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Christmas, and ten days before.

Yesterday, died the eldest Daughter of M^. Brookland, a man that deals
40 in old Cloaths, &c., at the Turl Gate in Oxford, raging mad of a Fracture
she received in her skull on Xmas day last, by a Fall down headlong into
the Cellar. She was a very sensible body, tho' not so handsome as her
Sister, commonly called Ragabella, who was said (but false) to be married
to the late Rector of Exeter College, D^. Matthew Hole ; w^^i youngest
daughter, tho' beaulifull, yet is of a shallow understanding.

Dec. 31, 1730. West to H. (Rawl. it. 167). Sends H. a book ; is
starting to visit M*". Murray and may probably see Lord Oxford and Mr. Baker.

Deo. 30- Jan. 4.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 17-22 371

Jan. 3 (Sun.). Yesterday, M^ Loveday shewed me his Mediobarbus,
in wch are some MSS. notes of the famous M^. Dodwell, whose Book it
was, being bought by M^. Loveday out of a Sale at London, in w^h were
part of Mr, Dodwell's Books, wc^ were sold by Mr. Dodwell's eldest son
to Fletcher Gyles.

Mr. Dodwell's notes are all, excepting two (which are of two Coins of
one Birch of Brazennose College), of Coins that he saw in the hands of
Mr. Josiah Pullen, late V. Principal of Magd. Hall.

Mr. Pullen always used to shew M^. Dodwell whatever coins he met with.
I think Mf. Pollen's coins are now in Mag. Coll. Library. 10

There are also in M'. Loveday's copy three or four notes of D^". Edward
Bernard's, whose book I suppose it might be before M^. Dodwell had it.

Yesterday, D"". Peter Jennens, D.C.L., and Fellow of S*. John's Coll.,
was carried out of Oxford to be buried. He was a Man that was a hard
Drinker, and addicted to Women.

Mr. Fysher, of Oriel College, told us last night (for I spent the Evening
in Cat Street with him & Mr. Bateman of X* Ch., &c.) that he was well
assured that Mr. Wise, of Trin. Coll., hath had for some time 20 libs, per
an. to draw up a Catalogue of the Bodleian Coins, i. e. to do nothing, there
being a Catalogue of them drawn up before by M^. Ashmole, to wc^ 20
I added a Supplement, being inserted by me in the said Catalogue, com-
prehended in 3 volumes, tho' as to Consul Ray's coins &c., I made
a distinct Catalogue of these, w^li I keep by me in MS.

It seems Wise, in his Proposals for printing a Catalogue of the said Coins,
talks of putting notes to, & of giving draughts of, the chief of them, & of
putting them in order of time, and of giving an account of the Cities
to w°li the Greek ones &c. belong. This hath been already done.

Jan. 4 (Mon.). Cambridge was first made an University in the time
of Ed. II, anno 131 7, sive 131 8. Vide Br. Twyne, p. 360.

In the Historical Passages of Gascoigne, w^li I have, being lent me by 30
M'". Harbin, are many passages relating to the Story of Bp Peacock, to
wcb it may not be improper to add what Whethamstede says in his MS.
Chronicle concerning him. That Chronicle is in the Heralds' Library,
& the part I have mentioned M"". Anstis (as Mr. Harbin, in his Letter of
Dec. 24, tells me) will order to be transcribed for me, at my request. The
Publick, I think (and so does M^. Harbin), should be better informed than
it has been, how the Archbishop proceeded against him, because some
made use of this instance to prove he was deprived solely by the Archi-
episcopal authority.

When Archbishop Tennison, some years ago, gave sentence against the 4°
Bp of St. David's, D^. Hooper (Bp of Bath & Wells) drew up a Discourse
to prove the Archbishops had never exercised that authority m any one
instance ; he told M"^. Harbin he would shew it to him, but he never had

Jan. 3, 1735. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32. 51). * I received Mr. Calvert's
present of the Muscipula by post from London (but it cost me 3J. 6d. with his
letter) very safe. You will be pleased to give him my humble service and
thanks.' Recounts his bad treatment by Mrs. Cherry. ' The Author of the
Annals of Univ. Coll. takes what I said in my Pref. to Vita Ricardi II about
Gulielmus Faber to be meant for himself.'

