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became agitated from one extremity to another. 50 Meanwhile
Kama, that scorcher of foes, that foremost of warriors, that
tiger among men, while consuming his foes, looked resplendent
like a smokeless fire. 51 Thus slaughtered by Kama, the
Panchalas and the Chedis began to lose their senses all over
the field like elephants during a forest conflagration. 82 Those
foremost of men, O tiger among men, uttered loud roars like
those of the tiger. Loud became the wails of woe, like those
of living creatures at the universal dissolution, that were utter-
ed by those crying combatants struck with panic and running
wildly on all sides, O king, of the field of battle and trembling
with fear. 53 " 54 Beholding them thus slaughtered, O sire, by
the Suta's son, all creatures, even beasts and birds, were filled
with fear. 55 The Srinjayas then, thus slaughtered in battle by
the Suta's son, repeatedly called upon Arjuna and Viisudeva 16
like the spirits of the dead within Yama's dominions calling
upon Yama to rescue them. Hearing those wails of the troops
slaughtered with Kama's shafts, 57 and beholding the terrible
Bhavgava weapon invoked into existence, Kunti's son Dhanan-
jaya said unto Vasudeva these words : 58 — Behold, O Krishna of
mighty arms, the prowess of the Bhargava weapon ! It cannot,
by any means, be baffled in battle I s3 Behold the Suta's son also,
Krishna, filled with rage in this great battle and resembling

* Called after tUe nam? of Rama of Bhrigu'a race, the preceptor of
Kama.— T,


tho Destroyer himself in prowess and employed in achieving

such a fierce feat ! 60 Urging his steeds incessantly, he is
repeatedly casting angry glances upon me ! I will never be able
to fly away from Kama in battle ! 61 * The person that is living,
may, in battle, meet with either victory or defeat. To the man,
however, that is dead, Hrishikeca, even death is victory.
How can defeat be his that his dead ?f 62 — Thus addressed by
Partha, Krishna replied unto that foremost of intelligent men
and chistiser of foes, these words that were suitable to the
occasion : 6S — The royal son of Kunti hath been deeply wounded
and mangled by Kama. Having seen him first and comforted
him, thou wilt then, Partha, slay Kama ! s * — Then Kecava pro-
ceeded, desirous of beholding Yudhishthira, thinking that Kama
meanwhile, O monarch, would be overwhelmed with fatigue! 65
Then Dhananjaya, himself desirous of beholding the king
afflicted with arrows, quickly proceeded on that car, avoiding
the battle, at Kecava's command. 66 While the son of Kunti
was thus proceeding from desire of seeing king Yudhishthira
the just, he cast his eyes on every part of the army but failed
to find his eldest brother anywhere on the field. 67 The son of
Kunti proceeded, Bharata, having fought with the son of his
preceptor Drona, and having vanquished that hero who is
incapable of being resisted by the wielder. of the thunder-bolt
himself.' " 68

Section LXV.

Sanjaya said, — Having vanquished the son of Drona and
achieved a mighty and heroic feat that is exceedingly difficult
of accomplishment, Dhananjaya, irresistible by foes, and with
bow outstretched in his hands, cast his eyes among his own
troops. 1 The brave Savyasachin, gladdening those warriors of
his that were still battling at the head of their divisions, and

* The Bengal reading is Karnasya prapaldyitum, the Bombay read-
ing is Karnam pratipaldyitum. The difference in meaning is slight. — T.

