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Farrer see also Farrar
" Albt T plasterer h 2110 1/2 Ashby av B
" Arthur cementwkr r 7305 E 14th
" Carl H plasterer h 1612 Derby B
" Clyde O plasterer h 1058 82d av
" C H shipwkr r 529 8th
" Fred cementwkr h 7305 E 14th
" Peyton real est r 474 Central av A
" Peyton stdt r 5841 Ayala av
" Robt cementwkr r 7305 E 14th
" Robt W mach h 663 66th
" Wm cementwkr r 7305 E 14th
Ferrero Emelia Mrs car clnr SPCo r Al-
Farrier Annie T r 1505 6th av
" Emma L U 1505 6th av
Farrin Anna Mrs h 427 North
" Grace M bkpr r 427 North
" Greenleaf N chemist r 427 North

Farrington Alice B r 1117 Morton A

" Delia M elk r 5449 Belgrave pi

" Frank janitor r 583 11th

" Frank C tel eng h 1355 Scenic av B

" Jessie F (wid Chester) h 1620 Carlton

" John F elk r 1355 Scenic av B
" Marion F r 1117 Morton A
" Wm eng inspr SPCo
" Whitney W elk r 1117 Morton A
Farris see also Ferris

" Ellen L (wid Nathan) r 1426 4th av
" Harriet Mrs r 1052 21st
" Lewis A waiter r 5722 E 15th
" Wm A carp h 16 Monte Vista av
" Wm C mar eng h 1426 4th av
Farriss Donia A (wid Jos T) r 1639

Channing way B
" Wm F hdwood flr contr h 1639 Chann-
ing way B
Farro see also Ferro
" Anton window clnr h 1085 32d
" Frank millmn r 1307 Peralta
" Jos B scavenger r 2823 Magnolia
" L painter r 348 Marrow
" Mathew J slsmn h 1307 Peralta
Farrow Alonzo L billiards 475 8th r 916

" Earl W slsmn P K Webster Co r 1579

" Taylor r 3600 West
" Wm slsmn r 1703 Grove
" Wilmot H foremn Chevrolet Motor Co

r Hotel Oaks
Farth Fannie r 3246 Prentiss
Farum Elias P mach h 3241 Farnam
Farvord Lee news agt r 762 9th
Farwell Everett E fcty mgr h 1815 Lin-
coln av A
" Ivyn elec h 2219 Stuart B
" Lewis W adv agt r 5312 Lawton av
" Marie Mrs tchr r 2219 Stuart B
" M Morton bkpr h 1733 16th av
" Nina M tchr r 2205 Stuart B
" Sarah J (wid F M) h 469 Crescent
" Wm W cbtmkr h 2205 Stuart B
Faschian Andw h 1643 34th av
" Herman h 2942 23d av
Faselli Dom car clnr r 1760 10th
Prop, Established 1904, Manufactur-
ing Furriers, We Carry a Full Ijine
of Furs and Slcins, 1629 San Fablo
Av, Phone Iiakeside 6171
" The (Elias Donner) cloaks 1212 Wash-
Fasio Michl h 9404 C

Fass Max army gds 429 4th h 678 Brock-
Fassero John h 2430 Grant B
Fassett Anna M (wid Julius F) h 2237

San Jose av A
" Archie M plasterer h 3515 E 10th
" Chas W transmission eng r 927 Ade-
" Evelyn C music tchr 927 Adeline
" Francis R cashr Hurych Vilas & Co

r 625 Taylor av A
" Hally M Mrs (Adams & Fassett) r 623

Taylor av A
" Harold C slsmn h 1414 Holly B
" Howard H broker h 3240 Bayo Vista

av A
" Jas S cond SPCo h 927 Adeline
" Julia B (wid Frank R) h 1257 Hopkins
" Leona M stdt r 927 Adeline
Fasshuer Amelia (wid J C) r 6115 Dover
" J Chas h 6115 Dover




Famous for high heat value, long burning
qualities and uniformity.

