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or Silver discovered & workings there, and what hath arisen from
thence ; to the end that wee may receive an accompt of the fifth
part thereof, which by their Charter is reserved to us.

Given at our Court at Whitehall tlie 23'^ day of Aprill 1004. in the
sixteenth yeare of our Reigne.

By His Ma"" command



Instructions to our trusty and icelheloved Coll. Ricliard JSficolls S'
Robert Carre Kn' George (Jartwright Esq'' end Samu^ll 3lavericks
Usq. Commissioners cmploited by us to oior Plantations in America
in and about New Netherland to be considered and communicated
only betioeene themselves.

Charles R.

1. — Though the maine end and drift of yo' employni' is to iraforme
yourselves and us of the true and whole state of those severall
Colonies and by insinuateing yourselves by all kind and dextrous
carriage into the good opinion of y principall i)ersons there, that
soe you may (after a full observation of the humor and interest both
of those in governm' and those of the best quality out of governm'
and, generally, of the people themselves) lead and disi)ose them to
desire to renew their Charters and to make such alterations as will
appeare necessary for their owne benefit : — Yet you may informe
all men that a great end of your designe is tlie i)ossessing Long
Island, and reduceing that people to an entyre submission and obe-
dience to us & our governement, now vested by our grant and Com-
mission in our Brother the Duke of York, and by raising forts or
any other way you shall judge most convenient or necessary soe to
secure that whole trade to our subjects, that the Dutch may noe
longer ingrosse and exercise that trade which they have wrongfully
possessed themselves of; that whole territory being in our possession
before they, as private persons and without any authority from their


sui)i'riors and against y la\v(' of Nations and tlie yood intellifrence
and allyance between us and tlieir sui)eriors, invaded and Iiave since
wron.sfnliy obteyned tlie same, to tiie prejudice of oni- Crowne and
]-)ignily, and tlierefore ought in justice to be resumed by us, exee])t
tiiey will entyrely submitt to our goverment and live there as our
good subjects under it: and in that case you shall lett tlieui kuowe
both by])rivate siguiJications and treatyes or ])y any ])id»licke decla-
ration sett out by you in our name, — That wee will take tliem into
our protection, and that tliey shall continue to enjoy all tlieir ]>os-
sessions (P'orts only excei)ted) and the same freedome in trade with
our other good sultjects in those i)arts. And as you will need the
assistance of our other colonies towards this reduction, soe wee con-
ceave tliey will all for their owiie interest bee ready to engage with
^ you herein.

2. — This being the case, and the ])rosecutioii of that designe being
not absolutely in your owne i)ower in respect of wind and weather,
wee leave it entirely to your discretion whether you choose to goe
first ujion Long Island, which seems most reasonable to design in
respect of the troo|)s you cai'ry, or to New England, resolveing to
approve of what yon doe in that perticular, lett the successe be
what it will, and if it jilease God you have the successe wee liope
for upon Long Island, you will improve the consideration of the
benefit thereof to all the Colonies, and how much ha])pier tliey are
Iw our care in the removeing such ill neighbours from them, at our
owne cost and cliai'ges.

;;. — You are to use great dilligence together in the careful and
exact perusall of the lirst and second Charter, granted by our Royall
Father for the undertaking and settling those plantations, and any
other Charters which have been granted to any perticular Colonies
by our father and ourseUe, or tlie late usurping powers ; to the end
that upon the full consideration thereof, & if any ditticultys arise
ui)on doubtfuU or contradictory expressions, you may eytlier by re-
sorting to our (Jouncill at Lawe in some ])oints. and to our Secre-
tary of State in other, receave full and cleare information & direc-
tions, and you must bee the more conversant and fully informed of
all contained in the said Charters (of which you ought to carry
autiientick Coi)i)yes with youi because y ground and foundation of
your employment is the exact observation of the Charters and re-
duceing to that rule whatsoever hath swerved from it. Besides you
will thereby observe all those clauses in the severall Charters which
are eiiiier too short and restrained & the enlargeing thereof would
lie for the i)ublick lienetit of the plantacon ; or such other incon-
venient ones, as for our dignity and authority should be altered by
a generall consent and desire. Amongst which it were to bee wished
that y severall Governours should hold their places three or five
yeares and that before the midle of the last yeare three names should


be sent over and presented to us, that one of them niij^lit be clioseu
by us for the next Governour which we should as well apin'ove and
would be more easily consented to, then the remitting the entyre
choice to us.

4. — You are with the like dilligence and care to peruse the collec-
tion of the lawes published in those Colonies during the late usur])-
ing Government, or at any tyme before or since; to tiie end that
upon examination thereof you may discerne both the indecent ex-
pressions and materiall and important points and determinations
in them, which are contrary to our dignity and to the lawes and
customes of this realme, and to the justice thereof; all which they
have obliged themselves to cancell and repeale ; and if the same bee
not already done, you are in the first place to cause it to be done,
especially and perticularly that the oaths enjoyned by the severall
Charters be taken, and the administration of justice be performed
in our^name.

5. — Since the great and principall ends of all those who hrst en-
gaged themselves in those Plantacons in which tliey have spent
much tyme and money, w'as liberty of concience, and the same is
expressely jn'ovided for in the tirst and subsequent Charters as they
could desire to be done, and the observation and preservation there-
of is our very hearty purpose and determination : You are to bee
very caref ull amongst yourselves and with all persons wlio have any
relation to, or dependance upon any of you. tliat nothing be said or
done, from or l)y which tiie people there may thiidie or imagine that
there is any purpose in us to make any alteration in tlie Church
Government or to introduce any other forme of worship}* among
them then what they have chosen : all our exception in that parti-
cular being that they doe i)i truth deny that liberty of conscience to
eacli other, whicii is equally provided for and granted to every one
of them by their charter : all whicli you will find wee have more at
large taken notice of in our letter of the 28"' June 1662. a coppy
whereof is delivered to you, and of which you sliall in due season,
and when you are well acquainted with them, dextrously take
notice, and presse the execution and observacon of the same, accord-
ing to the Charter. And that you may not give any umbrage or
jealousy to them in matters of religion, as if you were at least
enimyes to formes observed amongst them, you shall do well to fre-
quent their churches and to be present at their devotion, thougli
wee doe suppose and think it very fitt that you carry with you some
learned and discreet Cliaplaine, othodox in his judgement and prac-
tice, who in your owne familyes will reade tlie liooke of Common
Prayer & i)erf()rme your devotion according to y forme established
in the Church of England, excepting only in wearing the suiplesse
which haveing never bin seen in those countryes. may conveniently
be forborn att this tyme, when tlie principall busynesse is by all


ffood expedients, to unite and reconcile ])ersons of very different
judirements and ])ractice in all tliin

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