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Up-Town Association — 1512 Bway rm 402
Wanto Athletic Club (Chinese) — 423 Alice
War Mothers — 210S Shattuck av Bkly
Western Relief Society — llOS Sth
■R'idows and Orphans Assn, B F D — 210S Shat-
tuck av Bkly
Wilhelm Tell Vereln — 561 11th
Workers Welfare Association — 457 Sth
T\'orkingmen's Circle of Oakland No 287 A R —

561 11th
Workmen's Sick and Death Benevolent Society —
561 11th


(See Public Schools in this Section, also Schools
and Colleges in Classified Section)


(All addresses are in San Francisco)
Argentine Consulate General of — 235 Montgomery
Belgium Consulate General of — 110 Sutter
Bolivia Consulate of — Russ bldg
Brazil Vice-Consulate of — "C Spa-eckles bldg
British Consulate General — 268 Market
China Consulate General of — 617 Montgomery
Colombia Consulate of — 268 Market
("uba Consulate of — Holbrook bldg
Denmark Consulate of — Mills bldg
Ecuador Consulate General of — 235 Montgomery
Finland Consulate & Bureau of — 9 Mission
France Consulate General of — 110 Sutter
Germany Consulate General of— '64 Pine
Greece Consulate General of — Phelan bldg
Guatemala Consulate of — 235 Montgomery
Plonduras Consulate of — 58 Sutter
Italy Consulate General of — Bank of Italy bldg
Japan Consulate General of — Postal Telegraph

Mexico Consulate General of — 551 Montgomery
Netherlands Consulate General of the — Mills bldg
Nicaragua Consulate of — 14 9 California, Vice-Con-

sul 149 California
Norway Consulate of — 260 California
Panama Consulate of— Russ bldg
Peru Consulate of — 510 Battery
Portugal Consulate of — 34 5 Front
Russia — Consulate of — 24 California
Salvador Consulate of— -341 Montgomery
Serbs Croats & Slovens Consulate of — 244 Kearny
Siam Consulate of — Chronicle bldg
Spain Consulate General of — Pacific bldg
Sweden Consulate of — American National Bank

Uruguay Consulate of — 550 Montgomery
Venezuela Consulate of — 112 Market


(See Alphabetical Section)


(See Classified Section)


Oakland Labor Temple — 1030 Franklin
Alameda Co Typothetae — 228 Bacon bldg
American Federation of Labor Headquarters — 387

12th office 79 Bacon bldg
Auto Mechanics — 1030 Franklin
Building Trades Council — 1030 Franklin, Edw

Hawkins pres, Chas Gurney sec, J A Lloyd bus

Central Labor Council — 1030 Franklin, Jas Shea

pres, W A Spooner sec and bus agt
Auto Mechanics' Union Local 1546 — 1030 Franklin

Bakery and Confectionery Workers' Union No 119

— 1030 Franklin
Bakery Salesmen's Union No 432 — 1030 Franklin
Bill Posters and Billers — 1030 Franklin
Blacksmiths' and Helpers' Union No 200 — 387 12th
Boilermakers' Union No 233 — 1030 Franklin
Boot and Shoe Workers' Union No 324 — 1030

Bottlers' Union No 293 — 4 08 11th
Bricklayers' Union No 8 — 531 11th
Brotherhood of Draftsmen — 1918 Grove
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers No 283 —

E 7th nw cor 6th av
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers W P R R —

1007 Bway
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers. Ladies'

Auxiliary Okld Division No 156 — Golden West

Hall Pacific bldg
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen, Okld Lodge

No 143 — 1557 7th
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. Ladies' Aux-

iliaiy Enisine Lodge No 390 — Midget Hall, Pa-
cific bldg
Brotherhood of Marine Carpenters — 531 11th
Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen Oakland

Lodge No 92 — 1918 Grove
Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of America No

735 — 763 12th
Brotherhood of Railway Clerks — 70 Bacon bldg
Brotherhood of Railway Clerks No 802 — 408 11th
Brotherhood of Railwav Clerk No 2110 — Midget

Hall, Pacific bldg
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen. Western Shore

Lodge No 71 — 408 11th
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen Okld Lodge

