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O king, began to forcibly stop them. 40 After Kama had gone
away, Nakula proceeded against the Kauravas. Kama's son
also, avoiding Nakula, 41 proceeded quickly, sire, to where his
father the son of Radha was, for protecting his car-wheel.

" 'The angry Uluka was held in check by Sahadeva. 42 Hav-
ing slain his four steeds, the valiant Sahadeva then despatched
his foe's driver to the abode of Yama. 43 Uluka then, that
delighter of his father, jumping down from his car, king,
quickly proceeded and entered the division of the Trigar-
tas. 44 Satyaki, having pierced Cakuni with twenty keen
arrows, easily cut off the standard of Suvala's son with a
broad-headed arrow. 45 The valiant son of Suvala, filled with
rage, king, in that encounter, pierced Satyaki's armour and
then cut off his golden standard. 46 Then Satyaki pierced him
in return with many keen arrows, and struck his driver, O
monarch, with three arrows. 47 With great speed then, he des-
pached with other shafts the steeds of Cakuni to Yama's abode.
Speedily alighting then, bull among men, from his car,
Cakuni, 48 that mighty car-svarrior, quickly ascended the car of
Uluka. The latter then bore away with great speed his father
from Cini's grandson, that warrior skilled in battle. 49 Then
Satyaki, king, rushed in that battle against thy army with
great impetuosity, at which that army broke. 50 Shrouded with


the arrows of Cinis grandson, thy army, monarch, fled away
on all sides with great speed, and fell down deprived of life. 8 '

"'Thy son resisted Bhimasena in that battle. In a trice
Bhima made that ruler of men steedless and drivcrless and car-
less and standardless, at which the (Pfmdava) troops became
highly glad. Then thy son, king, went away from Bhima-
scna's presence. 52 ~ 53 The whole Kuru army, at this, rushed
against Bhimasena. Tremendous became the din made by those
combatants inspired with the desire of slaying Bhimasena." Yu-
dhamanyu, piercing Kripa, quickly cut off his bow. Then
Kripa, that foremost of all wielders of weapons, taking up
another bow, 86 felled Yudhamanyu's standard and driver and
umbrella on the Earth. At this, the mighty car-warrior Yu-
dhamanyu retreated on his car, driving it himself. 8 * Uttamau-
jas covered the terrible son of Hridika, endued with terrible
prowess, with a thick shower of arrows like a cloud pouring
torrents of rain on a mountain. 57 The battle between them,

scorcher of foes, became so awful that its like, monarch,

1 had never seen before. 8 * Then Kritavarman, O king, in that
encounter, suddenly pierced Uttamaujas in the chest at which
the latter sat down on the terrace of his car 85 His driver
then bore away that foremost of car-warriors. Then the whole
Kuru army rushed at Bhimasena. 10 Duscasana and Suvala's
son, encompassing the son of Pandu with a large elephant
force, bewail to strike him with small arrows. 61 Then Bhima,
causing the wrathful Duryodhana to turn his back on the field
by means of hundreds of arrows, quickly rushed towards that
elephant force." Beholding that elephant force advance im-
petuously against him, Vrikodara became filled with great rage
and invoked his celestial weapons. And he began to strike
elephants with elephants like Indra striking the Asaras.* 3 *
While engaged in slaughtering those elephants, Vrikodara, in
that battle, covered the welkin with his shafts like myriads of
insects covering a fire. 6 * Like the wind scattering masses of
clouds, Bhima quickly scattered and destroyed crowds of elo
phants united together in thousands. 65 Covered all over with

* A triplet iu the Bengal texts.— T.


