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Church doors be opened to have it there, alledging that such a Tax was
ro to the prejudice & burthen of the Parish & not at all for the good of the

March 15 (Men.). Martin Folkes, Esq., hath been for some time
inquisitive about the antiquity of the Geographical maps of our Island.

Roger Bacon was one of the improvers of our Geography in that

In my preface to Leland's Itinerary I have mentioned an antient map of
Scotland in a MS. of Hardyng's Chronicle, wherein I observe that two or
three towns fill the page. I mention the same MS. in my Index to Spel-
man's Life of K. Alfred. M^. Folkes takes that map to be the oldest to
20 be met with. I have heard M^". LIuyd talk of MSS. of Gyraldus Cam-
brensis with odd sort of maps, w^^, if true, must be older than Hardyng.

March 16 (Tu.). Four or five years since, the following Pieces of Sir
W"^ Dugdale were sold at these Prices in an Auction :


Monasticon Anghc.

15 15

Baronage ....

6 6

Drayning the Fenns

7 7

Summons to Pari. .

2 2


5 5

Origines Juridiciales

3 3

Hist, of the late Troubles



40 8


It may be observed with pleasure ^ that in the Map of Utopia before
the first Edition of that book in 151 8, there are but two or three towns,

than they were some hundred years ago. Dublin has been supposed to contain
more people than any town in England except London, and yet the number
has been computed at 30,000. Whoever goes into this opinion must suppose
the suburbs of Oxford to have been twice or thrice as large as the city.'

March 15, 173?. Nicholas Corsellis at Little Chelsea to H. (Rawl.
27 B. 243). Asks that in future his books may be sent to Dr. Rawlinson.

March 15, 173^. H. to Carte (Carte MS. 227. 1S6). Acknowledges
subscription money from Carte and the Marquis d'Aubais for Hemingford.

^ Mr. Folkes in his Letter says : ' I have observed with pleasure that in the Map,
&c.' ; Heame transcribes the letter into the Diary, but 'with pleasure' becomes
nnmeaning. The same explanation is to be given of other awkward phrases. See
Diary, Nov. 23, 1730. — Ed.

Mar. 13-17.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 103-106 395

which, tho' an imaginary country, was doubtless made in the taste of such
maps as the Author had seen. But a map of England, even of that date,
is what Mr. Polices could never meet with, and from Leland's promise
to K. Hen. VIII of such a map in his new Year's gift, he should conclude
there was then either none or at least none worth speaking of.
>^ Pitseus and Baleus both ascribe a map of Great Britain to George
Lilius, and the former with great commendations about 1550, but that
Mr. Polkes hath never been able to see, tho' he is apt to suspect it to be
the map of the Island copied in Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.

March 17 (Wed.). A note relating to Mr. Cherry's MSS. : 10

On Aug. 8, 1722, 1 had some Conversation with Madam Cherry, relict
of my best friend Mr. Prancis Cherry. She happened to be then in
Oxford, and had a great desire of seeing me, who accordingly waited
upon her. Our Discourse was about M^. Cherry's MSS., some of which
I had taken a Catalogue of in Mr. Cherry's Life time, viz. of such as Mr.
Cherry intended to put into my hands. She asked me when 'twas I took
the said Catalogue. I could not then exactly tell ; but upon my return
home, I consulted my Books and found that 'twas in Nov. 1712. Upon
which I sent the following Memorandum into the Country, inclosed
in a Letter to M". Dodwell, with a Request that she would be pleased to 20
communicate the Memorandum to Madam Cherry.

* A Memorandum for Madam Cherry.

' Nov. I, 171 1, Thursday. I went over to Shottesbrooke, staid there
' some days, and took a Catalogue of Mr. Dodwell's printed books.

' Dec. 19, 1 71 1. Mr. Cherry writes to me thus ^ : She [M'^s. Dodwell]
' is verywilling that we should peruse and take a Catalogue of the MSS. [of
' M^^. Dodwell], a7id I have purposely put off all Business and Engagements
' that I may have leisure to attend you. We therefore desire that you would
' come as soon as you are at liberty, that you may have time to catalogue AP'.
' DodweWs MSS. and those few which I have, which I then design to put 30
' into your hands.

