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Illustrated catalogue of books, maps and documents relating to Mexico, Central America and the Maya Indians of Yucatan, comprising the extensive and important library formed during the past several years by Paul Wilkinson ... to be sold ... at the American Art Galleries ... by Mr. Thomas E. Kirby an online

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Online LibraryPaul WilkinsonIllustrated catalogue of books, maps and documents relating to Mexico, Central America and the Maya Indians of Yucatan, comprising the extensive and important library formed during the past several years by Paul Wilkinson ... to be sold ... at the American Art Galleries ... by Mr. Thomas E. Kirby an → online text (page 2 of 6)
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a 1'Histoire Primitive des Nations Civilisees de 1'Amerique Septen-
trionale. Small folio, morocco back and boards. Mexico, 1851

Probably the rarest of the Abb6's publications. Text in French and
Spanish, in parallel columns.

67. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Histoire du Canada, de Son

figlise et de ses Missions, depuis la decouverte de 1'Amerique jusqu'
a nos jours, ecrite sur des Documents inedits compulses dans les
Archives de 1'Archeveche de la Yille de Quebec. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo,
half roan, binding poor. Paris, 1852

Bound in at the end is Observations sur un ouvrage intitule Histoire
du Canada, par M. l'Abb6 Brasseur de Bourbourg . . . par J. B. A. Fer-
land, Paris, 1854, 94pp.

68. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Histoire des Nations Civilisees

du Mexique et de PAmerique-Centrale, durant les siecles anterierurs
a Christophe Colomb, ecrite sur des documents originaux et en-
tierement inedits, prises aux anciennes archives des indigenes,
4 vols. royal 8vo, half moroccO, gilt tops, uncut.

Paris, 1857-1859

A .large map accompanies some copies. It does not accompany the
above. Volume I contains the heroic times and the history of the empire
of the Toltecas, Volume II the history of Yucatan and Guatemala, and
that of Anahuac, during the Aztec middle ages to the foundation of the
kingdom of Mexico, Volume III. the history of the States of Michoacan
and Oaxaca, and of the empire of Anahuac to the arrival of the Spaniards,
religions, science of the Aztecs, Volume IV. the conquest of Mexico,
Michoacan, Guatemala, etc.

69. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Popul Vuh. Le Livre Sacre et

les Mythes de 1'Antiquite Americaine. 367pp. 8vo, wrappers,
uncut. Paris, 1861

70. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Voyages sur 1'Isthme de Tehuan-

tepec dans 1'fitat de Chiapas et la Eepublique de Guatemala, ex-
ecute dans les annees 1859 et 1860. 8vo, half calf.

Paris, 1861

71. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Grammaire de la Langue Quichee

Espagnole-Francaise . . . ouvrage accompagne de notes Philo-
logiques, avec un vocabulaire . . . et suivi d'un Essai sur la
Poesie, la Musique, la Danse et 1'art Dramatique chez les Mexicains
et les Guatemalteques avant la Conquete, servant d'introduction an.
Eabinal-Achi, drame indigene avec sa Musique originale, texte
Quiche et traduction Francaise en Eegard. 8vo, morocco back and
boards. Paris, 1862

72. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Eelation des Choses de Yucatan

de Diego de Landa. Texte Espagnol et traduction Frangaise en re-
gard comprenant les signes du calendrier et de 1'alphabet hiero-
glyphique de la langue Maya, accompagnee de documents divers his-
toriques et chroiiologiques, avec une grammaire et un vocabulaire
^ abreges Francais-Maya. 8vo, half morocco, gilt back and top.

Paris, 1864

73. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). S'il Existe des Sources de L'His-

toire Primitive du Mexique dans les Monuments figyptiens et de
L'Histoire Primitive de L'Ancien Monde dans les Monuments
Americains? 146pp. 8vo, wrappers, uncut. Paris, 1864

74. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Eecherches sur les Ruines de

Palenque et sur les Origines de la Civilisation du Mexique. Text
only. Folio, cloth, morocco back. Paris, 1866

With stamp and bookplate of Alfredo Chavero.

75. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Another copy. 83 pp. Royal 4to,

wrappers, uncut. Paris, undated

76. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (I/ ABBE). Quatre Letters sur Le Mexique.

Exposition absolue du systeme hieroglyphique Mexicain, la fin de
Fage de pierre, epoque glaciaire temporaire, etc., d'apres le Teo-
Amoxtli et autres documents Mexicains. Royal 8vo, half calf.

Paris, 1868
The stamp of Lie. Emilio Pardo on four different pages.

77. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Manuscrit Troano. Etudes sur

le Systeme Graphique et la Langue des Mayas. Profusely illustrated
with chromolitho graphic plates and woodcuts. 2 vols. royal 4to, half
roan, uncut, original wrappers bound in, somewhat stained, as usual.

Paris, 1869-1870

Contains the supplement, usually missing, "Supplement au Systeme d'ln-
terpretation des Signes Hieroglyphiques . et du Lecture du Manuscrit


78. BBASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Bibliotheque Mexico-Guatemal-

ienne precedee d'un coup-d'oeil sur les etudes Americaines. 183 pp.
8vo, wrappers, uncut. Paris, 1871

Contains a large number of valuable bibliographical notes.

79. BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG (L'ABBE). Dictionnaire, G-rammaire et Chres-

tomathie de La Langue Maya, precedes d'une fitude sur le Systeme
Graphique des indigenes du Yucatan (Mexique). 4to, morocco back
and boards. Paris, 1872

Several manuscript annotations on the margins have been made by a
former owner.

80. BRIGHAM (WILLIAM T.). Guatemala, the Land of the Quetzal. Numer-

ous illustrations. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1887

81. BRINE (LINDESAY). Travels amongst American Indians; their ancient

Earthworks and Temples. Numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth, un-
cut. London, 1894

82. BRINE (LINDESAY). On the Ruined Cities of Central America; MEMOIR

of an Eventful Expedition into Central America ... de-
scribed by John L. Stephens; HOUGH (WALTER). Censers and In-
cense of Mexico and Central America; ESCRITORES Eclesiasticos de
Mexico, 6 bibliografia historica eclesiastica, Mexicana, por el Pres-
bitero Br. Fortino Hipolito; (MARTINEZ HERNANDEZ.) La Crea-
cion del Mundo segun los Mayas. 3 copies, and other pamphlets
and excerpts. Some illustrated. Together, 53 pieces. Wrappers
and unbound. V. p. v. d.

83. BRINLEY CATALOGUE OF AMERICANA. Catalogue of the American Li-

brary of the late Mr. George Brinley. 5 parts, 8vo, original wrap-
pers, uncut. Hartford-Boston, 1878-1893
Reprint of part one. Each part contains the printed prices. There
is no Index.

84. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). The Arawack Language of Guiana, in its Lin-

guistic and Ethnological Relations. 4to, wrappers, 18 pp.

Philadelphia, 1871

Shows that the natives of the Bahamas and Antilles are of Arawack
stock. Contains an analytical vocabulary of the Taino, or native language
of Haiti.

85. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). The Myths of the Old World. A Treatise on the

Symbolism and Mythology of the Red Race of America. Second
Edition. 12mo, cloth. New York, 1876

86. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). The Religious Sentiment, its Source and Aim.

12mo, cloth. New York, 1876

A general examination of the origin of religions.

87. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). The Names of the Gods in the Kiche Myths.,

Central America, 1881; A Primer of Mayan Hieroglyphics, un-
dated. 2 vols. 8vo, wrappers, worn, latter without cover.

The first-named is an autograph presentation copy from the author, and
is an analysis of the names of the divinities mentioned in the Popol Vuh,
also, an attempt to define their attributes.

88. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). American Hero-Myths. A Study in the Native

Religions of the Western Continent. 8vo, cloth.

