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Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation

Philadelphia College

Osteopathic Medicine

Established 1899

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



-arf^^Si^iWP^;- :^'W;!~^.



I nsKt

f Put

**? lijt^:. -

-ftdmLnbttdUon, iacuLtu 3 ->t^.




Paul W. McGloin, CPA
Chairman of the Board

Kenneth J. Veit, D.O., 76, MBA

Sen/or Vice President [or

Academic Affairs and Dean

Robert G. Cuzzolino, Ed.D.

Vice President for Graduate

Programs and Planning

Eugene B. Chaiken, LL.D (Hon.
Vice Chairman

Peter Doulis, CPA

Vice President for Finance and

Chief Financial Officer

Lavinia Lafferty

Executive Assistant to the

President and Secretary

Matthew Schure, Ph.D.

President and
Chief Executive Officer

Florence D. Zeller, MPA, CFRE

Vice President for Alumni

Relations and Development

Joan McGettigan

Assistant to the President

and Assistant Secretary

4 Board of Trustees


James H. Black, D.O., '62 Thomas V. Chiomento, III Lita Indzel Cohen, Esquire Joseph A. Dieterle, D.O., 70 Robert A. D.Toniassc





~^^L ^^



."^ Jl

^l ^

^m //^l

Pat C. DiTommaso, D.O., '80 Christopher Franklin Elizabeth H. Gemmill, Esquire Thomas J. Gravina

Vincent Lobo, D.O., '65 Herbert Lotman Robert S. Maurer, D.O., 'bZ F'-eaenck R. Meihcrn. D.O.. tl Louis P. Meshon. S'


,^ O., '61 Robert M. Schwartz. Esquire Murray Zedeck, D.O., '62

Board of TriLStees 5

•• •••

• • •

• •


Denah Appelt, Ph.D.

Neurosdence. Physiology,

c-i '"srr-czo'iog/

Brian Balin, Ph.D.

Pathology, Microbiology,

and Immunology

Thomas Barone, D.O.

Osteopathic Manipulative


John Becher, D.O.
Emergency Medicine

Lev Belder, D.O.

Obstetrics and Gynecology^

Laurence Belkoff, D.O., M.Sc. Marcus Bell, Ph.D. Theodora Bernardini, D.O. Kristen Berry, D.O.
Surgery Neurosdence, Physiology, Internal Medicine Family Medicine

and Pharmacology

David Bevan, D.O.

Internal Medicine

Ruth Borghaei, Ph.D

Biochemistry and

Molecular Biology

Rani Bright, MBBS

Pathology, Microbiology,
and Immui

Oliver Bullock, D.O.

Family Medicine

Denise Burns, D.O.

Osteopathic Manipulative

David Cavanaugh,


John Cavenagh, MBC, PH.D, PA Anthony Clay, D.O
Physician Assistant Studies Internal Medicine

William Clinton, M.A. Patrick Coughlin, Ph.D. Rocco Crescenzo, D.<|

Psychology Anatomy Internal Medicine




. V ~l.

Robert Cuzzolino, EdD. Farzaneh D?i9hiph, Ph.D. Marina D'Angelo, Ph.D.

Humanities fc Anatomy

Izola David, D.O. Mary Dejoseph, D.C

Pediatrics Osteopathic Manipulative


6 Faculty

■iiyn DiFeiiciantonio, MLS, PA Camille Dilullo, Ph.D. Robert DiTomasso, Ph.D. Terri Erbacker, Ph.D. Stephanie Feigoise, Ph.D.

Physician Assistant Studies Anatomy Psychology Psychology Psychology

issa Fernando-Dominy, D.O, Stephanie Ferretti, MLS Larry Finkelstein, D.O. Leonard Finkelstein, D.O. Robert Fogel, D.O



Family Medicine

Carol Fox, M.M. Arthur Freeman, EdD. Jeffrey Freeman, D.O. Kerin Fresa-Dillon, Ph.D. Kathenne Gailuzzi, D.O


Internal Medicine


Pathology, Microbiology
and Immunology



ahmoud Ghaderi, D.O. William Gilhool, D.O. Phillip Ginsberg, D.O. ,JD Barbara Golden, PsyD. FHoward Goldnnan, D.O.

