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migration. Berkeley, the intellectual center of California standing upon its
hillslopes with the vision of the setting sun in this mystic portal, must look
steadfastly through this gateway, and must ponder long on the problem
which it conjures to the imagination. The Pacific, now linked by the Pan-
ama Canal with the Atlantic is the center of the civilization of tomorrow.
Here where West meets East in trade and the interchange of ideas, is the
theater of the mighty deeds of the world to be. Berkeley, the Pacific capitol
of learning, must fit itself to be worthy of the leadership which fate has
thrust upon it. It must rear a city of supreme beauty wherein men will
think great thoughts and exercise that leadership which flows from knowl-
edge and high ideals. Come to us, all you who see the vision, and help us
to worthily fulfill our destiny. Berkeley, looking through the Golden Gate,
is calling you!



By I. P. McDowell, secretary Chamber of Commerce

Alameda, the Dahlia City — the city of beautiful homes, of an unex-
celled climate. This is the appellation which is frequently given to Alameda
which is within forty minutes ride by fast electric train and ferry boat,
from San Francisco.

Alameda is one of the most beautiful of the San Francisco bay cities.
It is situated on an island three miles long and one-half mile wide, with
San Francisco bay gently lapping the southern and western shores while
San Leandro bay borders the east side, and the tidal canal, separating Oak-
land and Alameda, bounds the city on the north side.

The city hall of Oakland is but 3^ miles from the central business dis-
trict of Alameda and may be reached by three different street car lines.

Because of the excellence of the climate and the splendid school sys-
tem in the city, hundreds of San Francisco and Oakland business men make
Alameda their home, and some of the most beautiful small estates in
northern California are here.

Taxes in Alameda are low with a tax rate for 1923 of $2. This is
due to the fact that Alameda owns and operates a municipal electric
light plant which gives electricity to consumers at a much lower rate than
other neighboring cities pay, the plant profits annually approximate $75,000.

Alameda's school system has reached that pinnacle of efficiency where
it is one of the most talked of systems in the entire United States. There
are four elementary, three primary and a high school. At the present time
the high school district is erecting one of the most modern high schools
to be found in the United States at a cost of $1,000,000.

A new $250,000 modern hospital is under course of construction in
Alameda. A health center to care for the health of the city is being erected
at a cost of $30,000. This money was appropriated from the profits of the
Municipal Electric Light Plant.

Five of the most beautiful public parks in Northern California are
located within the boundaries of the city. They are the mecca each year
for more than one million people who come from miles away to take ad-
vantage of the cooling breezes while their children frolic among the trees
and foliage or on the sandy beaches or enjoy themselves on the most mod-
ern play equipment found anywhere. Attesting to the popularity of the
pleasure resorts located on San Francisco bay in Alameda, a careful check
shows that between 75,000 and 100,000 people each Sunday during the sum-
mer months, visit these resorts to enjoy the surf bathing and other pleasures
provided for their entertainment.

Alameda has more than 160 miles of excellent paving, and the streets
and parks are under the supervision of experts who yearly plant, prune and
care for the thousands of beautiful trees which border each boulevard.

Flowers grow in profusion in the city, the dahlia being the most prolific,
and some of the prize winners in the large dahlia shows are grown in
Alameda. Scores of other blooms are also to be seen while many houses
are partially hid from view by the gorgeous flowering vines such as the
wistaria, climbing roses and others.

Besides the advantages of home life which the city offers, it has
an unexcelled industrial district located along the shores of the tidal canal
where shipping facilities are of the best. This district is also served by a
Municipal belt railroad connecting with all transcontinental railroad lines.

Such industries as the Alaska Packers' Association, the largest fishing
corporation in the world; the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation; Pacific
Coast Borax Co.; The Listo Pencil Corporation; Saylor's Chocolates; lum-
ber, coal, bridge and oil companies are located in the industrial district.

A newspaper, the Alameda Times-Star, carrying the full United Press
telegraph report of world news and covering every section of the city in
local happenings, is issued each afternoon.

And there is room for other large industries along the tidal canal.
Alameda is under the city manager form of government and all branches
of the city administration come directly under this official's supervision.