B b 2


an opportunity afterwards ; & since his death, Mr, Harbin hath inquired
of his daughter for that Discourse, but she told him she had never met
with it among his Papers. He knew nothing, at that time, of the Papers
relating to Peacock in Gascoigne's Dictionary.

Jan. 5 (Tu.). Sr Thomas More studied & was educated in S*. Mary
Hall, at Oxford, about wcli time Cardinal Allen, according to Fierbert,
presided over the same Hall. See Br. Twyne, p. 365.

Lady Levins is said to have died worth forty thousand Pounds.

On Saturday last Godfrey, the Waggoner, brought a fine Picture directed
10 to Dr. Buder, Vicechancellour of Oxford, of Sir Hans Sloane, a present by
S"" Hans to the University. I have been told it cost fourscore Guineas.
It is since placed in the Bodl. Gallery.

I hear S"" Hans is about sending many Curiosities to the Univ.

He hath formerly given to the University many Books.

My late friend, the famous M^". Joseph Barnes, lived at Hemingford
Abbats, near S*. Ives. I have just writ to M^. Jones, of Ripton Abbats, to
enquire how long his widow hath been dead, and what became of his MSS.
papers after her death. She acted honourably by me in sending back, at
my request, after his death, the many Letters I wrote to him concerning
20 Homer, &c., at the same time that there was a talk of printing the Letters
of his Correspondents.

Jan. 6 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for Jan. 4, lysf : —

We hear from Oxford that M'. Francis Wise, B.D, of Trinity College, and
Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum there, is about publishing an Account of
the antient Hebrew, Phaenician, Samaritan, Punick, Sicilian, Greek, Roman,
British, Saxon, and English coins, in a Series to the 16*'' Century, now in the
Cabinets of the Bodleian Library there. This Collection was first began by
Archbishop Laud, augmented by D'. John Barcham, Dean of Bocking (who
had then the best Collection in England), by M^ Freke of Hannington and

30 several other Benefactors; and it is supposed, when this Catalogue sees the
Light, we shall have no Reason to blush at the so much boasted Cabinets of
France and Italy, and be able to shew the World there have not been wanting
Genius's [sic] at Home in this most useful Study, equal to those in Foreign
Parts, as well in making such Collections, as in Abilities towards rendring
them beneficial, as well as amusing to Mankind ; and such we expect to prove
the Labours of this Undertaker, who is thought every way par operi.

Some years has been preparing for the Press by the late D"*. Hudson and
M^. Bowles, and now under the care of M'^'. Fisher, a Catalogue of the printed
Books in the Bodleian Library, which is exceeded in number and Choice by

40 none, not even the so much renowned Vatican at Rome, which judicious
Travellers say bears no Proportion to this.

Jan. 7 (Thur.), The said Piece of News (wch hath been inserted in
all the Prints, as I am told) maketh all people laugh. Wise is made Keeper
of the Ashmolean Museum, whereas the Keeper of that place is Mi".
Shepherd, Bach, of Div. of Trinity College. Archbishop Laud is made to
have begun the Collection, whereas it was really first begun by D^. Bar-
cham, who gave his Coins to the Archbishop, & drew up also a Book about

Jan. 7, 173^. H. to the Hon. Cuthbert Constable, Esq. (transcript ;
Bodl. MS. Eng. Misc. c. 88. 14). [The first part is copied ■verbatim from the
Diary for Nov. 21, 1730 ; the last part from the Diary for Dec. 14.]

Jan. 4-10.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 22-30 373

them wct is in MS. in Bodley, from w^t without doubt Wise transcribes,
so that whereas he is represented in this piece of News (drawn up as 'tis
supposed by himself) zs par open', it must be understood that he is only
fit to transcribe other people's Things. For besides that MS. there is
another Catalogue in the Library drawn up in three Volumes in folio by
M"". Ashmole, and continued by myself. And then as to the goodness of
the Collection, 'tis not equal to the name of the Library, notwithstanding
it be otherwise very valuable.

