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f . ; kills Marcus Antonius the orator,
586, IX. 138; elected consul 7th
time, 590; dies of pleurisy, 592,

See also II. 484, 596, III. 322, IV.
328, 336, 344, 348, 350, 362, 354.
454, V. 140, VI. 190, VII. 442, 450,
478, VIII. 6, 10, 14, X. 384.

Quoted : III. 318, IX. 550, 554,
572, 576

Marius, 0. (2), son of Julia, VII. 442 ;
escapes to Africa, IX. 660 ; goes to
Hiempsal to ask help, 574 ; escapes
from him and with his father crosses
to island of Cercina, 576 ; assumes
consulship and is very cruel to his
opponents, 596, VIII. 14; defeated
with Norbanus by Sulla near Capua,
IV. 410 ; defeated at Signia, flees to
Praeneste, 416; besieged at Prae-
neste by Ofella, 418, 422, V. 146 ;
slew himself, IV. 428, IX. 598
Marius, M. (1), sent by Sertorius to


Hithridates from Spain with an
army, advances against Lucullus,
II. 494, VII. 66 ; captured and exe-
cuted by Lucullus, II. 506

Marius, M. (2), slain by Catiline, IV.

Marius Celsus, see " Celsus, Marius."

Marphadates, royal host of Cato the
Younger's son in Cappadocia, VIII.

Marriage, among Athenians as regu-
lated by Solon, I. 456 f . ; would-be
brides and bridegrooms sacrifice
to Eucleia, II. 278, 296; libations
at wedding feast at Athens, III. 18 ;
why Romans called " Talasius " or
"Talasio" at weddings, I. 130 f.,
V. 124 f . ; marriages reviewed by
censors, II. 346; laws concerning,
introduced by Sulla, IV. 450 ;
regulations of Numa and Lycurgus
compared, 1. 390 ; marriage as regu-
lated by Spartans, 248 ; penalty at
Sparta for not marrying, marrying
late, or marrying badly, IV. 320 ;
marriage with one who had proved
cowardly in battle considered dis-
grace at Sparta, V. 82, IX. 206

Marrucinians, repulsed at Pydna, VI.

Mars, father of Romulus by Aemilia
according to some, I. 92 ; field of,
dedicated, 520 ; shrine of, burned
and demolished by barbarians, kept
letters of Romulus uninjured, II.
174, IV. 390. See also " Enyalius."

" Mars," name applied to spear con-
secrated in the Regia, 1. 182

Marsi, persuaded by Sulla to become
friends and allies of Rome, IV.

Marsic war, Greek history of, by
Lucullus, II. 472, VII. 86, VIII. 8

Marsyas (1), slain by Dionysius the
Elder, VI. 20

Marsyas (2), cited, VII. 42

Martha, Syrian woman used as pro-
phetess by Marius, IX. 506

Martialis, military tribune, Jets Otho's
men into camp, XI. 262

Martianus, gladiator, reputed father
of Nymphidius Sabinus, XI. 224

Marvel, raven stunned by shouting, v.

Maryllus, tribune removed from office

for taking diadems off Caesar's
statues, VII. 584

Masabates, eunuch of Artaxerxes, had
cut off hands and head of Cyrus,
tortured and executed, xi. 164 f.

Masinissa, friend of Romans, at war
with Carthage, II. 380

Masistius, commander of Persian
cavalry in Mardonius' army, slain
by Athenians, II. 254

Maso, of consular rank, father of
Papiria who married Aemilius
Paulus, VI. 364

Massalia (Marseilles), founded by
Protis, a merchant, 1. 408 ; people of,
fence vineyards with bones of thoso
slain at Aquae Sextiae, IX. 520

Master of Horse, his powers, IX. 156

Mater Matuta, Camillus vows a temple
to her; her rites almost identical
with Leucothea's, II. 104

Mathematicians, teaching as to
course of sun, vni. 148

Matronalia, festival for women, why
instituted, 1. 154

Mauricus, noble Roman of Galba's
time, XI. 222

Maurusians, in Africa, attack Ser-
torius, VIII. 18 ; helped by Sertorius,
22 ; slay some of his murderers, 74

Maxims, those of Fabius Maximus re-
sembled those of Thucydides, in.

