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yond the amount speci

fied in his contract with

the Smithsonian Institu

tion ; and as the copyright

is his, we trust he will

be amply remunerated

for his liberality. " - iV. Y

Eve. Post.

" The best work on

Architecture ever pub

lished in the U. States

The illustrations are very

beautiful." — Pennsylva

nia btipiirer.
" The book is one wliich

will be read with interest

and pleasure even by

those who have considered architecture as a dry study.
"The work is exceedingly interesting, while to public bodies it is one of sreat value; and we

cannot say too much in commendation of the very superior style in which the publisher has pro-
duced it."— iV^. y. Com

" The most compre-
hensive and elegantly il-
lustrated treatise' on arch-
itecture that has yet ap-
peared m this country." -
Boston Transcript.

" A truly admirable
work — and creditable a-
like to the institution, to
the editor, and to the
publish eT."—Pen7isylva-
nia Inquirer.

" The subject of which
it treats is one of vast
importance to our peo-

f)Ie, in its economical not
ess than its ornamental
relations ; and it is pre-
sented here in such a way
as cannot fail both to
gratify and instruct." . -
Philadelphia N. Ameri'



Xanbsriipt (Bariiming,

A Tt'eatis-e on the Theory and Practice of Landscape
Gardenivg and Rural Arcliitecture^

Adapted to North America. With a view to the Improvement of Country
Residences — comprising Historical Notices, and General Principles of the
Art ; Directions for laying out Grounds and arranging Plantations; the
Description and Cultivation of Hardy Trees ; Decorative Accompaniments
to the House and Grounds ; the Formation of Pieces of Artificial Water,
Flower Gardens, &c ; with Remarks on Rural Architecture.


Fourth Edition, Revised, Enlarged, and Newly Illustrated. One haiidsome
volume, 8vo., cloth, f$:\ 50.

_^_^^, ^i^; ^_ "John Bull looks at Brother Jonathan

-^'5S7- -?L :?i\ Sa^ ^ with a strange compound of feelings. He

^E|^ dislikes him as a rival ; he loves him, and

V j^^ is proud of him, as bein?, after all, of hia

.^= - -sSJTji own flesh and blood. BiU whenever, in

^? science, art, or literature, treads

^^ rather sharply on the heels of John, the

said John bellows out most lustily. Of all

^* the arts of the universe which were likely

to be the ground of competition between

^ proseniior and descendant, I.andscapo

Gardening would, in this case, seem to be

the last. And yet, our American brethren,

so far from being behind us in skill, en-

thiLsiasm, or execution, seem to be taking

tlir Itad most decidedly. * * ' There

IS now lying before us a thick octavo

,-_,.^;^,;^,,.,.-,.., ^.; - volume of about 500 pages, entitled -A

^^-^-V'^K■:^^*.■'re-^'■•' Treatise on the Tiieory and Practice of

r S - vii. - (,andsca:)e Gardening, adapted to North



G. p. Putnam's isew publications.


America.' It is by A. J. Downing, author of 'Desims for Cottage Residences, &c.' • • •
The volume itself is beautifully got up. It is full of admirably executed illustrations, represent
ing very numerous landscape gardening and architecttn-al effects. It has reached its second
edition In 1&44, although an expensive work ; a consummation which a siinilar treatise, published
in England, by an English Landscape Gardener, could scarcely have hoped to reach. * * * So
mucirfor the "present"; details will come forth hereafter; and then, most excellent John Bull,
you will see that this is no time to fold your arms, and loll in your chair, as if the race had been
won and the prize already yours. You have not gained the victory, nor the prize."— Londnn
" Gardener's Chronicle " Edited by Prof. Lindley.

" Mr. Downing has here produced a very delightful work, and has convinced us that sound
criticism and refined taste, in matters of art, are not confined to this side of the Atlantic." — London
Art Union Journal.

"The principles he lays down are not only sound, but are developed on a uniform system
which is not paralleled in any English work. "—Pro/". Lindley' s Chronicle, London.

" A masterly work."— jLowf/on.

"There is no work extant which can be compared in ability to Downing's volume on this sub-
ject. It is not overlaid with elaborate and learned disquisition, like the English works, but is
truly practical." — Louisville Journal.

"The standard work on this subject." — Silliman's Journal.


DancDs System of Mineralogy.

A System of Mineralogy — Comprising the most recent discoveries ; with
numerous wood-cuts and four copper- plates.


Geologist of the U. <S'. Exploring Expedition.