Philadelphia, 1882

Presentation copy from the author. From the Library of Dr. N. Leon,
with his stamp on title and bookplate. The work is a monograph on the
myth of the "culture hero" or legendary civilizer and tribal deity so com-
mon among American tribes.

89. BRINTON (DANIEL G.) The Maya Chronicles. Edited by D. G. Brinton.

8vo, cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 1882

Number I. of Brinton's Library of Aboriginal American Literature,
containing five brief chronicles in the Maya language of Yucatan, written
shortly after the conquest, and carrying the history of that people back
many centuries. A vocabulary is added at the end. Several MS. cor-
rections of the text by Mr. Wilkinson.

90. BRIXTOX (DAXIEL G.). Aboriginal American Literature and their Pro-

ductions. 8vo, boards. Philadelphia, 1883

Presentation copy from the author. Gives a list of authors belonging
to native American tribes and notices of the works composed by them
in their own languages.

91. BRIXTOX (DAXIEL G.). Hale (Horatio Editor). The Iroquois Book

of Eites. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 1883

Number II. of Brinton's Library of Aboriginal American Literature.

92. BRIXTOX (DAXIEL G.). The Giieguence; a Comedy Ballet in the Na-

huatl-Spanish Dialect of Nicaragua. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1883

Number III. of Brinton's Library of Aboriginal American Literature.
From the Library of Dr. H. Leon, with his bookplate. A curious and
unique specimen of the native comic dances, with dialogues, called
bailes, formerly common in Central America. It is in mixed Nahuatl-
Spanish jargon of Nicaragua.

93. [BRIXTOX (DAXIEL G.).] Gatschet (Albert S.). A Migration Legend

of the Creek Indians. Volume 1. 8vo, cloth*, uncut. And another,
(see below). Together, 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1884

Number IV. of Brinton's Library of Aboriginal American Literature.
The completion of the work did not make its appearance in the Brinton
series, due to a quarrel between Dr. Brinton and Gatschet, but was issued,
as pages 33-207 of the Transactions of the St. Louis Academy of Sciences,
1888, under the title of "Tchikilli's Kasi'hta Legend in the Creek and
Hitchiti Languages, with a critical commentary and full glossaries to
both texts. By Albert S. Gatschet." A copy accompanies the above,
making two volumes.

94. BRIXTOX (DAXIEL G.). The Lenape and their Legends; with the com-

plete Text and Symbols of the Walam Olum. 8vo, rebound in cloth.

Philadelphia, 1885

Number V. of Brinton's Library of Aboriginal American Literature.
Contains the complete text and symbols, 184 in number, of the Walum
Olum, or Red Score of the Delaware Indians, with the full original text,
and a new translation, notes and vocabulary.

95. BRIXTOX (DAXIEL G.). The Annals of the Cakchiquels. The original

Text, with a Translation, STotes and Introduction. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Philadelphia, 1885

Number VI* of Brinton's Library of Aboriginal American Literature.
Autograph presentation copy from the author to Dr. N. Leon, with in-
scription, and with the recipient's bookplate.

This may be considered one of the most important historical documents
relating to the pre-Columbian period.

96. BRIXTOX (DAXIEL G.). The Philosophic Grammar of American Lan-

guages, as set forth by Wilhelm von Humboldt. 8vo, boards.

Philadelphia, 1885
Presentation copy from the author.

97. BRIXTOX (DAXIEL G.). A Lenape-English Dictionary. From an anony-

mous Ms. in the Archives of the Moravian Church at Bethlehem,
Pa. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 1888

Edited by Brinton and Albert Seqaqkind Anthony, it can be regarded
as a standard dictionary of the old Lenape, or Delaware language.

98. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). Ifacettes of Love; from Browning, 35pp. 8vo,

wrappers. Philadelphia, [1888]

Presentation copy from the author. The work, which was printed by

request, is a study of the passion of love as illustrated in the works of

Robert Browning principally.

99. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). Ancient Nahuatl Poetry, containing the Na-
huatl Text of XXVII Ancient Mexican Poems. With a Transla-
tion, Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary, by D. G. Brinton. 8vo,
cloth, uncut. Philadelphia, 1890

Number VII. of Brinton's Library of Aboriginal American Literature.

100. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). Essays of an Americanist; Ethnologic and

Archaeologic. Mythology and Folk Lore, Graphic Systems and

Literature, etc. Illustrated. 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1890

Presentation copy from the author. From the Library of Dr. N.
Leon, with his bookplate.

101. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). Eig Veda Americanus. Sacred Songs of the

Ancient Mexicans, with a Gloss in ISTahuatl. Illustrated. 8vo,
cloth. Philadelphia, 1890

Number VIII. of Brinton's Library of Aboriginal American Literature.
From the Library of Dr. N. Leon, with his bookplate. Presents the
original text with a glossary of Nahuatl of twenty sacred chants of the
ancient Mexicans.

102. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). Nagualism. A Study in Native American

Folk-Lore and History. 8vo, boards. Philadelphia, 1894

Presentation copy from the author. From the Library of Dr. N. Leon,
with his bookplate. Describes this secret cult which has survived from
heathen times among the natives of Mexico and Central America.

103. BRINTON (DANIEL G.) The American Eace, New York, 1891: Maria

Candelaria. An Historic Drama from American Aboriginal Life.
Frontispiece. Philadelphia, 1897. Together, 2 vols. 12mo, cloth
and wrappers.

The last-named is based upon an episode of the rising of the Tzentals
in 1712.

104. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). A Eecord of Study in Aboriginal American

Language. 24pp. 8vo, wrappers.

Media, Pa.: Printed for Private Distribution, 1898
Presentation copy from the author. Is a descriptive analysis of the
author's published work on American languages.

105. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). Anthropology, as a Science and as a branch

of University Education in the United States, 1892; Brinton Me-
morial Meeting. Eeport of the Memorial Meeting ... in honor
of the late Daniel G. Brinton. Portrait. Philadelphia, 1900. To-
gether, 2 vols. 8vo, cloth.

The last-named contains a bibliography of the writings of Brinton by
Stewart Culin.

106. BRINTOX (DANIEL G.). A Primer of Mayan Hieroglyphics. Illus-

trated. 8vo, wrappers, uncut. Boston, n. d.

Presentation copy from the author to Dr. N. Leon.

107. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). A Primer of Mayan Hieroglyphics. 8vo,

boards, cloth back, Philadelphia, undated; Studies in South Ameri-
can Native Languages, from Mss. and rare printed sources. To-
gether, 2 vols. 8vo, boards. Philadelphia, 1892

The last-named contains ten studies, including those of the Tacana
language ; Jivaro language ; Leca language ; etc.

108. BRINTON (DANIEL G.). The Missing Authorities on Mayan Antiquities;

Variations in the Human Skeleton and their Causes; An Ancient
Human Footprint from Nicaragua; A Grammar of the Cakchiquel
Language of Guatemala; American Languages and why we should
Study them; On the so-called Alaguilac Language of Guatemala;
Notes on the Mangue; The Language of Palaeolithic Man; The
Linguistic Cartography of the Chaco Region ; The New Poetic Form
as shown in Browning; The Native Calendar of Central America
and Mexico ; On the Xinca Indians of Guatemala ; The Dwarf Tribe
. of the Upper Amazon; The Archaeology of Cuba, and many others
of a similar nature. ALL OF WHICH ARE BY THE SAME WRITER.
Some illustrated. Together, (about) 75 pieces, wrappers or un-


WRITINGS. Some are excerpts, others, separate productions, and some,
presentation copies from the author.

109. BBINTOX (DANIEL G.). The Pursuit of Happiness, 1902; Giordano

Bruno; Philosopher and Martyr. Two Addresses, by Brinton and
T. Davidson, 1890; Eaces and Peoples. Lectures on the Science
of Ethnography, 1901. Together, 3 vols. 12mo, cloth.

Philadelphia, v. d.
The second-named contains a printed letter from Walt Whitman.

