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places as were dubious.

April 25 (Sun.). The IMS. of Hemyngford in Bennett Coll. at
Cambridge contains no more than the modern one in Trin. Coll. in that
University. It is in a very bad hand and, as Dr. Stanley says in his
Catalogue, is modern. But it halh not got the Chronicon Edwardi III.

INIr. Davison was presented by S*. John's College, Cambridge, to the
vicarage of Aldworth in Berks., where he was succeeded by M^. Bow-
chier, Fellow of that College, upon the Bp of Sarum's title, per lapsum. 30
But that Vicarage belonged to the Nunnery of Bromhall, com. Berks., for
I find : Appropriatio ecclesiae de Aldworth priorissae et conventui mon. B.
Margaretae de Bromhall per Simonem episcopum Sarjim, Kal. Sept. A.D.
1308. Johanna Rawlins, late Prioress there, did, 13 Hen. VIII, Sept. 12,
resign the said monastery or Priory into the hands of Ed., then Bp of Sarum;
that there were only besides two Nuns, who had abandoned the House,
&c. ; and so the said Priory totaliter dissoluta existit, 4r., et quod predicta
terrae, tenementa ^-c. ad dictum dominum Regem ianquam escaeta sua
reverti debent, ^r. The House thus dissolved was given by King
Hen. VIII to S'. John's College in part of a Compensation for what he 40
had taken from the College, of the Foundress's endowments. Of M>-.
Davison's transcribing the old Register of Aldworth, I know nothmg ;
but Mr. Peareth now enjoys that Living, & the Rectory (if I well remem-

April 24, 1731. William Brome to H. (Raw). 27 b 165). Has received
Caius- owes five shillings for the binding. Asks if Woods 'Prospect of
Eynsham' has been engraved. Wishes Hearne's books were as formerly,
' adorned with Sculptures. 'Tis a grateful! entertainment to the eye to see
ruines &c.'


ber) being connext to the Vicarage makes it a good Preferment. It was
not of the Gift of Bp WiUiarns, having been in the College ever since the
dissolution. i7/''. Bakers Letter to vie from Cambridge, Nov. ^, ly^o.

I note these things the rather because they correct what I had some
time since from M^, Loveday.

April 26 (Men.). The Easter Preachers before the University this
year were Mr. Jones (commonly called Vinegar Jones) of X* Ch. at [X*] ^
Ch. on Good Friday ; Mr. Cockman, master of Univ. Coll. on Easter day
at S*. Peter's in the East ; M^. Greenaway of Hart Hall on Easter Monday,

lo and Mr. Richard Grey of Lincoln College (he that wrote and published
Memoria Technicd) on Easter Tuesday ; and yesterday, being Lowe Sun-
day, the said M^. Grey repeated all the four sermons at S*. Marie's and
did it excellently well.

Memorandum that yesterday, being S^^. Mark's day, a Fellow of Magd.
Coll. ought to have preached at Magd. Coll., & to have been nominated
by the President, for \v«^ 40^-. of Simon Perrott's donation is allowed, but
on account of the Repetition Sermons, it seems, it was dispensed with, &
what becomes of the money now in this case I know not, unless the Presi-
dent hath it himself or one of the Fellows notwithstanding his not preach-

20 ing, or unless it be an agreement among the Society on such cases
to divide it.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, preached before the University at S*.
Marie's, Dr. Will. Bridge, Fellow of St. John's Coll., and the Church was
vastly crowded, being the first time he ever preached before the University,
tho' he be of great standing, proceeding M.A., April i, 1699. He is
a man of particular behaviour & gesture, wcli make several of his College,
otherwise much his inferiors, to sneer and joke upon him, notwith-
standing he be an humble, modest, virtuous man and an excellent Scholar,
and a good Physitian, in wcti he does privately (not for lucre) much

30 service, particularly to poor People, he having taken, before he was Bach,
and Dr. of Div., the degree of Bach, of Phys. ; I am told he made an
excellent practical Sermon.

