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^ Note at the end of the volume : ' Aug. 17, Tu., one Dodge, a smith of Charleton
upon Otmere, hanged at Six Clock night at Oxford Castle. The knot being not tied
right, he fell from the Rope, just as he was thrown off the ladder, to the ground &
much bruised, but was presently tied up again.'

* This Manuscript, still in Magd. Coll. Library, is said to be a compilation made
at the end of the fourteenth century, and to be of little value. — Ed.

Aug. 17-24.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 128-133 449

hours with me, together with his son and grandson, M^. George Parker,
author of the Ephemeris, the two and fortieth Impression of which
is that for the present year 1731.

He was born at Shipton upon Slower in Worcestershire. He is an
honest man, and was formerly several times prosecuted for things inserted
in his Ephemeris relating to the Chevallier. He is in the 77*^1 year of
his Age.

I gave him some corrections of the Regal Table in his Ephemeris, also
some notes relating to the Saints days.

He is a Cutler by Trade, but left off when he began to write his '<*

His Ephemeris is by much the best exstant, he having had great
assistance from D^. Halley.

His son is a Master printer by Trade, in London, & is versed in
Astrology, so as to be able to carry on the Ephemeris, if he survives his

Aug. 22 (Sun.). Yesterday morning, Mr. Loveday of Magd. Coll.,
in his way to Caversham, called at Dorchester to see the stone again.
I received a Letter from him last night from Caversham, in wcb he tells me
it was removed to Sir George Oxenden's at Litile Witnam, about a fort- 20
night since, and that 'tis to be put up (they say) in a wood there. I have
not yet seen it, but (he says) I may see it, he presumes, there with as much
ease as at Dorchester.

On July 6*11 last, M'. Le Farr of Little Witnam, who gave me then
a Copy of the Inscription, said a Gentleman of Sandwich had given
a Guinea for it, and taken a Receipt, but that the Earl of Abbington
detained it as Lord of the Mannour. He said 'twas to be conveyed
to Sandwich, if not hindered. I think this Le Farr (as he told me
his name was) lived once with Oxenden.

Aug. 23 (Men.). Yesterday, died M'. John Croke of Oxford, aged 3o
about fourty, son of M^. John Croke, who died thirty years agoe about
the same age, and was one of the Compositors at the Theater printing
house, and indeed an excellent Compositor he was, hardly a better
in England. This M^. Croke the son was a very hard drinker, and 'twas
what killed him. He hath left a widow (and two daughters) a very pretty,
modest, carefull, industrious Woman, aged about 34, daughter of one
Smith, a rich Butcher of Oxford, who hath been dead some time, and he
having no other child, by that means a great deal came to her. His
Father the Printer lays buried in Holywell Church yard.

Aug. 24 (Tu.V Q. what University was the celebrated Luke Mil- 4°
bourne of. M^". Baker knows him not, neither is he taken notice of either
in the old or new Ed. of Athenae Oxon., tho' I am assured that he was an

[Undated, but before Aug. 25, 1731.] James West to H. (Rawl.
27 c. 313). Has a Compotus ot the revenue of Queen Philippa for 32 Ed. Ill,
which he bought at Le Neve's sale. There has lately been an auction of the
Collection of Dr. Brathwaite, Warden of New College. Dr. Tanner is to be
Bishop of St. David's. /

VOL. x. G g


Author even before the publication of the first as well as of the second

I am apt to think that the account of D'. Hickes in the second Ed. of
Ath. Oxon. was wrote by himself or some one well acquainted with him.
'Twas a common thing for others to write for M^. Wood & sometimes
living Authors themselves.

