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figure of Cupid, from which water is furnished for a Bathing place, found
at Puzzoli.


pp. 1-159 contain transcripts and extracts from MSS. and books lent
40 to Hearne.

p. 1. An indulgence of Maugerus, Prior of the Carmelites of York, to

Roger Low, dated 1387.
p. 5. A Latin treatise, apparently by D^. Bayly, of Havant in Hamp-
shire, upon a Roman inscription discovered at Chichester in 1723.

' A note at the end of the volume : — ' Sept. 15. Abbington Horse Race in Clifton
Meadow; ended Sept. 17.'

Sept. 17-20.] VOL. CXXX, p. 162 — VOL. CXXXI, P. 160 457

p. II. Notes from sermons printed in 1627, 1628, and 1630.

p. 12. A transcript of a parchment document of 1 47 2, in which Franciscus
Placentinus, warden and rector of the Friars Minors in the Holy
Land, recites the papal privileges they had received.

p. 14. A letter of the Privy Council, transcribed from the Black Book of
Warwick, folio 92, in favour of John Speed's Description of Britain.

p. 17. The names of the bailiffs of Warwick from 1555 to 1687.

p. 25. A contemporary description of the receiving of Queen Elizabeth
into the city of Coventry, Aug. 17, 1566.

p. 43. M^ Ashmole's Statutes, dated June 21, 1686. 10

p. 62. Transcripts from a register of charters of the church of Mancestre,
in Warwickshire, lent to Hearne by Mr. West, Sept. 23, 1730 ; there
are five deeds of circa 1 242-1 252, about founding a chantry at
Hardeshull, within the parish of Mancestre; two deeds about
destroying a chapel at Hardeshulle ; a composition between the
Lord of Hardeshulle and the Rector of Mancestre, 141 1 ; a dispute
between the Rector of Mancestre and the Austin Friars of Atherston,
the matter being referred to the arbitration of Philip Morgan, Robert
Halum the Chancellor of Oxford, and others; the articles on each
side were delivered in S^-. Frideswide's Church, Feb. 28, 1403, and 20
the award was pronounced in S*. Mary's Church, Mar. 7, 1404;
Hearne gives the verdict on eleven points but omits the end, where
the word ' Semly house ' must have occurred, mentioned by him
above, see p. 338.

p. 92. Transcripts from a rental of Coventry Priory, of the date
1 2 Hen. IV. It gives a detailed account of the bounds of Radford,
New Coundulne, Coundulne, near Coventry, Kernsley, alias the
parish of S*. Michael Coventry, Corley, Ecclessale, Folxhull, the
town of Coventry, ' boscus forinsecus de Bernett ', and ' boscus
intrinsecus de Hasilwod '. 30

p. 121. Expenses of Christ Church, Oxford, by occasion of the Queen's
Majesty's comming thither 1 2 July, 1 566 ; from a MS. lent to Hearne
by Rawlinson in 1730.

p. 140. An account of occurrences in the Camp of James II at Hounslow
Heath in July and August, 1688, from a MS. lent to Hearne by
Rawlinson in 1730.

p. 157. 'From an old blind Parchment that they have at Kirtlington to
secure them from paying toll in passing through Towns, shewed me
Monday, July 19, 1731, by Walter Beauchamp of Oxford, currier,
who knew not what to make of it.' It is a charter of Feb. 10, ^o
4 Eliz., by which the Queen grants to Kirtlington and Bicester
King's End that they should enjoy freedom from toll, stallage,
picage, &c,, as was granted to all the manors of the Duke of
Lancaster on May 17, 16 Ed. Ill, and renewed to the properties
of the Duchy of Lancaster Nov. 4, 10 Ed. IV; but this exemption
does not apply within the Duchy of Lancaster.
Sept. 20, 1731 (Men.). I have often heard it said that the chief of

Sept. 20, 1731. Tanner, at Norwich, to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 2 19) see Diary,
Oct. 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, II, and 12].


the Criticisms that Kuster hath printed in his Ed. of Suidas are really
Bp Pearson's, as may appear from the Bp's MS. now at Cambridge.
Mention it to Mr. Baker. Ask also M^. Baker about the Bp's Critical
Notes upon Hesychius, an Edition of w°l» he intended to have R;iven.