Abbreviations 193

Alphabetical List of Names ....194-1682

Buyers Guide 7-124

Classified Business Directory 1683

Index to Advertisers 134-136

Index to Miscellaneous Information 133

Introduction 126

Miscellaneous Information 137-150

Removals, Alterations and Additions 136

Street and Avenue Guide COakland) 151-174

Street and Avenue Guide (Berkeley) 175-186

Street and Avenue Guide fAlameda) 187-191


Apartments (See Classified Section)

Building, Blocks, Halls (See Classified Section)

Cemeteries (See Classified Section)

Churches 137-140

City Officers 439-441

College Fraternities and Clubs...... 149-150

Clubs, Associations and Societies 140-142

Consulates 142

County Officers 483-484

Fire Departments 625-626

Homes, Hospitals, Etc (See Classified Section")

Labor and Trade Organizations 142-143

Libraries (See Classified Section)

Military 143

Military Fraternal Socities 150

Parks and Public Grounds 143

Police Departments ". 439-441

Postoffices 1275

Public Schools 143-144

Secret and Fraternal Societies 144-150

L'nited States Officials 150



A. A. A. Architectural Service

right bottom lines and 11

Acme Auto & Taxicata Co 114

Acme Towing Service Inc

back cover and 12

Ad Lib - 82

Alameda Chamber of Commerce 6

Alameda County Realty Co 69

Alameda County Title Ins. Co -

right top lines and 9

Alameda Times Star Co 82

Alhambra Water Depot

right side lines and 57

Allen Wiley B. Co. The 88

Alpha Tile Co 114

American Auto Metal Works

..'. left bottom lines

American Bank. .right side lines and 27

American Writing Machine Co. Inc 116

Anderson's Carpet House 36

Appleton G. 'W

right Ijottom lines and 58

Armstrong Schools of Business

right side lines

Automatic Printing Co 90

Automobile Glass House The 13

Bank of Italy 24

Barber Furniture Co 61

Bard Arthur & Co 30

Eass-Hueter Paint Co 86

Bates & Borland 47

Bauer August 64

Bay Construction Co 30

Bay Engineering Co 65

Bay View Water Co

right bottom lines and 57

Bell & Boyd 13

Bennett-Scholey Motors Co 17

Bennett's Collection Assn

left side lines and 46

Bercovich David 61

Berg Funeral Parlors

ri.ght bottom lines and 118

Berkeley Chainber of Commerce 5

Berkeley Gazette Publishing Co 85

Berkeley Realty Co

left side lines and 93

Bernal D. C 13

Bertilllon, Leading Hatter, Inc

right top lines and 65

Birch Clyde A 31

Bischoff Surgical House 88

Blue Bird Tea Room

opp inside back cover

Blyth, Witter & Co 27

Bolton Realty Co 94

Bond & Goodwin & Tucker 28

Bowdish Bros. Realty Co.

right bottom lines and 93

Bowman Drug Co

: right top lines and 58

Bradley Wm. W 94

Breuner .Tohn Co right top lines

Briggs J. E 60

Brown Albert Co back bone and 117

Brown Chas. F 94

Building Loan & Finance Co 94

Burns Percy H 95

Burritt Shealey & Goard Inc

right bottom lines, 31 and 95

Cadwalader R. B

right side lines and 96

Cahill James & Co 120

Cain Electric Co 58

California Builders Co

top end stencil and 32

California Cotton Mills Co 49

California Cracker Co 49

California Crematorium 52

California Door Co. The 56


California Mission Furniture Co 61

Campanile Electric Co 59

Capwell H. C. Co

right top lines and 53

Carruth & Adamson Co. ...92 and opp 412

Cavalier Wm. & Co 28

Central National Bank

front cover and 24

Central Savings Bank

front cover and 24

Central-Shue5' Creamery Co

back cover and 50

Chanslor & Lyon Co 13

Chesebrough Harry N

left top lines and 81

Chicago Rubber Stamp & Printing

Co left side lines and 90

Chinn-Beretta Optical Co 85

Citizens National Bank 25

Clay, Hotchkiss & Schroeter

right top lines and 69

Coast Tire & Rubber Co

left side lines

Cody Chas J. Dr

left side lines and 39

College Hardware Co 63

Collier & Brooker 14

Colonial Cafeteria Co 36

Colton & Haidt 27

Commercial Trust & Savings Bank..

left side lines and 25

Cooperative Ice Cream Co opp 1683

Cooperative Protective Syndicate.... 46

Cortelyou Guyon W. & Co 69

Cosgraves Inc 41

Cowell Henry Lime & Cement Co... 33

Cox Cylinder Works 14

Cozzens-Ball Inc 14

Crane Co 89

Curtain Store The

right side lines and 52

Daahl-Thoms Awning & Canvas Co.