Mined and shipped exclusively by

IITJlll CIICI Pn "Wm. H. Myers, Pacific Coast Agent
Ulfin rtlELL uUi Plione Oak. 4238 291 Bacon Bldg.










60th and
Lowell Sts.






Los Angeles

1-1 s




■2 i-i 2
if2 2

<B ">

O 1«H

























^ s


'Watch For Tliis Sign

Albert E. Norman

1 706 Broadway Oakland 998

Real Estate


Fassi O emp See-Dro Separator Co r

F'assio Pedro lab h 5142 Clarke
Fa.ssoih Paul D stdt r 50 Menlo pi B
Fast Mary Mrs (wid Henry) h 5733 B

Fatardo Alice Indywkr r 827 Linden
" Andre auto mech r 827 Linden
" Celestine Indywkr r 827 Linden
Fate Anna maid r 648 E 17th
Fath Mary Mrs h 2331 E 23d
Fatthauer Chas S painter h 1408 66th B
" Minnie (wid Henry) h 1632 Va 63d B
Fatten Louis A pharm h 1619 Fairview B
Fau Louis clo clnr Jos Koenig jr r S F
Faucett C Edw mgr Allston Way Clean-
ers h 1401 Berkeley way B
l"aucette Carroll L sis mgr Union Constn

Co h 3026 E 29th
Faucher Hortense r 123 Lake
Fauchier Eva C stdt r 2314 Russell B
Faulds Carrie D (wid Patk) bkpr Marv-

monts Millinery r 726 Fallon
Faulkes Grace elk r 9828 E 14th
Faulkner see also Falconer
" Annette A stdt r 1306 Sherman A
" A Mrs r 710 Harrison
" Chas A dentist 927 Bway h 2908 23d av
" Clarence h 2938 Adeline
" Clarence W h 1121 5th av
" Eaton mill supt Sunset Lbr Co h 2182

Rosedale av
" Klinor (wid Chas P) h 3520 "West
" Eug S police OPD h 2938 Adeline
" I'orest A atty h 2143 Woolsey B
" Frank h SOI 26th

" Freilk journalist h 6441 Benvenue av
FATTIiKNEB GEO A, Agrent for Harley-
Davidson Motorcycles, 240-246 12tli,
Phone Iiakeside 7612, li 2340 Web-
Grace stdt r 1306 Sherman A
Helen (wid Jos) h 530 Merrimac
Henry gardener h 1907 University

av B
Howard lab Atlas Imperial Engine

Co r San Leandro
H V h 1409 Jackson
Jerome K stdt r 1306 Sherman A
Lydia H elk Zellerbach Paper Co r San

Ossie maid r 1121 5th av
Paul P adv h 1520 Alameda av A
Pittman L dep Assessor r 3520 West
Raymond N foremn Paraffine Cos h

1223 55th av
Koy J stdt h rear 4100 Lincoln av
Thos F lab r 1223 55th
Thos J slsmn h 2014 Crosby av
Wm V broker h 1306 Sherman A
" Wm J metrmn r 604 17th
FauU Alfd E (A E FauU Co) h 1470 E

" A E Co (Geo Andrews A E FauU) auto
reprs 1212 Jackson
Ashley R res spec agt Ocean Accident
& Guarantee Corp Ltd r S F
" Henry F mgr h 1817 San Jose av A
" S lab r 1108 Magnolia
" Wm C asst cashier h 1001 Santa Clara

av A
Faulo Aug clnr h 3658 West
Faulstich Julius O elk r 726 E 12th
Faultless Cleaning Service The J H
Crose mgr 1091 45th

faui;ti.z:ss comfost fubnacf,

Dickson & Holbrook Agents, 2115
Haste , Berke ley (See page 110)

