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thrice married, firft to Blanch, Daughter and
Heirefs of Henry Duke of Lancafter ; by
her he received an immcnfe Inheritance,
and became not only Duke of Lancafter, but
Earl of Leicefter, Lincoln, and Derby, of
whofe Race are defccnded many Emperors,
Kings, Princes, and Nobles. His fecond
Wife v/as Conftancc, v/ho is here buried.


12 HENTZNERI Itinerarium.

Regis Caftilise & Leglonis, cujus jure optimo
titulo Reo;is Caftiliae & Le^ionis ufus eft ;
haec unicam ei peperit filiam Catharinam, ex
qua ab Henrico Reges Hifpaniae funt progna-
ti. Tertiam vero duxit uxorem Catharinam,
ex Equeftri familia, & eximia pulchritudine
foeminam, ex qua numerofam fufcepit prolem,
unde genus ex matre duxit Henricus VII.
Angliae Rex prudentiflimus, cujus felicrflimo
conjugio cum Elifabetha EdvvardilV. Regis
filia, e ftirpe Eboracenfi, Regime illae Lancaf-
trenfium & Eboracenfiunni familiae ad exopta-
tiilimam Angliae pacem coaluerunt.

IllufLriilimus hie Prjnceps Iqannes cogno-
mento Plantagenet, Rex Caftiliae & Legionis,
Dux Lancaftriae, Comes Richmondiae, Leycef-
triae, Lincolniae & Derbiae, locum tenens
Aquitaniae, magnus Senefchallus Anglia^,
Obiit Anno Regni Regis Richardi Secundi
xxi. Annoquc Chrifti M.ccc.xc.vili.


HENTZNER^s Travels. 12

Daughter and Heirefs of Peter, King of
Caftile and Leon, in whofe right he moft
* juftly took the Stile of King of Caftile and
Leon. She brought him one only Daughter,
Catherine, of whom, by Henry, are defend-
ed the Kings of Spain. His third Wife was
Catherine, of a Knight's Family, a woman
of great Beauty, by whom he had a nume-
rous progeny ; from which is defcended by
the Mother's fide, Henry VIL the moft pru-
dent King of England, by whofe moft happy
Marriage with Elizabeth, Daughter of Ed-
ward IV. of the Line of York, the two Royal
Lines of Lancafter and York, are united, to
the moft defired Tranquillity of England.

The moft illuftrious Prince, John, firnamed
Plantagenet, King of Caftile and Leon, Duke
of Lancafter, Earl of Richmond, Leicefter^
aud Derby, Lieutenant of Aquitain, High-
Steward of England, died in the 21ft Year of
Richard IL A, D. 1398.

* This is not true^ for her legitimacy was

with good reafon contejled*

A little

13 HENTZNERI Itinerarium.

Duae poftea arculae faxeae, m concavo qiko-
dam loco, prope Chori fere introitum videntur,

additd tabella, cum hac infcriptione :

Hie jacet Seba Rex Orientalium Sax6-
num, qui converfus fuit ad fidem per S,
Erckenwaldum, Londinenfem Epifcopum,
AnnoChrifti dc.lxxvii.

Altera infcriptio eft talis :

Hic Jacet Etheldredus Anglorum Rex filiiis
Edgari Regis, cul in die coniecrationts fuae^
poft impofitam coronam fertur S. Dunftanus
Cantuar. Archiepifcopus dira pra^dixilTe his
verbis :

t *•' Quoniam adfpirafli ad regnum per
" mortem fratris tui, in cujus fanguine con-
*' fpiraverunt Angli, cum ignominiosa mat re
*' tua, non deficiet gladius de dome tua faevi-
*^ ens in te omnibus diebus vitae tuae, infi-
*^ cicns de femine tuo, quoufque regnum
** tuum transferatur in alrenum, cujus ritum
** & linguam gens, cui pr?tfides, non nov^r,

" nee

HENTZNER's Travels. 13

A little farther, almoft at the entrance of
the Choir, in a certiiin recefs, are two fniall
ftone chefts, one of which is thus infcribed :

Here lies Seba, King of the Eaft Saxons,
who was converted to the Faith by St. Er-
kenwald, Bilhop of London, A. D. 677.