ENT Internal Medicine Surgery Psychology Internal Medicne


edenck Goldstein, PhD. Elizabeth Gosch, Ph.D. Charlotte Greene, Ph.D. Thomas Grittin, M.D. Joseph Guagliardo, D.O.

Neuroscience, Physiology. Psychology Neuroscience. Physiology. Internal Medicine Surgery

and Pharmacology and Pharmacology

Faculty 7

€ %

• •

• •


James Hale, Ph.D. A kham Henvvood, D.O. Susan Hingley, Ph.D. Michelle Hobson, D.O. Daniellngram, PsyD.

Psychology Surgery Pathology, Microbiology, Osteopathic Manipulative Psychology

and Immunology Medicine

Nicole Joseph, D.O.


Richard Kanoff, D.O. Bruce Kornberg, D.O. Paul Krajewski, M.S., PA


Internal Medicine

Physician Assistant Studies

Richard K.nebei, Ph.D. Michael Kuchera, D.O.

Neuroscience, Physiology, Osteopathic Manipulative

and Pharmacology Medicine

David Kuo, D.O

Family Medicine

Tage Kvist, Ph.D.



Pat Lannutti, D.O.

Internal Medicine

Sherman Leis, D.O. Michael Levin, D.O. Christopher Little, Ph.D. Simon Lubin, D.O. Samuel Manfrey, D.O.

Surgery Internal Medicine Pathology, Microbiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology Surgery

and Immunology

Burton Mark, D.O. Theodore Maucr, D.O,, MSC Darren McAuley D.O, James McCans, M.S., PA George McCloskey, Ph.D

Psychiatry ENT Osteopathic Manipulative Pathology Microbiology Psychology

Medicine and Immunology

8 Faculty


Gregory McDonald, D.O. Michael McGuinness, Ph.D. Allan McLeod, D.O.,

Pathology. Microbiology Anmomy MBA, JD

and Immunology Family Medicine

John McPhilemy, D.O. Rosemary Mennuti, EdD.

Surgery Psvchology

Mark Miller, Ph.D.


Bohdan Minczak, M.D., Eugene Mochan, D.O., Ph.D. Laura Molloy, MMS Harry Morris, D.O.. MPH

Ph.D., M.S. Biochemistry and Physician Assistant Studies Familv Medicine

Emergency Medicine Molecular Biology

Christine Mount, M.S., PA Alexander Nicholas, D.O. Evan Nicholas, D.O. William Mickey, D.O.,

Physician Assistant Studies Osteopat/i/c Manipulative Osteopathic Manipulative Internal Medicine

Medicine Medicine

Daniel Parenti D.O. t*"^

Internal Medicine

Richard Pascucci, D.O. Kathryn Picardo, MLS Nathan Pinkney, B.S., RMDS Samantha Plasner, D.O. Jennifer Prescon-Coraggi, D.O.

Internal Medicine Library Radiology Family Medicine Family Medicine

Stephen Purcell, D.O. Brad Rosenfieid, PsyD. Fiederick Rotgers, PsyD. Virginia Salzer, Ph.D. Matthew Schure. Ph.D..

internal Medicine Ps)cholcgy Psychology Psychology Psychology

Faculty 9

• •• ••

• •

^ • :

• •

Daniel Scott, Sr, MPAS Giuseppe Screnci, MS, PA Arthur Sesso, D.O. Michael Shank, D.O.

Physician Assistant Studies Pathology. Microbiology, Surgery Geriatrics

and Immunology

Dawn Shell, Ph.D. i

Pathology. Microbiology, I
and Immunology 1

John Simelaro, D.O. Madelyn Sine-Karasick, D.O. Diane Smallwood, PsyD. Peggy Stewart, Ph.D. Takako Suzuki, Ph.D.

Internal Medicine Radiology Psychology Neuroscience. Physiology Psychology

and Pharmacology


Etheldra Tennpleton, MLS. Ruth Thornton, Ph.D. Yuma Tomes, Ph.D. Kenneth Veit, D.O., MBA Michael Venditto, D.O.

Library Biochemistry and Psychology Family Medicine Internal Medicine

Molecular Biology

^ '^

Rosemary Vickers, D.O. Todd Vladyka, D.O. Beverly White, PsyD. Barbara Williams-Page, D.O. David Wood, D.O.