The Catalogue also of the printed books is nothing but a new Edition of
Dr. Thomas Hyde's, or rather Mr. Emmanuel Pritchard's Catalogue, with lo
my Appendix, contained in two Volumes in MS., as both were thrown
together in one Alphabet & transcribed in six volumes in folio by
M"". Moses Williams, by order of Dr. Hudson, who intended to have
printed the whole under his own Name.

Jan. 9 (Sat.). On Thursday last I just run over, in Magd. Coll.
Library, Oxon., Reginald Peacock's Rule of Faith, published (as 'tis said)
by Mr. Wharton. The Publisher in the Preface gives the Author a great
Character, and yet I am fully convinced the Author was guilty of very
great Heterodoxies, as M^". Wharton himself might also have learned had
he had the opportunity of consulting Gascoigne's Theological Dictionary. 20
I say INfr. Wharton, because tho' his name be not to this Book, yet tradition
justly enough ascribes the Edition to him, he having said the very same
things of Peacock in his Appendix to Cave's Historia Literaria.

The MS. used by the Publisher of the said Tract is in Trin. Coll.
Library, in Cambridge. It is in English, and consists of two Parts. The
first part is too subtile and Philosophical for common Apprehension, and
being built only upon probable Arguments, the Publisher hath only given
some few Excerpta or Extracts out of it ; but the second part he hath
given at large so far as the MS. goes, for it seems there are many Things
wanting at the end, I think several leaves, where he treated of our Saviour's 3°
Descent into Hell, & of that Article of the Creed about his Descent,
in doing w^h I presume he shewed a great deal of ill doctrine both with
respect to that and other subjects, and it may be that was the reason
of the leaves being cut out in the MS., w^h the Publisher, from the
deletions and corrections up and down, takes to have been the Original
written by the Author's own hand, wch if so, 'tis not unUkely but the
Author himself might cut out and destroy the Leaves after his Recantation,
or at least after he was vigorously prosecuted.

With the said Tract of Faith is bound M^. Browne's Latin Sermon
about the Consecration of our Eng. Bp^, and a good sermon it is. 40

The said M^, Browne is an old Non-juror, & a truly worthy learned
man ; a large 8"^° of his in English upon the same Subject is very lately
published. Remember to ask Mr. Baker about him.

Jan. 10 (Sun.). The Book called liber sophisiarum, printed by
Wynkin de Worde, was written, as 'tis commonly said, by Robert AUington,
who flourished anno 1400, and had been Chancellor of the University of

Jan. 10, 173^. Baker to H. (Rawl. 23. 60). Sends an account of the
Chronicon Abindonense, of which there is a transcript in the Bodleian Library.


Oxford. See Br. Twyne, p. 368 ; but M^". Wood, in his Hisl. Oxon., in
the account of Chancellours, doubts whether it were he or another Allyng-
ton, tho' for my part I am incUned to the first, who was a famous Logician,
and was of Queen's College. Bale speaks scurrilously of him, but
undeservedly. The Cantabrigians had a great Respect for him, & followed
his Logical Rules, they having no Logick of their own that is written by
any Cambridge man. Bishop Fell had a design of reprinting the said
liber sophistarum.

Jan. 11 (Men.). M^". Baker, of Cambridge, doubts most of the con-

10 siderable particulars in Tho. Gascoigris Dictionary are printed already.
Indeed a great many are printed in Br. Twyne, Ant. a Wood, &c., but
then there are others w^^ are not printed, and those I shall publish
as I have them from M'. Harbin, who collected and transcribed them

M^. Baker finds there has been such a Book as Linacer's Grammar in
English, by Buchanan, who translated it into Latin ; but being for the use
of schools, he presumes all the copies may have been torn & wasted among
the Scholars, and not possible to be met with now. But his Latin Book
contains all, and that with Improvements.