Maximus, consul in Caesar's time, VII.

"Maximus," bestowed as title upon
Valerius and Pabius Rullus, V. 146

May, named from Maia, mother of
Mercury, to whom it is sacred, or
from " maior," I. 370

Mazaeus, Persian general in battle of
Arbela, VII. 320; his son offered a
second province by Alexander, 342

Mechanical contrivances, II. 500;
siege works employed by Calli-
machus, II. 528; engines of war,
592 ; engine of artillery used by
Marcellua, V. 470 ; engines used by
ArchimeGes. 474; engines used by
Demetrius, IX. 48 f.

Mechanics, brief history of, V. 470

Medea, fled from Corinth; living
withjAegeus, tried to poison Theseus,
I. 22 f . ; naphtha said to be the
drug she used, VII. 330



Medes, attacked by Perseus, II. 410;
invasion of, 416; flight of, from
Hellas, 418; defeated at Mycale,

VI. 420; II. 514; join Tigranes, 554,
558 ; king of, sends ambassadors to
Pompey, V. 208; king of, quarrels
with Phraortes the Parthian, in-
vites Antonv to come to his help,
IX. 254; 276

Media, XI. 140 ; eastern boundary of

Lucullus' conquests, II. 618;

triumphed over by Pompey, V. 230
Mediolanum, captured by Marcellus,

V. 452 ; VII. 484
Mediterranean sea, divided by Pompey

into 13 districts for war on pirates,

V. 182
Medius (1), in retinue of Alexander,

VII. 432

Medius (2), friend of Antigonus, IX.

Megabacchus, serves with Crassus in

Parthia, in. 390; commits suicide

with P. Crassus, 396
Megabates, son of Spithridates,

favourite of Agesilaiis, V. 28
Megabyzus, gets letter from Alexander,

VII. 348
Megacles (1), persuaded Cylon and

followers to stand trial and then

murdered them, I. 430
Megacles (2), son of Alcmaeon, led

Shore-men, I. 486 ; with rest of

Alcmaeonidae flees from Athens,

Megacles (3), father of Euryptolemus,

who was father of Isodice', wife of

Cimon, II. 416, 452
Megacles (4), father of Deinomacb.6 the

mother of Alcibiades, IV. 2
Megacles (5), Dion's brother, VI. 60
Megacles (6), friend of Pyrrhus, slain

by Dexoiis, IX. 398
Megaleas, courtier of Philip, son of

Antigonus, XI. 110
Megalophanes, of Megalopolis, made

tutor of Philopoemen; his career,

X. 256

Megalopolis, in Arcadia, Leuctra near
it, V. 390; Chaeron of, VII. 228;
IX. 434 ; X. 8, 10, 74, 100, 256, 288 f.,

XI. 68 ; attacked by Spartans under
Cleomenes, 82 f.

Megara (1), annexed to Attica by
Theseus, l. 64; attacked by Corinth,

II. 456; garrisoned by Cassander, 1
taken and freed by Demetrius, IX.
22 ; seceded from Antigonus and
joined Achaean league, XI. 54;
besieged by Boeotians, X. 286;
taken by Galenas, VI. 142, VII. 544.

Megara (2), Macedonian town, IX. 348

Megara (3), in Sicily, taken by Marcel-
lus, V. 482

Megarians, lost Eleusis to Theseus, I.
20; 64; at war with Athens over
Salamis, 420, 572 ; how outwitted
by Solon, 422 f . ; during quarrel
between Megacles and Cylon fac-
tions recover Nisaea and Salamis,
432; bury dead facing east, 428;
hard pressed by Persian cavalry,
succoured by Athenians, II. 252 ;
revolt to Spartans, III. 64; com-
plain to Sparta that Athenians keep
them from market-places and har-
bours over which they have con-
trol, 84 ; decree of Athens against,
cause of Peloponnesian war, 84 f . ;
88 ; shut up in their city and island
of Minoa seized by Nicias, 228; rv.
90; in league against Philip, VII.
40 ; helped by Athens, VIII. 176

