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Janiculum, held 2 stone coffins, one
with body of IS r uma, the other with
sacred books he had written, I.
378; occupied by Marius, ix. 580

January, changed from llth to 1st
month by Numa, I. 3G6; by many
said to have been put in calendar
by him, 368; named from Janus,
370 ; nearly same as Athenian
Poseideon, VII. 532

January Calends, first day of Roman
year, XI. 492, 590

Janus, account of; why 2 faces; his
temple at Rome, when closed, I.
372 ; double doors of temple opened
after Numa's death. 398

Jason (1), commander of Argo, sailed
about, clearing sea of pirates, I. 38 ;
helped at Colchis by Theseus, 66,
II. 410

Jason (2), father of ThebS ; friend of
Pelopidas, V. 410

Jason (3), tragic actor in retinue of
Hyrodes, III. 420

Jews, stirred to revolt by Aristobulus,
IX. 142

Journals, with particulars of Alex-
ander's last illness, VII. -132


Jove, Olympian, iv. 380

Juba (1), king, aids Cato and Scipio in
Africa, VII. 562 ; VIII. 372; 374; his
camp sacked by Caesar, vn. 566 ;
escaped from Thapsus with few
followers, VIII. 378; hidden in
mountain with few men, sends
letter to Cato, 384, 386

Juba (2), son of preceding, led in
Caesar's triumph; became one of
most learned historians of Hellas,
VII. 570; married Cleopatra,
Cleopatra's daughter, IX. 330.

Cited : I. 130, 132, 142, 330, 352,
IV. 380, V. 524

Judaea, subdued by Pompey and its
king imprisoned, V. 216; 230;
pacified by Antony, IX. 142 ;
balsam-producing part given to
Cleopatra, 218

Jugurtha, the Numidian, bribed
Opimius, X. 238 ; IX. 478 ; son-in-
law of Bocchus, surrendered to
Sulla, 484, IV. 328 ; led in triumph,
died in prison, IX. 494

Julia (1), sister of Caesar's father, wife
of Marius the Elder, mother of
Marius the Younger, VII. 442, ix.
474 ; Caesar d elivers funeral oration
over her in forum, VII. 450

Julia (2), of house of Caesars, wife of
Antonius Creticus, mother of M.
Antony, after death of A. C.
married Cornelius Lentulus, IX.
138; 180

Julia (3), daughter of Caesar, be-
trothed to Caepio, married to
Pompey, V. 238, 298, VII. 474, VIII.
310 ; great love between her and
Pompey, buried in Campus
Martins, her death removes check
on rivalry between Pompey and
Caesar, V. 252, VII. 500 ; 570

Julia (4), daughter of Augustus,
married first to Marcellus, then to
Agrippa, IX. 330 f.

Julius, censor, died, II. 124

Julius Proculus, see " Proculus,

Julius Salinator, see " Salinator,

July, named from J. Caesar, originally
called Quintilis, I. 370

June, derived from " Juno " or
" iunior," I. 370

Junia, sister of Brutus, wife of Cassius

VI. 140

Junius, governor of Asia, VII. 446
Junius, M., dictator after Cannae, III.


Junius Silanus, see " Silanus, Juntas."
Juno, temple of, in citadel of Veii, n.

106 ; image of, transferred to

Rome, 108 ; temple of, on Capi-

toline, 160

Juno of Hierapolis, IV. 366
Juno Quiritis, her statue leans upon a

spear, 1. 182
Junonia, in Greek Heraea; colony

founded on site of Carthage by C.

Gracchus, X. 220
Jupiter, received dedication of Capitol

from Tarquin, I. 144; story of his

conversation with Xuma, 360 ;

garland of oak leaves sacred to him,

IV. 122; 176
Jupiter Capitolinus, temple of, built

by Tarquin the Proud ; story of the

terra cotta chariot for the roof, I.

534; history of temple, 536 f.
Jupiter Feretrius, origin of the term,

I. 136 f., V. 454; 450; temple of,

Jupiter Stesius or Stator, origin and

meaning of the term, I. 146 ; his

temple at beginning of Sacra Via as

you go up Palatine Hill, vil. 120
Jus trium liberorum, what it was, I.