Photius's Lexicon is in Bodley, and might be added to Hesychius.
D^. Mill had a Transcript with an Index, wct Index I wrote out for the
Dr. from another w^^ had been drawn up by a Forreigner (he that designed
an Edition of Diog. Laertius) residing here in Oxford.

Sept. 21 (Tu.). Yesterday, was elected mayor of Oxford for 1732
10 Alderman Niccols, in opposition to M"". Vicaris, the Mercer. This is the
third time of M"". Niccols's being mayor, who is a Locksmith.

Bayliffs for the City were elected, M^". Wilkins, a goldsmith, and
Ml". Munday, an upholsterer.

Mr. Miles Windsore, in his MSS. notes, according to what I have from
Mr. Wood, makes the Virgin Chappel by Smith Gate, Oxon., to stand
north and south, I cannot tell whether he means that Chappell or no
now in part standing by Smith Gate, tho' 'tis turned to a dwelling House.
There is the Effigies of the V. Mary over the door southwards. But
Mr. Windsore says the effigies he saw was in the window, so I suppose
20 must be painted. His words ' Aula Cervina in paroc. Sancti lohannis ad
aquilonem ubi etiam sancte Marie de Romsuall capella est, ut apparet
per effigiem in fenestra ejusdem capellae. This chap, stands north and
south.' ^

Sept. 22 (Wed.). M^. Brome hath lately purchased a little piece of
silver Plate, shaped somewhat like the Keel of a Ship, but stands on
a bottom supported by 3 feet. Near the rim on the outside is an
Inscription, which he hath tried by all the Alphabets he hath, & can make
nothing of it, neither can he guess at its use. The person that parted
with it to Mr. Brome did send it to Oxford & London, & from neither
30 place could have any satisfaction. I remember twas shewed me here at
Oxford one evening, in a promiscuous company, when we were met
together for diversion, & I soon laid it down, not pretending either to
explain or read it. It does not seem to be very ancient to M'". Brome,
nor indeed did I take it to be of any great antiquity. Indeed I did not

Sept. 21, 1731. William Fullerton to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 294). Thanks
for the copy of Caiuj. Has just met Mr. Bowdler.

Sept. 22, 1731. Rev. John Jones to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 11). Would like
to be one of the Chaplains of Dr. Tanner, if he is made a bishop ; asks H. to
write to Dr. Tanner about it. ' If he is promoted to the see of S*. David's,
I presume I may be of some service to him, as I understand the British
Language. If he pleaseth to take me into his care, I will venture to say
I shall never give him any cause to repent.' A young gentleman in Abbats
Ripton [Mr. Bonfoy], a student of the Temple, has in his hands a manuscript
relating to the monastery of Ely, in which are several things relating to

* This is apparently from Windsor's MSS. in C.C.C. Library. It will be noticed
that it does not refer to the Virgin Chapel by Smithgate but speaks of something
in St. John's parish. Windsor was not a good authority, and Wood thought little
of him. — Ed.

Sept. 20-25.] VOLUME CXXXI, PAGES 160-164 459

much regard it, not heeding or paying much attention to things of
a puzzling kind in meetings of that kind, but reserving the consideration
of them to privacy.

Sept. 23 (Thur.). S*. Clement's Fair, near Oxford, held to-day.

Yesterday, died at Eynsham near Oxford, where she lived, the widow
Hall, daughter of the late S^ Robert Harrison. She died after 2 or
3 days' illness in a distracted condition. By her second husband (for she
had had 3 husbands) she had a Daughter, the only child she ever had,
lately married to S^ John Boysse's son, his only child. She died very
rich, being said to have, at least, ten thousand libs, in money, all wch 10
]\Ir. Boysse is now intitled to by the marriage of the said daughter. She
was ill about 2 or 3 days. She was about 4 7 years of age.

Ask ]Mr. Baker, whether M^. Marmaduke Fothergill, who is lately dead,
ever published anything. He was a Nonjuror, and had been of S*. John's
Coll., Cambridge; I know not whether ever Fellow. He was a right
worthy, honest man. Inquire his age. I have had many letters from
him. He was an andquary, and curious in books.

