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Dr, Tanner told me )'esterday he is mightily for a new Ed. of all
Wm Malmesbury's pieces, and said great improvements might be made. 20

I told him to put his nephew (who is Student of X* Ch. and in the
ipth year of his age) upon it. But he said he was a vile, rakish, sad
young man.

June 9 (Wed.). D"", Tanner hath got a very valuable collection of
English coins and meddals, gold and silver, some of w^^ he shewd me
formerly and some on Monday last in the afternoon at his Lodgings
at Xt Church.

He hath a silver Groat of Ric. Ill with civitas London on the Reverse.

The said silver groat is one of the greatest Rarities I ever saw.
I formerly thought there had been none of this usurping King's coins. 30
Di". Tanner had formerly shewed me a gold Angel of this Prince's, but
that is nothing equal in value to this with respect to History, because
there is no head on it, whereas this silver one (wcli is very fair) hath the
Head, & it gives me great satisfaction. For whereas I have been many
years seeking after such monuments to know how his face is represented,
wch in the common pictures is made to be old and shrivelled, as if he had
been more than threescore, this likewise makes him to be shrivelled, wch
is very remarkable, and yet he was only 33 years old when he was killed
at Bosworth, as is plain from Wm Wyrcester, that I printed with Liber
Niger, where we have the day and year of his birth, what I never met with 40

Dr. Tanner hath not any coin of Ric. IL M"". Willis hath both
Ric. n and Ric. HL

Henry VIII's crown piece in M"". Willis's hands seems to have been
a medal rather than a Coin.

June 9, 1731. Murray to H. (Raw). 27 c. 95). Sends Liber Niger, 2 vols.,
' which you paid me for at Oxford.' Sends Mr. Jett's, Le Neve's, and Skipton's
catalogues. Thanks for favours received at Oxford.


D''. Tanner hath a fine silver medal of Q. Eliz., struck anno 1601, about
the bigness of a shilling. Her face is represented very beautifull & young
(tho' she was then 69 years of age), & in her best habit.

June 10 (Thur.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,
June 7 :—

M'^. Astell is lately dead, a Gentlewoman very much admired for several
ingenious Pieces, with which she had favoured the Publick, in the cause of
Religion and Virtue. Her Correspondence with the famous M''. Norris
of Bemerton, on the celebrated subject of the Lonje of God, gained her no small
ID Applause ; and whoever reads her Reflection on Marriage (a new Edition of
which, with Alterations and Additions, she lately published) her Book intitled
Proposals to the Ladies, that intitled The Christian Religion as professed by
a Daughter of the Church of England, together with her other Pieces, will
observe in them an elevated mind, displayed in an excellent manner of
Reasoning, and a Turn of Genius above what is usual in her own Sex, and not
unworthy of the most distinguished Writers of the other.

The said M^b. Astell corresponded with the famous M"". Dodwell, parti-
cularly about the Case in View.

She did not understand Latin, as M^ Dodwell, from her quoting ancient
20 Authors, thought she had, but she told him she read them in the French
and other Translations.

June 11 (Fri.), Mr. Allen, Rector of Kettering in Northampton-
shire, whose Father was a baker in Oxford, was born Dec. 25, 168 1.

This Allen hath printed several things relating to Divinity, but he
is crazed.

From the Northampton Mercury for June 7 : —

The Rev. M'. Bate, Fellow of S*. John's Coll., Cambridge, and lately

Chaplain at Paris to his Excellency Horatio Walpole, Esq., his Majesty's

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, is presented to the Rectory

30 of the New Church in Deptford, vacant by the death of the Rev. Dr. Norton.

Mr. Loveday lately saw him at Cambridge, received great civilities
from him, and says he is a well-bred man, of good skill, and that his
Father, who is Clergyman, was of All Souls, Oxon.

