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Agaroma testacea, N.

Riiizocheilus madreporarum. 2 living

sp. on coral, J.
Columbella uncinata,*/". ; hmnerosa, n. s. }

R. ; varians, var., N. [PImported from

Sandw. Is.]

Nassa coliaria, N. ; ambigua, TV/owf., teste
Hani.. N. [Probably imported from

Anacbis coronata, N. ; Californica, J".

Muricidea alveata, J.

Phyllonotus brassica, N.

The following species are part of a collection received at the Smithsonian
Inst. from Real Llejos, and fill up gaps which existed in the Central Ameri-
can fauna at the time of the first Report :

Discina Cumingii. Caecum liratocinctum.

Trigona Hindsii.
Hemicardium obovale.
Crassatella gibbosa.
Kellia suborbicularis.
Barbatia mutabilis.
Noetia reversa.
Axinaea Pmulticostata.
Fissurella rugosa.
Phasianella perforata.
Omphalius viridulus.
Hipponyx barbatus.

Caecum laeve.
Cerithium interruptum, var.
Barleeia subtenuis.
Aricia punctulata.
Terebra strigata.
Cerithiopsis assimilata.
Triforis alternata.
Olivella gracilis.
PNitidella millepunctata.
Northia pristis.
Pisania sanguinolenta.

The collections received at the Smithsonian Inst. from Panama consist, in the
main, of species already tabulated from that region. The following, however,
are new to that well-searched portion of the fauna :

Tellina striata (teste Cuming), Rowell, Pease.

Tellina (Angulus) amplectcms, n. s., Rowell, Pease.

Adula stylina. | Californian species : either ballast or error in num-

Pecten aquisulcatus, jun. j bering : Rowell.

Litorina. Small spotted species, n. s., teste Cuming, but appears identical

with the W. Indian : probably imported : Roivell.
Fluminicola, sp., Rowell.
Drillia albolaqueata , n. s., Rowell.
Natica catenata, Rowell.
Cmna costata, Rowell.

115. The Pulmonates of the Pacific slope h.Lve not formed a special study
with the writer of this Report, as they were already in the abler hands of
Messrs. Binney, Bland, and other eminent T> ansatlantic naturalists. The
opinions of Mr. Binney as to synonymy, &c., with descriptions of new
species and details of those previously known, were given in papers pub-
lished in the ' Proc. Ac. Nat. Sc. Phil.' as follows: " Descriptions of American
Land Shells," Feb. 1857; "Notes on American Land Shells," Oct. 1857,
May 1858, Nov. 1858, July 1859 : and also in the Proc. Bost. N. H. S.,'
< Description of two supposed new species of American Land Shells," Apr.
1857. These are embodied in ' The Terrestrial Air-Breathing Molluscs of the
United States and the adjacent Territories of North America,' vol. iv., by
W. U. Binney, Boston, 1859. It was first printed in the Boston Journal
of Natural History,' vol. vii., and is intended as a Supplement to the great
treatise by his father, vols. i.-iii., on the same subject. It is impossible to
speak in too high terms of commendation of the manner in which this work
has been prepared and executed, and of the beautiful figures drawn by Otto
K o'liler. The more matured views of the author were embodied in the
' Check-List of the Terrestrial Gasteropoda of North America,' published by
the Smithsonian Inst., June 1860, of which a second edition was soon issuco.
The species were divided into three series, (1) those of the Pacific coast,