Sept. 24 (Fri.). At the end of Caius, I have printed many things
relating to the Ferrars. M'. Worthington hath another valuable fragment
of Mr. Ferrar's concerning Patience. It makes 2 1 pages in folio. It is 20
the last part of that book, whereof I have printed the first part in Caius.
He is willing to send it, if I should have an opportunity of printing it.
My designs being in our English History and Antiquities, I think it will
not fall in my way. What I did before was occasioned by a Letter I had
printed in Langtoft.

Sept. 25 (Sat.). Yesterday, in the afternoon, was buried in the
Chancell of S*. IMarie's Church, Oxford, the widow Hall, by her second
Husband, D^. John Hudson, she being brought from Eynsham in an
Herse, & she was buried in a leaden Coffin, tho' her said second Husband
was buried in one of wood. She has left the character behind her of 30
a most vile, stingy, wicked woman. Her cruelty to all her three Husbands
is suflliciently talked of, but what is worst is her behaviour with respect to
her daughter, who was contracted in marriage to the Rev. M^. John Goole,
Vicar of Eynsham and Master of the Free School of Witney, a widower,
w^hose wife (for he was married once before) by whom he had no child,
has been dead some time. And this Contract was made not only with
the daughter's but mother's consent, and the day for solemnity of the
marriage was fixt to be the z^^^ of July last, being the very day after she
was married to M'. Boyce ; and M^. Goole had prepared her wedding
apparell and all other things proper for the occasion, spending a great 40
deal of money; but contrary to this contract, the daughter, by perswasions
of the mother, purely out of a covetous temper, was (as hath been said)
married to Boyce, wcli in a litde time so struck upon the IMoiher by the
just judgment of God Almighty (wch ought to be a good warning to all
parents and children to take care of the due observance of marriage con-

Thorney, Ramsey, Wittlesey, &c. Part at the end is in French. The owner
of the IMS. is one Owen Fan, a substantial inhabitant of Ramsey.


tracts, unless, for very great and good reasons they be broke off, with the
consent of each respective person) that she fell raving mad, & so died
within three or four days after. A day or two before she died, she run
distracted out of bed, without shoes or stockings or any thing hardly to
cover her nakedness, & so run about two miles, and when brought home,
three or four men were forced to hold her in bed, all wct time till her
death she continually, as it were, cried out, Take the parson, Take the
parson, shewing how much she was touched in conscience that her
daughter according to Contract was not married to M^". Goole, who knew
10 nothing of the Daughter's engageing with M^". Boyce till after the marriage
was over ; at w^h he was deservedly amazed and confounded, & the more
so too when he heard that this young creature, the daughter, was also
engaged to one Weston of Cowley near Oxford, a rich man of about
50 years of age, it may be also with the mother's connivence. As for
M'. Goole, he is an honest man of about 44 years of age & in very good
circumstances. The Daughter often declared to several how dearly she
loved M^ Goole, but said she would never love M"". Boyce.

Sept. 26 (Sun.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,
Sept. 30 : —

20 The Rev. M'. Marmaduke Fothergill died lately. He was M.A. and was
formerly of S'. John's College in Cambridge, and Vicar of Skipwith in York-
shire, of which he was deprived for Refusal of the Oaths required upon the
Change of Government in 1689.

M' John Jones desires to be Chaplain (either domestic or titular) to
Dr. Tanner, provided the D'". should be a Bishop.

Jones understands the Brittish Language & knows the ways and
manners of the Welsh.

By the Statute of 21 Hen. VIII every Bp hath a right to nominate six
30 Dr. Knight, Prebendary of Ely, is Mr. Jones's friend.

Sept. 27 (Mon.). Juliana Barne's Book of Arms, Hawking, and
Hunting was printed first at S*. Alban's. It was printed there anno i486.
Bp More had it and 'tis among his books at Cambridge. Her sirname
was Berners, being of the Lord Berners' family. She was Prioress or
Abbess of Sopewell, near S*. Alban's. She was a learned, as well as
beautifull, woman.

Sept. 28 (Tu.). Q. what became of Daniel King's collection of
Antiquities and Antiquarian Books, of wcb he had a great Quantity at
York House. 'Tis probable they may be at the Heralds' Office. Ask
40 Mr. Anstis.

