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Table of Contents.

Acadians (The) in Virginia 386

Adams, Thomas; Letters to 30

Bargrave, Captain John; Charges Against Former Government of

Virginia, 1622 225

Barnwell, John; Journal of 42

Berkeley, Sir William; Vindication of 139

Book Reviews 104, 209, 324, 437

Bruce, Philip Alexander; Resolutions in Regard to 441

Byrd, Mrs. Mary Willing; Will of, with Notes 346

""Carter Papers .1, 145, 260, 365

Cincinnati, Virginia Society of. 22

Collections in English Churches for Virginia, 1623 373

Epitaphs at Brandon, Prince George County 233

Fitzhugh, William; Letters of 60, 158

Gates, Sir Thomas; Death of. 371

Genealogy — Calvert, 73; Williamson, 76; Price, 78; Markham, 80,
206; Brockenbrough, 82; Godwin, 85; Parker, 86, 195, 301, 412^.
420; Carter, 88; Baylor, 197, 307; Warren, 200; Wynne, Winn,
203; Barret, 205; Marshall, 207; Reade, Bernard, and Throck-
morton — Chart of English Ancestry, 407; Rodes, 418; Withers,
309, 425; Payne, 313, 427; Fontaine, 208, 305.

Germans; Complaint Against Governor Spots wood 385

Hampden-Sidney College, Trustees of 288, 358

Isle of Wight County Wills 33, [ 13, 244

Jacobitism in Virginia 389

Jenings, Edmund, Attorney General; Petition for Increase of Salary,

l6 92 39S

Kidnapping Maidens to be Sold in Virginia, 1618 228


Land Patents, Abstracts of Virginia, gi, 185, 297, 404

Lafayette, Letters of 55

Lee Ancestry, A New-Clue to the 255

Lee, General Henry; Letters of 1 53

Alandeville, Lord; to Secretary Conway, 1623 382

Necrology 319

Notes and Queries 101, 317, 429

Note on the Shipping, Men, &c, Sent to Virginia, 1619 231

Patents for Lands in Virginia, List of 372

Poor Children Sent to Virginia 232

Privy Council (The) to the Governor of Virginia 381

Proclamation for a Fast Day, 1691 396

Publications Received 335

Scotch Trader, A 135

Smythe, Sir Thomas, &c. ; Reply to John Bargrave, 1621 378

Tobacco Planting Law, Violation of, 1691 397

Virginia in 1771, 124; in 1623, 236; in 1623-4 373

Virginia Battalion, Second, in 1 777 , 1 24

Virginia Borrowing from Spain 284

Virginia Company- (The) and the House of Commons, 1624 382

^Virginia Corn, 1619 371

Virginia Historical Society— Proceedings, i-xxiii, January No.; Reso-
lutions in regard Mr. P. A. Bruce and Mr. Barton H. Wise 441

Virginia Militia in the Revolution 277, 399

Washington's Capitulation at Fort Necessity 26S

Washington, George; Election of, 1758 174

William and Mary College, Burning of, in 1705 271

Wise, Barton Haxall, deceased; Resolutions in Regard to 441

West, Claiborne, &c. ; Petition to the King 233

Western Virginia, Reminiscences of, 1770-1790 337


Virginia Magazine



Vol. VI. JULY, 1898. No. 1


I give unto my son John all my furniture in the New house
and half of the rest of the Furniture in my kitchen & other
houses about my mansion Dwelling, the other half of my Furni-
ture I do give unto my sons Robert & Charles to be valued by
four of the most substantial of my neighbours, and my son John
to pay for them to my said sons Robert & Charles according to
the valuation, unless it be the desire of my sons Robert & Charles
to have them in kind.

My will is that my plate both old and new be equally divided
between my three elder sons John, Robert & Charles, my books
to be divided into four parts, my son John to have two parts of
them, my sons Robert & Charles to have the other two parts,
my pictures each child to have his own picture, my son to

have my first picture and his mother's, also my gold watch and
diamond ring, my son Robert have my other picture & his
mother's picture, & one-half of my other rings & watch, my son
Charles to have the other half, my sons Robert & Charles to
have each of them a gold watch sent for at the charge of my es-
tate to cost ^30 each, all my goods that are coming in for my
familys to be disposed of among the Family for their supply as
they were intended, all my new goods, tools, nails, utensils &


not already disposed of, to belong to my said three sons, John,
Robert & Charles, to be equally divided between them or ap-
praised and the value answered to my two younger sons as my
ex'trs shall agree.

