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"Sanjaya said, — 'Having addressed these harsh and exceed-
ingly bitter words unto his eldest brother and thereby com-
mitted a small sin, the intelligent Savyasachin of calm wis-
dom, who is ever actuated by the fear of falling away from
virtue, became very cheerless. 22 The son of the chief of the
celestials became filled with repentance, and breathing heavily,
drew his sword. Seeing this, Krishna asked him, — What is this ?
Why dost thou again unsheathe thy sword blue as the sky . ?2S
Tell me what thy answer is, for then I shall give thee counsel
for the gratification of thy object ! — Thus addressed by that
foremost of men, Arjuna in great sorrow answered Keeava, say-
ing, 2 * — I shall, putting forth my strength, slay my own self by
whom this wicked act hath been done ! — Hearing those words
of Parfcha, Kecava, that foremost of all righteous persons, said
this unto Dhananjaya, 25 — Having said these words unto the
king, why hast thou become so cheerless ? O slayer of foes,
thou desirest now to destroy thy own self. This, however, O
Kiritin, is not approved by the righteous ! 2S If, O hero among
men, thou hadst today, from fear of sin, slain this thy eldest
brother of virtuous soul, what would then have been thy condi-
tion and what wouldst thou not then have done ? 27 Morality
is subtile, Bhfirata, and unknowable, especially by those that
are ignorant. Listen to me as I preach to thee ! By destroying
thy own self thou wouldst sink into a more terrible hell than
if thou hadst slain thy brother ! ss Declare now, in words, thy
own merits. Thou shalt then, O Iftrtha, have slain thy own
self ! 8D — Applauding these words, saying, — Let it be so, O
Krishna ! — Dhananjaya, the son of Cakra, lowering his bow, said
unto Yudhishthira, that foremost of virtuous persons, — Listen,
O king'/ There is no other bowman, ruler of men, like unto
myself, except the deity that bears Pinaka ! I am regarded
by even that illustrious deity. In a moment I can destroy this
universe of mobile and immobile creatures ! SI It was I, O kinjr,
that vanquished all the points of the compass with all the
kings ruling there, and brought all to thy subjection ! Tho


Rajasuyci (performed by thee), brought to completion by gift
of Dakshinct, and the celestial palace owned by thee, were
both due to my prowess ! S2 In my hands are (marks of )
sharp shafts and a stringed bow with arrow fixed thereon. On
both my soles are the signs of cars with standards. No one
can vanquish a person like me in battle ! ss Nations from the
North, the West, the East and the South, have been struck
down, slain, exterminated, and destroyed. A small remnant
only of the Samsaptakas is alive. I alone have slain half of the
entire (hostile) army ! s * Slaughtered by me, the Bharata host
that resembled, king, the very host of the celestials, is lying
dead on the field. I slay those with (high) weapons that are
conversant with high weapons. For this reason I do not reduce
the three worlds to ashes. 3 ** Riding upon my terrible and
victorious car, Krishna and myself will soon proceed for slaying
the Suta's son ! Let this king become cheerful now. I will
vsurely slay Kama in battle, with my arrows ! S6 Either the Suta
dame will today be made childless by me, or Kunti will be
made childless by Kama ! Truly do I say it that I will not put
off my armour without having slain Kama with my arrows in
battle ! 37 — '

"Sanjaya said, — 'Having said these words unto that foremost
of virtuous persons, viz., Yudhishthira, Partha threw down his
weapons and cast aside his bow and quickly thrust his sword
into the sheath. 38 Hanging down his head in shame, the dia-
dem-decked Arjuna, with joined hands, addressed Yudhishthira
and said, — Be cheerful, king, forgiving me ' What I have
said, you will understand a little while after ! I bow to thee ! S9
— Thus seeking to cheer that royal hero capable of bearing all
foes, Arjuna, that foremost of men, standing there, once more
said, — This task will nut be delayed ! It will be accomplished
soon ! Kama cometh towards me. I shall proceed against

