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sitires, an unrivalled collection of early editions of Bunyan. Most of the ordinary editions of this
divine allegory are very erroneous ; and printed as they have been from one another, without
reference to the originals, show alterations and omissions altogether at variance with the Author's

2d. In the absence of Notes. With very few exceptions, all the recent editions of the Pilgrim
are encumbered with tedious doctrinal notes, overlaying the text, and distracting the attention of
the reader from the original narrative. From these this edition will be altogether tree. The work
will be laid before the "reader as Bunyan left it; the only variations will consist in the correction
and verification of the marginal references, which, from errors of the press, are in the early
editions frequently inaccurate.

3d In the Illustrations. In the present edition these are greatly more numerous and of a higher
class, than have ever been given with the work. They will range from Two Hundred and Fifty
',0 Three Hundred in number, engraved by tbe Brothers Dalziel, from Drawings by William Har-
vev, the most graceful and imaginative of modern designers, and will consist of Head and Tail Pieces,
Vi't^nettes, and Border Illustrations, in all that variety of pictorial arrangement for which this artist
is so celebrated. A beautifully engraved Portrait of the Author will also be given from the origi-
nal drawin"-, by R. White, preserved in the British Museum ; from which was engraved the like-
aess attached to the first edition of the Holy War (now extremely rare). This will be engraved on
steel, in the line manner, by Mr. H. Bourne, forming at once the finest and most authentic Portrait
of Bunyan ever published.

The Work will be printed in crown octavo, in the best manner, and will be published in Monthly
Parts, price 25 cents each. Part I. will appear in a few days.

Each Part will contain Forty pages of Letterpress, and from Twenty-five to Thirty Engravings
on Wood.

The Work will be complete in about Ten, but not exceeding Twelve, Parts.
* * A few Copies, printed on Lar<je Paper (price 2/. 2^. or $10), with the finest impressions of
the Cuts in their best state. As these will be issued only in a complete lorm, persons desirous to
possess them should at once forward their names to the publisher.

t A few specimens of these inaccuracies are given in a separate Prospcetus, with a specimen of
the work, which will be supplied (gratis) «.n application.

N.B —TO THE T^ADE.— The first number will be forwarded generally as
a Specimen, on sale ; but no fiiture number will be sent unless actually ordered.


Gt. P. putjn'am's new publication's.

Cljnto ^Unstnitei %uk.


Zays of tJie Westeivi World.

Contents : — " Love's Requiem," by Charles Fenno Hoffman ; "The Mother of Moses," by Mrs.
Osgood ; " The I,and of Dreams," by Wm. C. Bryant ; " Lees in the Cuf of Life," by Mrs. S. G.
Howe ; "The Night Cometh," by Mrs. Embury ; " The Tournament at Acre," by H. W. Her-
bert; "Greenwood," by Miss Pindar ; " Worship," by Miss Bayard; "The Child's Mission," by
Mrs. Embury.

Small folio, illuminated in the most superb manner by Mapleson, with Borders and Vignettes-
printed in Gold, Silver, and Colors — bound in morocco, in a massive style — forming the most
elegant and recherche book of the kind ever produced in this country. $12.

Oriental lAfe Illustrated :

Being a New Edition of " Eothen," or, Traces of Travel Brought Home from
the East. Illustrated with fine Steel Engravings. l2mo, cloth, extra
gilt, $1 50.

Illustrated Grecian and Roman Mythology,


With Preface by Prof. Tayler Lewis, of the University of New- York. 17
Illustrations. 1 vol. 8vo, cloth extra, half morocco, top edge gilt, $3 75 ;
cloth, gilt edges, $3 50 ; plain $3.



Illustrated by Durand, Huntington, Darley, Dugan, Rothermel, (fee. &c.
One volume, 8vo Elegantly printed on superfine paper, uniform with
the Illustrated Editions of Willis, Bryant, Longfellow, &c. Cloth, $1 50 ;
gilt extra, ^2 ; morocco extra, ^3.