left side lines and 12

Darling & Peterson 95

Davis K. A. Mfg. Co opp 1683

Dean Chas. M 31

Dean Law & Collection Co 46

Dening C. Co 62

Derbyshire & IMain Inc

front cover and 97

Dickson & Holbrook 110

Dodge Henry A right side lines

Dodge. Sweeney & Co 63

Doty R. A. Co 14

Drayage Service Corporation 56

Drew-Mountjov Furniture Co 62

Duner-INIatheny Sash & Door Co 109

Durant Motor Co. of California 16

East Bay Water Co 122

Eastern Outfitting Co 42

Eastern Tailoring Co opp 1682

Engel Albert & Co 118

Equitable Life Assurance Society of

the U. S. A 70

Espersen Bros 23

Evans E. W. M. & Sons

left top lines and 81

Fairbanks, Morse & Co

inside back cover

Fairmont :Monument Works

left top lines and 81

Farmers and Merchants Savings

Bank left top lines and 25

Farnsworth L. A 10

Ferriter Geo E 88

Field E. B. Co front cover and 97





Field & Lee opp 431

First National Bank

right side lines and 27

Flodquist & Brown

left bottom lines and 39

Foo Wing Herb Co

left bottom lines and 38

Forbes F. E. Co 98

Foster & Kleiser 9

Frandsen Alex 98

Fredericksen P. C

right top lines and 43

Freeman & Cox-Roach & Kenney

Undertaking Co front cover and 118

French .7. E. Co 15

Fuller Brush Co 30

Fuller W. P. Co back cover and 87

Fuller & Goepp opp 1683

Fulton Laundry 73

Gabriel & Son 75

Gardiner J. A. Dr 39

Garibaldi "Original" Cafe & Cali-
fornia Tamale Co 109

Genelly Ray P. Co

left top lines and 70

G. E. S. Co 15

Gignac Secret Service Bureau 55

Girard Piano Co

right top lines and 89

Glass & Barth Inc

opp end of classified and 111

Globe Auto Supply Corp 15

Graff E C 32A

Gridley G. W. Co 72

Hagy George H

left bottom lines and 119

Hall-White Co. Inc 75

Hamlin & Wichman 15

Hanrahan & Wadsworth

back cover and 119

Harrington-Mclnnis Co 91

Harrison Hotel & Apartments 68

Havens Wickham Inc

right top lines and 98

Heald's Business College

back bone and 35

Hebern Electric Code Inc 59

Hogan Lumber & Mill Co 75

Holland John P right top lines and 99

Home Finder The 98

Home Insurance Co

left top lines and 71

Hotel Claremont 66

Hotel Crellin 68

Hotel Oakland Co 67

Hotel Oaks ^ 68

Hotel San Pablo 68

Hotel Touraine 69

Howard Auto Co 18

Howden Robert & Sons

right side lines and 79

Hughson Wm. L. Co 18

Humphrey Transfer Co 115

Hunter Lumber Co

right top lines and 76

Hurst W. A right side lines and 121

Hutchinson Co 48

Independent Tire Co 18

Inter-Citv Express The 82

Inter-City Publishing Co 92

Jackson Furniture Co 62

Jackson Herbert Co opp 858

Jackson S. & Sons

right side lines, 70 and 99

Jersey Milk, Cream & Butter Co

left top lines and 51

Jones Henry Z 99

Jordan Ambulance Co

back cover and 10

Jungck D. L. Co 100

Juster & Company 100

Kahn Bros right top lines and 53

Kent Co. The 46

Kerr & McCandlish...

