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Total 11,005.22


To Secure Life Membership :

George C. Thomas .... $100.00
Mrs. George C. Thomas . 100.00
Miss Emily Scheetz . . . |ioo.oo

John Kisterbock 100.00

Mrs. John Kisterbock . . 100 00

Total $500.00



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190 2


To the General Fund for Maintenance :

George C. Thomas . .

. $150.00

Mrs. Sarah A. Gale .


Wm. H. Hart, Jr. . .


Geo. A. Fairlamb . .


Mrs. Julia F. Grice .


Dugald S. Paterson. .


Walter C. Smith . . .


Mrs. Walter C. Smith


Mrs. Mary F. Gabell .


George B. Wells . . .


Anna M. Thomson . .


Mrs. M. A. Miller . .


James Shrigley . . .


Mary E. Shrigley . .


Mrs. Sarah Batties . .


Townsend, Grace Co., B




Crawford & Halsey, Nt




Otto J. Muller&Co. .


G. B. Burnett & Son, N<




D. Evans


Misses Dallett . . .


Otto Barthol Co. . .


Geo. W. Kendrick, Jr.


Mrs. Cassel


Mrs. Peter Patterson .


Thos. R. Powderhill . .


Mrs. W. R. Lvman . .


Wm. R. Lyman . . . .


Miss Sanderson . . . .


Mrs. Laura Ayres . . .

. 5.00

Lewis S. Hall


John F. Hanscom .


Susanna B. Collins. .


Mary A. Johnston . . .

. 5.00

John Curry 1.00

Mrs. Turner i.oo

Miss E. W. Burkhardt . . i.oo

G. M. Waldron 4.00

F. E. Waldron Sharp . . i.oo

Mrs. Winberg 10.00

Mrs. Hanafelter . i.oo

Misses Nudd 2.00

Mrs. H. Van Beil 10.00

Mrs. Raskins 5.00

Mr. Haskins 10.00

Thos. K. Ober 5.00

Winthrop Smith .... 5.00

Mrs. S. G. Meredith . . . 2.00

John H. Waldron .... 10.00

John C. Dessaiet .... 10.05

Cash 20

E. W. Alexander 5.00

Mrs. Eliza M. Smith ... 5.00

Wm. G. Paret 5.00

E. S. Paret 5.00

Jas. W. Howard, Jr. . . . 5.00

Thomas Moon 2.00

Mrs. McDowell i.oo

Mrs. Weston D. Bayley . . 10.00

John G. Whiteman . . . 10.00

Mrs. M. E. Watkins . . . 5.00

C. W. Gabell, Jr 5.00

Feldhusen Cap Co. . . 5.00

Brennan, Carr & Co. . . 5.00

Mrs. Ellen Close .... i.oo

Mrs. Mary Foulke . . . i.oo

Louis Schneider .... 2.00

Charles Bossert 5.00

M. Rufe I.oo

Total }54o.25



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Mrs. a. M. MyhlerTz— Parlor furniture, bookcase, books,
sideboard, music cabinet, dining room chairs, rocker, bedroom furni-
ture and pictures.

Hai^B & Kii^BURN — Sofa bed.

Miss Ei<izabbth Taylor— China, glassware, clothing and bed-

Thb Morris Press — Notices for subscriptions ($5.50).

Dr. C. Mohr— Postage stamps (I4.50).

Gbo. C. Thomas — Minute book for Board of Managers (I4.75).

Walter C. Smith — Mimeograph copies of Constitution and By-
laws (I14.25).

Mrs. S. H. Dessalet — Suit of bedroom furniture.

Mrs. a. K. Bergmann— Bedstead and mattress.

The Misses Dalletis— Dining table, feather bed, roasting pan
and pictures.

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Lyman — Rocking chair, cabinet, table,
counterpane, hot-water bottle and half-dozen salt and pepper shakers.

Mrs. Elizabeth Dubosq — Kitchen table, washing machine and
basket of provisions.

Miss Mary Francis Dubosq — Grape jam.

Miss Mabel Dubosq — Glassware.

Mrs. Tilla A. Solomon — Sewing machine, groceries and strip
of carpet.

Mrs. Dugan and Mr. Samuel Sencion — Silver knives and

Mrs. Lorraine Austin — 9 glasses of jelly, many kitchen uten-
sils, clothes horse, refrigerator, stepladder, 6 chairs, ironing-board
and screen.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. A. Fairlamb — China dinner set and i dozen
cans of com.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Smith— Nickel-plated irons and
atand, silver sugar spoon, butter knife and vase.