Pediatrics Family Medicine Psychology Family Medicine Family Medicine

Lindon Young, Ph.D. Carrie Yurica, PsyD. Bruce Zahn, EdD. Dianzheng Zhang, Ph.D.

Pathology, Microbiology, Psychology Psychology Biochemistry and

and Immunology Molecular Biology

10 Faculty

Faculty not IPictured

Wayne Arnold, D.O.
Internal Medicine

Stuart Badner, PsyD.

Stacey Cohn, Ph.D.

Gerald Dworkin, D.O.

Shannon Fitzpatrick, M.S.
Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology

Walter Gerber, M.D.

Steven Godin, Ph.D., M.RH.

Richard Harkaway, M.D.

Kenneth Heist, D.O.

Stephen Levin, D.O.
Internal Medicine

David Loughran, D.O.
Internal Medicine

Joseph Lubeck, D.O.
Internal Medicine

Donald Masey, PsyD.

Christopher Royer, PsyD.

Maxwell Stepanuk, D.O.

Donald Thome, D.O.

Faculty 11

•• #

• • c

12 Faculty Candids

• ••

Faxiulty Candids 13


The Academic Research

team works hard to make

PCOM a leader in

research and development.

The Alumni Relations group

does a great job of helping

current students network with

those who came before them.

The Admissions staff makes sure

PCOM's student body remains the

best of the best!

14 Departments

The Biochemistry

team gave us our

building blocks...

The BooKstore staff is

wonderful when it comes to

finding the latest textbooks

and board review books.

Departments 15

/-^kLLcLd^LpnLCL (so-iUae. on


We could always count on the cafeteria for

endless amounts of coffee and snacks to help

us through those long days of lectures.

Cambria Healthcare Center:

Serving the community of

North Philadelphia

The Clinical Education Office

kept us on our toes throughou

Srd and 4tli year !

16 Departments

The Dean's

Office... for when your

naughty and nice!

lyLittLl^utlon S ^t[/Lca6, . . n otkin
Cj£t6 ncrv^^kete u^Ltko-ut tkeml

The Financial Aid Office

kept our banic accounts

fiiii ^4' ^11 costs!

The Educational Media

staff always comes to the


Departments 17

on (^dt^typdikic M^(ALeLne.


Financial Operations:

Keeping us healthy


Graduate Medical Educati
continuing the commitmeWit
to life long learning












/ >

Lancaster Avenue Healthcare

Center: Aiding the people of

West Philadelphia

18 Departments


Keeping PCOM clean anct
beautiful: The Maintenance
Staff. I

up to dat(
job forth/

ling PCOM
id informed is a tough
wonderful Library Staff!


Depathnent - mat nf ai rnng
our tct^tHilogy



o ^

Marketing and
Communications: putting
PCOM's name out there


Departments 19


At^dlclnQ -


Neuroscience, Physiology and

keeping our neurons excited!!

Physician Assisstant Studies
creating quality P.A.'s

Pathology, MtaobitJogy
and ImttHtnoiogy make the
y^ottd go iound! \

20 Departments

The President's
Our Fearless Lea(


Department - counseling th<


rgli HeaHheate C&nf» -
suppoifihg the Manayuhk and
DoxboiiMigh aiea


Registrar's Office -
provinding behind-the-
scenes support for us.

Departments 21

(jdiaopainLC M^CALcLne.


SuLLL\/CLn Clountu

-li^cLLikea.te. (leniet

Seti/lna tke tutnL popuLaiLon oh

What would we all do without


in Student Affairs??

22 Departments

Faculty Candids 23

Out OMM Tdowi


^s.^; i

[mt ' '

mi'i J

J'S .

I as their future patier
I Forces: Air Force, Army, and Navy. As i
fer the country and all over the world while
im free Americans enjoy each day and night.