networks of gold, as also with many gems, the elephants looked
exceedingly beautiful in that battle like clouds charged with
lightning. 68 Slaughtered by Bhima, those elephants, O king,
began to fly away. Some amongst them, with their hearts
pierced, fell down on the Earth. 67 With those fallen and fall-
ing elephants adorned with gold, the Earth looked beautiful
there as if strewn with broken mountains. 68 With the fallen
elephant-warricrs of blazing resplendence and adorned with
gems, the Earth looked beautiful as if strewn with planets of
exhausted merit. 69 * Then elephants, with their temples, frontal
globes, and trunks deeply pierced, fled in hundreds in that
battle, afflicted with the shafts of Bhimasena. 70 Some amongst
them, huge as hills, afflicted with fear and vomiting blood, ran
away, their limbs mangled with arrows, and looking, on that
account, like mountains with liquid metals running adown their
sides. 71 People then beheld the two arms of Bhima, resembl-
ing two mighty snakes, smeared with sandal-paste and other
pounded unguents, continually employed in drawing the bow. 73
Hearing the sound of his bowstring and palms that resembled
the peal of thunder, those elephants, ejecting urine and excreta,
ran away in fear. 73 The feats of the single-handed Bhima of
great intelligence, on that occasion, shone like those of Rudra
himself while engaged in destroying all creatures.' " 7i

Section LXII.

"Sanjaya said, — 'The handsome Arjuna then, on that fore-
most car of his, unto which were yoked white steeds, and
which was urged by Narayana himself, appeared on the scene. 1
Like the tempest agitating the ocean, Vijaya, foremost of
kings, in that battle, agitated that host of thine teeming with
horsemen. 2 When the white-steeded Arjuna was otherwise en-
gaged, thy son Duryodhana, filled with rage, and surrounded by
half his troops, approached suddenly, and encompassed the

* The righteous on Earth, after death, become planets and stars.
Upon the exhaustion of their merits, they are supposed to fall down.— T.


advancing Yudhishthira inspired with the desire of revenge. 9 *
The Kuru king then pierced the son of Pandu with three and
seventy razor-headed arrows. At this, Yudhishthira the son
of Kunti became inflamed with sire,* and quickly struck thy
Bon with thirty broad-headed arrows. The Kaurava troops
then rushed impetuously for seizing Yudhishthira. 5 Under-
standing the wicked intentions of the enemy, the great car-
warriors of the Pilndava army, uniting together, rushed to-
wards Yudhishthira the son of Kunti, fur rescuing him. 6 In-
deed, Nakula, and Sahadeva, and Dhrishtadyumana the son of
Prishata, surrounded by a full AksJutuhini of troops, thus
proceeded towards Yudhishthira. 7 Bhimasena also, in that
battle, crushing the great car- warriors of thy army, proceeded
towards the king surrounded by foes. 8 Kama, otherwise called
Vaikartana, king, shooting dense showers of arrows, checked,
singlehanded, all those mighty bowmen thus advancing (to the
rescue). 9 Though they shot dense showers of arrows and hurled
innumerable lances, fighting with determination, yet they were
unable te even look at the son of Radha. 10 Indeed, the son
of Radha, that master of all weapons offensive and defensive,
by shooting dense showers of shafts, checked all those great
bowmen. 11 The high-souled Sahadeva, however, quickly ap-
proaching (the spot where Duryodhana was), and invoking
without loss of time a (celestial) weapon, pierced Duryodhana
with twenty arrows. 12 Thus pierced by Sahadeva, the Kuru
king, covered with blood, looked beautiful like a huge elephant
of split temples. 13 Beholding thy son deeply pierced with
many arrows of great energy, that foremost of car- warriors,
viz., the son of Radha, filled with rage, rushed to that spot. 14
Seeing Duryodhana reduced to that plight, Kama, invoking
his weapons quickly, began to slaughter the troops of Yudhish-
thira and Prishata's son. 15 Thus slaughtered by the high-soul-
ed Kama, Yudhishthira's troops, king, afflicted with the
arrows of the Suta's son, soon fled away. 16 Showers of shafts
fell together. Indeed, those sped subsequently from the bow
of the Suta's son touched with their heads the wings of those

* A triplet in the Bengal tests.— T.