670 REPORT 1863.

trom the extreme north, to Mazatlan ; (2) those of eastern N. A., from the
boreal regions to the Rio Grande ; (3) those found in Mexico, to which sixteen
from the first series are added. The freshwater Pulmonates are catalogued
by the same most industrious author, in the ' Check-List of the Fluviatile
Gasteropoda of N". America,' which contains the Melaniadce, Paludinidcr,
Ampullariadce, Valvatidce, and Limnceidce ; the West Coast species being dis-
tinguished by the letter W, and the Mexican by M. Mr. Binney next under-
took a monograph of the Paludinidce, &c., the proofs of which were widely
distributed in 1862. Afterwards, assisted by the extensive series of speci-
mens received from the Smithsonian Museum, and with access to those of
the principal public and private collections in the U. S., and with the benefit
of Say's types preserved in the Acad. Nat. Sc. Phil., he prepared a preliminary
synopsis of the Limnceidce, with full synonymy, proofs of which were issued by
the Smithsonian Inst., May 4th, 1863. Last of all, under date Dec. 9, 1863,
the Smithsonian Inst. has distributed proof copies of a complete * Synopsis
of the Species of Air-Breathing Molluscs of N. A., as eliminated from their
synonyms by Mr. Binney'*. Of all these works the author not only sent the
earliest slip -proofs to assist in the preparation of this Report, but in several
instances took the pains to write separately what related to the W. coast,
and even sent the manifold-duplicate of part of the printer's copy. It is not
considered necessary to tabulate each of these publications separately, as
they can easily be obtained by post, on application to Professor Henry,
Washington, B.C. The following list embodies (1) the classification and
nomenclature of Dec. 9th, 1863; (2) the synonymy as given in previous
synopses ; and (3) the localities and authorities supplied by Mr. Binney in
MS. The following reservation requires attention : " As a mere proof,
which will undoubtedly receive many corrections, this list should not be
quoted as authority, or referred-to as a published work."

Mr. Binney' 's Arrangement of the West Coast Pulmonates.
t The species thus marked have not been seen by Mr. Binney.


ECTOPHTHALMA. (None known in the region.)
OPISTHOPHTKALMA. Fam. Truncatellidce.

1. Truncatetta California, Pfr.,+ T. gracilcnta, Gld. S. Diego, Cooper. [Comp.
Maz. Cat. no. 423.]

GEOPHILA. 1. Vermivora. Fam. Oleacinida.

f2. Glandina (Glandina) turns, Pfr. (= Achatina= Oleaciw, Pfr.) W. Mexico.

Maz. Cat. no. 231.

3. Glandina ( Glandina} Albersi, Pfr. ( = Achatina, Pfr.).,+ G. Albersi, var. turnta,
Cpr. W. Mexico. Maz. Cat. no. 230.


and especially ^.. ..

Nat Hist N. York,' Oct. 1863. In an addendum, he gives a list of the Pacific species,
with an account of two "genera" not represented in the eastern division. Mr. Binney
continuing Mr. Bland's labours, issues the species for the most part in the trinomial
nomenclature, which now appears to be taking the place of the Linnean binomial system.
No attempt is here made to review the work, as the writer felt justified in doing with
reference to marine shells ; the only alterations made consisting of corrections m some of
the citations with which he happened to be more familiar.


2. Phyttwora. Fam. Hdicida.

Subfam. Vitrinince.

f4. Vitrinn Pfeifferi, Newc. Carson Valley, Cal., Newconib,
o. Binneya notabilis, Cp. Catalina Island, Cal., Cooper.

6. MacrocycUs Newberryana, Bin. S. Diego, common, Newberry.

7. MacrocycUs Vancouver ensis, Lea, jHe/u- F"., Lea, Trosch., Pfr., Gld., Rve.,=

H. vellicata, Fbs., Rve., Pfr.,-j-J7. concava, Binn. VANCOUVER TO CALI-
FORNIA : Columbia R., JVw#a#, Z7. -S. E. E. ; Puget Sound, U. S. E. E. ;
Vancouver, B. N. P. B. S. ; Oregon City, Newberry j California, Troivbridge ;
St. Joseph's R., 2nd Camp.

76. MacrocycUs [?var.] sportella*, Gld. PUGET SD. TO S. DIEGO : Puget Sd.,
U. S. E. E. ; Fort Umpqua, Oregon ; S. Diego, Ives, dewberry ; S. Francisco,
Mus. Cal. Ac. j Contra Costa Co., Thomson. " Animal solitary."