DX>. Day on the HiU

26 D.O. Day on the HiU

White Coat Ceremony


White Coat 27


28 PCOM Prom

PCOMProm 29

30 Rotations

32 Candids

Candids 33

^^^BT m




34 Candids

Candids 35

36 Candids

Candids 37

Chss of 2008 Timdinc


fkiSust 9-15 - Orientation week... a Phillies
baseball same, a Pub crawl, settling into
new housins, settinB to know our
classmates, and our white coat ceremony

fkiBust 1 3 29 - The 2004 Summer Olympic
Games are held in f^hens. Greece

fiusust 16 - First day of class... in the
anatomy lab

September 2-24 - Hurricane luan damages
many areas including the Southeastern US

October 27 - The Boston Red Sox defeat
the Cardinals in the World Series (first
time recelKfins the title since 1918)

No^/ember 2 - George W. Bush is re-elected
President, defeating John Kerry

t>kA/ember 4 - Madie D. Hartman sives birth
to Grace t>ioelle Hartman in the middle of
SPOt^ finals. Here she celebrates with

tskA/ember 8 - US. troops launch an attack
on Fallujah, the stronghold of the IraQi

November 1 I - The Palestinian leader
Yasser fk-atat dies

December 26 - The 2004 Indian Ocean
EarthQuake causes devastatina tsunamis
that kill over 225.000 people in South Asia


January 14-18- Sacrifice 2 Sai/e - we raised
money for the tsunami victims

February 6 - The New Enaland Patriots
defeat the Philadelphia Eaales 24 to 21
in Super Bowl XXXIX

April 2 - Pope John Paul II, the first non
Italian POPe, dies after a Ions struBBle witl
Parkinsons disease \

April 1 4 - D.O. Day on the Hill - D.O. student t
CincludinB many from our classJ am
Physicians from around the nation trave
to Capitol Hill and lobby for healthcare

April 19- Pope Benedict XUI is elected

f^ay 17 - [Marvin PustinBer and his wife
Pam. celebrate the birth of their dauBhtei
Alexis Marie PustinBer

June 9 - Dr. Robert L. treats, our belovei
Professor and Chair of the Department a
RadioloBy. passes away

June 1 1 - Scott Shainker Bets enBaBed t^
Lindsay Gehrke

July 9 - Lauren DuBan marries Christophei
Cipolloni in Blue Bell. Pennsylvania

AuBust 7 - Peter JenninBs, ABOs Work
News ToniBht anchor, passes away fron
complications of lunB cancer

AuBust 15- A memorial is held at PCOM it
memory of Dr. Meals

AuBust 23-30 - Hurricane Katrina. i
cateBory III storm, hits the Gulf Coast

September 23-24 - Hurricane Rita furthei
damaBes the Gulf Coast

38 Class Timeline

October - Sacrifice 2 Sai/e - We raise almost
$ / 2,000 for the American Red Cross to aid
those aff acted by Hurricane Katrina

October 26 - Jill Friedman, f^my Little
ff^tolanJ. t^arissa Oiler, and f^by White run
in the Nike Womens Marathon in San

November W- We anxiously await our fate
for ttie next two years, as the J aroup lotto
is field in Zedeck auditorium

November 1 6 22 - rt Broup of our
classmates travel to Mississippi to help
those affected by Hurricatie Katrina

November 26 - Jaime Fleming and Eric
Slotkin ^et en^aBed in Rittenfiouse SQuare

December 5 - Sacrifice 2 Clothe We
collected nearly 1 00 baBs for the Salvation
fkmy to donate to the victims of Hurricane


February 7 - The OMM Department
announces the new fellows - Danielle
Campbell, Kristofer Feeko, Michael Lowriey,
arxi Kelli YounB

February W - Ttie first annual date auction
is held at FX:OM. Dr. Uladyka Boes for a
whoppinB $300

February 1 0-26 - The 2006 Winter Olympic
Games are held in Turin, Italy

March - The /American Medical Student
fissociation annouix:es ttie election of Jay
EUiatt as the 2006-2007 National Ptesident,
ttie first DO student to hold the position

fipril 8 -

1st annual PCOM EfiST Beer

i^pril 2 1 - Our last day of classes - Dr. Foael
does not know wtiom to call on as we all ate
ttie student in ttie red shirt

fipril 26 - Follies is field aBain, but this year
our classmates. Leslie Cayco and Kory
Stotesbery, produce tfie sfiow. Watch out
for those Fellows" Mike Barakat and fidam

