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possessed of high birth arid good conduct, have been slain
in battle by Partha who is never fatigued with exertion. Others,
endued with immeasurable might, and desirous of slaying their
foes, (have met with a similar fate). 51 "* 2 These and many other
kings, numbering thousands, with their followers, have. O mon-
arch, been slain in battle. That which thou askest me I am an-
swering now.* 3 Even thus did the destruction take place when
Arjuna and Kama fought. Even as Mahroidra slew Yritra.
and Rama slew Rilvana ; Si even as Krishna slew Naraka or
Mura in battle ; even as the mighty Rama of Bhrigu's I
slew the heroic Kartaviryya, invincible in battle, with all I


kinsmen and friends, after fighting a terrible battle celebrated
through the three worlds ; 88 " 88 even as Skanda slew (the A sura)
Mahisha, and Rudra slew (the Asura) Andhaka, even so hath
Arjuna, O king, in single combat, slain, with all his kinsmen,
that foremost of smiters, viz., Kama, who was invicible in
battle and upon whom the Dhartarashtras had placed their
hopes of victory, and who was the great cause of the hostility
with the Pandavas ! 57 " 5i Pandu's son hath now accomplished!
that which at on<~ time thou couldst not believe him capable of
accomplishing, although. monarch, well-meaning friends
failed not to apprise thee of it. That calamity, fraught with
great destruction, hath now come !" Thou, king, wishing
them well, hast heaped those evils on the heads of thy covetous
sons ! The fruit of those evils is now manifesting itself !' " 60

Section VI.

"Dhritarashtra said, — 'Thou hast, O son, mentioned the
names of those of my side that have been slain in battle by
the Pandavas. Tell me now, 0' Sanjaya, the names of those
amongst the Pandavas that have been slain by the people of
my side f 1

"Sanjaya said, — "The Kuntis, possessed of great prowess in
battle, endued with great energy and great might, have been
slain in fight by Bhishma, with all their kinsmen and advi-
sers. 2 The Narayanas, the Valabhadras, and hundreds of
other heroes, all devoted (to the Pandavas) have been slain
in battle by the heroic Bhishma.* 8 Satyajit, who was equal
to the diadem-decked Arjuna himself in battle as regards energy
and might, hath been slain in battle by Drona of sure aim. 4 '
ilany mighty bowmen among the Panchalas, all of whom were
skilled in battle, encountering Drona, have repaired to Yama's
abode.* So the two kings Virata and Drupada, both venerable
in years, who exerted themselves with great prowess for their
aily, have, with their sons, been slain in battle by Drona. 6 That
invincible feero, viz., Abhimanyu, who, though a child in

I adopt the Bombay rea<juig. — T.


years, was still equal in battle to Arjuna or Ke^ava or Vala-
deva, O lord, that warrior who was higly accomplished in
battle, after making an immense slaughter of the foe, was;
at last encompassed by six foremost of car- warriors and slain
by them. Unable to resist Arjuna himself, they thus slew
Arjuna's son ! Deprived of his car, that hero, viz., the son
of Subhadra, still stayed in battle, remembering the duties of
a Kshatriya. At last, O king, Duscasana's son, slew him on
the field. 7 " 9 The slayer of the Patachcharas, viz., the hand-
some son of Amvashtha, surrounded by a large force, had put
forth all his prowess for the sake of his allies. 10 Having made
a great slaughter among the foe, he was encountered by Duryo-
dhana's son, the brave Lakshmana, in battle and despatched to
Yama's abode. 11 The mighty bowman Vrihanta, accomplish-
ed in arms and invincible in battle, hath been despatched to
Yama's abode by Dus<jasana exerting himself with great prow-
ess. ,s The two kings Manimat and Dandadhara, both of whom
were invincible in battle and had put forth their prowess for
their allies, have been slain by Drona. 18 Ancumat the ruler
of the Bhojas, that mighty car- warrior at the head of his own
forces, hath been despatched to Yama's abode by Drona exert-
ing himself with great prowess. 1 * Chitrasena, the ruler of
the sea-coast, with his son, Bharata, hath been forcibly des-
patched by Samudrasena to Yama's abode. 1 * Another ruler of
a maritime country, viz., Nila, and Vyaghradatta of great
energy, have both, O king, been despatched to Yama's abode
by AQwatthaman. 1 * Chitrayudha, and Chitrayodhin, after
making a great slaughter, have both been slain in battle by
Vikarna exerting himself with great prowess and displaying
diverse manoevres of his car. 17 The chief of the Kaikeyas,
who was equal to Vrikodara himself in battle and surrounded
by Kaikeya warriors, has been slain by Kaikeya, the brother
by the brother. 18 Janamejaya of the hilly country, endued with
great prowess and accomplished in encounters with the mace,
hath, O king, been slain by thy son Durmukha." Those
two foremost of men, viz., the brothers Rochamana, like two
brilliant planets, have together been despatched to heaven by
Drona with hi? shafts. 50 Many other kincs, O monarch, en-


