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on purpose lo see the Dorchester Stone again, that he might examine

Oct. 8-13.] VOLUME CXXXII, PAGES 92-99 465

whether it be really NMINHB, or (as the first transcripts all have it)
NMINB; but he was denyed a sight of it, S"" George having given
express orders that no one whatsoever should see it, tho' M^. Loveday
offered a Crown to the servants he spoke with, to have a sight thereof.
They said had he come half an hour sooner he might have seen it, it
being then in the Kitchin, but it was now conveyed to some upper room
(a chamber) of the House. S^ George is an ill-natured man. Mr.
Loveday called purely upon my account, who suggested a Review to
him. But 'lis a trifle not worth taking notice of, it being the same thing
wch way ever it be wrote, and, I must needs say, regard is to be had to 10
the first copies (I mean all but Mr. Fysher's' first copy, w^'b himself
acknowledges to have been wrong) that were taken of this Stone.

Oct. 11 (Mon.). ' In Bp IMore's study, now I suppose at Cambridge
public Library, I formerly saw the books of Hawking, Hunting, and
Armory, usually ascribed to Julian Barnes, the book of Fishing was not
there, or else it had been torn out; printed at S*. Albans, i486, in small
folio, and had a remarkable note, writ in the beginning, under the hand
of Wm Burton of Leicestershire to this effect : Julian Barnes said to be
Author, her name should rather be Berners ; daughter she was of S^ James
Berners, of Berners Roding in Essex, sister to L'^ Berners, Prioress of 20
Sopewell ; which you know was a Nunnery Cell & very near S*. Albans.
This the substance of my extracts, wcli are in Latin ; but whether Burton's
note was so or in English, or what the words were verbatim I can't tell.'
Dr. Tanner from Norwich to me, Sept. 20, 1731.

This morning ]\Irs. Eliz. Shepherd, wife of I\Ir. John Shepherd, of
S*. Peter's in the East, Oxford, was brought to bed of a daughter. It was
baptized in S*. Peter's Church in the East (tho' it had been as soon as
born half christened) on IMonday, Nov. St^ following, & M". Shepherd
churched at the same time.

Oct. 12 (Tu.). Dr. Tanner believes when he hath met with some old 30
men, he shall be able to give me some account of Luke INIilburn, who
was minister of Great Yarmouth in Norfolk for some years, and held
a Country Living in that County till after he (the Doctor) came to be
Chancellour of Norwich.

The D^". designed to have went to Dorchester when he was last in
Oxford, to see the stone found there, but he had not time.

Oct. 13 (Wed.). Sr James Mackenzie, Baronett, a Scottish Gent.,
called upon me yesterday & spent about an hour and half with me in the
forenoon, & I spent the evening with him at his Inn (the King's Arms)
in Holywell, a young Scotish Gentleman his companion, & INIr. Richard 40
Clements, an Oxford bookseller, being with him. He is an ingenious
Gentleman & related to the famous S^ George INIackenzie.

He is a great admirer of ancient history and antiquities. He said he
spent some time in Oxford anno 1693, wcb was some time before my
coming to Oxford. He is acquainted with M^". Rudiman, the Scotish
Antiquaiie, a modest, learned man of about 50 years of age. He is
acquainted with M^". Innys, who lately published two volumes in S'^o^ de
origitie Scotortwi. This W^. Innys is an old man and a secular priest.

VOL. X. H h


He hath been fourly years in France. He is near 70. He designs a large
Volume in English of the Scotish Ecclesiastical History. S^" James much
commended the said Innys's book, dc origwe Scoloriim, notwithstanding
he cuts off so many Scotish Kings, with Bf Lloyd & Bi^ Stillingfleet. He
commended one M''. Richard Mill, of Edinborough, a very strong, lusty
man, of about four score years of age, who comes out but twice a week,
and is a great admirer of antiquity, & hath a good Collection.

Oct. 14 (Thur.). From the Northampton Mercury for Mon.,
Oct. 11: —

10 The Right Hon. the Lords of the Admiralty have appointed D"". Isham
advocate in matters relating to the Crown in the Place of D^'. Exton Saycr.