April 27 (Tu.). About the beginning of last week died, at London,
M^". Man of Kidlington, near Oxford, whither he had retired upon account
of his wife, Hal Tyrrell, one of the daughters of the late Lady Tyrrell,

April 26, 1731. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32. 57). 'I have just seen
proposals for printing a part of the works of Roger Bacon. The Editor (it
seems) is Dr. Jebb. Pray of what University is he Dr.? I find you got some
good things in the sale of Le Neve's Collection. . . D"". Lee (so they called
him, and often Rabbi Lee) of your College was once a great Bourignonist, but
I think he happily relinquished those Principles and died a very honest man.
D"^. Hayward of your College hath written his Life, but 'tis not yet printed
that I know of. M'. Oldisworth formerly perused it and wrote strictures on
it, but what they are I know not. This M''. Oldisworth is somewhere now in
London, and was once of Hart Hall, but took no degree.'

April 27, 1731. James West to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 305). See Diary, May 2.

* This word is not in Heame. — Ed.

Apr. 25-30.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 152-158 411

who proved a sad creature to him, keeping other men company, particu-
larly a little priggish Frenchman in Oxford, who was her constant
companion in many places, particularly when now very lately she would
lye & stay a good while together at one Boddely's in King's Street, in the
parish of S*. Peter's in the East, where likewise her elder sister M^s. Bell
Tyrrell, who is married lately to a second husband, one M^. Piggot,
a very handsome good-natured young Gendeman of a great Estate, who
was Gentleman Commoner of Wadham College, often resorts, and yet
this Boddely is a married man and haih a wife and children living with him
in Oxford. This M^". Man was a Gentleman of a good Estate, perfectly 10
good-natured, and very handsome & personable, being rather more than
six foot high, & 'tis thought his wive's [sic\ Behaviour broke his heart, as
IMr. Piggot is also much affected with the Indecencies of his own Wife.^

April 28 (Wed.). M^ Anstis formerly caused all the Historical
passages to be transcribed from Whethamstede's Register in the Heralds'
Office, wcb are in a large folio collection with many other things & with
a common Place book that he frequently useth.

Yesterday I wrote to IMr, Anstis to have an account particularly of the
names & sirnames of the persons killed at the Battles of Wakefield and
Northampton, for wch Whethamstede refers in the Heralds' Office 20
Register to another Lesser Register, wch I take to be that wc^i is in the
Cotton Library, wch Library, I am told, is now removed again to

In the Cotton Library, I think, are other books of Whethamstede and,
as I take it, one of them is of the lives of the philosophers in an alpha-
betical Order, and another of the Benefactors to S*. Alban's.

April 29 (Thur.). Yesterday, at two Clock in the afternoon was
a Convocation, when the Proctors for the last year, viz. Mr. Andrews of
Magd. Coll. & Mr. Robinson of Merton Coll., laid down their office, and
the Proctors for 1731 took place, viz. M^. Oliver Battely of X* Church 30
and I\Ir. Foxley of IBrazenNose Coll.

The same day the Act was put off.

Mr. Anstis hath offered to take the pains of transcribing a correct copy
of the old Instrument about Heralds, wc^i I printed in my Curious
Discourses exactly as I found it in the MS. I used, but he says it was as
faulty as what he printed from Elmham's Life of Hen. V, following
Mr. Thynne, but from what book he took it he knows not.

Mr. Harbin, M^. Anstis says, can certainly give me farther lights about
Peacock than I have.

Mr. Harbin lent his Extracts from Gascoigne to M^. Anstis, who 4°

transcribed them.

There is something about Peacock in Budden's Life of Wainfleet.

AprU 30 (Fri.). The following Inscription is ordered to be put upon
the new monument erected in Westminster Abbey in memory of S^ Isaac


[Inscription omitted.]

1 A note by Heame : 'KB. It is a false report of his being dead, the' extreme iU '.


S"* Isaac was ceitainly a very great mathematician, but had little skill
in other Things. He had no classical Learning. He had, as I have been
well assured, little Religion, therefore could not be a good Interpreter
of Scripture. He was little versed in Antiquity. His Chronology is
exploded by the most orthodox and judicious Readers.