' April, 1 71 2. Mr. Cherry troubled by Dr. Kennett.

'Nov. I, Saturday, I went over to Shottesbrooke, where I looked
' over and took a Catalogue of Mr. Dodwell's INISS. When I had done
'that I looked over and took a Catalogue of some ^ of M"". Cherry's MSS.,

c. March 17,173^. John Murray to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 93). Sends the
MS. of John de Whethamsted. ' Our town here swarms with auctions and
the books in general sell well.'

1 'In a Letter of his I have now (Jan. 21, 1729) by me, and which I shewed to
Madam Cherry soon after IsV. Cherry's death, viz. on Dec. 28, 1713, and to M". Dodwell
and to Madam Cherry's daughters.' Note by Hearne.

2 ' The rest were not catalogued by me, because being for the most part of a private
nature M^ Cherry designed to concert other measures about them. And for those
that were catalogued he never had the least design that they should be put in the
Bodleian Library, well knowing that the chief of them were nothing but copies from
the Originals in the said Library. And this even Madam Cherry herself also observed to
me on Aug. 8, 1722, tho' she acted otherwise afterwards, being influenced by the weak
Advice that had been given her by M"". Samuel Parker. At the same time I put her
in mind of M'. Cherry's design that they should fall into my hands ; btit instead of


* being of such only as M''. Cherry designed to put into my hands. But

* I took no copy of this Catalogue, but left it with M^. Cherry, who said
' to me to this Effect : These MSS., Tom, I ivill put into your hands, but
' vou must seal them up and write upon them, whence you had them, that if
'you die first I may have them again, but if I die first they are your 0W7i.
' I promised to observe his directions ; and 'twas at this time, after
' Dinner, when he and I were talking together about Epitaphs by our
' selves that he mentioned these Words Hie jacet peccatorum maximus,
' which proved afterwards to be his own Epitaph,

10 'Sept. 23, 1713, Wednesday morning, M"". Cherry died [suddenly],

* before the MSS. were conveyed to me. Nor have I ever seen them since
' I took the Catalogue.

'Aug. 10, 1722. Tho. Hearne.'

March 18 (Thur.). To ask M^. Baker who was the Author of
A Pattern for young Students in the University, set forth in the Life ofM"^.
Ambrose Bonwicke, sometime Scholar of SK fohns College iri Cainbridge ,
London, 1729, 12°. He was born Sept. 30, 1691. He died May 5,
1714, aetat. 23.

The first map of England M"". Folkes hath seen is Humph. Lhuyd's,

20 copied in Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, and dated 1573, tho' he