20 Mr. Anstis hath had a good while a Collection of several of the
Cambridge Statutes lent him by M^, Baker, I know not particularly
with what design M', Anstis borrowed them, tho' I guess it to be
upon account of his Book about All Souls College ; and besides, too,
I have heard he is making a Collection of the Statutes of both Uni-

Mr. Geo. Ballard, the Taylour, of Campden, hath given me his Copy of
de rebus gestis Briianniae covimentarioli tres ad ornatissimuyn viruvi M.
Henriciim Brojicarevi armigerum per E. S. ; Londini, ex officiyia Typo-
graphica Henrici Binneman, S'^'o. The Author I take to be Sir Edward

30 Stradling, as I think I have hinted formerly.

Mr. Ballard desires me to send him what particulars I have met with
relating to M^. John Stow, as the different pieces of his works I have met
with, and in what year printed, &c., he being upon collecting every thing
remarkable concerning that industrious Antiquary.

He hath got a MS. of Voyages. If I have a mind to peruse either that
or any other books, coins, &c. that he hath or can procure, he saith I may
command them. His Letter dated from Campden, Oct. 14, ly^o.

There was a fine Print of John Stowe done lately by M'. George Vertue.
I must tell Mr. Ballard of this.

40 Also tell him that in the folio Ed. of his Annals, by Howes, is a pretty
large and particular account of M^". Stowe.

Jan. 12 (Tu.). On Friday last, at Dinner time, Mr. Jos. Bettey, A.M.,
and Fellow of Exeter College, complained of Illness, and after Dinner went
to his Room, shut himself in, and was never seen alive afterwards, being
found dead in his bed on Saturday or else Sunday morning last. It is said
to be an Apoplexy. He was about 34 years of age, & died much in debt,
w^h is said to happen (for he had a good income, being a Tutor & Curate
of Kidlington, as well as Fellow) by his generous way of Treating Ladies
upon occasion, he being a very handsome man himself, tho' he w-as not

Jan. 10-14.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 31-37 375

vicious or any way debauched. He took the degree of M.A., June 15,
1720. He was an affable, good natured, courteous Man. He translated
into English one of the first Fathers, & printed it at the Theater a few
years since with notes, since w^b he printed a Sermon about the Dignity
of the Priesthood, dedicated to Dr. Potter, Bp of Oxford. He was buried
last night in Exeter College Chappel.

A day or two since (I think he was entered yesterday) the Vice-
Chancellour, D^". Butler, made one Mr. Hilman (a young man of about 19
or 20 years of age, nephew by his Brother to M^". Hilman, a writing-
master of S*. Aldates, in Oxford) master of the University Charity 10
School. Many appeared at first for this place, and the Vice-Chancellour
said he would not dispose of it himself, but would leave it to the Heads of
Houses. At last it came to a Resolution that it should go by Lottery, so
as he that had most Lotts should carry it. The Lotts are printed and
dispersed. Christ Church had more Lotts than any other Place, viz. ten,
and the Dean of X* Church & the Canons, being greater Contributors than
any other Place, insisted that they might have a man to their own Mind,
as Hilman it seems is, but a Lottery being pitched upon, and only one
Green (a grave, sober man of about 50 years of age, who is a Printer,
living in St. Peter's parish in the East), & the said Hilman being at last 20
(for the others had desisted) the only two Candidates, rather than come to
draw tickets or Lotts, the Christ Church men left the whole matter to the
Vice-Chancellor, & so did also several places by resigning their Lotts to
him, in so much that he had now a majority of the Lotts, and did there-
fore, by virtue of such Concession or Resignation, give the Place to
Hilman, tho' he had promised Green before, that if it were in his power
(as now it most certainly was) he would give it him ; but indeed his, the
Vice-Chancellour's, word is not to be regarded, as I know full well from
what he promised with respect to my MS. about the Oath of Allegiance,
and yet afterwards fell from his word. He might as well have given this 30
place of schoolmaster at first, as now, to somebody, as indeed D^". Lan-
caster did give it to Nash, as he was Vice-Chancellour, who was the first
master, and 'twas judged that it is reasonable that the V.-Chancellour for
the time being should always dispose of it.

