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Mayor of Manchester v. Williams (libel actions by corpo-
rations) 156

Blrnard v. Haggis (infant's liability for torts) 157

Municipality of Pictou v. Geldert (public bodies are liable

for misfeasance but not non-feasance) 157

Utley v. Mitre Publishing Co. (husband liable for post-

nuptial torts of wife) 158

Limpus v. London General Omnibus Co. (liability of master

for a forbidden act of servant) 159

Gofi' r. G. X. R. Co. (liability of master for tort of servant) 160
Pon ton r. L. & S. W. R. Co. (master not liable for act of

servant which master himself had no authority to do).. 161
Rayner 0. Mitchell (acts of a servant for his own purpose 1 162
G William V. Twist (delegatus mm potest drier/are) 162



Carter v. Vestry of St. Mary Abbots, Kensington (ratifi-
cation of tort) 103

Darley Main Colliery Co. v. Mitchell (Statutes of Limi-
tation run from date of damage; 164

Stevens v. Sampson (defamatory reports of legal proceed-
ings; 165

Bkomage v. Prosser (what constitutes malice) 166

Capital and Counties Bank v. Henty (proof of defamatory

innuendo; 167

Wenman v. Ash (publication to wife of libel on husband)... 168
Vizetelly v. Mudie's Select Library, Ltd. (innocent dis-
seminators of libel in a book or newspaper; 169

Meri-vale y. Carson (what is " fair comment ") 169

Alabaster v. Harness (maintenance; 170

Terry v. Hutchinson (.seduction) 171

Redgrave v. Hurd (misrepresentation; 171

Burrows v. Rhodes (contribution between joint tort-
feasors; 1 73

Wilkinson v. Downton (causing a mental shock is a tort) .. 174
Lumley v. Gye (interference with contractual relations of

another) 175

Allen v. Flood (inducing a person not to engage another;. 175
Wakelin v. L. & S. W. R. (onus of proof of negligence

and contributory negligence; 176

Da vies v. Mann (contributory negligence; 177

Indermaur v. Dames (liability of owner of premises for

injuries to strangers; 178

Nelson v. Liverpool Brewery Co. (liability of owner or

occupier for premises out of repair) 179

Hargroves v. Hartopp (duty of landlord of flats and offices

to his tenants) 180

The " Bernina " (doctrine of identification) 180

Harrold v. Watney (contributory negligence of a child i... 181
Barber v. Penley (public nuisance which interferes with

private rights) 182

Metropolitan Asylum Board v. Hill (acts permitted by

statute which create a nuisance) 182

Whalley v. Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co.