My will is that thirty mourning rings be sent lor, to be distrib-
uted by my Ex'trs among my friends and relations, and it is my
will that all the rest of my estate, personal or real, not herein
disposed of in Va., or elsewhere, do belong, & I do give it unto
my said three eldest sons, John, Robert and Charles, and their
heirs forever.

It is my will that in regard those negroes which went from
Middlesex, are now seated and settled upon my son John's Plan-
tation, called Penmond's End, in Essex, which slaves notwith-
standing I have given unto my son Robert. It is my will and
desire that my son John let my son Robert have other slaves of
their value, either new or old, 8c that after such Change made to
the satisfaction of both my said sons, such slaves be then deemed
& taken to be within the purview of the intails aforesaid of my
respective sons' slaves & real estates.

I give my wearing apparel 8c Cloth, the best of them and what
are coming in for my own wearing, & my wiggs, swords, canes,
pistolls, & to be divided among my three elder sons, & my other
Cloths I would have some given to my good friends Capt. Thos.
Carter & Mr. John Turbeville.

I give unto my son in law, Col. Mann Page, ^20 sterling,
to buy him mourning, also Maj. Benj. Harrison ^20 for the
same, and to Dr. Geo. Nicholas ^10 for the same use, & do
order all my Children & grand children to go into decent mourn-
ing at the charge of my estate.

It is my will that what selling goods I have coming in this ship-
ping, when they arrive shall be delivered to Capt. Thos. Carter,
to be by him sold & disposed of, together with the goods already
under his care, for good tobacco and money or Bills of Exchange,
to be accounted for as also all the Tobacco & Debts due in the
said Carter's hands, upon the sale of goods already sold out of
the said store, unto my said three eldest sons equally or the sur-
vivors of them.

It is my will that my son John have & enjoy the Lease I have
lately taken & am now in possession of the Northern Neck from


the proprietors, & he to have & receive in his own right the
profits of the same and the management thereof, and that my
son John, out of his own estate, do pay the yearly rents for the
said lease that I stand engaged for to the said proprietors. It is
my request to my son John that he release to his brothers
Robert & Charles the rents of their Lands during the term of
the said lease.

I do name, constitute & appoint my three eldest sons, John,
Robert & Charles, to be Ex'tors of this my will and to be guard-
ians of my younger children & their Estates, & I do request,
constitute and appoint & make my hon'ble & good friends &
relations, the aforesaid Mann Page, Esq., of Gloucester Co.,
Maj. Benj. Harrison, of Charles City County, Maj. Geo. Esk-
ridge & Capt. Geo. Turberville, of Westmoreland County, Mr.
Rich'd Lee, of Northumberland Co., & Capt. Thos. Carter, of
Lancaster Co., to be assistant to my ex'tors & to be consulted
and advised with upon all emergent occasions, more especially
the said Mann Page, Esq.

It is my will and I do ordain that whenever the Vestry of
Christ Church Parish shall undertake to build a brick church in
the place where the present Church Stands, that there be paid
out of my estate by my three elder sons & ex'tors the sum of
^200 sterling money; one half part of this money is to be paid
out of my Son John's estate, the other half is to be equally paid
by my son Robert & my son Charles out of their part of my
estate, this money to remain in my Ex'tors' hands until one half
of the work is completed, provided alwaies the Chancel be pre-
served as a burial place for my family as the present chancel is,
and that there be preserved to my family a commodious pew in
the new chancel; & it is my further will that the bricks that are
now made & burnt shall be appropriated to the building of the
said Brick church or as many thereof as will perfect the building,
and likewise the bricks that shall be made & be there at my
decease, and if my son John shall have occasion to make use of
any of the said bricks, then he be obliged to make & burn as
many more for the use aforesaid. I give twenty pounds Sterling
to be laid out in a piece of plate for the use of our church to be
sent for and engraved according to the direction of my son John.