Megarid, Pegae in it, III. 60 ; razed by
Pericles, 98

Megellus, with Pheristus repeoples
Agrigentum, VI. 344

Megistonoiis, husband of Crateslcleia,
convinced by Cleomenes that ephors
must be removed and property
divided to give Sparta supremacy
in Greece, X. 62; stepfather of
Cleomenes, places his property in
the common stock, 72 ; 90 ; 94 ; de-
feated by Aratus at Orchomenus,
XI. 86; 9~6

Meidias (1), Demosthenes spoke
against him, IV. 24, VII. 28

Meidias (2), exile, begs Sulla to spare
Athens, IV. 370

Melanippus, son of Theseus and Peri-
gun6, father of loxus, I. 18

Melanopus, unlike Demosthenes in
character, quoted, VII. 30 f.

Melanthius (1), poems of, II. 412;
cited (Nauck 473). 414

Melanthius (2), choregus, quoted,
VIII. 188

Melanthns, flourished in time of
Philip of Macedon, his painting of


tyrant Aristratus saved at inter-
cession of Nealces, XI. 28

Melas, river, in plain about Orcho-
menus, IV. 392 ; spreads out into
marshes and lakes, V. 378

Meleager, helped by Theseus in slaying
Calydonian boar, I. 66

Melesias, father of Thucydides, III,
22, 212

Melesippidas, father of Eupolia, V. 2

Melians, attacked by Nicias, III. 430;
chief blame for execution of grown
men of Melos rests upon Alcibiades,
IV. 42 ; restored to their homes by
Lysander, 270

Meliboea, how treated by Alexander
of Pherae, V. 412

Melicertes, games at Isthmus in honour
of, at night, I. 56

Melissus, son of Tthagenes, physicist,
defeated Pericles at siege of Samos
and was defeated by him, n. 6,
III. 74 f.

Melite, in Attica, residence of son of
Ajax, 1. 428 ; Themistocles had house
there, II. 60; Phocion had house
there, VIII. 186

Meliteia, city of, IV. 390

Mellaria, in Spain, vin. 30

" Melleirens," name given oldest of
boys at Sparta, I. 258

Melon, prominent Athenian exile who
with Pelopidas and others takes
part in expulsion of Spartans at
Thebes, V. 356, 366, 368; elected
boeotarch, assaults acropolis, 370 ;
400; magistrate with Pelopidas,
urges Sphodrias to seize the
Piraeus, V. 68

Melos, see " Melians."

Memmius, 0., prosecutes M. Lucullus
and opposes giving him a triumph,
then prosecutes his brother Lucius,
II. 592, VIll. 304; forced by Cato
to desist, 306 ; said Cato spent his
entire nights drinking, 248

Memmius, L., Pompey's brother-in-
law, left as governor of Sicily by
Pompey, V. 140 ; slain in battle with
Sertorius, VIll. 54

Memnon, commander of Dareius on
sea-board, dies, VII. 272; Barsine'
his widow, 284

" Memor," surname of Artaxerxes
II., XI. 128

Memphis, not visited by Lucullus, II.

Menander (1), appointed colleague of
Nicias for Sicilian expedition, in,
278; defeated by Syracusans, 280;
one of Athenian generals at Aegos-
potami, IV. 106

Menander (2), companion of Alex-
ander, executed for disobedience,
VII. 386

Menander (3), in command of Anti-
gonus' baggaere, escapes, VIII. 106

Menauder (4), (Kock 240), cited, VII.

Menander (5), general of Mithridates,
routed by Sornatius, II. 520

Menas, corsair under Sextus Pompeius,
EX. 206

Mende, III. 434

Mendes, in Egypt, V. 106

Menecleidas, opposes Epaminondas
and Pelopidas to his own discomfi-
ture, v. 400 f .