dued with great prowess, had fought (for the Pandavas). Hav-
ing achieved the most difficult feats, all of them have gone to
Yama's abode. 91 Purujit and Kuntibhoja, the two maternal
uncles of Savyasachin, have been despatched by Drona with
shafts to such regions as are attainable by death in battle. 22
Abhibhu the ruler of the Kacis, at the head of many of his
followers, hath been obliged by Vasudana's son to lay down
his life in battle. 83 Yudhamanyu of immeasurable prowess,
and Uttamaujas of great energy, after slaying hundreds of
heroic warriors, have themselves been slain by our men. 24
The Panchala prince Mitravarman, also Kshatradharman, O
Bharata, those two foremost of bowmen, have been despatched
to Yama's abode by Drona. 8S Cikhandin's son Kshatradeva,
that foremost of warriors, possessed of great bravery, hath, O
king, been slain by thy grandson Lakshmana, O sire ! 86 The
two heroes Suchitra and Chitravarraan, who were sire and son
and endued with great might, and who careered fearlesly in
battle, have been slain by Drona. 87 Vardhakshemi, monarch,
who was like the ocean at full tide, having had his weapons
exhausted in battle, hath at last obtained undisturbed peace. 88
That foremost of Stttas, viz., Senavindu, having consumed
many foes in battle, hath, at last, O king, been slain by Valhi-
ka. 89 Dhrishtaketu, monarch, that foremost of car-warriors
among the Chedis, after accomplishing the most difficult feats,
hath repaired to the abode of Yam a. 80 Similarly, the heroic
Satyadhriti, endued with great prowess, having made a great
slaughter in battle for the sake of the Pandavas, has been des-
patched to Yama's abode. 3 ' That lord of Earth, viz., Suketu
the son of Cicupilla, having slain many foes, hath at last been
slain by Drona in battre. 38 Virata's son Cankha, as also Uttara
of great strength, having accomplished the most difficult feats,
have repaired to Yama's abode. 33 Similarly Satyadhriti of
the Matsyas, and Madiracwa of great energy, and Suryadatta
possessed of great prowess, have all been slain by Drona with
his shafts. 34 Crenimat also, O monarch, having fought with
groat prowess and accomplished the most difficult feats, hath
repaired to Yama's abode. 35 Similarly the chief the Maga-
dha-3, that slayer of hostile heroes, endued with great energy


and acquainted with the highest weapons, sleepeth on the field
of battle, slain by Bhishma. 36 Vasudana also, having made
an immense carnage in battle, has been despatched to Yama's
abode by Bharadwaja's son exerting himself with great pro-
wess." These and many other mighty car-warriors of the
Pandavas have been slain by Drona exerting himself with
great energy. I have now told them all that thou hadst
asked me.' " S8

Section VII.

