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40 of Town for London to-day.

I thought, I am sure I have heard, he had published several things ;

Nov. 4, 1731. J. Anstis to H. (Rawl. 27 b. 15) [see Diary, Nov. 6].

' Hearne adds in the margin : ' and presently after the Archbishop gave him a very
good living.'

2 The Coach and Horses inn was in King Street, — Ed.

Nov. 2-8.] VOLUME CXXXIl, PAGES 118-124 473

but he told me he had printed only the little thing about the Irish

His father, Mr. Samuel Carte, was of Magdalen Coll., Oxon., & is still
living, being a minister at Leycester. This M^, Samuel Carte hath
printed a little thing in Latin about our Bishops in three sheets folio.
He is Vicar of St. Martin's, Leycester. He took the degree of RLA., as
a member of Magd. Coll., Oct. 21, 1675.

Mr. Thomas Carte, his foresaid son, was of Brazennose Coll., where he
told me he took the Degree of Bach, Arts in 1702, and that he took the
degree of M.A. at Cambridge. Ask M^. Baker. 10

Dr. Bently is now printing Milton's Paradise Lost with his [Bently's]
own emendations.

Dr. Bently is preparing an edition of Chaucer for the Press.

Dr. Tanner bought Archbr Sancroft's MSS. for 90 libs.; I am told
there are curious things among them relating to the Queen of Scots,
particularly Anderson's collection. M"". Carte was about purchasing
these MSS. before Dr. Tanner, but the very day he was to have had
them, the Proclamation came out for his Apprehension.

Mr. Carte designs an Account of the MSS. through England in
Libraries, those at least that have not as yet been taken notice of, & treat 20
particularly about History and Antiquities, with notes about their age.

He told me JNl^. Greenaway, formerly Schoolmaster of Coventry, is in
good earnest about the Antiquities of Wiltshire. I must remember to tell
D"". Tanner of this, who many years ago promised such a work.

Nov. 6 (Sat.). On Tuesday last, being the second instant, I returned
Whethamstede's Register that belongs to the Heralds' Office. Mr, Anstis
had sent it me by M^. Murray, who gave a receipt for it. I had a Letter
from Mr, Anstis last night, dated the 4*^ that it was delivered to
him safe.

M''. Anstis went one day this week to the Dormitory, new built for the 30
Westminster Scholars, which is very near to the place where the King's
and the Cotton libraries are placed. There he found several persons,
appointed by the Speaker of the House of Commons, who hath taken all
the care imaginable about preserving the remainders of the Cotton MSS.
that escaped the fire, & for the cleaning those that have been injured by
the water plaid on the House by the Engines. Every person that hath
any Tast either for learning in general or that of our History and
Antiquities in particular, must be affected for a loss that is irreparable.
It is impossible to make any estimate of the number entirely lost, or of
the damaged ones, untill it shall be known how many remain, & then to 4°
collate them with the Catalogue. Some few Presses escaped with no
other damage than that some wett is got into the books, so as probably
most of those that remain must be new bound. It may be easily
imagined how the parchment ones are crumpled in such manner as 'tis
supposed no Art can reduce them. 'Tis well if half the number may be
found to be capable of being made serviceable. 'Tis however possible
this computation may be wrong, for there can be no Estimate as yet
made. The fire fell, as M^. Anstis guesses, upon those Presses which
contained most of our Monkish Historians.


Nov. 7 (Sun.). From the Northampton Mercury for Mon., Nov. i,


The Rev. jNP'. Cooke is advanced to the Living of Hornsey in Middlesex, in
the room of the Rev. D''. Lewis Atterbury deceased.

He was elder Brother of Dr. Francis Atterbury, the deprived Bp of

Nov. 8 (Mon.), This being the Visitation of the Bodh Library, the
Speech was spoke by M^*. Ohver Battely, Student of X* Church and
Junior Proctor of the Univ. for 1731.

10 Dr. Francis Atterbury, the deprived Bp of Rochester, is upon a work
about the Canon of Scripture, wch he will endeavour to settle most
accurately, in order to w^h he gets MSS. consulted for him. So M'". Tho.
Carte told me t'other day, v>ho added that the Bp had sometime since
employed him to consult the Alexandrian MS. for him.