Menecrates (1), physician, reproved
by Agesilaiis, V. 58

Menecrates (2), naval commander
under Sextus Pompeius, ix. 206

Menecrates (3), author of history of
Bithynian city of Nicaea, cited, 1. 58

Menedemus, chamberlain of Lucullus,
II. 518

Menelaiis, brother of Ptolemy, de-
feated in Cyprus by Demetrius, ix.
34; surrenders Salamis to Deme-
trius, 38

Menelaiis' Harbour, place on coast of
of Libya where Agesilaiis died,
V. 112

Menemachus, general of Mithridates,
defeated by Adrian, u. 520

Menenius Aerippa, entreats plebs to
return and tells fable of the belly and
its members, IV. 130

Menesthes, grandson of Scirus of
Salamis, one of victims sent to Crete
with Theseus, I. 34

Menestheus (1), son of Peteos, grand-
son of Orneus, stirred up Athenians
against Theseus, I. 72 ; succeeded
Theseus as king, led men from
Ei'on against Troy and died there,
82, II. 424

Menestheus (2), Athenian general, in.

" Menexenus," work of Plato, ill. 70



Meninx, island touched at by Marios,
IX. 574

Menippus (1), friend of Pericles and
colleague in generalship, III. 44

Menippus (2), Carian, taught Cicero
oratory, vil. 90

Menoeceus, son of Creon, sacrificed in
ancient times, V. 390

Menoetius, father of Myrto, II. 278

Menon (1), assistant of Pheidias,
charges him with embezzlement and
is rewarded, III. 90

Menon (2), father of Theano, a
priestess, IV. 60

Menon (3), Greek general with Cyrus,
spared by Artaxerxes, XI. 168

Menon (4), Thessalian, led Greek
cavalry when Leonnatus was de-
feated and slain, VIII. 200 ; father of
Phthia, won high repute in Lamian
war, IX. 346

Mentor, friend of Eumenes, VIII. 80

Menyllus, friend of Phocion, com-
mands Macedonian garrison in
Athens, VIII. 206, 212

Mercedinus, intercalary month of
22 days inserted by Numa every
other year after February, I. 366

Mercedonius, intercalary month at
Rome, VII. 580

Merchants 1 , held in honour by Greeks,

Mercury, son of Maia, I. 370

" Meriones," name appearing on
spears and bronze helmets in temple
in Bngyium in Sicily, V. 488

Merope, daughter of Erechtheus,
mother of Daedalus, I. 38

Mesopotamia, raided by Demetrius,
IX. 16; filled with Greeks by Tig-
ranes, II. 536 ; 570 ; triumphed over
by Pompey, V. 230 ; many cities in
it join Crassus, III. 364; 368; 372;
IX. 196

Messala, father of Valeria, IV. 436

Messala, M. Valerius, consul with
Domititis, V. 256

Messala Corvinus, M. Valerius, fought
under Cassius at Philippi, VT. 216;
228 ; fought for Octavius at Actium,
244; reply to Augustus, 246.
Cited : 214, 220, 226

Messalae, trace descent to Publicola,
I. 566

Messana, saved from Athenians by


Alcibiades, IV. 58; attacked by
Calippus, VI. 122 ; occupied by
Timoleon, 308; freed of tyrant
Hippo, 342 ; V. 136

Me<=sapians, offer help to Pyrrhus ship-
wrecked, IX. 3U2 ; slay Archidamus
at Mandurium, X. 8

Messene, rebuilt by Epaminondas, V.
94, 418; attacked by Demetrius,

IX. 80; X. 102, 266; XI. 112; 116 f.:
seized by Nabis, tyrant of Sparta,
freed by Philopoemen, X. 286, 390;
306; 388; 314

Messenia, V. 330; ravaged by Aetol-
ians, XI. 108

Messenians, I. 168; 226; rose against
Sparta after great earthquake,
292, II. 456; restored by Thebans,
V. 398; 100; X. 48

Mestrius Floras, see " Floras, Mes-

Metageitnion, full moon of, nearly
coincides with Ides of September,
I. 538; called by Boeotians Pane-
mus, not favourable to Greeks, II.
138 f.; called Carneius by Syracu-
sans, III. 304; VII. 68

Metagenes, of deme Xypete", com-
pleted sanctuary of mysteries at
Eleusis, III. 40

Metapontum, in Italy, III. 174

Metella, wife of Sulla, had great in-
fluence, IV. 344; 366; 396; bears
twins Faustus and Fausta to Sulla,
434 ; approves marriage of Pompey
to Aemilia, her daughter by Scanrus,
V. 134; IV. 436; VIII. 242

Metellus, IV. 228

Metellus, C., interpellates Sulla, IV.