May 5 - End of year Picnic celebration at
Belmont Grove Picnic f^rea where we
watched our class conquer over the 1st
years and Pfi students in Powderpuff
football Bames

May 19 - Studetrt vs. Faculty Softball Bame
to support Tfie Haitian Health Foufidation

May 20 - Melinda Mueller and Eric Marzolf
Bet married
Kristie Pullan atid Rob Cfiandler Bet matried

May 26 - Jessica Patsolic Bets enBaBed to
findy Kepchar

May 30/31 - Many of us take COMLEX
Step I

June 8 - Gardasil. the first vaccine aBainst
HPV, is approved by tfie US FD^ with much
protest from conservative Broups

June 12 - First day of rotations... yeah, we
are finally out of tfie classroom! i

June 22 - Marc Johannsen and his wife
celebrate the birth of their son. /^idan
Jordan Johannsen

- Chris CalcaBfio and his wife celebrate tfie
birth of their dauBhter Julia CalcaBno

June 24 - Julie Sanicola Bets enBaBed to
Shaun Johnson at the Inner Harbor in
Baltimore. Matyland

July I - The University of Pennsylvania
Scfiool of Medicine bans all phatniaceuticat
company promotions from all of their

Class Timeline 39

July 28 - Nicole Matthews receives a Master
of Science in Counseling and Clinical Health
Psychology from PCOM. She is the first
person to complete this Graduate program
as a dual-desree student

f^usust 4 - Erin Durkin sets ensased to
Patrick Jeffers

September 3 - Scott Shainker and Lindsay
Cehrke set married

- Kelly Donnelly and Benjamin Mueller set
married in East Syracuse. New York

October 27 - Madie D. Hartman celebrates
the birth of Joshua Stephen Hartman, who
came durins the last day of her sursery

No^jember 3 - fknanda TU/iford sets married
to Jonathan Bowman

December I - Kimberly Neutze sets
ensased to Christopher Heaney at Mountain
Branch in Maryland. The weddins is beins
Planned for May 23, 2009

December 2 - Brent Schoenfeldt sets
ensased to Kathryn Lyon at Brasserie

December 1 8 - Mike Williams sets ensased
to Rachel Whitlock. They will be settins
married two weeks after sraduation in
Newark, Delaware

December 30 - Marissa Oiler and Mikt
Cramsie set ensased

December 31 - Jaime Flemins and Erii
Slot kin set married in Blue Bell, Pennsyl\/anii


January 15- Jason f^isansco sets ensasec
to Marcie Massaro (DO '07 J at thi
Philadelphia fkt Museum

February 3 - Melissa Shay a sets ensasec
to Robert Mansold

March 3 - Desiree D'Anselas boyfriend Tin
Donofjan surprised her with a Proposal
Their weddins is Planned for May 1 0, 200L
in Cape May. \

April 5 - Andrea Read and her husbant
Nathan celebrate the birth of their sot
Edward Boyce Read

May 5 - Jason Bra/jo Alisansco and Marcu
Beth Massaro (DO '07 J are wed in Readins

May 23 - Kate St ampler (DO '07 J and Briai
Minarcik set ensased in Taormina

June J - Timarie Lesel and Christophei
Ray burs set married

June 2 - Lauren Cordes sets ensased tc
John Flynn. They will be married on Octobei
1 7, 2008

40 Class Timeline

June 2 - Erin Durkin and Patrick Jeffers set November 6 - Michael Nutter won the
married in Kent, Ohio aeneral election for mayor of Philadelphia

November 1 1 - Pam and Marvin Pustinaer
celebrate ttie birth of f^aina Matie Pustinser

June 4 - Michael Hanzly proposed to fUslinn
Scarbinsky in Silver Lake. New York

June 16 - James Perry and his wife ^nsela
celebrate their wedding

December / 2 - Military Match Day!

July 6 - William Creenhut Proposes to
Sharon Silberfarb and she says -yes!"

July 7 - Patricia Jann nets married to Jason

fkiSust 9 - Jennifer Won and Christopher
Crilli siet ensia^ed in St. Lucia

fiuBust 1 1 - We mourn the unexpected
death of our classmate, Ross Breitbart

October 6 - Sarah Underwood Bets married
to Brian McElroy

October 20 - Jessica Patsolic and f^ndy
Kepchar net married

I>iovember 4 - Chris Calcaano and his wife
celebrate the birth of Lauren Calcaano

January 3 - Primary elections beain for ttie
Republican and Democratic Presidential

February 11- Osteopathic Match Day!