June 12 (Sat.). On Wednesday last, called upon me, John Strachey,
Esq., formerly Gent. Commoner of Edmund Hall. He is a Somerset-
shire Gent, and hath drawn up an Alphabetical account of the Religious
Houses of that County, w^b I shall print at the end of my Hemingford.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Society.

He hath made large Collections towards the antiquities of that County,
40 and hath a better account of the Foss Way, as he told me, than is
anywhere else.

June 10, 1731. Lord Oxford to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 348) [see Diary, June 24].

June 12, 1731. E. Burton to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 191). Hearing that a book
called Hearne's Vindication [of taking the Oath of Allegiance] was to be pub-
lished, B. had written to H. desiring to be a subscriber. He now apologises,
having learnt from Mr. Peisley the * history of the printing of it ' {see also Diary,
June 14].

June 9-16.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 44-51 427

He hath so near finished a map of that County that he told me
two days more (if he had an opportunity) would compleat it.

He hath a discourse of the Strata, &c. in the Philosophical Trans-
actions, and 'tis also published by itself. I have formerly mentioned it.

June 14 (Men.). Mr. Edw. Burton, in a Letter of June 12, tells me
he hath not been able to find any thing relating to Bp Peacock's Depriva-
tion, about wct I had wrote to him. He is told, however, that IM^. Lewis
of Margate is now printing Peacock's life, and that it will be soon
published. If this be so (says Burton), / suppose it will, if exactly done,
satisfy your curiosity about that Bishop. This is Lewis the Pyrate, a man 10
of such a vile character, that nothing that he does is of any reputation.

D*". Tanner shewed me t'other day K. Charles II's Coronation Medal,
anno 1651, at Scone.

June 15 (Tu.). Mr. Harbin hath asked Lord Oxford, who assures
him he knows of nothing in his Library that can be serviceable to
me about Reginald Peacock or Whethamstede.

Mr. West bought out of Le Neve's Collection, for nine shillings, a MS.
containing antient Tenures and Knights' Fees in com. Berks. I know
not whether it was not partly extracted either from the Black or else the
Red Book. Ask him whether there be any thing in it relating to 20
Shottesbrooke or to either of the Walthams.

June 16 (Wed,). Yesterday, at 12 Clock at noon, died Dr. Wi"
Dobson, President of Trinity College, Oxon., aged about 83. He took
the Degree of M.A. as a member of that College, Nov. 4, 1672, and that
of B. and D.D., Jan. 24, 1705. He was a very good, quiet, honest man,
and is spoke well of by all people. He was, when young, a celebrated
Preacher. The Bells went for him last night at seven Clock, and just
after S*. Marie's bell had rung, it went out again for Dr. John Morley,
Rector of Lincoln College, who, I hear, died at his Parsonage in Lincoln-
shire. He took the Degree of M.A., as a member of Lincoln College, 30
June 16, 1692, that of B.D., June 26, .1703, and that of D.D., April 18,
171 1. He was married but has left no child. He was formerly a great
Tutor at the College, and bore the Character of a worthy, honest man,
but after he became married and Rector he grew indolent.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, M^. Fisher of Oriel College called upon
me, and told me that coming through Dorchester from London the day
before, he put in at the Red Lion there & dined at that Inn, and that
whilest he was there an old stone was dug up on the right hand, or on the
west side of that Inn, being 12 Inches 3 quarters thick, 17 and an half in

June 14, 173L James Gibson to H. (Rawl. 27 b. 324). Sends a letter
to be delivered to IMr. Litchfield. ' All that I can return you for your great
kindness to me is only thanks.' Does not know when he will be in Oxford next.

June 14, 1731 (Rawl. 27 c. 70). A copy of the inscription discovered at
Dorchester. Note by Hearne : * It was dug up on the west side of the Red
Lyon Inne at Dorchester, June 14, i73i> viz. in the close called Court Close
and sometimes Bishop's Close. They were digging a saw pit.'



breadth, and 10^ in depth. It was found six feet under Ground. Horses'
teeth were found with it. It was an Altar & contains this Inscription.