Miss Hills, Washington, D. C— Decorated china berry dish.

Mrs. a. M. Waldron — 2 decorated china bread plates.

Mrs. M. H. Essick — Clothes wringer.

Charles Moore— Clock.

Miss T. Crouse— Preserves.

Miss K. Murdock — 5 pounds prunes.

J. Wolf— Cut flowers.

Mrs. C. Schuler— 5 pounds coffee.



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Mrs. a. p. Miixbr, Miss Mbgargbb and Miss B. Parmai^bb —
Basket of groceries.

Dr. and Mrs. N. Powi^er — Clock and groceries.

Mrs. Chari^bs Mohr— Table knives and table linen.

Church of the Restoration— Sofa pillows, 69 towels and 3
table cloths.

Mrs. Anna K. Bbrgmann — Sofa pillow covers.

Mrs. O. J. MoTTRAM — I dozen silver forks and silver ladle.

Mrs. Kate Win berg — Groceries.

Miss Page— Picture.

Mr. and Mrs. Cotton— Bible (2 vols.).

Mrs. Pi^bming — Parlor rug.

Mrs. L. Montgomery — 1 dozen silver spoons.

E. Wright Ai«bxander — i dozen cans of com.

Mrs. Van Beil — Barrel of flour, 25 pounds sugar, carpet sweeper
and Christian Leaders.

Mrs. S. a. Russell — Basket of provisions and chicken .

Mrs. C. C. Jillard— Oranges.

Mrs. G. p. Ward— Table linen.

Miss Otto— Towels.

Miss Clayton— Groceries.

Miss Ethel Meredith- Biscuit.

Ladies* Aid Association, Church of the Messiah— Preserves.

Auxiliary Board of Managers — $2 worth of groceries.

Mrs. C. R. Penton— Pair of blankets.

Mrs. J as. Shrigley— Silk quilt.

Mrs. Harry Erdmann — Glassware.

Mrs. W. D. Baylby— 4 pounds coffee.

Mrs. G. B. Snyder — Sugar.

Mrs. Thos. Poole— Rice.

Mrs. E. Longworth— Preserves.

Mrs. Mary Gabell — Bread and biscuit.

Miss Einwechter— Towels and groceries.

Mrs. E. R. Blau— Canned goods.

Mrs. Marion Ybager — Canned goods.

Mrs. C. Kleinfelder— Down quilt.

Mrs. Alice Wilson— Pictures.

Miss Julia Warwick — Bureau cover and shoe-bag.

Mrs. Lyon — Meat grinder, tub and coffee-pot.

King's Daughters, Church of the Messiah— 2>^ dozen

Mrs. Wooster— Pair of blankets.


Digitized by LjOOQIC

Mrs. Gborgb C. Thomas — Pies, cakes, puddings, preserves,
crackers and oranges.

Mrs. John C. Dkssai^bt — Bedroom furniture, parlor table, 4
vases, 2 pictures and provisions.

Mbssiah Mission — Gingham aprons.

Howard Tiki, — Hall-rack and chair.

Hanscom Bros. — 2 dozen packages corn starch.

Miss M. Rikd — 6 calendars.

No Namb — Pair of blankets.

Mrs. Geo. C. Thomas — Pair of curtains.

Mrs. Abbie C. Lott— Feather bed.

Mrs. E. C. Sweetser— Provisions.

Mrs. J. A. NiEL — ^Tub and picture.

Mrs. James R. Weaki^ey — Rubber door-mat, hot-water bottle
and gas torch.

Mrs. W. C. Buckley — Kitchen utensils and picture.

Mrs. a. a. Paret — Magazines.

Mrs. M. J. Daniels — Silver butter dish.

Miss E. Morse — Two bureau covers.

I^ADiES' Aid Association, Church of the Messiah — Carpet
for stairs and hall.

Mrs. J. H. Waldron— Paper for halls.

Mrs. George C. Thomas, Mrs. G. B. Wells, Mrs. J. Thomas
Moore, Miss Ida Nicholls, Mrs. Annie E. Cotton, Mrs. A. J.
OuRT, Mrs. Lorraine Austin, Primary Class of Sunday School
OF Church of the Messiah — Room furnished by each.