March 20 - ^lopathic Match Day!

March 22-f^of this date, ttiere hafje been
3.992 US troop confirmed fatalities in IraQ

fipril III- Propapa Missions fipril Briaade.
a siroup of classmates tra/jel to Honduras
to provide medical care

May 3 - Melissa Shaya nets married to
Robert Mangold

- Julie Sanicola and Shaun Johnson net

- Marissa Oiler and Mike Cramsie net

May 23 - Our last official day of rotations

May 28 - Graduation reheat sal. class photo
and barbeQue

May 29 - Commencement Dinner Dance at
Drexelbrook in Drexel Hill. Pennsylvania

June I - Commencemefjt ceremony at ttie
Kimmel Center... Congratulations Class of


July / - First day of internship... another
chapter beains...

Class Timeline 41



Prtsidtnt and Chief Executive Officer

215-871-6814 fax
[email protected] E-MAIL

June 2008

Dear Class of 2008:

No words are adequate to describe the pride we feel in your extraordinary
accomplishments. The entire PCOM community, therefore, joins me in extending
heartfelt congratiilations to you - PCOM's 117'^'* osteopathic medical graduating
class. It has been a great privilege walking life's journey with you.

Your osteopathic medical education will provide you with the greatest gift
human existence has to offer - the knowledge that the Hves of others have been
made brighter by virtue of your presence in them. As you touch mind, body, and
spirit to promote healing in others, I hope that your life will be filled with joy and
purpose. Please know that you will always be part of the PCOM Family. We hope
you will stay in touch and look forward to sharing many successes with you in the
years ahead. Each of these successes will add to the venerable 108 year old record
of achievement in fulfilling PCOM's teaching, research and healing missions. With
each new success, you will create new opportunities for the wonderful PCOM
students who succeed you.

We wish you all the best, always.

With warmest regards.

Matthew Schure, Ph.D.



42 Letter from the President


Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
215-871-6781 f,\x
[email protected] E-mail


Dear Colleagues:

In my welcoming letter to you in July 2004, I stated "The next step in your academic life
is the realization of many years of hard work, sacrifice and dreams". In your Class
Vision Statement, you addressed your families, peers and mentors, patients, the health
care profession and the community at large. Each of these groups has already taught you
much without you even realizing it.

Yourselves and Your Families - You realized the privilege in your next step when you
donned your white coat. Your families have sacrificed much and have been your
foundation these last four years. Their understanding and support have sustained you
through "the next step".

Your Peers and Mentors - How much you have learned from them both academicalK' and
personally through working as a team. Continue to foster the relationships you have
established as they will sustain you in your career as an osteopathic physician.

Your Patients - You have been well trained to be an osteopathic physician. Use the skills
you have been taught to treat your patients with care, understanding and respect.

To Members of the Health Care Profession - Being a member of a team is of utmost
importance. No one can do this job alone. Keep the words of your Vision Statement
forever in the forefront. Build on that "atmosphere of respect, trust and professionalism".

To Your Community - Keep that promise! Be as good a physician as you can be.
Educate your patients, be a role model and a good citizen. Your patients are your fellow
mankind! Giving back to your community is a privilege that you have earned through
many years of hard work, sacrifice and dreams.

Your dream has been realized! You ha\e completed that "next step"!

As each class leaves PCOM, I charge them with the challenge to ser\-e your patients well,
for they have entrusted themselves to you. 1 could not be more proud of each and every
one of you and look forward to our continuing relationship as fellow PCOM alumni.
Good luck and God's speed.


Kenneth J. Vcit/lZ)0, MBA, FACOFP

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean


Dean's Letter 43







Dear Class,

It has been a trae privilege to serve you as class chair these past four years. You put an
incredible amount of trust in me, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity you gave me
to represent us all.

Our class was fortunate to have numerous individuals step forward and assume leadership roles
throughout these four years. We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to our SGA representatives, our
scribes, booth operators, distributors, J-group leaders, club leaders, yearbook editors, and all the

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