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manifestations to Israel in the wilderness mere
fables, not to be understood literally ? If so, this
will be so too ; for one will be precisely like the
other, no parable, but a glorious reality. He
will cause them to pass under the rod, and bring
them into the bond of the covenant. This
brings to mind the new covenant so often
promised in the Scriptures, to be made with the
house of Israel, and with the house of Judah,
just in time to gather them from their long
dispersion. Some may suppose that the new
covenant which was to gather Israel made its
appearance in the days of Christ and his Apostles.
But Paul tells us it was yet future in his day. So
fin his llth chapter to the Romans, he says " that
blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the
1 fulness of the Gentiles be come in, and so all
] Israel shall be saved ; as it is written, There shall
come out of Zion the deliverer, and shall turn
away ungodliness from Jacob ; for this is my cove-
nant unto them when I shall take away their sins/'
From this we learn that Paul placed that covenant
in the future, even down to the restoration of Israel,
in the last days, when the times of the Gentiles
should be fulfilled. Then there should come a
Deliverer for Israel, and not before, seeing that
they had rejected the first coming of that Deliverer.
And lie himself said to the Jews, " Behold, your
house is left unto you desolate ; for I say unto you,
ye shall not see me henceforth till ye shall say,
Blessed is he that coineth in the name of the Lord."


Then, and not until then, should the covenant be
renewed with Israel. And even when the Apostles
inquired, saying, " Wilt, thou at this time restore
again the kingdom to Israel ? " the Saviour made
answer that it was not for them to know the
times and seasons, which the Father had put in
his own power; but they were to receive power,
and bear witness of him, &c.; as much as to say,
That work is not for you Apostles to accomplish,
but shall be done in the Lord's own time, by
whom he will ; but go ye and do the work I
have commanded you.

Again, Isaiah, Ixi. 8, 9, in speaking of this
covenant, tells us, that it should make their seed
known among the Gentiles, and their offspring
among the people; and should cause all that see
them to acknowledge them that they are the seed
that the Lord hath blessed. Now, we know that
it is a question which can only be decided by Reve-
lation, whether the aborigines of America are the
seed of Jacob or not Again, it is a matter of
uncertainty where the ten tribes are, or who they
are ; but the new covenant, whenever it makes its
appearaiice, will reveal these things, and will
leave the matter no longer in suspense; we shall
then know their seed among the Gentiles, and
their offspring among the people. But, oh ! how
different was the effect of the covenant made
eighteen hundred years ago in its effects upon
Israel ; it cast them off in unbelief, and caused all
that have seen them or heard of them ever since
to acknowledge that they are the seed that the


Lord hath cursed. When the covenant is renewed
in the last days, the Lord will bring them into
the bond of the covenant, by manifesting Himself
to them face to face. Let me inquire, How does
God make a covenant with the people in any
age ? The answer is, By communicating His will
to them by actual revelation ; for, without this, it
would be impossible to make a covenant between
two parties. In order to illustrate this subject
let us bring an example. We see how we make
covenants with each other. For instance, a
young man wishes to enter into a covenant of
matrimony with a young lady ; but deprive him
of the privilege of revealing his mind to her, cut
off all direct communication between them, and a
covenant could never be made ; and so it is with
the Almighty. He never did enter into a cove-
nant with His creatures without revelations ; and
He never can do it. In short, whenever He
made a covenant with the people, where a whole
people were concerned, He included in the cove-
nant the priesthood, offices, and authorities, to-
gether with the ordinances and blessings, which
pertain to His covenant ; and so will He do at
this time. Whenever the new covenant is esta-
blished it will organize the kingdom of God with
all its offices, ordinances, gifts, and blessings, as
in the days of old ; but more of this when we
come to treat of the kingdom of God.

