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covery of the true Situation of that happy place of our first Parents'
Habitation. By Marmaduke Carver, Rector of Harthill in the County
of York. It is a most learned Book and is dedicated to Archbishop
Sheldon. Many years since, Graevius put out in 4*° a volume of curious 3°
Tracts, written by various Authors, after the Publication of w^t one or
more volumes were exspected, & it was talked of & proposed that this
Tract should be translated into Latin, & sent over to Graevius to accom-
pany the rest, as also John Greaves's Pyramids & his Roman Pes Sf
Denarius. Endeavour to get some account of M^. Carver.

May 21 (Fri.). Yesterday, in the afternoon, I called at the Museum
on purpose to see the MS. of M^. Ashmole's, in wct is an account of

May 18, 1731. Baker to H. (Raw). 23. 146). Has found a catalogue of
the Deans of Bangor and the Deans of St. Asaph.

May 20, 1731. James West to H. (Rawl. 27 C. 307). See Diary, May 24.

May 20, 1731. Eawlinson to H. (Rawl. 27 C. 138). Sends some additions
to Athenae Oxon. It is possible that several of Mr. Le Neve's books and MSS.
will be sold again, as Mr. Martin, one of the executors, bought them, only to
raise the prices, 'a scandalous method.' One Mr. Daniel Williams, formerly
of Jesus College, now Protestant Chaplain at Rome, has made a large collection
of medals abroad.

May 21, 1731. Anstis to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 13). Thinks it is an error if
a MS. of Whethamstede is mentioned in the Library of the Royal Society.



Reg. Peacock's being, after his deprivation, sent to Thorney Abbey, in
wct are also (as D^. Tanner had told me), many other things about
Peacock. It is no. 789, fol. 138, &c. But I could not see it, the two
young men that attended there telling me M^". Andrews was out of Town,
& had locked up the door & carried the key with him, being apprehensive
his Election would be contested, because of his having but three votes.

After this I called upon D^. Tanner, and told him how hard it was
that Books should be lodged at the Museum for publick use, & that,
when one wanted them to convert them to that use, a sight of them could
10 not be had. I complained how time was lost in trotting to no purpose.
I asked him what there was really in the MS. besides the Passage about
Thorney. He said several Letters, but that ail, but that of his being
sent to Thorney pertained chiefly to an endeavour to make him alter &
change his sentiments. I then told the D"^., as for his Recantation I had
that, so did not want it. He said there were two Recantations. I told
him I had that in Whethamstede, & I thought (what the D^". said he
thought too) that one was already printed.

I asked him whether there were any thing in the MS. about Peacock's
deprivation. He said no. I told him 'twas that I wanted, particularly
20 whether he was deprived by the Archbishop's sole authority or not. The
Dr. said he believed he was deprived by a sort of synod.

The Dr., upon my asking, assured me, as he had done formerly, that
he hath no Continuation of A. Wood's life, & hath no more than what
I have printed, abating some little References to Mr. Wood's own Books,
now in the Museum, but 'tis not part of the Life, and therefore not to be
noticed as such.

May 22 (Sat.). The Custom of the Gambone of Bacon is still kept
up at Dunmowe, as I am told by M^. Loveday of Magd. Coll., who
returned home on Thursday last, May 20, from whom I had what follows
30 this morning :

nuper Priorat'

At a Court Barron of the R*. Worshipfull Sir Tho. May, Kt.,
there holden on Friday the 27*^1 day of June in the year of
our Lord 1701 before Tho. Wheeler gent., steward of the said
manor, it is thus enrolled.