My will is that my white Servants that are about my house


that are tradesmen be divided amongst my three Sons John,
Robert & Charles, & those that are tradesmen to belong to my
Said three Sons and to be made use of as they shall agree in
their respective trades, and that the white Servants that are
abroad seated upon my plantation belong to such of my said
Sons as the plantations belong to, such of my said Sons as the
plantations are given to.

I give unto my son John my Coach and four Coach horses,
also my barge & furniture. My own riding horse, my charriot
& my other two Coach horses, my will is my son Robert shall
have when he removes to live on his own Lands, my two young-
est daughters to have each of them a riding horse & side saddle
provided for them out of my estate, and that my sons, Landon
& George, have found for them Constantly a good riding horse
& saddle out of my estate, until they come to their respective
ages of twenty one years.

My will is that my son John have four of my best Cart horses,
& y't all the rest of my horses & mares be equally divided be-
tween my three sons, John, Robt. & Chas.

Whereas there are sundry debts & balances due to me from
some of my friends & poor neighbours, to whom I have a mind
to be kind, I do therefore ordain as followeth & give the follow-
ing directions: that Robt. Gordon be discharged of his whole
debt, he paying ten pounds sterling to my ex' tors.

That John Hutchins be discharged of his whole debt, he pay-
ing ^10 sterling to my ex'tors. Maj. Geo. Eskridge Debt upon
obligations & all other accounts between us, he having lately
gaid me a bill of Exchange of ^70. It is my will that all ac-
counts for his Quitt Rents, &c. , stand ballanced between us, the
debts he has of mine in his hands, upon account of sales of
negroes out of the ship Mercury, he stands answerable for, Mr.
Rich 11 Lee's obligation I remitt.

Whereas Capt. Thos. Carter hath gone through a series of
Business for me for several years, together in selling divers car-
goes of Goods and upon other accounts, of whose honesty &
integrity I have always had a very good opinion. It is my will
that such accounts of my affairs, as he can make up, be received
as satisfactory from him by Ex'tors, and that he be to no trouble
at law upon my account.


That whereas in this my will I have given the lands I bought
of Mr. Robert Cary, which cost me above two thousand pounds
Sterling, to my Sons John & Robert, it is my will that they my
said sons John & Robert do pay unto my estate some time within
five years after my decease each of them the Sume of ^500 out
of their own estates to be accounted as part of my estate to go
towards the discharge of my Legacies & incumbrances of this
my will. Whereas I have paid for my son John several sumes
of money amounting to between twelve & fourteen hundred
pounds in discharge of Col. Edward Hill's debts & Legacies for
the Security of the repaiement of part of the said money my
said Son John hath mortgaged certain negroes and for the pay-
ment of the rest hath given me bond & is obliged to pay me
Interest for all the said money until the repayment thereof, It is
my will that in Lieu and Satisfaction of this money due to me
upon my said son's mortgage & Bond that he my said son his
Ex'tors or adm'rs shall repay unto my estate the sume of ^Soo
Sterling of the Said money to be accounted as part of my estate
& to go towards the discharging my Legacys & incumbrances
of this my will, and that my ex'tors my Sons Robert & Charles
have power to recover this said sume of ^800 from my said son
John his ex'tors & adm'rs under their Quality of their being
my Ex'tors.

Whereas I have given power to Mr. Micajah Perry, of Lond ,
Merch't to purchase for me the whole estate of John L. Boyd,
Esq r , dec'd, lying in Richmond & Westmoreland Counties, the
lands, the negroes & the Stocks, & to give for the same ,£4,000,
Now if the said Perry should make the said purchase which
must come out of the Estate of my three sons John, Robert &
Charles in case of my death, it is therefore my will and I do
devise the said estate in common between my said three sons
John, Robert & Charles, & to be divided equally between them
as they shall agree upon division, each son to hold his part both
of Lands & Slaves to him & his heirs male of his Body lawfully
begotten and so to be continued in Tail male as the said respec-
tive Sons' Lands are to go, excepting the Lands I bought of Mr.
Cary which are under a different division; in respect of the re-
mainder and where as the entail of these lands bought of Mr.
Cary is carried down no further than to the issue male of my son


Charles, my further will is that in case of failure to issue male of
my s d Son Charles that then these lands bought of Mr. Cary do
go to my son Landon & to the heirs male issue of his body, &
for want of such to my son George & the heirs male issue ot
his Body, & for want of such to my right heirs forever.