D"". Ibbotson, whose death hath been mentioned some time agoe,^ is
D''. Richard Ibbetson, formerly fellow of Oriel College, a man of good
learning, who published Marcus Antoninus & one or two Sermons.
He was a Lambeth Doctor only, & was a great Whig, tho' a good
natured man.

20 In Bennett Coll. Libr., W. iv, p. 64 of the Catalogue, is mention made
of Literae miiliae Universitatem Oxott' concernentes, praesertini circa annum
1400 et deinceps. 'Twas ArchbP Warham's book. Quaere what sort of
Letters they are.

Nov. 9 (Tu.). There w^as a dreadfuU fire lately at Barnwell by
Cambridge, which consumed the greatest part of the Town ; but tho' the
fire did not reach Cambridge, yet the loss did, & S*. John's College in
particular has lost above 1,000 libs, by it.

Mr. Peck intends to give us a fourth volume of the Monasticon, with
other things of value concerning Leicestershire & Rutland. He has been
30 very fortunate in his Enquiries, & one thing of value was found in an
House of Ease. So M'. Baker tells me in a Letter of last month. This
is the same Mr. Peck that published one Vol. in folio of the Antiquities
of Stanford & designed another.-


Nov. 10 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for Mon., Nov. 8 :

The Rev. D"". Foulkes, Canon of X* Church, Canon Residentiary of Exeter
and Chaplain in Ordinary to his INLijesty, was lately installed Precentor of the
Church of Exeter.

M'"., commonly called D'"., Ibbetson was Precentor before.

Nov. 7, 173L Baker to H. (Rawl. jy b. 86) \see Diary, Nov. i-i, 15, 16].

^ See Sept. 15. — Ed.

^ A note at the end of the volume : ' Nov. 9 died M''. Green of Oxford, chandler,
brother to M''. Green late of Chilswell Farm, now of Charley Farm, near Abbington,

Nov. 7-16.] VOLUME CXXXII, PAGES 125-134 475

Nov. 11 (Thur.). Dr. Middleton is principal Librarian of the
University of Cambridge. Remember to ask M'. Baker what his
particular business is and whether he hath any authority over the Keeper
of the University Library.

Nov. 12 (Fri.). To ask M'". Baker what 'tis they are doing about
a Charter for that University. I have heard once (and but once yet) of
some dark story, as if they had lost their Charter, or indeed never
had any,

M''. Sandford, of Balliol College, told me yesterday that Savage's
Balliqfergtis is a strangely faulty book even in the very Transcripts of 10
Evidences, none of them being copied right or exactly.

Nov. 13 (Sat.). Out of Magd. Coll. Library MS. (from wch I have
printed Hemingford Chronicon Edwardi III), among certain miscellaneous
old notes is as follows : —

[Hearne here gives three pages of extracts. They are historical notices of no


Nov. 14 (Sun.). M'". Peck is now at Cambridge, towards perfecting
his Collections for a fourth and fifth Volume of Dugdale's Monasticon,
already pretty compleat. But he first intends to give us a Survey of
Leycestershire, having hit upon an original of M^. W^^i Burton's Book 20
with great Improvements by that Author ; as likewise several miscellaneous
things by Abraham Fleming, who had a hand in the second Edition of
Holingshed's Cfu-onicle, whence you will have the secret of the Castration
of that Chronicle fully explained. His (Mr. Peck's) Collections are
almost incredible for a man tyed down to a Country Cure. So M^". Baker
from Cambridge, Nov. 7, 1731. M'". Peck's abilities are known from his
Antiquities of Stamford, of wch he hath given us one Volume in Folio
& designed another, but when 'twill come out I know not. In that work
he had a great number of other men's Papers, & so it may be he has in
what he hath now in hand. 3°

Nov. 15 (Mon.). M^. Baker finds by a Catalogue of Bp INIoore's
MSS., taken by the late M^. Humphr. Wanley, that Juliana Barns's book
was then among the ?.ISS., but what is strange (saith Mr. Baker) from so
accurate a man as Mr. Wanley, he has not given us the Date either of
time or place ; and these MSS. being now in the utmost confusion, tho'
Mr. Baker turned a great many with D^. Middleton's and M"". Peck's
assistance, he could neither meet with that nor the Monk of S*. Alban's.