Subfam. Helicime.

8. Helix (Patula) strigosa, Gld. INTERIOR BASIN ; N. MEXICO TO BRIT. Air. :

Int. of Oregon, U. S. E. E. ; Canon Largo, Rio Pedro, N. M., Newberry.

9. Helix (Patula) Cooperi, Bin. California.

10. Helix (Patula) Mazatlanica, Pfr. Mazatlan.

11. Helix \Polygyra) acutedentata, Bin.,+-S. Loisa, Bin. Guaymas. Mazatlan,


12. Helix (Polygyra) ventrosula, Pfr. [No locality given : not " W." in Cneck-


13. Helix (Polygyra) polygyrella, Bland. W." [teste Check-List, not in MS.]

14. Helix (Stenotrema) germana, Gld. Oregon, U. S. E. E.

15. Helix (Triodopns) Mullani, Bland. WASHINGTON TERRITORY AND OREGON :

St. Joseph's River, 1st Camp.

16. Helix (Triodopsis) loricata, Gld., Pfr ., = #". Lecontei, Lea. Sacramento River,

U. S. E. E.

17. Helix (Mesodori) Columbiana, Lea, Trosch., Rve., Pfr.,-f JT. labiosa,Gl&., Pfr.

VANCOUVER TO OREGON: Ft. Vancouver, Nuttall ; Ft. George, U.S.E.E.;
Nootka Sound, Hinds ; Astoria, Drayton ; Oregon Citv, Newberry.

18. Helix (Mesodon) devia. Gld., Pfr., H.'Saskercillei, Pfr./Rve. Puget Sound,

U. S. E. E. j Oregon.

19. Helix (Aglaid) jidelis, Gray, Mull., Rve.,Pfr.,=^T. Nuttattiana, Rve., Trosch.,

Gld. VANCOUVER TO OREGON : Puget Sound, Columbia River, U. S. E.E.-,
Esquimault Harb., Lord j Umpqua Valley, Or., and San Francisco, New-
berry j De Fuca, Gibbs j Oregon City, Shunuird ; Ft. Steilacooni, SucUey.

20. Helix (Aglaici) infumata, Gld. San Francisco, Bigelow.

21. Helix (Arianta) arrosa, Gld., =H. <zruginosa, Gld. (nom. preoc.). OREGON,

CALIFORNIA : San Francisco, Bigelow, Samuels-, Petaluma and Columbia
River, Newberry.

22. Helix (Arianta) Towmendiana, Lea, Trosch., Rve., Pfr., Gld.,+-ff.^ef/e^m

-\-ruida, Gld. OREGON AND CALIFORNIA : Wahlamat River, Nuttall,
Townsend, U. S. E. E. ; Nisqually, Dyes. ; Puget Sound, Kennerley.

23. Helix (Arianta} tudiculata^iim. WASHINGTON TERRITORY TO CALIFORNIA:

San Diego, Newberry.

24. Helix (Arianta) Nickliniana, Lea, = H. Calif orniensis, Rve., Pfr. (non Lea),

=fH. arboretorum+nemorivaga,V&l. Var. =H. anachoreta,TSnm. "Widely
distributed, but solitary," Thompson. CALIFORNIA : Sacramento River,
U. S. E. E. ; San Francisco, Bigelow ; Tomales, Newberry.

25. Helix (Arianta) redimita, Binn. (jun.),=.H". Nickliniana, var. Binn. (sen.).


* In the Check-List of Dec. 9th, sportella does not appear. It is generally treated by
Mr. Binney as a small variety of Vancouver ensis, with stronger radiating and spiral lines ;
but in the MSS. sent for publication in this Eeport it takes rank as a species. Mr. Bland
considers the two identical ; yet in Add. Gen. the form is thus divided : "Iberus (Cam-
pylcea) sportella, in fam. HelicidtB" and " Disctis Vancouverensis, in fam. Stenopida"
In Albers it is divided as u MacrocycUs veUicata" " M. Pancouverensis" and "Helix
(Patidd) sportella."