No 850 — Golden West Hall Pacific bldg
P.rotherhood of Teamsters — 3S7 12th
Brotherhood of Teamsters No 70 — 3N7 12th
Butchers' Union No 120 — 1030 Franklin
Butchers' Union No 633 — 1030 Franklin
California Typothetae — 228 Bacon bldg
C'armen'.s Union 192 — 1030 Franklin
Carpenters' Union No 36 — 763 12th
Carpenters' Union No 194 — Institute bldg A
Carpenters' Union No 1158 — 2104 Addison B
Carpenters' Union No 1187 (boxmkrs) — 1030

Carpenters' Union No 2533 — 1030 Franklin
Carpenters' and Joiners' Union No 1424 — 9412 E

Carpet Layers' and Upholsterers' Union No 5 —

1030 Franklin
Casketmakers' Union — 1030 Franklin
Cigarmakers' Union No 253 — 1030 Franklin
City Firemen No. 55 — 1030 Franklin
Cooks' Waiters' and Waitresses' .\niance No 31 —

645 22d
Cracker Bakers — 763 12th
Dining Sleeping Car Employees' Union No 328 —

1779 7th
Electrical Workers' Union No 283 — 1030 Franklin
Electrical Workers' Union No 595 — 1918 Grove
Electrical Workers' Union No 50 — 1030 Franklin
Foundry Employees' Union — 387 12th
Hod Carriers' Union No 166 — 763 12th
Ice and Cold Storage Workers' Union — 1030

Ice Wagon Drivers' Union No 610 — 387 12th
International Association of Machinists No 284 —

531 11th
International Association of Machinists Railroad

Lodge No 1117 — 531 11th
International Association of Machinists, Ladies'

Auxiliary Okld Lodge No 97 — 2436 Grove
International Order of Boilermakers, Railroad

Lodge No 623 — 1030 Franklin
International Union of Stationary and Operating

Engineers No 641 — 408 11th
International Union of Stationary and Operating

Engineers, Ladies' Auxiliary No 1 — Midget Hall,

Pacific bldg
Iron Molders' Union No 164 — 387 12th
Iron Workers' Union No 117 (bridge, structural

and ornamental) — 1030 Franklin
Janitors' Union — 1030 Franklin

Journeymen Barbers' Union No 134 — 1030 Frank-
Journeymen Tailors' Union No 366 — 1030 Franklin
Lathers' Union No 88 — 387 12th
Laundry Workers, Cleaners and Dyers Union Na

210 — Golden West Hall, Pacific bldg
Letter Carriers' Association No 76 — ZiZ 12th
Letter Carriers' Association No 863 — 2108 Shattuck




Maintenance of Way Local 407 — 408 11th
Material Teamsters' Union No 577 — 1030 Franklin
Milk Wagon Drivers' Union No 302 — 387 12th
MlUmen's Union No 550 — 1030 Franklin
Moving- Picture Machine Operators' Union No 169

— 1030 Franklin
Musicians' Union Branch 6 — 1121 Washington
National Association of Specialty Salesmen — 532

First Natl Bank bldg
National Federation of PostofCice Employes No 78

— 243 12th
Order of Railway Conductors, Golden Gate Div

No 364 — Golden West Hall, Pacific bldg
Order of Railway Conductors, Ladies' Auxiliary

City of Oaks Division No 70 — Golden West Hall,

Pacific bldg
Order of Railway Expressmen — Golden West Hall,

Pacific bldg
Painters' Decorators' and Paperhangers" Union No

137 — 761 12th
Painters' Union No 787 (Sign, Carriage and Pic-
torial) — 1030 Franklin
Piano Organ and Musical Instrument Workers'

Union No 12 — Midget Hall, Pacific bldg
Plaster and Cement Finishers' Union No 112 —

408 11th
Plumbers' Union No 444 — 1030 Franklin
Pressmen's Union No 125 — 408 11th
Railroad Sheet Metal Workers' Union — 408 11th
Rank & File Federation Workers — 457 8th
Retail Clerks' Association — 1110 Bway
Riggers' and Stevedores' Union No 33 — 201 Washn
Sheet Metal Workers' Union No 216 — 1030 Frank-
Ship Riggers' Union No 250 — 763 12th
Shipwrights' Union — 763 12th
Sign Painters' Union — 387 12)th
Shop Crafts Local No 5—408 11th
Southern Pacific Railroad Lodge No 623 — Pacific