[Inscription omitted.]

^B. I much suspected the said copy & not without reason. For
Mr. Loveday of Magd. Coll. going over to Wallingford on June 16,
Wed., took a transcript of my copy with him & he assures me the Inscription
is as follows, and that the Stone, which is a rough stone like that dug at
Heddington Quarry, is genuine.

[Inscription omitted.]

10 I have printed the Inscription in my Preface to Walter Hemingford.

June 17 (Thur.). On Tuesday the first of this inst. June, one
Mr. William Armstrong, a Scottish man of about fourty years of age,
walked from the middle of Magdalen Bridge, Oxford, to S*. Gyles's
Pound in London in 14 hours and three Quarters for a considerable
wager, which he won, the time for performance being fifteen hours. He
set out at five a Clock in the Evening. All the time was very hot, fine

From the Northampton Mercury for Monday, June 14: —

They write from Blandford in Dorsetshire that on Friday the 4*^, about
20 noon, a fire broke out there, which burnt with such violence that it consumed
the whole Town, except 26 houses, together with the Church. The con-
sternation of the people was so great and the fire so quick that few of them
saved any of their goods ; the small pox being rife there added to the
misfortune, for many sick of that Distemper were carryed into the fields,
where they soon expired. Near 300 houses are laid in ashes, and the town is
in such Confusion that 'tis difficult to find a road through it.

June 18 (Fri.). From the Northampton Mercury for June 14 : —

On the I Qt'i of this month came Advice from Tiverton in Devonshire that
a terrible fire broke out there on Saturday night June 5^^, which consumed
30 the major part of that great trading town. The damage done thereby is
computed at 40,000 lib.

We have to add to the account mentioned above, relating to the town of
Blandford, that it was reduced to ashes in about five hours' time, that near
3,000 persons lye in the open fields without cloaths or victuals, about 150 of
which have the small-pox on them.

June 17,1731. Rev. John Jones to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 9). Sends more
information about Little Gidding. ' The reason that makes me not desirous
you should take notice of my writing to you to any of your Hall (tho' indeed
it was such a trifle as I needed not have cautioned you of, and not likely to be
taken notice of by you), was because I know the Humours and Tempers of
some people so well that I conceive it would not be taken very kindly of me,
particularly by the leading men, if they should come to know I writ to you or
another there and not to them, to whom they may suppose I am under more
especial obligations.'

June 18, 1731. James West to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 308). His copy of
Alexander Nevyl was bought at Rawlinson's sale. Mr. Murray sends a message
that his copy of Juliana Barnes was printed by Winkin de Worde and contains
the Fishing.

June 16-22.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 51-59 429

Yesterday, in the afternoon, called upon me Martin Folkes, Esq.,
Fellow of the Royal Society, a very ingenious Gent., who told me, upon
my mentioning it, that Dr. Mead hath certainly got Ardern de fistula in
am, a fine MS., that he had it of M'. Beckett, the Chirurgeon, of Abbing-
ton, & he promised me to consult it about the note relating to the Black

June 19 (Sat.). From the Northampton Mercury for June 14 : —

Letters from Tiverton say that the dreadful Conflagration that happened
there on Saturday last, June 5, with the miserable circumstances that attended
it, fills every one's Heart with the greatest grief, there being, according to the 10
most exact Accounts which have been taken, about two hundred dwelling
houses and Back-houses or Tenements consumed, ten of which cost above
10,000/. building, and the whole loss is computed at 150,000/. The fire began
by the carelessness of a Baker who lived at the East end of the Town near the
Pound, and immediately spread itself four or five ways ; it hath burnt all the
Houses and Back-houses from the river Lowman on both sides of the street
to the end of the Flesh Shambles and half-way up Berrington. A small
quantity of Goods were saved, and they were thrown into the Churches,
Meeting-houses, and the Fields adjoining where a great many hundred poor
Persons lay for want of Beds. 20

June 20 (Sun.). Yesterday I read over, being lent me by D^. Raw-
linson, the Lt/e of the R. Reverend M'''. Nathaiiael Spinckes. By the Rev.
M^.John Blacklourne, M.A., London, 1731, 8^0.