Jan. 13 (Wed.). There are a great many editions of Stowe's Summary
or Abridgment of his Chronicle or Annals ; but how many I cannot say,
I having seen but few myself. I have heard that after they began, the
Author published them every year afterwards with a Kalendar before them,
and that they served many instead of Almanacks. I think M^. Murray hath
the best Collection of them, and that the next best is Mr. James West's. 4°

I have said many things about Stowe in my printed Books, to w^^
Mr. Ballard ought to have recourse.

Mr. Strype's Ed. of his Survey is done without Judgment.

Jan. 14 (Thur.). The Dutchess of Monmouth, mother of the late
Earl of Deloraine, is since his death retired to her House at Chelsea.

Dr. John Harwood, a Doctor of Civil Law and of the Commons, is
lately dead. He was a man of parts & Learning. I have had several
Letters from him formerly, by wcli he appeared to be a Friendly man,
tho' I have heard that he was very cpvetous.


Jan. 15 (Fri.). I am told that Dr. Thomas Sherlock, Bp of Bangor,
hath got Transcripts of all or most of the Statutes of both Universities.

Yesterday, I heard that my Friend and Acquaintance, Mr. Gilbert Lake,
Vicar of Chippenham in Wilts., is dead. He took the Degree of M.A.,
being Student of X* Church, on May 27, 1706, and that of B.D. Oct. 27,
17 15. He was a very worthy, good natured man, and a good scholar.
He succeeded M^. Robert Cock in that Vicarage, wcb M^". Cock was
forced to quit on account of the Oaths, te?)ip. Georgii I. Mi*. Lake was
a handsome man, and he married a very handsome young Woman of
10 Oxford, one M's. Tipping, by whom he had children. He died of the
Gout & Fistula.

Jan. 16 (Sat.). Tho' the Book of Grammar published lately by
M"". James Gibson be intitled Grammatical Exceptions, as if it were
Exceptions against Gra?7wiar, as I indeed at first sight understood it,
and so did others too, yet the whole tenour of his book is for Grammar,
and for Lilie's above any other ; only he would have no unnecessary
alterations made in it.

Chronica Eveshamiae, I believe, contains very notable things. I am

sure Thomas Gascoigne, in his Theological Dictionary, hath a remarkable

20 Passage out of it, as I gather from M^". Harbin's Collections, Part II,

P- 551-

The said Gascoigne, when he was Chancellour of Oxford, searched
with diligence the Rolls of the old Chancellours of Oxford, and he found
that there had been thirty thousand scholars in Oxford. Diet. TheoL,
Part II, p. j6^.

Jan. 17 (Sun.). Last night M'. Loveday put into my hands, to
be perused by me, a Paper MS., marked 93, belonging to Magd. Coll.

Jan. 18 (Men.). Mr. Edward Hammond is made Vicar of Chippenham,
30 in room of M^. Gilbert Lake, deceased.

IMJ". Timothy Thomas, Rector of Presteign in Radnorshire, who spent
the evening with me last night, said he knew nothing of Bp Humphreys's

Jan. 19 (Tu.). M"". Thomas shewed me, on Sunday night last,
a copy he had taken of the Inscription at Bath to Julius Vitalis, not
knowing that I had printed this Inscription more than once, and that it
had been printed also by others. I am apt to think from his Copy, wcb
I just looked over, that tricks have been plaid lately in the Stone.

Jan. 20 (Wed.). M"". Humphrey Wanley died just a Fortnight after
40 he had married his second wife, a young, brisk, handsome Creature, by

Jan. 18, 1735. West to H. (Rawl. 11. 168). Drank H.'s health with
Mr. Baker and also with Mr. Grey. [For the rest of the letter see Diary,
Jan. 21.]

Jan. 19, 1732. Baker to H. (Rawl. 23. 59) [See Diary, Jan. 30, 31, and
Feb. i], Mr. West has been at Cambridge and had hoped to bring Mr. Murray,
but he was not in a condition to travel.

