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Collections historical & archaeological
relating to Montgomeryshire

Powys-land Club


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Reputed 10 have been brought from the Adbby of YsxaiD Marchkll.

(From a drawing by the Rev. John Parker.)


Montgomeo-ablre Collections, Vol. iv.


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Harvard Collese X»i^rary

Nov. 27, 1911

From the Git t of

Charles Jackson

of Boston



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Original Proposal for formation of Club, Rules, and amended

Rules, and List of Members - - - - -

Report of Fourth Annual Meeting - - - -

Short Papers prepared for or read at the Meeting :-^

Norman Column and Arch discovered in Meifod Church. By

Rev. R. Wynne-Edwajrds, M.A., the Vicar
Notes during the Restoration of Welshpool Church. By Rev.
J. E. Hill, M.A., the Vicar - - - .

On Tomen-yr Allt and Tomen Cefnllawr. By J. Graham
Williams - - - -

List of Articles and Documente presented to the Powys-land
Museum, and exhibited at Meeting ....
Alphabetical list of Donors to Powys-land Museum
List of other Articles and Documents exhibited at Annual Meeting
Report of Powys-land Museum Committee . - -

Obituary of Members of the Powys-land Club . . .










The Abbey of Ystrad Marchell (Strata Marcclla). Part I. By Morris

C. Jones, F.S.A. -. - .-

St. Germanus' Blessing or Prophecy of Perpetual Sovereignty to the

Family of Cadelh Dymllwg, King of Old Powys. By Kev. W.

V. Lloyd, F.R.G.S. . . - . -

Historic Spots. No. 2. Mathraval. By Rev. George Sandford,


Archaic Words, Phrases, etc., of Montgomeryshire. Part I. By Eli as
Owen - - - -

Welsh Poetry Illustrative of the History of Llangurig. Part L By

H. W. liLOYD :

History of the Parish of Llansantffraid-yn-Mechain. By Thomas
Griffiths Jones.

Chapter I. Physical Features and Description

„ II. Population - - - - .

,, III. ArchsBological - - - - -

„ IV. Ecclesiastical Establishment . - -

„ V. Folklore, Traditions, etc. - - -

„ VI. Genealogical - - - - .

„ VII. Biographical - - - - -

„ VIII. Nonconformity - - - - -

„ IX. Education - - - - .

„ X. The Present State of the Parish -

An Account of Henry Williams of Ysgafell. By his Descendant, Jake

Williams, Author of A History of Wales^ etc. - - -

Some Account of the Rood Screens and Timber Work of Powys-land.

By David Walker, Architect, Liverpool. No. 2. Llanwnog

Rood Screen - - - -

- 34

- 40

- 49







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Materials for a Topographicon of Montgomeryshire (continued from

vol iii, p. 230.) By Richard Williams, Newtown - - 185

Llanrhaiadr-yn-Mochxmnt : Its Parochial History and Antiquities. By
T. W. FIancock,

Chap. I. Topographical - - - - - 201

„ II. Population - - - 226

„ III. Archaeological (to he contin^ted) - - - 236

Miscellanea Historica, or the Public Officers of Montgomeryshire. By
Rev. W. V. Lloyd, F.R.G.S. {continued from vol. iii, p. 332),
from 32 Eliz. to 4 James I - - - - - 249

The Abbey of Tstrad Marchell (Strata Marcella). Part IL By
Morris C. Jones, F.S.A. - - - - - 293

Uyn y Dreiddiad Vrawd (The Pool of the Diving Friar) - - 323

Incident connected with the Rebellion of Owen Glendower in Powys-

land (M. C. J. and W. V. LI.) 325

The Rivers of Montgomeryshire. By Rev. D. Silvan Evans, B.D. 845
Sheriffs of Montgomeryshire {continued from vol. iii, p. 412). By
Rev. W. V. Lloyd, F.R.G.S.

1608. Edward Herbert - . - . . 3.59

15f)9. William Herbert . - - - . ,:/>.