Yesterday I had the sight of an odd thing, found at Campden in
Gloucestershire. It was sent by M^. George Ballard for me to look
upon. His Brother brought it, and I delivered it to him again. It is not
Mr. Ballard's own. It was part of a Magick or conjuring Necklace or
Bracelet, to be worn by way of amulet about the Neck.

Oct. 15 (Fri.). Hugo de Groot or Hugo Grotius prepared his edition
of Martianus Capella, with the Annotations, for the Press when he was
but fourteen years of age, tho' the Edition was not printed till a good
20 while after.

Mr. Wasse many years ago designed an Edition of Martianus Capella
& had Collations from Oxford.

]\Iy friend, D^. W'» Fullerton, the Physician's father, was a Scottish Bp
and a very honest worthy man, as is likewise the Physician.

Oct. 16 (Sat.). Ml'. Benj. Howell, upon receipt of my Letter, intended
the day after to ride to Beaclnvood, wcb is ten miles from Stagenhoo, but
when he had gone above half way, he understood S'' Thomas Sebright
was not in the Country, and thought he could have no access to the
library, and so employed Capt. Warburton in the affair of Durandus, from
30 whom he received what follows : ' Presens racionalis divinorum codex
officiorum ... est consummatus per Johannem Fust . . . et Petrum
Bernklxym^ . . . anno domini mcccc quinquagesimo Jiono, sexto die
Octobris.' It is divided into eight books. There is an Index, but noe
signatures at the bottom of the page.

Oct. 17 (Sun.). Last night I received of M^. Lovedav, of Magdalen
College, who yesterday had his grace for the degree of Bach, of Arts,
and was presented in the Convocation House at the same time to that
degree, the following Inscription or Epitaph, wch is that w^h is really
engraved on a stately monument, erected in Westminster Abbey, to
40 S"* Isaac Newton, instead of that w^b occurs above, vol. 129, April 30, 1731.

[Then follows the Inscription.]

* Note by Heame : — ' I believe it should be Grernesszheym.'

Oct. 13-20.] VOLUME CXXXII, PAGES 99-106 467

Oct. 18 (Mon.). Tuesday last, died the wife of old M^. John Pepper,
of S*. Clement's, near Oxford, and was buried there yesterday.

From Mr. Loveday, of Magd. Coll. : Mapledurham, Oxfordshire,
towards the east of the church on the floor is a long stone, representing
a large and compleat figure in brass of a person in Armour, a Lion
under his feet, with this Inscription at the bottom, ' Hie jacet Robertus
Bardolf miles, qui obiit vicesimo die mensis IMaii anno domini millesimo
ccco Ixxxxo quinto, cujus animae propicietur deus. Amen ' ; some of the
ornamental brass on the verge of the stone is gone. There is an estate
called Bardolfs now in the parish. 10

Last Thursday died Mrs. Airay, a young Woman of Holywell, Oxford,
daughter of M^. Pen, an Apothecary, and wife of IM^. Airay, a Taylour,
an honest man. She died an hour after she had taken a mercurial purge,
made up (as said) by her sister, by the direction, as is supposed, of her
Father, a sad rogue. She was a very pretty body, and I)i". Felton had
been accused by her, & prosecuted for being rude to her, of wct there
are printed papers. Pier husband upon that account was forced to fly,
& he is still absent, the D^. having proceeded with the utmost rigour
against him.

Oct. 19 (Tu.). Walter Prise, Esq., of Hurst, near Reading; he hath 20
just entered a grandson Gentleman-Commoner of Magd. Coll., whose
name is George Langton, M'". Prise's present Lady (v/ho is his second
wife) being M^. Langton's grandmother.^ This George Lang ton's school-
master [was] -^ Mr. Hiley, of Reading.

The said Walter Prise is an eminent Attorney and a very high Tory.
He hath abundance of curious MSS. papers, relating to the late horrid
Revolution, more (he saiih) than any one hath besides. He hath also
many JMSS. papers, relating to S^^ Walter Rawleigh, but none to his
behaviour at the time of his Execution.