" But," says the inquirer/* what need have we of
the renewal of a covenant which has never been
broken? If the Lord made a covenant in the days


of the Apostles, called a net/ covenant,why should
that covenant still be renewed again, seeing it is
in full force until it is broken by one party or the
other? " This is an important inquiry, involving
the fate of all Christendom in its decision ; we
must therefore be very careful to make the deci-
sion perfectly plain, and the proof easy to be
understood. That there was a covenant made
between God and the people in the days of Christ
and his Apostles, none will attempt to deny, and
if that covenant never has been broken, it must
be of force to the present day, and consequently
there is no need of a new one. It therefore
remains for us to prove that that covenant has
been broken, completely broken, so that it is not
in force, either among Jews or Gentiles, having
lost its offices, authorities, powers, and blessings,
insomuch that they are no where to be found
among men. In order to do this, we must ex-
amine what were its offices, authorities, powers,
and blessings, and then see whether they are still
known among men.

We read that its officer sconsisted of Apostles,
Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers, all
inspired, and set in the church by the Lord him-
self, for the edifying of the saints, for the work
of the ministry, &c. And they were to continue
in the Church, wherever it was found, until they
all came to the unity of the faith, and unto the
measure of the stature of a man in Christ. ^^>

Secondly, the gifts of the Spirit, which some
call supernatural, were the powers and blessings


which pertained to that covenant, wherever it
existed, among the Jews or the Gentiles, so long
as the covenant was of force. Now, I would ask
the world of Christendom, or either of its sects
or parties, if they have Apostles, Prophets, Evan-
gelists, Pastors, and Teachers, inspired from on
high, together with all the gifts and blessings of
the Holy Spirit, which pertained to the Gospel
covenant? If not then the offices and powers of
that covenant have been lost. And it must be
through the breaking of that covenant that they
were lost, for in this way the Jews lost these
privileges when they were handed to the Gentiles.
And Paul told the Gentiles, in his llth chapter
to the Romans, that if they did not abide in the
goodness of God, they would fall, as the Jews
had done before them. But in order to prove, by
further demonstration, that the Gospel covenant
has been broken by Jew, and Gentile, and all
people, so as to be no longer in force, I shall
quote Isaiah xxiv. 1-6. " Behold, the Lord
maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste,
and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad
the inhabitants thereof. And it shall be, as with
the people so with the priest ; as with the ser-
vant so with his master; as with the maid so
with her mistress ; as with the buyer so with the
seller ; as with the lender so with the borrower ;
as with the taker of usury so with the giver of
usury to him. The land shall be utterly emp-
tied, and utterly spoiled : for the Lord hath
spoken this word. The earth mourneth and


fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth
away, the haughty people of the earth do
languish. The earth also is defiled under the
inhabitants thereof; BECAUSE THEY HAVE TRANS-


hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that
dwell therein are desolate ; therefore the inhabi-
tants of the earth are burned, and few men left." J
In these few verses we discover a like calamity
awaiting priests and people, rich and poor, bond
and free, insomuch that they are all to be burned
up but a few ; and the complaint is that the earth
is defiled under the inhabitants thereof, because
they have transgressed the laws, changed the
ordinance, and broken the everlasting covenant.
Now, this could not be speaking of any other than
the covenant, ordinance, and laws of the Gospel,
made with the people in the days of the Apostles ;
because, however any former covenant may have
been broken, yet the inhabitants of the earth
have never been destroyed by fire, all but a few,
for having broken any previous covenant. But
this destruction is to come by fire, as literally as
the flood in the days of Noah ; and it will con-
sume both priests and people from the earth, and
that, too, for having broken the covenant of the
Gospel, with its laws and its ordinances ; or else
we must get a new edition of the Bible, leaving
out the 24th of Isaiah.

Now, having settled this question, I trust the
reader will see the . need of a new covenant, in