On the other:

Here lies Ethelred, King of the Angles,
Son of King Edgar ; on whom St. Dunflari
is faid to have denounced vengeance, on his
coronation-day, in the following words :

f ^^ In as much, as thoii haft afpired td
'' the throne by the death of thy broth:?r,
^* againft whofe blood the Englifh, along
'^ with thy infamous mother, confpired; the
<' fword (hall not pafs from thy houfe ! but
*^ rage all the days of thy life, afflicling all
*' thy generation, till thy kingdom Ihall be
*' tranflated to another, whofe manner, and
" language, the people under thee, knoweth
F " not*

X4 HENTZNERI Itinerarium.

'' nee expiabitur, nifi longa vindifta, pecca-

'' turn tuum, & peccatum matrls tuje, &

^^ peccatum virorum, qui infuere confilio

*' tuo nequam."

Qiiae, ficut a viro SaiiiSlo praedi£la erant,
evenerunt; nam Etheldrcdus variis pr^ellis,
per Suenonem Danorum regem, filiumque
fuum Canutum, fatigatus & fugatus, ac tan-
dem Londini ar6ta obfidione conclufus mifere
diem obiit, Anno Domino M.xvii. poftquam
annis xxxvi. in magna tribulatione regnaflet.

Monumentum poftea in medio tempi i ex
orichalco eft, cujufdam Epifcopi Londinenfis
Gulielmi, qui Edwardo regi Angliae familia-
ris, & paulo poft Gulielmi regis Angliae con-
filiarius fa6lus, fedit annos xvi. mortuus
Anno Chrifti m.lxxvii. Non longe videtuF
haec infcriptio :

Fivit fojl funera Virtus.
Et fub ifto haec ;
Thomjc Linacro, clarifs. Medico, Joannes
Cajus pofuit. M.DrLVii. M. Augufto* Poftea


HENTZNER's Travels. 14

** not. Nor fhall thy fin be done away till
*' after long chartifement, nor the fin of thy
*' mother, nor the fin of thofe men, who
«' affifted in thy wicked council."

All which came to pafs, as predicted by
the Saint ; for after being worfted and put to
flight by Sueno king of the Danes, and his
fon Canute ; and at laft clofely befieged in
London, he died miferably A. D. 1017, after
he had reigned 36 years in great difficulties.

There is befides in the middle of the
church a tomb made of brafs, of fome
Bifhop of London, named William, who
was in favour with Edward king of England,
and afterwards was made counfellor to king
William. He was Bifhop 16 years, and died
A. D. 1077. Near this, is the following
infcription :

Virtue furvlves the FuneraU
To the Memory of
Thomas Linacre, an eminent Phyfician,
JC'hn Caius placed this Monument. On the
F 2t lower


JS HENTZNERI Itinerarium.

talis infcripticr, litcris aureis, in inferiori parte
pofita legitur :

Thomas Linacrus, Regis Henrici VIIL

MedJcus, Vir & Graecae & Latinae artis,
in re medica Ipnge eruditilTimus, multos aetate
fua langi^entes, & qui jam anirnum defpon-
derant, Vitae reftituit, multa Galeni opera,
in Latinam linguam, mira &fingulari facundia
yercit, egregjum opus de emendata ftruci:ura
Latiiii fermonis^ amicprum rpgatii, paulo
ante mortem edidit, Medlcinae ftuJiofis Oxo-
T\\d£ publicas lediones duas, Cantabrigae
unam in perpetuum ftabilivit; in hac Urbc
Collegium Medicorum fieri fua induRria cu*
ravit, ciijus & praefidens primus eledtus efi:,
fraudes dolofque mire perofus fiduique amicis,
omnibus Ordinibus juxta char us, aliquot
ahhos antequam obiret prefbyter faclus, ple«
nus annis ex hac vita migravlt, niultum defi-
dcratus, Anno Domhii m.d.xxiv. die xx.


