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about Abbat's Ripton Church for Bland's grave (Mr. Willis having hinted
to Dr. Knight that he was buried there, and desired him to enquire),
but there are no Tokens to be found. I know not what B. Willis hath
said of him.

Dec. 12 (Sat.). M"". Le Neve's Catalogue is near finished at the Press,
and contains many curious MSS. in re historica, Anglica Sf Heraldica.
30 Mr. Willis hath told M^. West that the Coins he gave to Christ
Church were only Duplicates, so that I apprehend they are very

Dec. 13 (Sun.). Yesterday, the Bells in Oxford rung for the Death of
my friend, M'". Richard Dyer, late Fellow of Oriel College, who died very
lately at his estate in Devonshire, where he hath lived with his wife some
few years. He took the Degree of M.A., April 20, 1676, and was about
77 or 78 years of age. He was a man of great modesty, an excellent
Scholar, and admirably well skilled in Botany, in so much that there was
hardly any excelled him. Br Fell would fain have had him to be Botanick
40 Professor, but he declined it. I do not know that he ever published
anything, unless it be the Preface to the -^"^^ volume of the Oxford
History of Plants, & Dr. Morison's Life before it, tho' his name be not
to either. He was a very healthfull man, a great Walker, & had not he
married in his old age, but lived in Oxford after his old way, he might
have lived much longer & been a very great Benefactor to his College,
but the Broils in the College forced him to retire. He hath had no Child
by his wife. He and D''. Whalley bought some years since a Parsonage
for Oriel College.

Dec. 10-15.] VOLUME CXXVn, PAGES 158-163 363

Dec. 14 (Mon.). M^. Richard Grey, above-mentioned,' is Rector of
Kilncote in Leycestershire. His Visitation Sermon is published, besides
■wcb and his Memoria Techmca, he hath printed an abridgment of Bp
Gibson's Codex Canonum, and dedicated it to the Bp.

On Saturday last, Dec, 1 2, Mr. Richardson of University Coll. gave
me part of a Letter he had received from his Father. This part is by
way of answer to what I had wrote to his father, desiring [him] to give
me some Intelligence of M"". Woodhead, if he had any thing not noted
by M'". Wood. D'. Richardson's words are these : ' I desire you would
give my service to Mr. Heme, and let him knowe that I have received 10
his letter, & made the best inquiry I can after M'. Ab. Woodhead & his
Relations, but can get very little information of them that M^ Wood has
omitted. A Cozen of his, being an old man, & the only relation that was
left, dyed a fewe years agoe. The first Coppyes of The whole Duty of
Man that were seen in Yorkshire were sent by him to his Relations;
amongst the rest the man who died last had one, & it was generally
believed by all his friends here that he was the Author of it.'

The said D^. Richardson is of North Bierley near Bradford, in the
West Riding of Yorkshire.

Dec. 15 (Tu.). The little 8'«'o Book, containing a Catalogue of our ao
Religious Houses, was written (as I am informed) by one George Ducket,
Esq. Quaere whether he was not of one of the Inns of Court. There
is a malicious Preface before it, and an Appendix (at the End) equally
malicious, and both silly enough, but my friend Charles Eyston, Esq., who
was writing an Account at large of our English Benedictine Abbies, and
it may be of our other Abbies (& religious Houses) too, told me he liked
the Catalogue so well that he had thoughts of transcribing it into his
Book, leaving out the Preface and Appendix. Quaere about this Ducket.
Some have said, that Thomas Burnet had a hand in this little Book.
There are some Mistakes & Omissions in the Catalogue, tho' I think for 30
a bare Catalogue 'tis the best yet printed.

Radulphus Niger's History of K. John is involved in Mat. Paris, as is
noted in the modern MS. thereof in Trin. Coll. Library, Cambridge, at
the end of Hemingford, w^b hath been lent me by the means of

Dec. 14, 1730. John Hotchkin, rector of Abbat's Ripton, to H.

(Rawl. 7. 66). Desires to become a subscriber to H.'s works. His curate,
Mr. Jones, had already written to H. about him.

