither
& soon after parted. His father had an elder brother, Robert Partridge,
Esq., who was likewise Gentleman Commoner of Edmund Hall, & they
both lodged together in one and the same bed in my room. They went
to School at Bray, their Master being M^., now Dr., King. The said
Robert hath been dead many years, dying unmarried, so his Estate,
a good one, came to Henry, who had a good Estate before. Henry hath
been married twice, & he had great Fortunes with both wives. The first, 30
a most beautifuU Creature, died very young. Her Image in wax-work
(I think at length) is in the Church where [she was] ^ buried at London.
[See about this in one of the former Volumes, & if there be here a Mistake,
correct from thence.] M^. Partridge being a very handsome man when
young himself, they were looked upon as the handsomest couple in
London. He is a very good-natured man, but a professed Whig. When
he was of Edmund Hall, M^s. Luff" (that compleat Beauty), afterwards
Madam Bull, was so smitten with him that she was perfectly in love with
him, and would fain have been married to him, but she having little or
no fortune, tho' he was several times in her company & admired the 40
loveliness of her person, he decHned the Motion, and afterwards leaving
Oxford married the young beauiifull Lady I have spoke of, but he had
no Children by her, she dying too soon ; so this Son is by his second
Lady, far inferior in beauty, tho' superior in fortune, to the first.

July 22, 1730. T. Baker to H. (Rawl. 22. 30) [see Diary, July 25 and 27].

July 23, 1730. J. Worthington to Hearne (Rawl. 8. 50). States that

the author of the Prefatory View in the Life of George Herbert was Barnabas


1 Not in MS.


July 24 (Fri.). Yesterday, in the evening, called upon me Mr.
Edward Lye, who took the Degree of M.A. as a member of Hart-Hall,
July 6, 1722. He is now Vicar of Little Houghton, near Northampton,
where he lives. He called on purpose to shew me a Catalogue of some
old Evidences, wct Evidences he had luckily rescued from Destruction,
& when he comes next to Oxford he intends to bring them with him on
purpose that I may peruse them.

Mr. Lye is a man that seems to love Antiquities, the' he said he had
but lately begun, & is now endeavouring to get a little knowledge in the
10 Saxon tongue.

The Bounds of the Univ. of Oxford are southwards to Bagley Wood,
eastwards to S*. Bartholomew's Hospital, westwards to Bottley, and
northwards to Godstowe Bridge, so that the north limits are the largest.
Vide Br. Twyne, p. 313.

July 25 (Sat.). Mr. Baker, in his Letter to me from Cambridge of
the 2 2n'^i, informs me that tho' he had enquired at Caius College for
Rastell's Chronicle some time ago, yet upon my Letter he went himself
& made a stricter Enquiry, but no such Book is to be found there. The
Library Keeper being then setting their MSS. in order (wct lay in con-
20 fusion) telling him there were several old printed Books amongst their
MSS., Mr. Baker desired him to look for it there, wct he did, & is
positive it is not amongst the MSS.

July 26 (Sun.). Tho' I was told of an intended Catalogue of the
Books at Cambridge, yet M^*. Baker should wish me not to exspect it ; he
exspects none in his time. The late Bp of Ely's MSS., tho' pretty
numerous, yet are not considerable, some few excepted. He says they
shall never equal us in this kind.

Here I must remember to tell M^. Baker what M^. West told me
t'other day at Godstowe, namely, that my Lord Oxford hath at least
30 thirty thousand MSS.

July 27 (Mon.). On Saturday last, July 25, came to Oxford and
returned yesterday in the afternoon, my brother William, of Winchmore
Hill, within the Hamlett or Quillet^ of Colshill in Hartfordshire, near
Agmondesham in Bucks., and M^. Hailly, an eminent potter there, was
with him.

Mr. Baker had a man with him lately (one M^". Buck) who is taking
Drawings in several parts of England. This is the man that was with
me some time ago. Mr, Baker took little notice of him, his design being
too large for his Purse. He came to him from M'. Willis, who is a sub-
40 scriber. Indeed, I look upon it as a whimsical Thing, done purely to get
money & to impose upon Gentlemen, what I saw of it being but false
Representations, in great measure, as far as I could judge.

Mr. Baker knows nothing of M^. Barns's life of Pindar, but Barn. Oley
is the Author of that Prefatory Account of M"". George Herbert's Priest
to the Temple.

^ A rare word meaning ' a hamlet '. In the N. E. D. the only instance given is of
the year 1597.