HENTZNER's Travels. 15

lower part of it, is this infcription in gold
letter^ ;

Thomas Linacre, Phyfician to king Henry
VIII. a Man learned in the Greek and Latin
Languages, and particularly fkilful in Phyfick,
by which he reftored many from a State of
Janguifliment and defpair to Life. He tranf-
lated with extraordinary Eloquence many of
Galen's Works into Latin ; and publifhed,
a little before his Death, at the requcfl of
his Friends, a very valuable Book on the
corre/ft Stru61:ure of the Latin Tongue. He
founded in perpetuity in favour of Students
in Phyfick, two public LecSures at Oxford,
and one at Cambridge. In this City he
brought about by his own Induflry the efta-
blifhino; of a College of Phvficians, of which
he was elected the firft Prefident. He was
a detefler of all Fraud and Deceit, and faith-
ful in his Friendfhips ; equally dear to Men
of all Ranks : He went into Orders a few
Years before his Death, and quitted this Life
full of Years, and much lamented, A. D.
1524, on the 20th of October.


i6 HEMTZNERI Itinerarium.

Sunt & alia plura In hoc templo epitaphia
fed abfque infcriptionibus. Organum poftea
pneumaticum habet egregium, & horis vefper-
tinis, aliis adjundtis inflrunicntis^ exceliens
mufica auditur.

In fuburbio, OcciJcntem verfus, quod
continuatis a^dibus, & fuperbis fecundum
Thamefim procerum habitationibus. West-
MONASTF.RiUM oppidulum plus mill. pafs. ad-
jurtvSum ufbi addidit, Thorney olimafpinis,
nunc Westmunster ab occiduo fitu &
Monafterio dicSlium, templum ei\ inauguratione
fegum Angliae, & regia fepultura imprimis
infigne ; Apollinis delubrum eo loci extitiflc
dim fama eil, & Antonino Pio imperantc
terrae motu corruifle ; ex cujus reliquiis, Se-
bertus rex orientalium Saxonum alterum D,
Petro erexit, quod a Danis dcje6tum renova-
vit & pauculis Monachis Dunflanus Epifco-
pus conceilit. Sod poftea iEdvvardus rex,
cognomento Confeflbr, fibi in fepulturam &
Ecncdiftinis Monachis in monafterium, ex


HENTZNER's Travels, i6

There are many tombs in this church,
but without any infcriptions. It has a very
fine Organ, which at evening prayer, accom-
panied with other inftruments, is delightful.

In the fuburb to the Weft, joined to the
city by a continued row of palaces belonging
to the chief nobility, of a mile in length, and
lying on the fide next the Thames, is the
fmall town of Westminster ; originally
called Thorney from it's thorn bufhes, but
now Westminster, from it's afpeft and
it's Monaftery. The church is remarkable
for the coronation, and the burial of the
kings of England. Upon this fpot is faid
formerly to have flood a temple of Apollo,
which was thrown down by an earthquake in
the time of Antoninus Pius ; from the ruins
of which Sebert king of the Eaft-Saxons
creeled another to St. Peter : This was fub-
verted by the Danes, and again renewed by
bifhop Dunftaii, who gave it to a few Monks.
Afterwards, king Edward the Confeflbr built


I'j HENTZNERI Itikerarium,

decimis cmnlum fuorum reddltuum de inte-
gro conftruxit, & patrimoniis tota Anglia dii-
perfis ditavit#

111 hoc tcmpio, notata drgna furit fe-*
quentia :

In primo Choro ell tumulus Annas Cllven-
fis uxoiis Henrici VIII. abfque infcriptionc.

Ex oppofito funt fepulchra duo lapidea :
I. Edmundi Comiti& Lancaftrise, fratris Ed-
wardi I. II. Adenaeri de Valentia, Comitis
Benbrochije, filii Gulielmi- de Vakntia^ His
adjunvSluin eft III. ex marmore aIbo> Ave-
lin-e Comitiffie Lancaftriae.