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Active Members*

Constituted by being members of the Universalist Church of the
Messiah in good standing, and such other persons who have con-
tributed at least $5.00 annually.

Estella Adams

Minnie Adams

Ebenezer E. Adare

Bnena Vista Albright

Miss Martha Albright

E. W. Alexander

l/ouis S. Amonson

Mrs. Eliza Auner

Hannah Auner

George R. Ayres

Mrs. Laura H. Ayies

William G. Ayres

Mrs. Amelia F. Bailey

Birs. Lizzie M. Barber

Miss Bertha Bartlett

Miss Edna Bartlett

Mrs. Maggie Bartlett

Miss Maggie Lillian Bartlett

Mrs. S. Battles

Mrs. Weston D. Bayley

Mrs. Harriet M. Bennett

Frank M. Benton

Mrs. Anna K. Bergmann

Charles Bossert

Miss Matilda H. Bower

Mrs. Annie D. M. Breisch

Blmira L. Brown

John T. Brown

Mrs. John T. Brown

Albert C. Buckley, M.D.

Wm. C. Buckley, M.D.

Mrs. Wm. C. Buckley

Miss Helen M. Buck waiter

Mary V. Bunting

Miss Elizabeth W. Burkhart

Miss Kate C. Butler

Mrs. Marion Reid Butler

Mrs. S. S. Carpenter

Frank £. Champion

Mrs. Frank E. Champion

Mrs. Nellie I. Charlton

Philo Chesebrough, M.D.

Mrs. Philo Chesebrough

Mrs. Sarah Clarke
Mrs. Ellen E. Close
Thomas Coleman
Susanna B. Collins
Miss Mary Conner
Mrs. Anna E. Cotton
Wm. S. Cox
Mrs. Lillian L. Crom
Mrs. Harriet M. Crosby
Miss Tillie A. Crouse
Miss Catharine L. Dallett
Miss Judith Dallett
Mrs. Mary J. Daniels
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Dean
Mrs. Sallie E. DeMoya
Edwin C. Dessalet
Miss Florence C. Dessalet
Frank H. Dessalet
John C. Dessalet
Mrs. John C. Dessalet
Miss Sallie May Dessalet
Norris C. Dickey
Franklin P. Dickinson
Mrs. Franklin P. Dickinson
Charles A. Dubosq
Mrs. Elizabeth Dubosq
George Dubosq
Miss Mabel Dubosq
Miss Mary Frances Dubosq
Miss Sophie M. Dubosq
Mrs. Claude Dugan
Mrs. Matilda H. Essick
Louis C. Fairchild
Mrs. Louis C. Fairchild
George A. Fairlamb
Mrs. George A. Fairlamb
Miss Ada F. Fenton
Carl F. Fenton
Mrs. Laura A. Fenton
Mrs. Mary Jane Fossett
Mrs. Helen M. Frye
Leopold F. Frye
Caroline C. Furbush



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Mrs. Mary Vanderbilt Furbush

C. W Gabell. Jr.

Mrs. Mary F. Gabell

J. Oscar Gakeler

Mrs. J. Oscar Gakeler

Mrs. Sarah A. Gale

John Gant

Miss Josephine P. Gilbert

Edward Gillespie

Mrs. Edward Gillespie

Mrs. Anna Dubosq Glosser

Miss Edith L. Goodspeed

Miss Jeanie N. Goodspeed

Miss Annie Gregory

Miss Mary P. Gregory

Samuel M. Gregory

Miss Eliza Greiner

Wm. R. Grice

Mrs. Wm. R. Grice

Albert B. Guilbert

Mrs. Charlotte M. Guilbert

Miss Charlotte M. Guilbert

James T. Guilbert

Miss Marie Le Page Guilbert

Nicholas R. Guilbert

Thomas M. Guilbert

Miss Rosanna Gurr

Miss Emily Haas

Mrs. Emily M. Haas

James Haigh

Mrs. James Haigh

Henry S. Hale

Mrs. Henry S. Hale

Lewis S. Hall

Mrs. Lewis S. Hall

Mrs. Nettie S. Fowler Hanna

John F. Hanscom

Mrs. Mary J. Harbach

Mrs. Edwin L. Harrington

William H. Hart, Jr.