110. CABRERA (A. J.). La Huasteca Potosina, ligeros apuntes sobre este

pais. Square 8vo, paper covers, name on title.

San Luis Potosi, 1876

111. CABRERA (PAUL FELIX). Description of the Euins of an Ancient City

discovered near Palenque in the Kingdom of Guatemala . . .
Translated from the original Eeport of Captain Don Antonio Del
Eio, followed by Teatro Critico Americano, or a critical investiga-
tion and research into the History of the Americana. Numerous
fine plates. 4to, old half calf, somewhat rubbed. London, 1822

112. CALENDARIO de los Indios de Guatemala, 1722. Kiche. Copiado (by

Berendt) en la Ciudad de Guatemala, April, 1877. 62pp. 8vo.
Photographic reproduction limited to a very few copies.

113. CALBNDARIO de los Indies de Guatemala, 1685. Cakchiquel. Copiado

(by Berendt) en la Ciudad de Guatemala, Marzo, 1878. Photo-
graphic reproduction limited to a very few copies. 27pp. 8vo.

114. CALIFORNIA. Las Misiones de la Alta California. Tomo II Archive y

Biblioteca de la Secretaria de Hacienda, Coleccion de Documentos
Historicos. 267pp. 8vo, wrappers, uncut. Mexico, 1914

115. CARDENAS (JUAN DE). Primera Parte de los Problemas y Secretos

Marauillosos de Las Indias. 223pp. Small 4to, wrappers, uncut.

Mexico, 1913
Reprint of the rare original of 1591.

116. CARRANZA (BALTASAR DORAXTES DE).. Sumaria Relacion de las cosas

de la Nueva Espana, con Xoticia individual de los descendientes
legitimos de los Conquistadores y primeros Pobladores EspafLoles.
8vo, cloth. Mexico, 1902

From the Library of Alfredo Chavero, with his stamp on title and
his bookplate.

117. CARRILLO Y AXCOXA (CRESCEXCIO). Compendio de la Historia de Yuca-

tan, precedido del de su Geografia y dispuesto en forma de lecciones,
etc. 12mo, full morocco, gilt edges. Merida,, 1871

Contains several pages of manuscript annotations in pencil by a former
owner. One of the special copies with a presentation leaf printed in gilt

118. CARRILLO Y AXCOXA (CRESCEXCIO). Another copy of the preceding.

The ordinary edition. 12mo, cloth. Stamp on half-title.

Merida, 1871

119. CARRILLO Y AXCOXA (CRESCEXCIO). Historia Antigua de Yucatan

Seguida de las Disertaciones del mismo autor relativas al
propio asunto. Folding plate. Thick 12mo, half roan.

Merida de Yucatan, 1883

This rare history, by the Bishop of Yucatan, is the best ever written on
the subject.

120. CARRILLO Y ANCOXA (CRESCENCIO). Another copy of the same. In

similar binding.

PRESENTATION COPY FROM THE AUTHOR, with autograph inscription of sev-
eral lines, to Dr. Nicolas Leon, with bookplates of. Dr. Leon and the
author, and a signed photograph of the latter.

121. CARRILLO Y AXCOXA (CRESCEXCIO). Estudios Historicos y Arqueo-

logicos, 17pp.; La Isla de Arenas, cover slightly torn, 21pp.;
Edicto acerca da Las Fiestas de Nuestra Senora de Guadeloupe y
del Jubileo Sacerdotal de Su Santidad el Papa Senor Leon XIII,
12pp. ; El Arbol de Luz, Historia del Santisimo Cristo de Las Am-
pollas, 24pp.; D. Joaquin Garcia Icazbalceta y la Historia Guada-
lupana. Photograph, llpp. 8vo, wrappers. Together, 5 pieces.

Mexico, 1886-1896
Presentation copy of El Arbol de Luz, from Arturo Garnboa Guzman.