It was designed to have been prefixed to the new Edition of Mr.
Spinckes's Sick man visited. But 'tis omitted, because much disliked by
even the Nonjurors themselves ; who look upon it as a bombast per-
formance & prejudicial to the memory of that good man M"". Spinckes.

P. XXVII. ' I can come at no certainty whether he composed the life ot
Bishop Stillingfleet, as has been reported to me.' NB. That life was
written by Dr. Timothy Goodwin, who had been the Bishop's Chaplain, 30
and was afterwards a Prelate himself.

June 21 (Men.). D^. Dobson was buried in Trin. Coll. Chappell on
Friday, June 18.

Di". Morley, I hear, died suddenly of the dead Palsy on Saturday,
June 12, having been seized the day before, just after he had married
a couple. He died worth about 5 or 6 thousand Pounds. He hath left
an hundred pounds to Line. College, to be reserved till they have enough
to buy a Living with.

S^ Justinian Isham bought many of Peter Le Neve's and M^. Jett's
MSS., & he hath, besides these, several other MSS. of value. 4°

June 22 (Tu.). One M'. Wynne, a young Bach, of Arts, of Jesus
Coll., Oxon., is versed in the old British Language & is very desirous of
doing something that way ; particularly, if he can meet with Encourage-
ment (as I think he ought), he hath a mind to publish the old British

June 21, 1731. Arthur Van Sittart to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 252). Has
received the Liber Niger ; being in the country, does not know how to send
the two guineas ; desires to be put in a way of doing it by some other means
than sending it by Mr. Godfrey.


Chronicle in their College Library, being the Original of Alfred of
Beverley and Geffry of Monmouth.

When I was a little Boy at my Father's at Little Field Green, being in
the Barn there (belonging to M^ Ford, the landlord of the house where
my Father lived), upon a corn mow, at a good height from the floor,
I was pushed down upon the said floor by one Jack Rowles, my play-
fellow, his Father being threshing below, when it was exspected I should
have been taken up dead, but I had no hurt.

Afterwards, when I was likewise a little boy at my Father's, then living
lo at the Vicarage House, at White Waltham, I fell from an high Elm Tree
without hurt.

Afterwards, being likewise a little boy, while we lived also at the
Vicarage House, I fell from an Oak considerably high without any

And soon after that, getting up \stc'\ a horse, that was unlucky, without
Bridle or Saddle or Pannel, in the vicarage close of an Acre of Ground,
the horse run away immediately with me round the ground, dashed me
against a stooping apple Tree, the Horse being small passing under
it, when it was thought my brains had been dashed out (& my legs or
3o Arms broke by the fall, for I fell from the Horse), but I received only
a Bruise in the Head, wcli was soon cured by a woman (M". Ford) in
the parish, whose father-in-Law told us then of a person that was killed
immediately upon the spot, by his being run away with by his horse at
Feens in that parish, his Brains being beat out thereby, and the very bark
broke off the tree by the violence of the stroke.

I might here add other providential escapes. But I forbear. These
were put down upon reading Spinckes's Life by Blackbourne.

June 23 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for June 21 : —

Whereas it was inserted in our Mercury of the 24**1 of May last and in
30 several other newspapers that M". Kath. Salmon of Hitchin in Hertfordshire,
who died last April, was daughter to John Bradshaw, Esq., serjeant at Law
and President of the pretended High Court of Justice, who sat on the Tryal
of King Charles I and first signed the Warrant for his Execution ; this is to let
the PubUck know that it was a gross Mistake, for the said deceased Gentle-
woman was one of the Daughters of the Rev. M^ Nathaniel Bradshaw,
minister of Willingham in Cambridgeshire, who often declared he was no ways
related to the President Bradshaw, and did upon all occasions express a very
great Abhorrence of his Behaviour to the King.