Stephen Hartwell

Mrs. Stephen Hartwell

James B. Hartzell

Mrs. James B. Hartzell

Mrs. Haskins

Mr. Haskins

Miss Minnie E. Hempstead

Mrs Fannie M. Daniels Henkel

Miss Margaret Hook

Webster Hoopes

Jas. W. Howard, Jr.

Mrs. Jas. W. Howard, Jr.

Mrs. Catharine Cox Hunter

Miss Harriet C. Hutchins

Mrs. Catherine C. Hutchinson

Mrs. Elmira Jarden

Miss Emily M. Jarden

Miss Florence Jarden

Mary A. Johnston

John M. Justice

Jerome Keeley

Mrs. Jerome Keeley

Miss Marie Louise Keeley

Geo. W. Kendrick, Jr.

Alexander Kennedy

Mrs. Alexander Kennedy

Miss Louisa Kettler

Miss Mary Kettler

Mrs. Caroline Kleinfelder

Herman E. Kleinfelder

Mrs. AUie V. Knight

Miss Edith V. Knight

Miss Mary P. Knight

Edward Kramer

Mrs. Emily B. Lackenmeyer

Miss Jane Lackenmeyer

Orse G. Leland

Mrs. Fannie Leland

Mrs. Emily M. Longworth

Miss Maggie J. Lowe

Miss Sallie B. Lowe

Oluf Lundgren

Wm. R. Lyman

Mrs. Wm. R. Lyman

Frank C. Lyon

Mrs. Frank C. Lyon

Mrs. Eleanor Maetrich

Miss Martha N. Maetrich

Mrs. Florinda D. Main

Miss Annie Marsh

Miss Hannah E. Marsh

Charles R. Massey

Mrs. Elizabeth G. McCaughan

Lewis McDowell

Mrs. Sallie L. McDowell

John H. Mcintosh

Mrs. J. A. McKec

Miss Mary J. Meredith

Mrs. Sarah G. Meredith

Mrs. Anna E. Merrill

Charies Mohr, M.D.

Mrs. Charles Mohr

Miss Halchen H. Mohr

Henry R. Montgomery



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190 2

Mrs. Henry R. Montgomery
Miss Edith G. Moon
Thomas Moon
J. Thomas Moore
Mrs. J. Thomas Moore
Thomas Mottram
Mrs. Thomas Mottram
Miss Helen Kate Murdoch
Mrs. William Myers
Mrs. Florence E. Newhourg
Miss Ida C. Nichols
Miss Emma J. Nodd
Miss Laura S. Nudd
Thomas K. Ober
Mrs. Thomas K. Ober
Thomas K. Ober, Jr.
Miss Virginia J. Oliver
Mrs. Josephine Onrt
Mrs. Matilda Palin
Robert M. Palmer; M.D.
Mrs. Emma S. Palmer
Miss Annie E. Paret
Edward S. Paret
Lonis F. Paret
Wm. G. Paret
Mrs. Wm. G. Paret
Miss Emma Parmalee
D. S. Patterson
Mrs. Peter Patterson
Mrs. Caroline R. Penton
Walter J. Penton
William A. Penton.
Jennie R. Phillips
Frank H. Pierce
Mrs. Frank H. Pierce
Miss Mary S. Pierce
Arthur W. Pithouse
Thomas Powderhill
Mrs. Diantha I. Pulsifer
Robert Reid
Mrs. Robert Reid
George Rhoads
Chas. H. Roberto
Mrs. Chas. H. Roberto
Jacob R. Roberto
Miss Virginia Roberto
Mrs. Jane Massey Rock
Mrs. Sarah A. Russell
Miss Sanderson
Miss Jessie B. Sauer
Mrs. Eliza C. Saul
Walter B. Saul

Miss Emily Scheetz

Mrs. Charlotte Schuler

Mrs. Elizabeth A. Shephard

Mrs. Mary E. Shepherd

Arthur Shrigley

Miss Ethel A. Shrigley

James Shrigley

Mary B. Shrigley

James Edward Smiley

Mrs. James Edward Smiley

Mrs. Eliza M. Smith

Mrs. Mary T. Smith

Walter C. Smith

Mrs. Walter C. Smith

Winthrop Smith

Mrs. Annie E. Snyder

Mrs. Mary A. Snyder

Miss Mary C. Snydef

Henry h, Snyder

Simon Snyder

Mrs. Tillie A. Solomon

Fred. C. Spaulding

Mrs. Fred. C. Spaulding

Mrs. Rebecca Sprague

Frank Spruance

Mrs. Frank Spruance

Mrs. Jessie Mclnto^ Spruance

John B. Spruance

Mrs. Mollie A. Sprucks

Miss Elizabeth Stogg

Miss Annie G. Stevens

Mrs. Martha Mcintosh Stewart

Miss Caroline Stout

Edwin C. Sweetser, D.D.