The third Edition of this valuahle and important work, with essential
additions and revisions, bringing the subject down to the present hour —
is now in the Press, and will be published shortly. 8vo., $3 50.
"This work docs jreat honor lu America, and should make us blusn for the neglect iii England
of an imiM.n;mf and 'interesting sc\<in<:e."— London Athc.-imim.



important Sootanirnl B?orb.

The Genera of the Plants of the United States.

Genera Florae Boreali- Oriental! Illustrata : illustrated by Figures and Ana-
lyses from Nature, by Isaac Sprague. Superintended, with descriptions,
&c., by Prof A. Gray. Vol. I, plates 1—100, 8vo, cloth, $6. Vol. II,
plates, 8vo, cloth, $6.
*,* The Second volume icill be ready in August.

" The design of this work is to illustrate the Botany of the United States by figures, with full
analyses of one or more species of each genus, accompanied by descriptive generic characters and
critical observations. The figures are in all ca-ses drawn directly from nature." — Ext. Preface.

*,* This is undoubtedly the most important botanical work ever published in the United States.
The Illustrations are executed in a very superior style. G. P. Putnam ia now the sole publisher
of the work.

Flora of North America ;

Containing Descriptions of all the known Indigenous and Naturalized Plants
growing north of Mexico ; according to the Natural System. By Prof.
John Torrey and Prof A. Gray. Vol. I, 8vo, cloth, $6.

The same, Part I to VI, each $1 50: Part VII, ^1.

'.* This elaborate and valuable work will form three volumes, octavo. The remainder will
be issued as soon as practicable.

Prof. Grafs Botanical Text Boo\

For Colleges and High Schools. New Edition, with about 1000 Engravings
on Wood. Large 12mo, cloth, %\ 75.

Part I. — An Introduction to Structural and Physiological Botany.
Part II. — The Principles of Systematic Botany ; with an Account of the Chief
Natural Families of the Vegetable Kingdoms, &c (fee.

*,* This is by far the most comprehensive, clear and correct text-book on Botany now in use.
It is introduced in the University of Edinburgh, and is used in Harvard and many oilier American

Prof. Gray's Manual of the Biriany of the Northern States. l2mo. $2.



B3as[iingtDii lruing'0 Wmh.

Elegantly printed in 15 vols, (including new works) and neatly bound in dark cloth.

I. Knickerbocker'' s Neiv- York - - 1 vol. $1 25.
II. The Sketch Book - - - 1 vol. 1 25.

IV. ( Columbus and His Companions 3 vols. 4 00.

YI. Bracebridge Hall - - - 1 vol. 1 25.

YII. Tales of a Traveller - - 1 vol. 1 25.

VIII. Astoria, (pp. 510 with map) - - 1 vol. 1 50.

IX. The Crayon Miscellany - - 1 vol. 1 25.

X. Capt. Bonneville's Adventures, map 1 vol. 1 25.

*XI. Oliver Goldsmith, a Biography - 1 vol. 1 25.

*X1L Mohammed and his Successors 1 vol.

*XI1I. The Cojiqnest of Granada - - 1 vol. 1 25.

*XIV. The Alhambra - - - - 1 vol. 1 25.

*XY. [A new volume.] - - - - 1 vol. 1 25.

• Those marked thus are not yet ready, June, 1849.

* • Either volume, or complete sets may also be had substantially bound in half calf, 75 cts.
extra ; half morocco $1 extra ; full calf, $1 25 extra.


"The tvno<rraphy of this series is all that could be desired. Nothing superior to it has issued
from he Am"erican press. Irvine will be amon- American classics what Goldsmith is among
hoTe of the Fatherland. His works have not been crowded froni our shelves by the hosts of new
claimants for public favor, who have appeared since the Sketch Book was m every body's hands.
We 1 ave often won.Iered in common with other readers, why there vvas no good American edition
of his wrilin-s • but his place in our literary affections remains as high as ever. The desideratum
of which we' speak, is n..w to be supplied by Mr. Putnam; and we are now to have an elegan
uniform edition of the works of our foremost writer in the belles-lettres department of literatur.;."
—Boston Evening Transcript.