May 1 (Sat.). To enquire whether there be any thing in any Register
of Chichester relating either to the Heterodox opinions or to the Depriva-
tion of Reginald Peacock. M"". Baker it may be, of Cambridge, is
acquainted with some one that hath interest there.

lo May 2 (Sun.). On Thursday last, being Ap. 29, M^. Andrews
of Magd. Coll. and Mr. Robinson of Merton Coll., the two late Proctors,
proceeded Bachelors of Div.

Mr. West (who lately saw D^". Tanner at Norwich) tells me by Letter
from the Inner Temple of Ap. 27 last, that the Dr. hath found a further
Continuation of Ant. a Wood's Life, w^^ he doubts not he will communi-
cate to me, as also a note of those bought for Lord Oxford.

Mr. West bought the Terrier of the Countess of Richmond's Lands, &
presented it to Mr. Baker of Cambridge.

May 3 (Mon.). On Saturday night last I received from M^. Robert
20 New of the Middle Temple a collection of many MSS. and printed old
Fragments in Vellum and Paper, w^li M"". New presents me, having pro-
cured them out of the sale of M^. Pet. Le Neve's books. Mr, Le Neve,
it seems, was curious this way. One of the Fragments is a piece of an
old Roman History, but tho' on vellum is very dim. I could wish it had
been of Trogus. Among them is an old fragment of an ancient MS. in
Vellum, in w^b was treated de virtutibus sancti Martini. Were this MS.
about S*. Martin now before me, probably I could gather from it some
things which might be of use relating to S*. Martin's, Oxford, mentioned
often in our old Historians, though commonly called Quadrivium orCair-
30 fax, by W'cb name of Quadrivium it occurs in the fragment I printed in
Caius from Magd. Coll. MS,

May 4 (Tu.). Yesterday, in the afternoon, M^. Loveday of Magd.
Coll. set out with M^, Crynes, Demy of the College, and one servant for
Norfolk, Cambridge, &c.

April 26, 1731, Monday, Dr. Felton's servant Nan examined;
April 27, Tuesday, at night carried out of the Hall; April 28, Wed.
night, brought to bed of a daughter. [It died, and it was buried in
Magdalen parish church yard, Sunday night, May 9^1^, 1731. She lay in
the Friers Entry in Oxford, and, soon after, this whore was received again
40 in D^". Felton's Lodgings, viz. as soon as she was able to come out, w^b
was in about three weeks' time].

One Jacobus Serenius, preacher at the Swedish Church at London,
hath printed Proposals for printing, in two Volumes 4*0, Dictionarium

May 4, 1731. Baker to H. (Rawl. 22. 40 and 41). A long transcript of
Michael Hudson's account of the escape of the King from Oxford, dated
June 12, 1646.

Apr. 30-May 8.] VOLUME CXXIX, PAGES 159-166 413

Anglo-Suethico-Latinum. He proposes to print only 500, at 20s. a copy.
He designs in it to give some account of the original of the Xti^Q
Religion in Sweden, The Swedish Chronicles make the Xti^'ii Religion
to be in Sweden from England by means of Sigfrid, archbishop of York,
regnante Eihelredo, about 1014. I do not know of any such Archbishop of
York then.

May 5 (Wed.). M^. John King was Fellow of King's College, Art.
Bac. 1 7 18, Art. Mag. 1722, He was never M.D. (contrary to what was
insinuated before) nor could be by his standing. He had published
Hecuba, Orestes, & Phoenissae by Euripides, 2 vols. 8^°, printed at Cam- 10
bridge anno 1726. He died at Stanford two or three years ago, having
been married to a sister of D"". Friend's Lady, to wcli D^. he dedicates his
Book. Mr. Baker thinks he was King of Kings by way of Distinction
from King of Pembroke. J/'*. Baker s Letter of April ly.

Mr. Baker finds another John King, Coll. Exon., Oxford, incorporated
at Cambridge anno 1697. The same year Rob. Clavering, Qui). Elstob,
Tho. Cockman, all of University Coll., were incorporated there. The
following year, 1698, John King of Cath. Hall, Cambridge, proceeds
S.T.P. there. This Mr. Baker presumes (& so do I too) is the man
I enquired after, that was Schoolmaster of Bray. Whether he be an 20
Author is more than M"", Baker knows. Quaere. He now lives
at Chelsey.