122. CARRILLO Y AXCOXA (CRESCEXDO). El Obispado de Yucatan. His-

toria de Su Fundacion y de sus Obispos desde el siglo XVI hasta
el XIX, etc. Numerous portraits. Thick royal 8vo, half calf, un-
cut. Merida de Yucatan, 1892

From the library of Dr. Nicolas Leon, with his bookplate. Laid in
is the rare supplement, 28pp. bringing the work down to 1897.

This little known volume is a veritable history of Yucatan from the
church standpoint.

123. CAEEILLO y AXCOXA (CRESCEXCIO). Disertacion sobre la historia de

la lengua Maya o Yucateca, Mexico, 1872 ; Disertacion sobre la
literatura antigua de Yucatan. In one volume, small folio. Span-
ish calf. N. p. n. a.
Two very rare items.

124. CARRILLO Y AXCOXA (CRESCEXDO). Carta sobre la Historia Primitiva

de la Fiebre Amarilla, 1892; El Fraile de La Calavera . . . 1782-
1882, 1892; Estudio Filologico sobre El Nombre de America y el
de Yucatan, 1890; El Fraile de La Calavera, 1892; El Origen de
Belice, 1879; Catecismo de Historia y de Geografia de Yucatan,
undated; Compendio de la Historia de Yucatan, 1904, and two simi-
lar works by the same writer. Together, 9 vols. 12mo, and 8vo,
wrappers and unbound. V. p. v. d.

125. CARTAS DE IXDIAS, publicalas por Primera Vez. el Ministerio de Fo-

mento. Map, facsimiles arid plates. Thick folio, boards, cloth back,
uncut. Madrid, 1877

Facsimiles of reports by Columbus, Americus Vespucci, B. de Las Casas
and other discoverers and explorers of the New World. With bookplate
and stamp of Alfredo Chavero.

126. CARTAS de religiosos de Xueva Espafia, 1539-94. 8vo, half morocco.

' Mexico, 1886
Edition limited to 200 copies.

127. CARTE DE HIDALGUIA, in favor of the brothers Don Fransisco and Don

Juan Manuel del Ribero y Casares. MAXUSCRIPT ox VELLUM,
written in elegant italic characters, each page within ruled red
. lines. With the arms of Ribero y Casares painted in gold, silver
and colors on the first page, the beginning of the text in gold and
red within fine and elegant ornaments painted in various colors,
and with two pretty miniature vignettes and initials. 29pp. small
folio, contemporary red velvet. Madrid, 1759


128. CARTILLA y Doctrina espiritual, para la crianza y educacion de los

novicios, que tomaren el habito en la orden de nuestro Padre San
Francisco. 8vo, original vellum. EARE.

Mexico : Viuda de M. de Rivera Calderon, 1721

129. CASA. Doctrina y Confessionario en lengua Ixil, precedido de un corto

modo para aprender la lingua, y Ritual de Matrimonio, 1824. 44 pp.
Photographic reproduction, from the original manuscript, and of which
but few were issued. This is the 'only known work in this dialect of
the Maya language of Yucatan.

130. CASTILLO (GERONIMO). Diccionario Historico, Biografico y monumental

de Yucatan. Vol 1. (ALL PUBLISHED). A-E. 8vo, Spanish calf.
Somewhat foxed. EAEE. Merida, 1866

131. CASTILLO (GERONTMO). Diccionario Historico, Biografico y Monumen-

tal de Yucatan, desde la Conquista hasta el ultimo ario de la Domi-
nacion Espanola en el pais. Tomo 1. 8vo, half calf, some pages
soiled. Merida, 1866


132. CATALOGUES. A collection of about 160 catalogues, many of which are

from the house of Bernard Quaritch, including his Bibliotheca His-
pana. Voyages and Travels, Americana and Orientalia, etc.

133. CATALOGUES. A collection of about 500 catalogues, mainly those issued

by Karl Hiersemann, Ludwig Bosenthal, and other prominent
German and French booksellers, including many catalogues of

134. CATALOGUES. Catalogue Miro, 1878; Vindel (3), 1903, >04, '12; Halle,

Lentner, etc. Together, 16 pieces, 8vo, and smaller, wrappers.
Mainly of rare books relating to South America.