Metellus, Q., upbraids Ti. Gracchus,

X. 176

Metellus Celer, Q. Caecilius, see " Oeler,

Q. Caecilius Metellus."
Metellus Creticus, L. Caecilius, tries to

prevent Caesar from taking money

from public treasury, V. 276, VI i.

Metellus Creticus, Q. Caecilius,

captures pirates in Crete, V. 186
Metellus Delmaticus, L. Caecilius,

helps Marius get elected tribune,

ordered to prison by him, IX. 468 f. ;

decorated temple of Castor and

Pollux, V. 120.


Metellus Macedonians, Q. Caecilius,
robbed of Corinth by Mummius,

III. 430; IX. 464

Metellus Nepos, Q. Caecilius, elected
tribune with Cato, opposes Cicero,
is opposed by Cato, vn. 138, vin.
280 f . ; proposes law giving Pompey
supreme power, 296 f. ; retires to
Asia, 304 ; proconsul of Spain, visits
Caesar at Luca, vu. 494 ; exchanges
words with Cicero, 146

Metellus Numidicus, Q. Caecilius,
uncle on mother's side of Lucullus,
11.470; IV. 446; appointed general
for Jugurthine war, takes Marius as
Legate, intrigued against by him,
IX. 476 f., 480, 484; feared by
Madus and caused to lose election
for consul, 540; through duplicity
of Marius is banished, studies
philosophy at Rhodes, 540 f., 582 f.,
VIII. 312; recalled from exile, IX.
548; quoted 546

MetelJus Pius, Q. Caecilius, son of
Metellus Numidicus, IX. 480; III.
326; IV. 418; 310; V. 132; opposes
Sertorius in Spain with indifferent
success V. 156, 196, VIII. 4, 32, 46,
50, 54, 58, 72 ; is pontifex maximus,

IV. 342, VII. 456; 478; 376; 488
Meteorites, fell at Aegospotami; dis-
cussion of them, IV. 262

Methydrium seized by Cleomenes, X.

Metilius, tribune of people, opposes

Fabius Maximus, III. 140, 144
Metoecia, festival instituted by

Thefeus, to be held on 10th of He-

catombaeon, I. 52
Meton, astrologer, foresees disaster in

Sicilian expedition, III. 256, IV. 44 ;
Metou, citizen of Tarentum, op-
poses inviting Pyrrhus, IX. 382
Metrobius (1), public scribe in " Archi-

lochi," of Cratinus, II. 434
Metrobius (2), actor, liked by Sulla,

IV. 328, 438
Metrodorus (1), of Scepsis, incurs

Mithridates' anger and is murdered,

Metrodorus (2), dancer, in Antony's

train, IX. 186
Micion (1), devastating sea-coast of

Athens, defeated and slain bv

1'hocion, VIII. 200

Micion (2), with Eurycleides prevents
Athenians from helping Aral us, XI.

Micipsa, king in Africa, X. 200

Midas, I. 542 ; Gordium his home, VII.
272 ; son of Gynaeceia according to
Phrygians, 462 ; X. 380

Mieza, place in Macedonia, VII. 240

" Milesiaca," obscene work by Aris-
tide?, III. 418

Milesians, some quarrel with Coans
over golden tripod, I. 412: fight
with Samians for Priene, III. tU\
72 f . ; their popular leaders deceived
and slain by Lysauder, IV. 250, 282

Milesian wool, IV. 62

Miletus, stormed by Alexander, VII,
268; 1X116

Milo, general under Perseus, VI. 394

Milo Papianus, T. Annius, with Scipio
and Hypsaeus candidate for con-
sulship, VIII. 350; tribune, pro-
secutes Clodius for violence, VII.
166 ; kills Clodius, VII. 170

Miltas, Thessalian seer, joins Dion s
party, VI. 46; interprets omen of
eclipse, VI. 48 f.

Miltiades, father of Cimon by Hege-
sipyle, II. 412 ; chief of 10 Athenian
generals at Marathon with Aristides
next, 10 f., 224; 388; of deme
Laciadae, fined 50 talents, died in
prison, 294, 412; 410; 426

Milto, Phocaean, daughter of Hermo-
timus, account of her, HI. 72

Mimallones, Macedonian women de-
voted to Orphic rites and orgies of
Dionysus, vil. 226

Mimnermus, addressed in verse by
Solon, I. 566

Mina, made to consist of 100 drachmas
instead of 73 by Solon, I. 444

Minas, corsair, served under Sexrtus
Pompeius, IX. 206 f.