Mrs. Edwin C. Sweetser

James B. Taylor

Mrs. James B. Taylor

George C. Thomas

Mrs. George C. Thomas

Anna M. Thomson

Mrs Susanna B. Thompson

Miss Mary B. Thompson

Mrs. Mary Toelke

Mrs. Bessie R. Trapier

Harry C. Tripple

Miss M. Jennie Tripple

Henry T. Underdown

Mrs. Henry T. Underdown

Mrs. H. Van BeU

Frank Y. Vanderbilt

Mrs. Frank Y. Vanderbilt

Mattie P. Vanderbilt



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Mrs. Almira J. Van Roden George B. Wells

Miss Anna B. Waldron Mrs. George B. Wells

Miss Georgianna M. Waldron Miss Alice P. West

John H. Waldron Miss Dora A. Whiteman

Mrs. John H. Waldron John G. Whiteman

J. Howard Waldron, Jr. Mrs. Annie T. Wickersham

Miss Kate S. Waldron Mrs. Alice £. Wilson

Miss Julia A. Warwick George M. Wiltbank

Miss Martha Emily Warwick Miss M. Matilda Wiltbank .

Mrs. M. B. Watkins Mrs. Lenora Lillie Wise

Mrs. Kate Winberg Mrs. Virginia H. Wooster

Miss Anna D. Wells Miss Elizabeth Wright

Miss Edith M. Wells Mrs. Mary A Young

Miss Florence L. Wells Mrs. Elizabeth Zook

hate Members*

Constituted by the pa3rment of $100.00 at one time.

John Kisterbock Miss Emily Scheetz

Mrs. John Kisterbock George C. Thomas

Mrs. George C. Thomas

Gmtributing Members*

Constituted by the payment of at least $1.00 annually.

Mrs. Cassell Thomas Powderhill

John Curry M. Rufe

Mrs. Mary Foulke Louis Schneider

Mrs. Hanafelter F. E. Waldron Sharp

Mrs. M. A. Miller Mrs. Turner


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ly u ♦^

Second Annual Report

of the

Messiah Universalist Home

Cottfge Lane, below Wtster Street, Gennantown

Incorporated June 7, 1900

Home opened January 4, 1902

Home formally dedicated February 22, 1902



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Methods of Assisting the Messiah Universalist


Any person can aid the Home by contributing in
either of the following ways :

1. Donations of money in any amount and at any
time, as it is always needed ; also of Provisions, Groceries,
Clothing, Books, etc.

2. Contribution of $5.00 annually, which constitutes
the contributor an Active Member.

3. Contribution of $100.00 at one time, which con-
stitutes the contributor a Life Member.

4. Contribution of $1,000 at one time, which consti-
tutes the contributor an Honorary Member.

5. Contribution of at least $1.00 annually, which
constitutes the contributor a Contributing Member.

Form of Bequest.

/ gtve and bequeath to the Managers of the


(or if Real Bstate, describe the property).

for them to use in any manner that may best promote the
objects and interests of said Home*


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1^0 3


President Vice-President

William R. 1.yman Columbus VV. Gabell, Jr.

Secretary Treasurer

Samuel M. Gregory J. Thomas Moore

Board of Managers.

Terms expire 1904
John C. Dessalet Columbus W. Gabell, Jr.

Henry T. Underdown Albert F. Gabell

George W. Dessalet

Terms expire 1905
Dr. Charles Mohr Wm. R. Lyman

J. Thomas Moore John F. Hanscom

John H. VValdron

Terms expire 1906
Rev. E. C. Sweetser, D.D. Rev. J. Clarence Lee, D.D.

Nicholas R. Guilbert Samuel M. Gregory


Finance and[ Investments
Messrs. Moore, J. C. Dessalet and A. F. Gabell /

Applications for Admission

Messrs. fci| Hanscom and Guilbert "^

Buildinsfs and Property-
Messrs. Lyman, Waldron and C. W. Gabell, Jr. •'

^ Medical Staff.

