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CS 71
Set 1

OF AMERICA 1956-1958



OF AMERICA 1956-1958


Hartford, Wis.



Give me the West with its clear

strong call,
To lofty peak and thundering

To foaming torrents, dashing

Down canyons deep, centuries

To range on range that rise and

From rock-strevyn floor to

bleak snow drift.

Give me the West where day-
light's close,

Brings a poem in azure, mauve
and rose.

Where evening splendors lift
the eye,

To a gorgeous canvas flung on

Topping the peaks with purpling

Folding the plains in velvet


Colorado Spri ngs, Colorado

CS 7/

[fyC '/^J-9

The emblem used on the cover was designed by Kenneth R. Pike of Hartford,
Wisconsin- -inspired by the "Pikes" on the family crest - and used by the
family to identify their canoe paddles and other camping equipment.

Publishes"^ '"'^

yUl I 1963


The Pike Family held it's last regular meeting on June 28, 1941 in Boston,

Due to the war years and the passing away of Mrs. Lillian Pike Packard
the then Secretary, the Association was in a period of inactivsness, until
Rev. R. Vernon Pike of Greenfield, Iowa, a Vice-President felt that it was
necessary to preserve our heritages and proceeded to schedule a meeting in
the mid -west.

During the Fall of 1955 the follov/ing notice was sent to all members of
the Pike Family Association to their last known addresses and to many Pike
descendants known to be interested.

Dear Cousin:

Since the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce are planning a year
long celebration of the sesquicentennial of the discovery of Pikes Peak by
Zebulon Montgomery Pike during 1956, we also are planning for a reunion
of all of the descendants and relatives of General Pike there also. While the
Historical Society will major on special events from time to time, we hope
that the Pike families will make the first two weeks of July their major

We are assured that the Post Master General of Washington, D.C. is
giving consideration to a request made by the "Historical Society for the Pikes
JPeak Region" for a special stamp recognizing the sesquicentennial observance
of the discovery of Pikes Peak by Zebulon Montgomery Pike in 1806. We are
also informed that there is a very large number of such requests on file at
this time and that there are only 12-15 such stamps issued annually.

The Historical Society says that the hope of our securing the special
stamp rests upon the wide spread interest in its publication outside of Col.

I am addressing this letter to you to emphasize the value, as I see it, of
this sesquicentennial observance. While it is true, that General Pike's claim
to fame is more realistically concerned with his life as a soldier than as an
explorer, it is equally true that his influence upon American life is perpetu-
ated in a more definite way by keeping that influence alive by the recognition of
the monument erected to him by the hand of the Infinite and named as a natural
by the American people.

Since the first settlement of the Pike forebears on the shores of New
England in 1635, those who bear the name have borne "aloft the principles of
Freedom and Democracy" and have sought to "keep their honor untarnished
and to be always ready to die for their country".

The thrilling feature of this story is that a young foot soldier with this
noble ideal before him walked into immortality with no other fanfare except
his loyalty and obedience to his superiors. What appeal for a special stannp
equals this effort to bring this impulse of loyalty to young Americans.

Yours very truly.

R. Vernon Pike

Exec -Sec. Pike Family Association of Ainerica


Colorado Springs, Colorado
July 1, 1956


Dear Cousins:

I have found through the experience of correspondence with you that there is a
kinship within our family worth fostering. After having read the scores of
letters indicating a knowledge of the character of the members of our family
who have made history, I feel that it would do an injustice to the name and the
services rendered if we did not at this time revive the Association and place
it in an active position again.

With the authority of our President, Dr. Maurice M. Pike of Hartford, Conn,
and our Secretary, Miss M. Elizabeth Kilburn of West Newton, Mass. we are
calling all interested Pikes and their relatives to meet at Colorado Springs,
Colorado on Friday, July 13th, at 10:00 A. M. in the Little Theater of the City
Auditorium. This meeting will be for the purpose of reorganization and to
conduct such business as can be legally transacted under the present Constitution
and By Laws.