S P Shops Federation — 408 11th
Steam and Hoisting Engineers' Union No 641 —

1030 Franklin
Steamfitteis' Union No 342 — 1030 Franklin
Steel Workers' Union No 1 — 1236 32d
Street Railway Employes' Union — 3S7 12th
Theatrical Stage Employes' Union No 107 — 1030

Typographical Union No 36 — 812 Bway
United Brotherhood of Firemen and Engineers

No 14 3 — 541 Henry
United Laborers' Union No 304 — 1030 Franklin


f^ (See Classified Section)


National Guard — State of California

Armory — 674 23d

Headquarters — First Battalion 14 3d Field Artil-
lery. Major H F Huber

Battery "A" — 143d Field Artillery, Capt J A Cook,
Drill Tuesday evenings 8pm

Battery "B" — 143d Field Artillery, Capt J H
Fahy, Drill Thursday evenings 8pm

Battalion Headquarters Detachment — 1st Bn 143d
Capt D A Marshall, Drill Tuesday evenings 8 pm.

Company "A" 159th Infantry — Capt LeRoy G Gilo,
Drill Monday evenings 8pm

Company "C" 159th Infantry — Capt Wayne R
Allen, Drill Wednesday evenings 8 p m

Service Company 159th Infantry — Capt Chester H
Case, Drill Wednesday evening 8 p m

Regimental Heac^quarters Company 159th Infan-
try — Capt E A Hinchman, Drill Wednesday eve-
nings S p m

Medical Detachment 159th Infantry — Major S R
Downing, Drill Wednesday evening 8pm

Companies B and D 159th Infantry — 2073 Addi-
son B


Alameda Park — Encinal av nr Park A

Alameda Recreation Park — Es Webster nr Eagle

av A
Athol Plaza — N of Blvd pi bet Lake Shore Blvd

and 2d av
Bay View Park — Bet 18th and 20th Campbell and

Bella Vista Public Playground — 11th av sw cor E

Bushrod Park — Bet Racine and Shattuck av 59th

and 60th

California Park — 700 Camelia B

California State League Park — Grove and 58th

Chabot Observatory Park — End of Leona Hts car

City Hall Plaza — San Pab av to Washn 14th to

City Hall Public Playgrounds — McKinley av ne cor

Allston B
Clinton Square — E 12th to E 14th 6th to 7th av
Codornices Park — Euclid av bet Eunice and

Berryman Reservoir B
Contra Costa Park — Contra Costa av Bkly
Cragmont Park — Regal rd opp Hilldale av Bkly
Diniond Park — N end Dimond av
Dracena Park — Dracena av and Park way
de Fremery Park — Adeline to Poplar bet 16th and

East Shore Park — Grand av and Perry
Fremont Park — 14th av and E 12th
Fruitvale Baseball Park — Frtvl av and S P tracks
Garber Park — Claremont rd Bklv
Golden Gate Public Playground — San Pab av se

cor 62d
Great Stoneface Park — San Fernando av cor Thou-
sand Oaks blvd
Grotto Rock Park — Santa Barbara rd nr Indian

Rock av Bkly
Fourteenth Av Plaza — Bet 14th and 15th avs E

17th and E 18th
Harrison Square — Harrison to Alice bet 6th and

Heights The — Joaquin Miller rd nr Mountain blvd
Hinke! Park — San Diego rd to Northampton av

Idora Park — 56th cor Tel av
Indian Rock Park — Indian Rock av opp San Mateo

rd B
.lefferson Square — Jeffn and Grove 6th and 7th
Kenney Playgrounds — Delaware nw cor 8th B
La Loma Park — Greenwood ter nr Buena Vista

way B
Lafayette Square — 10th to 11th Grove and Jeffer-
Lakeside Park — Bet Grand av and Lake Merritt