1670. Thomas Tanat - - - - - - 1*.

Appendix : Broniarth Charter, Monumental Inscriptions 371

1571. Robert Lloyd - - - - - - 374

1572. Robert Puleston - - - - - - 375

1573. John Trevor - - - - - - 377

1574. David Lloyd Jenkin - - - - -378

1575. John Herbert - - - - - - 381

1576. Richard Herbert - - - - - - 382

1577. David Lloyd Blayney - - - - - 884

1578. Arthur Price - - - - - - 888

1579. Richard Morris - - - - - - 390

1580. Thomas Juckes - - - - - - 392

1581. Griffith Lloyd - - - 399

Foreign Surnames in Montgomeryshire. By Richard Williams - 409
A Parochial Account of Llanidloes. Chap. I. Topographical By

Edward Hamek {to he continued). - . - - 413

Archaic Words, Phrases, etc., of Montgomeryshire. Part II. By
Elias Owen, B.A. - - - 433

Owen Glendower's Parliament- House {Note) - - -* - 441

The Calculated Ages of Yew-Trees in Guilsfield Churchyard, By
C. T. Ramagk, LL.D. - - -



Font, Buttington Church, reputed to have been brought from Strata

Marcella Abbey - - - Frontispiece -

Photo-Lithograph of Charter of Wennunwen to Strata Marcella Abbey'"V4
Llansantffraid. — Hendomen and Plasyndinas - - - - 88

„ The Voel Camp - - - . - 89

„ , Exterior of Church - - - - - 98'

„ Ground Plan - - - - - 99

„ Double Piscina and Font - - . . i^.


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LlaDwnog Screen, eafit and west. 2 Plates . - - - 182v

„ details - - - - - - 183^

Newtown Scre^ details - - - - - - ib.^

Geological 'SMlttn of Hirnant Valley - - - - - 215

Section of StraA at Cwingwynen - - - - - lA.

Maesmochnant Stone - - - - 236*^

The Green Stone - - - - - - - ib. ^

Plan and Section of Tomen Cefnllawr - - - ' -239^

Plan of Cerrig y Beddau - - - - - - 241*^

Glenhafon torqnes (2 Engravings) . - - - 246-7

Owen Glendowers Parliament- House - - - - -328*^

Eleven Shields of Arms - - - - - 359 to 408


Original Proposal for formation of the Clab, the Circulars, and List of

Report of the First Annual Meeting of the Club.
The Princes of Upper Powys, Chap. I to IV. By the Hon. and Rev. G.

T. O. Bridoeman, M.A., and Illustrative Documents.
Ancient Lords of Mechain. By the Hon. and Rev. G. T. O. Bridgeman,

M.A., and Illustrative Documents.
Ancient Arwystli ; its Earthworks and other Ancient Remains. By Edward

The Welsh Lords of Kerry and Arwystli. By the Hon. and Rev. G. T. O.

Bridok^an, M.A.
Arwystli— Inquisitions. By the Rev. D. R. Thomas, M.A.
The Feudal Barons of Powys. By Morris Charles Jonks. i. Cherleton,

Lords of Powys — Appendix of Documents ; ii. Grey, Lords of Powys ;

in. The Lords Tiptoft and Powys ; iv. The Abeyant Barony of Powys.
Relics of Dinas Mawddwy. By the Hon. and Rev. G. T. O. Bridgeman,

Disquisitions on the Etymon of the word *' Powys" or "Powis." i. Extract

from Owen and Blakeway's History of Shrewsbury ; ii. By the Rev.

Robert Williams, M.A. ; in. By' the Rev. D. Silvan Evans, B.D. ;

IV. By the Rev. R. Harries Jones, M.A. ; v. By Craufurd Tait

Ramagr, Esq., LL.D.
Powys-land in the time of Prince Cynddylan {to he continued). By the

Rev. R. Harries Jones, M.A.


Original Proposal for formation of the Club ; Rules, Amended Rules, and
List of Members.

Report of Second Annual Meeting.

Powys-land in the time of Prince Cynddylan (concluded from vol i, p.
472). By the Rev. R. Harries Jones, M.A,

Ancient Arwystli, Part ii. By Edward Hamkr.

Opening of Twr Gwyn Mawr; Caersws; Excavations at Caersws; Ap-
pendix — Bond relating to Premises in Borough of Caersws — Chronicle
of Oliver Matthews.


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The Territorial Divisionfl of Montgomeryshire. Compiled by Morris
Charles Jones, i. Ancient Civil Divisions; ii. Ancient Ecclesiastical
Divisions ; i. Classification of the Churches, and the Parishes attached
thereto, with respect to their probable antiquity — ii. Pope Nicholas's
Taxation, circa 1291 — iii. ValorEccle8iasticu8,rc7wpcrc Henry VIII; iii.
Manorial Divisions.
Montgomeryshire, when and how constituted Shire-ground. By Thomas

Owen Morgan.
The Ttrritorial DiYiBions (continued from p. 120)— iv. Modern Civil
Divisions, a.d. 1592; v. The present Hundredal, Parochial, and Villena-
rian Divisions, showing the Basis or Standard for the Asseiasment to the
County Rate.

