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Noted Bibliographically and






J^A'B'BOT {GEORGE, Bishop), (1562-1633). Born at Guildford, in Surrey.
particularly described all the Monarchies, Empires, and Kingdomes of the same,
with their Academies, as also their severall Titles and Situations thereunto
adjoining, written by the Right Reverend Father in God George Abbott, late
Archbishop of Canterbury. London : Printed for William Sheaves, at the signe of
the Harrow, in Britaines Bursse, 1634. Engraved title, containing portrait hy Wm.
Marshall. i2mo, a nice copy in brown calf extra, rough gilt edges, by Riviere S- Son.

£2 2s.
From pp. 240 to 321 relates to " America or the New World."

' ' The things that he hath written show him to be a man of parts, learning, vigilance, and
unwearied study, though overwhelmed with business. " — Athen. Oxon.

2 Another Edition. London : Printed by T. H., and are to be sold by Wil. Sheares,

at the signe of the Harrow, in Britaines Burse, 1636. Engraved title by W. Marshall
{shaved at top). i2mo, old sheep. £1 Is.

3 ABDICATED PRINCE, THE; or, The Adventures of Four

Years, a Tragi-Comedy, as it was lately acted at the Court at Alba Regalis,
by several persons of great quality. London: Printed for John Carterson, 1690.
First Edition, sm. 4to, small injury on title, sewn. 12s. 6d.

This appears to be a very rare piece and is unmentioned in Hazlitt's Play Collector's Manval ;
it is founded on the abdication of King James II.

A'BECKETT {GILBERT, Abbot), (1811-1836).

A'Beckett, with 10 coloured etchings and 120 woodcuts by John Leech. Pub-
lished at the Punch Office, 85, Fleet Street, 1847 (vol. ii., 1848), 2 vols. — THE
COMIC HISTORY' OF ROME, by Gilbert Abbott A'Beckett, illus-
trated by John Leech. Published by Bradbury & Evans, 11, Bouverie Street,
Whitefriars, n.d. (about 1849), 3 vols. First Editions, humorous coloured etchings
and woodcuts hy John Leech, sprinkled calf extra by F. Bedford, top edges gilt, uncut,
very fine copies, with a sample cover of the original parts preserved at end, from the
Library of Col. E. G. Hibbert, with his bookplate. £10 10s.

4 THE COMIC HISTORY OF ROME, by Gilbert Abbott a'Beckett,

illustrated by John Leech. Bradbury, Evans & Co., 11, Bouverie Street, n.d. {circa
1849). First Edition, coloured and other illustrations by John Leech, 8vo, a nice
copy in neiv stained calf extra, gilt edges, by Riviere &= Son. £2 2s.

ABERCROMBY {DAVID), (d. 1702). Scottish Physician.

5 A DISCOURSE OF WIT, by David Abercromby, M.D. London : Printed

for John Weld, at the Croivn, bettveen the Two Temple Gates in Fleet Street, 1685.
1 2 mo, old sheep. 5s.

" It is as a metaphysician rather than as a physician that Abercromby lives and ought to
live. His ' Discourse of Wit' has somehow fallen out of sight, but none the less it is a more
than ordinary noticeable book. It antedates the (so-called) ' Scottish School of Philosophy '
a century nearly, for in it Dr. Thomas Keid's philosophy of common-sense — since glorified
by Sir William Hamilton— is distinctly taught." — Rev. A. B. Grosart.

ADAMS {GEORGE, M.A.), (1698-1768). Translator, Dramatic Poet;

sometime Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.

6 THE HEATHEN MARTYR ; or. The Death of Socrates, an Historical

Tragedy, in which is shewn that the Plague which infested the People of

. Athens \<z.s stay'd by the Destruction of the Enemies of that Divine Philo-

^^ sopher. By G. Adams, M.A. London: Printed for the Author, 1746. First

Edition, sm. 4to, sewn. 6s.

Telegrapliic-Addr«S,:,'J L.YpiPAS^J..ONDON."