(shifting a nuisance on to neighbour's land) 183

Armory v. Delamirie (rights of finders- — omnia prcesu-

muntur contra spoliator em) 184

South Staffordshire Waterworks v. Sharman (articles

found on land of another) 184




In re Chenoweth (descent of gavelkind lands) 186

Re Ethel and Mitchell's Contract (words necessary to

convey fee simple in legal estates) 187

Re Tringham's Trusts (conveyance of fee simple in equit-
able estates) 188

Anthony v. Anthony (entailed land may be seized under

a writ of elegit) 188

Baker v. Sebright (tenant for life must not commit equit-
able waste) 189

Re Hope (sale of settled heirlooms by leave of Court) 190

Tyrrel's Case (there cannot be a use upon a use) 191

Van Grutten v. Foxwell (rule in Shelley's Case) 191

Wild's Case (effect of devise to " A. and his issue ") 192

Re Ashforth, Sibley v. Ashforth (contingent remainder

and rule against perpetuities ) 193

Dalton v. Angus (lateral support of buildings by land of

another) 194

Hyman v. Van Den Bergh (right to light by prescription)... 195

Ray v. Hazeldine (implied reservation of easements) 196

Swansborough v. Coventry (no man shall derogate from

his own grant) 197

Colls v. Home and Colonial Stores (right to light) 198

Moore v. Rawson (right to light may be lost by abandon-
ment) 199

Hall v. Lichfield Brewery Co. (right to air through a

defined channel) 200

Trustees and Agency Co. v. Short (right to land by pre-
scription) 200

Walsh v. Lonsdale (possession under agreement for lease). 201

Proudfoot v. Hart (good tenantable repair) 203

Spencer's Case, Spencer v. Clark (covenants which run

with the land) 204

Tulk v. Moxhay (restrictive covenants bind freeholder

buying with notice) 205

Austerberry v. Corporation of Oldham (positive covenants

never land freeholder) 206



Bradley v. Carritt (clog- on equity of redemption) 207

Pledge v. White (right of consolidation of mortgages) 207

Adams v. Angell (whether a mortgage is kept alive is a

question of intention) 208

Bain v. Fotiiergill (damages for failure to convey real

estate) 210

Patman v. Harland (constructive notice of contents of

deed of title) 210




Pen n v . Baltimore (equity acts in "personam) 213

Tiioendike v. Hunt (where the equities are equal the law

prevails) 214

The Northern Counties of England Fire Insurance Co.

v. AY iiipp (a prior legal estate may sometimes be post-
poned to a subsequent equitable estate) 215

Maxfield v. Burton (constructive notice of equitable

charge) 216

Agra Bank, Ltd. v. Barry (constructive notice of equitable

charge) 217

Jared v. Clements (constructive notice of equitable charge) 218
Montefiore v. Guedalla (priority of second assignee of

equitable right to property on notice) 218

Re Richards, Humber v. Richards {qui prior est tempore

potior est jure) , 219

Morgan v. Morgan (personal property of perishable nature

to be enjoyed iu succession) 220

Freeman v. Pope (voluntary settlements which delay or

defraud creditors) 221

Gordon v. Gordon (family compositions favoured; 222

Tilley v. Thomas (time of the essence of a contract) 222

Bruce y. Bruce (defective execution of power) 223

Williams v. Scott (purchase of trust property by trustee) . 225

Kerch v. Saxdford (trustee must not make a profit) 226

Re De Pothonier, Dent v. De Pothonier (trustee may only

delegate in proper cases) 226

Rochefoucauld v. Boustead (trustee may not use Statute

of Frauds to deny trust) 227

Re Hetley, Hetley v. Hetley (verbal instructions to trus-
tee under will) 229

In re Boyes, Boyes v. Carritt (verbal instructions to donee

under will) 229

In re Oldfield, Oldfield v. Oldfield (precatory trusts

not biiubng) 230

Richards v. Delbridge (voluntary assignments, how

created ) 231

Low v. Bouverie (trustee's duties) 232

In re Hai. lett's Estate, Knatchbull r. Ballett (cestui

que trust may follow trust money) 233



Thorne v. Heard and Marsh (trustees pleading Statute of

Limitations) 233

Standing v. Bowring (resulting trust) 234

In re The Campden Charities (cy-pres doctrine) 235

In re Tyler, Tyler v. Tyler (rule against perpetuities

does not apply to charities) 237

In re Isaacs, Isaacs v. Reginall (conversion of realty by

grant of option) 237

In re Booth, Booth v. Robinson (election) 238

In re Vardon's Trusts (election) 239

In re Pollock, Pollock v. Worral (ademption and satis-
faction) 240

Tussaud v. Tussaud (equity leans against double portions). 241

In re Frith, Newton v. Rolfe (subrogation) 242

Re Wheelers Settlement, Briggs v. Ryan (property of

bankrupt married woman, restraint on anticipation)... 243
Henty v. Schroder (damages or rescission on breach of

contract) 244

Hexter v. Pearce (specific performance) 244

Shelfer v. The City of London Electric Lighting Co.,

Ltd. (injunction where damages inaderpiate) 245

Tussaud v. Tussaud (injunction where name of new busi-
ness nearly similar to that of another) 247