Arianta) exarata, Pfr. California.

Arianta) reticidata, Pfr. California.

Arianta) ramentosa, Gld. California, Newcomb.

Arianta) Ayresiana, Newc. Northern Oregon.

Arianta) Bridgesii, Newc. San Pablo, California, Newcomb.

72 REPORT 1863.

26. Helix (Arianta) intercisa, Binn. (jun.),= 7/. Nicldi'iiana, yar. Binn. (sen.),

t27. Helix
t28. Helix
t29. Helix
t30. Helix
t31. JTe/tJr
t32. Helix (Arianta) Carpcnteri, Newc. Tulare Valley, California. [Not Carpen-

teriana, Bland ; Florida.]
33. Helix (Ariauta) Calif or niensis, Lea, Trosch., Dekay (non &uct.},=H. vincta,

Vol., Rve., Pfr. CALIFORNIA : Interior of Cal, U. S. E. E. ; Monterey, Ices.
f34. Helix (Arianta) Mormonum, Pfr. Mormon Is., California.
35. HeKx (Arianta) Dupetithouarsi, Desh., Rve., Pfr., + H. Oregonensis, Trosch.,


U. S. E. E. ; Puget Sound, Dyes. ; Klamath Lake and Benicia, Newlirry ;

Tulan Lake, Cal. ; Monterey, Trowbridge ; San Diego, Ives.
f36. Helix (Arianta) Traskii, Newc. Los Angelos, California, Newcomb.

37. Helix (Arianta) Kellettii, Fbs., Rve., Pfr. Sta. Barbara, Kellett and Wood;

San Diego, teste Gould.

38. Helix (Arianta) Pandora, Fbs., Rve., Pfr.,=#". damascenus, Gld. Sta. Bar-

bara, Kellett and Wood j Desert East of California, Mus. Newcomb.

39. Helix (Arianta) levis, Pfr.,+var. /3. Columbia River.

40. Helix (Euparypha) areolata, Sby., Pfr., Phil., Rve., +vars. p.y. PENINSULA

OF LOWER CALIFORNIA. [Margarita Bay, Pease.*]
f41. Columna (Rhoded) California, Pfr. \_Achatina, Pfr., Rve.]

Subfam. Orthalicina.

42. Sulimulus (Liostracus [not Leiostraca, Add.]) Ziegleri,Ph. Mazatlan, Reigen.
[f43. Bulimulus Mexicanus\, Lam., Deless., Pfr., Rve. (non Val.),= Cochlogena
vittata, Fe'r. Mazatlan, Reigen.']

44. Bidimulus (Mesembrinus) pallidior, Sby.,=^. vegetits, Gld., teste Cum., Binn.


45. Bulimulus (Mesembrinus) excelsm, Gld. (text),= i\ elatits, Gld. (fig.)' S AN

DIEGO TO CAPE ST. LUCAS : C. S. Lucas, Xantits.

46. Bulimulus (Mesembrinus) inscendens, Binn. LOWER CALIFORNIA : Margarita

Bay, and C. S. Lucas, Xantiis.
f47. Bulimulus (Thaumastus) Californicus, Rve.
t48. Bulimulus (?Mormus)sitfflatus,G\di.,~B. vesicalis,Gl&. (nom. preoc.). LOWER


49. Bulimidus (?Mormus) pttula,T$am. LOWER CALIFORNIA: Todos Santos

Mission, Margarita Is., Xantus.

