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Australasian Shakespeareana :


of Books, Pamphlets, Magazine Articles,

&c., that have been printed in Australia and

New Zealand, dealing with Shakespeare

and his works.

. . By . .


Hon. Treasurer of Shakespeare Society of New South Wales






Wholly set up and printed In Australia by
FRED. W. WHITE. 344 Kent Street, Sydney.


This work was not originally undertaken with a view to publication. In
cataloguing my small collection of Shakespeareana some time back, I desired
to find out what books published in Australia or New Zealand relating to the
dramatist were missing. This necessitated search at the public libraries and
enquiries from private collectors. As I obtained particulars, they were duly
noted by me, until they have grown to such a size that, on the advice of friends
interested in Shakespearean study, I have decided to publish "my little list."
From the nature of the subject, it must obviously be incomplete. A comparison
of this catalogue with the "Shakespeare Bibliography" by Mr. William Jaggard
will show that even that stupendous undertaking has failed to chronicle "every
known issue of the writings of our national poet, and of recorded opinion
thereon, in the English language," a claim which the bibliographer, with some
show of justification under the circumstances, made. New works are con-
tinually appearing, and in addition, hitherto unknown publications are con-
stantly coming to light. Where the Stratford bibliographer failed, I cannot
hope to succeed, but I claim that in this catalogue there are contained many
more entries of works etc., published in this Southern Continent than are to
be found in any other similar compilation.

I have endeavoured to catalogue, not alone all books and pamphlets, but
also magazine and review articles and poems referring to Shakespeare or his
works, irrespective of their literary merit. It was originally intended to include
newspaper articles, of which I have a fairly large number, but the task of
making such a list anything like complete being beyond me, I have decided
not to publish them with this catalogue. The distinction between a newspaper
and a magazine has, however, not been made on any definite lines, and m
some cases there will be found indexed articles from newspapers which, strictly
speaking, can hardly be classed as magazines. For similar reasons, I have
omitted caricatures, cartoons, illustrations etc., derived from Shakespeare's
plays, although the pages of such old papers as the "Sydney Punch," "The
Lictor " etc., contain many examples.

Another restriction I have imposed upon myself, is to omit books etc.,
that were published outside Australasia; consequently, the works of some of
tlie finest Shakepearean scholars in this Continent have had to be excluded.
The late Dr. Charles Badham, Professor W. M. MacCallum, Messrs. T. Dono-
van and J. Le Gay Brereton — to mention only the names of Sydney residents —
have all done excellent work in connection with Shakespearean criticism ; but
those writings that have been published locally by these and other Australasian
writers are alone mentioned in this catalogue. On the other hand, several
works printed in Australasia by writers not resident here are included, the
object of the compilation being to mention works published locally, no matter
where the author resided.


In compiling this bibliography, I have personally inspected the catalogues
and card indexes of the following libraries: — Sydney Public Library, Mitchell
Library (Sydney) and Melbourne Public Library, and have verified most of
the entries by the inspection of the works themselves. My own and several
other private libraries have also been gone through. For the various public
collections in the other States,! have had to depend on the assistance afforded
me by the available printed catalogues, and the kindness of numerous friends,
who have willingly replied to my enquiries.

The making of this bibliography would have been impossible if I had not
the assistance of many helpers, to whom I gratefully acknowledge my thanks.
I am under special obligations to Mr. Hugh Wright, Miss M. Windeyer and
the other members of the staff of the Mitchell Library, Sydney, who have given
valuable help in my researches at this Institution, unique in its wonderful col-
lection of Australiana, and which contains many works not to be found else-
where. Mr. J. R. G. Adams, the General Secretary of the South Australian
Public Library, has most kindly furnished me with useful information, and
many of the Adelaide entries would not have been obtained by me, except
through the help aiforded by the Assistant Librarian, Mr. H. J. Keyes, who
has added to my original proofs a number of items relating to the University
Society. Unfortunately, I have not been able in all cases to index them
under the author's name, as the greater part of the book was already in type.
They are, however, included in their proper place under "Proceedings" or
"Journal." Mr. E. L. Armstrong, of the Melbourne Public Library, and his
staff, likewise afforded me every assistance, both personally when inspecting
the magnificent collection of that Institution, and also subsequently by replying
to my enquiries. The Librarians of the Queensland and West Australian
Public Libraries, Messrs. W. E. Hawkins (the President of the Shakespeare
Society of N.S.W.), Bertram Stevens and George Harris of Sydney, A. H.
Turnbull of Wellington, New Zealand, and L. Phillips of Auckland, New
Zealand, have also given me assistance, for which I am much indebted.