May 6 (Thur.). In Rymer, vol. xi, p. 271, I find the Temporalities
of the See of Chichester were restored to Bp Peacock anno 1450, but
nothing concerning his Deprivation, nor do I find any thing in the year
1457, or in the Index. So I presume it must be in Reg. Stafford, wc^i in
the Archbishop's great weakness M^. Baker hath no opportunity of con-
sulting. Nothing of it in Antiq. Britanniae.

May 7 (Fri.). D^. Hickes, in pag. xxvii of his Preface to Thes. Ling.
Sept., promises Tables of Humphrey Wanley's specimens of old hands in 30
order of Time, but of this there is nothing in any of the Copies I have
seen, and yet I have a copy that was given me by D^. Hickes himself.

I have often heard talk of this work of M^. Wanley's, but I never
heard that any one was very zealous to have it printed except Mr,

The last time I saw Mr. Wanley, I mentioned it to him. I think he
said Lord Oxford had it. M^. Wanley did not hint in the least that it was
ever printed. As I take it, it is an imperfect thing, at least I am apt to
imagine that 'tis not to be relyed upon.

May 8 (Sat.). M^. Richard Peers, minister of Faringdon in Berks., 4°
is son of the late M'. Rich. Peers, Esq., Beadle of the Univ. of Oxon. He
is an ingenious man and a good Preacher, but looked upon as proud.
He hath printed several Things, and hath promised me some things
relating to some historical Affairs in Faringdon.

May 8, 1731. West to H. (Rawl. 11. 171). l^ee Diary, May 10.]


To enquire after MSS. of Juliana Barnes's book of hunting, hawking,
and Heraldry. Also to enquire after her book of fishing. Her Book of
hunting, hawking, and Heraldry was translated into Latin. There are
several Editions of the English Book. I think 'twas printed once at
St. Alban's.


[Pages 1-6 contain extracts" from a Vellom MS. in folio, belonging to M'. Ward,
about a composition between the Rector of Tredington & the Prior of Worcester
in 1299, and the appropriation of the Rectory to Westminster Abbey in 1508, and the
ordaining of a vicarage.]

10 May 9 (Sun.). M^. Murray, by Letter from London of the 5th, tells
me that the last time he was at Sacomb, he looked over his Copy of
Wood's Athenae, and found nothing in the MSS. Additions by M^". Hare
but some Heraldical notes confirming their arms.

May 10 (Men.). Yesterday, died M^. Richmond, of the Crown
Tavern in Oxford, of a violent Feaver, occasioned by drinking Sider.
He fell ill Thursday morning last. He died intestate without Children,
leaving a widow. He was rich.

Mr. West hath turned over Whethamstede's Register, Otho B. iv, in the
Cotton Library, at my request, but finds not the least mention of any
20 thing observable relating to our General History, nor any mention of
either of the battles of Wakefield or Northampton, or of the persons
concerned. The Description of this MS. in D"". Smith's Catalogue
is very just and full.

In col. 1088, vol. ii of Ath. Oxon., ed. 2^^^^ is a large account of
Dr. Lloyd, late Bp of Worcester, and in col. 109 1 on that occasion,
mention is made of one Thomas Harding, some time Fellow of St. John's
Coll., Cambridge, who wrote several large volumes, particularly one of
ecclesiastical History, w^li book of ecclesiastical History coming into
Lloyd's hands, it seems by the help of it he compiled a history of the
30 Church of England, wct he communicated to Bp Burnett, to whom
it proved of great service in compiling the History of the Reformation.

May 11 (Tu.). Dr. Jenner, Margaret Professor of the Univ. of
Oxford, preached before the University last Sunday morning at S*. Marie's,
but, I am told, 'twas but a poor sermon, and indeed he is looked upon
to be but an indifferent Preacher and Composer, tho' he be a plausible
Talker and aims very much at having the Character of a cunning man.
It seems, therefore, that his Learning is only superficial.

May 10, 1731. H. to Murray (Rawl. 112. 282). Acknowledges the
receipt of 8 guineas. * A gentleman, personally unknown to me, hath given
me some old Fragments he purchased out of the Collection of M''. Le Neve,
which prove of good service.'