Aug. 25 (Wed.). Yesterday morning, died the Marquiss of Blandford,
Grandson of the Dutchess of IMarlborough, in the Master of BaUiol
College's Lodgings. This young Gentleman, who was about 30 years of

10 age, was at the Borlace Club, kept yearly at the King's Head Tavern in
Oxford, on Wednesday last, Aug. 18, where was (as usual on that
occasion) a very great dinner, abundance of Gentlemen being also there,
some of wcli of the Nobility, it being the custom of the Club to pitch
upon, oc chose \^sic\, a Lady to be a Tost in drinking for the whole year,
whom they stile by the Title of ihe Lady Patroness. The Lady now
chosen was the youngest Daughter of Sir John Stonehouse of Radley in
Berks., a most charming pretty Lady, admired by all. The Marquess
was an immoderate drinker & drunk now & afterwards (even on Saturday
last too) to such excess that he fell ill on Sunday & died yesterday without

30 Issue Male. His Lady (a very pretty Woman) came into Town yesterday
morning, just before he expired, but he knew her not. She sownded [jzV]
away, iho' 'tis reputed that her affections have been for other sparks.

Aug. 26 (Thur.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,
Aug. 23 :

By the last Letters from Leydon we hear that the Rev. M*". Nicholas
Stevens, M.A. and formerly Fellow of Trinity College in Oxford, son of Henry
Stevens, Esq., Serjeant at Law, took the Degree of Doctor in Physick the
25*^ of July last, with great Applause and Honour.

Aug. 27 (Fri.). In Algate Church, about three weeks since, was
30 delivered in a paper, desiring that prayers might be offered to Almighty
God to inspire his Majesty to hear the Complaints of his subjects, and to give
him the courage to revenge the iiijuries done them by the Spaniards ; but this
the Curate thought not fit to repeat, tho' he made no scruple to give

Aug. 28 (Sat.). Mr. Benjamin Worster, M.A., was lately of Eman.
Coll., Cambridge, and was as good a Classical Scholar as he was
a Mathematician and experimental Philosopher. D^. Rawlinson bought
several of his Books with MSS. notes by learned men, as Lucian's
Dialogues with ^ Humph. LLwyd's Corrections, Cleiiientis Epistola I ad
40 Corinthios with remarks by Pearson and Sancroft, and very numerous
and judicious Remarks on Suetonius by M^. Worster himself. He
(M^. Rawlinson) met with some books of Chymistry and Philosopher's
Stone, noted by Ed. Bolnest, M.D., a Cantabrigian as the D"". thinks, and

Aug. 26, 1731. Thomas Rawlins to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 1 16). Sends some
literary Queries,

1 MS.: of.

Aug. 24-Sept.3.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 133-138 451

Physitian to K. Charles II. He seems to have been acquainted with
Mr. Ashmole, many of whose papers are at present in the hands of
an honest Cavalier, Capt. Montgomery, at South Lambeth, who married
a near relation of M"". Ashmole's.

Aug. 29 (Sun.). M"". Hen. Gandy, a Nonjuring Bishop, formerly of
Oriel College & Proctor of the University with Arthur Charlett, hath made
large Collections towards a History of the suffering Clergy, not forgetting
the Laity in the same Circumstances, but I fear his great age, for he
is near 82, will deprive us of the benefit of his pen. He is undoubtedly
a very worthy honest man, and 'tis hoped that what he cannot do himself lo
will be perfected by some one else of the like honest Principles.

Aug. 30 (Men.). Stevens above-mentioned, who was expelled
Trinity Coll. in this University for Deism and took the degree of M.D. at
Leyden last July, hath printed a Thesis upon taking that Degree, as
is usual in those Countries.

Mr. John Worthington long since transcribed the last will of John
Barnet, made Bp of Bath and Wells, anno 1363, and committed to
memory the Contents of an old will, made by one Richard Worthington,
Provost and Residentiary Preb. of Wells; and he hath an Account
of several of the Bishops taken from their Funeral Certificates. All which 20
he tells me he shall most willingly transcribe at his best Leisure, and send
me, if required. I told him they would be acceptable, and that, if a proper
opportunity offered itself, I would make a publick use of them.

Aug. 31 (Tu.). Yesterday, called upon me Mr. John Ball, a Non-
juring Clergyman, who lately put out Gyllius in English. He says he
hath got [a] MS. of Theodore Bathurst's, being a Translation into Latin of
Spencer's Calendar. M"^. Ball designs to print it with the English and
a Glossary. He lately lived for five years together with M^. Banner, of
Staffordshire, but hath now left him. M^. Ball, as he told me, took the
Degree of B.A. in King William's time, and had done all his exercise for 30
the degree of IVLA. He told me that formerly he often perused a MS.
of the said Translation at Corpus Xti Coll., Oxon,, at wcli time he was
Scholar of that College. He said he had by the Death of his brother
William Ball about three hundred libs., wcb was in the Bank of England.