ADDISON iJOSEVH), (1672-1719). Bom at Milston, Wilts. "Destitute
of the strength of Swift or the softness of Steele, Addison outwent both his friends in even
finish of style."


late Right Honourable Joseph Addison, Esq., now first published from an
Original Manuscript of Mr. Addison's, prepared and corrected by himself.
London: Printed for T. Oshovne, in Grays-Inn, 1739. First Edition, sm. 4to, a
large and very fine copy in brown calf extra, gilt leaves, by Riviere &= Son. £3 3s.

This, though published after the author's death, is regarded by Hurd as a genuine though
early piece, and is represented in Addison's Works.

8 Another Copy. 1739. First Edition, sm. 4to, half morocco extra,

UNCUT COPY {very scarce in this state) £5 5s.

9 A POEM TO HIS MAJESTY, Presented to the Lord Keeper, by Mr.

Addison, of Mag. Coll., Oxon. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, at the Judge's
Head, near the Inner-Temple Gate, in Fleet Street, 1695. First Edition,
sm. folio, a large copy, practically uncut, in brown calf extra, gilt top edges, by
Riviere <~ Son. £5 5s.

One of the earliest productions of this celebrated writer.

"At this juncture, in 1695, a poem addressed to King William on one of his campaigns,
dedicated to Lord Keeper Somers, secured the favour of this nobleman and a pension of ;f 300
a year. ' '

There was no copy in the Grant collection of this rare poem.

ga CATO, a Tragedy, as it is Acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane by

Her Majesty's Servants, by Mr. Addison. London : Printed for J. Tonson, at
Shakespea/s Head over against Catherine-Street, in the Strand, 1713. First Edition,
sm. 4to, a fine copy in morocco extra, gilt edges, by Riviere (~ Son. £5 5s.

The success of this play, at the time, was unprecedented. Whigs and Tories not only
united in admiring Addison, but were equally anxious to claim a right to his fine phrases of
liberty. It ran on the stage for twenty nights, and eight editions were printed during the
year. It was translated into French, Italian, and German. The Jesuits translated it into
Latin, that it might be played by the scholars at St. Omer ; and Voltaire praised it as the
first reasonable English tragedy, and speaks of the sublime elegance and nobility of its

10 DAYS WITH SIR ROGER DE COVERLEY. Reprint from the Spectator.
London : Macmillan & Co., and New York. 1886. First Edition, with the exquisite
engravings by Hugh Thomson, sm. 4to, original cloth gilt. 15s.

lort ROSAMOND, an Opera, Humbly Inscrib'd to Her Grace the Dutchess of
Marlborough. London : Printed for Jacob Tonson, within Grays-Inn Gate next
Grays-Inn Lane, 1707. First Edition, sm. 4to, a large and fine copy, in green
morocco extra, blind tooled block on each side, gilt edges, by Riviere &> Son. £4 4s.

This opera, the comic scenes of which, at least, are pleasant and entertaining, was written
by Addison in consequence of the then prevailing taste for Italian operas, to try the effect of a
musical drama in our own language, as it seemed monstrous to the common-sense of the time
that music should induce people to listen to unintelligible Italian nonsense. It failed, how-
ever, though it was afterwards successful when set to new music by Arne.

J I THE CAMPAIGN : a Poem, to His Grace the Duke of Marlborough, by

Mr. Addison. 'Jacob Tonson, within Gray's-Inn Gate, next Gray's-Inn Lane, 1705.
First Edition, folio, broimi calf extra, gilt edges, by Riviere c~ Son. £6 6s.

Col. Grant's copy sold for £c) 2s. 6d. He said he had only seen one other copy besides
his own.

The Battle of Blenheim had excited the attention of Europe to the Conquerors, and the
opportunity must not be lost to celebrate the event in the most august strains of which the
poetic muse was capable. Lord Treasurer Godolphin inquired anxiously for a poet, and f.ord
Halifax named Addison as the proper person. Mr. Treasurer Boyle, afterwards Lord Carleton,
was sent to proffer the request to the poet, who, as it will readily be believed, immediately
undertook the duty. " The Campaign " was written, and the successful bard became Com-
missioner of Appeals, and in 1706 Under Secretary of State. The aid of such a penman was
not to be despised by any Ministry, however powerful.