In fccundo Choro videtur fella, in qua re-
ges inaugurationis tempore fedent ; huic in-
clufus efie dicitur lapis Patriarchae Jacobi, fu-
pra quem dormiens recumbebat, cum haberet
fomnium de fcala ad coelum ufque pertin-
gente ; adjeftae tabellae hi verfus funt in-
fcripti :


HENTZNER's Travels. 17

it entirely new, with the tenth of his whole
revenue, to be the place of his own burial,
and a convent of Benedictine Monks; and
enriched it with eftates difperfed all over

In this church, the following things are
worthy of notice :

In the firft Choir, the tomb of Anne of
Cleves, wife of Henry VIII. without any

On the oppofite fide are two ftone fepul-
chres. I. Edward, Earl of Lancafter, bro-
ther of Edward I. 11. Ademar of Valence,
Earl of Pembroke, fon of Ademar of Valence.
Joining to thefe is a III. of Aveline Coun-
tcfs of Lancafter.

In the fecond Choir is the chair on which
the kings are feated, when they are crov/ned ;
in it is enclcfed a ftone, faid to be that on
which the Patriarch Jacob ficpt, when he
dreamed he (inv a ladder reaching quite up in-
G to

i8 HENTZNERI Itinerarium,

Si quid hatent veri, vel Chronica cana, fidefve,

Clauditur hac cathedra nobilis ecce lapis.
Ad caput eximius Jacob quondam Patriarcha

Quern pofuit, cernens numina mira poli.
Quern tulit ex Scottis fpolians quafi viilor

Edvvardus primus. Mars velut omnipotens.
Scottorum domitor nofter validiilimus Heftor,

Anglorum decus & gloria militiae.

Richardi II. monumentum cum uxore eX
orichalco deaurato, his verfibus in circuitu
fcrfptis :

Prudens & mundus Richardus jure Secundus
Per fatum villus jacet hie fub marmore picSusj
Verax fermone fuit & plenus ratione,
Corpore procerus, prudens animo ut Homerus,
Ecclefiae favit, elatos fuppeditavit,
Qucmvis proftravit, Regalia qui violavit.


HENTZNER's Travels. i8

to heaven. The following verfes are vi^rltten
upon a tablet hanging near it ; the fenfe of
which is :

That if any Faith is to be given to ancient
Chronicles, a Stone of great Note is inclofed.
in this Chair, being the fame on which the
Patriarch Jacob repofed, when he beheld the
miraculous defcent of Angels. Edward I.
the Mars and Heftor of England, having
conquered Scotland, brought it from thence.

The tomb of Richard II. and his wife,
of brafs gilt, and thefe verfes written round it :

Perfect: and Prudent, Richard, by right the


Vanquifh'd by Fortune, lies here now

graven in Stone,

True of his Word, and thereto well refbund ;

Seemly in Perfon, and like to Homer, as one

In worldly Prudence, and ever the Church in one

Upheld and favour'd, cafting the proud to

And all that would his Royal State confound.


G Z Without

19 HENTZNERI Itinerarium.

Extra tumulum talis eft infcriptio :

Hie jacet immiti confumtus morte Richardus,
Anno 1369, Fuijfe felicem miferrimum.

Huic adjun£lus eft tumulus conjugis ipfius
Quas fuit filia Wenceflai Imperatoris.

Ad latus fmiftrum eft Edvvardi I. fepul-
chrum cum hac infcriptione :

Edwardus primus Scottorum malleus hie eft.
An. 1308. PaSfumferva, Regnavit An. 46,

Edvvardi III. monumcntum ex cupro deau-
rato cum hac infcriptione :

Hie deeus Anglorum, flos Regum praeteritorum,
Fbrma futurorum,Rex clemens^pax populorum,
Tertius Edwardus Regni complens jubi-
leum, &c.


" HENTZNER's Travels. 19

Without the tomb is this infcription :

Here lies King Richard, who perifhed by a

cruel Death, in the Year 1369.

To have been happy is additional Mifery.

Near him is the monument of his queen,
daughter oft he Emperor Wenceflaus.

On the left hand is the tomb of Edward I.
with this infcription :

Here lies Edward I. who humbled the Scots.

A. D. 1308. Be true to your Engagements.

He reigned 46 years.