A Powysian at Agincourt. By the Rev. William V. Lloyd, M.A.,
F.R.G.S. Sir Griffith Vaughan.

Materials for a Topographicon of Montgomeryshire. By Richard Wil-
UAM8, Newtown.

Sheriffs of Montgomeryshire. Catalogue of the Sheriffs, authenticated by
reference to, and illustrated by extracts from, the public records. By
the Rev. William V. Lloyd, M.A., F.R.G.S.

The Sheriffs of Montgomeryshire, with their armorial bearings, and notices,
genealogical and biographical, of their families. Edited by the Rev.
W. V. Lloyd, M.A., F.R.G.S., and E. Hamer.

Genealogical Key Chart to the Families of the Tribe of Brochwel Ysgy-
throg, whose members have served the office of Sheriff. 1541. Hum-
phrey Lloyd.

A Parochial Account of Llangurig. By Edward Hamer. i. Physical Fea-
tures and Description ; ii. Archaeological ; iii. Ecclesiastical ; iv. The
Lords of Llangurig and the Clochfaen Family ; v. The Plas Madog

Some Account of Llanllugan Nunnery. By Morris Charles Jones.

A List of the Members of Parliament for the County and Contributory
Boroughs of Montgomery, up to the end of the Eighteenth Century.
Compiled by Edward Rowley Morris.

History of the Parish of Llangadf an. By the Rev. Griffith Edwards, M. A.,
Rector, i. Description of the Parish and its Physical Features; ii. Popu-
lation ; III. Archaeological and Antiquarian Remains ; iv. Ecclesiastical
Establishment ; v. Biographical Notices — Nonconformity, Education.

List of Justices of the Peace, etc., for Montgomeryshire, at different
periods during the seventeenth century.

Assessment of Ship-money on Montgomeryshire, a.d. 1637.

Materials for a Topographicon of Montgomeryshire (continued from p. 184).
By Richard Williams.

Sheriffs of Montgomeryshire, Notices (continued from p. 222) : — 15-12.
Sir Robert Acton, Knight ; 1543. Lewis Jones; 1544. Griffith ap David
ap John ; 1545. Lewis Jones ; 1546. Reginald Williams. Appendix-
Genealogical Key-Chart of the noble family of Herbert ; showing the
Members, and connections by marriage, who have served the office of
Sheriff : — 1547. William Herbert ; 1548. Matthew Price. Genealogical
Key-Chart of the families whose Members have served the office of
Sheriff, descended from Elystan Glodrudd :— 1549. Robert Acton ;
1550. Sir Robert Acton; 1551. James Leech ; 1552. Edward Leigh ton
(Knighted in 1591)— By S. L. ; 1553. Nicholas Purcell.

Notes on the Geology of Powys-land — By W. Boyd Dawkins, M. A., F.R.S.

Appendix — ^The Barony of Powys — Review by John Gough Nichols,
Esq., F.S.A.


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Samian Ware found at Caersws.

Earthwork on Rhyd-yr-Onen Farm.

Llangurij? Church (exterior).

Ground Plan of Llangurig Church.

DetailB of Rood-screen, IJangurig Church.

Llangurig Church (interior).

East Window, etc., Llangurig Church.

Arms of J. Y. W. Lloyd, Esq., of Clochfaen.

Camp at Maes Llymysten ; and Ancient Ei^hworks at Cann Office.

Antiquities found at Llangadfan.

Llangadfan Church (exterior).

Various Shields. E^ht Shields of Arms of Sheriffe.


Original Proposal for formation of Club; Rules; Amended Rules; and
List of Members.

Report of Third Annual Meeting.

List of Articles and Documents then exhibited.

Resolution of Museum Committee appointing Sub- Committees, etc.

A History of the Parish of Kerry. By Edward Rowlet Morris.
I. Name, Physical Features, Description; ii. Population, Industrial Pur-
suits {to be continued).

The Devolution of the Manors of Montgomeryshire. By Morris C. Jones.
I. and II. The Manors of Arwystli and Cyfeiliog, jointly — i. The Manor
of Arwystli, separately ; ii. The Manor of Cyf eiliog ; iii. TTie Manor of

A History of the Parish of Llanfyllin. By the Rev. Robert Williams,
Rector of the parish, and Hon. Canon of St. Asaph, i. Description,
Physical Features^ etc. ; ii. ArchsBological; iii. Ecclesiastical; iv. Folk-

Appendix (A). Inspeximus Charter of Elizabeth to Burgesses of Llan-
fyllin; (B). Llanfyllin Independent Chapel; (C). Borough of Llanfyllin.