Faunce Marie P Mrs h 2639 Channing

way B
Faunife Nettie h 1529 8th A
Faunt LeRoy Jos printer h 1730 Vir

ginia B
" LeRoy W stdt r 1730 Virginia B
Faure Emille L carp h 1354 E 31st
" Pierre h 2500 Fruitvale av
Fausset Edw boilermkr r 1610 Woolsey B
Faust Aug H bldr h 910 Santa Clara

av A
" Hilda instr UofC h 2527 LeConte av B
" Jos meter reader h 693 23d
" J L carp h 1310 San Antonio av A
" Louise M bkpr Western Dairy Co r

1310 San Antonio av A
Faustina Apartments (Mrs E J Brown)

85 10th
" John millmn h 740 34th

FAUSTUTA JOSEPH E, Real Estate, 1256
and 700 E 14tli, San I>eandro, Phones
San Iieandro 400 and 163. h. 1612 98tli

Faux John D carp h 751 19th

Favaloro Anth tailor 1258 47th av h same

Favatt Angelo C h 766 16th

" Edna steno r 766 16th

Favero Anna D Indywkr r 2400 Ran-

some av
" Fred J police OPD h 2402 Ransome av
Faveto Ray P mach h 5134 E 10th
Favetto Secondo lab r 5815% Marshall
Favier Florence P (wid F C) supvr Ala
City Schs r 2123 Santa Clara av A
Favilla Geo elk h 9843 D
Faville Maud r 2525 College av B
Favro Louis driver r 476 42d
Faw Arthur C (Antlers Garage) r 2630

Central av A
" Claude T slsmn h 4 349 Edgewood av
" Elizabeth K (wid Geo E) h 593 28th
" Geo D ins r 593 28th
" Geo I slsmn h 2516 Central av A
Fawcett Cath P bkpr r 1415 Grove B
" Ethel lamp opr r 1024 35th av
" Frank W r 3832 Brighton av
" Harry O jr elk Skaggs Cash Stores r

" John H serv sta opr r 2902 Channing

way B
" Kathleen E Mrs h 2104 Prince B
" Margt stdt r 2902 Channing way B
" Margt C stdt h 2104 Prince B
" Robt E Tneatctr Skaggs Cash Stores
" Ruth lamp opr r 1024 35th av
" Susan L (wid John G) h 2902 Chann-
ing way B
" Valentine O tehr h 2104 Prince B
" Walter B ins h 1701 10th av
" W B teller Bank of Ala r 1021 Wal-
nut A
Fawke Frank E ship bldr h 3828 Elston
" Gertrude stdt r 3734 Kingsley
" Harry W ship bldr h 3734 Kingsley
" Wm B shipftr h 1263 E 34th
Fawkner May C (wid John H) r 138

Hillside av Pied
Faxon Marie G Mrs h 814 14th
Fay Adair maid r 27 Piedmont ct Pied
" Amie elk r 724 25th
" Apartments Mrs Elizabeth Dickerman

mgr 145 Lake
" Chas stdt r 2302 Piedmont av B
" Chas r 113 Bway
" Chas W dist mgr Post-Enquirer r

1465 E 33d
" C E J lab Pac Tank & P Co r Hay-



5000 Telegraph Ave.

Phone Piedmont 1069


with private room for the selection of lay-
A splendidly stocked Children's department
ettes. Always the different and the exclusive
in little folk's wearables at moderate prices.
— (Second Floor).



" Edw elk r 848 Mead av

" Frank dry gds 645 16th h same

" Geo painter r 1331 Castro

" G lab r 113 Bway

" Helen drsmkr h 1901 Franklin

" John h 1438 Madison

" John B real est 4302 Grove h 1626

Julia B
" John B jr slsmn Natl Life Ins Co r

1626 Julia
" Leon W h 479 Cheney
" Lester P roofer h 724 25th
" Loretta elk r 485 Cheney av
" Louis D h 126 Kempton av
" Pereival B prof h 955 Mendoeino av B
" Peter E slsmn h 3102 Stuart
" Rollo E g-en supt h 2506 College av B
" Susan M (wid Jos) h 3226 King B
" Thos P h 1626 Julia B
Faye Ebba r 3122 Claremont av B
" Eyvind stdt r 3122 Claremont av B
" Hans P h 3122 Claremont av B
" Harold K h 472 Vernon
" Ida C r 3122 Claremont av B
" Isabel B r 3122 Claremont av B
" Lindsay r 3122 Claremont av B
" Margt L r 3122 Claremont av B
"PL tehr U of C r 1329 Areh B
Fayen Jas D printer h 1419 9th A
Faylor Agnes C (wid Geo A) r 3010