"Dhritarashfcra said, — "When all the foremost of my war-
riors, Sanjaya, have perished, I do not think that the rem-
nant of my army will not perish! 1 When those two heroes,
those two mighty bowmen, those two foremost of the Kurus,
viz., Bhishma and Drona, have been slain, what use can I
any longer have with life ? 8 I cannot also brook the death of
Radha's son, that ornament of battle, the might of whose
arms was as great as that of ten thousand elephants ! 8 O fore-
most of speakers, tell me now, O Sitta, who are yet alive in
my army after the death of all the foremost heroes !* Thou
hast told me the names of those that have fallen. It seems,
however, to me that they who are still alive are almost all
dead !' 5

"Sanjaya said, — "That hero, king, to whom Drona, that
foremost of Brahmanas, imparted many blazing, celestial, and
mighty weapons of the four kinds, that mighty car-warrior,
possessed of skill and lightness of hands, that hero of firm
grasp, strong weapons, and powerful shafts, that high-souled
son of Drona, capable of shooting to a great distance, is still
on the field, desirous of battling for thy sake. 6 " 7 That dweller
of the Anarta country, that son of Hiridika, that mighty car-
warrior, that foremost one among; the Satwatas, that chief of
the Bhojas, viz., Kritavarman, accomplished in arms, is on
the field, desirous of battle. 8 Artayana's son, dauntless in
battle, that first of warriors, that foremost of all yet on thy side,
he, viz., that abandoned his own sister's sons, the Pandavas, for
making his own words true, that hero endued with great acti-


vity who promised in the presence of Yudhishthira that he would
in battle depress the proud spirit of Kama, that invincible
Calya, who is equal unto Cakra himself in energy, is still on
the field, desirous of battling for thy sake. 9 " 10 Accompanied by
his own force consisting of Ajaneyas, Saindhavas. mountaineers,
dwellers of reparian regions, Kamvojas, and Vanayus, the
king of the Gandharas stayeth on the field, desirous of battl-
ing for thy sake. 11 Caradwat's son called Gautama, king,
endued with mighty arms and capable of fighting with diverse
weapons in diverse beautiful ways, taking up a beautiful and
large bow capable of bearing a great strain, stayeth on the
field, desirous of battle. 18 That mighty car-warrior, viz., the
son of the ruler of the Kaikeyas, riding on a goodly car equipti
with standard and goodly steeds, stayeth on the field, chief
of Kuru's race, for battling for thy sake. 13 Thy son also, that
foremost of heroes in Kuru's race, viz., Purumitra, O king,
riding on his car possessed of the effulgence of fire or the Sun,
stayeth on the field, like the Sun himself shining brilliantly in
the cloudless firmament. 14 Duryodhana also, endued with great
energy, in the midst of an elephant force and accompanied
by many foremost of combatants, stayeth on his car adorned
with gold, desirous of engaging in battle. 1 ** In the midst of
many kings, that foremost of men, possessed of the splendour of
a lotus, looked resplendent in his beautiful armour of gold like
a fire with little smoke or the Sun emerged from the clouds. 16
So also thy sons Sushena, armed with sword and shield, and
the heroic Satyasena, are staying, with Chitrasena, their hearts
full of joy and themselves desirous of battle. 1 ' Endued with
modesty, the Bharata princes Chitrayudha, Crutavarman, and
Jaya, and Dala, and Satyavrata, and Duscala, all of whom are
possessed of great might, stay on the field, desirous of battle. 18 f-
The ruler of the Kaitavyas, that prince, proud of his courage,
and capable of fearlessly careering in battle and slaying his

* The second half of the first line of 15 is read differently in the
Bomay edition. The Calcutta reading, which I adopt, is unquestionably
better.— T.

t A different reading occurs in the Bombay edition.— T*

I \i:\a PAEVA. 17

foes, possessing foot-soldiers and cavalry, and elephants and

cars, stayeth on the field, desirous of battling for thy sake."
The heroic Crutayu and Crutayudha, and Chitrangada and

Chitravarman, those foremost of men, those proud warriors
capable of smiting effectually and possessed of sureness of aim,
stay on the field, desirous of battle." The high-souled Satya-
sandha, the son of Kama, stayeth on the field, desirous of
battle. Two other sons of Kama, possessing a knowledge of
high weapons and endued with great lightness of hands, are
both staying, king, at the head of forces that are large and
incapable of being pierced by warriors of little energy, desirous
of battling for thy sake.* 521 Accompanied by these heroes and
by many other foremost of warriors, king, that are possessed
of immeasurable might, the Kuru king (Duryodhana) is stay-
ing like a second Indra in the midst of his elephant division in
expectation of victory !' 22