"The announcement that a new edition of the works of this admired author was m progress,
h-is led .1' 'o revert with pleasure to the delight we enjoyeti in our first acquaintance with him
throu-h his charmin- books. He was the first of American writers in the depanment of elegant
iterature who obtained a wide name and fame in ihe ol.l world. Great Britain France, Northern
and Southern Europe, are alike familiar with his deli-htlul and most healthful writings and
doubne-^s his own ''ood standing abroad has done more ihan any other single cause to introduce
the names and works of others of our countrymen. There is a charm about his writings to which
old ami^youne, the educated and the simple, bear cheerful witness. • ' Several new works

have nof yei 'seen the li-ht. Amon- these is announced a Life of Mohammed, and a Life of
Wa'^hiu'^ion. As to the latter subject for a volume, we can only say, that if another Life of Wash-
ington needs be written-which we doubt-we should preler, of all men, to have VVashington
Irvin- undertake it. The other promised biography, the Life of Mohammed, is a grand an unex-
hau"t"ed, and a most invitin- theme. It has never yet been well treated, nor is it probable tha
ihere 1== a man on this Continent better qualified to treat it with discrimination and power, and
with faithfulness to the truth, than Washington Irvine If our country can be covered with a
lar^'e issue of his writinss, it will make some amends for the flood of trumpeiy which the Press
has" poured over \t."— Christian Register.
"The most tasteful and elegant books which have ever issued from the American Press, "-rrt*


G. P. Putnam's isew publications.



The Spy : A Tale of the JSFeuPral Ground.

New Edition. Revised, &c., with Introduction and Notes, handsomely
printed, uniform with the Sketch-Book, &c. l2mo, cloth, $1 25.

The Pilot : A Tale of the Sea.

I2mo. ^1 25. In September. To be followed by other vols, at intervals.

The Ways of the Hour.

12mo, uniform with " The Spy." In press.

" The public will cordially welcome a new and complete edition of this author's admirable tales,
revisedj corrected, and illustrated with notes by himself. This is No. 1 of the new series, and is
got up m the style of Irving's works, which we have over and over again commended. As for the
tale itself, there is no need to speak of it. It has a place on every shelf, and at once made the fame
of its author. It is an absolute pleasure to the lover of books to find the ultra-cheap system going
out of vogue." — N. Y. Albion.

" We are happy to see Mr. Putnam bringing out these American classics, the works of Cooper
and Irving, to refresh the present generation as they amused the last. We belong, as their two
fine authors do, to both, if men of a buoyant temper and an unflagging spirit ever pass from one
generation to another. We remember, as of yesterday, with what eagerness we drank in the tale
of ' The Spy,' when it first saw the light ; and how we admired the genius of its author, from the
beauty of its production. We can enjoy it still ; and so will every American who has taste enough
to appreciate an American narrative, told so well by an American wrher."— Washington Union.

'' 'The Spy' is the most truly national fiction ever produced in America. * * * It is esteemed
abroad even more than at home, for it has been translated into almost every European language,
and the prejudiced critics of the North British Review have almost consented to give it rank
with ' The Antiquary ' and ' Old Mortality.' "—Richmond Times.

Cla/rence / or Twenty Years Since.

The Author's Revised Edition ; complete in one vol. Uniform with Irving's
Works. In August.


The Author's Revised Edition ; complete in one vol. In September*

A New England Tale ;

Complete in one vol. In October.

G. P. Putnam's new publications.



"Kaloolah will be the book."

Kaloolah ; or^ Jowrneyings to the Djehel Kwm/ri,

An Autobiography of Jona. Romer.

Illustrations by Darley, beautifully engraved and printed in tint, l2mo, cloth, %\ 50.

" The most singular and captivating narrative since Robinson Crusoe."— /Tome Journal.

" ' Kaloolah will be 'The Book.' If it does not excite a sensation in the reading public we will
be perfectly contented to distrust our judgment in such matters in future." — Merchant's Journal.

" By far the most attractive and entertaining book we have read since the days we were fasci-
nated by the chef d'ocuvre of Defoe or the graceful inventions of the Arabian Nights. It is truly an
American novel— not v/holly American in scenery, but American in character and American in
sentiment " — U. S. Magazine and Democratic Review.

•' We have never read a work of fiction with more interest, and we may add, profit— combining,
as it does, with the most exciting and romantic adventures, a great deal of information of various
kinds. The heroine, Kaloolah, is about as charming and delicate a specimen of feminine nature,
as we recollect in any work of imagination or fancy. We will answer for it that all readers will
be perfectly delighted with her." — Journal of Education.

" We have met with no modem work of fiction that has so entranced us. The former part of
Kaloolah carries the reader captive by the same irresistible charm that is found in the paees of
Robinson Crusoe, than which imperishable work, however, it presents a wider and more varied
field of adventure ; while the latter part expands into scenes of splendor, magnificence, and en-
chantment, unsurpassed by those of the Arabian Nights' Entertainment."— Co?n. Advertiser.

Letters from tlie AUegliany Mountains,


Librarian of the War Department ; Author of "^ Summer in the Wilderness," S^c.

l2nio, 75 cts.