+ The sense of the passage is that if, being alive, I avoid Kama,
defeat will be mine. On the other hand, if, encountering him, I meet
with death, defeat will not be mine.— T.


applauding those among them that, wore celebrated for their
former achievements, caused fehe car-warriors of his own army
to continue to stand in their posts. 2 Not seeing his brother
Tudhishthira of Ajamida's race, the diadem-decked Arjuna,
adorned, besides, with a necklace of gold, speedily approached
Bhima and enquired of him the whereabouts of tho king, say-
ing, — Tell me, where is the king ? 3 — Thus asked, Bhima said, —
King Yudhishfchira the just hath gone away from this place,
his limbs scorched with Kama's shafts. It is doubtful whether
he still livcth !* — Hearing those words, Arjuna said, — For this
reason go thou quickly from this spot for bringing intelligence
of the king, that best of all fehe descendants of Kuru ! With-
out doubt, deeply pierced by Kama with shafts, the king hath
gone to the camp ! 5 In that fierce passage-at-arms, though
deeply pierced by Drona with keen shafts, the king, endued
with great activity, had still stayed in battle, expectant of vic-
tory, until Drona was slain ! 5 That foremost one among the
Pandavas, possessed of great magnanimity, was greatly im-
perilled by Kama in today's battle ! For ascertaining his condi-
tion, quickly go hence, Bhima ! I will stay here, checking
all our foes ! 7 — Thus addressed, Bhima said, — thou of greati
glory, go thyself for ascertaining the condition of the king, that
bull amongst the Bharatas ! If, O Arjuna, I go there, many
foremost of heroes will then say that I am frightened in battle !*
— Then Arj,una said unto Bhimascna, — The Samsaptukas are
before my division ! Without slaying those assembled foes first,
it is imp .ssilbe for me to stir from this place ! 9 — Then Bhima-
soua said unto Arjuna, — Relying upon my own might, O foremost
one among the Kurus, I will fight with all the Samsaptakas in
battle ! Therefore, O Dhananjaya, do thou go thyself! 10 —'

'Sanjaya continued, — 'Hearing, in the midst of foes, those
words of his brother Bhimaacna that were difficult of accom-
plishment, Arjuna, desiring to see the king, addressed the
Vrishni heeo, say ing,"-— Urge the steeds, Hrishikeca, leaving
this sea of troops ! I desire, Kecava, to see King Ajata-
catru ! 12 — '

"Sanjaya continued, — 'Just as he was on the point of urg-
ing the steeds, Kecava, that foremost one of the Dacarhas,


addressed Bhima, saying, — This feat is not at all wonderful Fes
thee, Bhima ! I am about to go (hence). Slay these as-
sembled foes of Partha ! 13 — Then Hrishikeoa proceeded with
very great speed ' the spot where king Yudhishthira was, O
king, b >ri e by those steeds that resembled Garuda, 14 having
stationed Bhima, that ehastiser of foes, at the head of the
army and having commanded him, O monarch, to fight (with
the SamsaptaJcas). 1 * Then those two foremost of men, (viz.,
Krishna and Arjuna,) proceeding on their car, approached the
king who was lying alone on his bed. Both of them, alight-
ing from that car, worshipped the feet of king Yudhishthira
the just. 15 Beholding that bull or tiger among men safe and
sound, the two Krishnas became filled with joy like the twin
Acwins on seeing Vasava. 17 The king then congratulated them
b >th like Vivaswat congratulating the twin Acwins, or like
Vrihaspati congratulating Cakra and Vishnu after the slaughter
of the mighty Aswra Jambha. 18 King Yudhishthira the just,
thinking that Kama had been slain, became filled with joy, and
that scorcher of foes thereupon addressed them in these words a voice choked with delight.' " 1S

Section LXVI.

'" 'Yudhishthira said, — Welcome, thou that hast Devaki
for thy m >ther, and welcome to thee, O Dhananjaya ! The sight
of both of you, O Achyuta and O Arjuna, is exceedingly agree-
able !' I see that without being wounded yourselves you two, —
his foes, — have slain the mighty car- warrior Kama ! a He was
in battle like unto a snake of virulent poison. He was accom-
plished in a 1 ! weap >ns. The leader of all the Dhartariishtras,
he was their armour and protector! 8 While fighting, he was
always protected by Vrishasena and by Sushena, both of whom
are great bowmen ! Of great energy, he had received lessons from
Kama in weapons ! He was invincible in battle !* The fore-
most one in all the world, as a car-warrior he was celebrated
throughout, all the worlds. He was the saviour of the Dharta-
rashtras, and the proceeder in their van ! 5 A slayer of hostile
troops, he was the crusher of large bands of foes, Ever cik