Justice, seated beside Zeus, VII. 376 ;

Spartan idea of, V. 106

?, its meaning, I. 240
Kannathron, what it is, V. 52
Ke<ca66i'cr0cu, its meaning, I. 240
Keraton, sort of altar about which the

" Crane " was danced by Theseus,


Ke'pavvos, title of tyrants, II. 228
Kermalus, once called Germanus,

jilace where trough containing

Ilia's twins landed, 1. 98
Kitaris, Persian for tiara, XI. 190
Klaria, Spartan for mortgages, X. 30
Klodones, women devoted to Orphic

rites and orgies of Dionysus, VII.

ITothon, Laconian drinking- cun. its

description, I. 230



Krupteia, at Sparta, its nature ; said
by Aristotle to have been an
institution of Lycurgue, I. 288
Ku/Sepi/ijcrta, see " Cybernesia."
Kurbeis, what they were, I. 472, 572

Labeo, Q. Antistius, informed of
conspiracy to murder Caesar, VI.
150; Brutus' legate, slain at
Pharsalus, 240

Labienus, T., Caesar's legate, crushes
Tigurini at river Arar, VII. 486 ;
deserts Caesar for Pompey, V. 282,
VII. 526; commander of Pompey's
cavalry, V. 292; not admitted to
Cyrene, vill. 370; quoted, vn. 180

Labienus, Q., son of preceding,
Parthian commander-in-chief, IX.
196; subduing Asia from Euphrates,
and Syria as far as Lydia and Ionia,
204: slain by Ventidius, 210

Labyrinth, Cretan, lair of Minotaur, I.
28; a dungeon according to
Philochorus, 30 ; its intricate wind-
ings traversed by Theseus by means
of thread given by Ariadne, 36;
scene of battle between Theseus
and Deucalion, 40 ; dance imitating
its windings still performed by
Delians, 44

Laccopluti, nickname given by comic
poets to descendants of Cailias, II,

Lacedaemonius, son of Cimon and
woman of Arcadia, III, 82 ; sent
with 10 ships to aid Corcyra, 82

Lacetanians, Spanish tribe, subdued
by Cato the Elder, II. 332

Lachares (1) becomes tyrant of
Athens, IX. 80; flee's when
Demetrius blockades city, 82

Lachares (2), father of Eurycles,
executed by Antony on charge of
robbery, 290

Lachartus, Corinthian, upbraids
Cimon, II. 456

Laciadae, deme of Miltiades, n. 412 ;
of Cimon, 432; of Thessalus, IV.

Lacinium, temple of Hera at, v. 174

Laco, Cornelius, appointed prefect of
praetorian guard under Galba, XI.
230; 262; slain by Otho's men,
268; 272


Laconia, its coasts ravaged by N icias,
III. 230; by Conon and Pharna-
bazus, V. 62; most of it detached
from Spartan confederacy, 396;
invaded by Demetrius, IX. 84; by
Aetolia and 50,000 slaves taken, X.
88; 110; invaded by T. Flamininus,

" Laconistes," nickname of Archi-
biades, VIII. 166

Laconizers, II. 456, 458

Lacratidas (1), public prosecutor of
Pericles according to Heracleides
Ponticus, III. 102

Lacratidas (2) Spartan ephor, IV. 320

Lacritus, rhetorician, teacher of
Archias according to Hermippus,
VII. 70

" Lacus Curtius," origin of the name,
1. 144, XI. 266

Ladder, so-called, road along coast of
Pamphylia, VII. 272

Laelius, reproached Cicero for not
opposing Caesar, VII. 220

Laelius, in army of Lepidus, IX. 176

Laelius, C., friend of Scipio, attempted
agrarian reform, X. 160; 250

Laena, priestly mantle, derived from
Greek " chlaina," I. 330

Laertes, " to live life of," vn. 184

Laevinus, consul, defeated by
Pyrrhus at Heracleia, IX. 392 f .,
398 ; not deposed by Eomans after
Heracleia, 400

Lais, courtesan, sold when girl from
Hyccara and brought to Pelopon-
nesus, III. 262, IV. 114