It is interesting to note that Addison composed this poem in his lodgings " up three pairs
of stairs," only a few doors from the spot where these remarks are now being written. The
house no longer exists ; but his tobacconists, Fribourg and Treyer, where he used to fill his
snuff-box, still remain, and their quaint, bow-windowed shop stands unaltered to this day.

Telephone : " Central, 1539."


12 . The Second Edition. London : Printed for Jacob Tonson, zvithin

Gvay's-Imi Gate, next Gray s-Inn Lane, 1705. YoYio, sewn. 5s.

12a THE DRUMMER ; or, The Haunted House, a Comedy as it is Acted in
the Theatre-Royal in brury-Lane by His Majesty's Servants. London : Printed
for Jacob Tonson, at Shakespeaf s-Head, over-against Katlierine-Street in the Strand,
iyi6. First Edition, sm. 4to, brown calf extra, gilt edges, by Riviere S' Son (the
Preface is by Sir Richard Steele). £2 2s.

13 Another Edition. Second Edition, with a Preface by Sir Richard

Steele in an epistle dedicatory to Mr. Congreve, occasioned by Mr. Tickell's
Preface to the four volumes of Mr. Addison's works. London : Printed for
John Darby, and sold by J. Roberts at the Oxford- Arms in Wanvick-Lane, 1722.
Sm. 4to, a few headlines cut, else a fine copy. 7s. 6d.

The prose comedy of ' ' The Drummer ' ' is founded on the story of the drummer of Tedworth ,
told in Glanvill's " Sadducismus Triumphatus." Addison gave it to Steele, with an especial
injunction of secrecy. It was represented without success in 1715, and then published by
Steele, who thought that beauties too delicate for a theatre might please in the closet.
Tickell slurred its authority by excluding it from his edition of Addison's Works. Steele
vehemently protested in a dedicatory letter to Congreve (prefixed to the above edition) ; nor
has any critic since that time doubted that it displays Addison's characteristic humour with-
out the dramatic force which he did not possess.

The Preface is by Richard Steele.

Honourable Joseph Addison,- Esq., to which are added several Discourses
against Atheism and Infidelity, and in Defence of the Christian Revelation,
occasionally published by him and others, and now collected into one Body,
and digested under their proper Heads, with a Preface containing the senti-
ments of Mr. Boyle, Mr. Lock, and Sir Isaac Newton concerning the Gospel
Revelation. London: Printed for J. Tonson in the Strand, 1730. First Edition,
sm. 8vo, old calf gilt, rebacked. 15s.

Addison's parting breath was spent in the utterance of Christian exhortation, and this his
last work gives the evidences of that faith which enabled him in calm tranquillity to await
the awful hour of dissolution. His life was passed in the energies of active benevolence, and
his " Discourse of the Christian Religion " stamps with his dying confirmation his unshaken
belief in the Divine authority of the doctrines which he professed. He lived not to complete
his task, but even in its imperfect state the work will well repay a careful perusal.

Poetry, and Plays). Oxford : D. A. Talboys, 1830. 4 vols, in 2, sm. 8vo, half
green morocco extra, top edges gilt, by Larhins, a neat set. £1 10s.

OVID, AND MR. ADDISON, with an Original Poem on Bowling.
Oxford : Printed for E. Whistler, Bookseller, and are to be sold by R. Smith, J. Knap-
ton, and J. Tonson, Booksellers, in London, 1716. Sm. 8vo, sewn. 7s. 6d.

17 REMARKS ON SEVERAL PARTS OF ITALY, etc., in the Years 1701,
1702, 1703. London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, within Grays-Inn Gate, mxt
Gra/s-Inn Lane, 1705. First Edition, Svo, a large paper copy, old calf, vevy
scarce in this exceptional state. 3s. 3s.

These letters of Addison point a moral against popery and arbitrary power. The peasants
of the " savage mountains " of San Remo are happy because free, whilst tyranny has con-
verted the rich Campagna at Rome into a wilderness.