gaged in Duryodhana's good, he was always prepare/] to inflict
woe on ua ! 5 lie was invincible in battlo by the very gods with
Vasava at their head. In energy and might he was equal
unto the god of fire and the god of wind. 7 In gravity he u.
unfathomable as the Nether world. The enhancer of the j<
of friends, he was like tho Destroyer himself unto foes! Hav-
ing slain Kama (who was even so) in dreadful battle, by good'
luck it is that you two have come, like a couple of celestials
after vanquishing an Asura ! e Today, O Achyuta and Arjuna,
a great battle was fought between myself exerting with might
and that hero who resembled the Destroyer himself while
seeking to exterminate all creatures ! D My standard was cut
down, and my two Pdrshni drivers also were slain by
him. I was also made steedless and earless by him in the
very sight of Yuyudhana, 10 of Dhrishtadyumna, of the twins
(Nakula and Sahadeva), of the heroic Cikhandin, as also in
the very sight of the sons of Draupadi, and all the Panchfi-
las ! n Having vanquished these his innumerable foes, Kama
of mighty energy then vanquished me, O thou of mighty
arms, although I exerted myself resolutely in battle ! 12 Pur-
suing me then and, without doubt, vanquishing all my pro-
tectors, that foremost of warriors addressed me in diverse
harsh speeches.' 3 That I am still alive, O Dhananjaya, is
due to the prowess of Bhimasena. What more need I say ?
I am unable to bear that humiliation ! 14 For thirteen years,
O Dhananjaya, through fear of Kama, I did not obtain any
sleep by night or any comfort by day ! ,$ Filled with hatred of
Kama. I burn, O Dhananjaya! Like the bird Vctddhrinasa I
fled from Kama, knowing that the time for my own destruction
h id come.*" The whole of my time had passed in the thought
a- to how I would accomplish tho destruction Of Kama in
battle! 17 Awake or asleep, O son of Kunti, I always beheld
Kama (with my mind's eye). Wherever I was, the universe
appeared to me to be full of Kama ! 13 Inspired with the fear
of Kama, wherever I used to go, <"> Dhananjaya, thither I
beheld Kama standing before my eyes ! 19 Vanquished, in bat?

* I do not understao 1 lire allusiou. — T,


with my bieeds and car, by that hero who n^vcr retreated from
battle, alive I was let off by him ! 20 What use have I of life
or of kingdom either, since Kama, that ornament of battle, to-
day cried fie on me ? 21 That which I had never before met
with at the hands of Bhishma or Kripa or Drona in battle, that
I met with today at the hands of the Suta's son, that mighty
car- warrior ! 22 It is for this, son of Kunti, that I ask thee
today about thy welfare ! Tell me in detail how thou hast
slain Kama today ! 23 In battle Kama was equal unto Cakra
himself. In prowess he Avas equal unto Yama. In weapons he
was equal unto Rama. How then hath he been slain ?" He
was regarded as a mighty car-warrior, conversant with all modes
of warfare. He was the foremost of all bowmen, and the one
man amongst all men ! 25 prince, the son of Radha was
always worshipped by Dhritarashtra and his son, for thy sake !
How then hath he been slain by thee ? 2S In all engagements,
Phritarashtra's son, O Arjuna, used to regard Kama as thy
death, bull among men ! 27 How then, O tiger among men,
hath thaft Kama been slain by thee in battle ? Tell me, son
of Kunti, how that Kama hath been slain by thee ! 28 How,
while he was enagaged in battle, didst thou, O tiger among-
men, strike off his head in the very sight of all his friends like
a tiger tearing off the head of a Ruru deer ? 23 That Suta's
son who in battle searched all the points of the compass for
finding thee, that Kama who had promised to give a car with
six bulls of elephantine proportions unto him that would puint
thee out, so I ask, doth that Kama of wicked soul lie today on
the bare ground, slain with thy keen arrows equipt with KanJea
feathers ? Having slain the Suta's son in battle, thou hast
accomplished a deed highly agreeable to me ! 81 Encountering
him in battle, hast thou really slain that Suta's son, who, filled
with arrogince and pride and bragging of his heroism, used to
search overy where on the field of battle for thee ? 82 Hast
thou, O sire, really slain in battle that sinful wretch who used
to always challenge thee and who was desirous, for thy sake,
of giving unto others a magnificent car, made of gold, along
with a number of elephants and burls and steeds? 53 Hast thou
really slain today that sinful wight who was exceedingly dear.


