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ed by the descendant of Bhrigu, the Daityas began to fight. 14 *
The delighter of the Bhargavas, however, slaying the Daityas
in battle, with strokes whose touch resembled that of Indra's
thunder, 145 came back to Mahadeva. Jamadagni's son, that
foremost of Brahmanas, returned with many wounds on his per-
son inflicted by the Danavas. Touched, however, by Sthanu,
his wounds were immediately healed. 146 * Gratified also with
that feat of his, the illustrious god gave diverse kinds of
boons unto the hio;h-souled son of Bhrisru. 147 With satisfaction
in his heart, the trident-wielding god of gods said, — [The pain
thou hast suffered in consequence of the fall of weapoos upon
thy body evidences the superhuman feat that thou hasfc
achieved, delighter of the Bhrigus ! As desired by thee,
accept from me these celestial weapons !] 148-49

" 'Duryodhana'continued, — Having obtained all the celestial
weapons and the boons that had been desired by him, Rama
bowed unto Civa with his head. 1 * Obtaining the leave also
of the Lord of the gods, that great ascetic went away. This is
the old story that the Rishi had recited. 151 The descendant of
Bhrigu gave the whole science of weapons unto the high-souled
Kama, O tiger among kings, with delighted heart ! 182 If
Kama had any fault, lord of Earth, the delighter of Bhrigu s
race would never have given him his celestial weapons! 158 I

* I exn.ind 14G a little.— T.


d> nit think thai Kama could have been fonrn in the Sula
order. I think him to bo the son of a god, bem in the Kshatriva
order. 184 I think that he was abandoned (in infancy) in order
that the race in which he was born might be ascertained (by
his features and feats). By no moans. Calya, could thii
1C urn* have been burn in the Suta order M5$ With his (natural)
ear-rings and (natural) coat of mail, this mighty car warrior
of long arms, resembling Surya himself, could not be borne
by a c immon woman oven as a she-deer can never bear a
tiger ! lfl His arms are massive, each resembling the trunk
of a prince of elephants' Behold his chest that is so broad
and capable of resisting every foe ! t57 Kama, otherwise called
\ aikartana, king, cannot be an ordinary person ! Endued
vrith great valour, this disciple of Rama, king of kings, Ij a
I igh-souled personage ! — ' " ,iS

Section WW

" 'Duryodhana said, — Even thus did that illustrious Deity,
that Grandsire of all the worlds, viz., Brahman, act as driver
on that occasion and Rudra become the warrior.' The driver
of the car, hero, should be superior to the warrior on it.
Therefore, O tiger among men, do thou hold the reins of the
steeds in this battle ! a As on that occasion the Grandsire had
been selected with care by all the celestials, indeed, O great
king, as one greater than Cankara was selected by the gods, so
thou that art superior to Kama art now selected by Ul with
care ! Like the Grandsire holding the reins of Rudra's steeds,
do thou hold, without delay, the reins of Kama's steeds in
battle, thou of great splendour ! — E " 4

" 'Calya said, — foremost of men, many a time havo I
heard this excellent and celestial history, recited tome, of
those two lions among gods !' Indeed, I have heard how the
Grandsire acted as the driver of Bhava, and how the Asuraa
also, Bharata, wore all destroyed with one shaft !* Krishna
also had knowledge of all this before, the knowledge, viz., of
how the illustrious Grand-ire had become the driver on that
oceasiou of yore! Indeed, Krishna knoweth the past and tha


future with all their details! 7 Knowing tins fact, lie became
the driver Bharata, of Partha like the Self-create becoming
the driver of Rudra? If the Suta's son, by some means, suc-
ceeds in slaying the son of Kunti, Kec,ava, beholding Partha
slain, will fight himself. That bearer of the conch, the discus,
and the mace, will then consume thy army.- There is no king
h •)•(• that will stay in the ranks in front of that illustrious one
of Vrishni'a race when he will be excited with wrath ! — :i °