Dec. 15, 1730. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32, 49). Thanks for the 'bill
of fare ' sent by R. ' 'Tis not out of revenge for Prince Charles's Letter that
they have talked (for they know full well that I am against their lewd senti-
ments on that score, nor does the Letter justify their loose thoughts) but on
account of what I have said about Gulielmus Faber ^ in my Preface to Vita
Ricardi II. Consider who those are that put Faber on that Book I have taken
notice of there, and who they are that are concerned for his side of the
Question, and you have a key to the mystery of all their noise & resentment.
I have heard that they now begin to be sorry that they have proceeded so far.'

1 See Oct. 27. * William Smith of Univ. Coll.— Ed.


Mr. Parne, Fellow of Trin. Coll., who put it into Mr. Baker's hands
for me. Hemingford contains not only to the Death of Ed. I, but the
first five years of Ed. II, & the 2 1 years of Ed. Ill, viz. to the year when
the Author is said to have died, Radulphus Niger occurs, p. 365 of the
MS., viz. : ' Radulphus Niger, et est in Libro magno chronicorum Matt.
Parisiensis, anno 11 99; de gesris tempore Regis lohannis fratris Ricardi
regis ab anno mcxcix usque ad annum regni regis H. filii eiusdem

Dec. 16 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for Dec. 14 : —

10 M'. Lister, an eminent Merchant of Liverpool, is marryed to M". Elizabeth
Dodson, eldest Daughter of John Dodson, late of Cookham in the County of
Berks., Esq., formerly High Sheriff of that County, a Fortune of 50,000 libs.

VOL. cxxvm.

This Volume contains —
pp. 3-13. Notes on the MSS. of Hemingford.
pp. 15-30. Notes on some MSS. in Magdalen College Library,
pp. 31-33. Pedigrees of the families of Throgmorton and Pole, made
by Anthony Wood, lent to Hearne by M"". Ward of Warwick,
Aug. 1729.
pp. 35-55. Notes on some MSS. in Magdalen College Library.
20 pp. 56-63. Notes on a folio MS. in English, belonging to M"". George
Ballard of Campden. It contained —

1. A devise of a Seaman, touching the expedition intended against the

Turkish Pyrates, written by Nathaniell Knott, Gent., anno 1634.

2. A briefe Discourse of the Voyage made by the English who were

sent over for the releife of the French King, under the Leading of
the L. Willoughbie.

3. The Voyadge to Calls in Andaluzia, faithfully related by S^ W.

Slyngisbye, employed in that service, 1596.

4. A true relation of the Voyage to the Isles of Azores, by the Navie
30 and Forces of the late Queen Elizabeth, under the Conduct of the

Right Hon. Robert Devorux, Earle of Essex and Ewe, in the year
1597 ; written by S^ Arthur Gorges, kt.
pp. 64-90. An index to the most interesting points 'of my MSS. Collec-
tions,' vols. I to 24.'

Dec. 17, 1730. H. to the Earl of Oxford (Diaries, 129. 2). Asks for
loan of the Abstract of the Historical Passages in Gascoigne's Theological
Dictionary, which Lord Oxford said he possessed. ' I desired my note about
the Author of the Customs of Londm might be kept private, because there is
something in it that perhaps may not be proper to be divulged as yet.'

Dec. 17, 1730. H. to the Eeverend M"". George Harbin in King
Street near Golden Square, over against Major Foubert's Academy,
in London (Diaries, 129. i). H., having been informed that M'. Harbin has
a transcript of the Historical Passages in Thomas Gascoigne's Theological
Dictionary, asks for the loan of it, to be printed.

^ Now known as Hearne's Diary. — Ed.

Dec. 16-18.] VOL. CXXVn, p. 163— VOL. CXXIX, P. 4 365

pp. 95-102. Notes on The Customs 0/ London, drawn up by Richard
Arnold, first printed about 1502.

pp. 1 10-123. A summary of the contents of the Register of John
Whethamstede in the Heralds' Office.

p. 125. 'Feb. 29, 1 731; Memorandum to ask Mr. Mayow of Oxford,
milliner, where the original MS. about Otho Nicholson's building
the Conduit at Cairfax is. I have seen a very faulty Transcript
therof in the hands of M^*. Mashbourne, junior, of Oxford, mercer.