Nov. 16 (Tu.). The Historic of Great Britannie, declaring the
Successe of times and affaires in that Hand from the Romans first EntraJicc
untill the Reigne of Egbert, S;c. London, printed by Valentine Simmes, 4°
1606, 4*0, was wrote by John Clapham, no very noted Author; John
Milton (who takes in that Period) I believe is more read. And yet even
Milton was infinitely better at Poetry than History.

Nov. 15, 1731. William Holwell to H. (Rawl. 27 b. 399). Before
Christmas a friend will call for Caius and pay for it.

Nov. 16, 1731. West to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 317) [see Diary, Nov. 24].


Nov. 18 (Thur.). From the Northampton Mercury for Mon.,
Nov. 15: —

Cambridge, Nov. 11. The Validity of the Jurisdiction that the University
pretends to over the Town, by Virtue of their Charter, being called in
Question last Term by some eminent Lawyers, where they had occasion to
plead a Case between the Town and the University ; on the ^^^ the University
in a full Convocation passed an Act of Grace, impowering the Vice-Chancellor
solely to take the Opinions of the best Council at their Expence.

London, Nov. 12. Since the account, in our Mercury of the 25*^ past, of

10 the loss of the famous Cottonian Library by Fire, we hear that several curious
Persons, well acquainted with its flourishing State, have been to examine into
the Nature of the Loss, and have already discovered that the greatest part of
those valuable manuscripts are destroyed by Fire, or irreparably damaged by
the Water made use of upon that Occasion, particularly one of the originals of
Magna Charta . . . several antient Papal Bulls, the Original Council Books (for
the clandestine embezzling of which, the founder. Sir Robert Cotton, Bart.,
was examined in the Star Chamber), and great Variety of other valuable
Manuscripts were perished. Such a Treasure of English History was here
reposited that no particular nation nor age could boast the like, and the Loss

20 is irretrievable, as few Copies had been taken of the Manuscripts.

Nov. 19 (Fri.). On Tuesday, Nov. 9, 1731, I borrowed from Magd.
Coll. Libr., Oxon,, a thin fol. MS. in vellum, being a Chronicle of
England to 1284. 'Tis done by way of Annals, but there is hardly any-
thing but what is in Polychronicon. 'Tis interleaved indeed & several
additions made by a much later hand, but those additions are from Matt.
Paris, &c. The Interleavings are Paper.

[Then follow three pages of extracts.]

At the same time I borrowed from the same Library a MS. of Ranulph
Higden, entitled at the beginning by James Tyrrell, Esq., who had
30 perused it, Raniilphi Higden Polychronicon ad A.D. i^yj.

[Then follow four pages of an extract about Wickliff.]

Nov. 20 (Sat.). On Thursday, Nov. 11, I borrowed from the said
Library of Magd. College a fine old Parchment Roll from Adam to
Hen. VL

[Then follow six pages of extracts.]

Nov. 21 (Sun.). Besides the said Roll, was likewise lent me at the
same time Num. 53, in which is Hemingford's Ed. Ill, that I have
printed. Also a thick quarto MS. in vellum, marked 4. I returned the
said Roll and two MSS. to JM^". Loveday on Sat. morning, Nov. 13.

Nov. 17, 1731. H. to Lord Oxford (Diaries 132. 135). Asks for the
loan of Benedictus Abbas Petribitrgensis, being a transcript by Wanley of Cott.
MS. Julius A. II.

Nov. 20, 1731. P. Harcourt to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 341). Is writing to his
tutor, Mr. Bourchier, to receive and pay for the books. Remembers with
pleasure the benefit he has received from H.'s company.