"Dhritarashtra said, — "Thou hast told me duly all that are
alive both amongst us and the foe. From this I plainly see on
which side the victory will be. Indeed, it may be inferred
from the facts.' " 23

Vaicampayana continued, — "While saying this, Dhritarash-
tra the son of Amvika, having learnt that only a small portion
of his army was alive, for all his foremost of warriors had died,
felt his heart to be exceedingly agitated by grief. The king
swooned away. Partially restored to his senses, he addressed
Sanjaya, saying, — 'Wait for a moment !' 24 " 28 And the king
said, — '0 son, having heard of this dire calamity, my heart is
greatly agitated. My senses are being stupified, and my limbs
are about to be paralysed ! 26 — Having said these words, Dhrita-
rilshtra the son of Amvika, that lord of Earth, lost his senses
and fell down on the Earth.' " a7

Section VIII.

Janamejaya said, — "Having heard of Kama's fall and the
slaughter of his sons, what, O foremost of regenerate one?,

* This is a triplet— .T.



did the king say, after he had been a little comforted ? 2 Indeed,
poignant was the grief that he experienced, arising from the
calamity that befell his sons ! Tell me, I ask thee, all that
the king .said on that occasion ! "*

Vaicampayana said, — "Hearing of the slaughter of Kama
that was incredible and astounding, that was dreadful and cap-
able of paralysing the senses of all creatures, that looked like
the downfall of Meru, 3 or a never-to-be-believed clouding of
the intellect of the wise Cukra, or the defeat of Indra of terri-
ble feats at the hands of his foes, 4 or the falling down on the
Earth of the resplendent Sun from the firmament, or a scarcely-
to-be- comprehended drying up of the ocean, that receptacle of
inexhaustible waters, 5 or the annihilation, perfectly astounding,
of the Earth, the firmament, the points of the compass, and the
waters, or the fruitlessness of acts both virtuous and sinful, 6
king Dhritarashtra, having earnestly reflected for sometime on
it, thought that his army had been annihilated. 7 Thinking that
other creatures also, as unslayable as Kama, would meet with a
similar fate, king Dhritarashtra the son of Amvika, scorched
with grief and sighing like a snake, with litnbs almost palsied,
drawing long breaths, highly cheerless, and filled with melan-
choly, began to lament, saying,— and Alas.*' 9 And the king
said, — Sanjaya, the heroic son of Adhiratha was endued with
the prowess of the lion or the elephant ! His neck was as thick as
that of a bull, and his eyes, gait, and voice were like the bull's ! 10
Of limbs as hard as the thunder-bolt, that young man, like a
bull never flying away from a bull, never desisted from battle
even if his foe happened to be the great Indra himself! 11 At
the sound of his bowstring and palms and at the whizz of his
arrowy showers men and steeds and cars and elephants fled away
from battle. 18 Relying upon that mighty-armed one, that
slayer of large bands of fues, that warrior of unfading glory,
Ddryodhana had provoked hostilities with those mighty car-
warriors, viz., the sons of Pandu! 18 How then could Kama,
that foremost of car warriors, that tiger among men, that
hero of irresistible onset, be forcibly slain by Partha in
battle ? 14 Relying on the might of his own arms, he always
disregarded Keeava of unfading glory, and Dhananjaya, and


the Vrishnis, and all other foes ! 16 Often did he use to say
unto the foolish, avaricious, crest-fallen, kingdom-coveting,
and afflicted Duryodhana even such words as these, viz., —
Alone, I shall, in battle, throw down from their foremost of
ears, those two invincible wa , united together, viz., the