* The meaning is that if I wished to destroy persona unconversant
with (superior) weapons by means of the (superior) weapons I have, then,
by this time, I could consume the universe. It is, however, a rule with
me that I never use my superior weapons against any one who is un-
acquainted with superior weapons.— T.


him ! 10 I shall, with my whole soul, proceed for rescuing Bhima
from the battle and for slaying the Suta's son ! I tell thee
that I hold my life for thy good ! Know this for the truth, O
king !*' — Having said so, the diadem-decked Arjuna of blazing
splendour touched the king's feet and rose for proceeding to
the field. 48 Hearing, however, those harsh words of his brother
Phalguna, Panda's son, king Yudhishthira the just, rising up
from that bed (on which he had been sitting), said these words
unto Partha, with his heart filled with sorrow ! 43 — Partha, I
have acted wickedly ! For that, ye have been overwhelmed
with terrible calamity ! Do thou strike off, therefore, this my
head today ! I am the worst of men, and the exerminater of my
race '." I am a wretch ! I am addicted to wicked courses. I
am of foolish understanding ! I am idle and a coward ! I am
an insulter of the old ! I am cruel ! What wouldst thou gain
by always being obedient to a cruel person like me? 48 A
wretch that I am, I shall this very day retire into the woods !
Live you happily without me ! The high-souled Bhimasena is
fit to be king ! A eunuch that I am, what shall I do with
sovereignty ? 46 I am incapable of bearing these harsh speeches
of thyself excited with wrath ! Let Bhima become king ! Hav-
ing been insulted thus, hero, what use have I with life ? 47 —
Having said these words, the king, leaving that bed, suddenly
stood up and desired to go to the woods. Then Vasudeva, bow-
ing down, said unto him, 43 — king, the celebrated vow of the
wielder of Gandiva who is ever devoted to truth, about his Gan-
diua, is known to thee ! 49 That man in the world who would tell
him — [Give thy Gandiva to another]— would be slain by him.
Even those very words were addressed to him by you.' There-
fore, for keeping that earnest vow, Partha, acting also at my
instance, offered you this insult, O lord of Earth ! Insult to
superiors is said to be their death. 81 For this reason, O thou of
mighty arms, it behovcth thee to forgive me that beseech and
bow to thee this transgression, O king, of both myself and
Arjuna committed for maintaining the truth ! Both of us, O
great king, throw ourselves on thy mercy ! 52 " s3 The Earth shall
to lay drink the blood of the wretched son of Radha ! I swear
truly to thee ! Know the Suta's son as shun today ! He whose


slaughter thou desirest hath today lost his life ! 54 — Hearing
those words of Krishna, king Yudhishthira the just, in a great
flurry, raised the prostrate Hrishikeca, 55 and joining his hands,
said in haste, — It is even so as thou hast said ! I have been
guilty of a transgression ! 58 I have now been awakened by thee,
Govinda ! I am saved by thee, Madhava ! By thee, O
Achyuta, we have today been rescued from a great calamity ! 57
Both of us stupified by fully, viz., myself and Arjuna, have
been rescued from an ocean of distress, having obtained thee as
our lord! 58 Indeed, having obtained the raft of thy intelli-
gence today, we have, with our relatives and allies, passed
over an ocean of sorrow and grief! Having obtained thee,
O Achyuta, we are not masterless ! — ' " 59

Section LXXI.

"Sanjaya said, — 'Having heard these joyful words of king
Yudhishthira. Govinda of virtuous soul, that delighter of the
Yadus, then addressed Partha. 1 The lattter, however, having at
the instance of Krishna, addressed those words unto Yudhish-
thira, became exceedingly cheerless for having committed a little
sin. 4 Then Vasudeva, as if smiling, said unto the son of Pandu,
— What would have been thy condition, O Partha, if, observant
of virtue, thou hadst slain the son of Dharma with thy sharp
sword ? Having only addressed the king as thou, such cheer-
lessness hath possessed thy heart ! 3 " 4 If thou hadst slain
the king, O Partha, what wouldst thou have done after that ?
Morality is so unknowable, especially by persons of foolish
understanding! 5 Without doubt, great grief would have been
thine in consequence of thy fear of sin. Thou wouldst have
sunk also in terrible hell in consequence of the slaughter of
thy brother ! 6 Gratify now this king of virtuous behaviour,
this foremost of all practicers of virtue, this chief of Kuril's
race ! Even this is my wish. 7 Gratifying the king with devo-
tion, and after Yudhishthira will have been made happy, Ave
two will proceed against the car of the Suta's son for fighting
him. 8 Slaying Kama today with thy keen shafts in battle,
do thou, giver of honors, give great happiness to Dharma's