Laius, Theban king, V. 386

Lamachus (1), IV. 2 ; good soldier but
lacked authority and prestige
because of poverty, 58; left by
Pericles to help Sinopeans against
Timesileos, III. 60 ; elected general
with Nicias and Alcibiades for
Sicilian expedition, 252, IV. 46, 52 ;
urges battle close to Syracuse, III.
258, 260 ; slain by Calibrates before
Syracuse, 270

Lamachus (2), Myrinaean, wrote
encomium on Kings Philip and
Alexander; effectually answered
by Demosthenes, vil. 20

Lamia, in booty captured from
Ptolemy by Demetrius at Salamis,
IX. 36 ; 44 ; 54 ; 60 ; exacted money


from Athenians on her own account,

62 ; anecdotes about her, 64 f .,

Lamia, Antipater besieged there by

Leosthenes, VII. 66, yill. 86, IX. 346
Lampido, wife of Archidamus, mother

of Agis, V. 2

Lampon, Athenian seer, ill. 14
Lamponius, Lucanian, with Telesinus

nearly overthrew Sulla at gates of

Rome, IV. 418, 454
Lamprias, Plutarch's grandfather, IX.

Lampsacus, II. 80, IV. 106 ; with help

of Storax taken by Lysander, IV.

Lamptrae, Aeschines of, II. 252;

Philomelus of, vill. 220
Lanassa (1), daughter of Cleodaeus,

wife of Neoptolemus and mother of

Pyrrhus, IX. 346
Lauassa (2), daughter of Agathocles of

Syracuse marries Pyrrhus with city

of Corcyra as dowry, IX. 368 ; leaves

Pyrrhus and marries Demetrius,

Langobritae, attacked by Metellus,

saved by Sertorius, VIII. 34
Langon, cleared of Achaean garrison

and restored to Eleians, X. 80
Language, Carian, II. 270
Laodic6, mother of Munychus by

Demophoon, I. 78, II. 414
Laomedon (1), king of Troy, wronged

Heracles, III. 210, VIII. 2
Laomedon (2), Orchomenian, how he

became great long-distance runner,

vil. 14
Laomedon (S), gave dinner to Cimon

and others, II. 430
Laphystius, popular leader at

Syracuse, attacks Timoleon, VI.

Lapithae, aided by Theseus, fight

Centaurs, I. 66, 70
Larentalia, festival in honour of Acca

Larentia, I. 100

Larentia (1), see " Acca Larentia."
Larentia (2), why honoured, I. 100
Largess of grain, given poor on

suggestion of Cato, VIH. 296
Larissa (1), imprisons Agesilaiis' 2

ambassadors, Xenocles and Scythes,

V. 42 ; taken by Epaminondas, 404 ;

303; VI. 136; IX. 90

Larissa ( 2 ), given Monaeses by Antony ,

IX. 220
Larissus river, Achaeans fight

Aetolians and Eleians there, X. 272
Lars Porsena, of Clusium, attacks

Rome, then withdraws, I. 542 f . ;

father of Aruns, 550; bronze

statue of, near senate-house, 554
Lartius, helps Horatius defend the

bridge, I. 544
Lartius, T., left by the consul Comi-

nius in charge of the siege of Corioli,

IV. 132; 138
Larymna, of Boeotla, destroyed by

Sulla, IV. 408
Lathyrus, surname of Ptolemy, iv.

Latin festival, added by vote of

people, II. 204
Latins, especially honour woodpecker,

1.98; made alliance with Romulus,

164; with Sabines wage war on

Rome, are defeated, 556 f.; their

country devastated by Coriolanus,

Rome refusing help, IV. 186 ; with

Volscians and Aequians invade

Roman territory, II. 176 ; defeated

by Camillus, 180; invited to

participate in Roman franchise by

0. Gracchus, X. 214
Latinus, son of Telemachus, father of

Romulus by Roma according to one

account, I. 92
Latinus, T., story of his dream in

which Jupiter appeared, IV. 176
Lattamyas, with his Thessalians

conquered by Boeotians at Oeressus,

II. 138
Laughter, statue of, erected by

Lycurgus, I. 280; temple of, at

Sparta, X. 66
Laurentum, people of, slay Tatius, I.