sped before. 17 In consequence of those falling showers of shafts,
monarch, colliding with one another, a conflagration seemed
to blaze forth in the welkin. 18 Soon Kama shrouded the ten
points of the compass, king, with arrows capable of pierc-
ing the bodies of foes, as if with advancing flights of locusts. 19
Displaying the highest weapons, Kama began to wave with
great force his two arms smeared with red sandal paste and
adorned with jewels and gold. 80 Then stupifying all sides, O
king, with his shafts, Kama deeply afflicted Yudhishthira
the just. 21 Filled with rage at this, Dharma's son Yudhish-
thira struck Kama with fifty keen shafts. 22 In consequence
then of the darkness caused by those showers of arrows, the battle
became awful to look at. Loud cries of woe arose from among
thy troops, monarch, 28 whilst they were being slaughtered
by Dharma's son, O sire, with diverse kinds of keen shafts
equipt with Kanka feathers and whetted on stone, with nu-
merous broad-headed arrows, and with diverse kinds of darts
and swords and clubs. 24 * Thither where Pandu's son of
virtuous soul cast his eyes with the desire of producing evil,
thither thy army , broke, bull of Bharata's race ! 25 In-
flamed with great rage, Kama also, of immeasurable soul, inspir-
ed with the desire of retaliating, his face flushed in anger,
rushed, in that battle, against Pandu's son king Yudhishthira
the just, shooting cloth-yard shafts and crescent shaped arrows
and those equipt with heads like the calf's tooth.* Yudhishthira
also pierced him with many whetted arrows equipt with wings
of gold. 2£ " 27 f As if smiling the while, Kama pierced the royal
son of Pilndu in the chest with three broad- headed arrows
whetted on stone and equipt with Kanka feathers. 28 Deeply
afflicted therewith, king Yudhishthira the just, sitting down
on the terrace of his car, ordered his driver to retreat. 29 There-
upon all the Dhartarashtras, with their king, set up a loud
shtfut, saying, — Seize, — Seise, and all them then pursued the

* A triplet in the Bengal texts. — T.

+ 27 is a triplet. The two lines of 2G with the first two lines of 27
form a complete sentence. The construction is pleonastic. In the second
line of 27, for Yudhishthira read Panduputra — T.


(Pandava) king. 80 Then seventeen hundred Kekaya troops
skilled in smiting, united with a body « » t" the Panchala troops,
O king, and checked the Dhartarashtras." During the pro-
gress of that fierce and terrible battle, Duryodhana and Bhima,
those two warriors endued with groat might, encountered each
other.' " Si

Section LXIII.

"Sanjaya said, — "Meanwhile Kama also began, with his
arrowy showers, to afflict the mighty car- warriors of the
Kaikayas, viz., those great bowmen that stood before him. 1
Indeed, the son of Radha despatched to Yama's abode full five
hundred of those warriors that were employed in checking him
in that battle. 8 Beholding the son of Radha to be irresistible
in battle, those warriors, afflicted with the arrows of their
assailant, repaired to the presence of Bhimasena. 8 Breaking that
car-force into many parts by means of his arrows, Kama, singly
and riding on that same car of his, pursued Yudhishthira* who
then, exceedingly mangled with arrows and almost insensible, was
proceeding slowly for reaching the Pandava encampment with
Nakula and Sahadeva on his two sides. 5 Having approached
the king, the Suta's son, from desire of doing good to Duryo-
dhana, pierced the son of Pandu with three formidable arrows.*
In return the king pierced Radhii's son in the centre of the
chest and then his driver with three shafts. 7 Then those two
• scorchers of foes, viz., the twin sons of Madri, those two pro-
tectors of Yudhishthjra's car-wheels, rushed towards Kama so
that the latter might not succeed in slaying the king. 8 Then
Nakula and Sahadeva, both shooting showers of shafts with
great care, covered the eon of Radha therewith. 9 The valiant
son of the Suta, however, in return, pierced those two high-
souled chastisers of foes with two broad-headed arrows of sreafc
sharpness. 1 * The son of Radha then slew Yudhishthira'a ex-
cellent steeds, white as ivory and fleet as the mind, and having
black hair in their tails. 11 Then, smiling the while, the Suta's
son, that groat bowman, with another broad-headed shaft, felled
the htjad-goar of Kunti'fl son, 1 * Similarly, the valiant Kama,