/Elizabeth Beaumont, spinster ''
Henrietta Beaumont, spinster
Homage- Annabella Beaumont, spinster Murat'
Jane Beaumont, spinster
Mary Wheeler, spinster ,

40 Be it remembered that at this Court it is found & presented by the Homage
aforesaid that W^ Parseley & Jane his wife have been married for the Space
of three years last past & it is like wise found and presented by the Homage
aforesaid that W"* Parsley & Jane his wife, by means of their Quiet & Peace-
able, tender & loving Cohabitation for the space of three years aforesaid, are
fit and qualified Persons to be admitted by the Court to receive the ancient
& accustomed oath, whereby to entitle themselves to have the Bacon of
Dunmow delivered unto them according to the Custom of the manor.
Whereupon at this Court in full & open Court came the said W°» Parsley &
Jane his wife in their Persons & humbly prayed they might be admitted to

50 take the Oath, whereupon the Steward with the Jury, Suitors & other Officers,
proceeding with the usual Solemnity to the ancient & accustomed Place for


May 21-24.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 20-25 419

the Administration of the Oath & receiving the said Bacon, that is to say two
great Stones, Lying near the Church Door, where the said W™ Parsley &
Jane his wife kneeling down on the two stones, the said Steward did administer
the Oath in these words or to the Effect following—

You do swear by the Custom of Confession

That you never made Nuptial Transgression ;

Nor, since you were married man & wife,

By Household Brawls or Contentious Strife

Or otherwise at Bed or at Board

Offended each other in Deed or in word ; 16

Or in a twelve months' time & a day

Repented not in Thought any way,

Or since the Church Clerk said Amen

Wished your selves unmarried again,

But continue true & in Desire

As when you joyned hands in Holy Quire.

And immediately thereupon W™ Parsley and Jane his wife claiming the
said Bacon, the Court pronounced Sentence for the same in these words or
to the effect following —

Since to these Conditions without any fear 20

Of your own Accord you do freely swear

A whole Gammon of Bacon you do receive

And bear it away with Love and good Leave

For this is the Custom of Dunmow well known ;

Tho' the Pleasure be ours the Bacon's your own.

And accordingly a Gammon of Bacon was Delivered unto the said W^"
Parsley & Jane his wife with the usual solemnity.

Exam'd per Tho. Wheeler, gent., steward W"* Hague.

May 23 (Sun.).^ The Lady of the Manner of Little Dunmow is
Mrs. Hallet, widow of the son of S'^ James Hallet of London, the King's 30
jeweller. No Bacon has been demanded here since 1701, when M^.
Reynolds, a gentleman, and Parsley, a butcher, carryed off two Gammons.
The former is now living ; the widow of the latter marryed again. —
M^. Loveday.

May 24 (Mon.). M^. West informs me, by Letter of May 20th, that
there is nothing in Joannes Frumentarius, in Gresham Coll. Library,
relating to what I enquired, viz. the names of those killed in the Battles
of Northampton and Wakefield. 'Tis a very fair book, but contains
only the Rentale and Expense of the Abbey in the time of Ramryge.
Mr. West himself hath a Piece of a Book of S*. Alban's, but there is no 40
account therein of what I desire.

Whethamstede, in his Second Praefectura, being the Register in the
Heralds' Office, refers us likewise to his lesser Register for the names of
those that were impeached of high Treason for espousing the Cause of
Hen. VI at the beginning of Edw. IV's Reign.

1 Note at the end of the volume, 'May 23, died M"". Clifton, who lately lived at the
Crown Inn, Oxford, father-in-law to Rr. John Holman, barber, of St. Mane s pansh,
Oxford, at whose house he died. The same day in the afternoon was drowned in the
river below Aston's Eyt, M''. Racquet, a journey-man Barber, as he was swimming with
5 or 6 more. He had married about half a year before the eldest -daughter^ of the
wdow Bean of St. Peter's in the East, whose husband was Clerk of that parish.



May 25 (Tu.). M^. Baker hath got K. Ch. I's Letter to Sr Thomas
Glemham about the surrendry of Oxford, wcl^ (if I please) he will send
me. So he sent word by Mr. Loveday.

Alex. Nevyl's Apologia ad Walliae Proeeres, &c. is nowhere printed,^
that Mr. Baker knows of. They have a MS. Copy of it bound up with
the printed Book in their College Library, which Mr. Baker showed to
a Friend who took a Copy, and M^. Bell probably had his from thence,
for Mr. Baker knows of no other Copy. The Author was of that
College, &, if I have occasion to speak of him, M"". Baker will tell me
10 more.