May 11, 1731. Anstis to H. (Rawl. i. 116). See Diary, May 14.

May 11, 1731. Beaupr6 Bell to H. (Rawl. 2. 84). Shows reasons for
distrusting the story of the Pedlar of Swaffham, printed by Hearne. Describes
the church of Svvafham and the windows containing the figures of John

May 8-13.] VOL. CXXIX, P. 166 — VOL. CXXX, P. 13 415

This morning died Mrs. Stephens, wife of Mr. W^ Stephens, School-
master of INIagd. College. She was the Daughter of one Gardiner,
a Tailer, who lived in the Gravel Walk, near Magd. College. She had
been a handsome, brisk Woman, but she hath been a cripple for many
years, having Ipst the use of her Limbs, but as she was proud, so she
continued very proud to the last. She was about 50 years old, & left
several children by her Husband, begot after she became lame. [She
was buried in S*. Peter's church yard, Wed. night, May 12.]

May 12 (Wed.). I have not long ago mentioned the death of
M^. Thomas Mason, of Lurgeshall near Biscester, in Oxfordshire, & 10
spoke of him as a litigious man, as indeed he was; but, since that,
I am well assured that he was a very high Church Man and well affected
to the Chevalier de S*. George, & that he would frequently speak boldly,
and express his desire of having him in England, but that he hath a son
called Capt. Mason, a robust, strong, stout Man, who is of different
Principles and very low.

To-day, died old IM^. Nicholas Cox, at the Hole in the Wall, in
S*. Thomas's parish in Oxford, where he had laid a pretty while, viz.
about half a year or more. I have several times formerly mentioned him,
as I have also the death of his wife, who lays buried in St. Peter's church 20
yard in the East, Oxford, of w^li M^". Cox was a Parishioner, having
lived there many years. He was a Bookseller, had been mancipal
of Edmund Hall and St. John's College, and in the Trade of Bookselling
had been once pretty eminent, especially in old Books. He was born
anno 1649. [He was buried in St. Thomas's church yard, May 14.]

May 13 (Thur.). Remember to ask Mr. Inge whether any one be
now engaged in the Antiquities of Staffordshire, in w^h work M^. Inge
himself could be of great Assistance. M"". Chetwynd's MS. would be of
unspeakable service.

Ask S"" Thomas Sebright whether the name of the Place where, and 3°
the year when, his Durandus's Rituale in Vellum [was printed] ^ be any
where to be found in the Book, wcli I have been told is a noble one.

Also to ask Mr. Baker, of Cambridge, whether there be any vellum
copy of Durandus of an ancient Edition among Bp More's books.

Mr. Davis, formerly V. Principal of Hart Hall, & before that Demy of
Magd. Coll., & now a Minister in Northamptonshire, wrote & published
many years since A sort of an Answer, &c. (as I remember, against the

Chapman and Catharine his wife, the founders of part of the Church. They
were evidently people of wealth. The figure of the pedlar does not mean
that the founder was a pedlar, but is a rebus on the name Chapman.

May 13, 1731. R. Gale, at London, to H. (Raul. 27 b. 310). Will send
a guinea for Hemhigford by Sir Hugh Smithson, a nobleman of Christ Church,
that sets out next Saturday for Oxford.

May 13, 1731. Sir A. Wescombe to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 292). Sends sub-
scription for Hemingford ; would have sent it before, but was out of Town at
* the Bath '.

1 Not in MS.— Ed.


Non- Jurors), and since that, a thing in verse called The Art 0/ deciphering,
wct latter is printed in folio, but his name is to neither,

I have a note, p. 82 of vol. 83 of these Remarks, that S^" Thomas
hath got Durandus's Rituale printed anno 1459, upon vellum I think,
& that it is worth an 100 libs. ^

In vol. 103, p. 158, I have a note of a Vellum Durandus's Rituale, but
imperfect at the end, w^^ I take to be of the Ed. of Mentz, 1459, being
the first ed., and I have there noted, p. 159, that if it were perfect
it would be looked upon as worth 150 libs, among some curious men.
10 NB. I wrote to-day to S^" Thomas about the Durandus on a blank
leaf of my Advertisement about Caius and Hemingford.