Oct. 20 (Wed.). The aforesaid I\I*". Prise was born a.d. 1685. 30

M''. Thomas Bedford is about printing Simeon Dunelmensi's de origine

Oct. 18, 1731. Rev. John Jones to H. (Rawl. 15. 96 and 97). Thanks
H. for writing to Dr. Tanner. Mr. Baker has sent a message to Dr. Tanner
asking him ' to consider me '. S3nds to H. a copy of a MS. about a visit of
King Charles to Little Gidding; but Mr, Ferrar, the owner of the MS.,
insists that it shall nut be published, and that no one but H. shall be allowed
to copy it. Some medals have been found at Marsh, together with the gold
ring of a Roman Knight ; they are in the possession of Mr. Snell. Sends to
H. ' the Process between the monasteries of Ely and Ramsey ' ; the copy is by
Thomas Bonfoy, LL.B., who will probably subscribe to Hemlngford. P.S.
(Oct. 19) Dr. Knight has just said that Dr. Tanner thinks it 'adviseable to
have a person that understands tiie British Language for his chaplain, & he
has no exception against mo, and desires to hear further about me.'

Oct. 18, 1731. H. to Murray (Rawl. 112. 284). Has finished with
Whethamstede's register.

^ As Hearne tells r.s that M"". Prise was only 46 3'ears old, he could not have a
grandson of sge to go to Oxford. I'robably Hearne means that tlie first husband of
M". Prise was named Langton, and that the boy was IvF. Prise's step-grandson. — Ed.

2 Not in MS.

H h ?


6f proairsu ecclesiae Dimelmensis, to w^ he will add the anonymous little
piece Mr. Smith had proposed to me to print (and I was ready) about the
harsh dealings to one of the ancient bishops of Durham.

It seems they cannot find at Cambridge the copy of Juliana Barnes,
printed at S*. Alban's, with Mr. Wm Burton's MS. note, that belonged to
the late Bp of Norwich, Dr. More. 'Tis on account of the MS. note
I enquired lately after it.

Oct. 21 (Thur.). On Monday last I returned to Thomas Ward, Esq.,
a modern English MS. he had lent me, from wch I have transcribed
lo a passage relating to Reginald Peacock, w°b I shall print at the beginning
of Hemingford.

Oct. 23 (Sat.). From the Northampton Mercury for Mond.,
Oct. i8:—

At his seat at Hadham in Hertfordshire, is dead, aged near 90, the Rev.
D'. William Stanley, dean of S*. Asaph, Archdeacon of London, and one of
the Canon Residentiaries of S*. Paul's.

The said D"". Stanley drew up and printed a Catalogue of the MSS. of
Bennet College in Cambridge, but his name is not to it. I know not
whether he hath printed any thing else. He was a very covetous man.
20 WaUer Prise, Esq., above-mentioned, hath got several MSS. things of
the late M^. Ed. Lhuyd's travells through Wales. One of them he lent
to IMoses Williams, who hath not restored if. M^. Prise got them by
being administrator, or at least by being employed as such.

One Mr. Dean is minister of Wolhampton, near Newbury. M^.
Williscot, an honest Roman Catholick, lives at Wolhampton.

Oct. 24 (Sun.). From M^. Baker: Nov. 9, 1669, Ego Marmaducus
Fothergill, Eboracensis, admissus sum Discipulus pro doctore Dowman
[privato Fundatore]. Regr. Coll. Jo. Cant.

This was upon the Foundation. He might be admitted in the College
30 a year or two sooner, but this makes him a very old man.

Marm. Fothergill, Coll. Jo., Art. Bac, anno 1673; Art. Mag., Coll.
Jo., 1677. Regr. Acad.

He was a worthy man, and afterwards, at the lime of the Revolution,
(as I have formerly observed) became a Nonjuror.

In his youth he was wild, and was (I think) rusticated for a misdemeanor,
which might put back his Degree.

Mr. Isham, Rector of Lincoln College, was originally of Queen's
College in Cambridge : ' Oct. 28, 1714, Isham, Euseby Isham, Northampt. ;
Bull ', after Di'. Bull, his Tutor. These are the words of the Register at
40 Queen's Coll.