July 24-31.] VOLUME CXXVI, PAGES 156-164 313

To Bp. Burnet Mr. Baker hath no more to say, than that instead of
compliances, he gave him the highest Provocations, such as most men
would have highly resented, but few (besides himself) would have printed.
But my Principle (says M^. Baker) is not so high, as you may i7nagine ;
I hold Communion with the establisht Church ; the Nezv Communion I do
not understand. Letter of July 22°^.

July 28 (Tu.). Long before the Church of S*. Mary at Oxford was
united and appropriated to Oriel College, there had been a Congregation
House built there by a certain old Scholar, about w^^ a Controversy
arose, wcb was appeased when Thomas Presbury was Chancellour, w^t 10
was anno 1409, fifty marks being given by the said Chancellour on behalf
of the University to Oriel College to resign their Right, and an agreement
made by means of the said Chancellour that upon payment of a yearly
pension of one penny, being lawfully demanded, that Congregation House
should for ever belong to the University: see Brian Twyne, p. 314.

July 29 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,
July 27 :—

London, July 21, 1730. Last week was discovered in a Cellar next Door
to the Golden Still on London Bridge, over the Water- Works, a curious Piece
of Stone of great Antiquity ; in the Arch-work of which is, in a very legible, 20
though old, Character, in Basso-Relievo, Anno Domini 1192, being 17 years
before the finishing of the said Bridge with Stone, in the Reign of Richard I,
and 538 years since.

July 30 (Thur.). On Tuesday last (July 28) there was hanged at
Oxford one Richard Fuller, of Caversham, in Oxfordshire, a young man
of 26 years of age, for murdering his Wife. There was a sad work on
that occasion, the Scholars endeavouring to get the dead body, assisted
by some Townesmen, & others on the contrary hindering. The Relations
had provided a Coffin to have it decenUy buried at Caversham, but the
Scholars broke it all to pieces, the body being in it; after wct those 30
opposite to the Scholars had it again, & so for several times sometimes
one side had it & sometimes the other, but the Proctors, favouring the
Relations, the body was at last delivered to them in order again for
Caversham, & a second Coffin was made, wch the Scholars also broke,
rescued the body, cutt off the Head, &c. ; after wct 'twas again recovered
for the Relations, and then got from them again & brought to Queen's
College, where 'twas made a Skeleton & the Flesh dispersed up and

July 31 (Fri.). D^". Knight is Prebendary of Ely. Quaere who 'twas
he succeeded. ['Twas D^. Tanner.] 40

Inquire also what sort of Antiquities relating to England those are
which have (as I was told by Dr. Conyers Middleton) been collected by

July 29, 1730. S. Cholmondeley to H. (Rawl. 4. 85). Has at last
received Trokelo<we. Is much concerned for the trouble caused to H. and
Mr. Bedford by ' that mistake '.

July 31, 1730. Rev. James Gibson to H. (Rawl. 6. 78) {see Diary,
Aug, 17].


Mr, John Worthington ; D^. Middleton adding at the same time that Mr.
Worthington was an Antiquary, and a man in very good Circumstances,
and had been a Benefactor to Cambridge. Quaere of Mi". Baker what
'tis IM"^. Worthington gave & to what particular place.

Aug. 1 (Sat.). I have been told for certain that at the Court at
London the Non- Jurors are esteemed the honestest part of the nation,
and that even Caroline says so herself.

I am also certainly informed that the Non-juring Church of England
gains ground in London every day.
10 To the Honoured D^". Mead, at his House in Ormond Street, London.

Honoured Sir,

This day I received from M^. Casley his Transcript of Thomas
Otterbourne's Chronicle, for wct I am indebted to him 5 libs. 17^. 2d.
As you procured this Transcript & gave him directions to send it to me,
■ so I return you my particular Thanks on that occasion. He hath not
given any orders how the money is to be paid ; but if you will be so kind
as to lay down this Money for me and to get it delivered to him, I will be
responsible to you for it with abundance of thanks ; or if this Method
may not be so well, I will then pay it him in some other manner that he
20 shall judge most proper. I have not wrote him a letter, because I would
not put him to that charge ; but I shall write to him, if I see it requisite,
and am, with my service to M^. Casley, Honoured Sir,

Your most obliged and most humble servant,
Aug. ist, 1730. Tho: Hearne.

Aug. 2 (Sun.). Mr. Ball, who lately printed in English Gyllius de
Bosphoro Thracw, for which he met with great encouragement, is a worthy
and honest Nonjuring Clergyman, and is patronized by M^. Banister,
formerly a Gentleman Commoner of Queen's College, Oxford.