having slain the steeds of Nakula, cut off the car-shaft and
bow of that intelligent son of Madri. 19 Those two steedless
and earless sons of Pandu, — those two brothers, — thereupon
ascended the car of Sahadeva. 14 Beholding those two brothers
made earless, that slayer of hostile heroes, viz., their maternal
le the ruler of the Madras, moved by compassion, addrcss-
. 1 the son of Radha and said,' 5 — Thou art to fight today
ith Pritua's son Phalguna ! Why dost thou then, with rage
inflamed to such a pitch, battle with Dharma's royal son.? 16
Chou art suffering thy weapons to be exhausted. Thy own
armour is being weakened. With thy shafts reduced, and with-
out quivers, with thy driver and steeds fatigued, and thyself
mangled by foes with weapons, when thou wilt approach
Partha, O son of Radha, thou wilt be an object of derision and
mirth ! 17 — Though thus addressed by the ruler of the Madras,
Kama still, filled with rage, continued to assail Yudhishthira in
that battle. 18 And he continued to pierce the two sons of Madri
by Pilndu with many keen arrows. Smiling the while, by means
of his shafts he made Yudhishthira tnrn his face from the
battle. 19 Then Calya, laughing, once more said unto Kama as
the latter, excited with great wrath and resolved upon Yudhish-
thira's destruction, stood on his car, these words : 20 — Him for
whose sake Dhritarashtra's son always honors thee, slay that
Partha, O son of Radha, ! What wouldst thou gain by slaying
Yudhishthira ? 21 The two Krishnas are blowing their conchs
whose loud blare is being heard. The twang also of Arjuna's
bow is being heard, like the roar of the clouds in the season of
rains ! 22 There, Arjuna, striking down the foremost of our car-
warriors with his arrowy down-pours, is devouring all our troops 1
Behold him, O Kama, in this battle ! 23 The two that are pro-
tecting his rear are Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas. The brave
Satyaki is protecting his left wheel, 2 * and Dhrishtadyumna is
protecting his right wheel. There, Bhimasena is fighting with
the royal son of Dhritarashtra ! 28 Act in such way, O son of
Radha, that Bhima may not be able to slay the king today in
the sight of us all,— -that the king may, indeed, escape him ! 2S
Behold, Duryodhana is brought under the power of Bhimasena,
Uiat ornament of battle ! Approaching, if thou canst rescue him,


it will, indeed, bo a very wonderful feat ! 2T Going thither, rcsouo-
the king, for a great peril has overtaken him ! What wilt fchoir
gain by slaying the sons of Madri or king Yudhishthipa ? 88 —
Hearing these words of Calya, O lord of Earth, and beholding
Duryodhana overpowered by Bhima in that dreadful battle,
the [valiant]* son of Radha, 29 thus urged by the words of
Calya and exceedingly desirous of rescuing the king, left Ajata-
c,atru and the twin sons of Madri by Pandu, 50 and rushed for
rescuing thy son. He was borne by his steeds that were fleet as
birds and that were urged by the ruler of the Madras. 81 After
Kama had gone away, Kunti's son Yudhishthira retreated,
borne, O sire, by the fleet steeds of Sahadeva. 88 With his twin
brothers accompanying him, that ruler of men, quickly repairing
in shame to the (Pandava) camp, his body exceedingly mangled
Wtith shafts, 83 alighted from the car and hastily sat down on an
excellent bed. The arrows then being extracted from his body,
the royal son of Pandu, his heart exceedingly afflicted with
sorrow's dart, 8 * addressed his two brothers, vizr., those two mighty
car-warriors, the sons of Madri, saying, — Repair quickly to the
division of Bhimasena ! 8 * Roaring like a cloud, Vrikodara is
engaged in battle ! — Riding another car, Nakula, that bull
among car- warriors, 86 and Sahadeva of great energy, — those two
brothers, those two crushers of foes, — both endued with ercaS
might, then proceeded towards Bhima, borne by steeds of the
utmost flcctness. Indeed, the brothers, having together re-
paired to Bhimasena's division, took up their places there.' " 7

Section LXIV.