Dr. Knight has a very good Interest in D"". Tanner; no man better, as
(I am told) will appear at the Consecration of D^. Tanner to the Bishoprick
of St. Asaph. Ml". Baker hath desired him to recommend M^. Jones to
Dr. Tanner.

Oct. 25 (Men.). Mr. Kuster, in his Edition of Suidas, has made
great use of Bp Pearson's observations upon the same Author, whereof he

Oct. 20-28.] VOLUME CXXXII, PAGES 106-114 469

makes some short acknowledgment in the last Page of his Preface. The
Bp's book, with marginal Annotations, is yet preserved at Trin. Coll.,
Cambridge, being an old edition of Suidas, printed Basileae mdxliiii,
with the Bp's notes in the margin. These notes do not bear his name,
but his hand is well known. 31''. Baker.

I have often heard it said that even the very best things all along in
Kuster are M^. Pearson's, and that he hath not made a due & proper
acknowledgement thereof.

Oct. 26 (Tu.). In Mr. Wood's account of himself that I have printed
in Caius, is a speech M^. Wood made & spoke, when he was a youth at 10
Merton College, wcb shews the custom & humour of that time. The
Custom is since broke off at Merton, but there is something of it remaining
at Brazennose & Balliol Coll., & nowhere else that I know of. I take the
original thereof to have been a custom they had formerly for the young
men to say something of their Founders & Benefactors, so that the
Custom was originally very laudable, however afterwards turned to
ridicule, as there are also abundance of ridiculous things in the book
called Festival, notwithstanding the design of giving an Historical narra-
tion of the Saints be commendable ; and 'lis pity 'twere not kept up, and
at the same lime an Historical Narrative interwoven of Founders of 20
Churches, &c. Ask ]\lr. Baker whether they have any such Custom at
Cambridge. I think M^. Isham, Rector of Lincoln College, hath told me
that they have.

Oct. 27 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for Mon.,
Oct 25, 1731 :—

London, Oct. 23 : This morning, part of the Lord Ashburnham's House near
Westminster Abbey was destroyed by Fire, as also part of D^'. Bentley's fine
Library, and some manuscripts of the Cotton Library, but the most valuable,
called the Alexandrian Manuscripts, presented by the Patriarch of Constan-
tinople to King James the first, have received no Damage. 30

Oct. 28 (Thur.). Besides Suidas, mentioned above, they have at
Trin. Coll. in Cambridge B^ Pearson's notes, observations, & corrections
upon Hesychius in three thin volumes folio, all MSS. D^". Bentley many
years since swaggered much, and gave us an exspectation of an Edition
of Hesychius, in his Letter to D^. Mill, & the pains he had taken with
that Author and correciions made three or four thousand, if I well
remember. The MSS. are now (as M^. Baker tells me) borrowed out of
the Library by a member of that College, whether with design to give
a new edition or no, I cannot say, or whether he has the assistance of
Dr. Bentley. For my part, I wish the Bishop's notes were given all 40
exactly and faithfully by themselves. '

Oct. 27, 1731. H. to Ballard (Ballard MS. 41. 1 1). ' The odd thing you
sent by your brother tor my sight is a piece of a magick bracelet or necklace'.
Hopes that B., when he acquires a coin, makes a record where it was found.
Thinks of publishing in Hem'mgford the coin of David II, which B. had
given to H.


Oct. 29 (Fri.). No doubt but Bp Moore had such a book as Juliana
Barnes, with a remarkable note of Mr. Wm Burton, the Leicester
Antiquarie's. And yet there is no such book in the Bishop's Catalogues,
nor in a Catalogue taken by D^. Middleton, from the year 1460 to the
year 1500, a copy whereof M'". Baker hath by him. M^". Haderton
thinks he has seen the Book, but cannot meet with it. M^. Baker is
pretty well assured the Bishop lent out some books that were never
returned, & some were conveyed away in a worse manner; this may
have been one of them.^