Dr. Rawlinson, in his Letter of May 7, 1729, told me that he had had
30 abundance of people to see Lord Somers's MS. in his hands, in wch are
the Characters drawn of many great men. I was in hopes of seeing this
MS. ere this, but I suppose the Dr. hath not had a convenient opportunity
of sending it. My Lord of Oxford hath seen it, the D^. having lent it
him, Mr. Murray conveying it sealed and delivering it back sealed. What
opinion his Lordship hath of it, I know not.

The last Copy of Matt. Parker in M^. Rawlinson's Auction drew the
eyes of all, and there were several and large Commissions for it, but
Lord Oxford carryed it.

Dr. Nich. Robinson is mentioned by M^. Wood in his Athenae. He
40 names him one Nich. Robinson. He is the same man who M^. Baker
tells me left an account of Q. Ehz.'s entertainment at Cambridge,
Aug. 5, 1564.

Aug. 3 (Mon.). On Saturday last Mr. Browne, of Univ. Coll., told
me that the Evening before, D"". Shippen, George Ward, & M^. Bilstone,
of All Souls, had been all three together for three houres about printing
the Letter of mine about the Oath of Allegiance. I told M'. Browne they
might be ashamed of keeping it from me, &c. ' Ay ', replied Mr. B., ' all
people ought to be ashamed of such doings.'

July 31-Aug. 7.] VOL. CXXVI, P. IQ^—VOL. CXXVII, P. 5 315

That Sir Roger Swillington, Kt., formerly mentioned by Thomas
Ward, of Warwick, Esq., in one of his Obit Memorandums, he afterwards
guessed to be the father of Ralph Swillington, Attorney-General to K,
Hen. VIII and Recorder of Coventry. See more of him in Dugdale's
Warwickshire, p. 44 & p. 108. M^. Ward's Letter to me, Feb. 12, 1725.


Aug. 4, 1730 (Tu.). D'. Thorpe of Rochester, being to visit a
Clergyman of that County [who] was formerly well acquainted with the
Twysden family, received from him a printed Copy and MS. Supplement
to Gul. Neubrigensis, which Supplement is of the handwriting of Sir
Roger Twysden. The Dr. sent me the Copy to peruse in Feb. i72f, his 10
Letter being dated from Rochester the lo*^ of that month. Four leaves
are torn out at the end. I found it to be no other than what I had
printed from another better Copy of Neubrigensis, prepared for the Press
by Sir Roger Twysden, lent me by Sir Thomas Sebright.

Aug. 6 (Thur.). Yesterday, in the Forenoon, was a Convocation, in
wcb the Lord Wilmington was created D^. of Civil Law. This is Spencer
Cowper, that was Speaker of the H. of Commons in the Reign of Geo. I.
He was formerly of Trin. Coll., where Dr. Barker was his Tutor. He
gave now an 100 libs, to Trin. Coll.

From the Northampton Mercury for Mond., Aug. 5, 1730 : — 20

July 30. We have an Account from Oxford this day that one Fuller being
executed there last Tuesday, July 28, for the murder of his wife, on his being
cut down, the Scholars demanded the Body for Dissection, which the Proctors
opposing in order to deliver it to his friends, a desperate Riot ensued, and the
former carrying it to Lincoln College, the latter rescued it, and putting it in
a House in Bullocks Lane, the Scholars went and broke open the Doors and
carryed it off. The Proctors, finding means to recover it, brought it to the
Castle, and about eleven at night, when all was thought still, to the Water-side
to send it away in a Boat, but to their surprize, the Scholars lying in Ambush,
was thrown into the water, Coffin and all, but the Scholars soon went in, in 30
great numbers, and drew it out and carried it to Christ's College \^sic] to
dissect it. The Tumult was so extraordinary that the Town-Clerk was
forced to read the Proclamation, but to no Purpose, the Rioters crying out
they did not hear it.

Mr. Baker, from Caius's_Annals (see Vol. 122, p. 120, of these Collec-
tions), makes Thomas Legge the ip*'^ Master of Gonville & Caius
College ; Parker, in his Skeletos, the 1 7th.

Aug. 7 (Fri.). Yesterday, D"". John Conybeare, Fellow of Exeter
College, was elected Rector of that College, in room of Dr. Matthew Hole
deceased, w^li D"". Conybeare is reported by some to have undertaken, 40

Aug. 4, 1730. Edward Lye to H. (Rawl. 7. 196). Sends to H. a list of
books for sale, with their prices, of which he had shown H. a catalogue at

Aug. 4, 1730. Baker to H. (Rawl. 22. 31) [see Diary, Aug. 13, 14, 18].

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