left top lines and 70

Kessler's Arcade Market

right side lines and 78

Kettinger Mabel 110

Key Realty Co 100

Key Route Inn Market 79

Kitchener R. S 92

Klaas & Mehrkens

left bottom lines, 56 and 73

Knapp Ralph A. ..left side lines and 100

Knudsen Harold D. Co 18

Langer Paul 110

Larkin T. H left top lines and 101

Lason S. F. & Co

right bottom lines and 101

Laufer F. W right top lines and 86

Lawrence H. M 19

Lawrence V. O. Co 112

Lawrence Warehouse Co 121

LeDue & McCammon 101

Lee F. H opp 1682

Lewis & Mitchell 101

Littlefield R. W left top lines and 48

Lone Star Battery Shop 19

Long Roy O. Co 102

Luman Realty Co 102

McCorkle D. H. Mfg. Co 65

Machell H. T right top lines and 54

Magill A. M - ...left top lines and 71

Maiden, Rittigstein & Co

left top lines and 102

Mark-Lally Co 89

Market Laundry Co.. .right side lines

Markham H. G. & Co 19

Mason-McDuffie Co 103

Mattson Conrad J. A 64

Maxwell Hdwe Co right side lines

Merchants Express & Draying Co 115

Merritt Motors Co 19

Metropolitan Window Shade Co 121

:Mills Chas. B. Co 71

.Mitchener W. L. & Co

left bottom lines and 102

Moran J. T left bottom lines and 42

Morcom Fred N 11

Morse Detective & Patrol Service 55

Morton's left top lines. 10 and 81

Moses Grace Public Accountin.g Bu-
reau left bottom lines and 9

Motorcar Electrical Co : 20

Muhr Feodor 103

Munro J A Auction & StorageCo 11

Mutual Realty Co 103

Myran Brothers front cover and 104

Neher Don 20

Nelson Nursery School

right side lines

Niehaus Edward E. Co 119

Nielson Harold A

right side lines and 20

Nippon Laundry

left bottom lines and 73

Norman Albert E...left top lines and 104

Northbrae Cleaning & Dyeing Co 40

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. 71
Oakland Bank The. ...front cover and 26
Oakland Building Material & Mnfrs'

Exchange 33

Oakland California Towel Co

rigrt bottom lines and 114

Oakland Chamber of Commerce 4

Oakland Cleaning & Dyeing Co 40

Oakland Commercial Fire Dispatch. .

left bottom lines and 55

Oakland Phonograph Co

right side lines

Oakland Realtor 85

Oakland Title Ins. & Guar. Co

front cover and 8

Pacific Coast Glass Works 62

Pacific Coast Shredded Wheat Co 37

Pacific Machine Co 78

Pacific Mfg. Co 109

Pacific Mausoleum Co opp 1080

Pacific Nash Motor Co 20

Pacific Service Co 10

Pacific (W. O. W.) Building 34




Peppin John B

left bottom lines and 32A

Phoenix Iron Works 61

Physicians Law & Collection Agcy.

right side lines and 47

Piedmont Riding School 110

Polytechnic Business College 124

Polytechnic College of Engineering 123

Porter F. F front edge and 105



Post-Enquirer The
Progress Realty Co.

Progressive Planing Mill Co 109

Ramage Arthur Co 42

Realty Bonds & Finance Co 106

Realty Syndicate Co. ..back cover and 106
Redwood Manufacturers Co

right bottom lines and 33

Reid's Drugs 58

Rhodes-Jamieson & Co

left top lines and 43

Robinson H. R 106

Rockridge Realty Co 107

Roos Bros left top lines

Ruckers G. A left bottom lines and 93

Rush V,^. 1. Real Estate Co 107

St. John George 58

Samuel Ford E

opp inside back cover

San Francisco Chronicle 84

Schnebley & Hostrawser 48

Scotchler Nelson N. Co 21

Security Bond & Finance Co

right bottom lines and 28

Senda W 60

Soulberger & Dunham 107

Sherman, Clay & Co

left top lines, 82 and 89

Smith Bros right top lines and 112

Smith Hardware Co.

left side lines and 64

Smith, Thomas & Thomas 71

Smith Wm. H.


Smith & Peswa 47

Sohst Auto Repair Co 21

Spencer Service Co 3 and 47

Standard Fence Co

right side lines and 60

Standard .Secretarial School

right bottom lines and 35

Standard Supply Co.-bacli cover and 44

Star Motor Co. of Calif 22

Steel Marshall Co.

left side lines and 41

Stiles W. E 40

Stiver Mme 59

Strable Hardwood Co

right bottom lines and 77

Strei W. E left bottom lines and 21

Strom Electric Co 6

Students Tran-sfer & Storage Co.