The tomb of Edward III. of copper gilt,
with this epitaph ;

Of Englifh Kings here lycth the beauteous

Of all before paft, and Myrror to them fhall

fue :
A merciful King, of peace Confervator,
The Third Edward, ^c.

Fid. Dart. 2. 44.


20 HENTZNERI Itinerarium.

Extra tumulum hoc legitur :

Tertius Edwardus fama fuper aethera notuj,:
Anno 1377. Pugna pro P atria.

Videtur ibidem gladius ipfius, quo Gallos do*
mafle &viciire dicitur, longitudine odo pedum,

Conjugis ejus Philippas Epitaphium eft tale;
Gonjunx Edvvardi jacet hie Regina Philippa.

Difce vivere. Anno 1469.

Henrici V. monumentum paululum hinc
eft remotum, cum infcriptione tali :

Gallorum maftrix jacet hie Henrieus in Urna.
Anno 1422. Do?nat omnia virtus.

Huic vieinum eft monumentum Catharinnp,
quae adhue infepulta jacet, ita ut arcula vel
urna a quolibet poffit aperiri, hac infcriptione
extcrius addita :

Pulchra virumq; fuum fociat tandem Catharina.
Anno 1437. Otiumfuge.


HENTZNER's Travels, 20

Befide the tomb are thefe words :

Edward III. whofe Fame has reach'd to Heaven.
A. D. 1377. Pight for your Country,

' Here is Ihown his fword, eight feet in
length, which they fay he ufed in the con-
queft of France.

His queen's epitaph :

Here lies Queen Philippa, Wife of Edward HI.

Learn to Live, A. D. 1369.

At a little diftance, the tomb of Henry V.
with this legend :

Henry, the fcourge of France, lies in thisTomb,
Virtue fubdues all Things, A. D. 1422.

Near this lies the coffin of Catherine, un-
buried, and to be opened by any one that
pleafes. On the outfide is this infcription :

Fair Catherine is at length united to her Lord.
A, D. 1437. ^^^ Idlenefs.


21 HENTZNERI Itineraricm.

Henrici III. epitaphium ex lere deaurato
cum hac infcriptione ;

Tertlus Henricus eftTempli conditor hujus.

Anno 1273.

Duke helium inexpertis.

Hie Henricus poft 160. annos, hanc Ed-r
wardi fabricam fubvertit, novamque ecclefiam
fpeciosa ftrudlura, multiplici marmorearum
columnarum ordine, tefto laminis plumbels
conveftito, quinquaginta annorum opere ex-
aedificavit, quam Abbates ad occafum pluri-
;nuni auxerunt. Expulfis poftea Monachis,
ad varias fubinde vices revoluta fuit ; primum
Decanum habuit & Praebendarios, mox Eplf-
copum, qui patrimonio dilapidate) ceilit, &
Decano reliquit 5 ftatim Monachi, cum fud
Abbate, a Maria regina redu6ti, quibus paulo
poft authoritate Parlamentaria eje^lis in col-
Icgiatam ecclefiam, imo ecclefiae plantarium


HENTZNER's Travels. aj

The tomb of Henry III. of brafs gilt, with
this epitaph :

Henry III. the Founder of this Cathedral.

A. D. 1273.

Tf^ar is delightful to the unexperienced*

It was this Henry, who 160 years after
Edward the ConfelFor had built this church,
took it down, and raifed an entire new one of
beautiful architeJlure, fupported by rows of
marble columns, and it's roof covered with
fheets of lead, a work ©f 50 years before it's
completion. It has been much enlarged at the
Weft end by the Abbots. After the expul-
fion of the Monks, it experienced many
changes ; firft it had a Dean and Prebendaries ;
then a Bifhop, who having fquandered the re-
venues, refigned it again to a Dean. In a
little time, the Monks with their Abbot were
reinftated by queen Mary; but they being
foon ejedled again by authority of Parlia-
ment, it was converted into a Cathedial
Church 3 nay, intaa feminary for the Church,
H by

22 HENTZNERI Itinerarium.

convertit fereniHima Jiv^a Elifabetha, Praeben-
darios inftitult duodecim, tot emeritos milites,
fcolafticos quadraglnta (alumni regii dicuntur)
qui fuo tempore ad Academias promoventur,
& in Ecclefiam & Rempubllcam transferuntur,