Trego v. Hunt (goodwill) 248

Gething v. Keighley (surcharging and falsifying settled

accounts) 249

Helmore v. Smith (receiver and manager on dissolution of

firm) 250

Taylor v. Neate (receiver and manager on dissolution of

firm) 250

Carmichael v. Carmichael (executor de son tort, lia-
bilities of) 251

Trott v. Buchanan (primary liability of personalty for

testator's debts) 252





In re Scott (soldiers' wills) 253

In re Harris, Cheese v. Lovejoy (revocation of will) 253

Dixon v. Solicitor to the Treasury 254

In re Twigg's Estate, Twigg v. Black (widow's 5001. in

case of partial intestacy) 255

In re Jupp, Jupp v. Buck well (gift to husband and wife

and a third party in equal parts) 256

Stapleton v. Cheales (vesting of legacies) 257

In re Holford, Holford v. Holford (bequest to a class

contingent on each attaining twenty-one) 257


Salomon v. Salomon (a one-man company is legal) 259

Ashbury Railway Carriage Co. v. Riche (powers of a

company are limited by its memorandum) 260

Ashbury v. Watson (memorandum of company alterable by

leave of Court) 261

The Royal British Bank v. Turquand (persons dealing

with a company are bound by its registered documents) 262

Andrews v. Gas Meter Co., Ltd. (preference shares need

not be authorised by memorandum or original articles) 263

Babwick v. English Joint Stock Bank Co. (company's lia-
bility for its agent's torts) 264

Bloomenthal v. Ford (certificate that shares are fully paid

creates estoppel) 265

Ruben v. Great Fingall Consolidated, Ltd. (company not

estopped by forged certificate) 266

MacDougall v. Gardiner (Court will not usually interfere

with internal administration of a company) 267

Re Reese River Silver Mining Co., Ltd. (material misre-
presentation though innocent is ground for rescission
of contract to take shares) 268

Oakes v. Turquand (shareholders cannot rescind after wind-
ing-up) 269

Re Panama Mail Co. (floating debentures) 270

Pell's Case (consideration other than cash for shares) 271




In re Watson & Co., Ex parte Atkin (bankrupt as "re-
puted owner") 273

In re Haviside (bankrupt as " reputed owner ") 274

Watkins v. Lindsay & Co. (mutual credits between a cre-
ditor and a bankrupt) 275

Holmes, In re Ashworth (disclaimer of onerous lease by

trustee in bankruptcy) 276

Ex parte Myers (fraudulent conveyance by bankrupt) 277

In re Taylor (fraudulent preference) 277

In re Beauchamp (Court in bankruptcy may inquire into

consideration of a judgment) 278

In re Goldberg (receiving order may be refused for " suf-
ficient cause ") 279

In re Taylor, Ex parte Taylor (annulment of bankruptcy

on full payment is discretionary) 280

In re Bennett, Ex parte Official Receiver (disposal of

bankrupt's after-acquired property) 281

London and County Contracts v. Tallack (undischarged

bankrupt cannot convey after-acquired real property). 282

Buckwell v. Norman (debts incurred after notice of act

of bankruptcy are irrecoverable) 283

In re Debtor, Ex parte Debtor (bankruptcy of married

women) 283


Stoker v. Stoker (adultery on both sides) 285

Dodd v. Dodd (desertion ceases to run when separation

order obtained) 285

Ridgway v. Bjdgway (reviving condoned adultery) 286

Rogers v. Rogers (condonation of adultery after decree nisi) 287


adultery) 288

Coulthart v. Coulthart (conduct conducing to adultery).. 288
Wickham v. Wickham (re-marriage before decree nisi made