50. Bulimulus (Scutalus) proteus, Brod. Cape St. Lucas, Xantm.

51. Bulimulus (Scutalus) Xantusi, Binn. Cape St. Lucas, Xantus.

52. Bulimulus (Peronceus [non Peronaa, Poli]) artemisia, Binn. Cape St. Lucas,


53. Orthalicus (Orthalicus) zebra, Miill., Pfr. Mazatlan, Reigen. \Also Eastern
536. Orthalicus (Orthalicus) undatus, Fe'r., Pfr. " Mazatlan." J slope.

Subfam. Pupina.

f54. Pupa (PupiUa) Rowellii, Newc. San Francisco, Rowell.
f55. Pupa (PupiUa) Calif arnica, Row. San Francisco, Rowett.
56. Pupa (Leucochila) chordata, Pfr. Cinaloa, Mexico.

* See also Dr. Newcomb's new species, tabulated in pp. 609, 633.

J Included among the doubtful species by Mr. Binney ; but the sh?ll so named in the
Maz. Cat., no. 234 (perhaps erroneously), was certainly found on opening the Aiazatlan
boxes by Mr. Archer.

Mr. Binney follows Pfr., in his later works, in separating these ? varieties. The shells
in the Keigen Collection were clearly conspecific. Vide Maz. Cat., no. 232.



Subfam. Succinince.

t57. Succinct * (Succinea) Haivkinsi, Baird. British Columbia, Lord.
t-58. Succinea (Succinea) cingulata, Fbs. Mazatlan, Kellett and Wood.
50. Succinea (Succinea} rusticana, Gld. OREGON AND CALIFORNIA: Oregon,

U. S. E. 22.; Ocogo Creek, California, Williamson.

6C. Sutri-nea (Succinea) Nuttalliana, Lea. "Scarcely differs from S. ovalis, Hudson
River," Gld. OREGON AND CALIFORNIA : Lewis's River, Or., Nuttall ; In-
terior of Oreg., U. S. E. E. ; Wright's Lake, Rhell's Lake, Cal., Newberry.
GJ . Succinea (Succinea) Oregonensis, Lea. " Resembles S. aurea" Gld. OREGON
AND CALIFORNIA : Oregon, Nuttall. San Francisco, Rowell.

Subfam. Limacince.

62. Limax \ (Amalid) Cohimbiamts, Gld. PUGET SOUND TO SAN FRANCISCO :

Puget Sound, U. S. E. E., Dyes ; Oregon City and Cape Flattery, Wil-
liamson ; San Francisco and Port Oxford, Troiubridge ; Nisqually, Case.

Fam. Arionidce.
Subfam. Arionince.

63. Arion (Locked) foliolatus, Gld. Puget Sound, U. S. E. E., Pickering.

Subfam. Zcnitiuce.

64. Zonites (JEgopis) cultettata, Thorns. " Closely resembles the Dalmatian H.

albanica and acies." Contra Costa Co., Cal., common, Thomson.

Fam. Onchidiadce.

65. Onchidium Carpentcri, Binn. Cape St. Lucas, Xantus.

LIMNOPHILA. Fam. Auricididce.
Subfam. Melampincs.

66. Melampus olivaceus, Cpr. SAN DIEGO TO MAZATLAN : Mazatlan, Reigen ;

San Diego, Blake, Cooper.

67. Pedipes lirata, Binn. LOWER CALIFORNIA : C. S. Lucas, Xantus j San Diego,


Fam. Liinnceidce.

Subfam. Limnceince.

68. Limncea (Limnced) stagnalis, Linn.,+i. Jugularis, Say, Hald., De Kay, Kiist.,

Binn. (1st list), +L. appressa, Say, Hald., De Kay, Kiist., C. B. Ad., + i. spe-
ciosa, Ziegl. EUROPE, ASIA, AMERIC A : RhettLake, California, Newberry ;
Ruby Valley and S. Utah, Captain Simpson. Fort Simpson and Hudson'8
Bay, common j throughout British America and northern tier of TJ. S.,
from Vermont to Pacific, teste Binn. [Var.=lT. fragilis, Linn., teste
Hani., Ips. Linn. Conch, p. 385 ; non Rve., Binn. (1st list).]