On Friday last, May 21, M^. Grey of Lincoln Coll. had the Degree
of D.D. conferred on him by Diploma, for his being bred up by the late
Bp of Durham, Dr. Crew, and for his repeating the last Easter Sermons.

May 26 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,
May 24, 1731:—

We hear from Lincoln that some Quarrymen hewing limestone last week
in a field near the City, discovered a thick, strong Vault of 4 stones only,
about 1 2 inches thick, nine feet long, four broad, and about an Ell deep, with
many iron Cramps to join the Stones together, w*''^ Time had eat with Rust ;
20 that they likewise found a large Urn (as supposed) curiously carved ; that it
was very much visited, especially by the Curious, and was generally believed
to be as antient a Piece of Antiquity as can be produced anywhere in these

May 28 (Pri.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,
May 24 : —

There is lately dead M'^. Salmon, Daughter of John Bradshaw, Esq.,
Serjeant at Law, who on the 12*'' of January, 1648, was stiled Lord President,
and on the 2^^^ of the same month signed the Warrant for the execution of
King Charles.^ She left three sons : Nathaniel, who was admitted to the
30 Degree of Batchelor of Law of Bennet's College, Cambridge, afterwards took
Orders in the Church of England, and now lives in Essex ; Thomas Salmon,
well known for his Modern History or Present State of all Nations, which is so
well received by the Publick ; and the third a Clergyman in Devonshire ; and
one Daugher, who is in the Family of his Grace of Canterbury.

^B. The said Modern History is a poor superficial Thing, but pleases,
just like news Papers, as indeed all M^. Salmon's things are superficial,

May 26,1731. H. to Ballard (Ballard MS. 41. 7). Acknowledges the
receipt of 16 shillings [see letter of April 21]. Thanks for a coin of Edw. \, of
debased metal.

May 27, 1731. Anstis to H. (Rawl. i. 117). Will be able to supply H.
with the attainders under Ed. IV ' from the best authority, the Parliament
Rolls.' Information about Peacock's deposition may be obtained from
Mr. Harbin. ' He is a gentleman of so communicative temper that I assure
myself he will readily impart all the notices he hath to you. I have had the
honour of a long acquaintance with him, but I cannot recollect the particular
street he lives in, though it is somewhere about Windmill Street, Soho.'

^ Note by Hearne : ' It is printed and I have a Copy.'
2 But see Diary, June 23. — Ed.

May 25-31.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 25-31 421

done meerly to get a penny, among wct is his Chronological History,
printed under his own name, tho' it had been done for the most part
before, ready to his hands.

May 29 (Sat.). Yesterday, as I was walking out of Town, I met in
High Street, Oxon., by Jury Lane,^ Browne Willis of Whaddon Hall,
Bucks., Esq., who then gave me an old silver Groat, wch he said was of
Hen. IV, but I told him I thought it rather (as indeed I do still) of
Hen. V. But indeed it requires niceness to distinguish the Coins of these
two Henries, one from the other.

He then also shewed me, as we stood in the street, a crown piece ^ of 10
Hen. Vin, what indeed I had never seen before. But 'tis very course
adulterated silver, as that Prince's money usually was. He said D^. Mead
offered him seven pounds for it.

He said he had a Coin not only of Ric. II (what indeed I once saw at
his House at Whaddon, tho' I did but just see it, and it was by candle
light) but likewise one of Ric. III. I never yet saw one of Ric. III. He
said he would bring both these to Oxford next time he came.

He said he had been at Magd, Hall Library, where were some time
since a great many coins, many of w«li were put there by Mi'. Josiah
Pullen, but that they are all gone. 20

He said (and so I always thought) that himself had the best series of
English Coins of any person, excepting M^. Thomas Granger.

Mr. Granger hath a gold one of the Black Prince, what I never saw
before. Mr. Willis hath not this, but he said somebody had had two of
them. I know not whether Dr. Tanner. Remember to ask D^. Tanner.