162 f.; plague at, 166
Laureium, silver mines at, the revenue

shared among Athenians, n. 10, ill.


Lauron, in Spain, captured by
. Sertorius in spite of Pompey, V. 158,

VIII. 48

Laverna, IV. 340
Lavicum, captured by Volscians under

Coriolanus, IV. 186
Lavinia, mother of Aemilia by

Aeneas, I. 92
Lavinium, 1. 162 ; founded by Aeneas


contained sacred symbols of Roman

ancestral gods, besieged by Vol-

scians, IV. 188
Law of nations, violated by Roman

ambassador, II. 132
Lebadeia, sacked by Lysander, IV. 310 ;

sacked and despoiled of oracle by

Mithridates, 376
Lecanius, said to have slain Galba, XI.

Lechaenm, harbour at Corinth, seized

by Aratus, XI. 54; X. 92
Lectum, in Troad, II. 480
Leges, neighbours of Albani and

Amazons, V. 208
Legion, what it was; why so called,

I. 122 ; enlarged, 150 f .

" Legs," name of long walls of Athens,

II. 446

Leibethra, image of Orpheus there,

VII. 260

" Lelton," means public hall, 1. 172
Lemnos, II. 298, III. 72, 74; naval

battle near it between Lucullus and

Mithridates, II. 506
Lentuli, the two, taken on board ship

with Pompey in his flight after

Pharsalus, V. 306
Lentulus, sent to Asia by Flamininus

to free Bargylia, x. 354
Lentulus (Dolabella), 3rd husband of

Cicero's daughter, VII. 188. See also

" Dolabella (2), P. Cornelius."
Lentulus Batiatus, had school of

gladiators at Capua, III. 334
Lentulus, Cornelius, offers consul

Paulus his horse in rout at Cannae,

III. 166

Lentulus Clodianus, Gn. Cornelius,
consul with Gellius, defeated by
Spartacus, III. 340; censor with
Gellius, V. 168

Lentulus Cms, L. Cornelius, opposes
Caesar bitterly, V. 272, VII. 512,
518, 524; drives Antony from
senate, ix. 150 ; lands in Egypt and
is slain, V. 324

Lentulus Spinther, L. Cornelius, con-
sul, V. 244; with Pompey's army
in Thessaly, V. 290, VII. 178, 544;
falsely claimed share in murder of
Caesar; executed by Antony and
Octavius, 600

Lentulus Sura, P. Cornelius, his
character and career, leads Catiline's


followers left in Rome, VII. 122,
458, VIII. 286 ; convicted, gives up
office of praetor and is arrested,
VII. 128; executed, 134, 136, 140,
158, VIII. 296, IX. 138

Leo, Valerius, entertains Caesar, VII.

Leobates, Alcmeon's son, of deme
Agraule", accused Themistocles of
treason, II. 62

Leochares, moulded some of figures
in hunting scene dedicated by
Craterus, VII. 344

Leocrates, Athenian general, re-
strained by Aristides, II. 274; III.
52; 198

Leon (1), Spartan, father of Antal-
cidas, XI. 176

Leon (2), of Byzantium, companion of
Phocion in the Academy, VIII. 176 ;
quoted, III. 288

Leouidas (1), brother of Polydectes'
widow, attacks Lycurgus, I. 212

Leonidas (2), slain at Artemisium by
Xerxes' army, II. 24, V. 392, XI.
178; quoted, X. 52

Leonidas (3), son of Cleonymus, an
Agiad, 8th in descent from the
Pausanias who defeated Mardonius
at Plataea, x. 8; becomes king, is
unacceptable to people, 10 ;
opposes Agis, 18, 22 ; indicted by
Lysander and deposed, 24, 28;
brought back from Tegea, pardons
Cleombrotus, 36; expels ephors,
plots against life of Agis, 40 ; slays
Leonidas for attempting to restore
ancient constitution, 42, V. 112 :
X. 48

Leonidas (4), kinsman of Olympian,
tutor of Alexander, VII. 236, 286,

Leonidas, Gorgo's husband, quoted,

Leonnatus (1), sent by Alexander to
reassure female relatives of Alex-
ander, VII. 282; 342; to help
Eumenes, joined by Hecataeus,
plots against Perdiccas, VIII. 84;
defeated and slain by Greeks, 200

Leonnatus (2), Macedonian, saves life
of Pyrrhus, ix. 396 f.