Whereas in the former part of this, my will, I have given to
my son John ten thousand acres of Land upon the branches of
Occaquan, bounding upon the germans, conveyed to me by deed
from Capt. Geo. Turberville, which said tract of Land I have
entailed upon my s'd son John & his male issue, I do now re-
voke that part of my said will, and do give the said tract of Land
conveyed to me as aforesaid unto my son John & his heirs for-
ever in fee simple, desiring him to give two thousand acres out
of the said tract unto my grandson Robert Burwell, & two
thousand unto my grandson, John Page, out of such parts of the
Land as he, my said son John, shall think fitt.

Whereas I am now in possession of the negroes & personal
estate of Thos. Glascock which was forfeited to me as the Pro-
prietor's agent upon the conviction of the said Thos. Glascock
for murder, these negroes and personal estate I give to my son
John & his heirs, desiring him to be kind to the Children of the
s'd Glascock, such of them as he shall think deserves it, in some
proportion to the value of the estate as whereas there is an out-
lawry prosecuting at the General Court in order to attaint the s 4
Glascock, that his lands may be escheated, which are also now
in my possession. My will is that if my son John comes to en-
joy the said Glascock's lands under a good title that then he
further consider the s'd Glascock's children in such proportion
as he shall think fitt, or otherwise gratifie them according to his

That whereas in the second item in this my will, I have direc-
ted ye Merchants hundred plantation with the slaves & stocks,
to be held & enjoved by my daughter Elizabeth for & during
the term of her natural life, my intent & meaning is that my
stocks of Cattle & hoggs & other personal goods belonging to
the said plantation, be only lent to my said daughter Elizabeth
during her life and no property vested in her, & she my said
daughter, to enjoy the profits of the said stocks still keeping up
the number that they shall be at the time of my decease, and my


will and meaning is the same in respect of the other settlement I
have made to my daughters Page & Harrison.

It is my will that ^40 of Coarse goods be sent for and to be
distributed amongst the poor necessitous people of the parish I
live, at the discretion of my ex' tors. It is my will and I do give
to Mr. John Bell our minister, ^10 sterling for mourning. It is
my will and I do give to my several friends my Trustees in this
ni y * * £ lo sterling a piece, as an acknowledgement for the
trouble they will be at.

I do hereby revoke all other & former wills & testament hereto-
fore by me made, & do publish, utter & declare this to be my last
will & testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand & seal this 22nd day of August, 1726.

N. B. The words in the twelfth sheet of this my will (or the
Major part of them or the survivors of them), & the words (to
be paid by son John) and in the seventeenth sheet the words (so
long as my sons his Brothers shall think fitt to continue him
there), interlined before signed.

Robert Carter (L. S. )

Signed, sealed & published in presence of us.

John Turberville, 1726, Alex'r Edgar,

Rd. Lee, John Harvey,

Thomas Edwards, Solomon Adshead.

I the aforesaid Robert Carter being of sound mind and mem-
ory Twentv eighth sheet of my will.

I do this day make this my further addition & alteration in
my aforegoing will dated the 22nd day of August last, to make
my son Robert equal to his other Brothers in number of slaves.
I do give unto my said son Robert & the heirs male issue of his
body lawfully begotten under the same limitation as the rest of
the negroes are given, the following slaves (to-wit): all them
slaves, men, women & children, that I bought and purchased of
Mr. John Pratt, which were brought home to my house, also the
negroe called Harry Bacon & negroe Boy called Sam, both which
ran away from my nomini plantation, likewise four good negroes


out of these I have given to my son Charles, two young men &
two young women also as many more slaves out of these I have
given to my son John, half males & half females not to be under
the age of twelve years, as will make up the number I have
given to him my said son Robert, one hundred working slaves
above the age of twelve years.

My will and meaning is that my negroe Harry, one of George's
sons shall be deemed to belong to my son Charles, he now living
at my son's falls plantation.