November, 1915.


A.H.T. — Private Collection of A. H. Turnbull, Esq., Wellington.

A.P.L,. — South Australian Public Library, Adelaide.

E.H.L. — Private Collection of E. H. Lock, Esq., Adelaide.

Mit. — Mitchell Library, Sydney.

M.P.L. — Melbourne Public Library.

P.J.M. — Private Collection of the Compiler of this work.

S.P.L. — Sydney Public Ldbrary.

S.S. — Library of Shakespeare Society of New South Wales.

W.H.H. — Private Collection of Dr. W. H. Harris, Sydney.

The references in the catalogue are, as a rule, only given to the Library in
which I have found the particular work, and it does not necessarily follow that it is
not to be found in the others. As, with few exceptions, the works catalogued are
to be found in one or more of the above Libraries, I have not included in this
list the various other Institutions and books which have been consulted in the
preparation of the Bibliography.


The endeavour throughout this work has been to give the dramatist's name as
It is spelt by the particular authority quoted, hence the different ways in which it
is printed.

^mttahMan ^^akt&^tmmm.


"Shakspere: An address for the Brisbane Literary Circle."
In "The Centennial Magazine" (Sydney), March 1889, pages 574 to 578.



Shakespeare Memorial Statue Fund, Adelaide. Draft Manifesto to the
Public of South Australia.
Adelaide, 1904, pp. 8, 8vo. (a.p.l.)

" Journal of Proceedings."
Adelaide (1904) 8vo. pp. 10 ...,., -^—^...r^-^ (a.p.l.)


The University Shakespeare Journal, edited by J. C. Wharton.
Adelaide, W. K. Thomas & Co. 1886-7. 8vo. (A.p.l.)

The Journal contains the followingr articles. — ^Vol. I., No. 1, "The
Humanness of Shakespeare," by Rev. W. R. Fletcher; "On the Word
'Coil' in Shakespeare," by Prof. Boulg-er; "Caliban," by Dean Russell;
"Shakespeare's use of the Supernatural," by A. H. Champion; "The Uni-
versity Shakespeare Society," by G. S. Bowyear. No. 2: "King Lear,"
by E. Dornwell; "Shakespeare's use of the Supernatural" (concluded),
by A. H. Champion; "The Star-crossed Lovers," by J. P. Short;
"On Shakespearean Quotations," by J. C. Wharton. No. 3: "Jealousy:
as portrayed in the Characters of Leontes and Othello," 'by E. D.
Cleland; "The Star-crossed Lovers" (continued), by J. P. Short; "King
Lear" (continued), by E. Dornwell: "A Shakespeare Cypher"; "On
Shakespearean Quotations," by J. C. Wharton. No. 4: "Genius of
Shakespeare," by Dean Russell; "Shakespearean Allusions to Falconry,"
by Prof. Boulger; "The Star-crossed Lovers," by J. P. Short; "The
Reading: of Macbeth," by J. C. Wharton. No. 5: "Genius of Shaken
speare" (continued), by Dean Russell; "Shakespeare and Morality," by
J. E. Hebditch; "Shakespeare's Ideal Friendships," by E. D. Cleland;
"What Banquo gave to Fleanoe," by J. P. Short. No. 6: "Merchant of
Venice," by Rev. A. T. Boas; "Shakespeare: Art and Morality," by E.
T. Boulg-er. No. 7: "Merchant of Venice" (continued), by Rev. A. T.
Boas; "Shakespeare and Morality," by J. E. Hebditch; "Shakespeare's
Ideal Friendships" (continued), by E. D. Cleland; "The Variorum
Othello." No. 8: "Why do we read Shakespeare?" by G. S. Bowyear.
"Art and Morality," Rev. F. T. Whitlngton; "Shakespeare's Allusions
to Falconry" (continued), by Prof. Boulger. No. 9: "Shakespeare's
Clowns," by J. E. Hebditch; "Why do we read Shakespeare?" (con-
tinued), by G. S. Bowyear. No. 10: "Shakespeare's Clowns" (continued),
by J. E. Hebditch; "Shakespeare and Morality,'" by E. P. Nesblt;
"Shakespeare as a Lyric Poet," by E. V. Boulg-er. No. 11: "Shakespeare
as a Lyric Poet" (continued), by E. V. Boulger; "Was Desdemona
Smothered?" by E. D. Cleland; "Shakespeare and Morality," by J. C.
Wharton; "Note on Shakespeare's Clowns," by V. W. Dowell; "The
Third Murderer in Macbeth," by J. C. Wharton. No. 12: "Shakespeare
as a Lyric Poet" (continued), by E. V. Boulger; "On 'Cymbeline,' Act
ill, Sc. 3," by E. D. Cleland; "Local Colouring in Shakespeare," by J.
C. Wharton. Vol. II., No. 1: "Shakespeare's Politics," by Prof. E. E.