69. Limn&a (Limncea) lepida, Gld. Lake Vancouver, U. S. E. E.

70. Limncea (Limnophysa) reflexa, Say, Hald., De Kay, Kiist., 4- L. elongata, Say,

L. umbrosa, Say, Hald., De Kay, Kiist., -\-L. exilis+L. Haydeni, Lea. San
Francisco, Rowell. Also through British America and northern tier of
States from New York to Pacific ; teste Binn.
f71. Limncea (Limnophysa) Sumasm, Baird ||.

* So great is the difficulty of ascertaining (even approximately) the specific relations of
Succinece without a comparison at least of single specimens, that Mr. Binney considers it
safest, until series have been examined, simply to quote the species which have been de-
scribed by other authors. He has followed the same course with Ancylus, and for the
same reason.

t " Has a pore. Why not Arion ? " Binney, in MS. list.

This appears among "doubtful species" in the MS., but is printed in the text of
the Check-List.

j| Probably a variety of palustHs= Nultalliana, Lea. British authors have as yet had
but poor opportunities of studying tjpicallj-named American Ireshwater Pulmonate?,


674 REPORT 1863.

72. Limncea (Limnophysa) palustris, Mull, et auct.,=Z. frar/ilis (as of Linn.), Haiti.,

De Kay, Binn. (1st list), Rve. (hodie). [Non Linn., teste Hani, in Ips. Linn.
Conch., p. 385]. +L. elodes, Say, Gld., C. B. Ad., Kiist.,+i. Nuttal-
liana, Lea, Kiist., ?+Z. plebeia, Gld.,H-Z. expansa, Hald., De Kay, Kiist.
NORTHERN EUROPE, ASIA, AND AMERICA: Columbia Hirer, Jwrfftrff;
. Puget Sound, Kennerley ; Klamath Lake and Summer Lake, Or. ; llhett
Lake and Wright's Lake, Cal., Newberry: Clear Lake, Cal., Veatchi San
Francisco, Rowett; Monterey, Canfield', Porcupine and Yuckron Rivers, Rus.
America, Kennicott. Also from Pennsylvania westward to Pacific, and from
this line northwards, wherever searched, even to interior of Russian Ame-
rica ; teste Binn.

73. Limncea (Limnophysa) proxima, Lea. San Francisco, Cooper. Arroya San

Antonio, Trash.

74. Limncea (Limnophy so) emarginata, Say, Hald., De Kay, Kiist., =L. Ontanensis,

Muhlf., Kiist.,-f-i. serraia, Hald. NEW ENGLAND TO WASHINGTON TER-

75. Limncea (Limnophysa) catascopium, Say, Hald., Gld., De Kay, Mrs. Gray, Pot.

& Mich., Kiist., -\-L.pinguis, Say (non Dohrn), =L. Virginiana, Lam., Desh.,
Deless., = L. cornea, Val., = L. scricata, Ziegl. NEW ENGLAND TO

76. Limncea (Limnophysa) Adelince, Tryon. San Francisco.

77. Limncea (Limnophysa) Traskii, Tryon. Mountain Lake, California.

78. Limncea (Limnophysa) pattida, C. B. Ad., Hald., De Kay. San Francisco,

JRowell; San Antonio Arroya, teste Lea.

79. Limncea (Limnophysa) btdimoides, Lea, Hald., De Kay. Fort Vancouver.

San Francisco, Roivell. Also Eastern States. (Check-List.)

80. Limncea (Limnophysa) solida, Lea, Hald., De Kay,+Z. apicina, Lea, Kiist.

Oregon. Also Eastern States. (Check-List.)

81. Limncea (Limnophysa) ferruginea, Hald., De Kay. Oregon.

82. Pompholyx effusa, Lea, Add. Pitt River, Nei(Jberry\ Sacramento River,

teste Lea.