K A V.N A PARVA." 265

son! 5 Even this, mighty-armed one, is what I think to be
suitable to this hour! Having done this, thy purpose will bo
achieved ! '° — Then Arjuna, O monarch, in shame, touched
king Yudhishthira's feet with his head." And he repeatedly
said unto that chief of the Bharatas, — Be gratified with me !
Forgive, king, all that I have said from desire of observing
virtue and from fear of sin ! 18 — '

"Sanjay a said, — Beholding Dhananj ay a, that slayer of foes,
lying weeping at his feet, bull of Bharata's race, king
5 udhishthira the just 18 raised his brother. And king Yudhish-
thira, that lord of Earth, then embraced his brother affection-
ately and wept aloud. 14 The two brothers, of great splendour,
having wept for a long while, at last became freed from grief, O
monarch, and as cheerful as before. 15 Then embracing him once
m »re with affection and smelling his head, the son of Pandit,
exceedingly gratified, applauded his brother Jaya and said, 15 —

thou of mighty arms, in the very sight of all the troops, my
armour, standard, bow, dart, steeds, and arrows, were cut off
in battle, O great bowman, by Kama with his shafts, although

1 exerted myself with care !" Thinking of and seeing his feats
In battle, O Phalguna, I lose my energies in grief. Life itself
is no longer dear to me ! 1S If thou dost not slay that hero in
battle today, I will cast away my life-breaths ! What use
have I with life? 19 — Thus addressed, Vijaya replied, O bull of
Bharata's race, saying, — I swear by Truth, king, and by thy
grace, 90 by Bhima, best of men, and by the twins, lord
of Earth, that today I shall slay Kama, in battle, or, being
myself slain by him, 81 fall down on the Earth ! Swearing
truly, I touch my weapons! — Having said these words unto
the king, he addressed Madhava, saying," — Without doubt,
O Krishna, I will slay Kama in battle today ! Aided by thy
intelligence, blessed be thou, the slaughter of that wicked-
souled one is certain!" — Thus addressed, Kee.ava, O best of
kings, said unto Partha, — Thou art competent, O best of the
Bharatas, to slay the mighty Kama ! s * Even this hath ever been

* Milakantha believes these verses (1-12) to be interpolations. No-
thiug more likely. They are eviJeutly repetitions, — T,


my thought, mighty car-warrior, as to how, O host of men,
thou wouldsfc slay Kama in battle ! 25 — Endued with great intelli-
gence Madhava once more addressed the son of Dharma, say-

• 1U cr O Yudhishthira, it behoveth thee to comfort Vibhatsu, 26

and command him to slaughter Kama of wicked soul I* Hav-
ing heard that thou hadst been afflicted with the shafts of
Kama, myself and this one came hither, O son of Pandu,
for ascertaining thy plight! 27 By good luck, O king, thou
wert not slain ! By good luck, thou wert not seized ! Comfort
thy Vibhatsu, and bless him, sinless one, with thy wishes
for his victory ! 88 —

" 'Yudhishthira said, — Come, come, Partha, Vibhatsu,
and embrace me, O son of Pandu ! Thou hast told me bene-
ficial words that deserved to be said, and I have forgiven thee ! 29
I command thee, O Dhananjaya, go and slay Kama ! Do not,
O Partha, be angry for the harsh words I said unto thee ! 30 — '