Morris; "Elizabethan Age considered in connection with Shakespeare,"
by Prof. E. V. Boulg-er; "Some Representatives of Shylock," by J.
Smith; "At Shakespeare's Shrine," by J. Sadler; "Notes on Flowers of
Shakespeare," by A. F. Robin; " 'Cymbellne,' Act iii, Sc. 3," by E. V.
Boulger; "Musical Glasses," by J. C. Wharton.

(The Mitchell Library has the following numbers of the Journal: Vol.
I., Nos. 1, 9, 11 and 12. The Adelaide Library has a complete set. Vol.
I. to Vol. IL, No. 1, April 1886 to October 1887.)

Proceedings, years 1900 to 1913.

(Note by Librarian South Australian Public Library, Adelaide: — Pro-
ceedings 1904, 1908-12, are in the Public Library. The Society itself
has in its library the PrcKieedingis 1900-1903, and all later issues, except

Proceedings 13th Session, 1896-7.

Adelaide, 8vo., pp. 9. (e.h.l.)

Contains list of Officers and Secretary's Report,

Proceedings 14th Session, 1898.

Adelaide, 8vo., pp. 18. (E.h.l.>

Contains list of Officers, Programmes, Secretary's Report; Resume of
Papers on "Richard IL," by H. Barrett; "Historical Aspect of Richard
IL," by Mrs. C. Giles: lectures on "Romeo and Juliet," by Rev. A.
E. Beilby; "Shakspeare and what he thought on marriage," by Rev.
A. T. Boas; "King John," by Rev. J. T. Robertson; and "Richard III.,
a study of dramatic equilibrium," by Rev. J. D. Thompson.

Proceedings 15th Session, 1898-9.

Adelaide, 8vo., pp. 8. (e.h.l.)

Contains list of Officers, Secretary's Report; resume of lectures on
"Four of Shakspeare's Women," by Rev. M. L. Johnson; "Ghosts and
Ghostland," by Rev. A. E. Beilby; and "An Evening with Shakspeare,"
by W. Reeve.

Proceedings 16th Session, 1899.

Adelaide. 8vo., pp. 10. (e.h.l.)

Contains list of Officers, Secretary's Report; resume of lecture on
"Hamlet," by I. H. Solomon; "Scotch Folklore and Shakspeare," by
Rev. A. C. Sutherland; "Shakspeare and Beethoven," by Rev. B. Wib-
berley; and "Shakspeare's Disposition," by P. McM. Glynn.

Proceedings 17th Session, 1900.

Adelaide, 8vo., pp. 5. (a.p.l.)

Contains list of Officers, Secretary's Report, and Programme.


Proceedings 18th Session, 190L
Adelaide, 8vo., pp. 7. (A.p.l.)

Contains list of Officers, Programmes, Secretary's Report, and resume
of lectures on "Shakspeare and John Bullism," by Rev. A. C. Suther-
land; "King Lear," by H. Solomon; "Italian Influence upon Shakspeare
Drama," by Prof. Douglass; and a review of Goldwin Smith's "Shak-
speare, the Man," by Mrs. Ive.

Proceedings 19th Session, 1902.

Adelaide, 8vo., pp. 16. (e.h.l.)

Contains list of Officers, Programme, Secretary's Report; resume of
Papers on "Much Ado About Nothing," by H. Barrett; "Beatrice," by
A Hodge; "Claudio," by T. Duffield; lecture, "Shakspeare's England,"
by Rev. J. Reid; Papers on "Bacon's Bi-literal Cypher," by Mrs. Ive;
"Some Study of Othello," by A. W. Piper; "Claims Made for Special
Knowledge on the part of Shakspeare," by A. Melrose.