seems to say in his Catalogue of Authors at the beginning that it was

done in 1569. This was probably the map Holinshed refers to, when he

speaks of the best Charts ^ then extant, since a remarkable particular

listening to that she said she must sell M^ Cherrys MSS. in order to make better
provision for her daughters. Whereupon I offered to become a Purchaser myself, to
which she replyed nothing. When I found she was resolved to dispose of them
otherwise than M''. Cherry designed, I begged that she would either return or else
destroy every Thing in MS. of which I was Author, that happened to be preserved
among M''. Cherry's Books and Papers. She thought this request very reasonable and
promised to gratify me (w"='' in reality was nothing but the Renewal of a solemn
promise she had made to me at Shottesbrooke on Mond., Dec. 28, 1713, at which time
she added that my Papers were all secured, that no one should see them and that
they should not be turned to my prejudice or disadvantage). Accordingly she returned
me many Letters, which were delivered to me Jan. 11 the same year, 1722, but it
seems she did not return me all ; particularly a MS. about the Oath of Allegiance
(which all are obliged to take, that take Degrees regularly in our Universities),
written, by way of Letter to no particular person by name, in the year 1 700, before the
Oath of Allegiance was clogged with the Oath of Abjuration. This MS., of w***
I have no copy, I only lent, but never gave either to M''. Cherry or any one else ;
and I am so far from parting with my right to it, that I claim it as mine and I look
upon the detaining of it from me not only as a hardship but a great injustice. But
now whereas it hath been given out that not only my own MS., but such likewise
of M"". Cherry's as were designed by him for me, were given by his widow's will to the
Bodleian Library, to, shew how ill grounded that Report is, may be consulted her
will, which occurs at large in one of these Books, and in w'='' there is not the least
notice of the MSS. This I note the rather, because it had been industriously given
out (and I also believed it myself) that there was a Clause in the will relating to them.
Indeed I have been told of a bye-Order by Madame Cherry for disposing of them as
they are done, but when I came to inquire after that bye-Order, it was answered that
it was burnt soon after her death ; so that I should question whether there ever were
any such Order, had not I been assured of it by a Clergyman, whom I know and
respect.' Note by Hearne ; but the last five words were deleted by him.
^ MS. :— Chards.

Mar. 17-21.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 106-115 397

agrees with it, viz. that Newberry, Warwick, and Skipton are in a right
line, well they are not in the map of the whole Island in Ortelius above-
mentioned. This Map has been very little altered since, but generally
copyed, first by Saxton, and then by all who came since. Mr. Bagford,
in his letter to me, indeed speaks of a sort of Coasting map, printed long
before by Wynkyn de Woord in 1520 ; which, as Mr. Folkes hath never
seen, he can form no Idea of. I have seen it many years since in the
Museum Ashm., being shewed me by Mr. Whiteside, but (as I remember)
it was not numbered nor marked as belonging to the Museum, & I think
it consisted of several leaves or parts, & M^. Whiteside (as I did) looked 10
upon it as a wonderfull Curiosity, but he did not presently apprehend
what it should be, so I referred him to Mr. Bagford's Letter.

To ask M"". Baker of Cambridge, whether there be any older Table or
map or Sketch of Cambridge than that engraved & printed & published
in Q. Elizabeth's time.

Marcli 19 (Fri.). Ptolemy was first printed with maps in 1462.
Quaere whether there be any sort of maps in any of the MSS. of him.
I remember none.

The first Edition of Munster's Cosmography, tho' it hath maps in the
beginning of some countrys, hath none of England, only a small one in 20
the page at the beginning of the description, with only three towns, and
very barbarous, and by the production of the eastern Coast, Scotland
seems a sketch after Ptolemy only.

March 20 (Sat.). The Rev. Mr. Edward Acton, Rector of Bent-
worth in Hampshire, tells me by Letter of the is'-b of last month, that he
is afraid M^. Hinton's Collections are lost. His Executor, M^. Stanley,
Rector of Middleton-Cheyney, near Banbury, and the said M^. Acton
lookt over his Papers, and had they met with any thing of that nature, M"".
Acton would have preserved it, or should he hear that he had lent them
to any one, he says he will endeavour to get possession of them on 30
purpose to shew his readiness to serve me.

March 21 (Sun.). Yesterday I received by Godfrey, the Waggoner,
foannis de Whethamstede Prelatura secunda, being the same MS. that
is marked in the printed Catalogue 3280. 381. 'Tis lent me by the
Heralds' Ofiice, and I immediately wrote a Letter to Mr. Murray (to whom
'twas delivered by the care of M^. Anstis to be transmitted to me) signify-
ing that I had received it, and I promised to take great care of it, as also
of the loose Leaves in it, and to return it faithfully. It is a noble folio in
Vellom, and in it is an account of Peacock's Errors and his recantation,
as also of the two Battles of S*. Alban's, and of some other Historical 40
Things relating to the General History of England, wch I must consider,
but as for the History of the Abbats in it, it is of too private or particular
a nature to be regarded, I believe, by me.

Mar. 20, 173?. H. to Murray (Rawl. 112. 280). Has received the MS.
of Whethamstede's Prelatura. Is sorry M. has been ill.