May 30 (Sun.). John Arden, Ardern or Arderon, Chirurgeon to the
Black Prince. Mr. Beckett of Abbington yesterday told' me in Oxford^
that Dr. Mead hath a MS. of this Arden, in wcb is a note where the
Black Prince died and where buried. Tho' this is known, yet it may be
proper to know how 'tis expressed in this MS. The Tract is de fistula in 30
am & is supposed to be an original. The Author was Chirurgeon to the
Black Prince.

The said Mr. Beckett told me he hath a Copy in MS. of an ancient
Grant of the mannour of Kensington near London to the Abbey of
Abbington circa an. 1200, upon account of the abbot of Abbington's
curing the King's son of a calamitous Distemper.

One Pead, a farmer of Culham in Oxfordshire, married about half
year since his maidservant, who is under 20 years of age, tho' himself
be 75.

May 31 (Men.). Yesterday, called upon me Mr. John Davys, formerly 40
of Magd. Coll., afterwards of Hart Hall and now a minister in Northampton-
shire, whom I have mentioned before.

May 29, 1731. Beaupr6 Bell to H. (Rawl. 2. 83). Sends a transcript of
Alexander Nevyl's apology.

1 By this he must mean Alfred Street.— Ed. , , • , •

1 Note by Hearne : ' So he stiled it, but I rather take it to be a medal, it bem^,
as appears from the reverse to be, in honour of his being made defender of the Faith.


He told me he was born at Tissebury in Wilts. This Tissebury is
supposed to have been a Cell to the Nunnery of Shaftesbury. It most
certainly belonged to Shaftesbury, as appears from Mon. Angl. torn, i,
p. 215. The things about Shaftesbury in the said Monasticon were taken
Ex registro de Shaftesbury in bibl. Dewesiana. Quaere whether my Lord
Oxford hath now got this Register. In Adams's Index Villaris & in
other Books the word is corruptly written Tilbury. M^. Thomas
Marchant, M.A., is now Vicar of Tisbury, and is in rebus ad locujn
periinentibus versatissimus. M'. Davys intends to endeavour to perswade
10 him to write a short discourse about the antiquities of the place.

June 1 (Tu.). M"". Davys at the same time told me Mr. Joseph Bowles,
late Fellow of Oriel College & Chief Keeper of the Bodleian Library, is
buried in Trinity Church yard at Shaftesbury, and that there is this
Epitaph over the grave : ' Here lyeth the Bodys of Leonard and Dorothy
Bowles; also the body of Joseph Bowles their grandson, aged 34.' His
father is still living, being a Taylor at Shaftesbury, very poor and indigent.
His name is likewise Joseph. His said wretched son, who was Pupil to
M'. Davys, when he (Bowles) was of Hart Hall, might have been a support
to his Father, had he acted the part of a sober, virtuous man. But his
30 being cryed up at first and strangely caressed and admired, & being
wilhall naturally giddy-headed and conceited, drew him into the utmost
folly and the height of wickedness, w^t shortened his life.

June 2 (Wed.). M^". Loveday tells me there is not the least talk at
Cambridge of Dr. Waterland's publishing the anonymous account of
K. Charles H's escape from Worcester. I suppose D^^. Waterland in this
case is of an ungenerous Temper, and not willing it should be printed,
& therefore to hinder others may pretend that he will do it himself.

June 3 (Thur.). M^. West and M^. Murray both yesterday (they
being then in Oxford) assured me that Alexander Nevyll's Apologia ad
7,0 proceres Walliae is printed, and that they both have it. Mr. West promised
me to give me an account of his Copy. Indeed I thought I had formerly
seen a printed copy, particularly one lent me by Thomas Rawlinson, Esq.
M"". Murray said M^. West had it out of M'. Rawlinson's Auction. I received
a MS. of it on Monday last from Beaupre Bell, Esq., who copied it from
a MS. in S*. John's Coll., Cambridge. Mr. Baker told me 'twas never
printed, & M^. Bell thought so too, and so indeed did I for that reason.
But quaere. ['Tis printed, and M^". West hath i: and so have I myself].