There are many old things (some of wc^i to be sure are curious) in
the Chest of S*. Michael's Church, Oxford.' 10

p. 126. ' March 14, 1731, Tuesday. From a MS. Paper shewed me by
the Rev. M^. John Ball, who is now printing Spenser's Pastoral
Kalendar in English & Latin. From a MS. of Nicholas Stone, Esq.,
master mason to their Majesties King James the first, and afterwards
to King Charles the first : " I also mad a monement for M'. Spencer
the pooett and set it up at Wesmester, for which the Contes of
Dorsett payed me 40 libs." It is to be remarked that this monu-
ment was erected about 16 19, as it appears in this book of M"". Stone's
handwriting. Also that the date of 1510, when Spenser was born,
is erroneous; it ought to be 1550.' 30

pp. 128-147. An index to the most interesting points in 'my MSS.
Collections', vols. 24 to 43.


Dec. 18 (Fri.). The following Curiosity (for such it is) was sent me
in a Letter by D'". Richard Rawlinson from London, dated Nov. 25, 1730,
extracted from one of their publick Companys' books, and is an instance
of great sobriety or a great scarcity of money.

A Bill of fare for the wax Chandlers Company on the Lord Mayor's
day, 29 Octob. 1478, extracted from their book:

One Capon o - o - vi

One Pygge o - o - iiii 3°

One loyne of Beefe o - o - iiii

One Rabbyt o - o - ii

One douzyn of Pygeons o - o - vii

One Legg of Moutoun o - o - ii ob.

One hundred of Eggis o - o - viii ob.

One Goose o — o - vi
Two Loynes of Mouton & Two Loynes)

of Veale )

One Gallon of Red Wyne o - o - viii

One Kylderkyn of Ale o - i - viii 4°

o - 1 - uu

o - vu - o

Dec. 18, 1730. James West to H. (Rawi. 1 1. 166). Sends Mr. Tyrrell's
remarks on Hemingford. \^See Diary, Dec. 25.]


Dec. 19 (Sat.). Thomas Ward of Warwick, Esq., hath got (i) Historia
martiris sancti Albani ; (2) Libellus de raptu anime Tundali & ejus
visione, &c. They are bound up tnkr alia, being an old printed Book.
His Letter, Nov. 21.

This day after Dinner I called upon M^. Taylour, Fellow of University
College, who shewed me the Register, in w^h Mr. Woodhead's Speech is
inserted. It was spoke 17 Aprilis, 1634. Bp Bancroft was present, &
the Bp is spoken well of in it. M''. Woodhead mentions King Alfred
particularly as Founder of the College. He speaks of Guil. Dunelm' as
10 Restorer only. He speaks honourably of Greenwood's Benefaction ;
Greenwood was then an old man. 'Tis a very good speech.

Dec. 20 (Sun.). When M^. Edward Lye was last in Oxford he gave
me a little Parchment, viz. Roberti Henrici regis filii de terra in Wanengimie
ecclesiae S. Mariae de Oseneia; but I find it is printed, tho' from another
authority, viz. a MS. Register,^ and not so correct as this little Parchment
represents it, in the Monasticon Anglicaniim.

This Mr. Edw. Lye was a great acquaintance of M"". Joseph Bowles's,
the late Keeper of the Bodleian Library.

Dec. 21 (Mon.). In the Catalogue of Cambridge MSS., in those of the

20 Publick Library there is No. 2417. 237 Chronicon vetustissimum ex

coenobio Abendoniae con/echim, 4' sequitur multum G. Gisburnensem, sed

fusius &f per annos disiiticiius. Principium : Anno a plenitudine


On Thursday last, Dec. 17 (being S*. Lazarus's day) died at Ewelm,
near Dorchester in Oxfordshire, the Rev. Mr. Nathaniel Wells, minister
of Nettlebed and Pusill near Watlington, in the same County. He was
the son of M'. Nathaniel Wells, formerly Butler of Edmund Hall, who
died Dec. 15, 1707, anno aetat. 55, & was buried in the Churchyard of
St. Peter's in the East, Oxon. The son was buried to-dav according to
30 his own desire, in the Churchyard of Ewelm, leaving behind him a good
Character, being sober, modest, virtuous, & good-natured. His mother,
the widow Wells, is now, and hath been many years, a Bedmaker in Edm.
Hall. This M^. Wells, the son, took the Degree of M.A. on Mar. 17,
17 13, as a member of Edm. Hall, where he had been a Servitour first to
Dr. Mill, & afterwards to Dr. Pearson, Principals of that Hall. He was
born on S*. John the Evangelist's day, Dec. 27, 1690.

