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to secure all such Soldiers as have Loitered in Camp, & the officers
are to see that the soldiers & "Women who march with the Bag-
gage do not Transgress the Gen' orders made for the Government.
They will Likewise secure all straglerson the march, treating In this
Light all soldiers absent from their platoons without a Non-Com-
missioned Ofiicer to Conduct them. On a Day of Batle, the Mar-
rushusa will be In the rear of the second Line or reserve, in order
to secure fugitives. The Commander-in-Chief strictly forbids all
persons whatsoever to do or say anything that may Tend to Impede
the Ofiicers of this Corps in the execution of their duty. On the
Contrary, he requires that they be respected & assisted, as Good
order & Discipline will be much promoted by the full exercise of
this office. If any offender attempts to escape or presumes, to make
Resistance, He will Indure Double Punishm', & all Persons belong^
to the army are requested to secour any part of the Marrushusa
Corps that may be oi)posed in the Execution of their Duty. Tlie
Capt° of the Marrusliusa will have the usual Provo Guard drawn
from the Line near him, and under his Direction, for the security
of Prisoners. He is every morning to Deliver a written report of
the Persons Committed the preseding day, & the Charges against
them, to the Adj' Gen', who will have proper Courts Martial held
for their Tryal. This to be Considered as a Standing order, & :is
such to be published in the Different ])arts of tlie army, the Adju-
tants of regiments are to have it frecjuently read to tlie men, that
by being reminded of what is prohibited & the Certainty of Punish-
ment the avoid thrown on eacii other. No officer, except tliose who
have authority to do it, to send men from Camji Least they should
expose such men to Punishment & Subject To Trial for
Disobedience of Gen' orders.


In consideration of the Nature of tlieir duty, Regimental Pay-
masters are to be Included in a List of those officers that are Inti-
tuled to keep a horse and Draw forage. The Commanding Officers
of Regt' are requested to send to the Auditor's office the Names
of their Regimental Paymasters.

B. Orders. Captain of the Day from the 1^' regiment.

Adjutant of the Day from the 7'*' regiment.
DetaU. — Guard.

c. s. s. c. p.

1, 1 1 8

Head Quartet?s, Fredricksburg, js'" OcV, ''7S.

The Gen' Court Martial, whereof Colon' Patton is appointed
President, will sit to-Morrow morning 9 o'clock at Gen' St. Clair's

At a Gen' Court 'Martial held at West Point, Sept^ 28'\ 1778,
Lt. Colon' Burr President, Elisha Pain, Major of Artificers, was
Try'd for absenting himself from the Garrison and Neglect of
Duty, found Guilty of the Charges Exhibited against him, and sen-
tenced to be dismissed the service. At the same Court, Captain
Parmeston of Artificers was tryed for neglect of Duty, found Guilty,
but from Palliateing Circumstances Induces the Court to Mulct
him half a Month pay, to be appropriated to the use of such Pris-
sioners in the Garrison & Draws no pay. His Excellency tlie Com-
mander in Chief approves the sentence & orders them to take place.

B. Orders. Captain of the Day to-Morrow from the 1" regiment.

Adjutant of the Day, from the lO'" regiment.

Detale. — Guard.

C. S S. C. P.

1, 1 1 6

2, 1 1 11

7, 1 5

10, 2 9

Total, 5 2 31

Brigade Orders.
Regimental Q"" Masters are to have fatigue Partys Turned out
Daily or as often as Necessary to supply a sufficient (^)uantity of
wood for their regiments. The Brigade Q' Masters to be Punctual
to see this duty performed. Officers are Injoyn'd to prevent their
men from Burning rails, & Punish offenders.

Wm. Irvine,
Colon' Comm'',
Head Quarters, October W\ A.B. 1778.
The Gen' Court Martial, whereof Colon' Patton is President, will
24— Vol. XL


assemble at the Yellow house, Next Below Gen' Nixon's Brigade,
to-morrow morning at 9 o'Clock Precisely. Capt" John Bankson,
of the 2"'' Pennsylv'' regt. is appointed Paymaster to tlie same, Vice
Captain Howell, resign'd.
B. Orders. Adjutiint of the day to-morrow from the 2°'* regiment.