"Sanjaya continued, — 'Then Dhananjaya, O king, bowed
unto Yudhishthira by bending his head, and seized with his
two hands, O sire, the feet of his eldest brother ! 31 Raising
him and embracing him closely, the king smelt his head and
once more said these words unto him, 82 — Dhananjaya, O
thou of mighty arms, I have been greatly honored by thee 1
Do thou ever win greatness and victory ! 33 —

" 'Arjuna said, — Approaching Radha's son today that is
proud of his might, I shall slay that man of sinful deeds with
my shafts in battle, along with all his kinsmen and followers ! 54
He who, having bent the bow strongly, afflicted thee with his
shafts, I say, that Kama will obtain today the bitter fruit of
that act of his ! ss Having slain Kama, O lord of Earth, I
shall today come back from the dreadful battle to pay thee my
respects by walking behind thee ! I tell thee this truly !"
Without having slain Kama I shall not come back today from
the great battle. Truly do I swear this by touching thy feet,
£> lord of the universe ! 37 — '

"Sanjaya continued, — 'Unto the diadem-decked <(A-rjuna)
who was speaking in that way, Yudhishthira, with a cheerful

* The command of a superior is \h^ sure means of success,— T,


hoart, said these words of graver import: 88 — Do thou obtain
imperishable fame, and such a period of life as accordeth with
thy own desire, and victory, and energy, and the destruction
of thy foes ! Let the gods grant thee prosperity ! Obtain thou
all these to the measure desired by me ! Go quickly to battle,
and slay Kama, even as Purandara slew Vritra for his own
aggrandisement ! — ' " 39

Section LXXII.

"Sanjaya said,— 'Having with a cheerful heart gratified king-
Yudhishthira the just, Partha, prepared to slay the Suta's son,
addressed Govinda, saying, 1 — Let my car be once more equipt,
and let my foremost of steeds be yoked thereto ! Let all kinds
of weapons be placed upon that great vehicle ! 2 The steeds have
rolled on the ground. They have been trained by persons skill-
ed in horse-lore. Along with the other equipments of the car,
let them be quickly brought and decked in their trappings ! 3
Proceed quickly, O Govinda, for the slaughter of the Suta's
son ! — Thus addressed, O monarch, by the high-souled Phal-
guna,* Krishna commanded Daruka, saying, — l>o all that
Arjuna. that chief of Bharata's race and that foremost of all
wielders of the bow, hath said : s — Thus ordered by Krishna,
Daruka, best of kings, yoked those steeds unto that car
covered with tiger^skins and ever capable of scorching all foes. 5
He then represented unto the high-souled son of Pandu the
fact of having equipt his vehicle. Beholding the car equipt?
by the high-souled Daruka, 7 Phalguna, obtaining Yudhish-
thira's leave and causing the Brahmanas to perform propitiatory
rites and utter benedictions on him. ascended that excellent
vehicle. 8 King Yudhishthira the just, of great wisdom, also
blessed him. After this, Phalguna proceeded towards Kama's
ear. 3 Beholding that great bowman thus proceeding, all
creatures, O Bharata, regarded Kama as already slain by the
high-souled Pandava. 10 All the points of the compass, O king,
became serene. King-fishers and parrots and herons, (> king,"
wheeled around the son of Pandu. A large number of beauti
ful and auspicious birdsj king called Pwngf* .causing A


(by their timely appearance) to put forth greater speed in battle,
cheerfully uttered their cries around him. Terrible Kankas
and vultures, and cranes and hawks and ravens, O king, 13
tempted by the prospect of food, proceeded in advance of his
car, and indicated auspicious omens' 4 foreboding the destruc-
tion of the hostile host and the slaughter of Kama. And while
Partha proceeded, a copious perspiration covered his body. 18
His anxiety also became very great as to how he would achieve
his vow. The slayer of Madhu then, beholding Partha filled
with anxiety as he proceeded, addressed the wielder of Gdndiva
and said these words.' 1 '