Miscellanea Historica, or the Public Officers of Montgomeryshire, with
brief genealogical notes. By the Rev. W. V. Lloyd, M.A, F.R.G.S.,
from Ist May, 1553-4, to 20th Elizabeth (to he continued).

Further Remarks on the Elegy of Llywarch Hen. By Thomas Wright,
M.A., F.S.A.

Llywarch Hen. Reply by Rev. D. Silvan Evans to Strictures of Rev.
R. Harries Jones.

The History of the Parish of Darowen. By Thomas Owen Morgan, i.
Its Name, Patron Saint, Parish Church, Village Schools, etc. ; ii, Rivers
and Physical Character ; iii. Noddfa ; iv. Cae^rseddfan.

A Letter endorsed ^*an unadvised lere from Gentlemen of Mountgomery-
shire" (Peniarth MSS.)

On the Antiquities of Montgomeryshire. By H. Longueville Jones,
M.A. {to be continued).

Some Account of the Rood Screens and Timber- work of Powys-land. By
David Walker, Architect, Liverpool. No. 1. Newtown Kood Screen.

Materials for a *' Topographicon of Montgomeryshire." By Richard
Williams, Newtown {continued from vol. ii, p. 366).


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A Parochial Account of Llangorig. Bj Edward Hamer (continued from

vol ii, p. 800). VI. Gen^ogical; vii. Biographical; viii. Folk-iore ;

IX. Miscellaneous ; x. A Topographical Glossary of names in the parish

—Additions and Corrections.
Historic Spots. No. 1. Bwlch-y-Pawl. By Thomas Newill.
Miscellanea Historica, or Public Officers of Montgomeryshire. By the

Rev. W. V. Lloyd, M.A., F.R.G.S. {coniinued from p. 162), from 21

Elizabeth to 81 EUzabeth.
Sheriffs of Montgomeryshire {continued from vol. ii, p. 432). Edited by

the Rev. W. V. Lloyd and Edward Hamer. 1554-5. Richard Powell ;

1556. Henry Acton; 1557. Edward Herbert; 1558. Lewis Jones; 1559.

John Herbert; 1560. l^omas Williams; 1561. Randolph Hanmer;

1562. John Price of Eglwysegle; 1563. Andrew Vavasour; lf)64.

George Beynon; 1565. Rees ap Morris ap Owen — Appendix; 1566. John

Price; 1567. Richard Salwey — Appendix— "Trum wins," ''Musarda,"

and " Washboms."
The Early Antiquities of the County of Montgomery. By the Rev. E. L.

Barnwell, M.A. : — Coins, Penannular Rings, Gold Torque, Sepulchral

Urns, Ancient Mining Tools, Spearheads, Celts, Powis Castle Lnple-

ments, Unknown Bronze articles, Bronze Boar.


Gold Torque (presented by Sir W. W. Wynn, Bart.) Frontispiece to

vol. iii.
Uanfyllin Token.
Llanfyllin Church.
Llanfyllin Church (ground plan).
Darowen, New and Old Churches.
Rood-screen at Newtown (photo-lithograph).
Y Cloch faen (stone bell), Llangnrig.

Fac-simile of Inscription on Eliseg's pUlar, from E. Llwyd's Arch. Brit.

Penannular Rings (Llanrhaiadr).
Cinerary Urn (Aberbechan).
Roman Mining Tools (Llanymynech).
Bronze Spearhead (Trefeglwys).
Bronze Spearhead (Llanymynech).
Bronze Celt (Llanwnog).
Bronze Powis Castle Implements, two plates, lent by the Earl of Powis

Bronze, unknown article (Llanymynech).
Bronze Boar (Gaer Vawr, Guilsfield).
Fifteen Heraldic Shields.


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Proposal for a Society or Oliih, to he called the '^ Powys-land
Cluh," for the Collecting and Printing y for the use of its Mem-
,beri, of the Historical, Ecclesiastical, Genealogical j Topographical,
and Literary Remains of Montgomeryshire.

It has occurred to more than one gentleman connected with
Montgomeryshire, that it would be desirable to begin an his-
torical and archaeological collection for that county.