113 and 115

Sunset Lumber Co.. .front cover and 76
Sunset Realty Co

left bottom lines and 108

Sutherland A 63

Swanson H. C. Co 121

Sweet's School of Dancing

..-• left side lines and 52

Taft & Pennoyer Co

left side lines and 54

Tanner-Stephenson Co 29

Tay George H. Co 90

Telegraph Cleaning & Dveing Works 40

Thompson W. H 59

Transo Envelope Co 60

Troy J. H. Agency The

back cover and 71

Truman Undertaking Co 120

U. C. Cleaners & Dyers 41

U. C. Express & Storage Co

left side lines, 113 and 116




U. C. Plate & Window Glass Co.

Union Construction Co

Union Indemnity Exchange 72

United Transfer Co 16

University Apparatus Co

Upright's left side lines

Utah Fuel Co

right bottom lines and

VanEvery John M lO'i

Venus The Inc left side lines

Walnut Grove Creamery Co

left top lines and

"^'eaver- Wells Co

Weil & Clow Co. Inc 72

Western Builders Supply Co opp 1682

Western Heavy Hardware Co 64

Whelan R. J. Co 29

White Music Co. The 88

White Star Laundry Co

bottom stencil and 74

"White T\'. J opp 1682

Williams O. H. & Co 108

Wilson-Frisbie Co 23

Winlund P N 32A

Wizard Carpet Cleaning Co 36

Wollitz Ernest A 120

Wong Him Herb Co 2

Wood Brothers 23

Wood E. K. Lumber Co

left side lines and 78

Wood Fred T. Co. ..right side lines
Wright Frederick L

right bottom lines and 72

Yager Sheet Metal Co

left bottom lines and 111

Young Geo. L 108

Zenith Mill & Lumber Co 78

Removals, Alterations and Additions

Names Received Too Late for Regular Insertion

Advertisers Building 324 13th

Carney Jos W pres Carney's Billiard
Academy Inc h 1229 Derby av

Carney's Billiard Academy Inc J W Car-
ney pres Chas Scofield treas H .T
Sampson sec 324 13th

Emery Guy agcy organizer Western
States Life Ins Co 311 American
Bank bldg

Froines N ship hlpr r 3714 Leighton
Graves Wm L ins underwriter Acacia

Mutual Life Assn 370 Blake blk h

4109 E 12th
Lewis Sarah (wid Jacob) r 2425 Durant

av B







(See Classified Section)


(See Classified Section)


(Se3 Classified Section)


(See Classified Section)



Adventist — Seventh Day

California Conference — 537 25th

Melrose — 1953 Harrington av, Rev C F Folkenberg

elder, h 2181 Ransome av
Twenty-fifth Street — 531 25th, Rev E H Adams

elder, h 441 3Sth


Beth Eden (colored) — 719 Filbert, Rev. J P Hub-
bard pastor, h 822 Brush

Bethany — ns Penniman av opp Octavia, Rev L W
Hendricksen pastor h 3452 School

Chinese — 823 Webster

Eighty-fifth Ave (colored) — 1251 85th av. Rev J L
Allen pastor h 1418 86th av

Elmhurst — Holly nw cor 90th av

First — 2151 Tel av. Rev John Snape pastor h 556

First Danish-Norwegian — Ws 25th av nr E 14th,
Rev Peter Petersen pastor h 1633 21st av

First Swedish — Magnolia se cor 10th, Rev John
Friborg pastor h 1036 Bay View av

Golden Gate — Gaskill se cor 54th, Rev Willard
Fuller pastor h. 950 53d

Melrose — 4 7th av se cor Bond, Rev H D Zimmer-
man pastor h 54 78 Foothill blvd

Mexican — Midget Hall, Pacific bldg

New Hope — 33d bet Market and West, Rev S W

Hawkins pastor h 1915 Chestnut
'North Oakland — 32nd nw cor Linden, Rev G C
Coleman pastor h 867 37th

Richard Clark (colored) — 84 3 2i9th

Temple — 41st cor Piedmont, Rev E R Holaday
pastor h 979 10th

Tenth Avenue — 10th av ne cor B 14th, Rev G W
Phillips pastor h Hayward

I Twenty-third Avenue — 2 3d av cor E 17th, Rev

] J N Garst pastor h 2347 Mitchell



Elmhurst — E 14 th ne cor 88th av. Rev R L

McHatton pastor, h 2934 E 23d
First — Grand av se cor Webster, Rev H O

Breeden pastor h 606 Vernon
Fruitvale — 1706 Fruitvale av. Rev Kelly O'Neall

pastor h 4 618 Walnut av

Church of Christ Scientist

First — Franklin nw cor 17th
Second — 476 34th
Third — 164 2 Fruitvale av
.Fourth — 230 Lake Shore blvd

Fifth — 9036 E 14th

Sixth — 250 41st

Seventh — 2332 Harrison

Eighth — 1219 Filbert

C S Society — 30 Hepburn (San Leandro)