A. Boole of the Hudson /

Collected from the Various Writings of Diedrich Knickerbocker. Edited by
Geoffrey Crayon. New edition in large type, with four Illustrations.
l8mo, 50 cents.
The Cheaper Edition, without plates, smaller type, 37J cents.
"One of the most delightful w^-'.cs in the language." — Boston Transcript.
"Summer Tou'-ists on the Hudson can find no plea-santer companion than this."
"A happy idea this of brinsine tosrether in a volume, for the pnrket. the scattered tales and
sketches of'the Hudson, which fill so many attractive paees in 'he different volumes of Washing-
ton Irviner. The man IS to be envied who. with a '•..miner jry before him, embarks on one of
the floatin? palaces of the river with this choice volume for his cnmp;mion. as he is borne along
the ample breadth of the Tappan Sea, by the walls of the Palisades, or threads the srrand defiles
of the Highlands He will be put in a mood for the most exquisite enjoyment of book and land-
scape as he glances from one to the other." — Lit. World.



dDtjitr ^^opular 0olumts for pmnb.

Those marked thus * are New Editions, with illuminated title-pages. Ea^^ ^^mo.

* Chaucer : Selections, hy Deshler - - - ^1 UU.

* Fouque's Undine and Sintram - - - 1 00.

* Gilman's Sibyl; or, New Oracles from Poets 1 50.

* Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield, illustrated 1 00.

* Hervey's Book of Christmas - - - - 1 00.

* Howitt's {Mary) Songs and Ballads, with portrait 1 25.

* Hood's Prose and Verse - - ' ' ' \^^S

* Hunt's Italian Poets " " * " " 7 ^^*

* Hunt's Imagination and Fancy - - ' ^ ^^
Irving's Sketch-Book - - " " ' | l,^"
Irving's Bracebridge Hall - - - - 1 75.
Irvijig's Tales of a Traveller ' ' ' } \l'
Irving's Oliver Goldsmith, a Biography - 1 7o.

* Keats' Poetical Works - - - " ^ ^^•

* Keats' Life and Letters | ^^•

* Lamb's Dramatic Poets - - - " j ^||-

* Lamb's Essays of Elia - - - " 1^0

* Oriental Life Illustrated, plates - - - 1 ^"•

Green on Bronchitis.


SSkit Chroric Laryngitis, Clergyman's Sore Throa,, &c. &c.

Plates improved and carefully Colored. Royal 8vo, gilt tops, $3.

»22£HEH!±ar— .a....i.i— »^


G. P. Putnam's new publications.

^eit-lDob for Cnllegts mh ligli §t^mlB.

The PraGtical Elocutionist^

For Colleges, Academies, and High Schools,


Professor of Elocution in Columbia College.

*,* This work is confidently recommended to the attention of the Teaching Public, and intelli-
gent students, for its thorough practical character.

It comprises the Author's system of Elocutionary Instruction, which, during a long course of
successful professional practice, has been most satisfactorily tested and stamped by public ap-

A close analytical dissection of the sense and construction of language is made the leading prin-
ciple of instruction, rather than a servile adherence to elaborate mechanical rules. Nature is at
all times followed as the only sure Teacher. The perceptive and reasoning powers of the Pupil
are constantly brought into action, and the few essential rules of the art are so simplified and
adapted on these principles, as to become only the subordinate auxiliaries in the acquirement of an
earnest, natural, and unaffected mode of delivery.

A copious and varied selection of Examples, from the best Authors, are given for practice in the
illustration of the system, the larger portion of which have never before been incorporated into
any similar work. They will be found of an uniform higli-toned character, and will furnish to the
youthful Pupil a vocabulary of thought and intbrraation on topics of general importance and in-

Large 12ino. In August.

TJie Crayon Reading JBooh ;

Comprising Selections from the various Writings of


Prepared for the use of Schools. l2mo. In August.

*,* This volume comprises a series of scenes, adventures, sketches of character, and historical
pictures from the Life of Columbus, Astoria, Tour on the Prairies, Granada, Bracebridge Hall,
Sketch Book, &c., arranged so as to form an acceptable and useful reading book for the higher
classes in schools and academies.