Harrison and Lake Shore blvds
Lincoln Parks — 10th to 11th Harrison to Alice

O. High to Fernside blvd bet Central av and

Liberty av A
Live Oak Park — Shattuck av cor Berryman B
McKinley Park — Walnut ne cor Buena Vista av A
McKinley Park Playground — Walnut cor Clement

av A
Madison Park — Bet Madison and Oak 8th and 9th
Mortal- Rock Park — Indian Rock av opp San Diego

rd Bkly
Mosswood Park — Bet Bway and Webster 34th and

Moss av
Neptune lieach — Central av opp Webster A
Oakland Baseball Park — Park av nr San Pab av
Pacific Coast Shredded Wheat Go's Recreation

Park — 14 th bet Poplar and Union
Paik Boulevard Playground — Newton av nw cor

Park blvd
Peralta Park — Bet 8th and 12th Fallon and 1st av
Piedmont Park — Magnolia and Highland avs
Poplar Street Public Playgrounds — 30th and Poplai
Rock Ridge Park — Park Ridge cor Rockridge

blvd B
San Antonio Park — E 16th to E 19th 16th av to

18th av
San Pablo Park — Bet Russell and Ward, Park antf

Mabel B
Shellmound Park — Shellmound Sta Emeryville
Surf Beach Park — Central av at 6th A
Thrasher Park — 925 Davis San Leandro
Triangle Park — The Alameda cor Hopkins B
Union Square — Peralta and 34th
Washington Park — Central av cor 8th A


(See Alphabetical Section)


(See also Schools and Colleges in Classified


Board of Education

(See City Officers in Alphabetical Section)

Alexander Hamilton Jr High — 35th and Galindo,

Wm McMaster prin
Allendale — Penniman and 38th avs, M E Hurley



Bella Vista — 10th av and E 24th, Mrs E I Hill prin
Beulah — Tompkins av and Orchard, Mrs Abbie

Valley prin
Campbell — 4th and Grove, Mary M Campbell prin
Claremont — College av and Birch Court, C B Crane

Clawson Jr High — 32d and Magnolia, A S Colton

Cleveland — Cleveland and Athol av, Kate C Morris

Cole — 10th and Union, W D Spencer prin
Crocker Highlands — Longridge and Sunnyhills rd,

Mrs Mildred Wilson prin
Dewey — 37th av and E 12th, E F Dyer prin
Durant — 28th and Grove, E W Kottinger prin
Egbert W Beach — 100 Lake av (Pied), Florence

E' Luke prin
Elmhurst Jr High — Cherry and 98th av, H W

Campbell prin
Emerson — 49th and Shatter av, R S Wheeler prin
Emeryville — San Pab av and 47th, D B Lacey prin
Frank C Havens — 320 Bonita av (Pied), Ellen

DriscoU prin
Franklin — 9th av and E 16th, George A Edgar prin
Fremont High — 4 7th av and Foothill blvd, H D

Brasefleld prin
Frick — 62d av and Foothill blvd, J C Hammel prin
Fruitvale — Boston av and School, G E Forbush

Garfield Jr High — 23d av and E 16th, J Fred An-
derson prin
Golden Gate Jr High — San Pablo av ne ewr 62d,

Geo L Sackett prin
Grant — 2 9th and Bway, H C Petray prin
Harrison — 4th and Harrison, Edna Yates prin
Hawthorne — Fruitvale av and Tallant, W A Ban-
ner prin
Highland — S5th av and A, C P Finger p'rin
Intermediate — 12th av and E 19th, Lutie A Ruch

(acting) prin
Jefferson — 39th a^• and Carrington, ETlizabeth

Sherman prin
Lafayette — 17th and W'est, C F Gulick prin
Lakeview — Perry and Grand av, Edgar Muller prin
Lakeview Annex — Perry and Van Buren av, Ellen

A Neylan prin
Laurel — Kansas and Brown av, Dora Lages prin
Lazear Jr High — 29th av and Elmwood av, Em-
ma Kane prin
Lincoln — 11th and Alice, W M Greenwell prin
Lincoln — Hepburn and Clark (San L), W O Davles