Q. what MS. that was w^li M'". Pigott wrote and was to be perused by

Sept. 27, 1731. David and Ann Dean to H. (Rawl. 27 b. 272). ' Loving
Brother, wee received your token you sent by Father Haily, and wee return
you a great many thanks.' A neighbouring brick-kiln is to be sold ; the
writers would like to buy it, and for this purpose would borrow from H. ten

Sept. 27, 1731. West to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 316). Does not know Col.
Tyrrel, but hopes to make his acquaintance in the winter, and turn over his

Sept. 25-30.] VOL. CXXXI, P. 164 — VOL. CXXXII, P. 86 461

Di". Seth Ward, Bp of Sarum, who was the Author of the Ancient Liberty
of the Brittanick Church.

I have been lold M'. Wanley was about publishing the Life of Cardinal
Woolsey. I know not what he did towards it. Wanley's Papers are in
lA Oxford's Library.

gr Wm Pole had some MSS. papers of Devonshire-
Sept. 29 (Wed.). Some years ago they talked of reprinting Savage's

Anth. Wood intended to write the Life of the Founder of Merton
College. 10

James Tyrrell, Esq., was an industrious and skillfull, but no judicious
nor impartial Historian. Men, even of his own Principles, used to stile
him an hypothetical Writer.

Mr. West hath a Prospect of turning over Mr. Tyrrell's MSS.

Mr. Josuah Barnes (the famous Greek Professor of Cambridge) is
buried in Hemingford Church in Huntingdonshire. There is an English
Inscription set up on a little stone upon the wall close by his Latin
Epitaph, being the English of some Greek Anacreonticks on the
monument, w^^ Anacreonticks I have before his Ed. III.^ 20

Sept. 30 (Thur.). To ask Dr. Archer whether John Shaftesbury,
Master of S*. John's Hospital at Bath, did not really resign in 1438. The
D*"., in his Account of Religious Houses in Somersetshire, that 1 am now
printing, makes him resign 1428.

It hath been hinted to me that D^. Plott wrote something of the
Founder of New Coll., as also Directions for the Education of a young
English Earl, in 4 or 5 sheets. So it seems he told D'". Charlett in
a Letter, what I never heard D^". Charlett speak of.

M^ Anstis, in the year 1713 designed to write about the Life of ArchbP
Chicheley, as he informed D'. Charlett. Perhaps this may be what M''. 3°
Anstis is now printing relating to All Souls College.

VOL. cxxxn.

pp. 1-86. A transcript of a MS., lent to Hearne by Thomas Rawlins
of Pophulls, on Aug. 9, 1731, and returned on Sept. 27 to M"". Rawlins
at M^. Churchill's in Stratford-on-Avon, being delivered by Hearne to
George Watts, the Warwick carrier. It was a copy, made by Wood, of
Miles Windsore's notes on Oxford.

father's papers, who appears to have been an industrious and no injudicious
person; 'for in those considerations I lay aside the Principles of Persons,
either in Religion or Politicks. 'Tis by their works that I form my judgment.'
[See Diary, Sept. 29].

Sept. 30, 173L Baker to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 84). Sends details about the
Academic career of Thomas Gataker (1592) and Edward Chamberlayne

1 Barnes published a Life of Edward III. — Ed.


Oct. 1, 1731 (Fri.). The MS. of Thame Abbey in L^ Weymouth's
custody, as by his L^^ship's Letter to D)". Charlett, dated Dec. 19, 1706.
Quaerie of M''. Harbin or else of D^. Tanner what MS. this should be.

Q. what was the Title of D^. Johnston's Book about Maudlin College ?
As I remember, 'tis about the case of the ejected Fellows.

D'". Edwards, Principal of Jesus College, took notice to D^". Charlet, in
a Letter dated May 24, 1708, that D"". Tanner designed to publish Leland
with Boston of Bury, and that he had finished the work for the Press.

