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entire field of Scandinavian archæology. In the main, we believe the
picture he has drawn of the manner of life of the Vikings and their
countrymen to be as accurate as it is undoubtedly full of interest."

Edinburgh Review.

"The subject of M. Du Chaillu's work is vast in extent and full of
perplexing difficulties. We have shown that its author has collected a
store of valuable information, a great part of which has hitherto been
inaccessible to English readers. His enthusiasm will have a very useful
effect if it leads the people of this country to study and admire the
ancient civilization and the splendid literature of our Scandinavian

Springfield Republican.

"Mr. Du Chaillu is every whit as agreeable and entertaining as a student
of history as he has long proved to be in the character of a traveller."

Chicago Inter-Ocean.

"Mr. Du Chaillu has certainly given to the literary world a work full of

The Nation.

"While in Germany and in Scandinavia itself books have been written upon
the life of the ancient inhabitants of the North, no such comprehensive,
popular work as this, with citations from the old literature and
illustrations of all sorts of objects preserved from the ancient days,
has yet appeared. It is, accordingly, an unused opportunity that the
author of the work, with characteristic energy, has recognized and
seized. The two volumes are filled to overflowing with curious and
interesting facts concerning the people of the Scandinavian North, whose
manners, social customs, and national life the more than thirteen
hundred illustrations serve to bring up almost visibly before us. The
book as a whole is a record of persistent and ingenious research, and of
extraordinary literary zeal."

Philadelphia Record.

"M. Du Chaillu's book is full of valuable information respecting the
manners and character of the ancient Norse people. It is, in fact, a
perfect museum of Northern antiquities, covering the entire field of
Scandinavian archæology. The extracts from the Sagas which are furnished
must whet the appetite of students of Norse literature."

Boston Transcript.

"Mr. Du Chaillu's monumental work, 'The Viking Age,' upon which the
careful labor of over eight years has been expended, is one for which
scholars will be profoundly grateful. It brings together from
innumerable sources a vast amount of information, relative to the period
covered, never before put in systematic form. The chapters on the
mythology and cosmogony of the Norsemen, on the superstitions, slavery,
graves, finds, weapons, occupations, feasts, warfare, etc., are
intensely interesting. The text is accompanied by nearly fourteen
hundred illustrations."

* * * * *

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* * * * *

The Nation.

"'Ivar the Viking' is to be thoroughly recommended. The story is
characteristically spirited, and the romantic part leaves nothing to be

Chicago Tribune.

"It is full of vigor, and seems to bear internal evidence of
truthfulness as regards its historic side. Ivar was a Viking whose
adventures the juvenile reader, and particularly the boy juvenile, will
follow with eager interest."

Philadelphia Press.

"Of the subsequent adventures of Ivar and his foster-brothers the
interested reader must gain knowledge in the pages of the delightful
narrative itself. Suffice it to say that there is no lack of romantic
incident at any stage of the story. The prowess of the four Vikings is
always potent; they fall in love; Ivar fights a duel, and then wins the
loveliest of brides. There is throughout the volume the stimulating air
which blows through the Sagas, the nipping salt air of the sea."

Richard Henry Stoddard.

"There is that in Mr. Paul Du Chaillu's 'Ivar the Viking' which not only
satisfies the lover of romantic adventure, but carries the scholar back
into the remotest period of Scandinavian history. Beyond all living
writers this traveller in and explorer of many countries has collected
the documents and discovered the secrets of the Norselands."

New York Times.

"The reader who has begun with a blank mind closes the volume with a
tolerably clear impression of a very energetic, powerful, and wealthy
young Viking, capable of strong affections and disaffections, foremost
in games and fights requiring physical force, and with a vast number of
habits and customs. It is a history that interests through its

Boston Transcript.

"For the splendor of the materials and the range and variety of the
information imparted concerning the misty dawn of our Northern
civilization, its religious ideas, its moral conceptions, and its social
conditions, 'Ivar' will have high esteem among the growing number of
students turning to the Northern folk-lore and chronicles for the true
classic period of our modern races."

Philadelphia Public Ledger.

"He has rendered a double service, for not only does he instruct the
reader in a most graphic and vivid manner, but he also develops a story
of adventure and daring which will be followed with breathless

* * * * *

153-157 Fifth Avenue, New York

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