The Botanical Text-Booh.


Of Harvard College.

With 1000 Engravings on wood. New edition, l2mo, $1 75. [See page IL]

"The best elementary view of the vegetable \i\ns,Aom."—Silliman^s Journal.

Prof. DanoHs System of Mineralogy ;

Comprising the most recent discoveries. New edition, 8vo, $3 50. [See p. 13.]

A Chemical Text- Booh.


Professor of Chemistry in the Free Academy, New- York.

12mo. In preparation.


G. P. putj^am's new publications.

€nt-33nnk3 for CullrgrH nnii Jjigl; Irjjiinls.


^ Mytliolocjical Text- Book :

With original illustrations. Adapted to the use of Universities and High Schools,
and for popular reading.


With an Introduction by Tayler Lewis, Professor of Greek in the University

of New- York. 12nio, half bound ^1 50.
Also, a fine edition in octavo, with illustrations, cloth, ^.3 ; cloth gilt, $.3 50 ;

half morocco, top edge gilt, ^3 75.

*,* This work has been prepared with great care, illustrated with effective outline arawings,
and is designed to treat the subject in an original, comprehensive, and unexceptionable manner, so
as to fill ihe place, as a text-book, which is yet unsupplied ; while it is also an attractive and
readable table book for general use. It is introduced as a text-book in many of the leading colleges
and schools.

" As a book of reference for the general reader, we know not its equal. The information it con-
tains is almost as necessary to the active reader of modern literature, as for the professed scholar."
— Home Journal.

"A valuable addition to our elementary school books, being written in good taste and with ability,
and well adapted to popular instruction.— Pro/". Webster, Principal of the Free Acadeiny, N. Y

Coe's Drawing Cards.

Studies in Drawing, in a Progressive Series of Lessons on Cards ; beginning
with the most Elementary Studies, and adapted for use at Home and in


Teacher of Drawing.

In ten Series — marsed 1 to 10 — each containing about eighteen Studies.
25 cents each Series.

The design is :
I. To make the exercise in drawing highly interesting to the pupil.
II. To make drawings so simple, and so gradually progressive, as to enable any teacher, whether

acquainted with drawing or not, to instruct his pupils to ad\-antage.
ni. To take the place of one half of the writing lessons, with confidence that the learner will

acquire a knowledge of writing in less time than is usually required.
IV. To give the pupils a bold, rapid, and artist-like style of drawing.

They are executed with taste and skill, and form, in our judgment, one of the best series of les-
sons in drawing, which we have met with. The author justly remarks, that " the whole is so sim-
plified as to enable any teacher, without previous study, to instruct his pupils with advantage."

% I, a. Bilitnni (Erxt-Sf

An 'Elementary Treatise on Artillery and Infantry.^

Adapted for the Service of the United States. Designed for the use of Cadets
of the U. S Military Academy, and for the Officers of the Independent,
Companies and Volunteers. ]2mo.


*^' This volume is used as a text-book in the Unitcil States Militaiy xVcademy, and will be intro-
duced in the other military schools. It is the most useful and coruprehensive treatise in eithet
French or English ; and is equally adapted for use in the militia service and in th^ d^xxaj.


Q. P. puti^am's new publicatioks.


Anglo-Saxon Cowse of Study,

A Compendious A^iglo- Saxon and English Dictwnary.

By the Rev. Joseph Bosworth, D.D., F.R.S., &c., &c, 1 vol., 8vo,
cloth, $3.

A Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Language.

By Louis F. Klipstei??, A.M., LL.M., and Ph. D., of the University of
Giessen. l2mo, cloth, ^1 25.

Tha Halgan Godspel on Englisc.

The Anglo-Saxon Version of the Holy Gospels. Edited by Benjamin
Thorpe, F.S.A. Reprinted by the same. l2mo, cloth, $1 25.

Analecta Anglo- Saxo7iica^

With an Introductory Ethnological Essay, and Notes, Critical and Ex-
planatory. By Louis F. Klipstein, A.M., LL.M., and Ph. D., of the
University of Giessen. 2 vols., 1200 pages, $3 50.