Whereas I have ordered a Quarter to be seated upon the land
I lately bought of Mr. Cary with ten or twelve slaves from my
Westmoreland plantation, which Quarter will belong to my son
John, by this my will. It is, notwithstanding, my will & intent
that these slaves, as many of them as shall be seated on the said
New plantation at the time of my Death, shall be held & taken
to belong to my s'd son Robert's number of slaves.

In witness that this is a part of my will, & to be construed as
such, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this eleventh day of
October, 1726.

Robert Carter (L. S.)

Signed, sealed & published in presence of

R' 1 Lee, T. Austin.

John Harvey, Solomon Ashead.

In the name of God, Amen. I, Robert Carter, aforesaid,
Since the making of my abovesaid will consisting of twenty-nine
Sheets of paper, having undergone Several changes and altera-
tions in my circumstances in relation to my temporal Estate, and
forasmuch as by a late act of Assembly made Since the making
of my Said will to explain & amend the act declaring the negro
mulatto and Indian Slaves within this Dominion, great alterations
are made in the Said act making Negroes a real estate, under the
consideration of which former act of assembly I made mv Said
Will, being & continuing to this day thro' the mercy of God of
Sound mind & memory do make the following additions, altera-
tions, Revokations & declarations in & concerning my said will


as aforesaid. Whereas I have entailed upon my three eldest
Sons, John, Robert & Charles, all my Slaves belonging to my
several plantations in Virginia with Several remainders over
which under the former Law I had power to do, giving all my
said Slaves in such words unto my said three sons as will give
the property in all my said Slaves according to the Interpreta-
tion & meaning of the said late Law which was never my pur-
pose or intent to do. I do hereby utterly revoak all those gifts
to my said three Sons, John, Robert & Charles, hereby declar-
ing it is my full intent & meaning that no property shall be
vested in any of my said three Sons to any of my Said Slaves.
And I do hereby declare that it is my intent & meaning that my
Said three Sons shall have only the use and profits of my said
Slaves & their increase for during and continuing their respective
natural lives, the said Slaves and their increase however to be
annexed to my respective Lands & plantations for the improve-
ment of my said Several plantations & Lands according to the
directions of my said will.

It is my will that my Several Slaves that are to be annexed
according to the intent of my will to the lands & plantations
where I live, which I hold as tenant in tail under the will of my
Father, & also all the Slaves which are to be annexed to all the
rest of the lands & plantations which I have given to my said
Son John in Tail the property in all my said Slaves & their
increase lent to my said Son John as I give unto my Grandson
John, my Said Son John's Son however to be annexed both all
the Said Slaves & their increase unto the Lands & plantations
that are entailed upon my Said Son John & to continue annexed
& to go with the Lands according to the intent & meaning of
my said will.

It is my will that my Several Slaves that are to be annexed
according to the intent of my Said will to the Lands & planta-
tions which I have given to my Son Robert in Tail the property
in all my Said Slaves & their increase lent to my Said Son Rob-
ert's Son however to be annexed both all the Said Slaves & their
increase unto the Lands & plantations that are intailed upon my
Said Son Robert & to Continue annexed & to go with the Lands
according to the intent & meaning of my said will.

It is my Will that my Several Slaves that are to be annexed


according to the intent of my Said will to the Lands & planta-
tions which I have given to my Son Charles in Tail, the property
in all my Said Slaves and their increase lent to my Said Son
Charles as aforesaid. I do give unto my Said Son Charles in
trust to be by him conveyed and made over unto the heirs male
of my Said Son Charles and to be continued annexed to the said
lands intailed upon my Said Son Charles as aforesaid.

That whereas I have bought Sundry tracts of Land for my
three married daughters and have bought Sundry Slaves for the
improving and working the said Lands which they are annexed
unto, and whereas in the disposition of the said slaves I have
used the words (I give the said slaves unto my said Daughters
respectively for and during their natural lives or to this purpose),
I do revoake the said clauses and do only give the profits of the
said slaves & their increase unto my said three Daughters for
and during their natural lives under the conditions aforesaid,
and it is my further will that Mann Page, Esq. , do enjoy the
profits of the lands & negroes settled upon his wife for and dur-

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