to Suyodhana, and who, intoxicated with pride of heroism,
used always to brag in the assembly of the Kurus ? E * En-
countered in battle, doth that wretch lie today on the field,
his limb3 exceedingly mangled with sky-ranging shafts sped
by thee from thy bow and all steeped in blood ? Have the
two arms of Dhritariishtra's son been (at last) broken ? 88
Hive those words been unfulfilled uttered from folly by him
who, filled with pride, used to always boast in the midst
of the kings for gladdening Duryodhana, saying, — I will elay
Fhalguna ? 35 O son of Indra, hath that Kama of little un-
derstanding been slain by thee today, that Suta's son who
made the vow that he would not wash his feet as long as
Partha lived ? 37 That Kama of wicked understanding who in
the assembly, before the Kuru chiefs, had addressed Krishna,
saying, — [Why, O Krishna, dost thou not abandon the Panda-
vas that are divested of might, exceedingly weak, and fallen ?] 88
— that Kama who had vowed for thy sake, saying that he
would not return from battle without having slain Krishna and
Partha, — I ask, doth that Kama of sinful understanding lie
today on the field, his body pierced with shafts ? 3D Thou
knowest the nature of the battle that took place when the
Srinjayas and the Kauravas encountered each other, the battle,
viz., in which I was brought to that distressful plight.
Encountering that Kama, hast thou slain him today ? 40 O
Savyasachin, hast thou today, with blazing shafts sped from
Gdndiva, cut off from the trunk of that Kama of wicked
understanding his resplendent head decked with ear-rings ? 41
Pierced with Kama's shafts today, I had, hero, thought
of thee (that thou wouldst slay him)! Hast thou then, by
the slaughter of Kama, made that thought of mine true? 48
In consequence of the protection granted him by Kama, Suyo-
dhana, filled with pride, always recked us little. Displaying
thy prowess, hast thou today destroyed that refuge of Suyo-
dhana ? 13 That Suta's son of wicked soul, that Kama of
great wrath, who had formerly, in the presence of the Kaura-
vas and in the midst of the assembly, called us sesame seeds
without kernel, encountering that Kama in battle, hast thou
shift him today ?* 4 That Suta's son of wicked soul who had,


faughing the while, commanded DusQasana to forcibly drag
Yajnasena's daughter wen in gambling by Suvala's son, hath he
been slain today by thee ? 46 That Kama of little understand-
ing who, having been counted as only half a car-warrior during
the tale of Rathas and Atirathas, had upbraided that foremost
of all wielders of weapons on Earth, viz., our grandsire Bhishma,
hath he been slain by thee ?* 8 Extinguish, Phalguna, this
fire in my heart that is born of vindictiveness and is fanned
by the wind of humiliation, telling me that thou hast slain
Kama today, having encountered him in battle ! 47 The news
of Kama's slaughter is exceedingly agreeable to me. Tell mo,
therefore, how the Suta's son hath been slain ! Like the divine
Vishnu waiting for the arrival of Indra with the intelligence of
Vritra's slaughter, I had so long waited for thee, hero ! — ' " 4S

Section LXVII.