We are adding new members, continually and hope that many will renew their
memberships at this meeting. Initial memberships are one dollar with 50^
annual dues, and we are asking an additional 50^ with each membership to
cover postage of the Historical records you will receive when you become a

Please let me hear from you at once declaring your lineage as connected to
General Zebulon Montgomery Pike. Every assistance possible will be rendered
to enable you to establish your lineage if necessary.

Yours truly.

R . Vernon Pike

Executive Secretary

Pike Family Association of America

Colorado Springs, Colorado - July, 1956

The State of Colorado celebrated in 1956 a year long Sesquicentennial of
the Discovery of Pikes Peak.

In observance with the Sesquicentennial activities, the PIKE FAMILY
ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA made plans to hold a National Pike Family re-
union during July 1-15 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Much credit and appreciation is due Rev. R. Vernon Pike of Greenfield,
Iowa, who spent over a year and a half in planning the activities of this of-
ficial meet. The Sesquicentennial Committee in Colorado Springs gave much
assistance. Invitations were sent to known Pike members and their relatives
throughout the United States.

We were sorry that our President, Dr. Maurice M. Pike of Hartford,
Connecticut, and Miss M. Elizabeth Kilburn of West Newton, Massachusetts,
could not attend.

Because a large number of Pike members were present during the first
week of July and couldn't stay until July 13, a meeting was held at the Chamber
of Commerce room on July 3, 1956 at 10:00 A, M. Rev. R. Vernon Pike act-
ing as Chairman welcomed the Pike members from the various states and a
period of getting acquainted followed.

The following committee was appointed to nominate a slate of officers for
the forthcoming meeting of the PIKE FAMILY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA to
be held July 13, 1956.

Leon W. Pike - Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Mrs. Edith Pike Hansen - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Mrs. Edith Masters Crawford - Cleveland, Ohio

Proxies were signed by Pike members who could not remain until the
July 13 meeting.

An informal listing of desired motions to be presented at the July 13
national meeting were discussed and formulated. These included: raise in
dues - request for coat of arms in a form suitable to frame or used on
stationery, buttons, or pins - issuing of membership cards - Salisbury
Memorial Fund in honor of Major Robert Pike - regular meeting dates and
location of the PIKE FAMILY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA - publication of
1956 records and that an effort be made to catalogue or secure historical
objects or papers of importance to the Pike family.

Kenney Englert, President of the Historical Society of the Pikes Peak
Region, presented a schedule of events to be held in Colorado Springs and to
which members of the Pike family were invited as special guests.

Everette Conover, President of Kiwanis, was present to make specific
plans for participation in July 4 "Parade of Channpion" celebration. Schedule
of events included:

July 4 - "Parade of Champions" sponsored by Kiwanis -

Pike Family were honored guests - Fort Carsons
band played "America the Beautiful" in tribute -
Representing the Pike Family in the parade - all
descendants of James Brown Pike, brother of
General Zebulon Montgomery Pike, Discoverer of
Pikes Peak were:

Rev. R. Vernon Pike - Greenfield, Iowa

Leon W. Pike - Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Kenneth R. Pike - Hartford, Wisconsin

Mrs. Edith Pike Hansen - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Claude Wright - Columbus, Ohio

George Amberg - Hermosa Beach, California

Fireworks followed which included historic scenes.

July 5 - Pike Family guests at SKY-SOX ball ganne in Memorial

July 6 - Junior Chamber of Commerce chuck wagon dinner. Pike
Family and board members of Historical Society.

July 8 - Dedication of nnemorial placque in Williams Canon pre-
sented by Mrs. Rose Mansfield Pike - Rev. R. Vernon
Pike represented Pike family.

July 12 - Pike Fannily guests of honor at meeting of Historical
Society of Pikes Peak Region held at Ghost Town -
Pioneer Museum of which Dorothy Smith is curator -
held special and interesting exhibits for the Pike Family.

Rev. R. Vernon Pike of Greenfield, Iowa and Zebulon Montgonnery Pike,
Jr. of Lakewood, Colorado represented the Pike Family in many activities
held before and after these dates as at dedication of Zebulon M. Pike School -
Range Riders Breakfast - Zebulon Pike marker dedication by Historical
Society on highway 115 - and Radio Week.