10 Oct. 30 (Sat.). The first and second numbers of the MSS., given by
Mr. Ant, Wood to the Museum, are his Hist. & Antiquities of Oxford in
English, with abundance of things omitted in the Latin Book and a great
number added since. This book most certainly belongs to the Museum,
tho' got from it, D''. Charlett having had it many years, & he lent it to
Mr, W™ Smith, now of INIelsonby, who kept it a great while, and after-
wards Charlett let D^. Gardiner have it, who would not let it go to the
Museum, pretending it belonged to him as Custos Archivorum, & that
M''. Wood had no right to dispone of it, the University having given him
an hundred pounds for it, wct is very false, the Copy they bought of

20 M''. Wood being most faithfully delivered by him to them, & it went no

Oct. 29, 1731. Bawlinson to H. (Rawl. 27c. 149). 'I have procured
a letter to be wrote in a fictitious name to D"". Fisher about the Instruments,
and transmitted the Inscription and received a very civil answer, but how to
trust his Library Visitors I have a difficulty, though he promises they shall be
faithfully restored. D^'. Middleton's answer is much more frank, and he has
assured me that the papers shall never be lent out, tho' contrary to Cambridge
custom.' Sends a print of an Ivory Chalice. There is to be a sale of the
books of Dr, Smith ; he was head-master of Merchant Taylors' school,
a modest and learned man, in no ways blanieable but for his too great mild-
ness. It is said Mr. Brooks is to succeed Mr. Hall at Madrid, who brought
thence a iistula which developed into cancei-, so that there are no hopes of
his life. Some think Mr. Brooks too old for such a voyage ; in that case
Dr. Butler, formerly of Magdalen Hall, might succeed ; he has travelled
abroad 'as Bearleader (as we call them) with several gentlemen and noblemen.
He has the advantage of language, and an air degagee, proper for a Court
chaplain. , , , The loss at the Cottonian is said to be very great, though
others disguise it to excuse D'. Bentley's great care of himself ; for by the
stove-chimney, lighted to air one of the rooms, came this accident, . . , Lord
Oxford ^ and Speaker Onslow were present to encourage the workmen to save
what they could, and their purses and presence added diligence, , . . Thomas
Bedford, by apiece of parsimony to save three guineas, for collating an excel-
lent MS. of Simeon Dunelmensis, I fear has now irretrievable lost the
opportunity. ... He has taken orders, and is going for some time to settle
at Angiers in France, as chaplain, with S^" Robert Cotton, Bart. & his son,
names well known at Preston and in the Fleet prison. I have herewith Fent
you two copies of the original instruments for Publick and St. John's Library,
which, if to be possibly sent without notice taken, so let it be ; otherwise to
be kept by you, and sent back when the affairs in your hands are returned.'
Oct. 30, 1731. Murray to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 96) [see Diary, Nov. i].

^ Note by Hearne: ' It is since found.'

2 This name has been scratched through. — Ed.

Oct. 29-Nov. 2.] VOLUME CXXXII, PAGES 114-118 471

farther than the printed book, but that w'^^ M^. Wood bequeathed by will
to the Museum is quite another thing, & what he designed to have
printed himself had he lived.

Oct. 31 (Sun.). Yesterday IM^. Thomas Carte called upon me and
spent above two hours with me, and I had had some discourse with him
in the evening before, after my return from my country walk.

He was formerly of Brasennose Coll., where he took the degree of
Bach, of Arts. He is a Nonjuring Clergyman, tho' he does not wear the
clergyman's habit.

He is an ingenious man, and hath printed several things, one about the 10
Irish INIassacre.

He is the person that got in France the additions to & corrections of
Thuanus, w''^ occasioned the Edition they are now carrying on at London
of Thuanus.

He told me Montfaulcon is a man near 70 years of age, of a short
stature, thick & well made, and that he works from 5 Clock in the morning
constantly, very hard.

M"". Carte said he, i. e. J^.I''. Carte himself, had an offer made to him of
the Deanery of Windsor, but that he declined it on account of principles.