Leontidas, with Archias and Philip
persuades Phoebidas to seize
Cadmeia, V. 350; with Archias


made ruler of Thebes by Spartans,
66, 352 ; how slain, 3G8
Leoutini, with Egesta sends embassy
to Athens to urge Sicilian expedition

III. 250; 260; VI. 58; receives Dion
kindly, 84; 264; its territory
invaded by Timoleon, 338 ; IX. 416 ;
taken by Marcellus, V. 468

Leontis, Athenian tribe, II. 2 ; opposed

to Persian centre at Marathon,

Leontocephalum, village in Asia, n.

Leos, of Agnus, betrayed Pallantidae

to Theseus, I. 26
Leosthenes, Athenian, general merely,

VII. 214, VIII. ICO; besiege'd
Antipater in Lamia, VI. 274, vn.
66, VIII. 196 f., 220, IX. 346

Leotychides (1), the Elder, his question
about square trees, I. 242 ; II. 58

Leotychides (2), son of Timaea and
Alcibiades, refused royal succession,

IV. 64, 292, V. 6, 8, 326 ; father of
Ohilonis, IX. 434

Lepida, married Metellus Scipio,

VIII. 250

Lepidus, M. Aemilius (1), see
" Aemilius Lepidus, M."

Lepidus, M. Aemilius (2), chosen consul
with support of Pompey, tried to
deprive Sulla's body of usual
burial honours, driven by Pompey
from Italy to Sardinia where he
died, IV. 434 f., 442, v. 150 f., 154,
196, 326

Lepidus, M. Aemilius (3), when
praetor, entrusted with Rome by
Caesar, ix. 152 ; consul with
Caesar in latter's 3rd consulship,
160, VII. 590, 600, VI. 168, IX. 168,
174; forms triumvirate with
Octavius and Antony, VI. 186, VII.
200, IX. 178 ; in command of Rome
when Octavius and Antony went to
fight Brutus and Cassius, 182 ;
permitted to have Africa, 204

(Lepidus?) Paulus, Aemilius, pro-
scribed by his brother the triumvir,

IX. 178

Leptines (1), brother of Dionysius the
Elder, VI. 18; gave one of his 2
daughters to Philistus, 24 ; 298

Leptines (2), with Polysperchon puts
Callippus to death, VT.122; tyrant

of Apollouia, surrenders and is sent
to Corinth by Timoleon, 318
Lerna, X. 80, XI. 90
Lernaean hydra, IX. 406
Lesbians, offer leadership to Aristides,

H. 284; IV. 26; 66
Lesbos, in. 56; captured by Paches,

226; V. 286
Leschai, I. 280

Lesche, place at Sparta, I. 254
Leto, II. 58; delivered of Apollo, V.

Leucadia, colonized by Corinth, VI.

294; VI. 278; in league against

Philip, VII. 40
Leucaria, mother of Roma by Italu.*,

I. 92
Leucas, to be colony of Corinth and

Corcyra in common, II. 64; V. 174
Leucaspides, class of troops serving

Antigonus, X. 100
Leucon, Plataean hero, II. 246
Leucothea, almost identical with

Mater Matuta, II. 104
Leuctra (1), battle at, Thebans defeat

Spartans, Cleombrotus killed, I.

300, II. 138, IV. 126, 280, 452, v.

40, 78, 376, 394, 400, 414, X. 48, XI.

178 ; plan of, has tombs of

daughters of Scedasus; 2 other

Leuctras, V. 390

Leuctra (2), stronghold of Megalo-
polis, occupied by Cleomenes, x. 60
" Leuctridae," name given daughters

of Scedasus, V. 390
Leucus river, ran through plain at

Pydna, VI. 396 ; 410
Libitina (or Proserpina, or Venus)

presides over services for dead. I,

Libo, L. Scribonius, blockading

harbour of Brnndisium, beaten off

by Antony, ix. 154
Library, of Lucullus, II. 604
Libya, I. 216, II. 474, in. 144, 190,

250, IV. 44, 324, 328, VI. 310, VIII.