absolute) 289

Hall v. Hall (nullity of marriage, parties ignorant that

they were being married) 290

Ogden v. Ogden (lex loci contractus governs restrictions

and prohibitions against marriage) 291

Chetwynd v. Chetwynd (custody of children on separation

of parents) 293





The " Vrede " (salvage by passengers and crew) 294

The " Oakfield " (compulsory pilotage) 295

Wright v. Marwood (general average) 296

The " Bywell Castle " (collision, contributory negligence) 29G


Jacobs v. Booth's Distillery Co. (unconditional leave to

defend under Ord. XIV.) 298

Morel Bros. v. Westmorland (judgment against one of

two persons severally liable) 299

Cullen v. Knowles (necessary co-plaintiff refusing to sue). 300

Colledge v. Pike (consolidation of actions) 300

Smith v. Edwardes (liquidated amount) 301

Fruhauf v. Grosvenor & Co. (sufficiency of specially in-
dorsed writ) 302

Bedford v. Ellis (representative actions) 302

Wolfe v. De Braam (right to a jury) 303

Greene v. St. John Mansions, Ltd. (filing statement of

claim where appearance not entered) 304

Brook v. Brook (material facts must be pleaded) 304

Hall v. Eve (statement of claim should not anticipate de-
fence) 305

Cross v. Howe (delay defeats right to strike out pleadings) 300

Speddino v. FitzPatrick (particulars, object of) 300




R. v. Tolson {mens rea is necessary to constitute crime)... 307

Daniel M'Naghten's Case (insanity as a defence) 308

R. v. Dudley and Stephens (necessity of hunger does not

excuse murder) 310

R. v. Rose (homicide in defence) 310

R. v. Martin (burglary — dwelling-house) 311

R. v. M'Kearney (burglary — breaking out of house) 312

R. v. Davis (burglary — penetration of burglar's finger) 313

R. v. Closs (forgery — signature on portrait) 313

R. v. Hodgson (forgery — intent to defraud) 314

R. v. Smith (a person cannot steal his own things) 315

R. v. Hall (taking under bond fide claim of right not lar-
ceny) 316

R. v. Wade (taking under bund fide claim of right not lar-
ceny) 317

R. v. Featherstone (wife cannot steal husband's goods).... 318

R. v. Jackson (larceny by bailee) 319

R. v. Townley (wild animals at large cannot be stolen) 319

R. v. Thurborn (finding is not stealing if true owner un-
known) 320

R. v. Woodward (receiving — guilty knowledge) 322

R. v. Langmead (possession of goods recently stolen) 323

R. v. Foulkes (embezzlement must be by clerk or servant).. 323

R. v. Lee (false pretences) 324

R. v. Barnard (false pretence by silent conduct) 325

R. v. Cooper (false pretence by implication) 325

R. v. Hazelton (false pretences by drawing a cheque with

no funds to meet it) 326

R . v . Mills (false pretence must deceive) 327

R. v. Barnes (false pretences and larceny distinguished)... 328

R. v. Allen (bigamy) 328

R. v. Ramsay and Foote (blasphemous libel) 329

R. v. Birt and others (riot and unlawful assembly) 330




Metropolitan Railway Go. v. Jackson (functions of judge

aud jury) 331

Bartlett v. Smith (admissibility of evideuce is a ques-
tion for judge) 332

Morrell v. Frith (construction of written documents is

for judge) 334

R. v. Blake (admissibility of evidence as to acts of con-
spirators) 335

R. v. Palmer (evidence of motive, preparation for a crime

and subsequent conduct of prisoner) 337

R. v. Bedingfield (res gestce, — dying declaration) 338

R. v. Osborne (statements by prosecutrix in cases of in-
decent assault) 339

R. v. Rhodes (evidence of facts showing scheme of fraud)... 340

Trotter v. MacLean (declarations and acts in ordinary

course of business) 341

Stobart v. Dryden (hearsay evidence not generally admis-
sible) 342

Great Western Railway Co. v. Willis (admissions of ser-
vants beyond scope of authority) 343