"Sanjaya said, — '"Meanwhile Drona's son, surrounded by a
large car-force, O king, suddenly proceeded to that spot wheru
Partha was. 1 Like the continent withstanding the surging
ocean, the heroic Partha having Caurin fur his help-mate with-
stood as impetuously the impetuously-rushing Acwatthaman.*
Then, O monarch, the valiant son of Drona, filled with rage,
covered both Arjuna and Vasudeva with his shafts. 3 Behold-

* This word occurs iu 31. — T.


ing the two Krishnas shrouded with arrows, the great car-
warriors (of the Panda va array), as also the Kurus that wit-
nessed it, wondered exceedingly. 4 Then Arjuna, as if smiling,
invoked into existence a celestial weapon. The Brahmana
Acwatthaman, however, O Bharata, baffled that weapon in
that battle. 8 Indeed, all those weapons that Arjuna sped from
desire of slaying the son of Drona, were baffled by the latter,
that great bowman, in that encounter. 5 During the progress
of that awful encounter of weapons, O king, we beheld the
son of Drona to resemble the Destroyer himself with gaping
mouth. 7 Having covered all the points of the compass, cardi-
nal and subsidiary, with straight arrows, he pierced Vasudeva
with three arrows in the right arm. 8 Then Arjuna, slaying all
the steeds of his high-souled assailant, caused the Earth in that
battle to be covered with a river of blood 9 that was exceedingly
awful, that led towards the other world, and that had diverse
kinds of creatures floating on it. All the spectators beheld a
large number of car-warriors along with their cars, belonging to
the division of Acwatthaman, slain and destroyed by means of
the arrows sped from Partha's bow. Acwatthaman also, slaying
his enemies, caused a terrible river of blood to flow there that
led to Yama's domains. 10 " 11 During the progress of that fierce
and awful battle between Drona's son and Partha, the com-
batants fought, without showing any regard for one another,
and rushed hither and thither. 12 * In consequence of cars hav-
ing their steeds and drivers slain, and steeds having their riders
slain, and elephants having their riders and guides slain, an
awful carnage, king, was made by Partha in that battle !f ,s
Car-warriors, deprived of life with shafts sped from Partha's
bow, fell down. Steeds, freed from their trappings, ran hither
and thither. 14 Beholding those feats of Partha, that orna-
ment of battle, the valiant son of Drona, quickly approached
the former, that foremost of victorious men, 15 shook his for-
midable bow decked with gold, and then pierced him from every

* I adopt the Bengal reading itast d'ts and not prishthatas as read in
the Bombay edition. — T.

t A triplet iu the Bengal texts, — T.


Bide with many sharp arrows. 16 Once more bending the bow,
O king, tho son of Drona cruelly struck Arjuna, aiming at
the chest, with a winged arrow. 17 Deeply pierced by Drona's
son, O Bhfirata, in that encounter, the wielder of Gdndiva,
that hero of great intelligence, forcibly covered the son of
Drona with showers of arrows, and then cut off his bow. 18
His bow cut off, Drona's son then, taking up a spiked mace
whoso touch resembled that of thunder, hurled it, in that
encountor, at the diadem-decked Arjuna. 19 The son of Pandu,
however, O king, as if smiling the while, suddenly cut off
that spiked mace, decked with gold, as it advanced towards
him. 20 Thus cut off with Partha's shafts, it fell down on the
Earth, like a mountain, O king, broken into pieces, struck
with the thunder-bolt. 81 Filled with rage at this, Drona's
son, that great car-warrior, began to ccver Vibhatsu, aided
by the energy of the Aindra weapon. 18 Beholding that
shower of arrows spread over the welkin through the Aindra
weapon, Partha, endued with great activity, O king, taking up
his bow Gdndiva, and fixing on his bow string a mighty weapon
created by Indra, destroyed that Aindra shower of arrows.* 3
Having baffled that arrowy shower caused by the Aindra
weapon, Partha soon covered the car of Drona's son (with his
own arrows). The son of Drona, however, overwhelmed with
Partha's shafts, 94 penetrated through that shower of arrows
shot by the son of Pandu and, approaching the latter, invoked
a mighty weapon and suddenly pierced Krishna with a hundred
shafts and Arjuna with three hundred small arrows. 3 ' Then
Arjuna pierced the son of his preceptor with a hundred arrows
in all his vital limbs. And then he poured many arrows on the
steeds and driver and the bow-string of Drona's son in the very
sight of thy warriors." Having pierced Drona's son in every
vital part, Pandu's son, that slayer of hostile heroes, then
felled his adversary's driver from tho car-niche with a broad-
headed arrow." Drona's son, however, himself taking up the
the reins, covered Krishna with many arrows. The activity of
prowess that we then beheld in Drona's Bon was exceedingly
wonderful, 23 since he guided his steeds while he fought with
Phalguna, Thai feat of his in battte, O king, was applauded