Yesterday, died M^. Child, organist of New College, at his house in
10 Friers Entry, Oxford. He left a widow, being his second wife. He
was looked upon as an honest man & of the Nonjuring side, tho' he

Oct. 2 (Sat.). Dr. Tanner went over to Whaddon Hall upon the
repeated & most importunate desires of Brown Willis, Esq., and gave
him a sermon in the New Chappell at Fenny Stratford on S^. James's
day last.

Leland calls Walter Hemingford He7nengoburgus, w^li D^". Tanner
approves of, and thinks that his sirname was de Hemmgbiirgh (of which
name is a town in Yorkshire, tho' indeed a pretty way from Gisburn) and
20 not de Hemingford (there being no town in Yorkshire of this name) as
Bale & Pits & others from them have called this Author. In the King's
Library (formerly at S*. James') is an old book, entitled disti7ictiones
quaedam Theologicae, in the beginning of wcb is this note in an old hand,
Claustro de Gysborn ex dono patris Walteri de Hemyngburgh, quondam
canonici istius domiis, anno domini l^oy, wch agreeing with the time
Hemingford is generally said to live in, makes the D^'s conjecture more
probable. In the Copy of Leland de Scriptoribus in Trin. Coll, Camb.
Library, writ in J. Bale's own hand, instead of Edwardi pri'mi, it is
seaindt, and instead of regnante Heyirico III et Ed. filio ejus, it is regnante
30 Edwardo secundo et Edwardo ejus filio.

Yesterday D"". Butler, of Magd. Coll., was continued Vice-Chancellour
for another year, being his fourth year. Pro-Vice-Chancellours, D^.
Shippen, Principal of Brazennose, D'". Mather, President of Corpus,
Dr. Holmes, President of S*. John's, and D', Niblet, Warden of All Souls.

Oct. 3 (Sun.). Mr. Fysher told me last night that he had been over
again at Dorchester and that he saw the Stone again, it being now in
S'" George Oxenden's Kitchen. He now said that there really was no H
in numinibiis \ but only some little scratch that was accidental & not
therefore to be minded or regarded.
40 The Author of the fragment I published, in my Appendix to Heming,
hath an unwary expression, p. 650, where he calls Walter Hemingford
an Austin Fryer in Yorkshire. He was indeed Caiion at Gisburn, wch
was of the Order of S*. Austin, but the difference was very great between
an Austin Canon and an Austin Fryer.

Oct. 4 (Men.). Photius's Lexicon in MS. in Bibl. Bodl. is only
a modern Transcript.

^ See above, p. 452. — Ed.

Oct. 1-7.] VOLUME CXXXII, PAGES 88-92 463

D"". Mill had an Index to it of my writing. Dr. Worth, I think, hath
it now.

The said Bodl. MS. came in with Dr. Bernard's MSS.

Roger Gale hath a MS. also of Photius.

Some body of Corpus X^ Coll. is transcribing the Bodl. Photius's

Ml". Greenaway, of Hart Hall, some few years since proposed to print
that Lexicon, and he borrowed Roger Gale's MS. to compare with that
in Bodley.

Oct. 5 (Tu.). Altho' by the beginning of the book of Will. Horman's 10
wct Bale stiles Collectanea diversorum, it seems to have been in the
Anat mical or Chirurgical way, yet he certainly collected many things
relating to our English History, some of w^t are quoted by J. Bale, who
had the perusal of them and made some use of them. Pits, in this point,
seems to have copied only from Bale. Where they are reposited, if now
in being, D^". Tanner can't tell. About the Author, however, he informs
me of some few particulars, wch are not, I think, in Bale, Pits, or
A. Wood, viz. that he was made Master of Eton School 1485, the Provost
and Fellows of w^h College presented him to their Rectory of East
Wretham in Norfolk, to wcb he appears by the Registers to have been 20
instituted 25 Aug., 1494. This Living was void in 1503 by M"". Horman's
resignation upon being chose Fellow of Eton, as he was in the latter end
of 1502, well Dr. Tanner finds in some extracts from Bp Fleetwood's
Collections coftcer77tng the Provosts atid Fellows of Eton College from, the
Foundation to the year I 'JO'] ; 'but his Institution to Wretham is on our
Books (saith D^". Tanner) in the Office.'