May 14 (Pri.). I must farther desire to know of S^ Thomas
Sebright, whether his Durandus be in every respect perfect & fair, without
any deletions.

In Whethamstede's Register of the Heralds' Office is a Letter of
Mundus Benvalet (anno 1458) to the said Whethamstede concerning his
(Benvalet's) book about our Order of the Garter, which was printed at
Cologne, and is in the Bodleyan Library under the title of Caiechismus
Equitum Periscelidis, the Editor whereof neither knew the Author or the
20 time of the writing, which, from this Letter, IVK Anstis settled in
the Register 0/ the Garter to be of this Age, and having since seen a MS.
thereof with a date thereto and other particulars, if I imagine it worth
the while to take any notice of this matter, he will transcribe what he
formerly said of it in his book (where it was to the subject), and what
farther light that MS. afforded him.


May 15 (Sat.). They have at St. John's, at Cambridge, a noble MS.
Polychronicon of Trevisa's Translation. The Additions are by him, and
where additions are made he adds his own name \_Trevisa\. I have
printed a fragment thereof in Leland's Coll. The Book concludes
30 thus : ' God be thanked of al his nedes, this Translation is ended in
a Thorsday the eygtethe day of Avril the yere of our Lord a thousand
thre hundred fourscore and sevene, the tenthe yere of King Richard the
second after the conquest of Engelonde. The yere of my Lordes age,
Sir Thomas of Berkeley that made me make thys translation, fyve and

May 16 (Sun.). M^. West bought many of Peter Le Neve's MSS.
for Lord Oxford, one of wch is a very fine old leiger Book of Waltham
Abbey, as I was told yesterday by D^. Tanner, but the D^. told me there
is nothing in it about the History of England.
40 There died very lately M^. Ra. Franck, minister of Wood Eaton near
Oxford, and formerly Fellow of Merton College, as a member of w^^ Coll.
he took the degree of M.A., April 17, 1697.

Memorand. that the Hon. W^ Bromley, Esq., member of Pari, of Oxon.,
is 3 years older than he is represented to be in the 2'^'^ Ed. of Athenae,
Oxon., as I have been told by his son Francis, of X^ Ch.

May 17 (Mon.). There is a very short compendium of Metaphysicks
which when I was undergraduate was read to us, & we were told that the

May 13-21.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 13-20 417

Author was Dr. Whitby, but I since understand from Mr. Wood's Ath.
Oxon., vol. ii, that Dr. Willes of Trinity was Author. It hath been
reprinted by Mr. Brookes, late of Oriel Coll., as Dr. Blanford's.

The said D^. Willes was Author of two Discourses about Josephus, wch
are printed at the beginning of S^ Roger L'Estrange's Translation of
Josephus. They were revised before they were printed by M^. Dodwell,
who hath added two or three notes at the bottom, distinguished from the
rest by H. D.

May 18 (Tu.V M"-. Samuel Parker (eldest son of the late Mr. Samuel
Parker) now of Magd. Coll., was born anno 1703. 10

The Papers M^. Baker hath sent me about K. Charles I's escape from
Oxford, being Dr. Mich. Hudson's own account, were taken from the
Paper Office, wch Mr. Baker tells me that I may have no doubt of the
authority of them, wct however is to be kept by me as a secret, M"*. Baker
for some reasons being not willing it should be yet spoke of, but if my
vouchers (for I design to print these Papers in Hemingford) should be
questioned (w^li he is confident they never will) he will then owne it.

Mr. Rushworth had probably seen these Papers (as at vol. vi, p. 267),
but makes so many mistakes in his short account of 20 or 30 lines, that
he must have trusted his memory, w^li failed him. 20

Last night, died M^". Fra. Finch, Fellow of Trin. Coll., and younger
Brother of Mr. Finch of Heddington near Oxford. He took the Degree
of M.A. Nov. 22, 1705, and that of B.D. Nov. 15, 17 14. [He was buried
to-night at Trin. Coll.]

May 20 (Thur.). In the year 1666 was printed at London in 8"^o,
A Discourse of the Terrestrial Paradise, aiviing at a more probahle Dis-

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