18 THE TICKLER, No. 11, to be Continued Occasionally, Written upon Read-
ing Mr. Young's Letter to Mr. Tickell, occasioned by the death of Mr. Addison
— Sed non. Author e Fnroris Sublato, cecidit Rabies — Claud. London.- Printed for
J. Roberts, in Warimck-Lane, 171 9. Sm, 4to, sewn. 5s.

19 MR. ADDISON TURN'D TORY ; or. The Scene Inverted, wherein it is
made appear that the Whigs have misunderstood that celebrated Author in

his applauded Tragedy called Cato, and that the Duke of M 's character

in endeavouring to be a General for life bears a much greater resemblance to
that of Caesar and Syphax than the Heroe of his Play, to which are added
some cursory remarks upon the Play itself. By a Gentleman of Oxford.

Telegraphic Address: " Lycidas, London."


London: Printed for J. Baker, at the Black-Boy in Paternoster -Row, lyi^- Sm. 4to,
sewn, UNCUT. 10s. 6d.

AINS WORTH {HENRY), (1571-1622). Leader of the Separatist Con-

gregation at Amsterdam.

20 THE BOOKE OF PSALMES, Englished both in Prose and Metre, with
Annotations, Opening the Words and Sentences, by Conference with other
Scriptures, by Henry Ainsworth, Amsterdam: Printed by Thomas Stafford,
and are to he sold at his House at the signe of the Flight of Brabant, upon the Milke-
Market, over against the Deventer Wood-Market, 1644. With mtisical notations, 8vo,
original vellum, corner of title restored. £1 5s.

This important work went through seven or eight English editions ; was translated into
Dutch, and Poole has incorporated the substance of it in his Latin synopsis. Few authors
have been more quoted by learned men of various countries than Ainsworth.




Scripture, together with so many English Poems, containing the Kec^aAata,
or Contents of every several Chapter in every such book, whereunto is added
a Chronological (Marginal) Annotation of the times and seasons, wherein
divers acts and occurrences in the Holy Scriptures hapned ; partly translated
out of an Anonymous Latine Author, and partly amplified and enlarged, for
the benefit of all those who desire a short and plentiful acquaintance with the
Oracles of God, very useful for all Christian Families, by William Ainsworth,
late Lecturer at St. Peter's, Chester. London : Printed for George Calvert, at the
Half-Moon in Paul's Church-yard, 1652. First Edition, 8vo, brown morocco, gilt
edges, by Riviere &= Son. £4 4s.

AKENSWE (MARK), (1736-1770). Poet and Physician. Born at Nevv-
castle-on-Tyne ; educated at Newcastle and Edinburgh. He also studied at Leyden, and
three years afterwards he took his degree of M.D., in 1744. Johnson gave it as his opinion
that Akenside was a poet superior both to Gray and Mason.

HUNTINGTON, by Dr. Akenside. London: Printed for R. Dodsley, at
Tully's Head in Pall-Mall, and sold by M. Cooper in Pater-noster Row, 1748. First
Edition, 4to, fine uncut copy in sprinkled calf extra, top edges gilt, by the late
Francis Bedford [very rare in this fine state). £3 3s.

23 THE PLEASURES OF IMAGINATION, a Poem, in Three Parts,
by Mark Akenside. London : Printed by R. Dodsley at Tully's Head in Pall-
Mall, 1744. First Edition, vignette on title-page, sm. 4to, broivn calf extra, gilt
edges, by Riviere c§- Son. £2 2s.

The author's most important contribution to English poetry.

"The most perfect builder of our blank verse. Why are his Pkasuyes of the Imagina-
tion so little perused ? There are a hundred (I had well-nigh said a thousand) of electrical
passages in this charming poem." — Dibdin.

24 ALAR'BAtS, a Dramatic Opera, written by a Gentleman of Quality.
London: Printed by M, J. for J. Morpheiv, near Stationers' Hall, 1709. First
Edition, sm. 4to, sew7i, unbound. 5s.

ALEYN {CHARLES), (d- 1640). A Poet of considerable reputation.

HENRIE OF THAT NAME THE SEVENTH, with the famed Battaile


UPON Redmoore neere Bosworth, in a Poem, by Charles Aleyn. London :
Printed by Thos. Cotes for William Cooke, and are to be sold at his shop, neere Fnrni-
val's-Inne gate, in Holbnrne, 1638. First Edition, xvith the very fine and rare
PORTRAIT by William Marshall, sm. 8vo, original sheep. £15 15s.