"Sarijaya said,— 'Hearing these words of the righteous king
who had been filled with anger, that high-souled Atiratha, viz.,
Jishnu of infinite energy, replied unto the invincible Yudhish-
thira of great might, saying, 1 — While battling with the Sam-
saptakas today, Drona's son who always proceedeth at the head
of the Kuru troops, O king, suddenly came before me, shooting
shafts that resembled snakes of virulent poison. 2 * Beholding
my car, of rattle deep as the roar of clouds, all the troops
began to encompass it. Slaying full five hundred of those,
I then, O foremost of kings, proceeded against Drona's son. 8
Approaching me, O king, that hero, with great resolution,
rushed against me like a prince of elephants against a lion, and
desired to rescue, O monarch, the Kaurava car-warriors that
were being slaughtered by me. 4 Then, in that battle, O Bharata,
the preceptor's son, that foremost of heroes among the Kurus,
incapable of being made to tremble, began to afflict me and
Janarddana with whetted shafts resembling poison or fire. 5

* The Bengal reading of the last word of 2 is evidently incorrect.
The correct reading seems to be Kurusainyenljan as given in the Bombay
edit on.— T.


"While engaged in battle with mo, eight carts, cadi drawn by
eight bullocks, carried his hundreds of arrows. He shot them
all at me, but like a wind destroying the clouds I destroyed
with my shafts that arrowy shower of his.' He then shot at
me, with skill and force and resolution, thousands of other
arrows, all sped from his bow-string stretched to his very ear,
even like a black cloud in the season of rains pouring in torrents
the water with which it is chagred. 7 So quickly did Drona's
son career in that battle that we conld not discern from which
side, the left or the right, he shot his arrows, nor could we
notice when he took up his arrows and when he let them off. 8
Indeed, the b )W of Drona's son was seen by us to be incessantly
drawn to a circle. At last, the son of Drona pierced me with
five whetted arrows and Viisudeva also with five whetted
arrows. 9 Within the twinkling of an eye, however, I afflicted
him with thirty shafts endued with the force of thunderbolts.
Exceedingly afflicted with those shafts sped by me, he soon
assumed the form of a procupine. 10 All his limbs became bath-
ed in blood. Beholding his troops, those foremost of warriors,
all covered with blood and overwhelmed by me, he then entered
the car-division of the Suta's son. 11 Seeing the troops over-
whelmed by me in battle, and struck with fear, and beholding
the elephants and steeds flying away, that grinder (of hostile
h-osts), viz., Kama, approached me quickly with fifty great
car- warriors. Slaying them all and avoiding Kama, I have
quickly come hither for seeing thee. 12 All the Panchalas are
a Hicted with fear at sight of Kama like kine at the scent of
a lion. The Prabhadrak is also, O king, having approached
Kama, are like persons that have entered the wide-open jaws
of Death. 13 Kama has already despatched to Yama's abode
full seventeen hundred of those distressed car-warriors. Indeed,
king, the Suta's son did not become cheerless till he had a
sisht of us. 14 Thou hadst first been engaged with Acwattha-
man and exceedingly mangled by him. I heard that after that
thou wert seen by Kama. thou of inconceivable feats, I
thought that thou must have, king, been enjoying .rest (in
the camp), having come away from the cruel Kama." I have
seen, son of Panda, the great and wonderful (Bh&rgava)


weapon of Kama displayed in the van of battle. There is now
no other warrior among the Srinjayas that is able to resist the
mighty car- warrior Kama ! 18 Let Cini's grandson Satyaki, and
Dhrishtadyumna, O king, be the protectors of my car-wheels.
Let the heroic princes Yudhamanyu and Uttamaujas protect
my rear. 17 O thou of great glory, encountering that heroic and
invincible car-warrior, viz., the Suta's son, staying in the hostile
army, like Cakra encountering Vritra, foremost of kings,"
I will, O Bharata, fight with the Suta's son if he can be found
in this battle today ! Come and behold me and the Suta's son
contending with each other in battle for victory ! 19 There, the
Prabhadrakas are rushing towards Kama like persons rushing
towards the face of a mighty bull ! There, O Bharata, six
thousand princes are sacrificing themselves in battle for the
sake of heaven ! 20 If, putting forth my strength, I do not,
O king, slay Kama today with all his relatives while engaged
in battle with him, then that end will be mine, lion among
kings, which is his that does not accomplish a vow made by
him ! ai I beg of thee, bless me, saying that victory will be
mine in battle! Yonder, the as are about to
devour Bhima ! I will, O lion among kings, slay the Suta's
son and his troops and all our foes ! — ' ""

Section LXVIII.