Natale Sancti Gregorii Papce.

iElfric's Homily on the Birthday of St. Gregory, and Collateral Ex-
tracts from King Alfred's Version of Bede's Ecclesiastical History
and the Saxon Chronicle, with a full Rendering into English, Notes
Critical and Explanatory, and an Index of Stems and Forms. By
Louis F. Klipstein, A.M., LL.M., and Ph. D., of the University of
Giessen. l2mo, 75 cts.

A Glossary to the Analecta Anglo-Saxxynica^

With the Indo-Germanic and other Affinities of the Language. By
Louis F. Klipstein, A.M., LL.M., and Ph. D., of the University of
Giessen In preparation.

" There is no doubt that a few years hence, the persevering and ill-rewarded toils of this learned
scholar will be looked back upon with sincere gratitude, by all who love the study of our incom-

E arable language, in its better and more sinewy part. If Dr. K. is, as we suppose, a foreisner. he
as acquired a masteiy of English which is marvellous, and which, by the by, shows the advantage
to be derived from Anglo-Saxon. These volumes, taken in connection with the grammar, and the
forthcoming glossary, will make it easy for any private student to make himself acquainted with
that delightful old tongue, to which we owe almost all our words of endearment, such as home.,
father., mother, brother, sister; almost all our names of En£lish flowers, as daisy, cowslip, prim-
rose, nosegay ; and abundance of the short, monosyllabic, piingent nouns, which half-learned folks
would barter away for sesquipedalian latinisms. We mean such as dell, dale, wrath, icealfh,
knave, thrust, churl, wrealh, and soul. The preliminary essay prepares the way, by tracing very
clearly the lineage of the Anglo-Saxon language: it is a valuable contribution to Ethnology."—

"Surely it is a matter of concern to know and understand well our own tongue. How much
better then would it be, if in our public and private schools, as much attention at least were given
to the teachings of English as of Greek and Latin, that our youths might bring home with them a
racy idiomatic way of speaking and writing their own language, instead of a smattering of Greek
and' Latin, which they almost forget and generally neglect in a few years' time. * * * For this,
a study of the Anglo'Saxon is absolutely needful ; for after all, it has bequeathed to us by far the
largest stock of words in our language." — Loudon.

"The most valuable portion of our language comes to us directly through the Anglo-Saxon ; and
to make the study of it a part of our general system of education, would be to administer the most
powerful antidote to the deteriorating influence of would-be fine speakers and writers, which is
gradually robbing our English speech of much of its native energy and precision.— izY. World.



fd\m XtWm,

Cliaucer'^s Poems.

Selections from the Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. By Charles D.
Deshler. 1 vol., l2mo, green cloth, 63 cts.

Climicer and Spenser,

Selections from the Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. By Charles D,
Deshler. Spenser, and the Faery Queen. By Mrs. C. M. Kirkland
1 vol., l2mo, cloth, %\ 25.

" A mine of wealth and enjoyment, a golden treasury of exquisite models, of graceful fancies, of
fine inventions, and of beautiful diction."— Cmcmn«a' Herald.

Foiique. — Undine and Sintram,

Undine, a Tale ; and Sintram and his Companions, a Tale. From the Ger-
man of La Motte Fouque. 1 vol., l2mo, green cloth, 50 cts.

" Undine is an exquisite creation of the imagination, and universally regarded as a masterpiece
in this department of literature."— /2/c/j//io/id'^7'/mes.

Oilman.^ Mrs. — The Sibyl ;

Or, Nevv^ Oracles from the Poets ; a Fanciful Diversion for the Drawmg-
Room. 1 vol., l2mo, cloth, extra gilt, $1 50.

"A sweet book of short and most pleasant quotations from the poets, illustrative of character
taste.s loves, &c., formed into a drawing-room game, with questions and answers. It is beautifully
designed, beautifully executed, and beautifully robed for the gift-dispensing Chi'istmas and New-
Year \iu\Aic."— Evangelist.

Goldsmith. — The Vicar of Wakefield.