Dec. 19, 1730. G. Harbin to H. (Ravvl. 7. 27) [see Diary, Dec. 22].

Dec. 21, 1730. J. Jones to H. (Raw). 7. loi) [see Diary, Dec. 28].
As for the man who owes money to R. Johnson, the manciple, he minds no
manner of thing that is virtuous and has no employment. Does not know how
the debt can be collected.

^ Hearne is mistaken, The charter is printed in the Monasticon from the original
deed, which was in the Cotton Library in Dugdale's time, if we may trust the
Monasticon ; subsequently it came into the hands of Mr. Lye ; it is now in the
Bodleian. — Ed.

Dec. 19-25.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 5-11 367

Dec. 22 (Tu.). Mr. George Harbin hath got a Copy of the Historical
Passages in Gascoigne's Dictionary. Some years ago Dean Hickes
borrowed the said Dictionary out of Lincoln College Library, and then
M"". Harbin had an opportunity of transcribing those Passages. He hath
very kindly offered me the use of them at my Request.

Mr. Harbin knows nothing of any MSS. of Hemingford's Chronicle.

He observes that in the Heralds' Library is a MS. copy of Eversden's
History of Ed. Ill, w^^ (he adds) may perhaps deserve to be printed
sometime or other. He was a Monk of Bury.

Dec. 23 ("Wed.). Mr. Tyrrell tells us in his Preface to his 3ril "Volume, 10
that to his Authors he must add Walter Hemingford's Chronicle, the first
part of which, as far as the beginning of the Reign of Edward the first, is
printed in the last Volume of our English Historians, published by the
learned D^. Gale, late deceased, but the second part, wc^i M^*. Tyrrell says
contains the reigns of Edward the first and second, with great part of that
of Edw, III, is not yet published, but remains still in manuscript in the
Library of Trinity College in Cambridge, where (he says) he had the
favour to peruse it, and from thence added some things into the reigns of
Ed. the first & third.

As to the said MS. of Trin. Coll., I suppose 'tis the same I had lately, 20-
a modern one, & contains only the first five years of Edward II, as I have
signified to M^". Baker, who procured the Loan of it for me.

Dec. 24 (Thur.). Yesterday morning, in a Convocation at 9 Clock,
one M"". Prichard, Fellow of Brazennose College, was elected Minister
of Pusills and Nettlebed in room of M^. Wells, wch is in the gift of the
University, by reason M', Stoner, of Watlington Park, the Patron thereof,
is a Catholick. I am told M^". Prichard desired this Place for no other
reason but because he loves shooting, and this is a Country for it.

Dec. 25 (Fri.). What is said above is all the account of Walter
Hemingford mentioned in the Preface of M^. Tyrrell's third Volume, 30
only that Walter Hemingford & Henry de Knighton transcribed several
of the most considerable Passages into their respective Histories from an
anonymous Chronicle in Bodley, concerning the Warrs of Edward the
first in Wales and other Places, the original of which once belonged to
the Abbey of Abingdon, & is still preserved in the publick Library of

So Mr. Tyrrell ; but for my part it rather appears to me that the
Author of the Chronicle of Abbington transcribed from Hemingford, &

Dec. 22, 1730. H. to David Casley at Essex House near the
Temple {draft; Rawl. 28. 126 a). In a letter of July 23 last, C. had told
H. that his charge for the transcript he had sent of Otterbourne's Chronicle
was ;^5 1 7 J. 2d. This sum ' I desired Dr. Mead to deposit for me.' Where-
upon, on Aug. 6, Mead said that he would bear the cost of the transcript of
Otterbourne, and had sent C. word to that effect. That proper acknowledge-
ment may be made to the Dr., H. would like to know if C. has been paid, as
H. takes for granted.

Dec. 24,1730. G. Harbin to H. (Rawl. 7. 25) [see Diary, Dec. 26 and
Jan. 4].


not vice versa, and I much question whether Knighton used either ; I am
sure it does not appear to me that he ever saw Hemingford, otherwise he
would not have omitted so much of the articles of a Contract of Marriage
between Prince Edward, afterwards Edward II, and the K. of France's
daughter, telling us that he knew not where to find the rest.