• * These letters are descriptive of one of the most interesting regions in the old states of the
Union, which has never before been describeil by any traveller, and they will be found to contam a
great amount of valuable information, as well as many characteristic anecdotes and legends of
the western parts of North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee.

The TurTcislh Evening Entertainments :

The Wonders of Memorials and the Rarities of Anecdotes. By Ahmed Bek
Hemden, the Kiyaya. Translated from the Turkish.


Dragoman of the Legation of the United States, at Constantinople.
l2mo. In Septem/)er.

"It is bv far the most interesting book that has been published at Con.stantinople for a lone time.
• ' * the historical and amuMng interest of the two hundred and seven cuno.sities, which I
mi'iht call anecdotes, is so obvious," &,c.— Von Hammer, the celebrated Orientalist, to the

' Th^s book is one of the most interesting and amusing which has appeared."— ./bwr. Asiatique


Q. P.

Bulwer and Forbes on the Water Treatment.

Edited, with additional matter, by Roland S. Houghton, A. M., M. D. One
volume, l2mo, cloth, 75 cts.

I. Bulwer's "Confessions of a Water Patient." II. Dr. Forbes on Hydropathy. III. Remarks
on Bathing and the Water Treatment, by Erasmus Wilson, M. D., F. R. S, author of '-Wilson's
Anatomy," " Wilson on Healthy Skin," &c. IV. Medical Opinions, by Sir Charles S-.-udamoic,
Herbert Mayo, Drs. Cooke, Freeman, Heaihcote, «fec. V. Observations on Hygiene and the Water
Treatment, by the Editor.

The object of this work is to interest literary and professional men, and all oilier persons of se-
dentary habiis or pursuits in the subject of Hygiene and the Water Treatment, lo attract their
attention to the importance of acquiring a correct knowledge of Health, with a view lo the f re-
veniion and cure of disease by Hygienic management, aril to define those leading general princi-
ples which lie at the basis of genuine Water Cure.

Essays and Orations.

Bv Rev. George W. Bethunf, D. D.
One volume, l2mo. In Stpt.

This volume will comprise all the popular occasional Orations and Discourses of the distin-
guished author; and the variety and importance of the subjects discussed are such as to render the
volume exceedingly interesting and attractive to the general reader.

Coleridge! s Biograpliia Literaria.

Biographia Literaria ; or Biographical Sketches of my Literary Life and Opi-
nions. By Samuel Taylor Coleridge. From the 2d London edition, pre-
pared for publication by the late H. N. Coleridge. 2 vols. l2mo. $2.

" His rnind contains an astonishing map of all sorts of knowledge, while in his power and man-
ner of putting it to use, he displays more of what we mean by the term genius than any mortal 1
ever saw, or ever expect to .see."— Jb/i/i Foster.

A Lift for the Lazy ;

Neatly printed in duodecimo. 75 cts.

" They have been at a great feast of languages and stolen the scraps."— /S%aA;speare.

• * This volume, printed in a novel style, comprises comprehensive and original materials for
" Table Talk" — such as literary anecdotes and statistics, origin of words, philological curiosities,
quaint scraps from old authors, strange customs, odd sayings; in short, as a commonplace book
of an extensive reader and shrewd observer., it is a most acceptable " lift" for those who are too
lazy or too busy to read whole libraries for themselves.

Tli£ Fountain of Living Waters.


In a neat and elegant presentation volume, with a Vignette, In October.

" And the Spirit and the Bride say, Come ;
And let him 'hat heareth say. Come :
And let him that is athirst. Come ;
And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely."

Rev. 22 : 17



The Illustrated Knickerhocker ;

The History of New-York^
From the Beginning of the World to the end of the Dutch Dynasty: containing,
among many surprising and curious matters, the Unutterable Ponderings
of Walter the Doubter ; the Disastrous Projects of WiUiam the Testy, and
the Chivalric Achievements of Peter the Headstrong — the Three Dutch
Governors of New- Amsterdam : Being the only authentic History of tha
Times that ever hath been or ever will be published.


Illustrated with 15 superior engravings on wood, by the most eminent artists,
from Designs by Darley, viz :

Oloffe Van Kortland measuring the land with Portrait of Diedrich Knickerbocker, from am,

Tenbroeck' s breeches. i original painting lately discovered by the

Vision of Oloffe the Dreamer, of the future Expedition to Holland.

city of New- Amsterdam. : The Dutch Exploring Expedition cast away

The Peach War. at Hurlgate.

Portrait of Wouter Van TwiUer,from authen- Dutch Lover.

tic sources. • Kidderineisten in his Coffin.