C. S. S. C. P.

10 8

Head Quarters, Fredricksbukgii, Oct" 15"',A.D. 177S.

A Court of Enquiry, whereof Lt. Colon' Carlington is appointed
President, will sit at one o'Clock this afternoon at tlie President's
Quarters, to Enquire into a Complaint Exhibited by Charles Proud,
a soldier in the Artillery, against Captain Willey. Two Captains
from tl)e Connecticut Brigades to attend as members.
Brigade Orders. Captain of the Day to-morrow from the
Adjutant from the

Detale. — Guard.

C. S. S. C. P.

1, 1 1 1 6

2, 1 1 11

7, 2 5

10, 1 1 8

Total, 1 5 3 30

Head Quarters, October J6'\ A. D. 1778.



To-Morrow being the Glorious anniversary of the srirrender of
Gen' Borgoine & his Troops to the arms of America under the Com-
mand of Major Gen' Gates, it will be Commemorated by the firing
of 13 pieces of Cannon from the park of artillery at 12 o'Clock.

No more sick to be sent to the Hospital at Quaker hill, till first
enquiring of the Directing Surgeon there wheither they Can be re-
ceived, as the house is already fill'd.

At a Gen' Court martial, wi)ereof Colonel Ilogan was President,
West Point, Oct^ ll'\ '78, Lt. Ciiindenant, Ass' D. Q"- ISP Gen' was
Try'd for rcf useing to sign an order for forrage sent him by Captain
Carter, k acquitted. The Commander in Chief approves the sen-

Lt. "W" ILindshaw, of the 5'" Connecticut regiment, is appointed
paymaster to the same from the P' of Sept^

B. Orders. Captain of the Day to-Morrow

Adjutant from the 7"> regt.


A Brigade Gen' Court Martial to sit to-Morrow morning, at 9
o'clock, for tlie Tryal of James Smith, Jolm FuUerton, Joseph Lewis,
Jolin Thompson, & ^V- Shields, of the 2°'^ Pennsylvania Regt., wliere-
of Lt. Col' Hubley is appointed President ; Captain Jolin Alex-
ander, Judge Advocate ; one Captain from the V regt., one from
the 7'\ Two from the lO"', & 2 from the 2^^ Regt^; one subaltern
from the 1", 2 from the 7'", one from the 10'^ & 2 from the 2"'^ regi-
ment will Compose the members of the Court. All evidences to at-

Wm. Irvine,

Col Comm'.
Detale.— Guard.

C. S. S. C. P.

^' 1 8

2' 1 1 13

'^' 1 7

IO1 2 1 9

Total, 5 2 37


c. s. s. c. p.

1' 1

„ , Head Quarters, Ocf n'", AD. 1778.



Captain of the Day to-morrow

Adjutant of the Day from the 10"' regiment.

Detale— Guard.

c. s. s. c. p.

^' 1 1 6

2 1 2 1 11

^' 1 5

10, 1 1 8

Total, 1 5 ~3 30


Head Quarters, October is^\ AD. 1778.


c. S. S. C. ]
1 reg', 1 1

Brigade Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from 2"'^ regt.


Head Ql'arters, Fredricksburgii, Ocf 19'\ 1778.


C. Sign.

As Colon' Grayson is unable to attend the Court Martial, where-
of he was yesterday ai)pointed President, Lt. Colon' Smith will
preside in liis Room. Major Murphy is appointed an additional
Member of the Court, which will sit to-Morrow morning. 9 o'Clock,
at the usual place. A General Court Martial of the Line, wjiereof
Colon' Bradly is appointed President, will assemble at the Presi-
dent's Marque Next friday Morning, at 9 o'Clock, & sit at such
place as shall be appointed by the Q. ^L General for the Trial of
Colon' Price & such others as shall be brought before them. Lt.
Colon' Hay, Russd, & Harney; Majors Nicolls, HoUiday, and
Thompson ; A Captain from each of the Brigades here on the
Ground, will Compose the Court. AUevidence & Persons Concerned
are Desired to attend. Nixson's, Parson's, and Huntington's to
hold themselves in readiness at a moment's warning.

Ensign Richard Fullerton, of the 3' P. Regiment, is appointed
Adjutant to the same from July Last, '78.