Lockwood — E 14th and 68th av, H O Welty prin
Longfellow — 39th and Market, W E Moore prin
McChesney — E 38th and 13th av, H N Massey prin
McKinley — Estabrook av and E 14th (San L), W O

Davies supervising prin
Manzanita — 24th av and E 26th, Margaret Poore

Melrose — E 14th and 52d av, Paul Martin prin
Melrose Heights — Congress and Ygnacio av, A C

Snead prin
North Etaeryville — 61st sw cor Doyle, Mrs Ella B

McDonald prin
North End Annex — 61st nr San Pab av (Emery-
ville), Mrs Ella V McDonald prin
Oakland High — 12th and Jefferson, C E Keyes prin
Part Time — 12th and Market, W A Tenney in chg
Peralta — Alcatraz av and Tel av, Anne Bradley

Piedmont High — Magnolia av opp Bonita av

(Pied). H W Jones prin
Piedmont Jr High — Magnolia and Bonita av
Piedmont av^ — Piedmont av and Echo av, C R Vor-

heis prin
Prescott Jr High — 9th and Campbell, G E Morten-
sen prin
Rockridge — Clifton and Bway, R J Graham prin
Santa Fe Jr High — 54th and Market, Anna Rich-
ardson pirin
Sequoia — Lincoln av and Scenic av, Ida Ham-
mond prin
StonehTirst — 103d av and S P Tracks, Mrs Angle

Webster prin
Technical High — 45th and Bway, P M Fisher prin
Tf)mpkins Jr High — 5th and Linden, Susan Mc-

Feely prin
University High — 48th and Webster, P H Boren

Vof-atlonal High — 12th and Market, W A Tenney

Washington — 60th and Shattuck av, C E Huds-
peth prin

Washington — Dutton av cor Breed av (San L), W
O Davies supervising prin

Webster — Slst av and Olive. C N Shane prin

West Oakland Kindergarten — 401 Peralta, Evelyn
Chasteen prin

W P Frick — 62d av and Foothill blvd, J C Ham-
mel prin

Board of Education

(See City Officers in Alphabetical Section)
Bentley — 2799 Benvenue av

Burbank — Univ av and Bonar, J T Preston prin
Burbank (Night) — Univ av and Bonar, C O Bruce

Claremont Annex — Claremont av and Alcatraz av,

Cora Thomas prin
Columbus — Allston way cor Sth. H F Hughes

Cragmont — Regal rd and Euclid av, Sue J Irwin

Edison — Russell nr Grove, H H Glessner prin
Emerson — -Pied av se cor Forest av, C A Hart-
well prin
Edison Elementary — Russell bet Grand and Mc-

Gee. H H Glessner prin
Evening High — Allston way and Grove, D L Hen-
nessey prin
Franklin — San Pab av cor Virginia, J E Cudde-

back prin
Garfield — Rose and Josephine, D L Hennessey prin
Hawthorne — Snyder av cor 9th, Mrs Beatrice Wil-

mans prin
High — Allston way and Grove, C L Biedenbach

Hillside — Le Roy av sw cor Virginia, Jeannette

Barrows prin
Jefferson — Rose cor Sacramento, Mary B O'Ban-

non prin
John Muir — Claremont av bet Ashby and Webster,

Lydia Atterbury prin
Le Conte — Russell nw cor Ellsworth, J A Imrle

Lincoln — Ellis and Prince, J L Blumb prin
Longfellow — Calif and Ward, Annie Woodall prin
McKinley — Dwight way nr Tel av, A L Barker

Oxford — Oxford nr Eunice, Clara M Partridge prin
Part Time High — Allston way and Grove, W W

Patty prin
Seventh St Kindergarten — 7th and Bristol, Minnie

H Young prin
Washington — Grove sw cor Bancroft way, A J

Hamilton prin
Whittier — Milvia ne cor Virginia, R E W^arren

Willard— Tel av cor Ward. W B Clark prin
Thousand Oaks — Tacoma and Colusa avs, Ru-
dolph LindQuist prin
University Elementary — Walnut and Grove, G C