Gen. Van Poffenburg, practicing war on the Battle at Fort Christina.

Sunflowers. Knickerbocker raging at the crying children.

Knickerbocker jnaking his bote to the public.

And a larger illustration on stone, from a drawing by Heath, of London ;

a humorous representation of Peter Stuyvesant's Anny.
Elegantly printed in Royal Octavo. Price in cloth, ^3 50 ; extra dark cloth,

gilt edges, $4 ; dark calf, antique style, ^5 ; morocco extra, ^6. In


The Illustrated Sketch-Book.

The Sketch-Book.


Illustrated with a series of highly-finished Engravings on Wood, from Designs

by Darley and others, Engraved in the best style by Childs, Herrick, &c.

One volume, square octavo, cloth extra, ^3 50 ; cloth gilt, ^4 ; morocco

extra, $6.

" We confess that we know of none in this country so competent to the task of illustrating this

work as the young artist selected for the purpose, Felix Darley, some of whose designs we have

had the pleasure of seeing. They are full of the quiet, Crayonish humor peculiar to the author,

and drawn with the same elegant finish and freedom from blemish which distinguish all his works.

Until we saw these desisrns we were incredulous as to the ability of any of our native artiata to

properly illustrate the humorous passages of Irving's writings."— J^^oenm^ Mirror.

The Illustrated Tales of a Traveller,

Tales of a Traveller.


Illustrated with 15 designs by Darley, engraved on wood in the first style by
Childs, Herrick, Leslie, Bobbet, Edtnonds, &c. One volume, Royal 8vo,
same style and prices as the Knickerbocker.
• It is intended that the ensravings in this volume and in the Knickerbocker shall exceed in
excellence any thing of the kind'yet produced in this country. It will be ready in October.


p. putn-am's new publications.

(Clinia SllMtrnti^h aSflnlti


The Illustrated Goldsmith,

Oliver Goldsmith^ a Biogr aphy.

With about 40 Illustrations selected by the publisher from Forster's Life Of
Goldsmith, beautifully engraved on wood by W. Roberts. 8vo. In

Fcmiily Pictures from the Bible,


Comprising original articles by Rev. Dr. Bethune, Rev. H. Field, Rev. Mr.

Burchard, and other Eminent Divines.
Illustrated vv^ith designs by Darley, elegantly printed, l2mo. In Sept.

Tlie Illust/ixited Monuments of Egijpt.

Egypt and Its Monuments.

As Illustrative of Scripture History.


With Architectural and other Views finely executed on stone, and numerous
engravings on wood, from the works of Rossellini, ChampoUion, Wilkin-
son, &c. Royal 8vo. In September.

The Illustrated Nineveli.

Layard''s Nineveh and its Remains.

With 103 Illustrations on wood and on stone. 2 vols, in one, handsomely
bound in half morocco, gilt edges, $5 ; calf extra, antique style, $6.

Tlw Illustrated Italy.

The Genius of Italy.,

Or Sketches of Italian Life, Literature and Religion.


With views of Milan Cathedral, the Roman Forum, Pompeii, St. Peters, and
the Lake of Como, beautifully engraved on wood, elegantly bound in
extra cloth, gilt edges, $2. In September.


G. P. Putnam's new publications.

^m %MxM afinuki


Tlie Illustrated Pilgrim! s Progress.

New and beautiful edition of Pil^im's Progress, (in an elegant volume, uni-
form with Tilt's Illustrated Milton, &c.) To be published simultaneously
by David Bogue, London, and Geo. P. Putnam, New-York, a new and
beautifully Illustrated Edition of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress ; with a
new, original Life of Bunyan, written expressly for this Edition, by Rev.
George B. Cheever, D. D. The whole containing from 250 to 300 Illus-
trations, exquisitely Engraved on Wood, by the best Engravers in London,
from Original Drawings by an Eminent Artist, and Printed in the best
Style of the Art. In one elegant volume.


In introducing to public notice a new edition of The Pilgrim's Progress— the most popular book
in the English Language— it is unnecessary to expatiate on the merits so imiversally admiued aa
those of the

" Ingenious dreamer ! in whose well-told tale
Sweet fiction and sweet truth alike prevail."

The publisher, therefore, confines himself to a simple enumeration of the mam features by which
the present edition will be distinguished.

This distinction is threefold :

1st. In the Purity of the Text. It will be printed from the latest editions published in the
author's lifetime, containing his last revisions and alterations. For this purpose the extremely
rare edition of the first part, published in 1688, has been placed at the publisher's disposal by the
diligent researches of George Offor, Esq. of Hackney, whose library contains, amongst other trea-

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