"Sanjaya said, — Unto the ruler of the Madras who was
speaking in that strain, that chastiser of foes, viz., thy mighty-
armed son of cheerful soul replied; saying,' 1 — Do not, O
mighty-armed one, think disparagingly of Kama, otherwise
called Vaikartana, in battle, — that warrior who is the foremost
of all wielders of arms and who is acquainted with the mean-
ing of the whole body of our scriptures! 12 Hearing the terri-
ble and loud twang of his bow and the sound of his palms,
the Pandava troops fly away on all sides. 13 Thou hast witness-
e I it with thy own eyes, O mighty armed one, how Ghatot-
kacha, (screened by) his illusions before him, and displaying
hundreds of illusions, was still slain that night (by Kama)! 14
Feeling a great fear all these days, Vibhatsu could never stand,
fronting Kama i ls The mighty Bhimasena also, moved hither
and thither by the horn of Kama's bow. was, O king, addressed
in diverse harsh words such as — Fool and Glutton ! 16 — The two
brave sons of Madri also were defeated by Kama in great battle,
though, from s;»inc object he had in view, lie did not, sire,
slay tWlm then ! 17 That foremost one of Vrishnis race, viz.,
the li sroic Satyaki, the chief of the Satwata clan, was van-
quished by Kama and made earless 18 Others, such as all the
Srinjayas headed by Dhrishtadyumna, have been repeatedly
defeated in battle by Kama with the greatest ease I 1 9 How,
indeed, will the Pandavas vanquish that great car-warrior in
battle who (has achieved all these feats and who), excited with
wrath, is competent to slay Purandara himself armed with the
bhund/n*-bolt, in fight? 2e Thyself also. hero, art acquainted
with every weapon ! Thou art, again, the master of all bran-
ches of learning ! There is none on Earth who is thy equal in
might of arms !" Irresistible in prowess, thou art like a dart


SAUNA f.UlVA. I 23

(•Calya ) unto thy enemies! It, ia for this, O king, that thon;
Oslayerof foes, art called Qalya !'" Encountering the mi;
of thy arms, all the Satwatas were unable to get the better of
it! Is Krishna superior to thee in might of arms, king '
Indeed, as Krishna is to hear the burthen of the Pandava
troops upon the slaughter of Partha; even so art thou to bear
the burthen of this vast (Kaurava) force if Kama lays down
his life '. 2l Why should he be able to resist my tro< ps and wh\
shouldst not thou be able to sla) the hostile troops sire? 28
F >r thv sake, sire, I would willingly follow the fool i of
my (slain) brothers and the other heroic kings of the Earth '.

" 'Calya said, — O son of Gandhari, when thou, giver of
honors, describest me before thy troops to be superior to the
son of Devaki, I am exceedingly gratified with thee \' 17 I ac-
cept the drivership of the celebrated son of Radha when he
will ficrht with that foremost of the sons of Pandu, as thou
desiresl I have, however, O hor<>, a compact to make with

Vaikartana, and that is this:— [I will utter whatever words
I may wish, in tins one's presence '.] — '"

Sanjaya continued, — 'Thy son then. O king, with Kan
O sire, answered the ruler of the Madras, saying, — Let it. be
3D t — in the presence of all the Kshatriyas. 80 Assurred by
Calya's acceptance of the drivership, Duryodhana, filled with
joy, embraced Karna. 31 Eulogised (by bards and panegyrists
around), thy son then once- more addressed Karna, saving —
Slav all the Parthas in battle, like the great Indra slaying the
jyjnavas / M — Calya having accepted the office of holding the
feins of his steeds, Kama, with a cheerful heart, once more
addressed Duryodhana, saying, 53 — The ruler of the Madras does
n >t say very cheerfully what he says. king, solicit him
once more in sweet words ! 3i — Thus addressed, the mighty king
Duryodhana, possessed of groat, wisdom and accomplished in
everything, once more spoke unto that lord of Earth, vi
Calya the ruler of the Madras, in a vol p as that of the

cloud-; and tiling the whole region there with the sound of
that voice:**— Calya, Karna thinks that he should fight
with Arjuna todai ' tiger among men hold the reins of
Kama'- steed - : in battl Having lain all lb r wani