In the year 1727 was printed at the Theatre in Oxford, a Catalogue
40 of the Oxford Graduates between Oct. 10, 1659, and Oct. 10, 1727.
The Preface was written (tho' there be no notice taken of it) by Mr. Rich.
Peers, superior Beadle of Arts and Physic of the Univ. of Oxon., who
first published the said Catalogue of Graduates in 1688, with a dedication
to Dr. Ironside (wc^i is in this Ed. of 1727 omitted). Afterwards were
three continuations added by M''. Peter Cox, M"^. Peer's successor,
whereof the first continuation takes in the continuation from 1688 to
1690 that had been done by M^. Gerard Langbaine, who succeeded,
as superior Beadle of Law, M^. Christopher Wase, about which consult
Wood in Aih. Oxon. All the four parts were at length reduced to one
50 Alphabet, and an addition to the said year 1727 inserted; but frequent

June 22-27.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 59-65 431

complaints are made of the inaccuracy and defects of the performance,
due regard being not had to the Registers, which should have been
nicely examined.

June 24 (Thur.). Lord Oxford, in a Letter from London of the
lo'li, tells me he hath made diligent search after M^. Wanley's design
with respect to his publishing a volume of our historians, but can find
nothing, except two transcripts in his own hand of two MSS. in the
Cottonian Library. . One is Annales Dunstapliae (MS. Tib. A. 10), con-
taining 176 pages of writing; the other, Benedictus Abbas (Julius A. 11),
containing 277 pages. 10

What he designed to do with these, my Lord cannot tell. I take it for
granted he intended to have printed both, and that it was all that he had
done in order to a Volume. I never saw either Author ; but D^, Srnith,
in his Catalogue, speaks well of the latter, and I think I heard Mr. Wanley
commend the former, when he was last in Oxford.

Mr. Wanley has sometimes talked with my Lord about publishing
a volume from the Harleyan Library, but never said what the MSS. were.

My Lord hath met with some good MSS. lately, of which he will give
me an account (he says) soon.

June 25 (Fri.). M^. Edward Lye, in a Letter from Little Houghton, 20
April 21, 1731, tells me he saw lately in a Gentleman's study, among
several MSS. which are for the most part modern and relate to the Law,
one of Caxton's performances treating of the Game of Chess, &c., written
in the year 1474. Ask him whether it be not really a printed book.

M^. Lye hath examined my Lord Northampton's MSS., which are not
very curious. There are two missals, an imperfect History of England,
the Voyages of the E. of Cumberland in the years, if he remembers right,
1582 &c.

He says he should be glad to have my opinion concerning the celibacy
of the clergy in King Edw. I's reign. 30

I know not what he means by it. He may consult Wharton of the
Celibacy of the Clergy. Merton College was founded in the beginning
of that reign. The Founder & men of his Virtues were for single men
in Colleges; & they thought it most becoming Clergymen to devote
themselves intirely to Religion & Learning, and to be freed from the
Incumbrances of Wives and Children.

June 26 (Sat.). M^. Loveday tells me there is now in the Common
Hall at Yarmouth, a Tabula Pensilis^ a Transcript (as he takes it) of that
printed in Leiand's Collectanea, vol. vi. It bears this Title : ' De
Antiquitate & Fundatione burge Magnae Jernemuthae in comitatu 40
Norfolciae & de aliis rebus gestis ita patet in recordis veteribus; Ad
tabulas veteres exscripsit Thomas Royall, a.d. 1712, majore Samuele
Wakeman armigero.'

June 27 (Sun.). On p. 57 o^ Marmora ArundelUana is an Inscrip-
tion, printed from Mr. Camden's MSS. additions to \n% Britannia, p. 595,
wch copy I now have. But Selden hath printed it wrong. So hath
Reinesius from Selden.