83. Physa (Physa) Lordi, Baird. British Columbia, Lord j east of Fort Colville,

W. T., Am.N. P. B. Surv.

84. Physa (Physa) yyrina, Say, De Kay, Kiist., C, B. Ad., Hald.,=P7i. ettiptica,

Lea, De Kay, + Ph. cylindrica, De Kay,4-P7*. Hi'drethiana, Lea. Wash-
ington Territory, Captain Simpson ; San Francisco, Rowell.

85. Physa (Physa) ampullacea, Gld.,=J%. bullata, Gld. (non Pot, & Mich.).

Oregon, Cooper; Lakes Rhett and Upper Klamath, Newberry.

86. Physa (Physa) Gabbii, Tryon. Sta. Ana Riv., Angelos Co. Also Mountain

Lake, California.

87. Physa (Physa) heterostropha, Say, Gould, C. B. Ad., Desh., Kiist., De Kay,

Mrs. Gray, Pot. & Mich., Eaton,+PA. foniana, Hald.,+P. cylindrica,
Newc.j-f-P/j, aurca, Lea, De Kay,+P7z. plicata, +Ph. ylabra, De Kay, -\-Ph.
osculans, Hald. (part),+P/i. striata,+Ph. subarata, Mke.,+PA. Charpentieri,
+ 7%. PhilKnii, Kiist., -f Ph. elliptica, + Ph. inflata, Le&,=iilla crassula,
Dillw., =JB.fontinaKs, Chemn., Schroter,= Cochlea neritoides, List. NORTH
AMERICA, passim: Chiloncynck, Kennerley ; Hell Gate River, Newberry ;
San Francisco and Washington Territory, Cooper ; Los Angeles, teste Lea r
Also from Texas to British America and Arctic regions, and frtmi Atlantic
to Pacific, teste Binn.
fS8. Physa (Physa) costata, Newc. Clear Lake, Cal., Vcatch.

89. Physa (Physa) virginea, Gld. San Francisco, Rowett.

90. Physa (Physa) humerosa, Gld. Rio Colorado, Wittamson ; San Diego, P. J?. /?. E.

91. Physa (Physa) virgata } Gld. San Diego, Webb ; Los Angelos ; Cal. Ac- \. S.

several of which are perhaps but modifications of circumboreal species which have been
already traced to Eastern Asia. Even the series in Mus. Cum. are far from being accurate
or complete. The inflexible rules of the British Museum have not yet allowed a single
specimen of Dr. Baird's species to be transmitted to America, even for comparison.


92. Physa (Physa) triticea, Lea, Binn. MSS.* California, Cooper.
j-93. Physa (Physa) concolor, Hald. Oregon.

94. Bulinus { (Bulinus) aurantius, Cpr. [=Aplexa, auct. : -v. Maz. Cat. p. 179], =

Ph. Peruviana, Mke. [non D'Orb.]. Mazatlan, Reigen.

95. Bidinus (Bulinus) elatus, Gld. Mazatlan, Reigen.

96. Bulinus (Bulinus) hypnorum, Linn., Hald., C. B. Ad., Chen, et auct.,=P/z.
' elongate, Say, Gld., De Kay,=P7z. elongatina, Lewis. NORTHERN EUROPE,

ASIA, AMERICA. Puget Sound, Coojw; common at junction of Yukron
and Porcupine Rivers, Russ. Amer., Kennicott. Through Brit, and Russ,
America, and from Kansas to Washington, D. C.j teste Binn.

Subfani. Planorbince.

07. Planorbis (Planorbis') subcrenatus, Cpr. Oregon, Nuttatt. [PPuget Sound;

98. Planorbis (Planorbis) tumens, Cpr.,=P. tenagophila, Mke. (non D'Orb.),=P,

affinis, Cpr. [Cat. Prov., non C. B. Ad.] Mazatlan, MeHchera, Reigen. San
Francisco, Cooper; Petal uma, teste Gld.