Kama desires 60 sTacy Fhalguna. I solicit fch'ee, ting, repeat-
edly, in the mailer of holding the reins of his steeds !" 7 As
Krishna, that foremost of all drivers, is the counsellor of Par-
tha, even so do thou protect the- son of Uitdhfj today from every
danger I — ' 38

"S.injaya continued, — Embracing thy sron then, Calya the
ruler of the Madras, joyfully answered that slayer of foes r
viz., Duryodhana, saying, 3 " — If this what tfrou thinkest, Q
royal son of Gandhari, O thou of handsome features, I shall,
for that, accomplish everything that may be agreeable to-
thee ! 40 O chief of the Bharatas, for whatever acts I may be
fit, employing myself therein with rwy whole heart, I will bear
the burthen of those acts of thine ' il Let Kama, however and
thyself pardon me all those words, agreeable or disagreeable,
that I may speak unto Kama from desire of his good ! — 43

"'Kama said. — O ruler of the Madras, be thou ever en-
graved in our erood as Brahman in that of IcF«na, as Kee/ava in?
that of Pftrtha !— 4?

" 'Calya said, — These four kinds of conduct, viz,, self-
rebuke and self-praise, speaking ill of others and adulation of
others, are never practised by those that arc respectable.' 1 "*
That, however, O learned one, which I shall say, for inspiring
thy confidence, is fraught with self adulation. For all that,
listen to it duly f" O puissant one, like Matali himself, I am
fit to act a-; the driver of even Indra in watchfulness, in manag-
ing the steeds, in knowledge of coming danger and of the
mvvos of avoiding it. and in competence to avoid it in prac-
tice !* s When thou wilt be engage. 1 in battle with Partha, I
w'll ho' 1 the reins of thy steeds ! Lot thy anxiety be dispelled,
Suta's son !_' "«

Section XXXVI.

' "Duryodhana said, — This one, Kama, will act as the

driver, this ruler of the Madras, who is superior to Krishna,

like Matali the driver of the chief of the celestials !' Indeed,

as Matali takofch the management of the car unto which the

■>■{'. of Indra arc attached, even so will Calya be the driver

k.VKNA I'AKYA- 12o

of the steeds of thy car today ! 9 With thyself as warrior on
that vehicle and the ruler of the Madras as its driver, that fore-
most of cars will certainly vanquish the Parthas in battle ! — J
'Sanjaya continued, — 'When the morning came, O monarch,
Duryodhana once more addressed the ruler of the Madras
endued with great activity, saying,*— O ruler of the Madras,
hold the reins, in battle, of Kama's foremost of steeds! Pro-
tected by thee, the son of Radha will vanquish Dhananjaya ! —
Thus addressed, Calya, answering. — So be it, — ascended the
car, O Bharata!* When Calya approached that car, Kama,
with a cheerful heart, addressed his driver, saying. — O chario-
teer, quickly equip the car for me ! 6 — Having duly equipt that
triumphal car, the foremost of its kind, which resembled the
vapory mansions in the sky, Calya presented it to Kami,
saying, — Blessed be thou, victory to thee !' — Then Kama, that
foremost of car-warriors, duly worshipping that car which had
in days of old been sanctified by a priest conversant with
Bra,hm%,' and circumambulating it and carefully adoring the
go 1 Sury a, addressed the ruler of the Madras standing near,
saying. — Ascend the vehicle : 9 — Thereupon Calya of mighty
energy ascended that large, invincible, and foremost of cars,
belonging to Kama, like a lion ascending a mountain summit. 10
Beholding Calya stationed, Kama ascended his excellent car,
like the Sun riding on a mass of clouds charged with light
ning." Mounted on the same car, those two heroes endued
with the splendour of the Sun or fire, looked resplendent like
Surva and Agni sitting together on a cloud in the firmament."
E ilogised then (by bards and panegyrists) those two heroes of
groat effulgence looked like Indra and Agni adored with hymns
in a sacrifice by Rit wiks and 8ada8ya8. lZ Kama stood on that
car the reins of whose steeds were held by Calya, stretching
his formidable bow. like the Sun himself within a halo of cir-
cular light.'* Stationed on that foremost, of cars, that ti.
among men, viz., Kama, with his shafts constituting his raj
looked beautiful like the Sun on the Mandara mountains.* 1
Unto the mighty-armed son of Radha, that warrior of im-
measurable energy, stationed on his car fur battle, Duryodhana
said these words ; 18 — son of Adhiratha hi?ro do Ihou