He said some time since he had a Conference with Mrs, Carter of 20
Aynhoe, a woman of sense, who endeavoured to perswade him to comply
& take the Oaths, but that he confuted every thing she offered, to her

He said he came now to Oxford to consult Registers, in order to write
the Life of the old Duke of Ormond, grandfather of the present Duke,
wct he said he was put upon. He said the Vicechancellour had let him
have a sight of the Registers in the School Tower, in \\^^ there was any
mention of him from the time of his being made Chancellour, anno 1669,
to 1688, when he died. He said there were very few particulars in
them. I advised him by all means to look over M'. Wood's things at 30
the Mus. Ashm., particularly the two first numbers mentioned above.

He said the present Duke of Ormond had taken care all papers of his
should be put into his hands, and that he actually had them.

Nov. 1 (Men.). Mr. John Murray never yet saw any book of Juliana
Barnes printed at S*. Alban's. If he meets with any, he says he will be
sure to give me an account of it.

He tells me, in his Letter from London of Oct. 30 last, he doubts not
I have heard of our great Loss of part of the Cottonian Library, wch is
kept there a great Secret, w^^i only Time must discover.

Nov. 2 (Tu.). I find that the Nonjurors in London, &c., will not 40
trust ]\I'". Carte, looking upon him as very ambiguous, being very great

Nov. 1, 1731. H. to Benjamin Howell (Raw!. 27 B. 406). Thanks for
the letter of Oct. 5. Desires that Sir Thomas Sebright would say what is to
be done with his copies of Trokelowe. They have long been at ^Mr. Bedford's
' now lately removed to M"". Routh's, an apothecary, in the Borough of South-
wark', and should have been called for.

Nov. 2, 1731. H. to Murray (Rawl. 112. 287). Returns Whethamstede's
register. Longs tor more inform.ition about the fire at the Cotton Library.
It behoves men of learning to do what they can to preserve MSS. by printing.


with the WhiggSj and they say he goes to Court every day, and as he is
Hkewise very great with many Tories (tho' perhaps not so great as he
pretends) and professing himself Hkewise a Nonjuror, they say he hath
two strings to his bowe, to be used by him as he shall see occasion.
A reward was sometime ago offered to apprehend him ; I think 'twas
a thousand libs., upon w^b he fled into France, but Sam Buckley (that
great Whigg) going into France, by compact he delivered himself to Sam,
and came back with him, and they say he had the money himself
& nothing was done to him, so that 'twas but a Trick to get him a purse,
lo since which he hath lived in England, but the Nonjurors on this account,
&c., think but meanly of him, and I have very often heard it said that
D''. Atterbury, the deprived Bp of Rochester, as he would not trust him in
France, so he (Mr. Carte) is not in any of his secrets. This is what
I have heard, but could wish all were false, & that he were a stanch Non-
juror. For he is a man of fine Parts.

Nov. 4 (Thur.). S'^ George Oxinden married one of the Dunches.
She is an extraordinary pretty woman. But S^ George is not only a very
ill natured man, but keeps other women company and lyes with them,
& will be out at his sports in Kent and other places, and make his own
20 wife be sometimes six weeks or more together by herself at Little

Mr. Bateman, of X* Church, preached this last Sunday in the Cathedral,
& in his Prayer mentioned D^. Stratford, who, besides his books to the
College Library, left 120 libs, per an. to augment the Students' Places.
This was so resented by the Canons that the Subdean afterwards
reprimanded him for it ; but I am sure 'twas well done in him, & it were
to be wished all Founders & Benefactors were duly & constantly com-
memorated as they used to be in old time in their Prones. I am sure we
should not then be at a loss to know who are Founders of & Benefactors
30 to Churches, &c.

The said M^". Bateman is made Chaplain to Dr. Wake, archb^ of
Canterbury, by the recommendation of D'. Potter, Bp of Oxon.^

There is but one vacancy this year at All Souls. M^". Anstis, of Balliol
College, a younger son of M^. Anstis, the Herald, stood. The matter is
come to a devolution. What the ArchbP will do, time will show. He
gave it against the eldest son formerly, contrary to Statutes & Conscience,
things little regarded in these times.

Nov. 5 (Fri.). Mr. Carte called upon me yesterday forenoon, &
afterwards we spent the evening together in King's Street.^ He goes out

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