Videtur poftea tumulus Aleonorae filiae Al-
phonfi regis Hifpaniae, conjugis Edvvardi I.
regis Angliae cum hac infcriptione :

Confors Edwardi Primi fuit haec Aleonora,
Anno 1298. Difce inoru

Elifabethae filiae Henrici VII. regis Angliae

In medio Chori hujus fepultus eft S. Edvvar-
dus, qui fuit ultimus rex Saxonum. Monu-
mentum eft ex marmore Mofaici operis, hac^
in circuitu aureis Uteris, infcriptione addita:

Omnibus infignis Virtutum laudibus Heros

Sandus Edward us Confeffor, rex venefaTrdus.

Quinto die Jani moriens 1 065,

Super sethera fcandit.

Surfum Corda,


HENTZNER's Travels. 2i

by queen Elizabeth, who inftituted there 12
Prebendaries, an equal number of invalid
Soldiers, and 40 Scholars; who at a proper
time are elected into the Univerfities, and
are thence tranfplanted into the Church and

Next to be {^cn is the tomb of Eleanor,
daughter of Alphonfo king of Spain, and
wife of Edward I. w^ith this infcription :

This Eleanor was Confort of Edward I.
A. D. 1298* Learn to die.

The tomb of Elizabeth, daughter of
Heniy VII.

In the middle of this Chapel is the Shrine
of St. Edward, the laft king of the Saxons. ' It
is compofed of marbles in Mofaic ; round it
runs this infcription in letters of gold :

The venerable King, St. Edward the Confeflbr,

A Hero adorned with every Virtue.

jfle died on the fifth of January, 1065,

And mounted into Heaven.

Lift up your Hearts,

{J« The

23 HENTZNERI Itinerarium.

Tcrtium Chorum, admirandi fplendoris &
elegantiae, Henricus VII. Angliae rex, in fuam
& fuae pofteritatis fepulturam, ad ortum adje-
cit, in quo fepulchrum ipfius magnificent iili-
mum, ex aere Sc marmore fabrefactum cerni-
tur cum infcriptione tali ;

Hie jacct Henricus hujus nominis VII. An-
glian quondam Rex, Edmundi Richemundiae
Comitis filius, qui die xxii, Aug. Rex
creatus, ftatim poft apud Weftrnonaflerium
XXX. 06lobr. coronatur. Anno Domini
M.cccc.LXXXV. Moritur deinde xxi. April.
Anno JEt. liii. Regnavit annos xxii. Men-
fes VIII. minus uno die.

Monumentum clathris ex orichalco circum-

datum eft.

Fide Dart, p. 157. vol. i.

Sub eodem tumulo fepultus jacet Edvvar-
dus VI. Angliae Rex, Henrici VIII. ex loan-
na Semeria filius, qui poftea fiicceflit patri,
natus annos novem. Obi i t A nno iM . d . l 1 1 1 . v 1 .


HENTZNER's Travels, 23

The third Choir, of furprlzing fplendor and
elegance, was added to the Eaft end by Henry
VII. for a burying place for himfelf and his
pofterity. Here is to be feen his magnificent
tomb, wrought of brafs and marble, with
this epitaph :

Here lies Henry VII. of that Name, for-
merly King of England, Son of Edmund
Earl of Richmond, who afcending the Throne
on the 2 2d Day of Auguft, was crowned on
the 30th of OcSlober following at Weftmin-
jfter, in the Year of our Lord 1485. He died
on the 2ift of April, in the 53d Year of his
Age, after a Reign of 22 Years, and 8
Months, wanting a Day.

This monument is inclofed.with rails of
brafs, with a long epitaph in Latin verfe.