Dec. 26 (Sat.). Mr. Harbin, in his Letter of Dec. 24, 1730, saith
he never did peruse Eversden, as he perceives I have ; and since he says
I have no opinion of it, he acquiesces in my judgment.

But, indeed, I never saw this Author, and therefore can say nothing ot
10 him myself, tho' I intend, if I can think of it, to mention him to
Mr. Anstis.

Dec. 27 (Sun.), Yesterday, very early in the morning, died of the
small Pox, Mr. Buncombe, Gentleman Commoner of Merton College, in
the 19**^ year of his age, and was carried out of Town this morning to be
buried at his father's seat near Barkhamsted. He was one of the prettiest
& finest & most sweet-tempered Gentlemen in the University, and his
Death is much regretted. He had been at Abington at a Ball there, with
three other of his Companions, one of vvch is also a Gent. Com. of
Merton, & two of them Gent. Commoners of Trin. Coll., one of wchdied
30 also of the small Pox, Friday last, & he of Merton lies dangerously ill of it;
and the small Pox being much in Abington^ and they being not taken
sufficient care of in the Inn, where they lay, it occasioned the distemper,
wet indeed was very violent upon them.

Dec. 28 (Men.). The Rev. M^. John Hotchkin is rector of Abbat's
Ripton near Huntingdon, but he lives at Great Kibworth near Harborough
in Leycestershire, and being rich, he is making a Collection of our best
Books in English History and Antiquities.

His Curate is M"". John Jones, formerly A.B. of Edmund Hall, who
hath two or three considerable Epitaphs, wch he took down last Summer
30 at an ancient Church in Wales, mentioned by Archbishop Usher, under
the name of Mmiritmiia in his Primordia (p. 515, 1 think), not published
by Le Neve, wc^i M^". Jones is willing to transmit to me. One is in
Memory of that Person of great Worth and Integrity, S^ Thomas
Powell, one of the Barons of the Exchequer in the Reign of K. James II,
who resigned upon the P. of Orange's Accession, being unwilling to take
the Oaths ; another upon John Jones, Esq., who was Lieutenant Coll. in
the service of K. Charles I during the Civil Wars ; and a third upon

Dec. 26, 1730. Baker to H. (Rawl. 25. 150). Has received the Trin.
Coll. MS. safely.' As ' our Libraries are closed at Christmas and for ten days
before' he cannot send H. an account of the Ghronicon Abindonense.

Dec. 28, 1730. H. to Dr. Mead {draft; Rawl. 28. 127). Thanks him
for paying to Mr. Casley the sum of ^5 17^. 2^. for making a transcript of
Otterbourne's Chronicle. H. asks that he may balance the debt by sending
him copies of Caius, ' which, as I believe it will be no prejudice to you, so I am
sure it will be a particular kindness to me.'

J See letter of Nov. 12.— Ed.

Dec. 25-30.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 11-17 3^9

Cornelius Lebrun Esq., all buried in the Chancel of the forementioned

Dec. 29 (Tu.). On Sunday last, Mr. Taylor of Univ. Coll. shewed
me one of their Colleo:e Registers in wcb the Bursar's Accounts are
entered, marked as I remember C, where I saw M^. Woodhead's account
of his Bursarship for the year 1637, but I much question whether it be of
his own handwriting ; indeed, I think not.

]\Ir. Woodhead was one of the Skirlaw's Fellows.

He had been Freeston Scholar. The Freeston Scholars (Mr. Taylor
told me) are called Socii by the Founder Freeston's own Decree or 10

The Dutchess of Blarlborow hath given lately to the Univ. of Oxon.
a bust of her late husband the Duke, wch is placed in the Bodleian Gallery,
and I am told the placing it hath cost the University fifty libs.

Dec. 30 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,
Dec. 28 : —

One Margaret Coe, of the parish of St. Saviour, Southwark, died a few
Days since, in the 104*'^ year of her age. She was 21 years of age when
King Charles the First was beheaded, and was a servant at Whitehall ; she
saw the Executioner hold up the Head after he had cut it off, and remembered 20
the dismal Groan that was given by the vast multitude of Spectators, when
the fatal Blow was given ; her Husband was afterwards Waterman to King
Charles the Second, and kept his Fish-ponds in Southwark, which have since
been filled up. She lived upon Milk Diet for about 20 years past, not eating
any Flesh all the Time.