achieve that feat, difficult of accomplishment, which Dfonap
and Bhishma have not achieved, in the very sight of all the
btwracn : 17 I had always believed that those two mighty car-
warriors, viz., Bhishma and Drona, would, without doubt,
slay Arjuna and Bhimasena in battle !" Like a second wielder
of the thunder-bolt, O son of Radha, do thou in great battle
achieve that feat worthy of a hero which was not achieved by
those two! 13 Either seize king Yudhishthira the just or slay
Dhananjaya and Bhimasena, son of Radha,, and the twin
sons of Madri ! 20 Blessed be thou, let victory be thine ! Set
out for battle, O tiger among men ! Reduce to ashes all the
troops of Pandu's son ! 21 — Then thousands of trumpets and
tens of thousands of drums, sounded together, produced a
noise like that of the clouds in the welkin. 22 Accepting those
words (of Duryodhana), that foremost of car-warriors stationed-
on his car, viz., the son of Radha, addressed Calya, that
warrior accomplished in battle, saying, 23 — Urge the steeds,
O mighty-armed one, so that I may slay Dhananjaya and
Bhimasena and both the twins and king Yudhishthira ! 84 O
Calya, let Dhananjaya behold today the might of my arms,
when I will be engaged in shooting shafts winged with Kanlca
feathers, in hundreds and thousands ! 2S Today, O Calya, I will
shoot shafts of great energy for the destruction of the Panda-
vas and the victory of Duryodhana ' — 26

" 'Calya said,— Suta's son, why dost thou think so low
of the sons of Pandu, all of whom are endued with great might,
all of whom are great bowmen, and all of whom are acquainted
with every weapon ? 87 They are unretreating, of great good
fortune, invincible, and of prowess incapable of being baffled !
They are capable of inspiring fear in the heart of Indra him-
self ! 23 When, O son of Radha, thou wilt hear the twang of
GSudlva in battle, resembling the peal of the thunder itself,
thou wilt not then utter such speeches ! 29 When thou wilt
behold Dharma's son and the twins causing a canopy, like that
of the clouds in the welkin, with their sharp arrows, 50 and the
other invincible kings (of the Paudava army), endued with
great lightness of hands and shooting (showers of shafts) and
weakening their foc.i ; then thou wilt not utter such words I 51 — '



"Sanjaya continued,— 'Disregarding those words spoken by
Iherulet of the Madras, Kama addressed him endued with
great activity, saying, — Proceed! — ' " tz

Section XXXVII.