Kyte prin

Board of Education

(See City Officers in Alphabetical Section)
Evening Commercial High — Walnut cor Central

av, P L Evans prin
Everett — EVerett nw cor Eagle av, Ada Bird sup-
ervising p.rin
Haight — Santa Clara av nr Chestnut, I W Snow-
den prin
High — Walnut cor Central av, G C Thompson prin
Lincoln — Central av bet Mound and Court, W G

Paden prin •

Longfellow — Pac av and 5th, Alice O Hunt prin
Mastick — Bay and Santa Clara, Gertrude E Trea-

nor prin
Porter — Ala av nr Walnut, Arth Heche prin
Washington — Santa Clara av se cor Sth, Edw
Albert prin


Ancient and Mystic Order Cabiri

Oakland Council — Meets Saturday 4S0 11th

Ancient Order of Foresters

Court Advocate No 7378 — Meets Friday 2229 Tel

Court Alameda 8861 — Meets Friday evenings 24J

Court Knaresborough 8609 — Meets 1st and 3d

Tuesdays 761 12th



Court Piedmont 7808 — Meets Tuesday 408 11th

Court Portugal 9139 — Meets 1st and 3d Thursdays
7'61 12th

Court St Gottardo 8865 — Meets 1st and 3d Wed-
nesdays 7'61 12 th

Court University 7915 — Meets Wednesday A O F
Hall B

Companions of the Forest of America

(Ladies' Auxiliary A O O F)

Acacia Circle 620 — Meets 2d and 4th Tuesdays 761

Bournemouth Circle 197 — Meets 1st and 3d Wed-
nesdays 761 12th

California Circle No 785 — Meets 1st and 3d Mon-
days 24 36 Grove

Knaresborough Circle 189 — Meets 1st and 3d Tues-
days 761 12th

Live Oak Circle — Meets 1st and 3d Tuesdays 761

Oakland Circle No 3 — Meets 1st and 3d Wednes-
days 761 12th

Piedmont Circle No 164 — Meets 1st and 3d Tues-
days 408 11th

Pride of Forest Circle No 122 — Meets 1st and 3d
Thursdays 2229 Tel av

Sadi Carnot Circle 611 — Meets 1st and 3d Thurs-
days 761 12th

San Gotturdo Circle meets 2d and 4th Tuesdays
408 11th

University Circle 248 — Meets 2d and 4th Mondays
A O F Hall, B

Verbano Circle 458 — Meets 2d and 4th Thursdays
761 12th

Association Protection Uniao Madeirense

Supreme Council Santa Antonio No 1, Theo Pitta

grand sec — Meets Wednesdays 1557 7th
Liberty C'ontado No 12 — Meets 4th Sunday 9412 E
Modern Teresa Council No 29 — Meets 1st Sunday

541 Henry
Republic Council No 5 — Meets 2d and 4th Fridays

E 16th cor 18th av
Santa Antonia Council No 1 — Meets 2d and 4th

Wednesdays 541 Henry

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks

Alameda Lodge 1015 — Meets Mondays 2255 Santa

Clara av A
Berkeley Lodge 1002 — Meets Wednesdays Allston

and Harold ways
Oakland Lodge 171 — Meets Thursdays 420 14th

Brotherhood of American Clansmen

Lodge No 1 — 24 3 12th

Brotherhood of American Veomen

Ivanhoe Homestead No 865 — Meets 2d and 4th

Thursday I O O F Hall (San L)
Oakland Homestead No 839 — Meets Tuesdays 408


Danish Brotherhood

Odin Lodge No 1 — Meets Friday 164 11th
Pacific Lodge No 39 — Meets Tuesday 164 11th

Danish Sisterhood

Dagmar Lodge No 2 — Meets 2d and 4th Thursdays
164 11th

Denmark Lodge No 17 — Meets 1st and 3d Thurs-
days 164 11th

Daughters of America

Martha Washington Council No 6 — Meets Friday
243 12th

Foresters of America

Court Elmhurst 174 — Meets Friday 8pm Red

Men's Hall 9412 E 14th
Court Harmonic 25 — Meets 2d and 4th Wednes-
days 24 3 12th
Court Merritt 233 — Meets 1111 E 12th
Court Pride No 19 — Meets 1st and 3d Fridays 1503