wieldcv of Clrnga and the ivielder of Gandiva ! li ~ xl — He
had subjugated many invincible and mighty foes, viz., the
Gandharas, the Madrakas, the M.itsvas, the Trigartas, the
Tanganas, the Khasas, 18 the Panchalas, the Videhas, the
KulindaSj the Kaci-kocalas, the Suhmas, the Angas, the
Nishadhas, the Pundras, the Kichakas, 13 the Vatsas, the Kalin-
gas, the Taralas, the A^makas, and the Rishikas. Subjuga-
ting all these brave races, by means of his keen and whetted
arrows equipt with Kanka feathers, that foremost of car-
warriors, viz., Radha's son, had caused all of them to pay
tribute to us for the aggrandisement of Duryodhana. 50 " 21 Alas,
how could that warrior acquainted with celestial weapons, that
protector of armies, viz., Kama the son of Vikartana, called
also Vrisha, of mighty energy, be slain in battle by his foes,
the heroic and mighty sons of Pandu ? 2a As Indra is the
foremost of gods, Kama was the foremost of men. In the
throe worlds no third person has been heard of by us to be
like them. 83 Amongst steeds, Uchchaicravas is the foremost ;
amongst Yalcshas, VaiVravana is the foremost ; amongst celes-
tials. Indra is the foremost ; amongst smiters, Kama was
the foremost." Unvanquished by even the most heroic and the
mightiest of monarchs, he had, for Duryodhana's aggrandise-
ment subjugated the whole Earth. 85 The ruler of Magadha, hav-
ing by conciliation and honors obtained Kama fur a friend, had
challenged all the Kshatriyas of the world, except the Kaura-
vas and the Yadavas, bo battle. 26 Hearing that Kama hath
been slain by Savyacachin in single combat, I am pluri
in an ocean of woe like a wrecked vessel in the vasty deep ! 97
Indeed, hearing that that foremost of men, that best of car-
warriors, hath been slain in single combat, I am sinking in an
ocean of grief like a person without a raft in the sea \ zi When,
O Sanjaya, I do not die of even such grief, I think my heart
is impenetrable and made of something harder than the thunder-


bolt." Hearing of Ihe defeat and humiliation of kinsmen and
relatives and allies, who else in the world, O Suta, save my
wretched self, would not yield up his life ? so I desire to have
poison or fire or a fall from the summit of a mountain ! I am
unable, O Sanjaya, to bear this heavy load of grief!' " S1

Section IX.

''Sanjaya said, — 'Tho world regards thee to be equal to
Yayati the son of Nahusha, in beauty, birth, fame, asceticism,
and learning I 1 Indeed, in learning, thou art, king, like a
great R'tshi, highly accomplished and crowned with success !
Summon thy fortitude ! Do not yield to grief f 2

"Dhritarashtra said,— 'I think Destiny is supreme, and
Exertion fruitless, since even Kama, who was like a gala
tree, hath been slain in battle ! 3 Having slaughtered Yudhish-
thira's army and the large throngs of the Panchala car-warriors,
having scorched all the points of the compass by means of
his arrowy showers, having stupified the Parthas in battle
like the wielder of the thunder-bolt stupifying the A suras,
alas, how could that mighty car-warrior, slain by the foe,
fall down on the Earth like a large tree uprooted by the tem-
pest ? 4 " 5 Indeed, I do not behold the end of my sorrows
like a drowning man unable to see the end of the ocean I
My anxieties are increasing, I do not desire to live, 6 hearing
of Kama's death and Phalguna's victory ! Indeed, San-
jaya, I regard the slaughter of Kama to be highly incre-
dible. 7 Without doubt, this hard heart of mine is made
of the essence of adamant, for it does not burst into a thou-
sand fragments upon hearing of the fall of Kama! 8 * Without
doubt, the gods ordained, before (my birth), a very long life
for me, since sore distressed on hearing of the death of Kama,
I do not die ! Fie, Sanjaya, on this life of one that is
destitute of friends : 9 f Brought today, Sanjaya, to this
wretched plight, miserably shall I have to live, of foolish

* The Bombay edition reads this verse with a slight variation.— T.
+ A triplet in the Bengal texts.— T.