" 'Vasudeva said, — wielder of Gdndiva, save thee there
exists no other man that could vanquish those whom thou hast
vanquished with this bow of thine I 17 We have seen many
heroes, who, endued with prowess like that of Cakra, have
attained to the highest regions, encountering thy heroic self
in battle ! 18 Who else, O puissant one, that is not equal to
thee, would be safe and sound after encountering Drona and
Bhishma and Bhagadatta, O sire, and Vinda and Anuvinda of
Avanti and Sudakshina the chief of the Kamvojas and Crutii-
yudha of mighty energy and Achyutayudha as well ? 1D " 28 Thou
hast celestial weapons, and lightness of hand, and might, and
thou art never stupified in battle ! Thou hast also that humi-
lity which is due to knowledge!" Thou canst strike with
effect ! Thou hast sureness of aim, and presence of mind as
regards the selection of means, O Arjuna ! Thou art compe-
tent to destroy all mobile and immobile creatures including the
very gods with the Gandharvas /" On Earth, O Partha,
there is no human warrior who is equal to thee in battle !
Amongst all Kshatriyas, invincible in battle, that wield the
bow,' 3 amongst the very gods, I have not seen or heard of
even one that is equal to thee! The Creator of all beings,
viz., Brahman, himself created the great bow Gdndiva 2 * with
which thou figh test, Partha! For this reason there is no
one that is equal to thee ! I must, however, O son of Pandu,
say that which is beneficial to thee ! as Do not, O mighty-
armed one, disregard Kama, that ornament of battle ! Kama
t« posse 1 ?.ed of tnii lit, He is proud and accomplished in weap- parva. 2b 9

ens. He is a Mahciratha" He is accomplished (in the ways
ut' bat.tle) and conversant with nil modes of warfare. He is
also well acquainted with all that suits place and time.
What need is there of saying touch '. Hear in brief, O son of
Panda ! 27 I regard the mighty car-warrior Kama as thy equal,
or, perhaps, thy superior ! With the greatest care and resolu-
tion shouldst thou slay him in great battle ! 28 In energy he
is equal to Agni. As regards speed, he is equal to the impetu-
osity of the wind. In wrath, he resembles the Destroyer him-
self. Endued with might, he resembles a lion in the formation
of his body. 89 He is eight Rain is* in stature. His arms are
laree. His chest is broad. He is invincible. He is sensitive.
He is a hero. He is, again, the foremost of heroes. He is
exceedingly handsome. 30 Possessed of every accomplishment
of a warrior, he is a dispeller of the fears of friends. Engaged
in the good of Dhritarashtra's son, he always hates the sons
of Pandu. 31 No one, not even the gods with Vasava at
their head, can slay the son of Radha, save thee, as I think !
tSlay, therefore, the Suta's son today ! £2 No one possessed of
flesh and blood, not even the gods fighting with great care,
not all the warriors (of the three worlds) fighting together, can
vanquish that car-warrior I 38 Towards the Pfmdavas he is
always of wicked soul and sinful behaviour, and cruel, and of
wicked intelligence. In his quarrel with the sons of Pandu,
he is actuated by no consideration affecting his own interests.
Slaying that Kama, therefore, fulfill thy purpose today !"* Des-
patch today unto Yama's presence that Suta's son, that fore-
most of car-warriors, whose death is near! Indeed, slaying
that Suta's son, that first of car-warriors, show thy love for
Yudhishthira the just : 25 I know thy prowess truly, Partha,
which is incapable of being resisted by the gods and Asuras!
The Suta's son of wicked soul, from exceeding pride, always
disregards the sons of Pandu !" Dhananjaya, slay that man
today for whose sake the wretched Duryodhana regardeth him-

* A Ratni is a sort of cubit measured from the elbow to the end of
the closed fist ; it is supposed to be equal to the breadth of 21 fingers,
making the thumb as ths fiuger of measurement.— T.


self a hero, that root of all (those) sinful persons, that son of
a Stita ! 37 Slay, O Dhananjaya, that tiger among men, that
active and proud Kama, who hath the sword for his tongue,
the bow for his mouth, and arrows for his teeth ! 38 I know
thee well as regards the energy and the might that are in thee !
Slay the brave Kama in battle, like a lion slaying an ele-
phant I s3 Slay in battle today, O Parfcha, that Kama, other-
wise called Vaikartana, in consequence of whose energy Dhrita-
rashtra's son disregards thine ! — ' " i0

Section LXXIII.