March 23 (Tu.). Yesterday/ died MJ. Humphreys, a young Master
of Arts of University College, occasioned by a great Cough, w^li 'tis
thought broke a vein. He was looked upon as an ingenious man.
[Buried in the Chappel vestry, Wed., Mar. 24.]

Yesterday morning, was found dead in a ditch on this side of S*.
Bartholomew's Hospital, near Oxford, Thomas Robinson, one of the
Alms men of the said Hospital, a man upwards of three score. He had
been in S*. Clement's on Sunday night, Mar. 21, & was going on foot
home about 9 or 10 Clock at night in liquor, but falling into the ditch,
10 wc^ was very muddy & had water in it about three quarters of a yard in
depth, he lost his Life. [He was 65 years old. Buried in Bartholomew's
Chappel this Afternoon.]

March 24 (Wed.). Dr. Mead, in a Letter to me from Ormond Street
of Feb. 23 last, tells me he does not know whether or no there is any
perfect Transcript of Domesday Book. He says when he hath an
opportunity, he shall enquire about that matter.

To ask M"". Baker what he knows on that point, tho' I think (I am not
sure) I asked him formerly.

March 25 (Thur.). Lord Oxford, in his Letter of the 6*1^, tells me he
30 received his Rastell's Chronicle that I had lent him ^ safe.

He lent me at the same time ^ The foundation 0/ the Alms House
of Ewelnie, an ancient MS. written, as I take it, at the time of the Founda-
tion temp. Hen. VI. It was delivered to me on Monday, Mar. 8, 1730,
by his nephew Robert Hay, Esq. of X* Ch.

March 26 (FrL). Lord Oxford in the same Letter told me I should
have a short List of our Chronicles & Historians not yet publisht that are
in the Harleyan Library.

In the same Letter he said he would send me the next week some
account of those MSS. M"". Wanley had thoughts of publishing. ^B. I have
30 not as yet received any such account ; yet, as I said, my Lord's Letter
bears date March 6, 173*, from Dover Street, Westminster.

I am told that Mr. Humphreys above mentioned was the youngest of
7 sons, and that he, as well as the rest, are all dead of Consumptions.
I think they were of Herefordshire.

March 27 (Sat.). I once thought Mr. Francis Cherry went from
Bray School to Eaton School, but he did not.

Mr. Cherry's Master at Bray School was M^. John King of Exeter

The said M^. John King was only Bach, of Arts, when he first became
40 Master of Bray School. He took the Degree of M.A. as a member

^ Note by Hearne at the end of the Volume : ' Sister Anne came by Waggon to
Oxford Tuesday night, Mar. 23 ; lay at Eagle & Child. Dean came to Town next
day a little after 12 at noon. Both lay that night at Eagle & Child. They went
away next morn. He on his horse, she by flying Coach.' The Eagle Ct* Child was
46 & 47 High Street ; see Cart, of the Hasp, of Si. John, i. 315 (O.H.S.).

^ Hearne must mean * that he had lent me '. — Ed.

^ i. e. on Mar. 6, when he wrote. — Ed.

Mar. 23-31.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 116-121 399

of Exeter College, Feb. 12, 1680. He is still living, viz. at Chelsey. He
is Dr. of Div. Quaere when and where he took it.

Mr. King was a good Schoolmaster & a strict Disciplinarian. He
was, and so he is still, a lusty, rawboned man.

He hath a son that was of Eaton School, and afterwards Fellow of
King's College in Cambridge. This son is a Dr. of Physick, I think. He
is a lusty, strong man, and used to be called at Cambridge King of
Kings. Ask Mr. Baker about him & what he hath published.

When Di". King was Schoolmaster at Bray, he would now and then
preach at White Waltham. I was then a little boy, yet remember that 10
his sermons were solid, & so they were characterized.

March 28 (Sun.). In Whethamstede's second Praefedura there
are many things relating to the General History of this Kingdom, w°^
may therefore be proper to be made publick use of, but the rest are
minute particulars relating to the Abbey of S*. Alban's, w^t may be
therefore omitted very well.