Jan. 20, 173J. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32. 53). ' Pray tell me the name

Jan. 15-22.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 37-4 377

wcb marriage she had eight hundred Pounds, with y^^^ she married again
soon after his death.

The said Humphrey Wanley parted with what Books of Curiosity he
had, in his Lifetime, to the Earl of Oxford. When he died he had not
above 30 libs, worth of Books.

From the Northampton Mercury for Monday, Jan. 18 : —

There died lately the Rev. M^. Joseph Betty, Fellow of Exeter College,
Oxford, and Author of a famous Sermon published about two years ago
concerning The D'fvine Mission of the Gospel Ministers.

Jan. 21 (Thur.). George Duckett, the Author of the Summary Account 10
of the Religious Houses, is now a Commissioner of the E.xcise.

Mr. West hath been lately at Colchester, where he saw Mr. Grey. He
fears M^. Grey talks of more Curiosities than he really possesses.

Mr. Wagstaffe, a Nonjuring minister, bought on Wed. 13*11 a Missal
secutidum ustim Herefoy-d. for a trifle. Mr. W^est was to see it this week,
and I hope, therefore, for a better account of it from him.

Mr. West hath met with a very old imperfect MS. of Epistolae Domini
abhatis Willelmi de Paraclyio.

Mr. West wants to know whether D^. Plott's MSS. were given to
Ashmole's Museum. I do not know that any of them were ever given 20
thither. His son-in-law, M^". Burman, had them & parted with several to
Harris, when he was upon the History of Kent, and that in 4*0 upon all
the Counties he gave to D"". Thorpe of Rochester.

Jan. 22 (Fri.). John Phreas, Fellow of Balliol College, translated
Diodorus Siculus out of Greek into Latin. He taught Physick at Ferraria
or Padua. The Translation is falsly ascribed to Poggius Florentinus.

of the S. T. P. who talked of an unmannerly resignation. You know I was
elected Architypographus and Beadle. After I was elected, I fully designed to
have relinquished the Library, but when I found that I was robbed of the
Architypographus's place (which was given to a mechanick, tho' my Predecessor
had it) I resolved to continue as I was in the Library. Upon this an order was
made by the Curators that the Beadleship was inconsistent with the office of
Hypobibliothecarius, and a power was given by them to Dr. Hudson of putting
in another, if I kept both. Hereupon I immediately resigned the Staff, before
I went out of the Library, upon which, that very day in the afternoon, the Locks
were altered and new keys were made to the Library, so that I could not go
in to do my duty as usual (for I was Janitor as well as Hypobibliothecarius,
tho' when I became Hypobibliothecarius I agreed very readily that the salary
of a Janitor, tho' not the showing of the Anatomy School, should go to an
under Officer, that was to ring the bell & attend as an assistant) and yet after-
wards they proceeded against me for neglect of duty ; and when I told them
that my declining to act after the 23rd day of Jan. 17 15 (for 'till that time
I continued to execute the office of Librarian, when I could get into the
Library) was first because I was excluded or debarred the Library, and
secondly because I had not taken the oaths, and desired that these two reasons
might be entered, the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Baron, said he would not take
notice of either, but that they would insist upon neglect of duty, which
accordingly they did, since which I have lived retiredly, retaining the old keys
of the Library by me.'


For the very original, written by the Author's own hand, is now extant
in Balliol College Library, & Brian Twyne (p. 371) observes that this
MS. was written long before the Translation was divulged in the name of

About 3 weeks ago, a silver Tankard, value towards 30 Pounds, was
found in Tho. Speakman, a carpenter in S*. Peter's in the East, his
Boghouse, belonging to Univ. Coll., and a little before another Piece
of Silver Plate, belonging to the same College, was found under old wood
in a Backside of the same Thomas Speakman. He is a leading man in
10 S*. Peter's parish in the East, and very demure, and is commonly called
S*. Speakman, and by some S*. Thomas.^

Jan 23 (Sat.). In Br. Twyne, p. 372, 373, is a remarkable Passage
from John Whethamsted, titulo de historiis ^- historiogr aphis, about taking

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