R. v. Thompson (confessions must be free and voluntary)... 343

Taylor v. Witham (entry by deceased person against inte-
rest) 344

Sugden v. St. Leonards (parol evidence of lost document

admissible) 345

R. v. Berger (hearsay evidence of reputation of matters

of public interest) 346

Berkeley Peerage Gase (evidence in pedigree cases ante

litem motam) 347

Doe v. Griffin (declaration in pedigree case) 349

Llanover v. Homfray (when evidence given in former

action admissible) 350

Folkes v. Chadd (expert evidence) 351

R. v. Silverlock (who may give evidence of handwriting). 352

R. v. Rowton (bad character, evidence of) 353

Brandao v. Barnett (general customs are judicially

noticed) 354

Abbot v. Plumbe (attesting witnesses must prove attested

documents) 355

Table of contents. xxm


R. v. Elworthy (notice to produce, secondary evidence) ... 356
Brewster v. Sewell (lost document, secondary evidence

of contents) 357

Doe v. Ross (no degrees of secondary evidence) 358

Goss v. Nugent (variation of written contracts) 359

Smith v. Wilson (parol evidence of collateral terms) 362

Doe v. Needs (parol evidence to explain latent ambiguity). 362
De Lassalle v. Guildford (parol evidence of collateral

agreement,) 363

Pym v. Campbell and others (written agreement subject to

unfulfilled condition) 364

Doe v. Phillips (documents thirty years old) 365

Doe v. Catomore (alterations in deeds and wills, presump-
tions as to) 366

Nepean v. Doe (presumption of death after seven years'

absence) 367

Wing v. Angrave (persons killed by same calamity) 368

Bowman v. Taylor (estoppel by deed) 369

Cooke v. Loxley (tenant estopped from denying landlord's

title) 369

Ex parte Bank of England, In re South American and
Mexican Co. (a judgment in an action operates as an

estoppel) 370

R. v. Hill (evidence of a lunatic) 371

R. v. Cox and Railton (communication with solicitors,

privilege) 372

R. v. Boyes (a witness is not bound to incriminate himself). 373
R. v. Dibble, alias Corcoran (accomplice's evidence inad-
missible unless corroborated) 374

Harris v. Tippett (cross-examination of witness as. to cha-
racter) 375

Attorney-General v. Hitchcock (cross-examination to

show bias and untrue statement) 376

Price v. Manning (cross-examination of own witness if

hostile) 377

Burrough v. Martin (refreshing memory by reference to

documents) 378

R. v. Scaife (depositions taken before magistrate some-
times admissible at trial) 379

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Abbot v. Plumbe 356

Adams v. Angell 208

Adam8on ats. The River Wear

Commissioners 146

Adney v. Field 224

Agra Bank, Ltd. v. Barry . . 217

Alabaster v. Harness 170

Alderson ats. Maddison 51

Allen ats. Regina 328

Allen v. Flood 175

Amersham Burial Board ats.

Crowhurst 147

Anderson v. Pacific Insurance

Co 75

Andrews v. Gas Meter Co.,

Ltd 263

Angell ats. Adams 208

Angrave ats. Wing 368

Angus ats. Dalton 194

Anthony v. Anthony 188

Arkwright v. Newbold 79

Armory v. Delamirie 184

Armstrong ats. Nash 37

Ash ats. Wenman 168

Ashbury v. Watson 261

Ashbury Railway Carriage

Co. v. Riche 260

Ashby v. White 144

Ashforth, Re, Sibley v. Ash-
forth 193

Ashley and Smith, Ltd. ats.

Burge 83

Atkinson ats. Ritchie Ill

Atkinson ats. Tweddle 57

Attenborough ats. Kirkham . . 30
Attorney- General v. Hitch-
cock 376

Austerberry v. Corporation of

Oldham 206



Baily v. De Crespigny 126

Bain r. Fothergill 210

Bainbridge v. Firmstone .... 55

Baker v. Sebright 189

Baker v. Snell 148

Ballard v. Tomlinson 145

Balls ats. Bell 136

Baltimore ats. Penn 213

Bank of England ats. Suffel . . 128
Bank of England, Ex parte,
In re South American and

Mexican Co 370

Bank of New Zealand ats.