March 29 (Men.). Peter Le Neve's Collection (I mean the Auction
thereof) ended selling last week. Mr. West was a considerable Purchaser,
not without a view (he says) of communicating any thing to me. He got
most of his Deeds & Charters to himself, and bought the four Registers ao
for Lord Oxford. Quaere what those Deeds and Charters are, & what the
Registers. I believe the greatest part of M^. Le Neve's MSS. was made
up of modern Transcripts.

March 30 (Tu.). Mr. Collins's books, particularly the Pamphlets,
sold well lately in London at the Auction of them.

Dr. Rawlinson hath met with a Composition between two Convents in
1242, wct (he says) will be cutt on copper and sent me.

I hear 'tis a Breviarium (not a Missale) in usum Ecclesiae Hereford^
that Mr. Wagstaffe has bought. It is esteemed a Rarity, but not equal
to the Missal. 3©

Dr. Rawlinson hath met with an original Petition, signed by many of
the Cantabrigians, designed to be presented to Will. Ill, for favour
or forbearance to exact ought but a negative Oath.

March 31 (Wed.). Mr. Tho. Carte tells me in his Letter from Lon-
don of March 1 1 last, that he sent Thuanus to the press last June, so
that he is the Editor, tho' others are concerned in it.

On the 2ot^ of this month I received that part of Whethamstede
belonging to the Heralds' Office. In it is an account of Reg. Peacock's
Errors and Recantation, & several Things besides relating in general
to the History of England, but most of the Volume are particulars con- 40

March 28, 1731. West to H. (Rawl. 1 1. 170) {see Diary, March 29].

March 30, 1731. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32. 55). Has received sub-
scriptions sent by R. ; returns some pamphlets ; complains that R. takes no
notice of the sums his brother owed to H.

March 31, 1731. Baker to H. (Rawl. 23. 61) {see Diary, April 4, 9, 10,
and 1 1, all taken from this letter].


cerning the Abbey, \v°^ in a general History of England are not to
be regarded. The first Part of the Work is in the Cotton Library
(Oiho B. iv). I wrote to M"". Anstis today, to know whether there be in
this first part also particulars that may be of use in the general History of
England, abstracting from the Affairs of the Abbey, wct are not to
be regarded.

April 1 (Thur.). M^". John Worthington is so well pleased with what
T have done in Caius, for the honour of the Protestant Nunnery of Little
Gidding, as well as for the honour of his Father, Dr. John Worthington,
lo that he assures me of his willingness to be commanded by me upon any
occasion that shall hereafter offer itself ' either in matters relating to my
private Interest or to my Publick Agency'. His Letter from Londo7i,
Mar. j, ij^o.

April 2 (Fri.). This day I wrote to Mr. George Ballard, of Campden
in Gloucestershire, and desired to know whether either he, or his ingenious
sister, had any adulterated or base money, either of Edward I, or of any
of our Princes before Ed. L Such Pieces must be Curiosities, because
they are spoke of by our old Historians.

April 3 (Sat.). Last night, was buried in S*. Peter's Churchyard in
20 the East, Oxford, the old widow Oxlad of that Parish, who died last
Wednesday, March 31, aged about ninety. Her Husband, M^". Francis
Oxlad, a Bookseller, died many years ago.

Yesterday morning, very early, was found dead in the Highway, upon
his back, lying over a Httle Rill by Marston lane near Oxford, the body
of another of the Almsmen of S*. Bartholomew's, viz. old Cotton Day,
a Cowper by Trade. He was Prior of that Hospital & was very old and
infirm, and was in liquor the night before he was found dead. 'Tis
supposed he dropped about nine Clock that night, and that he was not
able to get up again. There is so very little water in the Rill, that it

April 1, 1731. Rev. John Jones to H. (Raw!. 27 c. 3). Describes
a visit to Little Gidding, where the family of Ferrar still resides, and showed
him records of Nicholas Ferrar. * We have a singular pattern of primitive
Piety and devotion still in this County, one M'. Soame, an ancient Nonjuring
Clergyman, living in the parish of Catworth (of which he was formerly
Incumbent, viz. before the Revolution) where, upon his Ejection, he built
a Chapel at his own expense, in which he reads Prayers twice every day and
preaches upon Sundays, and partakes of the Holy Communion, he with his
small family, it is said twice [sic], at least once, every day.'