Nov. 18-23.] VOLUME CXXXII, PAGES 134-153 477

Nov. 22 (Mon.). From the Northampton Mercury for Nov. 15,
1731 :—

M"". William Brown of Wadham College in Oxford was lately marryed to
Miss Wallis of Queen Street, near Golden Square, London, a Lady of 20,000/.

^B. This Gentleman was a Commoner, and is now a Bach, of Arts, of
Wadham College, and courted (& 'tis said was, as it were, engaged to) the
youngest daughter, Ketty Whistler (a very pretty young Woman, but
without Fortune) of Mr. Whistler, one of the yeomen IBeadles of the
University of Oxford. xo

On Oct. 25, 1731, Mr. Smith of Caversham told Mr. Loveday that the
Earl of Oxford gave 130 libs, for D^. South's Collection of Pamphlets.

Nov. 23 (Tu.). From a Letter to M^. Loveday from Mr. Deodatus
Bye, dated at Maidstone Nov. 19, 1731, communicated to me by M^.
Loveday, Sunday Evening, Nov. 2 1 : —

Dear Sir,

In answer to your last, be pleased to take the following account. As the
Sexton was digging a Grave in our Ghuch, by accidentally removing a little
stone he struck light into the vault of J. Wotton, first Master of Maidstone
College. 1 desired him to enlarge the Passage and to goe in. The place we 20
found to be eight feet long and four feet wide, wherein we discovered two
bodies, which (by the position of the bones) plainly appeared to have been
disturbed. The Hair upon one of the Sculls was remarkably seen. The
Vessel of Pewter (whereof I have sent you by this post the Draught) was thrown
down and the Cover was some distance from it ; what use this Vessel was of,
no one that has seen it will venture to say. My Conjecture is this. Observing
two niches to be in the sides of the Wall that runs up at the head and the feet
of the monument, & that there are now remaining a Door to each nich with
three key holes to each Door, 1 am persuaded these niches or sacred Cup-
boards were Places wherein the Sacramental Elements with the holy Vessels, ,0
the Registers, &c., were kept. The three keys were according to Canon.
Our Vestry, I find, has not been long built, I therefore believe that the
Vessel aforesaid was to hold the consecrated wafers, and it might be (the
Parish or the College having a silver one) by Authority thrown in, or by
chance through the nearness of the Place it might drop in, when the vault
was opened to receive the last Corps. The Letters on the thin plate of
brass fixt at the bottom might be Hoc est corpus meum. Let me have your
thoughts upon the Whole.

I take the said Vessel to have been an holy Water Pot [only it seems
to be too small. It was rather that w^li was placed in the Am rye, cut in

Nov. 22, 1731. Rev. John Jones to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 13). Has written
to Mr. Ferrar to see if his objections to the printing of his records can be
overcome \see also Diary, Nov. 26 and 27, taken from this letter]. Is to dine
with Dr. Tanner next week. Is forced to humour a brittle Constitution,
and cannot endure any close application to study for more than an hour.

Nov. 22, 1731, Tanner to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 221). For not writing he
begs excuse ' upon account of the vast fatigue I have this mont h and more
been under, in leaving a place where I had lived comfortably above 30 years,
putting up my old books for Oxford, and parting with old friends.' \See also
letter of Nov. 25.]


the wall, in w^t the Sacrament of the Lord's Body, the holy Oyl for the
sick, and the Chrismatorie used to be kept ^].

One Barnes of S*. Aldate's in Oxford, a Freeman of the City, having
set up a waggon last summer to carry goods to and from London,
without the Vice Chancellour's Licence, he was put into the Vice
Chancellour's Court by M^. Thomas Godfrey and the widow Slatford, the
two licensed Waggoners, but he declined appearing; upon wcli he was
committed to the Castle, where he continued about a week, and then was
removed by Habeas Corpus to London, where no one appearing against
lo him, he was dismissed immediately, and on Friday, Nov. 19, he was
returned to Oxford in a triumphant manner with a laced Hat, as if he
designed to insult the University.

Nov. 24 (Wed.). M^". West tells me, in a Letter from the Inner
Temple of the 16^^ inst., that our Loss in the Cottonian Library, tho'
very great, is not so extensive as imagined. M'. Casley hath promised
him the Particulars as soon as they can be examined, of \i^^ Mr, West
saith he will not fail to send me an account.