Hillegass av B
" Clarenee B eng h 1115 Campbell
Payuzzi Frank holderon r 931 Castro
Fazakerlv Harry J slsmn h 2415 High
Fazande Wm S janitor h 3109 King B
Fazenda Albt A painter h 1221 89th av
Fazio Felix h 990 5th
Fazzio Chas lab h 529 Myrtle
" Jos C elk r 529 Myrtle
Fea Frank gardener h 868 47th
" John waiter Hotel Oakland r S F
Feagley Walter baker h 596 19th
Feak M Jas foremn U of C Printing

Offiee r S F
Feakins Harold M plasterer r 3005 Per-

alta av
" Niles E earp h 3005 Peralta av
Fealy see also Feeley
" Louis R earrier Okld P O r 220 Athol
" Wm T lab h 220 Athol av
Fear Fred H (Oakland Sign Co) h 2341

27 th av
Fearey Al M (Al M Feary Co) h 4379

FEABZIY Al, M CO (Al M Fearey, Jos

A Wegrich), Plnmbing- Construction,

Sheet Metal Work, General Pipe

Fitting", Sewer VTork, 4377 Adeline,

Phone Peid 2803
" Robt D plmbr h 1084 Spring
" Sarah R (wid Robt D) h 1084 Spring
" Wm H elk h 4714 West
Fearing Flora P Mrs lectr Mills Colege

r Palo Alto
" Lawrence A adv agt r 1410 Grant B
Fearn J Radford phys 512 First 'Natl

Bank bldg h 384 Bellevue av
" Sarah Mrs h 586 28th
" Wm A acetvlene generators 105 Baeon

bldg h 1449 Alice
Feasel Jos auto mech h 1235 San Pablo

av B
Featherly Kathryn Mrs elk r 1213 Alice
Featherolf A L (Featherolf & Sammons)

h 1084 12th
" & Sammons (A L Featherolf W C

Sammons) fur rms h 1084 12th

Feathers Benj stdt r 380 50th

" Chas R h 144 9 7th av

" David L acet h 1449 7th av

" Dawson A uphlstr r 1449 7th av

" Norval M uphlstr r 1449 7th av

" Peter rancher h 380 50th

Peatherson Saml trav slsmn h 491 Sta-

ten av
Featherstonaugh T C elk r 587 15th
Featherstone Apartments 2147 Grant B
" John W acct h 615 61st
" Jos A waiter h 934 Cypress
Feaver Ellen (wid Geo) r 2025 Fran-
cisco B
Fechheimer Isaac h 123 Lake
" Victor r 123 Lake

Feehter Albt L elec h 6040 Lawton av
" John asst mgr Okld Furn Co h 6040

Lawton av
Fechyew Benj inspr Okld Street Dept
Fedderwitz Geo gro 1037 University av

h 1917 10th B
Feddie Hugo r 825 Franklin
Feddyment Florence stdt r 2210 Ather-

ton B
Fedele Diflore fctywkr r 2835 E 8th
Federal Building (Bkly) Allston way se

cor Milvia
" Cafeteria (A I Davidson D M Hall F

E Van Ness) Federal Realty bldg

FFDFRAIi SBVG CO, C V Keenan Pres,
P A Iiuedeking' Sec, Prescription
Srug-gists, Kodaks and Stationery,
Federal Bldg", Bway, 16th and Tele-
graph Av, Phone Iiakeside 5050

Brill Mgr, Electric Washington Ma-
chines and Vacuum Cleaners, 17th at
San Pablo, American Theatre Bldg",
Phones Okld 1873, Okld 1874