372, Bocchus, king of, IX. 276;

separated from Asia bv isthmus

300 furlongs long, 296; 306; X. 122
Libyans, used by Carthaginians in

their battles, VI. 330
Libyan sea, proposed by Pyrrhus as

boundary between Carthaginians

and Gre'eks, IX. 420; cleared of

pirates by Pompey, V. 182



Libys, Lysander's father, X. 14
Libyssa, village, in Eithynia, X. 380
Lichas, Spartan, famous for hospi-
tality, II. 434
Licinia (1), daughter of P. Crassus,

wife of 0. Gracchus, X. 194;

deprived of her marriage portion,

236 ; quoted, 230

Licinia (2), vestal, her name con-
nected with that of Crassus, III.

Licinius, trusty servant of C. Gracchus,

X. 148, 234
Licinius, P., first to invade Macedonia,

defeated by Perseus, VI. 376
Licinius Macer, see " Macer, Licinius."
Licinius Philonicus, Roman of humble

birth, VI. 454

Licinius Stolo, see " Stolo, Licinius."
Lictores, attended Romulus, their

duties, derivation of word, I. 172 ;

number of, VI. 362. See also

" fasces."

Licymnius, his tomb in Argos, IX. 458
"Life of Oaecilius Metellus," cited,

IX. 546
Ligarius (0. or Q.?) pardoned by

Oaesar, VII. 182 ; friend of Brutus,

joins conspiracy to murder Caesar,

VI. 148
Liguria, traversed by Cimbri and

Teutones, IX. 302
Ligurians, defeated by Fabins

Maximus, III. 120; also called

Ligustines, brief account of them,

subdued by Aemilius Paulus, VI.

366 f.; 402; 458; call themselves

Ambrones by descent, defeat

Ambrones at Aquae Sextiae, IX.

Lilybaeum, Carthaginians land there,

VI. 320
LImnaeus, slain defending Alexander,

Vii. 404
Limnus, Macedonian from Chalaestra,

conspires against Alexander and is

killed, VII. 364
Lindus, Marcellus dedicated treasures

from Syracuse there, V. 520
Lingones, their territory crossed by

Caesar, VII. 506
Lion's Head, village where Themis-

tocles was to be murdered, II. 82
Liparian galleys, capture Roman

envoys on way to Delphi, n. 114


Liris, river, ix. 566

Lissus, Pompeian, captured by

Antony, ix. 154
Lists of citizens, arranged by censors,

II. 346

Literature, loved by Lucullns, II. 472
" Litores," original form of " lictores,"

I. 172

Lituus, crooked staff used in augury,
carried by Romulus ; preserved on
Palatine, lost at time of Gallic
invasion, found afterwards, I. 160 ;
its use, II. 174

Livia, wife of Augustus Caesar;
related to Sulpicius Galba, XI. 210;
IX. 322; 330

Livius, M., lost Tarentum to Hannibal,
HI. 186

Livius Drusus, see " Drusus, Livius."

Livius Postumius, led Latins against
Rome after Gauls left, 1. 184

Livy, of Patavium, historian, VII. 554

Cited : (V. 22) II. 108, (XXIII. 1C.

15) V. 462, (XXVII. 2) V. 502, (27)

520, (XXXIX. 5) X. 378, 380, (42)

II. 352; 564; 576; IV. 342; VII 554;

Locri Epizephyrii, favoured Hannibal,

V. 514
Locrians, give divine honours to

Eucleia, n. 278 ; proclaimed free at

Isthmian games by Flamininus, X.


Locrians, Ozolian, III. 56
Locris, invaded by Orchomenians, V.

376; ravaged by Aratus, XI. 34
Lollius, M., colleague of Cato as

quaestor, VIII. 272
" Longimanus," surname of Arta-

xerxes I., XI. 128
"Long Walls," of Athens, called

" legs," begun by Cirnon at his own

expense, n. 446
Lolls, Macedonian for month Hecatom-

baeon, VII. 228
Love, signs of, IX. 92 ; statue of, in

Academy, dedicated by Peisi-

stratus, I. 406
Luca, where Caesar, Pompey, and

Crassus met, III. 356, V. 248, VII.