Dr. Beckett of Abbington tells me there is in Sion College Library, in
a printed folio Book (what Book he forgets) a Catalogue of the Books,
MS. and printed, in the Study of John Stowe, seized by a particular
Order in Q. Eliz.'s time, because it had been given out he had divers
books contrary to the protestant Religion & Government.

Sept. 1 (Wed.). M^. Beckett assured me yesterday that he had not 40
heard one syllable about the Dorchester stone (what I much wonder at)
and that he knows nothing of S^ George Oxinden. I hear of no one
that hath seen it, but what allows it to be really ancient and genuine,

Aug. 29 [? 1731]. Baker to H. (Rawl. 22. 39). A transcript of Michael
Hudson's account of the escape of Charles I from Oxford to the army of the

Gg 2


among these is D"". Derham (who copied the Inscription & sent it to his
friends) and I am told it agrees with the Copy I had from M', Loveday,
and indeed there is no doubt of M'. Loveday's copy, unless in the points
& a circumstance or two in the Letters, of no moment ; for as for the
little capital H clapt in after the M, I cannot learn that there are any just
grounds for it.

Last night, died D"". Frewin, History Professor's wife in Newinhall
Lane, Oxford, where D^. Frewin now lives. She was niece to the late
Dr. Woodward, of Oriel Coll., who died very rich & left what he had to
10 her, so that now D^. Frewin (who hath had no child by her) hath all.
She was about fifty years old, fell ill on Sunday last, Aug. 30, of
a shivering fit, was pretty well on Monday, but fell off again yesterday.
She was a very good natured Woman.

Sept. 2 (Thur.). S'" George Oxinden married one of the Dunches of
the female line, the male Line being exstinct.

Mr. Fysher, of Oriel Coll., told me yesterday they have nothing on
their Registers concerning Reg. Peacock.

He also told me what Anth. Wood says of Gascoigne from one of their
Registers is true.
2o M^. Samuel Westley, Head Usher of Westminster School, is a very
ingenious, witty man, and famous for making English Ballads. It is he
that published Nich. Stevens, late of Trin. Coll., Oxon.'s two deistical
Letters, with Remarks on them, intit. Two Letlers from a Deist to his
Friend, concerning the Truth and Propagation of Deism in opposition to
Christianity, With Remarks. Lond., 1730, 40.

Ask Dr. Tanner what he "knows of John Bambourgh, supprior of
Tynmouth. I know that he wrote vita sancti Tohannis, Prioris de
Tynemutha, as appears from Wethamstede, but nothing more.

Sept. 3 (Pri.). From the Northampton Mercury for Mon., Aug. 30 : —

30 On Tuesday, Aug. 24, at noon died, after a short illness, at Oxford, the
Right Hon. the Marquis of Blandford. He marryed a Sister of the Countess

Sept. 3, 1731. H. to Bawlinson (Rawl. 32. 60). Has received a parcel
from R. by the hands of ' M"". Smith, whose father lives at Eynsham. . . .
M'. Brooks of Cambridge shewed himself an honest man. He deserves notice
from such as are able to reward Honesty, . . . The Inscription under
M''. Cherry's picture is Franciscus Cherry, cl. Dodivelli alter ego. It was put
under it since it came thither,^ and perhaps the Grueller's son might dictate it.
He directed Madame Cherry about the MSS. . . . Several of the MSS. were
very improper to be put there. But the Adviser had the Schism in view, and
he expected extraordinary Papers written by M'. Cherry himself in defence
of M'. Dodwell's opinion about the closing or healing of the Schism. But he
found himself strangely deceived and even his private views dashed at once.
Methinks if the papers you sent me about the Consecrations were printed in
a little S"' book, it might be a good way to preserve them, if prudential
reasons do not hinder. Many people know nothing of these consecrations,
otherwise good friends ; and I cannot see why they should be kept in
ignorance, if the knowledge thereof be so much for the interest of the church.'