"Sanjaya said, — 'Once more Kecava of immeasurable soul
said these words unto Arjuna who, O Bharata, was advancing
(to battle), firmly resolved upon slaying Kama. 1 — Today is the
seventeenth day, O Bhiirata, of this terrible massacre of men
and elephants and steeds ! a At the outset vast was the host
that belonged to you. Encountering the foe in battle, that
host has been very much reduced in numbers, O king ! s The
Kauravas also, O Partha, were numerous at first, teeming with
elephants and steeds. Encountering thee, however, as their
foe, they have been nearly exterminated in the van of battle !*
These lords of Earth and these Srinjayas, united together, and
these Pandava troops also, obtaining thy invincible self as
their leader, are mantaining their ground on the field ! s Pro-
tected by thee, O slayer of foes, the Panchalas, the Matsyas,
the Karushas, and the Chedis, have caused a great destruction
of thy foes ! 5 Who is there that can vanquish the assembled
Kauravas in battle ? On the other hand, who is there that can
vanquish the mighty car-warriors of the Pandavas protected
by thee? 7 Thou, however, art competent to vanquish in
battle the three worlds consisting of the gods, the Asuras, and
human beings, united together ! What need I say then of the
Kaurava host ? 8 Save thee, tiger among men, who else is
there, even if he resemble Vasava himself in prowess, that
could vanquish king Bhagadatta ? 9 So also, sinless one,
all the lords of Earth, united together, arc incapable, Partha,
of even gazing at this vast force that is protected by thee !"*


So also, O Partha, owing to their having boon always pro-
jected by thee that Dhrishtadyumna and Cikhandin succeed-
ed in slaying Drona and Bhishma!" Who, indeed, O Piirtha,
could vanquish in battle those two mighty car- warriors of
the Bharatas, viz., Bhishma and Drona, both of whom were
endued with prowess equal that of Cakra himself? 18 Save
thee, O tiger among men, what other man in this world is
able to vanquish those fierce lords of Akshauhinis, those
unreturning and invincible heroes, all accomplished in weapons
and united together, viz., Cantanu'a son Bhishma, and Drona,
and Vaikartana, and Kripa, and Drona's son, and king Duryo-
dhana himself ? IS ~ :5 Innumerable divisions of soldiers have
been destroyed (by thee), their steeds and cars and elephants
having been mangled (with thy shafts) ! Numberless Kshatri-
yas also, wrathful and fierce, hailing from diverse provinces,
have been destroyed by thee ! 18 Teeming with horse and
elephants, large bodies of combatants of diverse Kshatriya clans,
yuch as the Govasas, the Diisamiyas, the Vasatis, O Bharata,
and the Easterners, the Vatadhanas, and the Bhojas that are
very sensitive of their honor, approaching thee and Bhima, O
Bharata, have met with destruction ! 17-IS Of terrible deeds and
exceedingly fierce, the Tusharas. the Yavanas, the Khaeas, the
Darvabhisaras, the Daradas, the Cakas, the Kamathas, the
Ramathas, the Tanganas, 15 the Andhrakas, the Pulindas, the
Kiratas of fierce prowess, the Allecchas, the Mountaineers, and
the races hailing from the sea-side, 80 all endued with great wrath
and great might, delighting in battle and armed with maces, —
these all, — united with the Kurus and fighting wrathfully for
Duryodhana's sake, were incapable of being vanquished in
battle by anybody else save thee, scorcher of foes!* 1 * What
man, unprotected by thee, could advance, beholding the mighty
and swelling host of the Dhartarashtras arrayed in order
of battle ?" Protected by thee, puissant one, the Piinda-
vas, filled with wrath, and penetrating into its midst, have
destroyed that host shrouded with dust and resembling a
swollen sea ! i3 Seven days have elapsed since the mighty Jiayafc-

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