By Oliver Goldsmith. 1 vol., l2mo, neatly printed, cloth, 50 cts,

The same, illustrated with designs by Mulready, elegantly bound, gilt

edges, ^L
" This tale is the lasting monument of Goldsmith's genius, his great legacy of pleasure to genera-
tions past, present, and to come."

Hervey. — The Booh of Christmas

Descriptive of the Customs, Ceremonies, Traditions, Supe'-stitions, Fun, Feel-
ing, and Festivities of the Christmas Season. By Thomas K. Hervey.
12mo, green cloth, 63 cts.

The same, gilt extra, $L

"ETery leaf of this book aflTords a feast worthy of the season."— Dr. Hawks' Church Record.


G. P. putin-am's new publications.

aCrllrB ttitm.


Hood. — Prose and Verse.

Bv Thomas Hood. l2mo, green cloth, ^1.
The same, gilt extra, ^1 25.

" A very judicious selection, designed to embrace Hood's more earnest writings, those which
were written from the heart, wliich reflect most faithfully his life and opimons."— Brocdiray

Hoioitt. — Ballads and other Poems,

By Mary Howitt. 1 vol., l2mo, green cloth, 75cts.
The same, with fine portrait, gilt extra, ^1.

" Her poems are always graceful and beautiful.— Mrs. S. C. Hall.

" We cannot commend too highly the present publication, and only hope that the reading public
will relish ' Mary Howitt's Ballads and other Poems,' now for the first time put forth in a collected
form." — Albion.

Hunt — Imagination and Fancy ^

Or, Selections from the English Poets, illustrative of those first requisites
of their Art ; with markings of the best Passages, Critical Notices
of the best writers, &.c. By Leigh Hunt. 1 vol., 12mo, green cloth,
62 cts.

The same, gilt extra, $L

" One of those unmistakable gems about which no two people differ. It is really and truly an
exquisite selection of lovely passages, accompanied with critical notices of unusual worth ; and it
would be difficult to selecta work on the subject so beautifully, earnestly, eloquently written." —
Westminster Review.

" This volume is most justly to be called a feast of neetared sweets where no crude surfeit reigns."
London Examiner.

Hunt. — Stories from tlie Italian Poets :

king a Summary in Prose of the Poems of Dante, Pulci, Boiardo, Ariosto,
and Tasso ; with Comments throughout, occasional passages Versified, and
Critical Notices of the Lives and Genius of the Authors. By Leigh
Hunt. 12mo, cloth, ,$1 25.

The same, fancy gilt, $1 75.

"Mr. Hunt'.s book has been aptly styled, a series of exquisite engravings of the magnificent pie*
tures painted by these great Italian masters." — Tournal of Commerce.


G. P. Putnam's new publications.



T/ie Histwy of New- York^

From the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty,
l2mo, cloth, ^1 25.

TJw Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon^ Gent.

l2mo, cloth, $1 25.

Braxxbridge Hall ; w, T/ie Humorists :

A Medley. 12mo, cloth, $1 25.

Tales of a Traveller.

l2mo, cloth, $1 25.

TJie Conquest of Granada.

l2mo, cloth, $1 25.

Tlie Alhambra.

12mo, cloth, f 1 25.

The Crayon Miscellany.

l2mo, cloth, $1 25.

Oliver Goldsmith: a Biography.

l2mo, cloth, $1 25.


l2mo, cloth, $1 25.

.* See " History," " Travels," &c
N. B. Any of the above may be had in extra bindings : half calf, 75 cts. extra ; half morocco. 51
sxtra; full calf, per volume, $1 25 extra.

Keats. — Poetical Worhs.

The Poetical Works of John Keats. 1 vol., l2mo, cloth, $1.
The same, gilt extra, $1 25.

" They are flushed all over with the rich lisht.s of fancy ; and so colored and bestrewn with the
flowers of poetry, that, even while perplexed and bewi'lered in their labyrinths, it is impossible
to resist the intoxication of their sweetness, or to shut oiir hearts to the enchantment they so
lavishly present.— i^rawc/s Jeffrey.