" Electric Co Robt Johnston mgr signs
467 19th

" Fuel Co (A G and C E Lagerquist)
fuel and feed 3630 Grove

" Glue Co H L Rigby mgr 2329 Web-
ster A

" Intermediate Credit Bank The W D
Ellis pres J T Wilson v-pres, A M
Morton see, R T Evans sec, B Q
Norman registrar 2223 Fulton B

" Jewelry & Loan Co (R H Goldenhar)
1105 Bway

I;eY TBCE, District No 11 California,
Nevada, Utah, Arizona, W H Ellis
Pres, J T Wilson V-Pres, A M Mor-
ton Sec, R T Evans Treas, E Q Nor-
man Registrar, 2223 Fulton, Berke-
ley, Tel Bkly 9220

" Quick Service Restaurant (N Gudel
J and N Mishevich) 1619 Bway

" Realty Bldg Bway and Telegraph av at

" Realty Co real est 1418 Bway rm 221

Federighi Aliva Mrs mach opr r 159
Ross av

Federspiel Anna (wid Andw) h 1711 8th

" John slsmn h 321 Haight av A

" John teller h 1314 Fountain A

" Paul J shoemkr 1304 Lincoln av A

" Sophus earp h 2070 San Antonio av A

Fedick Chas P ins agt h 2614 11th av

" Edna M elk r 2614 11th av

" Frank H ins agt h 1721 1/2 63d B

Fedrel Jos r 1106 Jackson

Fedt Conrad r 528 25th

" Louis contr r 528 25th



1900 Franklin Street

Phone Lakeside 25












San Pablo



> (6

••2 ^

08 UO


Sherman, May & Co.




Fee Alex supt h 2264 86th av
" Chas J adv mgr r 2827 Regent B
" Doris A stdt r 2632 Benvenue av B
" Geo mgr California Central Creamer-
ies r 419 Parkway Pied
" Jas A atty h 263 2 Benvenue av B
" Jas E printer r 1739 Blake B
" John F blksmth h 1739 Blake B
" Kathryne F sec r 419 Park way Pied
" .Margt M tchr r 3001 Colege av B
•■ :\Iary H r 3001 College av B
" Patk h 3001 College av B
" Thos H elk r 1739 Blake B
" W'm F printer r 829 E 19th
" Wm P crmry driver h 2016 Berkeley

way B
Feebeck Wheeling J millmn h 2705 35th

" Wheeling J jr stdt r 2705 35th av
Feederle Richd (Auto Metal Works) h

3541 Emerson
Feehan Annie E (wid John B) r 2235

" Chas J teller Central Natl Bank h

1115 Chatham rd
" Geo B inspr h 2235 Blake B
" Tobias mach h 707 63d B
Feeley see also Fealy
" Anna S (wid Jas T) bkpr Hyman's

r 2950 Telegraph av
" Chas R eng h 1798 Excelsior av
" Donald H shipwkr r 1220 51st av
" Douglas stdt r 3717 Grove
" Helen elk r 3717 Grove
" Jas r 568 10th
" Jas P carp h 2342 14th av
" Richd G police OPD h 3717 Grove
" Walter W driver r 2824 Waverly
Feely J E supt of engines OFD
Feener Albt pipeftr h 2415 Valdez
Feeney Jas janitor r 528 Bway
" Jesse M printer r 226 E 11th
" Jos tmstr Okld Park Dept h 573 47th
" Mitchell R (Harding Press) h 226 E

" Rose steno r 3012 San Pablo av B
Feers Albt G chiro A O 'Nehinger r S F
Fees H lab r 2550 Francis
Feese Maude lamp opr r 1321 Peralta
Feete Wm A h 1702 E 15th
Fegard Feter lab h 1221 96th av
Feger Harry L waiter h 1321 8th
" Josephine drsmkr 1321 8th h same
Fehely Frank C mach r 3125 Brookdale
Fehr Anthony fishermn r 2324 7th B
" Chas J supt Phila Quartz Co of Cal

h 2014 9th
" Jos h 2324 7th B
" Jos A driver h 2320 7th B
" Walter mach r 1615 Hibbard A
Fehrs Marie r 1720 Hopkins
Feibush Bertha tchr h 557 33d
" Jacob W r 557 33d
" IjOuis r 557 33d