order to save the few that are not to be burned.
We will therefore drop this subject for the pre-
sent, and turn again to the subject of the gather-
ing of Israel. You will please turn and read the
36th, 37th, 38th, and 39th chapters of Ezekiel.
In the 36th chapter you will discover a promise,
that Israel is to return from all the nations
whither they have been scattered, and to be
brought again to the land which God gave to
their fathers ; Jerusalem is to be filled with flocks
of men, and all the desolate cities of Judea are
to be rebuilt, fenced, and inhabited ; the land is
to be fenced, tilled, and sown, insomuch that they
shall say, " This |_ lamL that^ wa.R ^ O ^I Q ^ J B
become likAjJTfl_gfl.rdfln nlEden." " I the Lord
havB^po^enTt^and I will do it; and the heathen
shall know that I the Lord build the ruined
places, and plant that that was desolate. So
shall the waste cities be filled with flocks of men,
and they shall know that I am the Lord." In
the 37th chapter you will find, after the vision of
the resurrection of the dead, the Prophet goes on
to speak of the two nations becoming one nation
upon the mountains of Israel, and one king being
king to them all; and when this takes place they
are no more to be divided into two kingdoms.
Moreover ,the Lord's tabernacle is to be with them,
and His sanctuary in the midst of them for ever-
more. He will for ever be their God. and they shall
be His people. "And the heathen shall know that
I the Lord do sanctify Israel, when my sanctuary
shall b* in the midst of them for evermore,"

PROPHECY YKT FU'lL k'lfi. 49

Now, it is a fact well known, that Judah and the
ten tribes have never been one nation upon the
mountains of Israel since the day they were first
divided into two nations

But when this does take place, even the very
heathen are to know it, and are to be convinced
of the true God, as was Cyrus. Now, if the mis-
sionaries shall convert the world before the Lord
does this great work, then it will save the Lord
the trouble of doing it in his own way, and it will
save the trouble of fulfilling the Prophets, and the
word of the Lord will fail, and all the world lay
hold of infidelity. Well did the Lord say, My
ways are not as your ways, nor my thoughts as
your thoughts. Chapters xxxviii. and xxxix. pre-
sent us with a view of many nations united under
one great head, whom the Lord is pleased to call
Gog; and being mounted on horseback, and armed
with all sorts of armour, they come up against the
mountains of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land ;
their object is to take a prey, to take away silver
and gold,and cattle, and goods in great abundance.

This is an event which is to transpire after the
return of the Jews and the rebuilding of Jerusa-
lem ; while the towns and the land of Judea are
without walls, having neither bars nor gates.
But while they are at the point to swallow up the
Jews, and lay waste their country, behold, the
Lord's fury comes up in His face, a mighty earth-
quake is the result, insomuch that the fishes of
the sea, and the fowls of the air, and all the
creeping things, and all men upon the face of the



earth shall shake at His presence, and every wall
shall fall to the ground, and every man's sword
shall be turned against his neighbour in this army,
and the Lord shall rain upon him, and upon his
bands, and upon the many people that are wilh
him an overflowing rain, great hailstones, fire and
brimstone. And thus He will magnify Himself
and sanctify himself, in the eyes of many nations,
and they shall know that He is the Lord ; thus
they shall fall upon the open field, upon the
mountains of Israel, even Gog and all his army,
horses and horsemen ; and the Jews shall go forth
and gather the weapons of war, such as hand-
staves, spears, shields, bows and arrows ; and
these weapons shall last the cities of Israel seven
years for fuel, so that they shall cut no wood out
of the forest, for they shall burn the weapons with
the fire ; and they shall spoil those that spoiled
them, and rob those that robbed them, and they
shall gather gold and silver, and apparel, in great
abundance. At this time the fowls of the air and
the beasts of the field shall have a great feast ;
yea, they are to eat fat until they be full, and
drink blood until they be drunken. They are to
eat the flesh of captains, and kings, and mighty
men, and all men of war. But the Jews will
have a very serious duty to perform, which will
take no less than seven months ; namely, the bury-
ing of their enemies/ They will select a place on
the east side of the sea, called the Valley of the
Passengers, and there shall they bury Gog and all
his multitude, and they shall call it the Valley of