Lucania, VI. 176, VII. 162, IX. 384, 394
Lucanians, Mamercus planned to

bring them against Timoleon, VI.

342 ; those joining Pyrrhus after


neracleia are censured, IS. 400;

inveterate foes of Rome, iv. 420
Lucerenses, one of the 3 divisions of

Roman people in time of Romulus ;

derived from " lucus," 1. 152
Lucilius, tribune, advises Pompey be

made tribune and is attacked by

Cato, V. 256
Lucilius, comrade of Brutus, saves

him from capture at Philippi, VI.

238 ; becomes a friend of Antony,

IX. 294
Lucinus, Sextus, thrown down

Tarpeian rock by orders of Marius,

IX. 590

Lucius (I), see " Furius, L."
Lucius (2), brother of Scipio Africanus

Maior, expelled from equestrian

order by Cato the Elder, n. 354
Lucius (3), brother of Valens, sent

away by Otho with Dolabella, XI.

" Lucius," name called out on way to

sacrifice to Romulus, I. 184
Lucretia (1), wife of Numa, mother of

Pompilia, I. 376

Lucretia (2), suffered violence, com-
mitted suicide, I. 502, 534
Lucretius (1), father of Lucretia,

elected consul with Publicola, died

soon after, I. 534
Lucretius (2) T., chosen consul as

colleague to Publicola, I. 542 ;

attacks and routs Sabine cavalrv,

Lucretius (3), invited first to express

opinion re moving to Veii, II. 170
Lucretius Ofella, urged to raise siege

of the younger Marius at Praeneste,

IV. 422 ; candidate for consulship

against Sulla's wishes, murdered by

his orders, 432 ; 448
Lucullea, festivals in honour of

Lucullus in Asia, II. 542
Lucullean money, used widely and

for long time, II. 474
Luculli, the two, absent in Servile

war, in. 432 ; VII. 478
Lucullus, L. Licinius, his family and

accomplishments, Sulla's memoirs

dedicated to him, n. 470 f., 484;

wrote Greek history of Marsic war,

472 ; favoured and employed by

Sulla, 474 f . ; commissioned by

Sulla to collect the 20,000 talents


exacted from Asia and re-coin it,
482 ; appointed guardian of Sulla's
son; consul with M. Cotta, gets
province of Cisalpine Gaul, 484;
has money sent to Pompey in Spain,
486, V. 162 ; with help of Praecia
and Cethegus gets province of
Cilicia and Mithridatic war, n. 488 ;
advances against Mithridatcs, 494 ;
comes to relief of Cyzicus, 498 ; cuts
to pieces part of Mithridates' forces
at river Rhyndacus, another part
at river Granicus, relieves Cyzicus,
504; refuses senate's vote of 3000
talents for ships, 508; invades
Mithridates' country by way of
Bithynia and Galatia, 510 ; leaves
Murena in charge of siege of Amisus,
514; inflicts severe losses upon
Mithridates, who flees, 520 ; found
great treasure in Cabira and other
places captured, 524; subdued
Chaldaeans and Tibareni, occupied
Lesser Armenia, 526 ; takes Amisus,
which is sacked and burned by the
soldiers, 528; frees cities of Asia of
their financial oppression, 532 ;
gives processions, festivals, etc.
in cities of Asia, 542 ; leaving
Sornatius as guardian of Pontus,
sets out for 2nd war, crosses
Euphrates, 546 : crosses Tigris and
enters Armenia, 548; defeats
Tigranes and invests Tigranocerta,
552 ; utterly defeats Tigranes'
great army near Tigranocerta,
140, 556 f.; takes Tigranocerta,
566 ; honours memory of Zarbienus,
king of the Gordyeni, 568; decides
to attack Parthia, but his soldiers
refuse, 570; plundered Armenia and
marched against Artaxata, royal
residence of Tigranes, 572 ; defeats
Tigranes at the river Arsania, 574;
purposes to advance farther but
the troops object, 578

Begins to fail because of mutinous
army, 578 f . ; is also secretly under-

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