A very scarce volume, interesting to the Shakespeare collector for the description of Bos-
worth Field and the character of Richard III. ; noticed by AUibone in his list of Shake-

Telephone : " Central, 1539."


26 Another Copy, 1638. Wanting the povtrait, and not so fine, sm. 8vo,

calf. £2 10s.

27 APPARITION, THE ; or, The Sham-Wedding, a Comedy, as it is
Acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane by Her Majesty's Servants, by a
Gentleman of Christ-Church College, in Oxford, London : Printed for A. Dodds,
at the Peacock, without Temple Bar, 1714. First Edition, 4to, half bound, head-
lines cut. 4s. 6d.

28 Another Copy, 1714. Sewn, headlines cut. 2s. 6d.

ARMIN (ROBERT), (A- 1610).

28a THE VALIANT WELSHMAN ; or. The True Chronicle History of
THE Life and Valiant Deeds of Caradoc the Great, King of Cambria, now
CALLED Wales, as it hath been sundry times Acted by the Prince of Wales his
Servants, written by R. A. Gent. London : Printed for William Gilhertson, at
the Bible without Neivgate, 1663. Woodcut frontispiece of a knight in full armour,
probably meant for the Prince of Wales. Sm. 4to, frontispiece, neatly repaired,
othertmse a good copy, in brown calf neat, by Riviere & Son. £6 16s. 6d.

This is an exceedingly interesting and very scarce play. It first appeared in 1615, and
Douce says that much of the first scene of Hamlet has been imitated in the Valiant Welshman.
See his Illustrations of Shakespeare, vol. ii., p. 261.

iSb Another Copy. No frontispiece, otherivise a good copy, in half calf neat.

£3 13s. 6d.

UPON FOOLE ; or, Sixe Sortes of Sottes, 1605. Additions from a Nest
BOY, 1609. Edited, with Introduction and Notes and Illustrations, by
Rev. A. B. Grosart. Printed for Subscribers 1880 (only 62 copies issued). 2 vols,
4to, sewn. £1 15s.

ARMSTRONG (JOHN), (i^og-ijyg), Poet, Physician, Essayist. Born at
Castleton, Roxburghshire.

30 THE ART OF PRESERVING HEALTH, a Poem. London.- Printed for
A. Miller, opposite to Katharine-Street, in the Strand, 1744. First Edition, 4to,
old half calf £1 Is.

The "Art of Preserving Health," a didactic poem in four books, sprung at once into
popularity, and has passed through several editions down to our own day. In the class of
poetry to which it belongs it holds a distinguished place. No writer of the eighteenth century
had so masterful a grasp of blank verse as is shown in parts of this poem. The powerful
passage descriptive of the plague (Book III.) has been highly praised. As in all didactic
poetry, the practical directions are of little interest ; but those who value austere imagination
and weighty diction cannot afford to neglect Armstrong's masterpiece.

31 Another Copy, 1744. First Edition, broivn calf extra, by Riviere (~ Son,

a fine copy. £2 2s.

ARNOLD (CORNELIUS), (1711-1757)- Poetical Writer. Educated at
Merchant Taylors' School.

32 THE MIRROR, a Poetical Essay, in the Manner of Spenser, anno 1755.
First Edition, sm. 4to, seinn {dedicated to David Garrick). 5s,


33 THE FEAST OF BELSHAZZAR, a Prize Poem, recited in the Theatre,
Oxford, June xxiii., MDCCCLII., by Edwin Arnold. University College,
Oxford. Francis Macpherson, 1852. Oxford Prize Poem. i2mo, setvn. 5s.

Telegraphic Address : " Lycidas, London."


ARNOLD (MATTHEW). (1822-1888).

34 POEMS, by Matthew Arnold. London : Longman, Brown, Green, and Long-
mans, 1853. First Editon, sm. 8vo, full levant morocco extra, gilt leaves, by
Riviere. 18s.