B. Orders. Captain for the Court Martial to attend the Court
Martial Next Friday.

Adjutant of the Day from the 1" regt.


C. S. S. C. P.

1, 1 6

2, 2 1 11

7, 1 1 5

10, 1 1 8

_0 _0 _5 _3 30

Head-Quarters, Fredericksburgh, October 20'", 7S.


Doctor Cochran is appointed physician General to the Eastern
Department During the absence of Doctor Burnet.
I>. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 7"' regiment.

Detale. — Quard.

C. S. S. C. P.

1, 1 1 7

2, 2 1 14

7, 1 7

10, 1 1 1 9

Total, 1 5 3 37


Guard Immediately.

C. S. S. C, P.

1, 2

2, 1 2

7, 1

10, 2

Total, _0 _0 _0 J_ _7

Head Quarters, Fredricksburgu, October 21, 1778.

Lt. Sam' Richards is appointed pay-Master to the 3'' Connecticut
Reg', Lt. W"' Adams to the 4'", Lt. John Sherman to the Sixth, Lt.
Richard Sill to the S"', from the T"- of September Last.

Purity of Morals being the only sure foundation of happiness In
any Country, & highly Conducive to order, subordination, & suc-
cess in an army, it will be well worthy the emulation of officers of
every rank & Class to encourage both, by their Influence & example
& the Penaltys of authority.

It is painfull to see manyShamefulelnstancesof roiet & licentious-
ness, amongst us ; the wanton Practice of swearing has risen to a
most Disgusting height ; a regard to Decency should Conspire with a
sence of Morality to Banish a Vice Productive of Neither advant-
age or Pleasure. The frequent Robberys which has Lately pre-
vailed In the Vicinity of Camp are Truly allarming, & Demand
the most vigorous exertions to Detect the Perpetrators, & Bring
them to the severest Punishment.
B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow, 10'*" regiment.
Detale— Guard.

C. S. S. C. P.

1, 1 2 1 6

2, 2 12

7, 1 5

10, 1 1 7

Total, _ J ^ J 30

Head Quarters, October 22, 1778.

« Gen' Nixon's, Himtingdon's, & Parson's Brigades are to march
at 7 o'clock to-Morrow Morning from the Left, under the Com-
mand of Major Gen' McDougel; the Q' Mr. General will give the
rout. The 1" Connecticut Regt. to be stationed at Danbury to
Guard the Stores Now there until further orders.

374 ORDERLY I300K.

Division Orders for the Pexnsylv^ Line.
The whole of the Troops to appear under arms on Saturday morn-
ing at 10 o'clock, In the most soldierly manner Possible. Every
Officer will attend, & be particularly Careful That all their men
are on the parade, tliat a strict Insi)ection may be made into their
Clotliing, arms, ammunition, & accoutrements, Previous to Begin'g
the Exercise. Major Ryan will furnish tlie Commanding Officers
of regiments with a Coppy of the Manouveries to be performed.
A Gen' Return of the Strength & Condition of each Brigade to be
made out fair, & Delivered to Gen' Wayne on Saturday Morning,
In order to be Transmitted to the Assembly of Pennsylvania.

Antii'y Wayne,
B. G. Com'^ Fennsijlv'^ Line.


c. s. s. c. p.

1, 1 1 14

Adjutant from the 2°'' regiment.

Manouvres for Gen' Wayne''s Division, to he performed Octoh'' 24"',


The Division formed for Charging will wheel by Platoons to the
Left, & march to tlie exercising Ground, the Light Infantry in
front formed In Platoons. The foliowiug words of Command will
be given : Form Divisions, Close Column. At all times when the
Column is Marching to the points of view, the Lt. Infantry will
advance & Skirmish, Rangeing Themselves 100 Yards in front of
the points of view, and Retreat as the Columns Displays.

Display Columns To the right face, firing as usual.

Forward march, march, march. Charge Bayonets, Bail' Halt.
Two voleys will be fired. By Platoons to the right wheel march,
form Division, Close Column. The Column Closes, except 4 pla-
toons on the left of the T' Brigade & 4 platoons on the Left of the
second Brigade, who remain in open order.

When marching to the points of view, the head of the first &
second Brigade Dresses with the head of the first Brigade.