This preliminary meeting was adjourned at 12:00 to the Swiss Chalet where
dinner reservations had been made for the entire Pike Family.

Mrs. Kenneth R. Pike
Secretary - Treasurer

tsoe - lese


"History is the essence of innumerable biographies"

Friday, July 13, 1956 - Colorado Springs, Colorado

The regular biennial meeting was called to order by acting Chairman, Rev.
R. Vernon Pike of Greenfield, Iowa. Several minutes were spent in introduc-
tions, before business was transacted.

Zebulon Montgomery Pike, Sr. of Golden, Colorado, was selected as Chair-
man and Mrs. Luella Pike Mason of Portland, Oregon, as Secretary pro-tem.
This was because of the absence of our president. Dr. Maurice M. Pike,
Hartford, Connecticut and our secretary, M. Elizabeth Kilburn, West Newton,

Rev. R. Vernon Pike gave a report of his findings concerning the Pike
National Association to bring members up to date.

Members of the nominating committee which had been appointed at the pre-
liminary meeting July 3, 1956,

Leon W. Pike - Crandon, Wisconsin

Mrs. Edith Pike Hansen - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Mrs. Edith Masters Crawford - Cleveland, Ohio

submitted the following members for officers in the Pike Family Association of
America for a term of two years. Rev. R. Vernon Pike gave the following re-
port in the Committee's absence:

Pres. - Zebulon Montgomery Pike, Jr. - Lakewood, Colorado

1 - Vice-pres. - Rev. R. Vernon Pike - Greenfield, Iowa

2 - Vice-pres. - E. Lester Crawford - Cleveland 12, Ohio - 1848 Knowles Ave.

3 - Vice-pres. - John Albert Pike - Woodstock, New York

4 - Vice-pres. - Harold Crosby - McKeesport, Pa. - 1512 Manor Ave.

5 - Vice-pres. - Mrs. Spencer P. Bass - Tarboro, North Carolina

6 - Vice-pres. - Mrs. W. E. Falconer - Walla Walla , Wash. - 322 Catherine St.

7 - Vice-pres. - Rev. William Henry Oliver Harrison - Corpus Christi, Texas

Sec. -Treas. - Mrs. Kenneth R, Pike - Hartford, Wis. - 104 S. Rural St.
Res. -Sec. - Mrs. Raymond Renaud - Cleveland Hts. 18, Ohio - 3111 E. Over-
look Rd.


Chairman Zebulon Montgomery Pike, Sr. asked for nominations from the
floor or for any comments on the report. It was moved and seconded that the
secretary be instructed to cast a unanimous ballot for these officers collective-
ly. Motion carried.

Motion made and seconded that the proxies of members who were here at
the July 3 meeting be accepted. Motion carried.

The report of the nominating committee for the Board of Directors or
Policy Committee was presented:

1. Robert M. Pike - Mountain View, California - 2527 Benjamin Drive

2. Mrs. Edith Pike Hansen - Sioux Falls, So. Dak. - S. Minnesota Rd.,R.R,3

3. Mrs. M. Lawrence Shields - Marblehead Neck, Mass. - Ocean Ave.

4. Claude F. Wright - Columbus, Ohio - 220 East 15th Street

5. M. Elizabeth Kilburn - West Newton 65, Mass. - 235 Highland St.

6. Dr. Maurice M. Pike - Hartford 6, Connecticut - 85 Jefferson St.

7. Miss Oma Bishop - Highland Park, New Jersey - 126 Montgomery St.

8. Florence Eva Masters - Des Moines, Iowa - 1325 West 9th St.

9. Mrs. Rose Mansfield Pike - Colorado Springs, Colorado - 1918 N. Tejon

The president pro-tem asked for additional names. Mrs. Rose Mansfield
Pike was nominated. The report was accepted unanimously.