^ i. e. to the Bodleian. — Ed.

Sept. 1-7.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 138-155 453

of Denbergh, a native of Holland ; and having left no Issue, the Honours and
great Estate of that Illustrious Family vpill descend to the Earl of Sunderland,
who will be Duke of Marlborough, in case he survives the present Dutchess,
being male Heir of the second daughter of the late Duke.

A marriage is said to be on foot between the Lord Russel, brother to the
Duke of Bedford, and the Lady Diana Spencer, sister to the Earl of Sunderland,
now Marquis of Blandford, to whom an Estate of 75,000/. per annum (one
Third of which is exempt from all manner of Taxes) fell by the Death of the
late Marquis before-mentioned.

Sept. 4 (Sat.). In the North Side of Wolhampton Church, near 10
Newbury in Berks. : Hie jacet Ricardus de Henlond, Rector hums loci,
conditor cancelli, in ancient capital Letters. For cancelli is printed
capellani'm the late Book stiled Ashmole's Antiquities of Barks hire, vol. i,
p. 20. I was told yesterday by a Clergyman, whom I met accidentally
by Magd. Coll., that 'tis cancelli, and he had the Inscription in his hand.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, D^. Frewin's wife was buried in S*. Peter's
Church in the East, Oxon., by his first wife, the Lady Tyrrell.

Sept. 5 (Sun.). More things out of Dr. Rawlinson's Additions to
Athenae Oxon., Ed. II.

[Extracts omitted.'] ao

Sept. 6 (Mon.). Tho' D^. Brathwaite's Library had been culled many
years agoe, yet there were some odd Things remaining in it when lately
exposed to Auction.

Many of Archbishop Bancroft's volumes of Miscellanies are come to
Mr. West's hands. He was a man not only of very great Piety, Integrity,
Loyalty, and Learning, but very curious in collecting and digesting small
printed Tracts relating to our English Affairs.

The Earl of Orrery (he that was Mr. Boyle, and published Phalaris,
and wrote in his Defence) hath given his Library to X* Church. 'Twas
valued some years since at eight thousand pounds. 30

Sept. 7 (Tu.). The Oxford Horse Races this year began Aug. 31

Sept. 4, 1731. James West to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 315). The Compotus of
Queen Philippa contains about 1 1 leaves of vellom. ' My Lord Oxford and
I drank your health on Monday night, when we were alone together as we
generally are in the evenings I dine there. I need not tell M'. Hearne what
pleasure there is in discoursing upon Antiquities with so communicative and
benevolent [a] man as my Lord is. . . . The Hon. B. L. Calvert is hourly expected
in England. The Earl of Orrery has given his Library to Christ Church.
'Twas valued some years since at eight thousand pounds.' \See also Diary,
Sept. 6.]

Sept. 4, 1731. H. to E-awlinson (Rawl. 32. 61). Acknowledges the
receipt of two parcels.

Sept. 6, 1731. Beaupr6 Bell to H. (Rawl. MS. B. 198. 109), Is unable
to inspect Le Neve's papers at Norwich. Would like information about an
ancestor. Sir Robert Bell, chief Baron of the Exchequer, who died at Oxford
in 1577.

Sept. 7, 1731. H. to Dr. Willidm Fullerton (Rawl. 39. 147). Sends

^ See Diary July 5. — Ed.


and did not end till last night, and there were Booths (being not taken
away 'till to-day) in Port Meadow for at least six weeks together.

Mr. Edm. Maryott, minister of King's Langley in Hartfordshire, told
me to-day of a very ancient Monument in that church, w°ti he can make
nothing of, I suppose 'tis of Edmond of Langley, fifth son of Edward III,
who was both born and buried there.

Sept. 9 (Thur.). This day I wrote to the Rev. M^". Benj. Howell, to
know when & where Sir Thomas Sebright's Durandus's Rationale in vellum
was printed ; also whether it hath any signatures at the bottom. I wrote
lo several times to Sir Thomas himself on this and other Affairs, but can
have no Answer. M^". Howell is a Nonjuror, a great acquaintance of
S^ Thomas's, and lives at Stagenhoo, near Hitchin, where he is Tutor to
a young Gentleman. He became a Nonjuror in K. George I's time on
account of the Abjuration Oath, & lost what he had.