Proceedings for the 20th Session, 1903.

Adelaide, 1903, 8vo. pp. 16. (Hit.)

This number of the Proceedings, which is in the Mitchell Library con-
tains; lists of Officers, Hon. Secretary's Annual Report for the
Twentieth sesision, and the following papers: — "Cymbeline — The Queen,"
by Mrs. Ive; "Cymbeline — Imogen," by Miss Haslam; "Julius Caesai-,"
by Edward Stevens; "An Italian View of Hamlet," by James Smith;
"Lady Percy and Portia," by P. D. Phillips; "An Apology for Shylock,"
by H. Gyles Turner, and the Programme for the Twenty-first Session.

Journal of Proceedings for the 21st Session, 1904.

Adelaide, 1904, 8vo., pp. 16 (a.p.l.)

Contains list of Office-bearers, Programme, Report, Minutes of Meet-
ings, and a Lecture, "Shakespeare and Folk-lore," by Rev. A. T. Boas,

Proceedings 22nd Session, 1905.

Adelaide, 8vo., pp. 16. {A.p,l.)

Contains list of Officers, Programmes, Secretary's Report; "Review of
Twelfth Night," by E. Blkan; lecture on "Caliban," by Rev. B. Wib-
berley, and extracts from papers iby members of the Melbourne Shak-
speare Society; "A Discourse on Jealousy," by H. G. Turner; "Charac-
ter of Ophelia," by E. Derham; and "A King of Shreds and Patches,"
by P. D. Phillips.

Journal of Proceedings, 23rd Session, 1906.

Adelaide, 8vo., pp. 7. (A.p.l.)

Contains list of Officers, Programmes, and Report.

Journal of Proceedings 24th Session, 1907.

Adelaide, 8vo., pp. IS. (a.p.l.)

Contains list of Officers, Programmes, Report; extracts from the
opening lecture, "Sincerity in Literature," by P. McM. Glynn, and
"Shakspeare's Depiction of Supreme Villainy," by B. Wibberley.


Journal of Proceedings for the Twenty-fifth Session, 1908.
Adelaide, 1908, 8vo., pp. 9. (A.p.l.)

Oontairis list of OflSice-bearers, Programme, Report, and Minutes of

Journal of Proceedings for Twenty-sixth Session, 1909.

Adelaide, 1909, 8vo. pp. 9. (S.s.)

Contains list of Office-bearers, Programme, Report of 26th Session,

Minutes of Meetings held during 1909, which dealt with "Hamlet," and

Treasurer's Statement.

Journal of Proceedings for Twenty-seventh Session, 1910.

Adelaide, 1910, 8vo„ pp. 19. (a.p.l.)

Contains list of Office-bearers, Programmes, Report, Minutes of Meet-
ingis, and the following papers: — "Hamlet's Sense of Humour," by E.
Wemyss, and "Pathos of Alacbeth," by R. Gardner.

Journal of Proceedings for Twenty-eighth Session, 1911.

Adelaide, 1911, 8vo., pp. 16. (a.p.l.)

Contains list of Office-bearers, Programmes, Report, Minutes of Meet-
ings, and Paper, "Shakspeai-^i in History," by A. J. Lawton.

Journal of Proceedings for Twenty-ninth Session, 1912.

Adelaide, 1912, 8vo., pp. 16. (A.P.L..)

Contains list of Office-bearers, Programmes, Report, Minutes of Meet-
ings, and the following Lectures: — "Illustrative Art of Shakspeare,"
by F. F. Wholohan; "Tolstoi and Shakspeare," by Rev. Dr. Bevan;
"Rev. Hon. E. Lyttleton on Shakspeare," by E. H. Liock, and "Shaks-
peare and Nature," by E. H. Liock.

Journal of Proceedings for the Thirtieth Session, 1913.

Contains List of Office-bearers, Programme, Report, and Minutes of
Meetings held during 1913.

Adelaide, n.d., pp. 7, 5|in. x 8iin. (P.j.m.)

Resume of work, 9th and 10th Sessions, 1892-3. 4to.

"Shakespeare Quotation" (see under Symon, J. H.).

''Sincerity in Literature" (see under Glynn, P. M.).