This is called " a new edition," but it is really the first collected edition of Arnold's


35 FONS PERENNIS, a Poem on the Excellent and Useful Invention of making
Sea- Water Fresh, humbly dedicated to the King's Most Excellent Majesty,
by Edm. Arwaker, M.A., Author of " The Vision." London: Printed for Henry
Bomvicke, at the Red Lion, in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1686. First Edition,
sm. 4to, sewn. 4s. 6d.

36 THE BIRTH-NIGHT, a Pastoral, by Mr. Arwaker. London: Printed for
H. Bonwiche at the Red Lion, in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1705. First Edition,
folio, sewn. 3s. 6d.

37 THE VISION, A PINDARICK ODE, occasioned by the Death of our
late Gracious Sovereign, King Charles II. By Edmund Arwaker, M.A.
London : Printed by J. Play ford, for Henry Play ford, near the Temple Church, 1685.
The Second Part of the " Vision, a Pindarick Ode," occasioned by their
Majesties' Happy Coronation, 1683. First Editions, two parts, sm. folio,
sewn. 5s.

ASCHAM (ROGER), (1515-1568). Author, born at Kirby Wiske, near
Northallerton. Educated by his father, John Ascham, and later on in the family of Sir Anthony
Wingfield, under the tutorship of R. Bord. His physical education was not neglected, and he
was taught archery, which was always Ascham's favourite exercise. At fifteen he went to
St. John's College, Cambridge. He took his degree and devoted himself to tutoring. In
1538 Ascham was appointed Greek reader at St. John's with a good salary. In 1548 Princess
Elizabeth called Ascham from college to direct her studies, which he did for two years. In
1550 he travelled on the Continent, and in 1554 he resigned his fellowship and married Miss
Margaret Howe, a young lady of good family. He died on December 30, 1568, universally
lamented. Queen Elizabeth was one of the loudest mourners, and declared that she would
" rather have lost ten thousand pounds than her tutor Ascham." He has been called " the
Father of English Prose." Certain it is that " previous to the exertions of Ascham very few
writers can be mentioned as affording any model for English style."

38 TOXOPHILVS: THE SCHOOLE ; or. Partitions of Shooting, con-
tayned in Two Bookes, written by Roger Ascham, 1544, and now newly
perused, pleasaunt for all Gentlemen and Yeomen of England, for their pastime
to reade, and profitable for their use to follow, both in warre and peace. At
London: Printed by Abell Jeffes, by the consent of H. Marsh, Anno 1589. — A
REPORT AND DISCOURSE, written by Roger Ascham, of the Affaires
and State of Germany, and the Emperour Charles, his Court, durying certaine
yeares while the sayd Roger was there. At London : Printed by John Daye,
dwelling oner Aldersgate (1552).— THE SCHOOLEMASTER ; or, Playne and
Perfite way of Teaching Children to Understande, Write, and Speake
the Latin Toong, but specially purposed for the priuate bringing up of Youth
in Gentlemen and Noblemen's Houses ; and commodious also for all such as
haue forgot the Latin Toong, and would, by themselues, without a School-
maister, in short time, and with small paines, recouer a sufficient habilitie to
vnderstand, write, and speake Latine, by Roger Ascham. At London: Printed
by Abell Jeffes, Anno 1589. Together 3 vols, in i, sm. 4to, black letter, very
fine copies, in green morocco extra, n'ith double of black morocco, and broad gold
tooling, a handsome binding, by Zachnsdorf. £15 15s.

While Ascham was in Germany he kept a diary in English throughout this foreign sojourn,
in which he described the German princes he met and the political questions of issue in
Europe. These document were published under the title of A Report and Discourse of the
Affairs and State of Germany , as above.

The first book of " The Schoolemaster " shows arguments in fa\'Our of alluring a child to
learning by gentleness rather than force. The second book details the author's method of
teaching Latin by means of a double translation, which subsequent writers on education have
invariably praised. Ascham died before he had finished his work.

Telephone: "Central, 1539."


39 TOXOPHILVS: THE SCHOOLE ; or, Partitions of Shooting, con-
tayned in Two Bookes, written by Roger Ascham, and now newly perused,

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