April 2, 1731. H. to Ballard (Ballard MS. 41. 9). Refers him to books
where he will find an account of John Stowe. Asks if among his coins he has
any of debased metal of Edw, I or earlier kings.

April 2, 1731. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32. 56). Wishes to know who
Rev. Mr. Cock of Durham is? Le Neve's notes are so injudicious that they
would 'damnify' his books rather than enhance their value.

April 3, 1731. Anstis to H. (Rawl. i. 114). Is unable to examine
Whethamstead's MSS. in the Cotton Library, as his Lodgings in London are
not fitted up, and ' I never go to London but upon businesse, and return as
soon as that businesse is done. M''. West called upon me this morning as lie
begun his journey to Norfolk.' [See Diary, April 28.]

Mar. 31-Apr. 7.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 121-127 401

could not have drowned him (as 'tis thought), he falling upon his back,
had not his lying across it stopped the little Current, & so raised the
water that at last it came over his face.

April 4 (Sun.). Mr. Baker, in his Letter of March 31, 1731, tells
me he hath sent for me, by the Northampton Carrier, Bishop Peacock's
book about the Rule of Faith, published by Mr. Wharton, done up with
other Pamphletts wch he gives me, as also an Account of K. Charles I's
escape or departure from Oxford, when besieged anno 1646, by Mich.
Hudson, who attended him. Mr. Baker does not know his hand, but he
believes it to be an Original; he is sure it is the same that was layd 10
before the House of Commons, when he was their Prisoner, & might he
tell me whence he had it, he says I could have no doubt of its being
authentic. He says, I may make what use of it I please; he dares
answere for it, tho' it contains a piece of History (very curious) yet much
in the dark. He hath an additionall account or Examination taken from
him, but not being very considerable or very curious, or of use in History,
he hath not troubled me with it.

April 5 (Mon.). A good while since D'. Archer, Archdeacon of
Wells, drew up and gave me an account of the Religious Houses in the
Diocese of Bath & Wells, wcli I shall print in Hemingford's Historia 20
Edwardi I that I am now upon. He very lately sent me word, that
before I put it to the Press, he shall send some additional Remarks,
to be added in their proper places ; but since that, he hath written to
Mr. Tottenham, now in Oxford, to tell me that, having looked over his
papers again, he can meet with nothing more of this nature worth sending
to me. This M^. Tottenham acquainted me with yesterday, sending me
that part of the Letter by a servant, whom I met in High Street in
the afternoon, but the servant said he was to carry it back again, w^li
he did.

April 7 (Wed.). I hear Dr. Jebb is about publishing Fryer Bacon's 30
w^orks, well he is very much encouraged in by Dr. Mead.

D^'. Rawlinson tells me, in his Letter from London of the 3rd inst.,
that the Right Rev. M"". Spinckes's life is lately prefixed to his Sick man


April 6, 1731. H. to Mr. Daniel Dean, brick-maker, on Oldspur
Heath, near Beaconsfield (Diaries 129. 126). 'I am glad you and my sister
got home safe.' The first founders of Woburne steeple were John Godwyn
and Pernell his wife, who both died April 17, 1488, and were buried in the
north ' Isle ' of the church, where their brass is. * Who was the first founder
of the Church I cannot yet find, and should therefore take it kindly, if you
could at some time or other let me know what tradition there is, either in the
Parish or in the neighbourhood, about the Founder. The Bishops of Lincoln
had formerly a seat at Woburne, ^^'^ was afterwards the Lord Wharton's

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