June 1, 1731. Rawlinson to H. (Raw!. 27 c. 145). Sends *a velom'
which seems to refer to the family of Wykeham. Sends a Geogius halfpenny.
Mr. West says the dissenting teacher Holman's MSS. relating to Essex are
sold to Mr. Knapton, a bookseller ; but R. does not think a bookseller would
have given ;^ 3 00 or ^400 for them.

June 1, 1731. George Harbin to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 340). Mentions MSS.
of Whethamstede ; among them one ' de viris illustribus ' in the Library of the
Royal Society.

June 1, 1731, Cuthbert Constable to H. (Rawl. 27 b. 225). Sends the
Catalogues of the books of Mr. Jett and Mr. Le Neve with the names of the

May 31-June 7.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 31-37 423

June 4 (Fri.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,
May 31 : —

They write from Oxford that on May 21 last, in full Convocation, the
Degree of Doctor in Divinity was conferred by Diploma on the Rev, M''. Grey
(Author of the judicious and useful Abridgment of Bishop Gibson's Codex and
of an ingenious Treatise concerning the Art of Memory) as well as on account
of that Gentleman's personal Merit and Learning, as of his having been
Chaplain to and highly respected by the late Lord Crew, Bishop of Durham,
a munificent Benefactor to the University.

Mr. Collins (who was a man of such ill principles) his books were sold 10
by auction in London lately for about three thousand pounds.
The said Collins had M"". Lock's study, whom he much admired.

June 5 (Sat.). M"". John Murray was compleat threescore years of
age last 2^^^ of Jan., 173^. He was 17 years old when his Father died.
His Father died in the ^o^^ year of his age, his mother in the 74*^.

Mr. Murray told me yesterday that the folio MS. of Arden, that
Dr. Beckett told me is in D^. Mead's hands, belonged to my late Friend
Thomas Rawlinson, Esq., and that 'tis a very fine book and adorned with
very fine curious figures. But M^^. Murray remembers not what historical
notes there may be in it. 20

Henry Lord Coleraine (who was at my room yesterday with M^". Murray
between 5 and 6 in the afternoon, after my return from my country walk,
Mr. Murray having walked with me) was formerly of Corpus X^i Coll.,
where his Tutor was M^^. (afterwards D^.) Rogers (lately deceased), & is
a very sober, studious, regular man. His Grandfather and Father were
likewise men of great Learning and Virtue. The said Rogers married
this Lord's sister.

June 7 (Mon.). On Easter Sunday last (being April 18) my only
Sister, Anne Hearne, the widow of Thomas Field, was married to

June 4, 1731. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 39. 150). Points out some small
errors in R.'s additions to Athenae Oxon. Is sorry the reputation of so good
a man as Mr. Spinckes should in any way suffer. Does not know whether it
may be proper to make use of the note concerning Lord Clarendon supplied
by ' M'. William Bedford or (as you wrote him) William Bedford Esq.'

c. June 4, 1731. T. Ward to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 279). Sends extracts about
Reginald Peacock.

June 5, 1731. Baker to H. (Rawl. 23. 63). There is nothing in the Ely
Register about Arundel's degrees. He was a man of quality, brother to Ric.
de Arundel and John de Arundel, knights. ' Thomas Harding, S. T. B. of this
College' wrote a history of the Church of England from 857 to 1626. A
portion of it was printed ; it is a confused, dry thing ; Bishop Burnet could
have no great assistance from it. The MS. is now for sale. Never saw Juliana
Barnes's book printed by Winkin de Word, but possesses the ' Boke of
hawkyng, hunting & fishing' printed at London by John Powell in black
letter, no date. Is glad Mr. Loveday was pleased with his reception at
Cambridge. Marmaduke Carvar of Queens' College, admitted 'sizator'
May 10, 1623 ; B.A. 1626; M.A. 1630. Sends an account of the Deans of
St. Asaph from 1500, taken from Bp. Humphreys's papers.

June 7, 1731. H. to the Hon. Cuthbert Constable, Esq. {transcript ;
Bodl. MS. Eng. Misc. c. 88. 22). Would like an account of the MS. bought


Mr. Daniel Dean, a brickmaker on Oldspur Heath near Beaconsfield.
They were asked in their Parish Church, and were married in it by
Mr. Bracegirdle, Curate of their Parish.