Fleming 56

Barber v. Penley 182

Barnard ats. Regina 325

Barneby ats. Greswolde- Wil-
liams 364

Barnes ats. Regina 328

Barnett ats. Brandao . 354

Barry ats. Agra Bank, Ltd. . . 217

Bartlett v. Smith 332

Barwick v. The English Joint

Stock Bank 264

Bates v. Hewitt 75

Bawdenv. London, Edinburgh

and Glasgow Ass. Co., Ltd. 140

Baxendale ats. Hadley 120

Baxter ats. Reiner 134

Beauchamp, In re 278

Beaumont v. Reeve 94

Bechuanaland Exploration Co.

v. London Trading Bank . . 101

Bedford v. Ellis 302

Bedingfield ats. Regina 338

Behn r. Burness Ill

Bell v. Balls 136

Benjamin ats. De Mattos .... 82

Bennett ats. Laws 238

Bennett, In re, Ex parte

Official Receiver 281

Berger ats. Regina 346




Berkeley Peerage Case 347

Bernard ats. Coggs 61

"Bernina," The 180

Billericay Rural Council ats.

Lawford 35

Bindley ats. Felthouse 19

Binuiugton ats. Budgett .... 123

Birkmyr v. Darnell 40

Birt and others ats. Regina . . 330

Black ats. Twigg, In re Twigg 255

Blake ats. Regina 335

Blanche v. L. & N. W. R. Co. 113

Blantern ats. Collins 62

Bloomeuthal v. Ford 265

Blower v. G. W. R. Co 107

Bodega Co., Ltd., In re 71

Booth v. Robinson, In re Bo >th 238
Booth's Distillery Co. ats.

Jacobs 298

Boustead ats. Rochefoucauld. . 227

Bouverie ats. Low 232

Bowers ats. Taylor 94

Bowman v. Taylor 369

Bowring ats. Standing 234

Boyes ats. Regina 373

Boyes, In re, Boyes v. Carritt . 229

Bradford (Mayor of) v. Pickles 150

Bradley v. Carritt 207

Brandao v. Barnett 354

Brathwait ats. Lampleigh. ... 58

Brewster v. Sewell 357

Bridges ats. Fisher 92

Briggs v. Ryan 243

Britain v. Rossiter 50

Bromage v. Prosser 166

Brook r. Bro»k 304

Brookes ats. Pearce 93

Brookman ats. Rothschild. . . . 135

Brown ats. Leroux 49

Brownlow ats. Egerton 81

Bruce v. Bruce 223

Buchanan ats. Trott 252

Buckwell ats. Jupp 256

Buckwell v. Norman 283

Budgett v. Binnington 123

Bunch ats. G. W. R. Co 116

Burge v. Ashley and Smith,

Ltd 83

Burnard v. Haggis 66, 157

Burness ats. Behn Ill

Burrough v. Martin 378

Burrows v. Rhodes 173

Burton ats. Maxfield 216

Busk ats. Pickering 132

Butler ats. Lee 33

Buxton v. Rust 43

Byrne v. Van Tienhoven .... 8

" Bywell Castle," The 296



Caldwell ats. Taylor 124

Campbell ats. Pym 364

Campden Charities, In re ... . 235
Capital and Counties Bank v.

Henty 167

Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. ats.