Oct. 6 (Wed.). Yesterday M^. Walters, Chaplain of X* Church, and
Master of Arts, shewed me a small Gold Coin, wt^t he said was found
some where, as he thinks, near Ickford, and belongs to one Nichols
(I think that is his name) of Jesus College. 3°

On one side is a head and the word PAX, on the other MONET ATE-
LAPIVS and a Pot.»

Oct. 7 (Thur.). From the Northampton Mercury for Monday,

Oct. 4 :—

There is lately dead the Rev. M'. John Griffin, M.A., formerly of Merton
College in Oxford, and Rector of Churchill in that County, of which he was
deprived for Non-Compliance with the Act of Parliament requiring the New

Oaths in 17 1 5. ^ , t^. , r

There is also dead Exton Sayer, LL.D., Chancellor of the Bishop ot
Durham's Spiritual Court, deputy Chancellor of the diocese of Winchester 40
commissary of Essex, his Majesty's Surveyor-general of the Crown Land
Revenue, Advocate for the Admiralty in Matters relating to the Crown, and
Member of Parliament for the Borough of Totness in the County of Devon.

Oct. 5, 1731. B. Howell of Stagenhoo to H. (Rawl. 27 b. 405) \see
Diary, Oct. 16].

1 There is a rough sketch of the coin.— Ed.


He was remarkable for his Learning and Eloquence, but more for his
Humanity. By his death Mankind have lost an ornament to Nature, his
Friends a kind benefactor, and his Majesty a faithful servant.

Thus these partial republican Writers. He was certainly a man of
Character, but I am assured no great man. He had more of the outside
than true solidity. His death was occasioned by his reading a letter on
Horseback just by a windmill in full sail. His horse was startlish, took
fright, threw him, & so they ascribe his death to his own indiscretion.

Oct. 8 (Fri.). Edmund Bolton, living after the time that Dr. Tanner
10 proposed to finish his work (as he told me by Letter of Sept. 20 last
from Norwich, tho' I thought he had intended to have brought it to these
times) he hath little or nothing about him. His Elements of Armory,
printed in 16 10, 4*0, is common enough. I think there is a MS. letter of
his to the College of Arms in 1631 among M^. Ashmole's MSS, His
Nero Caesar is handsomely and judiciously done. D'. Tanner once
thought him to be Author of The Hystory of Britannie, declaring the
success of times and affairs in that Island from the Romans' first entrance,
untill the reign of Egbert, the West Saxon Prince, who reduced the several
Principalities of the Saxons and English into a Moftarchie, and changed
20 the name of Britanfiie into England; London, printed by Val. Sims, 1606,
4^^ without Preface or dedication, in 2 parts. But it was too early for
him, because D^ Tanner found afterwards this first Part of the same
work printed in Q. Eliz's time, under the title the first book of the History
of E7igland, wilh a long preface wherein he mentions M'. Camden's
labors in the Chorographical part with honour. But D"". Tanner's book
wants beginning and title page. I should be glad (and so would the
Doctor) to know who was the Author of this History.

Oct. 9 (Sat.). Dr. Tanner hath often heard Dr. Charlett wish that
somebody would write D^. Pocock's Life, and he thinks he told him that

30 M^ Smith of Dartmouth had given him some hopes of it, and that he
[Charlett] had furnished him with several materials and letters, there
having been a long friendship & correspondence between D^. Pocock and
old Mr. Charlett, the Master's father. But D^. Tanner knows nothing of
any attempt that D^. Charlett made that way himself.

Yet I am very sure that D^, Charlett made such an attempt, and that
he got Dr. Pocock's papers purely upon his pretence and boasting that
he could write his Life and publish the most material of those papers.
I have heard him wish that D^". Thomas Smith would write D^. Pocock's
life in Latin, for w^h indeed he was qualified, but Charlett never offered

40 to communicate any thing of D^, Pocock's to him, nor indeed had
D^. Thomas Smith any good opinion of Charlett.

On Thursday last, M^. Hudsford, President of Trinity Coll., was
married in that College chappel to the widow Peisly (who has three
children living by her former Husband, a Mason) a very pretty woman,
of Oxford.

Oct. 10 (Sun.). On Friday last, Mr. Loveday, in his return from
Caversham to Oxford, called at S^ George Oxinden's at LitUe Witnham,

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