I'eider Leland F mech h 2818 Octavia
F«Mdler Arthur W elk r 1561 Alice
Fcige Bertha M Mrs h 1547 92d av
" Emil baker Leightons r flayward
" Krnesl K waiter h 2107 High
" Richd carrier I'O h 1400 8th
" Wm sign painter r 1109 Webster
Feigciibaum I.ouis solr h 2001 Grove B
Feigenberg Bcricc (Feigenbcrg Bros) r

520 7th
" Bros (Bf^ice and Ernest) auctioneers

r 522 7th
" Ernest L (Feigenberg Bros) r 4047

Everett av


" Isadore tailor 523 8th h 768 11th

" Morris carp h 1215 44th av

Feik Chris telg opr r 644 12th

Feil Mollie (The Pantry) r 2501 Haste B

Feild Russell B ins h 1307 Bay A

Fein Frank auto mech h 313 Filbert

" Louis lab r 313 Filbert

" Nich h 313 Filbert

" Paul slsmn Okld Wrecking & M Co r

765 15th
Feinstein Benj tailor 1326 Webster h

477 Oakland av
" Minna B Mrs dressmkr 477 Oakland

av h same
Feist Antone baker r 921 Market
Feister Paul P slsmn h 3812 Santa Rita
Pekete Antone K mtlwkr h 1350 Bway A
Felck Wm welder Pacific Pipe Co h 996

36th av
Felder Dorothy slswn W J Shaw & Co

r 617 66th
" Edw A slswn h 1710 Sacramento B
" Jos A cabtmkr h 1821 Clement av A
" L car repr r 2818 Octavia
Felderman Albt moldr Oakland Brass

Foundry r Hayward
Feldhammer Adolf plmbr h 1004 Park A
" John B foremn h 1147 The Alameda B
Feldheym Jesse dir University Supply

Co h 4025 West
" Norman elk r 4025 West
Feldin Carl shipwright r Ark Estuary

W Ala
Feldman Anna M (wid Henry) h 1364

" Frank H watchmn h 1339 7th
" Geo chf auto mech Alameda County

Garage h 294 Whitmore
" Israel 2nd hd furn 2336 E 14th h 2334

" Leone D steno r 1339 7th
" Mathilda B elk r 1364 8th
" Sheldon N elec r 1519 Addison B
" Walter H cbtmkr r 1364 8th
" Wm H elec h 3045 Richmond av
Feldstein Dorothy elk r 722 Sycamore
Felgenhauer Alfd L meatctr h 1954 87th


Felger David G trucker r 767 Taylor av
Felieiano Belle P elk r 133 Caperton

av Pied
" Ethel r 133 Caperton av Pied
" Gussie r 133 Caperton av Pied
" John ironwkr h 1214 94th av
" Jose lab h 1505 100th av
" Louise r 133 Caperton av Pied
" Mary (wid Antone) h 133 Caperton

av Pied

" Rose r 133 Caperton av Pied
Felie Alice r 9601 E
Feline P lab h 9285 D
Felipe Fernando h 10012 Bruce
" Jos lab r 3251 Hannah
Felix Andw h 1737 Acton B
" David R fruits and veg 4150 Pied-
mont av h 4154 same
" Eva Mrs elk r 4154 Piedmont av
" Karl mach h 639 Camelia B
" Laura (wid G) r 1737 Acton B
" Sophie r 1353 Santa Fe av B
" Wm C slsmn h 2454 E 21st
Feliz Carmen r 962 7th
" John D meatctr h 656 62d
" Lee meatctr r 657 62d
" ROFS A police OPD h 2710 13th av
Felk Harry h 1758 62d B



1 East Bay headquarters

I for fifty years for Suits

1 and Furnishings for
i Man and Youth

Greeting Cards

Library (Books 10c per Week)

Artists' Materials

Smith Bros.