Cailill 14

Carhll v. Carbolic Smoke Ball

Co 14

Carmichael v. Carmichael .... 251

Carmichael, In re 143

Carney v. Plimmer 84

Carrington's, Ltd. v. Smith . . 80

Carritt ats. Boyes 229

Carritt ats. Bradley . 207

Carson ats. Merivale 169

Carter ats. Edwards 64

Carter v. Vestry of St. Mary

Abbots, Kensington 163

Cartwright v. Cartwright .... 89

Catomore ats. Doe 366

Chadd ats. Folkes 351

Charlesworth ats. Hermann . . 88

Chasemore v. Richards 144

Cheales ats. Stapleton 257

Cheese v. Lovejoy, In re Harris 253

Cheesman att. Good 60

Ohenoweth, In re 186

Chetwynd v. Chetwynd 293

Chirney ats. Finlay 103

City of London Electric Light-
ing Co., Ltd. ats. Shelfer . . 245

Clark ats. Spencer 204

Clarke ats. Dixon 106

Clarke ats. Dunraven 1

Clay ats. Lewis 67

Claye ats. Die Elbinger 138

Clayton's Case 233

Clements ats. Jared 218

Closs ats. R 313

Coggs v. Bernard 61

Colledge v. Pike 300

Collen v. Wright 138

Collins v. Blantern 62

Colls v. Home and Colonial

Stores 198

Compton ats. Peter 39

Conflans Stone Quarry Co. v.

Parker 102

Constantinidi v. Constantinidi 288

Cooke ats. Freeman 78

Cooke v. Loxley 369

Cooper ats. Regina 325

Cornfoot v. Fowke 132

Coulson ats. Scott 70

Coulthart v. Coulthart 288

Coventry ats. Swansborough . . 197




Cowan v. O'Connor 29

Cox v. The Midland Counties

Railway Co 142

Cox and Railton ats. Regina.. 372

Cross v. Howe 306

Crowhurst v. The Amersham

Burial Board 147

Cullen v. Knowles and Bilks.. 300

Cumber v. Wain 60

Cundy v. Lindsay 68, 185

Cutter v. Powell 109


Dalton v. Angus 194

Dames ats. Indermaur 178

Daniel ats. Jones 23

Darley Main Colliery Co. v.

Mitchell 164

Darnell ats. Birkmyr 40

Dartmouth ats. Howe 220

Davenport v. Thompson .... 139

Davies v. Davies 5

Davies v. Mann 177

Davis ats. R 313

Davison ats. Robinson 127

Dawson ats. Rooke 13

Dearie v. Hall 219, 220

De Barros ats. Sottomayor . . 292

Debenham v. Mellon 129

De Bernardy ats. Rees 87

De Braam ats. Wolfe 303

Debtor, In re ; Ex parte Debtor 283

De Crespigny ats. Baily .... 126

Delamirie ats. Armory 184

De Lassalle r. Guildford .... 363

De La Tour ats. Hochster . . 112

Delbridge ats. Richards 231

De Mattos v. Benjamin 82

Dent v. De Pothonier 226

Denton r. G. N. R. Co 29

Derry v. Peek 73

Dibble, alias Corcoran ats. Rex 374

Dickinson v. Dodds 8

Die Elbinger v. Claye 138

Ditcham v. Worral 65

Dixon v. Clarke 106

Dixon ats. Lucas 44

Dixon v. Solicitor to the Trea-
sury 254

Dodd v. Dodd 285

Dodds ats. Dickinson 8

Doe v. Catamore 366

Doe v. Griffin 349

Doe v. Needs 362

Doe ats. Nepean , 367


Doe v. Phillips 365

Doe v. Ross 358

Downton ats. Wilkinson .... 174

Drj den ats. Stobart 342

Dudley and Stephens ats.

Regina 310

Dunraven v. Clarke (The

Satanita) 1


Eastwood v. Kenyon 57

Edwardes ats. Smith 301

Edwards v. Carter 64

Egerton v. Brownlow 81

Elbinger r. Claye 138

Eliason v. Henshaw 18

Ellis ats. Bedford 302

Elworthy ats. Regina 356

English Joint Stock Bank ats.

Barwick 264

Ethel and Mitchell's Contract,

Re 187

Eve ats. Hall 305

Eacey ats. Harvey 10

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