Keats. — Life., Letters., &g.

The Life, Letters, and Literary Remains of John Keats. Edited by Richard
MoNCTON MiLNES. Portrait and fac- simile. 1 vol., l2mo, cloth, $1 25.

The same, gilt extra, $1 50.

" A volume which will take its place among the imperishable ones of the age." * ' * " It is
replete with interest."


G. P.

%M{m tttim.


r^owell. — A Mihlefor Critics :

Or A Glance at a Few of Our Literary Progenies. By a Wonderful Quiz.
1 vol., 12mo, boards, 50 cents ; cloth, 63 cts.

" Beneath its unpretending drab cover lies hid a w«-ld of polished satire, keen subtle humor,
md manly vigorous sentiment, interspersed with touches of genuine pathos." — Knickerbocker

" Showing the power of a master in verse, the heart of a true man, the learning of a scholar, the
jiind of a philosopher, and the wit of a satirist, without the gall which too often accompanies it."—
Bolden's Mag.

" Nothing abler has ever come from the American press in the form of satire."— Prov. Jour.

Lamh. — Essays of Elia,

By Charles Lamb. 1 vol., l2mo, cloth, ^1.

The same, gilt extra, $1 25.

" Shakspeare himself might have read them, and Hamlet have quoted them ; for truly was our
excellent friend of the genuine line of Yoxxz^."— Leigh HunVs London Journal.

Lamh, — Specimens of the Miglisli Diximatic Poets.

By Charles Lamb. 1 vol., l2mo, green cloth, ^1 25.

The same, gilt extra, $1 50,

"Nowhere are the resources of the English tongue, in power, in sweetness, terror, pathos, in de-
Bcription and dialogue, so well displayed." — Broadway Journal.

LyncJi, — Poems., &c.

By Anne C. Lynch. 1 vol. Elegantly illustrated from designs by Durand,
Huntington, Darley, Rossiter, Brown, Dugan, &c. 8vo, cloth, $1 50 ;
gilt extra, $2.

"The many beautiful and sublime thoughts that are scattered through this volume will amply
repay a perusal. — Albany Eve. Jour

Montagues Selections from Old English Writers.

Selections from the Works of Taylor, Latimer, Hall, Milton, Barrow, Lowth,
Brown, Fuller, and Bacon By Basil Montagu. 1 vol., 12mo, green
cloth, 50 cents ; cloth gih, $L

"This volume contains choice extracts from some of the noblest of the old English writers."—
Cincinnati Atlas.

" A book of delight. It is for the head, the heart, the imagination, and the taste, all at once."




Peacock, — Headlong Hall and Nightmare Ahhey.

1 vol., l2mo, green cloth, 50 cts.

" Works of singular merit, but of a character so peculiar that we cannot give any descriptive
account of them in the space at our command. Wide sweeping, vigorous satire is their charac-
teristic ; satire not so much of men as of opinions. * ' * The production of a mind contem-
plative in Its turn, but keenly alive to the absurdity of human pretension. There is scarcely a
topic which is not here embodied or glanced at ; and modern philosophy is pretty severely hit, aa
may be inferred from the motto of Headlong Hall :

' All philosophers, who find
Some favorite system to their mind,
In every point to make it fit.
Will force all nature to submit.' "

Cincinnati Atlas.

Tasso, — Godfrey of Bidloigne ;

Or, the Recovery of Jerusalem : done into English Historical Verse, from
the Italian of Tasso, by Edward Fairfax. Introductory Essay, by Leigh
Hunt ; and the Lives of Tasso and Fairfax, by Charles Knight. 1 vol.,
12mo, $1 25.
"The completest translation, and nearest like its original of any we have seen."— Leigh Hunt.
" The Jerusalem Delivered is full, to the last stanza, of the most delightful inventions, of the
most charming pictures, of chivalric and heroic sentiment, of portraits of brave men and beautiful
women— in fine, a prodigal mine of the choicest resources and effects of poetry. So it has been
always known to the world, so Fairfax brings it to us." — Mirror.

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