Sept. 10 (Fri.). Mr. John Jones, who sometimes since took the
degree of Bach, of Arts of Edm. Hall, & had been before a Servitour of
Edm. Hall, and upon my recommendation was under M^". Whiteside at
the Mus. Ashm., and is now curate to M^. Hotchkin, Rector of Abbot's
Ripton in Huntingdonshire, called upon me on Wednesday last and
2o yesterday. He is a modest, civil, sober young man, and deserves
encouragement, being willing to do any thing that is good and laudable.
He told me of an old monument in the highway, as he came along,
supposed to have been taken out of Ramsey Abbey, and to have been
a funeral monument, but that 'twas so obliterated that he could not make
it out. This Mr. Jones hath something ready, or at least designed by
him at some time or other, for the Press, by way of service in religious
matters to his Parishioners. He is a Lover of Antiquity, and spends
many hours that way, and intends to obtain what he can for D'. Tanner
with respect to the Welsh religious Houses.

30 Sept. 11 (Sat.). Quaere about the famous M"". Thomas Gataker, viz.
whether he were not of Clare Hall, in Cambridge. One Thomas Gataker
was of that Hall in 1670, but I think he was son to the former, and was
Rector of Hoggeston, near Winslow, in Buckinghamshire.

Sept. 12 (Sun.). On Saturday, Sept. 4, the Chappell of Bleinheim
House, by Woodstock, was consecrated by the Bishop of Oxford, D''.
Potter, and afterwards, in the Evening of the same day, the Marquis of
Blandford's Body was conveyed thither and buried in that Chappell.

him a copy of Caius as a present. Would present some book to Captain Orme,
if he was assured it would be proper [cp. Letter of Oct. 26, 1730].

Sept. 10, 1731. Rawlinson to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 148). Sends a packet to
H. by the hands of the bearer, an honest fellow journeying to Gloucester,
who ' brews good drink, as we Londoners think. I have sent a token for
a black pot '.

Sept. 11, 1731. Beaupr6 Bell to H. (Rawl. MS. B. 198. in). Sends
a copy of Godwyn's Catalogue of the Bishops of Bath and Wells.

Sept. 13, 1731. H. to Rawlinson (Rawl. 32.63). Has received a letter
from R., it was ' brought by a Porter and I heard not one word of what you
say you sent to drink your health with '.

Sept. 7-17.] VOLUME CXXX, PAGES 155-162 455

Sept. 13 (Mon.). Q. about INIr. William Sloper, minister of Drayton
in the County of Berks., & master of the Free School in Wantage in that
County. He was deprived of Drayton at the Revolution & had only the
Free School left, wcb he kept without taking the Oaths till 1706, when he
was dismissed for refusing them, having a wife & 3 children. So that
he was reduced to a very deplorable condition, having nothing but the
Charity of Friends to subsist on, as he represented on Feb. 13, 17 if.

Sept. 14 (Tu.). James Tyrrell, Esq., left another Volume of his
History ready for the Press, but 'twas never yet printed, and perhaps
never will. He was a very industrious man, and had consulted and 10
inspected a very great variety of Books, MS. and printed, relating to the
affairs of England, and his Skill was very considerable, tho' his judgment
not great. Besides, being a partial Writer, he is not much regarded.
Yet his notes about authors are of good account. I suppose his son,
Collonel Tyrrell, of Shotover, may have the said unpublished Volume
with other papers of M^. Tyrrell. 'Tis worth while to enquire whether
there be in it, or else in some of his other Papers, anything about the
writings of John Whethamstede. M^. Tyrrell had certainly seen and
perused Whethamslede's Register in the Heralds' Office, in wcb are many
things not to be met with elsewhere, concerning the times of Hen. VI 20
and Edw. IV, and 'tis very probable INI'^. Tyrrell had also consulted other
pieces of this learned Historian, & particularly his lesser Register, to w^b
this larger Register of the Heralds' Office refers for some historical Facts.