Henry Grey, E. of Kent, was a great friend of Mr. Selden's. He lived
at his seat at Wrest, in Bedfordshire. His Lady EUz. (who was a Talbot)
was likewise a great friend of Selden's.

Selden mentions both of them with honour in the end of his Preface to
Marmora Arundelliana. Selden used to retire to Wrest.

June 28 (Mod..). Selden was never married. I have often heard it
said (how justly I know not) that he often lay with the Countess of Kent,
who was a Lady that loved books and learning, and was fond of him.

June 29 (Tu.). Sir W"" Whitlock's memorials of the English Affairs
lo being grown scarce, Proposals are published by some Booksellers for
reprinting them.

June 30 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for June 28 : —

'Tis written from Cambridge that a certain Doctor has been detected and
confessed the stealing of several books from St. John's College and other

I hear many of the said books are very voluminous, that they were
stolen out of a publick Library at Cambridge by a Clergyman, and as
publickly as insolently sold by Auction in London by the Theifs.*

July 1 (Thur.). M'. Samuel Jebb took the Degree of M.D. at
20 Rheims. He is in Holy Orders and has publickly worn the habit, which
he has now thought fit to throw off, tho' there is no reason why he may
not practise Physick in a gown, as well as the R. Rev. M^. Wagstafife did
for many years from the Confusions of 1688. Dr. Mead is his particular
friend, and hath done, and continues to do, great matters for him. He
hath published many books, and notwithstanding his practise of Physick
and his marrying a fortune, he still acts the part of an Editor, being

June 29, 1731. Baker to H. (Rawl. 23. 64). Did not know that Alexander
Nevyl's Apologia was printed. His Kettus was written at the suggestion of
Archbishop Parker, who gave him the reward of ^100. He was brother to
Dr. Thomas Nevyl, Master of Trin. Coll. and Dean of Canterbury, * ex nobili
familia natus'. Has seen a copy of the account of Charles H's escape from
Worcester, now in Dr. Waterland's possession, but was not allowed to make
a transcript. Believes Wickliff 's Testament, ' which you are not solHcitous
about,' to be in forwardness. ' You will have enough in the Prints of a loss
here in books, so I shall not trouble you with a further account. All I can
say is that the criminal was originally an Oxford man, so your University will
have a share in the disgrace.' ^

June 30, 1731. Beaupr6 Bell to H. (Rawl. 2. 86). Agrees with H. that
the style of Alexander Nevyl is elegant. Bishop Godwyn thought highly of
him and inserted the greater part of his history of the Bishops of Norwich in
his own Commentary.

July 1, 1731. H. to A. Van Sittart {draft ; Rawl. 27 C 253). Would
have sent the book [see letter, June 21] to Shottesbrook, had he known that
Van Sittart was in the country. The money may be sent in any way.

July 1, 1731. James Gibson to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 325). See Diary, July 6,
which is copied from this letter.

1 See Diary, Aug. 13. — Ed.

June 27-Juiy 5.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 65-85 433

a man of Learning and Industry. He is a Nonjuror, and by that means
(as other Nonjurors are) kept from Preferment.

July 2 (Fri.). Yesterday, Trinity College returned Mr. Stockwell and
Mr. Huddesford to the Bp of Winchester, Visitor of that College, who is to
fix upon one of them for Head of that College.

July 3 (Sat.). Yesterday Mr. Owen of All Souls told me that Lord
Oxford saw their imperfect Vellum Durandus's Rationale Divinorum
Officiorum, when he was here in Oxford, something more than a year
agoe, when his Lordship told him at the same time that he had got a very
fine perfect one of the same. M"". Owen said Lord Pembroke had one 10
also, and that there are several others, all as he thought Vellum. Quaere.

Mr. Anstis, Garter, has, I hear, purchased much from Le Neve's MSS.
and by that means will get at the knowledge of what Le Neve designed
should have been secured, at least one century, under strong locks

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