470-474 13th Street

Exchange, Oak. 989


Fell Ray S piano tuner r 714 B 14th

" R S sismn h 3464 Telegraph av

" Wm foremn Gt Westn Power Co r

Ark h ft 23d av
Fellas Anton fruits 1306 Park A h 2260

Encinal av A
Feller Adolph F novelty mfr 909 56th

h 5531 Market
" Raymond S stdt r 2717 Haste B
Felley Phil H h 590 24th
Fellman Eric G lab h 2011 50th av
" Walter fctywkr r 2011 50th av
Fellow Fred D elk h 2632 Haste B
" F auto assmblr r 5306 E 10th
Fellows Andw J tilemkr r 2972a Ade-
line B
" B Mrs elk r 1414 Alice
" Chas M exp 2972a Adeline B r same
" Emma O elk r 1494 Alice
" Ethel elk r 1494 Alice
" Frank r 133 9 52d av
" Geo W plstr h 2972a Adeline B
" Helen G h 304 E 16th
" John H realtor 717 Santa Ray av
" Julia (wid Wellington) r 1339 52d av
" Lowell elk h 2114 Telegraph av
Fels Chas r 2002 San Pablo av
Felsch Wm L, welder h 996 36th
Felsenthal Adolph mgr h 4355 Howe
Felsing Emma S milliner r 2012 Essex B
" Fred O elk h 1617 Ashby av B
" Julia Mrs h 2012 Essex B
Felt Anna W (wid Chas H) r 2541 Pied-
mont av B
" Austin K (Premier Cleaners & Dyers)
." Clarence J (University Garage) h 1728

Channing way B
" Frank H plasterer h 2019 Carlton B
" Geo E bldg contr h 2319 McGee av B
" Lee W stdt h 2541 Piedmont av B
" Louise tchr Ransom & Bridges Sch r

1840 Berryman B
" Rich D real est h 2432 McGee av B
" Russell elk r 2019 Carlton B
Felter David S compositor h 2026 Dwight

way B
" Edw H carrier Bkly PO h 2228 Jef-
ferson B
" Kath r 2026 Dwight way B
" Robt C ticket agt h 1619 Jaynes B
Felthouse Walter E dist mgr Contin-
ental Assurance Co h 3037 Lee B
Felting Carl A h 1845 Park blvd
Felton Albt V wireless opr r 1516 Alca-

traz av B
" Bessie elk r 1663 10th
" Bryan L janitor h 1516 Alcatraz av B
" Edw S bggemn h 1393 8th
" Eug J bldr h 673 31st
" Ray B inspr Okld Street Dept h 2868

" Wm H carp 492 Hobart h 3900 Forest

Hill av
" Wm H h 1429 98th av
Felvey L joiner Moore Dry Dock Co r S F
Feminich Antone mach r 7403 Foothill

Fenan Domemio cannerywkr r 314 49th
Fenandez Antone mach h 2133 Mitchell
P'enans Peter lab r 2841 9th
Fenchel Beatrice elk r 75 Echo av
" Walter H slsmn Rhodes-Jamieson &

Co h 75 Echo av
Fender Chas W slsmn h 2632 College av

" Fredk A editor University Pelican r

2739 Channing way B
" Robt stdt r 2739 Channing way B

Fenech John shoe repr 1644 13th av h

1712 12th av
" Venicetti mach opr r 1712 12th av
Feneley Wm driver r 1047 Cotton
Fenelon Edmund T elk r 5125 Foothill

" Rich A acct r 5125 Foothill blvd
" Thos T car repr h 5125 Foothill blvd
" Viola A steno r 5125 Foothill blvd
Feneral Hilda Mrs elk r 1633 Josephine