''Sanjaya said, — 'Hearing that Kama of mighty energy was
still alive, Pritha's son Yudhishthira of immeasurable energy,
exceedingly anrgy with Phalguna, and burning with the shafts
of Kama, said these words unto Dhananjaya : T — sire, thy
army is fled and hath been beaten in a way that is scarcely
honorable ! Inspired with fear and deserting Bhima, thou
hast come hither since thou hast been unable to slay Kama ! a
Thou hast, by entering her womb, rendered the conception
of Kunti abortive ! Thou hast acted improperly by desert-
ing Bhima because thou wert unable to slay the Rita's
son ! s Thou hadst, O Partha, said unto me in the Divaita
woods that thou wouldst, on a single carr, slay Kama. Why
then, through fear of Kama, hast thou come hither, avoiding


Karna and deserting Bhima ?* If in the Dwaita woods thou
hadst said unto me,— [O king, I shall not be able to fight with
Kama !] — we would then, O Parfcha, have made other arrange-
ments suitable to the circumstances I s Having promised to ma
the slaughter of Kama, thou hast not, O hero, kept that
promise ! Bringing us into the midst of foes, why hast thou
broken us into pieces by throwing us down on a hard soil ?'
Expecting diverse good things and benefits from thee, O Arjuna,
we have always uttered blessings on thee! All those expecta-
tions, however, prince, have proved vain like those of persons
expectant of fruit getting instead a troe burthened only with
flowers! 7 Like a fish-hook hid within a piece of meat, or
poison overlaid with food, thou didst, for disappointing us afe
last, p >int out destruction in the shape of kingdom unto our-
selves covetous of kingdom ! 8 For these thirteon years, O
Dhananjaya, we have, from hope, lived relying on thee, lik'o
seed sown on Earth in expectation of the showers sent by the
gods in season ! 9 Even these were the words that a voice in the
skies had said unto Pritha on the seventh day after thy birth,
O thou of foolish understanding ! — [This son of thine that is
born will have the prowess of Vasava himself! He will van-
quish all his heroic foes! 19 Endued with superior energy, he
will at Khandava vanquish all the celestials united together
and diverse other creatures ! This one will subjugate tho
Madras, the Kalingas, and the Kaikayas. This one will, in the
midst of many kings, slay the Kurus! 11 There will be no bow-
man superior to him, and no creature will ever bo able to
vanquish him ! With his senses under control, and having
obtained mastery over all branches of knowledge, this one, by
merely desiring it, will bring all creatures under subjection to
himself! 1 * This high-souled son that is born of thee, O Kunti,
will in beauty be the rival of Soma, in speed of the god of
wind, in patience of Meru, in forgiveness of Earth, in splendour
of Surya, in prosperity of the Lord of treasures, in courage of
Cakra, and in might of Vishnu ! lie will be the slayer of all
foes like Vishnu the son of Aditi ! Endued with immeasurable
energy, he will be celebrated for the destruction he will deal to
foes and the success he will win for friends ! He will, besides,


be the founder of a race I] 13 " 1 *— Even thus, in the slues, on tho
summit of the Catacringa mountains, in the hearing of many
ascetics, that voice spoke. All that, however, hath not come to
pass ! Alas, it shows that the gods even may speak untruths ! 1S
Hearing also the words of praise always uttered about thee
by many foremost of Bishis, I never expected that Suyodhana
would win success and prosperity or that thou thyself wouldst
be afflicted with the fear of Kama ! 1S Thou ridest upon an
excellent car constructed by the celestial artificer himself, with

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