by all the warriors." Then Vibhatsu, otherwise called Jaya,
smiling the while, quickly cut off the traces of Acwatthaman's
steeds iu that battle, with a razor-faced arrow. 80 Already
afflicted by the energy of Arjuna's shafts, the steeds of Drona's
son thereupon ran away. Then a loud noise arose from thy
troops, Bharata ! 3i Meanwhile the Pandavas, having obtain-
ed the victory, and desiring to improve it, rushed against
thy troops, shooting from all sides sharp arrows at them. 3 *
The vast Dhartarashtra host then, O king, was repeatedly
broken by the heroic Pandavas inspired with desire of
victory, 83 in the very sight, monarch, of thy sons conver-
sant with all modes of warfare, and of Cakuni the son of
Suvala, and of Kama, king I 3 " 1 Though sought to be stop-
ped, O king, by thy sons, that great army, afflicted on all
sides, stayed not on the field. 35 Indeed, a confusion set in
among the vast terrified host of thy son in consequence of
many warriors flying away on all sides. 86 The Suta's son loud-
ly cried out, saying, — Stay, Stay ! — bat thy army, slaughtered
by many high-souled warriors, did not stay on the field. 37
Loud shouts were uttered then, O monarch, by the Pandavas
inspired with desire of victory, upon beholding the Dharta-
rashtra host flying away on all sides. 38 Then Duryodhana,
addressing Kama from affection, said, — Behold, O Kama, how
our army, exceedingly afflicted by the Pandavas, 39 though thou
art hero, is flying away from battle ! Knowing this, O thou
of mighty arms, do that which is suited to the hour, O chasti-
ser of foes ! 40 Thousands of (our) warriors, routed by the
Pandavas, are, O hero, ealling after thee only, best of men !"
— Hearing these grave words of Duryodhana, the son of Radha,
as if smiling, said these words unto" the ruler of the Madras : 42 — ■
Behold the prowess of my arms and the energy of my weapons,.
O ruler of men ! Today I will slay all the Panchalas and the
Pandas in battle ! Cause the steeds to proceed with my car,

tiger among men ! Without doubt, everything will be as

1 have said ! 43 — Having said these words, the Suta's son of
great valour, — that hero, — taking up his ancient and foremost of
bows called Vijaya, li stringed it and rubbed the string repeated-
ly. Bidding the troops stay on the field after having assured


thorn upon his truth and by an oath, the mighty Kama of
immeasurable soul fixed on his bowstring the weapon known
by the name of Bhargava*** From that weapon flowed,
O king, millions and millions of keen arrows in that great
battle.* 6 Entirely shrouded with those blazing and terrible
arrows winged with feathers of Kankas and peacocks, the
Pandava army could not see anything. 47 Loud wails of woe
arose from among the Panchalas, O king, afflicted, in that
battle, with the mighty BJutrgava weapon. 48 In consequence
then of elephants, O king, and steeds, by thousands, and cars,
O monarch, and men, falling on all sides, 49 deprived of life,
the Eirth began to tremble. The vast force of the Piindavas

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