Hamon Gog. And the scent shall go forth, inso-
much that it shall stop the noses of the passen-
gers; thus shall they cleanse the land. " And 1
will set my glory among the heathen, and all the
heathen shall see my judgment that I have
executed, and my hand that I have laid upon
them ; so the house of Israel shall know that I am
the Lord their God from that day and forward.
And the heathen shall know that the house of
Israel went into captivity for their iniquity ;
luvuuse they trespassed against me, therefore hid
I my face from them, and gave them into the
hand of their enemies ; so fell they all hy the
sword. According to their uncleanness, and ac-
cording to their transgressions, have I done unto
them , and hid myself from. them. Therefore thus
saith the Lord God, Now will I bring again the
capitivity of Jacob, and have mercy upon the whole
house of Israel, and will be jealous for my holy
name : after that they have borne their shame,
and all their trespasses whereby they have tres-
passed against me when they dwelt safely in their
own land, and none made them afraid. When I
have brought them again from the people, and
gathered them out of their enemy's lands, and am
sanctified in them in the sight of many nations ;
then shall they know that I am the Lord their
God, which caused them to be led into captivity
among the heathen ; but I have gathered them
into their own land, and have left none of them
anymore there. Neither will I hide my face any
more from them ; for I have poured out my Spirit
ui)on the house of Israel, saith the Lord God."


In the foregoing we discover that the heathen
are to know that the house of Israel went into cap-
tivity for their iniquity, and are gathered again by
the hand of God, after having borne their shame
for all their trespasses : and the house of Israel
will know that it was the Lord their God who
caused them to be led into captivity among the
hen then, and that He it was that gathered and de-
fended them, and He will hide his face no more
from them, but will pour out his Spirit upon them.

Oh ! ye blind, ye stiff-necked, ye hard-hearted
generation, with the Bible circulated among all
nations will whole nations be so blind as to fulfil
this prophecy, and not know it until it brings
destruction upon their own heads ? Why all this
blindness ? Alas ! it is because of false teachers,
who will tell them the Bible must be spiritualized.
Others declare that these prophecies can never be
understood until they are fulfilled. If this be the
case, then we can never escape the judgments pre-
dicted in them, but must continue the children of
darkness, until they come upon us unawares, and
sweep us from the earth. Then where will be
the consolation of looking back and seeing them
fulfilled ? But blessed be God, He has told us
by the mouth of Daniel that many shaILnm4Q
and fro, and knowledge shall be increased^jjnd
thaf the wise shall understand, buFnone ofthe
wickedrshatt understand: 53 now, I would ask,
who are more wicked than the wilfully blind
leaders of the blind, who tell us we cannot
understand the Scriptures ?


Zechariah, in his 14th chapter, has told us much
concerning the great battle and overthrow of the
nations who fight against Jerusalem ; and he has
said, in plain words, that the Lord shall come at
the very time of the overthrow of that army ; yes,
in fact, even while they are in the act of taking
Jerusalem, and have already succeeded in taking
one-half the city, and spoiling their houses, and
ravishing their women. Then, behold their long-
expected Messiah, suddenly appearing,shall stand
upon the Mount of Olives, a little east of Jerusa-
lem, to fight against those nations and deliver the
Jews. Zechariah says the Mount of Olives shall
cleave in twain, from east to west, and one-half
of the mountain shall remove to the north, while
the other half falls off to the south, suddenly form-
ing a very great valley, into which the Jews shall
flee for protection from their enemies as they fled
from the earthquake in the days of Uzziah, king of
Judah ; while the Lord cometh and all the saints
with Him. Then will the Jews behold that long,
long-expected Messiah, coming in power to their
deliverance, as they always looked for him. He
will destroy their enemies, and deliver them from
trouble at the very time they are in the utmost
consternation, and about to be swallowed up by
their enemies. But what will be their astonish-
men when they are about to fall at the feet of
their Deliverer, and acknowledge him their Mes-
siah ! They discover the wounds which were once
made in his hands, feet, and side ; and, on inquiry,
at once recognize Jesus of Nazareth the king of


the Jews, the man so long rejected. Well did the
Prophet say, they shall mourn and weep, every
family apart, and their wives apart. But, thauk
Heaven, there will be an end to their mourning ;
for he will forgive their iniquities, and cleanse
them from all uncleanness. Jerusalem shall be a
holy city from that time forth, and all the land
shall be turned as a plain from Geba to Rimmon,
and she shall be lifted up and inhabited in her
place, and men shall dwell there, and there shall
be no more utter destruction of Jerusalem ; " and
in that day there shall be one Lord, and his name
one, and hejjhall be Iqng over all the earth." j