Dr. Albert C. Buckley Dr. Thos. H. CarmichacI

Dr. C. A. Veasey, Ophthalmologist



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Auxiliary Board

Mrs. Julia F. Grice

Mrs. John C. Dessalet

Mrs. Edwin C. Swebtser

Miss Emma Parmalee


House Management

Mrs. William C. Buckley Mrs. Weston D. Bayley

Mrs. James A. Haigh Mrs. John C. Dessalet

Supplies and Clothing

Miss Emma Parmalee Mrs. John H. Waldron

Mrs. Mary F. Gabell

Religious Services

Mrs. Mary F. Gabell Mrs. Charlotte M. Guilbert


Mrs. Loraine Austin,
Mrs. E. E. Adair,
Mrs. J. R. Adams,
Mrs. Mary Bartlett,
Mrs. W. C. Buckley.
Mrs. Weston D. Bayley,
Mrs. Anna K. Bergman,
Mrs. D. C. Beamer,
Mrs. G. F. Breisch,
Miss Helen M. Buckwalter,
Miss Elizabeth W. Burkhart,
Miss Kate C. Butler,

Mrs. Anna E. Cotton,
Mrs. H. M. Crosby,
Mrs. John Charlton,
Mrs. Sarah Clarke,
Mrs. S. S. Carpenter,
Mrs. M. B. Chesebrough,
Mrs. Ellen Close,
Miss Tillie Crouse,
Mrs. J. C. Dessalet,
Mrs. F. P. Dickinson,
Mrs. J. DeMoya,
Mrs. A. M. Dugan,


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1^0 3

Miss M. F. Dubosq,
Miss C. L. Dallett,
Mrs. M. H. Essick,
Mrs. H. Erdman,
Mrs. Geo. A. Fairlamb,
Mrs. C. A. Furbush,
Mrs. Nettie Fowler,
Mrs. L. Fairchild,
Mrs. Laura Fen ton,
Mrs. Helen Fr>'e,
Mrs. Mar>- F. Gabell,
Mrs. Julia F. Grice,
Mrs. E. Gillespie,
Mrs. J. O. Gakeler,
Mrs. F. E. Goodspeed,
Mrs. Gottschalk,
Mrs. Samuel M. Gregory,
Mrs. Howard Guilbert,
Mrs. Charlotte M. Guilbert,
Miss Marie LePage Guilbert,
Miss Annie Gregory, •
Miss Mary P. Gregory,
Mrs. Thco. J. Harbach,
Mrs. John F. Hanscom,
Mrs. L. S. Hall,
Mrs. James W. Howard, Jr.
Mrs. Mary B. Haigh,
Mrs. J. Warren Hale,
Mrs. S. Hartwell,
Mrs. Jas. B. Hartzell,
Mrs. Caroline Kleinfelder,
Mrs. Alexander Kennedy,
Mrs. Jerome Keely,
Mrs. Wm. R. Lyman,
Mrs. Emily Long\vorth,
Mrs. F. C. Lyon,
Mrs. John C. Lee,
Mrs. Abbie C. Lott,
Mrs. E. B. Lachenmeyer,
Mrs. J. Thomas Moore,
Mrs. Chas. Mohr,
Mrs. O. J. Mottrom,
Mrs. A. M. H. Myhlertz,
Mrs. L. Montgomery,

Mrs. Florinda D. Main,
Mrs. Thomas Moon,
Miss M. J. Meredith,
Mrs. S. Meredith,
Mrs. J. A. Neil,
Mrs. M. Z. Nearing,
Miss Ida C. Nicholls,
Miss Emma Nudd,
Mrs. M. C. Ober,
Mrs. J. E. Ourt.
Mrs. Emma Palmer,
Mrs. W. G. Paret,
Mrs. C. R. Penton,
Miss Emma Parmalee,
Mrs. S. A. Russell,
Mrs. J. Reid,
Mrs. George Ridey,
Mrs. Jane M. Rock,
Mrs. E. C. Sweetser,
Mrs. W. C. Smith,
Mrs. W. C. Strickler,
Mrs. Charlotte Schuler,
Mrs. Geo. B. Snyder,
Mrs. H. S. Sill,
Mrs. Eliza Saul,
Mrs. R. Smith,
Mrs. F. Smith,
Mrs. Annie Snyder,
Miss C. A. Stout,
Miss Emily Scheetz,
Mrs. Geo. C. Thomas,
Mrs. Wm. R. Thompson,
Mrs. S. F. Thompson,
Mrs. Mary Toelke,
Mrs. E. M. Vanderbilt,
Mrs. A. M. Waldron.
Mrs. A. E. Wilson,
Mrs. Kate Winberg,
Mrs. W. H. Wooster,
Miss G. M. Waldron.
Miss Julia A. Warwick,
Miss Emily Warwick,
Mrs. Marion Yeager.