" 'Sanjaya said, — 'Beholding the mighty bowman Kama
fcake up his station from desire of battle, the Kauravas, tilled
with delight, uttered loud shouts from every side. 1 With the
beat of cymbals and the sound of drums, with the whizz of
diverse kinds of arrows and the roars of combatants endued
With great activity, all thy troops proceeded to battle, making
death only the point at which to stop 8 . When Kama set out
and the warriors of the Kuru army were filled with joy, the
Earth, king, trembled and made a loud noise 3 . The seven
great planets including the Sun seemed to proceed against one
another (for combat). Meteoric showers became noticeable and
all the quarters seemed ablaze. 4 Thunders fell from a cloud-
less sky, and fierce winds began to blow. 5 Animals and bird3
in large numbers kept thy army to their right, foreboding great
calamities. 6 After Kama had set out, his steeds tumbled
i iwn on the Earth. A frightful shower of bones fell from
the sky. 7 The weapons (of the Kuru warriors) seemed to be
ablaze ; their standards trembled ; and their animals, O mon-
arch, shed copious tears. 8 These and many other terrible and
awful p >rtents appeared for the destruction of the Kurus. 9
Stupified by Destiny, none of them regarded those portents
at all. Beholding the Suta's son set out, all the rulers of
men (in the Kaurava army) cried victory to him. The Kaura-
vas regarded the Pandavas to have been already vanquished. 10
That slayer of hostile heroes, that foremost of car-warriors, viz.,
Vaikarfcana, as he stayed on his car, recollecting the death of
Bhishma and Drona, blazed up with splendour like the Sun or
fire." Reflecting on the mighty feats of Partha, and burning
with self-conceit and pride, and blazing with wrath, and breath-
ing long and hard, he addressed Calya and said these words : 12 —
When stationed on my car and armed with my bow, I won d
not take fright at Indra himself armed with the thunder and


excited with wrath '. Beholding those great heroes headed by
Bhishraa lying on the field of battle, I do not feel any anxiety !'*
Seeing even the faultless Bhishma and Drona, equal unto
ludra and Vishnu, those crushers of foremost of ears and steeds
and elephants, those heroes that were unslayable, slain by the
foe, 1 do not still experience any fear in this battle ! 14 Ac-
quainted with mighty weapons, and himself the foremost of
Brahmanas, why, indeed, did not the preceptor slay in battle
all foes, seeinsr them destroy the mightiest of our ki.igs with
their drivers and elephants and cars ? IS Remembering that
Br ma in great battle, I tell you truly, listen to me, ye Ivurus.
there is none amongst you, save myself, that is competent to
bear the advancing Arjuna, that warrior who resembles Death
himself in his fiercest form l' 6 In Drona were the skill atten-
dant on practice, and might, and bravery, and the highest of
weapons, and policy. When even that high-souled one had to
succumb to Death, I regard all the others (of our army)
strengthless and on the point of death. 17 In this world I do not
find anything, even on reflection, to be stable, in consequence of
the inevitable connection of acts. When the preceptor himself
is dead, who then will indulge in the certain belief that he will
live till even today's sun-rise ? 18 When the preceptor was thus
slain by the enemy in battle, without doubt, weapons, ordinary
and celestial, and might and prowess and achievements, and
wise pjlicy, are not able to compass the happiness of man! 19
In energy Drona was equal to fire or the Sun. in prowess ho
resembled Vishnu or Purandara, in policy he was equal to
Vrihaspati or Ucanas ; irresistible as he was, weapons could
nob yet protect him ! 20 When (our) women and children are
weeping and uttering loud wails, when the valour of the
Dhartarashtras has been defeated, I know it, Calya, that it
is 1 who am bo fight Proceed, therefore, against the army of
our enemies ? l - Who else, save myself, will be able to bear
those troops amongst whom are stationed the royal son of
Pandu firm in truth, and Bhimasena and Arjuna, and Satyaki,
and the twins ?" Therefore, ruler of the Madras, proceed
quickly, in this battle, towards the Panchalas, the Panda-
vas, and the Srinjayas 1 Encountering them in battle either

KARNA I'.'vllVA. L29

I will slay them or go myself bo Varna's presence by iho
path taken by Drona !'■ think, Calya, that 1 will
not go into the very midst of those heroes! These intestine