Sept. 15 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for Sept. 13 : —

The Rev. D^ Ibbotson, Rector of Lambeth and Prebendary of Exeter,
is dead.

Sept. 16 (Thur.). INI'". Tredwell, who lives at Cairfax, in Oxford, is
ninety-four years of age, a neat, clean, old man, and very brisk and lively.
He formerly let Horses in K. Charles IPs time. He walks every day,
both forenoon and afternoon, in X* Church walk, where I saw and talked 30
with him yesterday in the afternoon, when he laughed and was very
merry. He said he had had a little fit of the Cholick about three days
before ; otherwise he knew not what the Cholick was. He retains all his
senses as well as his understanding perfectly well.

Sept. 17 (Fri.). M'. Brome, of Ewithington, near Hereford, let
a person have five or six most beautifuU Coins of Carausius, who never
returned them again, and ]\R Brome, not thinking to be so served, did
not take care to take the Inscriptions.

Sept. 16, 1731. J. lioveday to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 34). Sends inscriptions
from the church of ' Harpden or Harding' [i.e. Harpsden] on Dr. Miles
Stapylton (1731) and Henry Owen (1649). Mr. John Stapylton, a young
clergyman, the Doctor's nephew, has inherited the Doctor's 'study'. The
report that he ordered his sermons to be burnt is untrue. In 17 19 Mr. Robert
Betham, minister of Silchester, was drowned in Fleet ditch. He was given
the living by Sir Thomas Draper of Sunninghill. He rebuilt the parsonage
house and died poor. It is said his books were bought by Principal King lor
Sir Thomas Sebright at a cost of /800.


Also, above a year since, a curious, ingenious Gent., e Soc. Jesu &
a great Traveller, made M''. Brome a visit & begged a sight of his Coins.
He was most inquisitive after Carausius & Allectus, & M^ Brome made
him a Present of both sorts. M^. Brome believes he would make good
traffick of them in Italie, whither he was going.^

Sept. 18 (Sat.). Mr. Thomas Wells, who was Bach, of Arts of
Exeter College, and died of the small Pox at his Father's House at Bray
near Maidenhead in Berks., about the year 1705 or 1706, was an
ingenious young man, & esteemed the very best Ringer that ever was, or
10 ever will be, in England or in the whole world. He was just entered into
holy Orders. His father, Thomas Wells, was Parish Clarke of Bray,
& was likewise a good Ringer, he having a good ear himself. I went to
School with the son at Bray, at w^h time he delighted much in ringing
& was observed to be very strong in the Arm, as indeed he was, and
proved a very strong lusty man, and being wonderfully good natured he
was much beloved.

Sept. 19 (Sun.). There is newly published a 4*0 Book, containing
40 of Lord Pembroke's Statues. They are etched. A poor performance,
yet price 20s. The account of the Book and the descriptions of the

20 figures are English, miserably spelt, and the Syntax horrid. Sold by
Cary Creed at the Jarr, between Cecil and Salisbury Street in the Strand,
and by M^. Prevost, the Bookseller, The 7*^ is Cleopatra & her son
Caesarion by Julius Caesar, big as Life, C. Creed/. She sits upon a sort
of stone seat, her son in her lap sucking, a mantle about her, otherwise
naked. She hath a sort of languishing aspect. The ninth, the first
Equestrian Statue of INIarcus Aurelius, which occasioned the Sculptor to
be employed in casting the Great one on a different Horse at the Capitol ;
C Creed/. M. Aurelius hath no spurrs. His Horse hath a Bridle, but
'tis like modern Bridles. The 23rd, Attis, Cybele's high priest, cloathed

30 as a Woman. It is graved in Montfaucon without the Head, my Lord
having bought it before with the Mazarine Collection ; C. Creed/ The
25*11, Sabina, wife of Adrian, full length. The 26*^ Faustina, wife of
Antoninus Pius, full length. The 27*^, Antinous, full length. The 30*^,
Apollo, with a fine Gloss like old ivory, so stained in the earth by some
mineral; C. C. / The 33^*^, a Naiad or River Nymph, sleeping on
a Bank in Egypt, on which is carved an Ibis, &c. The 35*^, a Genteel

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