D'". Rawlinson hath lately engraven an Ivory Cup. Enquire what it is.

On Saturday last M^. Newell, a young M.A., Fellow of Merton Coll.,
20 was thrown by his Horse, as he was riding in the afternoon between
Oxford and Adwell by Tetsworth. He was thrown a little above
Shottover Hill. He was Minister of Adwell, being born there. The
Horse fell upon his Head, which so crushed it that he never spoke after,
but died a few hours after at Pert's, a single Ale House by Horsepath.
He was buried at Adwell last night, Nov. 23.

Nov. 25 (Thur.). From the Northam.pton Mercury, Monday, Nov. 22,


The Rev. D'. Denn, son-in-law to the late Bishop of Rochester [D'^'. Atter-

bury], archdeacon of Rochester, Vicar of St. Leonard, Shoreditch, and Rector

30 of St. Margaret's in Rochester, is preferred to the Living of Lambeth, reckoned

worth 300 lib. per Annum, void by the death of the Rev. D^ Ibbetson, the last


D'". Tanner tells me from London [in a letter] of the 22'itl that, whereas I
mentioned to him M^. John Jones, he will have great regard to my Recom-
mendation, and if he answers the Character I gave of him, he will be ready
to prefer him as soon as in his power, and one or two that have immediate
dependance on him are provided for. He says Providence has ordered his
lot to fall now in North Wales, and not in South Wales, as first talked of,
where he is told most part of the service and duty is in Welch, and he
40 should be glad to find M^. Jones a North Wales man ; however, by his
skill in the Welch language, he says he trusts he will be able to discharge
the Cure of any parish that he may be in time able to give him.

Nov. 26 (Fri.). The Rev. Mr. Thomas Ferrar, of Little Gidding in
Huntingdonshire, hath some thoughts of publishing at some time or other
divers Papers relating to the Family of the Ferrars in K. Charles I's time,

1 The words in brackets are an addition by Hearne and contain his second thoughts.
There is a sketch of the vessel in the Diary ; it has the appearance of a Chalice. — Ed.

Nov. 23-29.] VOLUME CXXXII, PAGES 153-163 479

he being a descendant, and I am told he is a good and worthy Clergyman
and so esteemed, tho' of different Principles (as hath been insinuated to
me) from his famous Predecessor Nicholas Ferrar. But if he print any-
thing, 'twill not be in hast, he being slow and not very resolute in his

In the Ashmolean Museum is a Letter or two of the Lady Elizabeth,
daughter of K, Charles I, written (I think) during her Confinement, &c.
'Tis amongst S^ W. Dugdale's Manuscripts ; see the Title and Number
at the latter end of S^- William's MSS. in the Catalogue MSS. Angl.
& Hiberniae. i^

Nov. 27 (Sat.). One Mr. Bonfoy of Huntingdonshire, who is Batch,
of Laws, is a young Gentleman of great parts and industry, and very
studious of antiquities, and applys himself earnestly to the study of the
Common Law, so that in all probability he will make a great man. He
has been lately taken notice of, to his great honour, by the L^^ Raymond
& highly encouraged.

M'. Jones above-mentioned is not so well skilled in the ancient Brittish
as in the modern, having had no opportunities to acquaint himself with
the former. But the chief Discouragement, he says, is a brittle Con-
stitution, wcb hinders him from that close application w^li would be 20
otherwise made by him.

Nov. 23 (Sun.). My Brother in Law, Dean, informs me about
Beaconsfield, as follows. It was formerly a common field with a Beacon
in it, it lying so on a hill, so that it gave light to another in Kent on a hill
called God's hill, 18 miles fiom London, likewise to one at Pen (which is
there now) and to one in the forest on Bagshot Heath. Beaconsfield
being a pleasant place, the Saxons took a Hking to it, and there being
plenty of very good water, they builded some houses on one side the
Common first, and then the Church and the Steeple, and the beacon was
on the top of the Steeple, and 'tis said they could tlien see it to Borton 3°
Hill in Kent, \\^^ is 5 miles from Canterbury. So that the place being
pleasant, the Common was at length all inclosed, and a sort of street was
made through it, wct at length became a small town, and buildings being
added more and more, at last it became a pretty Country town. He
hath searched the Church after some old Grave Stones, but the oldest that
hath any reading on it is in 1604. Nor hath he met with any thing
concerning building any part of the Church.