The chair then presented the gavel to the new president, Zebulon Mont-
gomery Pike, Jr. of Lakewood, Colorado.

Our new president then brought in recommendations from the meeting of
members on July 3, 1956.

1. RECOMMENDATION: That the Salisbury Memorial Fund in honor of Major

Robert Pike which is now held by the PIKE FAMILY ASSOCIATION OF
AMERICA be turned over to the Salisbury Library Association to es-
tablish a memorial room in the name of Major Robert Pike. This is to
be in the new library to be erected in Salisbury, Massachusetts.

It was farther suggested that some early family history might be kept
in the Salisbury Memorial room and balance of Pike historical nnatter
be placed in Masonic Temple, Washington, D. C. and made available
for research.

Motion made, seconded and passed with authority gi%'en to Board of
Directors and executive officers to act on the above.

Secretary note: Reference: 1941 - 1948 Record page 8 - Association
voted money turned over "when the foundation of the building has been
put in".

2. RECOMMENDATION: That the regular meeting of the PIKE FAMILY AS-

SOCIATION OF AMERICA be held on even numbered years in different
geographical locations in response to invitations from Pike Family
groups .

Motion made, seconded and passed.

Discussion of group present suggested also that meetings of the PEKE
FAMILY ASSOCIATION meet alternately on odd numbered years at
Colorado Springs for officers and policy committee members for
acquaintance fellowship and the future of the organization.

3. RECOMMENDATION: That the regular meeting date of the PIKE FAMILY

ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA be set on the first Monday following the
4th of July.

Motion made, seconded and passed.

4. RECOMMENDATION: That appropriate membership cards be prepared and

distributed to all present and future members of the PIKE FAMILY AS-
SOCIATION OF AMERICA. Suggested size for wallet, 2-1/2 x 3-3/4

Motion made, seconded and passed.

5. RECOMMENDATION: That the 1956 records of the PIKE FAMILY ASSOCIA-

TION OF AMERICA, including the minutes of the regular meeting held
at Colorado Springs during the Sesquicentennial be published and made
available to all members in good standing.

Motion made, seconded and passed.

6. RECOMMENDATION: That pins or buttons and Coat of Arms be made avail-

able for purchase to all members of the Association.

Motion made, seconded and passed.

7. RECOMMENDATION: That funds paid in for life memberships be segregated

from the cash account and invested in U. S. Government Bonds for the
purpose of guaranteeing life memberships.

That the income from these bonds be used same as current dues.

That moneys remaining in the Life Membership Fund at the expiration
of a member be maintained in the fund as a memorial for the future use

Motion made, seconded and passed.

8. RECOMMENDATION: That an attempt be made to obtain objects or papers

of importance pertaining to the PIKE FAMILY which could be assembled
in a designated place as a (museum) so that they may be viewed by the
entire family. Copies should be obtained if the originals are not available.


Motion made that an attempt be made to obtain objects or papers of im-
portance pertaining to the PIKE FAMILY which will be assembled in
the Pioneer's Museum, Colorado Springs, Colorado so that they may
be viewed by the entire family.

This motion was not seconded or passed.

Secretary note: It is assumed that this matter would be handled by
Board of Directors and Executive Officers. This is a purely volunteer
gesture on the part of the membership. Details will be worked out to
best satisfaction of all concerned.

The President expressed a word of appreciation to President Kenneth
Englert and the Historical Society of Pikes Peak Region for their help in pub-
licizing and sponsoring various activities in honor of Pikes during the Ses-
quicentennial. Further business originating in July 13 meeting was:

Motion made, seconded and passed that Mrs. Raymond Renaud,
Cleveland, Ohio, be made an Assistant Research Secretary to assist
Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Kenneth R. Pike, Hartford, Wisconsin.

Motion made, seconded and passed that initial dues for new members
be $3. 00 and that $1. 00 be continuing yearly membership dues to be-
gin January 1, 1958.

Motion made, seconded and passed that we authorize the Executive
Officers to send out copies of the Historical Sesquicentennial book
all members in good standing.