understanding that I am, pitied by all ! 10 Having formerly
been the honored of the whole world, how shall I, Suta,
live, over-ridden by foes? 11 From pain to greater pain and
calamity, have I come, Sanjaya, in consequence of the fall
of Bhishma and Drona and the high-souled Kama ! ia I do
not see that any one (of my army) will escape with life when
the Suta'a son hath been slain in battle ! He was the great
raft, Sanjaya, to my sons !* 13 That hero having shot innu-
merable arrows, hath been slain in battle ! What use have I
of life, without that bull among men ? 14 Without doubt, the
son of Adhiratha, afflicted with arrows, fell down from his car,
like a mountain-peak riven by the fall of thunder ! ,s Without
doubt, bathed in blood, he lieth, adorning the Earth, like an
elephant slain by an infuriate prince of elephants ! 16 He who
was the strength of the Dhartarashtras, he who was an object
of fear to the sons of Pandu, alas, he, viz., Kama, that pride
of all bowmen, hath been slain by Arjuna ! 17 He was a hero,
a mighty bowman, the dispeller of the fears of my sons !
Alas, that hero, reft of life, lieth (on the Earth), like mountain
struck down by Indra !f' 8 The fulfilment of Duryodhana's
wishes is even like locomotion to one that is lame, or the grati-
fication of the poor man's desire, or stray drops of water to one
that is thirsty ! 13 Planned in one way, our schemes end other-
wise. Alas, Destiny is all powerful, and Time incapable of
being transgressed !" Was my son Duscasana, O Suta, slain,
while flying away from the field, humbled (to the dust),
of cheerless soul, and destitute of all manliness? 21 O son,
O Sanjaya, I hope he did no dastardly act on that occasion ?
Did not that hero meet with his death like the other Kehatri-
yas that have fallen ?" The foolish Duryodhana did not ac-
cept Yudhishthira's constant advice, wholesome as medicine,
against the propriety of battle. 83 Possessed of great renown,
Partha, when begged for drink by Bhishma then lying on his
arrowy bed, pierced the surface of the Earth ! 24 Beholding

* The Bengal texts have param ; the Bombay edition reads paryam.
I adopt the latter. — T.

+ The Borubav edition reads milrdndm for putr&nam.— T.


the jet of water caused by the son of Pandu, the mighty-armed
(Bhishma, addressing Duryodhana), said, — O sire, make peace
with the Pandavas ! Hostilities ceasing, peace will be thine !
Let the war between thyself and thy cousins end with me !
Enjoy the Earth in brotherliness with the sons of Pandu ! 28 " 26
— Having disregarded those counsels, my child is certainly
repenting now. That has now come to pass which Bhishma of
great foresight said. 87 As regards myself, Sanjaya, I am
destitute of counsellors and reft of sons! In consequence of
gambling, I am fallen into great misery like a bird shorn of its
wings ! 28 As children engaged in sport, Sanjaya, having
' seized a bird and cut off its wings, merrily release it, 29 but
the creature cannot achieve locomotion in consequence of its
winglessness ; even so have I become, like a bird shorn of its
wings ! 30 Weak, destitute of every resource, without kinsmen,
and deprived of relatives and friends, cheerless and overpowered
by enemies, to which point of the compass shall I go ? 31 He
who vanquished all the Kamvojas and the Amvashthas with the
Kaikeyas, that puissant one, who, having for the accomplish-
ment of his purpose vanquished the Gandharas and the Videhas
in battle, subjugated the whole Earth for the sake of Duryo-
dhana's aggrandisment, alas, he hath been vanquished by the
heroic and strong Pandavas endued with mighty arms ! 32 ~ 3S
Upon the slaughter, in battle, of that mighty bowman, viz.,
Kama, by the diadem-decked (Arjuna), tell me, Sanjaya, who
were these heroes that stayed (on the field) ! 3t I hope he was
not alone and abandoned (by friends) when slain in battle by
the Pandavas ? Thou hast, sire, told me, before this, how
our brave warriors have fallen.* 88 With his powerful shafts
Cikhandin felled in battle that foremost of all wielders of weap-

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