Nov. 29 (Mon.). What I have printed about K. Charles I's escape
from Oxford in Walter Hemingford is undoubtedly genuine, being sent
me by M^. Baker from Originals. 4°

Mr. Baker tells me, in his Letter of Sept. 9th last, that M'". Lewis
printed only 160 Copies of Wicklif's Testament, most of wcli were sub-
scribed for, but not one Subscription (as far as M^'. Baker hath observed)
from any of the University of Oxford, tho' the Translater WicklilT were

Nov 29, 1731. Daniel and Ann Dean to H. (Rawl. 27 B. 267). They
write that Brother William is very ill, and that the doctor thinks he will not


no inconsiderable member of our Body. This M^. Baker mentioned the
rather, because he believes not any one Copy of the Book will come to
Oxford. What M^". Russell (who was of Merton College and had the
same or a more extended design) will say to it, I cannot say. But I must
needs say I cannot see what use it will be of to print this Translation,
being indeed nothing else but a Translation of the vulgar Latin, Wickliff
or whoever did it (for I take it to be some body else or perhaps several,
tho' 'twas much countenanced by Wickliff) being wholly ignorant of the
Greek Tongue. MSS. are so very common of what is called Wickliff's
^o Bible and Wickliff's Testament, that 'twas sufficient to inspect the MSS.
upon occasion without printing the work.

Mr. Casley's price for transcribing MSS. of the Cotton Library is
IS. 6d. per sheet.

Nov. 30 (Tu.). Mr. Beckett of Abbington called upon me on
Monday, the 22nd inst.. and told me that the Roll of the Compotus of
Barton by Abbington, tho' formerly given to him by the Recorder of
Abbington, yet was demanded of him again by the Recorder, who said
'twas not his own to give away. ]\Ir, Beckett said he was very willing to
restore it, provided it might be put in the place to \v°ti it really belonged,
20 viz. the Hospital of Abbington.

Mr. Beckett at the same time told me he was well acquainted with
Dr. Derham, and that the D^. had been last summer four or five days at
Abbington, at w^^ time, I suppose, it was that the D^. copied the
Dorchester Liscription, or at least got it copied for himself.

Dec. 1 (Wed.). From the Northampton Mercury for Mon., Nov. 29 :

On Thursday night, Nov. 25, was decently interred at the West End of
St. James's Church Yard, Westminster, the Corpse of the late very Rev.
]\P. Henry Hall, formerly of S*. John's Coll. in Cambridge, who had travelled
very much in Foreign Parts, from whence he was but lately returned. He
30 was an accomplished Gentleman of singular Learning, Modesty, and other
valuable Qualifications, which in other Times might have rendered him an
ornament to the highest station in his Profession, justly lamented by all who
enjoyed the Happiness of his Acquaintance. He dyed in the 59**^ year of his
Age, wasted by the torturing gradual Decay of a Cancer, under which he had
laboured for some months before ; and during which tedious Indisposition, he
behaved with a Patience and Christian Gallantry, uncommon in an Age
degenerate like the present, unless supported by the Assistance of a Good

Nov. 30, 1731. Benjamin Howell to H. (Rawl. 27 b. 408). Sir Thomas
Sebright says that, as soon as Parliament meets, he will call for his volumes
[see letter of Nov. i].

Nov. 30, 1731. Baker to H. (Rawl. 27 b. 88 [see Diary, Dec. 3 and 5].

Nov. 30, 1731. Kev. John Jones at Bluntisham. to H. (Rawl. 27 c. 15).
Acknowledges a letter from H. ; thanks for speaking for him to Dr. Tanner.
* As for Preferment, that is not so much my aim as what I already hinted to
you ; tho' you may be sure the better the Benefice is that Providence shall

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