Motion made, seconded and passed that a letter of appreciation be sent
to all groups who have been instrumental in making the PIKE FAMILY
ASSOCIATION reunion a success and for all the courtesies extended to

President Zebulon M. Pike, Jr. gave a word of appreciation for the efforts
of Rev. R. Vernon Pike in organizing this most successful reunion.

Meeting adjourned.

Mrs. Kenneth R. Pike

Secretary -Treasurer



June 8, 1959

Received for Membership Fees and Dues-1956 Reunion $ 86. 50

Received for Mennbership Fees and Dues since

1956 Reunion to June 8, 1959 231.00

Nov. 5, 1956-Withdrawal- Montpelier Capital Savings

and Trust Co. - - I 00. 00

Jan. 30, 19 59 -Withdrawal -Montpelier Capital Savings Bk. - 350. 00

$767. 50


Expenses of Colorado Springs Reunion 1956 $ 58. 79

Express -records from Mass. to Wis. 28.87

Wm. Freund & Sons, Chicago, 111. Engraving
with Pike Crest-1, 000 Membership cards-
1,000 stationery-1,000 Pike Family As-
sociation of America 309. 00

Printing 1959 Reunion letters 26. 90

100 Stationery boxes-Shadur Box Co. Milw. Wis. - 1 4.00

Postage 1956-1959 - 91.3 1

Printed genealogical forms-Pike Family Inst.

sheets -letterhead paper etc. 83. 50

Supplies 1956-1959-filing cards, files, envelopes,

paper, record books, etc. 45. 75

Respectfully submitted,
Mrs. Kenneth Pike



Balance $1 09. 38

On deposit in Capital Savings Bank & Trust $556. 67


There have been many requests for this stationery, and we now have it avail-
able for you. The new stationery has the engraved Pike crest done in gold, red,
and green, on English letterhead size sheets. Each box includes 10 sheets with
crest, 5 plain sheets, and 10 envelopes. Price $1.50. - Secretary, 104 South
Rural Street, Hartford, Wisconsin


Salisbury Library

This project was consumated by the former officers of the Pike Family Associa-
tion, Dr. Maurice Pike of Hartford, Connecticut, President and M. Elizabeth
Kilburn of West Newton, Massachusetts, Secretary-Treasurer. (See minutes of
1956 nneeting. )

On November 15, 1956, Miss Kilburn sent our Robert Pike Memorial fund check

"To the Town of Salisbury (Salisbury Public Library) the sum of
twenty-one hundred and twenty-five dollars and four cents ($2,125.04)
to be expended by the trustees toward a Robert Pike Memorial room. "

Ward F. Messenger, Secretary to the Salisbury Public Library Board of
Trustees wrote on March 14, 1959,

"The Library building was built in 1956 and 1957 and was in use
most of 1957. The Trustees and Building Committee had an open
house reception May 5, 1958 which was well attended. An oil
painting of Captain Robert Pike (artist, Sam Sargent) was hung
in the entry of the building and we expect it to stay there as long
as the Library stands. The people of the town were all made
aware of the Pike Family's contribution to the new Library. "

Mr. Ward Messenger, issued an invitation to any member of the Pike Family
to call at the Library when in Salisbury and thanked the Association for the
generous gift.

It was hoped that a picture of the Library and the oil painting of Major Robert
Pike might be included in this report, but request was not fulfilled. Anyone
visiting the Library or having pictures of same, please send to the Association
Secretary-(104 S. Rural Street, Hartford, Wisconsin).


Sometimes I feel lonely and oh so alone.

Then I look to the Saviour, my heaven and home.

He said He would go to prepare me a place.

Oh, won't it be grand just to look on His face,

He's always the same, so kind and so true,

Never broken a promise to me or to you.

If I stop and think how He died on that tree.

And to know that He did for you and for me.

But, Oh, When He beckons and I hear His last call.

Good deeds that I've done will then seem so small.

William W. Pike
St. Paul, Minn.