"Some Thoughts on Shakespeare" (see under Glynn, P.M.).


A.H.R. — (Australasian Home Reader.)

Published by the Australasian Home Reading Union.
Vol. I., No. 5, September, 1892, at page 124, contains— (Mit.)

"Elizabethan Literature," by Professor M. W. MacCallum, M.A.

Vol. 2. Sydney, W. Andrews & Co., 1893, pp. 256. S^in. x Sin.


Con'tains the following Shakesiperean articles: — "As You Like It," by
C. O. Burge, pages 247 to 250; "The Minor Dramatists Before Shakes-
peare," by it. H. Roe, pages 87 to 90; "Lady Macbeth," pages 238 to
242; "Midsummer Night's Dream," by P. Ansell Robin, pages 76 to 79;
"Shakespeare Courses" (of Study), pages 22 and 232, and "Portia"
by Frances Fraser, pages 168 to 170.

Vol. 3, 1894. (Mit.)

Contains, at pages 83 to 88 (July, 1894), "Two Shakesperean characters,
L the Melancholy Jaques, II. Feste, the Clown," being papers read be-
fore the New Town Circle, Tasmania, at pages 119 to 121 (August,
1894); "Remarks on Some Difficulties of Text and laiterpretation in The
Merchant of Venice," by D. S. Robertson, B.A., LL.B., and at
pages 179 to 182 "Lady Macbeth," a paper read before the New Town
Circle, Tasimania.


"Epitome of the Game of Billiards."
Melbourne, George Robertson, 1863. 8vo., pp. 199. (rj.m.)

Contains pages 136 to 139, a humorous article entitled "Shakspeare a
Billiard Player," from a work entitled "The Billiard Cue," Author not


"Shakespeare Bibliography" (see under GuUett, Henry).


"Lady Macbeth."

See under A.H.R.

"Life Touches from Shakespeare."
See under Cottrell, G.

"Maeterlinck and Shakespeare."
See under "The Trident"

"Merchant of Venice."

See under "The Merchant of Venice."


ANONYMOUS— (Continued.)


See under "Hales Quarterly Review."

"Shakspeare a Billiard Player."

See undei- Alcock, H. U.

"Skylock Whitewashed."

See under "The Trident"

"Was Hamlet Mad?"

See under "Hamlet Controversy."

BADHAM, CHARLES, D.D. (the late Professor of Classics in Sydney Uni-
versity) .

"Speeches and Lectures delivered in Australia by Dr. Badham."
Sydney, William Dymock, 1690. 6in. x 9-l/8in. (p.j.m.)

Contains, inter alia, at pages 127 to 154, a lecture on "Shakespeare and
Milton," delivered by Dr. Badham, at Tenterfiedd, in 1883.

BAILEY, J. M. (The Danbury Newsman).
"A Tour Through Great Britain."
Melbourne, G. Robertson, 1879. 8vo.

Chap. 29, pages 237 to 244, entitled "In Which Shakespeane is Shown
Up," gives the Author's impressions of Stratford.


"Altruistic Poems and Prose."
Sydney, Jagger and Kebblewhite, 1912. Sin. x 7|in., pp. 192.


Contains, inter alia, at pages 34 to 37, a poem entitled, "Hamlet," and
at pages 186 to 187 another entitled "Shakespeare." The Author's opinion
of his own work is expressed in the following couplet: —
"Birney's Book is a book of fame
That can never be effaced — it must remain."


"As it fell upon a day." (Music by H. R. Bishop.)
Sydney, n.d. 4to. (Mit.)

"The Merchant of Venice."
Adelaide, R. Thomas & Co., 1886, 7in. x 4in., pp. 14.

"Shakspeare and Folk Lore."

See under Adelaide University Shakspeare Journal.


"Shakespeare on Marriage."

A lecture delivered before the United Service Society, Adelaide, reprinted
in the "Public Service Review" (Adelaide), May to August, 1898, 4


"Representation of Shakespeare's Roman Plays." (Mit.)

Short articles by Douglas Ancelon, J. le Gay Brereton, W. Holman, G,
S. Titheradge, and A. Wall, in "The Bookfellow," June 1st, 1913


Shakespeare's comedy, "Much Ado About Nothing," as arranged for the
Stage by D. G. Boucicault, and presented at the Bijou Theatre, Melbourne,
26th December, 1891, under the management of R. Brough and D. G.
Boucicault (illust.).
Melbourne, 1891. 8vo., pp. 64. (M.p.l.)