Yesterday morning, died in the Gravel Walk near IMagd. College in
Oxford, INIadam Levinz, commonly called Lady Levinz, the widow of
Dr. Baptista Levinz, Bp of Man, who died at Winchester, aged about 49,
on Jan. 31, 1692, & was buried in the Cathedral Church there. He had
been Fellow of Magd. Coll., wcli he resigned on S*. Mary Magdalen's 3°
day in 1682, & within few days after married this Lady, who was a Hyde.
& before she had the small Pox was a most beautifull Woman, & con-
tinued very stately, as she was very proud to the last. The Bp himself
was a most beautifull comely person, and intolerably proud, and by her had
two most beautifull children, both wch are dead ; the son, being Demy of
Magd., died very young, and the Daughter, who was the wife of D"". Mat.
Frampton, died a few years since. I do not know that the Bp was author
of any learned work. [This Ladv Levinz (the Bp's Relict) was 67 years
of age. She was buried at four Clock in the afternoon, in the Church of
S*. Peter in the East, on Jan. 7, Thursday.] 4°

When Mr. Abraham Woodhead was Bursar of Univ. Coll. in 1637,
wheat was at 5^. -^d. per Bushell.

At the beginning and ending of the Register, in wch is M^". Woodhead's
Supputatio, is a Fragment (being two Fragments in all) of an ancient

Dec. 30, 1730. Rev, H. rrinsham, of White Waltham, to H. (Rawl.
5. 124). Is sorry for the usage H. is ' like to meet with. The clause of the
will you enquire after was never proved ; 'twas a bye order to the Executrix,
my sister Mrs. Ann Cherry.'

VOL. X. B b


MS., seven or eight hundred years old, of S'. Hierom's Epistles, put there
as strengtheners to the Book.

Remember to ask Mr. Baker of Cambridge, when it was M^. George
Harbin, the Nonjuror, took his Degrees, and of what College he was.

This M"^. Harbin is a right worthy, learned, honest man. He was
Librarian to the old lord Weymouth. He is well versed in Heraldry and
Antiquity. It is commonly said he drew up the excellent Book in folio
called Hereditary Right, w°^ goes under the name of M^". Hilkiah Bedford,
my late Friend.
10 Dr. Henry Aldrich used to speak excellently well of the Learning of
the said Mr. Harbin.

Dec. 31 (Thur.). The father of Lady Levinz was D^". James Hyde,
formerly Principal of Magd. Hall, Oxon., & the King's Physician in this


Jan. 1, 173f (Fri.). M^. Thomas Robinson, M.A., Fellow of Merton
Coll., and one of the Head Proctors of the Univ., hath put out Proposals
for printing Hesiod in 4*0, wc^ tho' all People laugh at as a mean Design,
yet he meets with many Subscribers, even among those that laugh at it.
It seems, he says, D^. Tanner put him upon it, & communicated to him

20 a MS. never yet collated, and yet I am told this MS., whatever it be, hath
been compared before.

Yesterday, was buried at Sandford near Chipping-Norton in Oxford-
shire, the Lord Deloraine of Ledwell. This Person was the Lord Henry
Scot, being the third son of the late James, Duke of Monmouth, beheaded
on Tower Hill for High Treason, July 15, 1685. On his Coffin was put
' aged 53 ', but he was 54, being born anno 1676, being the said D. of ;
Monmouth's son by the Lady Anne Scot, daughter and sole heir to j
Francis Scot, Earl of Bucclugh in Scotland. He was, by Letters Patent, ]
bearing Date the ap^t of March, 1706, in the fifth year of the Reign of

30 Q. Anne, created Earl of Delorame, Viscount Herinitage, and Baron of I
Geldilands in the Kingdom of Scotland. He married Anne, daughter
of William Duncombe of Battlesden in the County of Bedford, Esq.,
a fine Lady, and she being dead he afterwards married another very fine
Lady, as he was a very fine, beautifuU person himself. He was ill but
a little while, having been extreme well about a fortnight before his
death. i

Jan. 2 (Sat.). The Libraries at Cambridge use to be shut up at

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