At the end of Roger Edgeworth's sermons, ^'^°, imprinted at London
by Robert Calye within the precincts of Christe's Hospital!, cum privilegiis
ad imprimendum solum, in M'^. Murray's copy is this MS. note at the end :
* This was Master Lybe's booke, a priest, and master Thomas Younge's
book, one of the vicars of Bampton & a priest to, and now is the Booke
of Alexander Phippes, priest, curate of Hinton Wallrishe in Barkshire and
lo borne at Bampton in Oxfordshire ; anno domini 1536. This is Richard
Winterborne's booke of Casswell Marsh and was the booke of Alexander
Phippes.' I did but just see the said book in M^. Murray's hands on
Saturday morning last, on wch day in the afternoon Mr. Murray went
away in the Lord Colerane's shaize, together with the said Lord (with
whom he came to Oxford), with a design to stay two or three days at
Astrop Wells.

Dr. Waterland of Cambridge gets no manner of Reputation by assisting
that vile Fellow Lewis of Margate in his publick works, w°h are very poor,
mean performances.
20 Mr, Collins, the free thinker, was looked upon by men of his principles
as a very clever man, and was (and so is his memory) much respected by
them, and the Catalogue of his Books is highly cryed up, as containing
a wonderfull Collection both of books and pamphletts, and bound
extremely fine.

Mr. Murray hath only one original Letter of Anth. a Wood's, being
written to M^. Richard Chiswell, the Bookseller.

Mr. Whiteside promised M"". Murray an Autograph Letter of Anth.
a Wood's, but never performed the promise.

Lord Colerane married the daughter, a fine Woman, of M^. Hanger
30 of Hanger's (commonly called Shatton Hanger's) in the parish of Bray,
near Windsor, but they have not lived together many years ; I know not
for what reason. It seems she lives with her father at Hanger's.

Lord Colerane is a very sober, studious, religious Gentleman. He hath
no child. He reads Prayers in his own House constantly night and
morning, and all the servants attend.

He hath a fine Study of Books, first collected by his Grandfather and
• Father, who were learned men, and since improved by himself.

It is said that he was so studious that when his Lady and he lived
together, he would (as he lay in bed with her) have one come up to him
40 at midnight and read Greek to him.

June 8 (Tu.). Ant. Wood mentions Edgeworth's Sermons as a great
Rarity, and that he never saw them but in Balliol Coll. among S^ Thomas
Wendy's books.

To ask Dr. Tanner what he knows of Juliana Barnes's Works.

Her book of hunting, hawking, and heraldry is commonly called the
book of St. Alban's, I think because it was first printed at St. Alban's.

by G at Mr, Jett's sale, intit. Heroica Eulogia Guillelmi Boivyeri. Dr. Tanner
thinks the paper sent is in the hands of Mr. Woodhead. ' I have thought . . .
M"". Woodhead did not become Catholick 'till after the Restauration.'

June 7-9.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 37-44 425

M'". West said t'other day he had heard of a copy of Juliana Barnes's
book printed at St. Alban's that was sold for 10 or 12 Guineas.

^l^. Murray knows nothing of Juliana Barnes's being printed at
St. Alban's.

Mr. Murray never saw Caxton's Ed. of Juliana Barnes. M^". Ward
of Warwick hath an imperfect copy thereof, \\^^ he lent me when I was
printing Caius.

M^. Murray hath a complete copy of Juliana Barnes of Winkin
de Worde's Edition.

Ask Dr. Tanner, whether he ever saw any MS. of Juliana Barnes. 10

Also whether he knows anything of her book's being translated into

The present Archbishop of Canterbury, D^". Wake, hath a fine Collection
of Coins and Medals, particularly English ones.

Mr. Murray told me t'other day many persons were for having me
reprint Leland's Itin. and Collectanea ; but so as to do it in folio. The
same thing was proposed to me many years agoe by Francis Gwyn, of
Ford Abbey in Devonshire, Esq. But I declined it both then and now.

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