dissensions cannot be tolerated by inc. (Without, seeking to
tolerate them) I will even follow in the wake of Drona !***
Wise or ignorant, when his period is run out, everybody is
c 1'ially regarded by the Destroyer; no one can escape. O learned
one, for this, I will proceed against the Parthas. I am unable
to transgress my destiny ! M The son of Vichitravirya's son
is, O king, always engaged in doing me good. For the accom-
plishment of his purposes, I will cast away my life-breaths
that are so dear, and this body that is so difficult of being cast
away ! 2S This foremost of cars, covered with tiger-skins, with
axle producing no sound, c piipt with a golden seat, endued with
trivenu made of silver, and unto which are yoked these fore-
most of steeds, Rama gave unto me ! 27 Behold, also, O Calya,
these beautiful bows, these standards, these maces, these shafts
of fierce forms, this blazing sword, this mighty weapon, this
white conch of fierce and loud blare. 18 Riding upon this car
decked with banners, its wheels producing a rattle deep as that
of the thunder, having white steeds yoked unto it. and adorned
with excellent quivers, I will, putting forth my might, slay in
battle that bull among car-warriors, viz., Arjuna !" If Death
himself, that universal consumer, were to protect with vigilance
the son of Pandu in battle, I would still encounter him in
fight and either slay him or myself go to Yama's presence
following Bhishma ! 80 If Yama, Varuna, Kuvcra, and Vasava,
with all their followers, coming hither, unitedly protect the son
of Pandu in great battle, what need of many words, I will still
vanquish him with them ! — ' Sl

* Nilakantha explains this verse in a different way, taking teshain
Cur&nam to refer to Bhishma ami others, instead of to Yudhishthira and
others. The meaning, he suggests, i*, — Do not think, O Calya, that I
will not have to go into the midst of Bhishma and others ; (i. c, I will
have to be numbered amongst them) ; any injury, bowever, to my friend
(Duryodhana) is what T will never Buffer; (i. e., I will tight to tho
I of ray powers, lest by doing otherwise I injure Duryodhai
&c, &c— T.


"Sanjaya continued, — 'Hearing these words of the bragging
Kama who was exceedingly delighted with the prospect of
battle, the valiant king of the Madras, deriding him, laughed
aloud, and gave him the following reply for checking him. 88

" 'Calya said,— Forbear, forbear, O Kama, from such brag !
Thou art in transports of delight and sayest what thou shouldsfc
never say ! Where is Dhananjaya, that foremost of men, and
where again, art thou. lowest of men ! S3 Who else, save
Arjuna, could ravish the younger sister of (Kecava) that fore-
most of all persons, having forcibly agitated the home of the
Yadus that was protected by the younger brother of Indra and
that resembled heaven itself that is guarded by the chief of the
celestials ? 5t What man, save Arjuna who is endued with prow-
ess that is equal to the prowess of the chief of the celestials,
could, on the occasion of the dispute caused by the slaughter of
an animal, summon Bhava, the Lord of Lords, the Creator of
the worlds, to battle ? 85 For the sake of honoring Agni, Jaya
had vanquished Asuras and gods and great snakes and men
and birds and Pigachas and Yakshas and Rakshasas with his
shafts and gave unto that god the food he had desired ! ss Dost
thou remember, O Kama the occasion when, slaughtering
those foes in large numbers with his excellent shafts endued
with the effulgence of the Sun, Phalguna liberated Dhrita-
rashtra's son himself among the Kurus? 87 Dost thou remem-
ber the occasion when, thyself having been the first to fly away,
the quarrelsome sons of Dhritarashtra were liberated by the
Pandavas after the latter had defeated those rangers of the
skies (viz., the Gandharvas headed by Chitraratha) ? 88 On the
occasion also of the seizure of (Virata's) kine, the Kauravas,
swelling with numbers in respect of both men and animals, and
having the preceptor and the preceptor's son and Bhishma
amongst them, were vanquished by that foremost of men !
Why, O, didst thou not vanquish Arjuna then ? 89 For thy
destruction another excellent battle has now presented itself!
If thou dost not fly away from fear of thy enemy, know, O
Suta's son, that as soon as thou goest to battle thou wilt be

slain !— ' 40

"Sanjaya continued,.— 'When the ruler of the Madras was


roost heartily engaged in addressing these harsh speeches to
Kama and uttering these praises of the lattcr's foe, that scor-
cher of foes, viz., the commander of the Kuru army, excited
with rage, said these words unto the Madra king : — 4l

'"Kama said, — Let it be so, lot it be so! Why, however,
dost thou indulge in Arj una's praises ? A battle is about to

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