The county is rich in the remains of former ages, comprising,
as it does, nearly the whole of the ancient principality of Upper
Powys and other scenes of historic interest, and yet having
hitherto formed a portion of Wales which has not received its
due proportion of archaeological illustration.

A county history is the great desideratum ; but considering
the varied qualifications required to meet in one person, to
enable- him to write a good county history, who is equal to such
a herculean task ?

It is seldom that in one mind can be found " the profundity
of knowledge, the patient and laborious research, the skill in
generalisation, the talent for detail, the aptitude for so many
and so varied investigations, the taste, energy, and self-sacri-
ficing zeal which can carry such labour to a successful termi-
nation." The late Walter Davies was the only man that could
be named who would have been equal to the undertaking.

In the absence, however, of a county history, an historical
and archaeological collection for this county, specifically, would
be both valuable and interesting.

It would be, in fact, to carry out, but in more detail with
reference to Montgomeryshire, the idea which was broached
with respect to all the counties of Wales, in the first number
of the Archceologia Gambrensis, in the article — " On the Study
and Preservation of National Antiquities."

Following the model of other societies, it is proposed that
the collection should include —

1. A Monasticon, or a record of all monastic remains, whether
buildings, tombs, inscriptions, utensils, seals, etc. [This is already
in progress, but from the few religious houses in the county will not
be extensive.]

2. An Scclesiasticon, or a similar record of all that relates to
parochial churches and chapels, whether of the established church or
of any description, etc., and of all objects, such as tombs, crosses, etc.,
connected with them.


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3. A Castellariitmy a similar record of castellated remains.

4. A Afansionarium^ a similar collection relating to all ancient
manor-houses, mansions, and houses of a certain degree of import-
ance, and to their connected remains.

5. A VUlare and Farockiale, applying to all buildings and remains
of towns, villages, parishes, etc., including all public civil buildings,

6. A ChartvlariuMy including as complete an account as practic-
able of all ancient documents referring to the five preceding classes.
The manorial history of the county may be illustrated, and the public
record office and the muniment rooms of the magnates of the county
would form an almost inexhaustible source of information under this
division. It would be proposed to print the original documents in
extenso where thought of sufficient interest.

7. An Obituarium, containing notices of pedigrees of ancient families,
notices of celebrated characters, and collections of all that relates to
the public and private life of all classes who are or have been inhabi-
tants of the district.

8. An Ordinary o/Arms^ containing authentic copies of all existing
remains of mediaeval heraldry. — Drawings and copies of inscriptions,
etc., on Church windows, monuments, etc.

9. The collecting and printing of MS. collections connected with
the district, or throwing any light on any of the families of the

10. An Iti7ierarium, Notices, plans, and surveys of all British,
Roman and other ancient roads or ways, etc.

11. Traditions, customs, folk-lore, ballads, etc.

Various topographical and genealogical articles have ap-
peared in publications that are rare and difficult of access, and
it would be proposed to reprint such of these articles as may
be thought of sufficient interest and value, with such additions
as may be procurable ; for instance : — The topographical ac-
counts of the parishes of Meifod and Llanwnog, which appeared
in the Cambnan Quarterly Review, and the accounts of Garth-
beibio Llangadfan and Llanerfyl and of Llanymynech that ap-
peared upwards of seventy years ago in the Cambrian Register,
and such like. They would form models for topographical
accounts of other parishes.

And it is wished to reprint several of the articles bearing
upon Montgomeryshire, which have already appeared in the
Archoiolocjia Cambrensis.

It is proposed to print the articles in parts, as they are
available, and not necessarily in any particular classified order ;
but when a sufficient number to form a volume is collected, to
make the information easily accessible by means of copious


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It is also proposed to make such arrangements with the
Cambrian Archaeological Association as may be found mutually
desirable and practicable. It is the wish of the promoters of
this scheme to form the closest connection with that well-tried
and excellent institution. The scheme may appear extensive,
but it will be carried out only so far as materials offer and
opportunity occurs.

This preliminary proposal was circulated in the first instance
in influential quarters, with the view of testing how far the
scheme met with approval, and was likely to be supported.

The collection of two or three facts — in themselves, and,
while separate, comparatively unimportant — will often be found
to throw light on each other, and will not unfrequently lead to
the clearing up of doubtful points, or the discovery of error.
In this light all may assist in the work proposed.

^' If a collection could be made/' said the late Dr. Stanley,
Bishop of Norwich, " of all the isolated and floating facts con-
nected with the various branches of topographical knowledge,

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