C S Society — 1219 Filbert

Cong:regat ional
Boulevard — Foothill blvd sw cor Avenal av. Rev

J B Orr pastor h 7500 Ney av
Calvary — Grove sw cor 36th, Rev W J Thompson

pastor h 3739 Telegraph av
Chinese Mission — 264 Sth
First — 12th nw cor Clay, Rev F J Van Horn pastor

h 1551 Mission .
Fruitvale — E 16th nw cor Fruitvale av. Rev C F

Clarke pastor h 1531 Fruitvale av
Grace — 71st av cor Rudsdale, Rev C S Mundell

pastor 1690 69th av
Japanese Independent — 576 Sycamore, Rev I Ishl-

kawa pastor h rear church
Olivet — 5727 Shafter av. Rev Harold Govette

pastor h 493 Forest
Pilgrim — 1506 Sth av. Rev A E Patterson pastor
Plymouth — 3791 Piedmont av. Rev F V Fisher

pastor h 833 Carlston av
Swedish Evangelical Mission — 1219 Filbert
Ward Memorial — Ford ne cor Derby av


All Saints — 96th av ne cor Plymouth, Rev W A

MacClean rector
Chapel of the Good Samaritan — Oak ne cor 9th,

Rev A L Mitchell rector h 1069 14th
Chinese Mission — 320 6th
criuirch of the Advent — 12th av and E 16th, Rev

Paul Little rector h 213" Rose B
Holy Innocents Chapel — Shattuck av sw cor 55th,

Rev G E Weagant pastor h 5425 Shattuck av
St Andrew's — 12th ne cor Magnolia, Rev A L

Mitchell rector h 1069 14th
Si Augustine's — 739 27th, Rev D R Wallace rector

h SIO 27th
St John's — Sth sw cor Grove, Rev John Barrett

rector h 663 Sth
St Paul's — Montecito av ne cor Bay pi. Rev Alex

Allen rector h 116 Montecito av
St Peter's — Lawton av ne cor Bway, Rev E F

Gee rector h 5801 Bway
St Philip's — Nicol av se cor Capp, Rev Edwin

Casteldine rector h 2253 3Sth av
Trinity — Tel av sw cor 29th, Rev L B Thomas

rector h 521 29th


Calvary Evangelical — Canning sw cor 61st, Rev
J V Knoll pastor h 366 61st

Swedish Evangl Free — 2109 47th. Rev J F Fran-
sine pastor h 1704 55th

Swedish Evangl Mission 1021 Fallon Rev G A
Anderson pastor

Free Methodist

First — 819 37th, Rev R E Nichols pastor h 1812




Greek Orthodox — Brush cor 10th. Rev Jas P'ap-
pageorge pastor h 920 Brush


Congregation Beth Abraham — 4 20 Harrison

Congregation Beth Israel — West se cor 9th, Rich-
land Baer rabbi h 415 E 16th

Congregation Beth Jacob — Castro ne cor 9th, B M
Paper rabbi

Congregation Enai Isaac — 929 Clay, Rev Isaac
Rabinovitz rabbi h 1440 Chestnut

Temple Sinai — 2Sth nw cor Webster, Rev R I
CofEee rabbi r Key Route Inn


Piedmont Church — Mountain and Highland avs.
Rev Chas D Milliken minister


Central — 411 2Sth, Rev J H Berg pastor h 415

First English — Grove sw cor 16th, Rev W S Dy-

singer pastor h 538 44th
Our Saviour's (Danish) — 1736 7th av. Rev O R

Olsen pastor h 836 E 20th
St John's — 55th av cor E'dgerly, Rev Henry Wlem-

ken pastor h 1222 92d av
St Marcus German Evangelical — 722 Filbert, Rev

Eugene Baltzer pastor r Y M C A
St Michael's English Evangelical — Alcatraz av, nw

cor Benvenue av. Rev E A Trabert pastor h 2516

Ashby av
St Paul's Evangelical — Grove nw cor 10th, Rev C A

Johnson pastor h 1015 Grove
St Peter's German Evangelical — 1700 84th av.

Rev Fred Schlottman pastor h 1704 84th av
Trinity German Evangelical — E 15th sw cor 17th

av. Rev H E Haserodt pastor h 1627 E 15th
Trinity Xorwegian — S27 Athens av. Rev O T

Brandrud pastor h 823 Atherts av
Zion's German Evangelical — 12th sw cor Myrtle,

Rev Geo Mieger pastor h 958 12th

Methodist Episcopal

Chinese — 323 Sth, Rev Lok Shang Chan pastor
Cooper A M E Zion — SS5 Campbell, Rev W H

Lovell pastor h 1330 Sth
Eighth Avenue — Sth av nw cor E 17th, Rev C W

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