"Much Ado About Nothing," as arranged for the Stage by D. G. Bouci-
cault, and presented at the Criterion Theatre, Sydney, 26th December,

1892, under the management of R. Brough and D. G. Boucicault

Melbourne, W. Marshall & Co., 1892. 8vo., pp. 64. (Mit.)

BOULGER, EDWARD VAUGHAN (Professor of English Literature at Adel-
aide University).

"The word 'Coil' in Shakspeare."
"Shakspeare as a Lyric Poet."
"Shakspeare's Allusions to Falconry."

See under Adelaide University Shakspeare Journal.


"Theatrical Production in Shakespeare's Age."
In "The Town and Country Journal" (Sydney), April 22nd, 1914.


"The University Shakspeare Society."
"Why do we read Shakspeare?"

See under Adelaide University Shakspeare Journal.


"Romeo and Juliet on the Stage (1662-1890)."
Sydney, Marcus and Andrew, 1890. Sq. 8vo., 6f x 8, pp. 32. (Mit.)

Contains portraits of Mrs. Potter as Juliet, and Mr. Kyrle Bellew as
Romeo. "An attempt .... to write a critical record of Romeo and
Juliet on the stage .... to give an idea of the manner in which the
characters of Romeo and Juliet have been acted by the principal im-
personators of these parts on the English sta&e," vide preface.



"Elizabethan Drama, Notes and Studies."
Sydney, W. Brooks & Co., Ltd., 1909. 8vo., e^in. x S^in., pp. 167.


Contains a number of articles on the text of the works of the Eliza-
bethan Dramatists, Including- "Shakespeare, Notes on Macbeth," pages 72
to 79, originally published in the "Sydneian" in 1898.

"Representation of Shakespeare's Roman Plays,"
See under "Book-fellow."


"The Drama and Music in New South Wales."

Sydney, C. Potter, Government Printer, 1892. 6in. x 9in., pp. 95.


Printed for the Chicago Exposition. The pamphlet contains references
to Shakespearean performances In Sydney.

BROWN, JOHN MACMILLAN, M.A. (Professor of English Literature, Can-
terbury College, New Zealand).
"An Early Rival of Shakespeare."

In the "New Zealand Magazine," No. 6, April. 1877, at pages 97 to 133.
"Dunedin Daily Times" Oi^.ce. Roy. 8vo. 1877. ^ (Mit.)

The rival is Robert Greene.

"Julius Caesar," A Study.
Christchurch, N.Z., Whitcombe & Tombs, Limited, N.D. (1900). 8vo.,
7-5/16 X 4-7/8 pp. (4) + 180. (a.h.t.)

"The Merchant of Venice." A Study.
Christchurch, N.Z., Whitcombe & Tombs, Limited, N.D. (1900). 8vo.
7-5/16 X 4-7/8, pp. (4) -f 126. (A.H.T.)


"Juliet and Othello," (Original papers, with particulars of the author's
connection with the Melbourne Shakespeare Society.)
Melbourne, 1885. 8vo. (M.p.l.)


"The Baconian Authorship of Shakespeare's Plays Refuted."
Melbourne, George Robertson & Co., 1898. 8vo., 5in. x 7-|in., pp. 18.
A paper read at a meeting of the Victorian Association of Spiritualists
at Melbourne, 8th August, 1898. (p.j.m.)

A spiritualistic account of alleged interviews with Shakespeare, in which
he states he wrote the plays under spirit control.


BROWNE, HUGH JUNOR— (Continued.)

"The Grand Reality"; being experiences in spirit life of a celebrated
dramatist, received through a trance medium, and edited by H.J.B.
Melbourne, 1888. 8vo.. (a.p.l.)

''Religion in the Light of Truth and Reason."
Melbourne, 1900. 8vo. (M.p.l.)

A re-issue with title page and list of contents of various papers by the
author, including "Baconian Authorship of Shakespeare's Plays Re-


"As You Like It."

See under "A.H.R."


"A Sonnet and its import. The Tempest."
In the "Monthly Review," Vol. 2 (1890), at pages 417 to 419.
Wellington, (New Zealand), Lyon & Blair, 1891. (Mit.)

A sonnet on the Tempest, with criticism,


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