Feneran Jas J r 120 El Cerrito av Pied
" Jas S r 1633 Josephine B
" Wm J ins h 375 Perkins
Fenford John A furn mfg r 1414 36th av
Fenger Austin B gen 'mgr h 3720 Tele-
graph av
" Lillian B Mrs elk r 3720 Telegraph av
Fenichel Arthur shoes 4074 Piedmont

av h 4084 same
Fenimore Roy firemn h 1116 53d
Fenley Bernice telg opr r 676 17th
" Clarence W lab h 2118 21st av
" Frank O driver h 3725 Redding
" Sarah cannerywkr r 2118 21st av
" Wm C cannerywkr r 2118 21st av
Fenn Clarence W elk h 2038 Alameda

av A
" Ernest R elec r 2038 Alameda av A
" Ernest T carp h 2038 Alameda av A
" Geo C barber h 614 9th
Pennacy John E carp h 2524 34th
" John C drftsmn r 1249 1st av
Fennell Anna P (wid Jos) h 2410 Rus-
sell B
" Birdie bkbndr h 1621 Shattuck av B
" Ethel nurse r 18 Lake av Pied
" Thos printer h 280 7th
Fennelly Edw P slsmn John Breuner

Co r 1542 33d av
" John J carp r 1542 33d av
" Nellie (wid Thos) smstrs r 930 Lin-
coln av A
Fenner Robt (New Liberty Bakery) r

1609 28th av
Fennessey Mariah (wid John) r 14341/^

Park A
" Philomine dom r 609 61st
Fennly Jas T carp h 2910 E 22d
Fennon Edw M agt Pac Mut Life h 29

Portsmouth rd Pied
" May (wid Edwin) h 515 Mandana

Feno Antone F h 634 Taylor av A
" Clarence T r 634 Taylor av A
Fensig Wm mach r 2960 Grove
Fenske Bertha Indywkr h 1519 Cypress
Fensky Geo C stdt r 689 62d
" Geo J h 689 62d

Fenster Louise organist r 41 Rio Vista
Fenstermacher Frank litho r 855 Mead
" John S slsmn h 222 Highland av Pied
" Wm litho h 855 Mead av
Fenstermaker Earle L baker h 472 58th
Fenters C bolter r 962 7th
Fenton Apartments Mrs Mella Fenton

mgr 4021 Howe
" D Milton elk h 3148 Fruitvale av
" Edna E steno r 2023 7th B
" Edw A mgr Falstaff Co h 2023 7th B
" Elbridge S (Fenton's Crmry) h 4097

" Elizabeth r 545 Merrimac
" Elmo H h 190 Ridgeway av
" Enid tchr Technical High Sch r 1809

Euclid av B
" Geo C collr h 1336 Pearl A
" Geo E mach opr r 1315 Poplar

Standard Secretarial

Business and Secretarial Courses

2168 Shattuck Ave.

J. H, JANSON, Pres.
Phone Berkeley 4986



Leaders in








at the

right prices




The Oaks




All Lines of




In Big Ground

Floor Location


15th St.

Near Franklin


Lakeside 243









>: J


a w


UJ ^


^ ^




ca OQ





»— 1








/ c




t Q




S. )2




* en


' a:


^ Ui


\ Z


i <


k bJ


( ^

Ill]] null























Foot of Broadway Shattuck at Russell Park at Blanding

Phone Oakland 770 Phone Berkeley 80 Phone Alameda 440


" Hannah (wid Jas) h 810 44th

" Harold J elk h 3149 Elm

" Harry C plmbr h 3214 California B

" Herman E driver h 545 Merrimac

" Jennie M 1st asst Okld Free Librv r

Hotel Oakland
" John H h 4140 Manila av
" John J elec r 810 44th
" J M (Fenton's Crmry) h 195 41st
" Kenneth teller First Natl Bank of

Okld r 2101 Telegraph av
" I.eo E (Fenton's Crmry) h 208 41st
" Lolita D phys h 188 Santa Clara av

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