135. CATECISMO de los methodistas (en idioma Yucateco). Londres^ 1865.

Photographic reproduction. 34pp. 16mo.

136. CATHERWOOD (F.). Views of Ancient Monuments in Central America,

Chiapas and Yucatan. Numerous plates, some tinted. Folio, half
morocco, some plates soiled and binding poor. Not returnable.

London, 1844
The title is illuminated after the design by Owen Jones.

137. CHARENCEY (LE COMTE DE). Vocabulaire de La Langue Tzotzil. 8vo,

cloth. Caen, 1885

From Dr. N. Leon's Library, with inscription from a former owner
on one page.

138. CHARENCEY (Ls COMTE DE). Chrestomathie Maya, d'apres la chronique

Chac-Xulub-Chen. Texte avec traduction interlineaire, analyse
grammaticale et vocabulaire Maya-Frangais. 301pp. 8vo, wrap-
pers, uncut. Paris, 1891

139. CHARENCEY (LE COMTE DE). Journal de la Societe des Americanistes

de Paris, noms des Points de TEspace dans Divers Dialectes Ameri-
cains. 70pp. Volume III, number 1. Map. 124pp. Etudes
Aliques, 48pp. Together, 3 vols, 4to, wrappers, uncut.

Paris, 1899, 1900, 1902
Last volume, presentation copy from the author.

140. CHARENCEY (Ls COMTE DE). Histoire Legendaire de La Nouvelle-Es-

pagne. Extrait du Journal de la Societe des Americanistes de
Paris. 119pp. 8vo, wrappers, uncut. Paris, 1912

141. CHAKENCY (LE COMTE DE). Melanges de Philologie et de Paleo-

graphie Americaines, 1883 ; Vocabulaire de la Langue Tzotzil, 1885,
(2 copies of this) ; Melanges de Linguistique, 1895 ; De la Conjugal-
son dans les Langues de la Famille Maya-Quichee, 1885 ; Des Ages
on Soleils, d'apres la Mythologie des Peuples de la ISTouvelle-Espagne,
1883; Catecismo y Expocition Breve de la Doctrina Cristiana . . .
Traducida al Idioma Yucateco, 1892; Eecherches sur les Noms des
Points de FEspace, 1882; Des Coulers considerees comme Sym-
boles des Points de FHorizon, 1877; Sur les Idiomes de la Famille
Chichimeque. Undated, but circa 1885. Together, 10 volumes and
pieces, wrappers. Paris, Madrid, Caen, Louvain, etc. v. d.

It is seldom that such an important collection of this talented writer's
works is offered for sale.

142. CHAEEXCEY (LE COMTE DE). Vocabulaire Frangais Maya. Alengon,

1884; De la Formation des Mots en Langue Maya, Copenhague,
1884; Yama, Djemschid et Quetzalcoatl, Caen, 1898; Recherches
les Lois Phonetiques dans les idiomes de la Famille Mame-Huas-
teque, Paris; Le Mythe de Votan; etude sur les origines Asiatiques
de la Civilisation Americaine, Alengon, and other works by the same
writer. Together, 10 pieces, several of which are excerpts. 8vo,
wrappers and unbound. V. p. v. d.

143. CHARXAY (DESIRE). Cites et Ruines Americaines, Mitla, Palenque,

Izamal, Chichen-Itza, Uxmal . . . avec un texte par M. Viollet-
le-Duc. Illustrated. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, "morocco back and
boards. Paris, 1863

144. CHAR:N T AY (DESIRE). Ciudades y Ruinas Americanas, Mitla, Palenque,

2 4 5 6

Online LibraryPaul WilkinsonIllustrated catalogue of books, maps and documents relating to Mexico, Central America and the Maya Indians of Yucatan, comprising the extensive and important library formed during the past several years by Paul Wilkinson ... to be sold ... at the American Art Galleries ... by Mr. Thomas E. Kirby an → online text (page 2 of 6)