Mindarus, Spartan admiral, defeated
off Abydos by Athenians with help
of Alcibiades, IV. 78; slain at
Cyzicus, 82

Minerva, statue of, dedicated in the
Capitol by Cicero, VII. 162

Minoa, inland seized by Nicias, III.
228, 430

Minoa, place in Sicily, VI. 54

Minos, king of Crete, invaded Attica
on account of murder of Androgeos,



I. 28, 30 ; was king and lawgiver,
had Rhadamanthus, as judge under
him, 32; 36; 38; 320; 11.372

Minotaur, part bull and part man, said
to have destroyed youths and
maidens sent as tribute, 1. 28 ; slain
by Theseus, 36

Mint, managed by Lucullus, II. 474

Minturnae, Italian city, IX. 564; 568;
its magistrates finally send Marius
on his way, 572

Minucius, 0., supports Brutus and
advises not to give the exiled
Tarquins their property, I. 508

Minucius, M., one of the first 2
quaestors appointed, I. 534

Minucius Rufus, M., made Master of
Horse by Fabiu? Maximus, III. 126;
132 ; in Fabius' absence wins suc-
cess over Hannibal, is given equal
authority, is defeated by Hannibal,
rescued by Fabius, 142 f., 202, 204;
appointed" dictator, then deposed on
account of bad omen, V. 446 ;
quoted, III. 154

Minucius Thermus, supports Cato his
colleague against Metellus Nepos,

VIII. 298 f.

Miracles, discussion of, 11. 108 f., iv.

210 f.
Misenum, mole of, scene of meeting

between Octavius, Antony, and

Sextus Pompeius, IX. 206 ; is a

promontory, 554, X. 240
Mistletoe, used for making bird-lime,

IV. 124
Mithras, rites of, celebrated at

Olympia by pirates, V. 174; xi.

Mithridates(l), young Persian, wounds

Cyrus at Cunaxa, XI. 150 ; rewarded

by Artaxerxes, 158; executed by

him, 160 f.
Mithridates (2), son of Ariobarzanes,

founded line of Pontic kings, ix.

Mithridates (3), had son Pharnaces,

VII. 560; interviewed by Marius,

IX. 550; had 150,000' Romans
butchered in one dav, IV. 401; war
with, IX. 554 f.; to be checked by
Sulla, IV. 334, 342 ; his early succes-
ses and only slight reverses, 358 f . ;
ravages Boeotia, IX. 578 ; his general
Archelalis defeated at Chaeroneia,


IV. 382 f.; again ravages Greece
390; his terms of agreement with
Sulla, 398,400, 402; 454; VIII. 10,
IX. 590 f., X. 384; besieged by
Finibria, let escape by Lucullus, II.
478, 480, 482, 488 ; in 2nd war with
reorganized army invades Bithynia,
II. 490; makes alliance with Ser-
torius and receives army from Spain,
494, VIII. 62 ; besieges Cyzicus by
land and sea, II. 496; suffers de-
feats at rivers Rbyndacus and
G-ranicus at hands of Lucullus, 504 ;
flees to Heracleia, 508 ; is father-in-
law of Tisrranes, 512 ; defeats
Romans at Cabira, 514 ; is defeated
and flees, 520 f. ; escapes to Tig-
ranes in Armenia, 526; demanded
of Tigranes by Glodius, 536; 538;

IV. 412; II. 544; 552; with Tigranes
begins to assemble fresh forces, 56fi ;
defeats Fabius and Triarius, 584,

V. 216; defeated by Pompey near
the Euphrates, 198; 204; among
peoples of Bosporus, pursued by
Pompey, 206, 210; documents of
his found in fortress of Caenum and
read by Pompey, 212 ; ends life,
222, II. 618; quoted, VIII. 64

Mithridates (4), cousin of Monaeses,

warns Antony, IX. 244 ; 248
Mithridates (5), king of Commagen

fights under Antony, IX. 276
Mithridates (6), of Pontus, ridicules

Galba to Nymphidius Sabinus, XI.