Adams-Mrs. E. Gerald
Aldridge-Fred Eugene
Amberg-George Herman

Barkley-EUis Blake
Beal-Mrs. Charlotte Pike
Bloss-Mrs. Richard L.
Brown- Mrs. A rthur
Brown- Mrs. Orley E.
Brown-Orley E.
Brown-Russell Aldridge

Chicken-Elizabeth Joan
Chicken-Mrs. J. Neil
Crawford-Mrs. Lester
Crawford -Lester
Cruikshank-Mrs. Ernest

Deitch-Mrs. James
Deitch-Mary Lou
Diehl-Mrs. Charles
Durnell -Jacque Jo
Durnell-Mrs. Parker Joe
Durnell-William Theodore
Dye-James Denzil

English-Mrs. T. J.

Falconer-Mrs. W. E,
Ficken- Edward
Ficken-Mrs. Madge Pike
Filbert-Mrs. Robert
Fletcher -Calvin
Fosket-Mrs. Earl F.
Francis-Mrs. Samuel A.

Gardner-Mrs. Icie Virginia(life member)
Godfrey-Mrs. N. E.
Goodsell-Mrs. Frank T.

Bellows Falls, Vermont

Iowa City, Iowa

Hermosa Beach, California

Richmond, Indiana
Ash Grove, Missouri
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jefferson, Iowa
Alliance, Ohio
Alliance, Ohio
Lyndhurst, Ohio

Greenfield, Iowa
Greenfield, Iowa
East Cleveland, Ohio
East Cleveland, Ohio
Chatham, New Jersey

Kirkville, Iowa
Kirkville, Iowa
Lisbon Falls, Maine
Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington
Bakersfield, California
Pocatello, Idaho

Wichita, Kansas

Walla Walla, Washington
Powell, Wyonning
Powell, Wyoming
Worthington, Ohio
Logan, Utah
Englewood, Colorado
Los Altos, California

Bausman, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Salem, Massachusetts

Hansen-Mrs. Edith Pike
Hansen-Jon Edward
Hansen-Lowell Clinton Jr.
Hansen-Lynne Christine
Hart-Mrs, Carl R.
Hollo way -Georgiana
Hopkins -Mrs. Henry

Kilburn -Elizabeth
King-Donald Leon

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Lubbock, Texas
Grinnell, Iowa
Baltimore, Maryland

West Newton, Massachusetts
La Mirada, California

Lanphere-Edward E.

Evanston, Illinois


Leyde-Mrs. Effie Pike
London- Lotta Ethel Pike
Loop-Mrs. Frank Edward

Ma son- Mary Beth
Mason-Mrs, Carl E.
Mason-Rev, Carl B,
Masters -Florence Eva
Masters -George Vernon
Masters -Loyal David
Masters-Mrs, A. Ruth

McGinn-Mrs. Sylvester

Nunn-Mrs. Keith R.

Noyes-Mrs. Harry K. (life member)

Off -Mrs. Donald
Otten-Mar^ Amberg

Pettit-Mrs. Chas. H.(life member)

Pike -Mrs, Albert

Pike -Alexander

Pike -Allen R,

Pike -Charles Spencer

Pike -Clifford Llewellyn

Pike -Dennis H.

Pike -Edward LeRoy

Pike -Emory John

Pike -Florence S.

Pike -Gary Leon

Pike -George Harold

Pike -Gilbert P.

Pike -Harold S,

Pike-Harry Wardell

Pike-Mrs. Hernnan W.

Pike -Kenneth R.

Pike-Mrs. Kenneth R.

Pike -Leon Wilson

Pike -Mrs. Leon W.

Pike -Leonard Dale

Pike - Pa me 1 a Le e

Pike -Prescott Lawrence

Pike-Mrs. Prescott Lawrence

Pike-Mrs. Robert Frederick

Pike -Robert Montgomery

Pike -Robert Montgomery Jr.

Pike -Robert Russell

Pike -Mrs. Rose Mansfield

Pike-R. Vernon

Pike -Vernon Bender

Pike -William Wallace

Pike -Vernon Woodard

Pike -Vincent Garrett

Anacortes, Washington

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