Under the fame tomb lies buried Edward
VI. King of England, Son of Henry VIII.
by Jane Seymour. He fucceeded to his
Fatlier when he was but 9 years old, and died
A. D. I553> on the 6th of July, in the i6th


24 HENTZNERI Itinerarium.

JuliiiEt. XVI. Regni vii. non abfque veneni

Maria falutatur regina Anglian a populo,
XIX. Julii anno poftea m.d.lviii. moritur
Maria xvii. Novembris, in eodem Choro, in
quod am angulo fepulta jacet, abfque infcrip-
tione tamen.

Regina Elifabetha.

Hie jacet Regina Elifabetha, Edvvardi IV.
quondam Regis lilia ; Edwardi V. quondam
Regis nominata foror ; Henrici VIL olim
conjunx, & quse Henrici VIII. Regis mater
inclyta. Obiit diem fuum in Turri Londi-
nenfi, die xi. Febr. Anno Domini 1502.
xxxvii. An. JEt2.t,

Intra fecundum & tertium Chorum, in fa^
cellis lateralibus, haec epitaphia leguntur :

Seberti Regis Orientalium Saxonum, fun-
datoris tempi i, ex faxo.

Margarethae Ritfchmundias Septimi Hen-
rici matri, Oftavi avia?, quae ftipendia con-


HENTZNER's Travels. 24

year of his age, and of his reign the 7th, not
without fufpicion of poifon.

Mary was proclaimed Qi^ieen by the People,
on the 19th of July, and died in November,
1558, and is, buried in fome corner of the
fame Choir, without any infcription.

Queen Elizabeth.

Here lies Queen Elizabeth, Daughter of
Edward IV. Sifter of King Edward V.
Wife of Henry VII. and the glorious Mother
of Henry VIII. She died in the Tower of
London, on the nth of February, A. D«
1502, in the 37th Year of her Age.

Between the fecond and third Choirs, la
the fide Chapels, are the tombs of Sebert
King of the Eaft-Saxons, who built this
Church with ftone : And

Of Margaret of Richmond, Mother of
Henry VII. Grandmother of Henry VIII.
She gare this Monaftery to the Monks of


25 HENTZNERI Itikerarium.

ftitult, tribiilt hoc Ccenobium Monachis,
& Doctorlbus Grammatices, apud Werbrun,
perque Angliam totam divini verbi prccconi-
bus ; duobus item interpretibus literarum
facrarum, alteri Oxoniis, altcri Cantabriglse,
ubi & Collegia dua Chrifto & Joanni difci-
pulo ejus ftruxit. Moritur Anno Domim
M.cccc.Lxiii. Cal. Julii.

Margaretha Comitifla Levenofciae, avia
Jacobi VL Regis Scottorum.

Wilhelmus de Valentia, frater uterinum
Henrici III.

Comes Cornubiae frater regis Edward i III,

In tumulu quodam talis infcriptio legitur :

In Clariflimae Dominac Francifcae SufFolciae
quondam Duciflae Epicedion,


HENTZNER's Travels. 25

* Winbourne, who preached and taught
Grammar all England over, and appointed
Salaries to tv/o ProfefTors of Divinity, one at
Oxford, another at Cambridge, v/here (he
fo\jhded tv/o Colleges, to Chriii, and to John
his Difciple. She died A. D. 1463, on the
3d of the Calends of July.

And of Margaret Countefs of Lenox,
Grandmother of James VI. King of Scotland.

William of Valence, half brother of Henry

The Earl of Cornwall, brother of Ed-
ward III.

Upon ai^.other tomb is an honorarv infcrip-
tion for Frances, Dutchefs of Suftblk ; I'he
i€n(e of it is,

* Tbis IS amljlakc : Her epitaph fays ^ flip'^n-
dia conftituit tribus hoc csenobio Monachis &
DoSori Grammatices apud Vv"^ynbourne.

I That

26 HENTZNERI Itinerarium,

Nil decus aut fplendor, nil regia nominsi

Splendida divitiis, nil juvat ampla domus ;
Omnia fluxerunt, virtutis Tola remanfit

Gloria, tartareis non abolcnda rogis.
NuptaDuci prius eft, uxor poft arma gercntis,

Funere nunc Stoki confociata Df.o.

In confpeftu deinde eft epitaphium Domini
Ruffel filii Comitis Bcthfordiae, cujus uxor hos

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