232; executed by Galba, 236
Mithrobarzanes, general of Tigranes,

defeated and slain by Lucullus, II,

Mithropaustes, the Persian king's

cousin, rebukes Demaratus the

Spartan, II. 80
Mitylene, ruled by tyrant Pittacus, I.

438; exiled Diophanes, X. 160;

revolts and is subdued by Lucullus,

II. 482 ; freed by Pompey for sake

of Theophanes, V. 224; 308; 310
Mnasitheus, helps Aratus drive

Nicocles from Corinth, XI. 16
" Mnemon," cognomen or epithet, IX.

Mnesiphilus, Phrearrbian, teacher of

Themistocles, precursor of sophists,

II. 6
Mnesiptolema, daughter of Themis-


tocles, made priestess of Dindy-
men, II. 82 ; married Archeptolis
her half-brother, 88

Mnestra, woed by Cimon, II. 416

Moeroclcs, Athenian orator, VII. 32 ;
his surrender demanded by Alex-
ander, 56

Molon, father of Apollonius the
rhetorician, vil. 90, 446

Molossians, had king Aldoneus, I. 72 ;
had king Admetus, II. 64; had
Pyrrhus as 1st king after the flood,
IX. 346 ; expel Aeacides and bring
to power sons of Neoptolemus, 348 ;
drive out Pyrrhus and put Neopto-
lemus on throne, 354

Molossus, succeeds Phocion in com-
mand, is captured by the enemy,

VIII. 174

Molpadia, said to have slain Antiop6
or Hippolyta, I. 62

Molus, river at foot of Thurium, IV.
382; 390

Monaeses, Parthian, fled to Antony,
sent back to Phraates by him, TX.
220, 244

Moneta, temple of, built on site of
Tatius' house, I. 152 ; built on site
of Manlius Capitolinus' house, II,

Money-lenders at Rome, their op-
pression, IV. 126 ; greatly afflicted
Bithynia, driven out by Lucullus,
II. 492 ; plunder Asia, 532

Monime, Milesian, wife of Mithridates,
forced by him to commit suicide,
II. 524; her correspondence with
Mithridates, V. 212

Month, naming and numbering of its
days by Solon, I. 474; Sabines
adopted their months from Romans,
154; Numa's arrangements of
months, 366

Moon, eclipse of, III. 288; shortly
before battle of Arbela, VII. 316;
before Pydna, VI. 398

" Moon," surname of Cleopatra,
daughter of Antony and Cleopatra,

IX. 218

Mora, military unit of Spartans, its

strength, V. 380
Moschian Mts., on border of Iberians,

V. 204
Mothakes, Helots raised with Spartans

X. 64

Mother of the Gods, had shrine at

Pessinus, IX. 508 ; 550
Mothers, goddesses of city of Engyium

in Sicily V. 488 f.
Mothone, seaport above Malea, XI.


Mt. Lycaeum, see " Lycaeum, Mt."
Mounychion, see " Munychion."
Mourning at Rome, periods of, regu-
lated by Numa, I. 346, IV. 216
Mucia, divorced by Pornpey, V. 226
Mucianus, commander in Syria,

friendly to Otho, XI. 284
Mucius (1), client of Ti. Gracchus,

elected tribune in place of M.

Antonius, X. 174, 186
Mucius (2), jurist, eaten of worms, IV.

Mucius (3), father-in-law of younger

Marius, IX. 560
Mucius Scaevola, C., his experiences

with Porsena, I. 546 f . ; quoted, 548
Mucius Scaevola, P., jurist, helped Ti.

Gracchus draw up his agrarian law,

X. 162 f.
Mucius Scaevola, Q., statesman and

leader of senate, helped Cicero

to acquaintance with law, VII. 86
Mummius, Crassus' legate, defeated

by Spartacus, III. 342
Mummius, C., sent by Sulla to seize

city-gate and walls on Esquiline hill,

IV." 3 54
Mummius, L., took Corinth, had no

cognomen, got surname Acha'icus,

III. 430, IX. 464; X. 316

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