Dispilaij Column, to the right & Left face — the first Brigade Dis-
plays to the right on its rear platoon — the 2"'' Brigade Displays to
the Left — the four platoons of tiie 1" Brigade face to the right,
March to the extremity of the Line, face to the Left. Close Col-
umn. Wheel to the right & Display to the right on the 4"* Pla-
toon. The 4 platoons of the 2'"' Brigade face to the Left, march to
the extremity of the Line, face to the Right, and wheel by Platoons
to the Left— Firings by Battalions— By Brigades — By Divisions.
When the firings Ceases, the flanks wheel into the Line— Forward


march, March, march. Charge Bayonets. Battalions Halt. To
the Bight about face., march, Halt, &c.
Fire bij Divisions advancing.
Fire hij half Battalions Betrcating.

M. Ryan,
Major, Inspector.

Head-Quarters, October 23'', 1778.



Thomas Glover, a Soldier in the North Carolina Brigade, Try'd
for stealing sundry articles from Inhabitants, Likewise a piece of
Linin, on March from White Plains. The Court unanimously are
of oppinion that Tiiomas Glover is Guilty of the several Charges
laid against him, & Do sentence liim to be hanged.

His Excellency, the Commander-in-Chief, approves of the sen-
tence, & orders said Grovor to be hanged to-morrow at 9 o'clock, at
or near Fredericksburgh.

Joseph Goldsmitli, Gibbs Lamb, Joseph Timberlake, & Gabriel
Colston, were Try'd for Robbing the Inhabitants of Sundry arti-
cles & Cash, amounting to a Considerable value, were all found
Guilty, & sentenced to receive 100 lashes each.

His Excellency, the Commander-in-Chief, Confirms the oppinion
of the Court, & orders the Punishment to take place to-Morrow
Morning, Near Fredericksburgh, at Nine o'clock.

His Excellency is shocked at tlie frequent Horrible villainy of
this Nature Committed by tlie Troops of Late. He is Determined
to make examples which will Deter the boldest «& Hardiest of-
fenders — men who are Called out by their Country to Defend their
rights «& Propertys of their fellow Citizens, who are abandon
enough to violate those Rights & plunder that Property, are not
Deserving & shall receive no mercy.

At a Devision Gen' Court Martial held at Danbnry, October 8'"
'78, By order of Major Gen' Gates, Brigadier Gen' Patterson, Presi-
dent, A Certain David Farnsworth & John Blair were Trj'd for
being found about the Incampm' of the arrays of the United States
as spies, & having a large Quantity of Counterfeit Money about
them, which they Brought from New York, found Guilty of the
Charges exhibited against them, k sentenced by Two Thirds of the
Court to suffer Death. The Commander-in-Chief approves of the
above sentence, & orders them to be executed as soon as they may
arrive at Gen' Gates Devision.

Head Quarters, FREDERiCKSBUKOn, October 24'^, ''7S.
Information has been Given to the Conuulcut that the wemon of


the Breaged still Continues the vile practise of washing thire Dirty
Clothing in the run upon which the solders thirst Depend upon
for there water they Drink. It behoves both oHicers & Men to put
a stop to so vile a i)ractise. He orders that when any women is
found washing in it, unless below the Breaged, she be Inmiedetly
put in to the Bregad guard.

When the Deferent Regts is Bregaded the D' & fifes are all to be
Collected in the Center, as Great Confusion takes place by so Many
Diferent Beats Being Mead use of.

Walter Steavart,
Co^ Comadent.

Regimental Orders.

Court Martial to sit Immediately to Try Patrick Newell.
Serjant Alexander Crawford, of Colonel Cliambers' Company, is
appointed Quarter-Master Serjant.

James Read,Corporel of Capt" W" Wilson's Comp'y, Is appointed
Serjant In said Company.

J. Moore,

Head Quarters, October 25'", AD. 177S.



Adjutant of the Day 10'" regiment.

Head-Quarters, Fredericksburgh, October 26">, 177S.

C. Sign.

Captain Bartholomew Bowing, of the 9'^ P. Regt., Is appointed
paymaster to the same. Vice Ensign Teat, from the lo'" Instant.
Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow 2°>^ reg'.