Mrs. M. Josephine Daniels


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HHE second annual meeting of the Messiah Universa-
list Home was held in the assembly room of the
Church of the Messiah on Monday evening, Janu-
ary 19, 1903. The minutes of the last annual
meeting were read and approved. The treasurer's report
for the current year was then read. It showed that the
Permanent Charitable Fund of the Universalist Church of
the Messiah, now amounts to over thirty thousand
dollars, and that the fund of the Home has increased
to about three thousand dollars ; the income from both
these funds being applicable for the maintenance of the

The secretary's report gave concise information of the
year's work and stated, among other things, that the num-
ber of inmates had increased from three last year, to sev-
en this year. Over one hundred and thirty dollars were re-
alized as the result of two entertainments at the Home, and
on January 3, (donation day), about five hundred dollars in
cash were secured.

The Ladies' Auxiliary Board of Managers reported,
through its secretary, that twelve meetings had been held
during the year, that the Home had been visited by repre-
sentatives of the board every week in the year, and that
everything was in a very satisfactory condition.

The President, Mr. William R. Lyman, then ad-
dressed the meeting as follows :

To The Members of the Messiah Universalist Home :

From the report of your Treasurer, showing the finan-
cial condition of our Association, and of the Secretary, re-



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garding the work accomplished during the first year of its
existence, it can readily be appreciated that the starting of
the Messiah Universalist Home was no mistake. Those
who have worked zealously for many years to establish a
fund for this purpose, see now the glorious fruit of their

The Charitable fund of the Universalist Church of the
Messiah amounts, at the present time, to over $30,000. We
have a fund in our own treasury of over $3,000. The in-
come from these two funds is to be applied to the support of
the Home ; so that, as a charitable organization, we have a
substantial standing.

But what about about the future of the Home? Our
flattering record of the past is unimportant at this time, ex-
cept in so far as it b an incentive for greater activity in the
future. Charitable work of this kind should appeal to every
charitably disposed person, and our organization in particu-
lar, on account of its liberal constitution, and from the fact
that it is non-sectarian should appeal to everyone. What
charity can be more desirable than that which provides for
the care and comfort of worthy persons when they reach
an age when they need assistance?

We need the hearty co-operation of the ladies of our
Association in this work. Much credit is due to them that
we are now in active existence, and especial credit is due
the Auxiliary Board and to the Matron, for the careful, ef-
ficient, and economical manner in which the house-keeping
has been managed.

We have various funds which need your attention.
Our Permanent Fund, the income from which is used to de-
fray expenses, is important. The Building Fund also de-
serves your donations, for it would not be desirable or eco-
nomical to rent indefinitely. Even now, our present quar-
ters seem too small, and we should be able to support a
larger house.



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But the fund which seems the most important is
the one to be used for the daily expenses, or the mainte-
nance of the Home. To that end it would seem desir-
able that we make special effort to increase our active and
contributing membership list, as that insures a permanent
annual income. We should not increase our expenses un-
til we see our way clear to do so by having a substantial an-
nual income. Better let the income force the growth than
the growth the income ! The Messiah Universalist Home
has come to stay ; the extent of its growth rests with you.

We have a membership in the Association of about
350 ; about 100 of these, by virtue of their membership in
the Auxiliary Board and Board of Managers, are actively
interested in the Home. It should be the duty and pleas-
ure of every member to try to build up a Home that will be
a power for good in this community, and redound to our
credit as an organization, as well to the credit of the
Universalist Church.

Let us spread broadcast the news of this most noble
Christian charity, so that the time will come when every
Universalist in this State, aye, and many beyond its bor-
ders, will refer to the Messiah Universalist Home as Our
Charitable Home in Philadelphia !

The President then announced that as the terms of
five members of the Board of Managers expired at this time,

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