John, in his 1 1th chapter of Revelations, gives
us many more particulars concerning this same
event. He informs us, that, after the city and
temple are rebuilt by the Jews, the Gentiles will
tread it under foot forty and two months, during
which time there will be two Prophets continually
prophesying and working mighty miracles. And
it seems that the Gentile army shall be hindered
from utterly destroying and overthrowing the city,
while these two Prophets continue. But, after a
struggle of three years and a half, they at length
succeed in destroying these two Prophets, and
then overrunning much of the city ; they send
gifts to each other because of the death of the two
Prophets, and in the meantime will not allow their
dead bodies to be put in graves, but suffer them
to lie in the streets of Jerusalem three days and
a half ; during which the armies of the Gentiles,
consisting of many kindreds, tongues, and nations,


passing through the city plundering the Jews, see
their dead bodies lying in the street. But, after
three days and a half, on a sudden, the spirit of
life from God enters them, and they will arise and
stand upon their feet, and great fear will fall upon
them that see them. And then they shall hear a
voice from heaven saying, " Come up hither," and
they will ascend up to heaven in a cloud, their
enemies beholding them. And having described
all these things, then come the shaking, spoken
of by Ezekiel, and the rending of the Mount of
Olives, spoken of by Zechariah. John says, " The
same hour there was a great earthquake, and the
tenth part of the city fell ; and in the earthquake
were slain of men seven thousand." And then
one of the next scenes that follow is the sound of
voices, saying, " The kingdoms of this world are
become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His
Christ, and He shall reign for evar and ever."

Now, having summed up the description of
these great events spoken of by these Prophets,
I would just remark, there is no difficulty in
understanding them all to be perfectly plain and
literal in their fulfilment

Suffice it to say, the Jews gather home, and
rel'Uild Jerusalem. The nations gather against
them to battle. Their armies encompass the city,
and have more or less power over it for three years
and a half. A couple of Jewish Prophets, by their
mi :hty miracles, keep them from utterly over-
coming the Jews ; until at length they are slain,
and the city is left in a great measure to the


mercy of their enemies for three days and a half;
the two Prophets rise from the dead and ascend
up into heaven. The Messiah comes, convulses
the earth, overthrows the army of the Gentiles,
delivers the Jews, cleanses Jerusalem, cuts off
all wickedness from the earth, raises the Saints
from the dead, brings them with him, and com-
mences his reign of a thousand years ; during which
time his Spirit will be poured out upon all flesh f
men and beasts, birds and serpents, will be per-
fectly harmless, and peace and the knowledge and
glory of God shall cover the earth as the waters
cover the sea ; and the kingdom, and the great-
ness of the kingdom under the whole heaven,
shall be given to the Saints of the Most High.

During this thousand years Satan will be
bound, and have no power to tempt the children of
men. And the earth itself will be delivered from
the curse which came by reason of the Fall. The
rough places will become smooth, the barren de-
serts fruitful ; the mountains levelled ; the valleys
exalted; the thorn and thistle shall no more be
found, but all the earth shall yield her increase in
abundance to the Saints of God. But, after the
thousand years are ended, then shall Satan be
loosed, and shall go out to deceive the nations
which dwell in the four quarters of the earth, to
gather them to battle, and to bring them up to
battle against the camp of the Saints. Then the
great and last struggle shall take place between
God and Satan, for the empire of the earth. Satan
and his army shall be overthrown. And after


these great things, ooiue tlie end of the earth,
the resurrection of the wicked, and the last judg-
ment. And there shall be a new earth and a
new heaven, for the former earth and the former
heaven shall have passed away, thai is, they will
be changed from temporal to eternal, and made
fit for the abode of immortals. Then corueth
Jerusalem down from God, out of heaven, having
been renewed as well as the heavens and the
earth. "For,*' said He, "behold, I make all
tilings new." This new city, placed upon the
new earth, with the Lord God and the Lamb in
the midst, seems to be man's eternal abode,
insomuch that, after all our longings for a place
beyond the bounds of time and space, as saith the
poet, we are at last brought to our proper senses,
and given to understand that man is destined for
ever to inherit this self -same planet, upon which
he was first created, which shall be redeemed,
sanctified, renewed, purified, and prepared as an
eternal inheritance for immortality and eternal

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