B. Orders. Returns to be made by the Regimental Quarter Mas-
ters to the Brigade Q'' Master, of the arms, accoutrements, & axes
wanting In the Different Regts. in order that they may be Drawn
as soon as possible. All old arms in possession of the Q' Masters to
be Delivered to the Brigade Q' Master at 4 o'clock to-Morrow after-
noon, at which Time the above returns must be ready.

Walter Stewart,
CoV Conun''.

Head Quarters, Fredericksburgh, OcV. 27''', ^78.

C. Sign.

Adjutant of the Day V- reg'.


Brigade Orders.
A return of the sick of the Different Reg" of the 1" Brigade to
be made out & Delivered to the Brigade Major as soon as Possible.

Walter Steavart,
Colon' Comm''.
Division Orders.
A Division Gen' Court Martial to sit to-Morrow Morning at Ten
o'clock, at the president's Quarters, for the Trial of Lt. Thomas
McCoy, of the 7'" PennsyW Regiment. All Partys & Evidences to
have Notice to attend. Lt. Colon' Hubley, President; Captain
Isaac Seely, Judge Advocate. Two Captains & four Subalterns
from each Brigade, to attend as Members.

Anth'y Wayne,
B. G.
B. Orders. A Captain from the 1" & one from the 10'" regiment,
& one subaltern from each regt., to attend as members. An Orderly
Serjant from each regt. to attend the Court.

Head Quarters, Predricksburgh, Oct" ss"', 177S.



Lt. Job Vernon & Lt. Andrew Litel, of the 5'^ Pennsylvania
Regt., are appointed, the first pay Master, the 2°'* Q"^ Master, to the
same, from the V- Instant.

A General Court Martial of the Line to sit at or Near Robeson's
house, as soon as may be, for the Tryal of Major Painter, on an ap-
peal from a Late Garrison Court Martial, held at West Point. A
Field officer from the Virginia Line to Preside. Four Captains
from Mullenbergh's Brigade, five from Scott's, and three from the
Garrisson, at West Point, to attend as Members. All Evidences
& Persons Concerned to attend the Court.

At a Brigade G. Court Martial held in Gen' Clinton's Brigade
Octob"" 20"'v'78, John Yeomans, a soldier in Colonel DeBaw's Regt.,
was tried for desertion & robbery. The Charge of robbery was
not supported, But found Guilty of Desertion, and sentenced to be
shot to Death at the head of the Brigade.

The Commander in Chief approves of the sentence,"But is pleased
to pardon Yeomens, on account of the recent Instances of many
Criminals having been executed for Breaches of Military Duty,
which he hopes will not Deter him, But every other soldier in the
army from violating his solemn obligation faitlifully to serve the
United States.

B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 7'^ regiment.

Head Quarters, Federicksburgh, October S9'\ AD. 177S.




Head Quarter^, Oct' 30"', 177S.
C. Sign.
Adjutant of the Day from the 2""* regiment.

Head-Quarters, Fredericksburgh, Oct' si"', A. D. 1778.



At a Gen' Court Martial, held at fort Clinton, Ocf 23'', 1778,
Colon' Poor President, Nathaniel Mitchels, Q' Master to tlie 3''
North Carolina Reg', was tried for Behaving In an Infamous Man-
ner, unbecoming an Officer & Gentleman ; also, for Embezzling the
Publick Stores it applying them to his own use; found Guilty, &
unanimously sentenced, agreeable to the l"' article »& 12'" Sextion of
the Articles of war, to forfeit all his pay & be Dismissed the ser-

The Commander in Chief approves of the sentence, & orders it
to take place Immediately.

B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow, 1" regt.

Regimental Orders.
A Return of Cloathing to be made out Immediately of every ar-
ticle of Cloathing wanting, from the hat to the shoe. The Officers
Commanding Companys will be Carefull to make this Return agree
with the Return Given in some time ago to the orderly officer.

J. Moore.

Head Quarters, Fredericksburg, JVoi"" i", ^7S.
B. Orders. Adjutant of the Day to-Morrow from the 7"" regt.

Division Orders, Nov' f ', A. D. ''78.
Each regiment is to make out Immediately, a General return of
Cloathing from tlie Hat to the shoe, for all Non Commiss' Officers

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