99. Planorbis (Planorbis} vermicularis, Gld.

100. Planorbis (Helisoma) ammon, Gld., =P. Traskei, Lea. Klamath Lake, Or.

and Rhett Lake, Cal., Newberry. Ocogo Creek, Cal., Williamson ; Kem
Lake, Cal., Cooper ; Monterey Co., Trask ; Lagoons, Sacramento Valley,
teste Lea.

101. Planorbis (Helisoma) corptilentus, Say, Hald., De Kay, Gld., Chenu, =P. tri-

volvis (pars), C. B. Ad. Columbia River, abundant, U. S. E. E. Also
Eastern States.

102. Planorbis (Helisoma) trivolvis, Say, De Kay, Gld., Hald., C. B. Ad., Kiist., Pot.

& Mich., Yj&tQTi.=BullaJluviatiUs, Say,-}-P/. regularis, Lea, + PL megastoma
\-Physaplanorbula, De Kay,+P/. macrostomus+PL corpulentus, Whiteaves,
4- PI- kntw, Gld.,-i-P^. trivolvis, vsx.fallax, Hald.,= Cochleat rium-orbiwn,
Lister, Petiver. Puget Sd., Campbell; Wright's Lake, Cal., Newberry : Ft.
Vancouver, Cooper]; SanTrancisco, Roiuell{S. Diego; Mus. Smiths. ; Horn
Lake, teste Lea. Probably extends over whole continent, teste Binn.

103. Planorbis (Menetus) opercularis, Gld. ; = P. planulatus, Coop. S. Francisco, U. S.

Expl. Exp. ; Whidby's Is., Cal., Cooper.

104. Carinifex \\ Newberryi, Lea. Klamath Lake and Canoe Creek, Cal., Newberry \

Clear Lake, Cal., Veatch.

Subfam. Ancylina.

105. Ancylus Newberryi, Lea. Klamath Lake, Newberry.
1 106. Ancylus crasstts, Hald. "W-" [Check-List.]

107. Ancyhis caurinus, Coop. California, Cooper.

108. Ancylus patelloides, Lea. S. Francisco, Cooper ; Arroya. San Antonio, Cal.,

Mus. Smith.
f!09. Ancylus Kootaniemis, Baird. Brit. Columbia, Lord.

110. Ancylus fragilis, Tryon. " W." [Check-List.]

111. Acroloxm Nuttalli, flald. [ Vettetia N. } Binn. in list, May 4th.] Oregon, Nutt.

112. Gundlachia Calif ornica, Rowell.

* So in first printed list and in two MSS. ; but in Check-List of Dec. 9, Ph. Troos-
tiana, Lea, is assigned to the West, instead of this species. The MSS. are probably

J Non Bulinus, Sby., olim t ~BuUmus, auct. However clearly Bulimcs, Binn., may be
right according to the antiquaries, it is far too like Bulimus, which has taken complete
possession of the entire malacological world, to be allowed a resurrection in the same
order. Surely burial for a given number of years ought to be allowed as evidence of
death, especially if the infant-name scarcely even breathed the air of use, and its resur-
rection would breed malaria among terms thriving in the vigorous manhood of universal

It is quite possible that this may prove a very finely grown specimen of P. lentus. Dr.
Kennerley's shells are intermediate.

|| Thus in Check-List, Dec. 9th. In that of May 4th, it appeal's as Planorbis N...> in the
MS. list as Carinijera.

11 161

676 REPORT 1863.

Fam. Siphonariadce.

|113. Siphonaria lecanium, Phil. : [Var. == S. maura, Sby. Var. palmata, Cpr., is
possibly distinct. Mazatlan, E. B. Philippi, lieigen j Acapulco, Jewett j
Cape St. Lucas, Xantus.~\

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