Park A
Court Sadi Carnot 198 — Meets Tuesday evenings

761 13th
Court San Leandro No 74 — Meets 1st and 3d

Wednesdays I O O F Hall San L
Court Shellmound No 17 — Meets Thursday 5678

San Pab av
Court Verbano 168 — Meets 1st and 3d Wednesday

761 12th

Court U S of America No 38 — Meets Thursday 243

Court Wildwood No 243 — Meets Tuesday 8pm

K of P Hall 3256 E 14th
Merritt Circle 1063 — Meets 2d and 4th Friday 8

p m I O O F Hall 1111 E 12th

Companions of the Forest of America

Acacia Circle No 620 — Meets 2d and 4th Mondays
3116 E 12th

Bav View Circle — Meets 1st and 3d Wednesdays
3138 Grove Bkly

Oakland Circle No 3 — Meets 1st and 3d Wednes-
days Corinthian Hall Pacific bldg

Fraternal Aid Union

Oakland Lodge 84 — Meets 2d and 4th Fridays
Athens Hall Pacific bldg

Fraternal Brotherhood

Alameda No 319 — Meets 1st and 3d Friday I O O F

Hall A
Berkeley 440 — Meets 1st and 3d Thursday 2108

Shattuck av B
East Oakland 686 — Meets 1st and 3d Friday 8pm

K of P Hall 3256 E 14th
Oakland 123 — Meets Tuesday 8 p m I O O F

Temple 11th and Franklin
Oakland Lodge No 1070 — Meets Fridays 8pm

The Wigwam Pacific bldg

Fraternal Order Ingles

Alameda Aerie No 1076 — Meets Thursday 2305

Alameda av A
Fruitvale Aerie 1375 — Meets Thursday 3256 E 14th

Eagles Hall 3732 E 14th
Oakland Aerie No 7 — Meets Monday 561 11th

Improved Order Red Men

Ah Wah Nee Tribe 86 — Meets Wednesday Masonic

Temple 3365 E" 14th
Cherokee Tribe 101 — Meets Friday 2108 Shattuck

av B
Tecumseh Tribe No 62 — Meets Thursday 408 11th
Uncas Tribe No 137 — Meets Mondays 8pm Goldeti

West Hall Pacific bldg

Degree of Pocahontas

I O R M (Ladies)

Cherokee Council 137 — Meets Monday 8 p m Ma-
sonic Hall 8th av and E 14th
Iroquois Council 101 — Meets Tuesday 761 12th
Laruka Council 4 6 — Meets Friday 3256 E 14th
Mohawk Council 76 — Meets 2d and 4th Wednesday

2108 Shattuck av B
Yosemite Council — Meets 2d and 4th Thursday
I O O F Hall A

Independent Order of Foresters

Court Grizzly No 3772 — Meets 4th Friday Bancroft

way ne cor Shattuck av B
Court Oakland 1237' — Meets Thursday 2436 Grove
Court Lakeside No 390 — Meets 1st and 3d Thurs-
days 2436 Grove

Companions of the I O F (Ladies)

Companion Court Lakeside No 390 — Meets 2d and
4th Thursdays 2436 Grove

Independent Order of Good Templars

Golden State Lodge No 76 — Meets Tuesday 2^36

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Relief Board meets Friday 7pm 408 11th

Berkeley Encampment 103 — Meets 2d and 4th
Monday 2104 Addison B

Berkeley Lodge 270 — Meets Thursday 2104 Addi-
son B

Campanile Lodge No 451 — Meets Tuesday 2104 Ad-
dison B

Canton Berkeley No 7 — Meets 1st and 3d Monday
2104 Addison B

Canton Oakland No 11 — Meets 1st and 3d Fridays
408 11th

Columbia No 4 — Meets Wednesday 8 p m I O O F
Hall A

Encinal Lodge No 164 — Meets Wednesday 1503
Park A

Elmhurst Lodge No 384 — Meets Thursday evenings
9036 E 14th

Evening Star Lodge No 263 — Meets Thursday 408



Fountain Lodge No 401 — Meets Wednesday 408

Fruitvale Lodge No 69 — Meets Monday 3520 E

Golden Rule Encampment No 34 — Meets 2d and

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