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or the warriors of my army in that battle, or Kripa, or Krita-
varman, or Drona's son, or Dusciisana, say ?" Exceedingly
wonderful, I think, is the prowess of Panda's son, since,
single-handed, he fought in battle with all the warriors of my
army ! 3 Did the son of Radha act towards the (hostile) troops
according to his vow ? That slayer of foes, viz., Kama, O
Sanjaya, is the prosperity, the armour, the fame, and the very
hope of life, of the Kurus !* Beholding the army broken by
Kunti's son of immeasurable energy, what did Kama, the son
of Adhiratha and Radha, do in that battle ?* What also did
my sons, difficult of defeat in battle, do or the other kings
and mighty car-warriors of our army ? Tell me all this, O
Sanjaya. for thou art skilled in narration !'■

"Sanjaya said, — 'In that afternoon, O monarch, the Suta's
son of great valour began to smite all the Somakas in the very
sight of Bhimasena. 7 Bhima also of great strength began to
destroy the Dhartarashtra troops. Then Kama, addressing
(his driver) Calya, said unto him, — Bear me to the Panchalas ! 8
— Indeed, beholding his army in course of being routed by.
Bhimasena of great intelligence, Kama onco more addressed
his driver, saying, — Bear me to the Panchalas only! 1 — Thus
urged, Calya tho ruler of the Madras, endued with great might,
ur 'ed those white steeds that were fleet as thought; towards the


Chcdis, tkc Panchiilas and the Karushas. 10 Penetrating then
into that mighty host, Calya, that grinder of hostile troops,
cheerfully conducted those steeds into every spot that Kama,
that foremost of warriors, desired to go to. 11 Beholding that
car cased in tiger skins and looking like a cloud, the Pandus
and the Piinchalas, O monarch, became terrified. 12 The rattle
then of that car, like unto the peal of thunder, or the sound
of a mountain splitting into fragments, became audible in that
dreadful battle. 1 * 3 With hundreds upon hundreds of keen
arrows sped from the bowstring drawn to his ear, Kama then
smote hundreds and thousands of warriors belonging: to the
Pandava army. 14 While the unvanquished Kama was employ-
ed in achieving those feats, many mighty bowmen and great
car-warriors among the Paudavas encompassed him on all sides. 15
Indeed, Cikhandin, and Bhima, and Dhrishtadyumna the son
Prishata, and Nakula, and Sahadeva, and the (five) sons of
Draupadi, and Satyaki, surrounded the son of Radha, pouring
showers of arrows upon him, from desire of despatching him to
the other world. 15 The heroic Satyaki, that best of men, struck
Kama in that engagement with twenty keen shafts in the
shoulder-joint. 17 Cikhandin struck him with five and twenty
shafts, and Dhrishtadyumna struck him with seven, and the
sons of Draupadi with four and sixty, and Sahadeva with
seven, and Nakula with a hundred, in that battle. 18 The
mighty Bhimasena, in that encounter, filled with rage, struck
the son of Radka in the shoulder-joint with ninety straight
shafts. 13 The son of Adhiratha then, of great might, laugh-
ing in scorn, and drawing his excellent bow, let off many keen
shafts, afflicting his foes. 20 The son of Radha pierced each
of them in return with five arrows. Cutting off the bow
of Satyaki as also his standard, O bull of Bharata's race, 21
Kama pierced Satyaki himself with nine shafts in the centre
of the chest. Filled with wrath, he then pierced Bhimasena
with thirty shafts. 22 With a broad- headed arrow, sire, he
next cut off the standard of Sahadeva, and with three other
arrows, that chastiser of foes afflicted Sahadeva's driver. 23
Within the twinkling of an eye he then deprived the (five) sons
of Draupadi of their cars ; bull of Bharata's race, which seemed


Exceedingly wonderful. 84 Indeed, with hi* straight shafts caus-
ing those heroes to turn back from the fight, the heroic Kama
began to slay the Panchalas and many mighty car-warriors
among the Chedis. 8S Thus struck in that battle, monarch, the
Ghedis and the Matsyas, rushing against Kama alone, poured
upon him showers of shafts. 25 The Suta'a son, however, that
mighty car-warrior, began to smite them with his keen shafts. I
beheld this exceedingly wonderful feat, O Bharata," viz., that
the Suta's son of great prowess, alone and unsupported in that
battle, fought with all those bowmen who contended with
him to the utmost of their prowess, 28 and checked all those
Pandava warriors, monarch, with his shafts. With the
lightness of hand, Bharata, of the high-souled Kama on that
occasion, 29 all the gods as also the Siddhas and the Chdranas
were gratified. All the great bowmen among the Dhartarash-
tras also, O best of men, applauded 30 Kama, that foremost
of great car-warriors, that first of all bowmen. Then Kama,
O monarch, burnt the hostile army 31 like a mighty and blazing
Conflagration consuming a heap of dry grass in the summer
season. Thus slaughtered by Kama, the Pandava troops,
struck with fear, tied in all directions, at the very sight of
Kama. Loud wails arose there among the Panchalas in that
great battle, 32 " 33 while they were thus struck with the keen
shafts sped from Kama's bow. Struck with fear at the noise,

the vast host of the Pandavas, 34 — those enemies of Kama,

regarded him as the one warrior in that battle. Then that
crusher of foes, viz., the son of Radha, onco more achieved an
exceedingly wonderful feat," inasmuch as all the Pandavas,
united together, were unable to even gaze at him. Like a
swelling mass of water breaking when it comes in contact with
a mountain, 36 the Pandava army broke when it came in contact
with Kama. Indeed, O king, the mighty-armed Kama in
that battle, burning the vast host of the Pandavas, stood there
like a blazing fire without smoke. With great activity that
hero, with his shafts, cut off the arms and the heads of his
•brave foes, O king, and their ears decked with ear-rings. Swards
with hilts of ivory, and standards, and darts, and steeds,
and elephants, 87 "* 8 and cars of diverse kinds, king, aud


banners, and axles, and yokes, and wheels of many kinds, 4 ®
were cut off in varrious ways by Kama observant of a warrior's
vow. There, Bharata with elephants and steeds slain by
Kama,* 1 the Earth became impassable and miry with flesh and
blood. The uneven and even spots also of the field, in conse-
quence of slain horse and foot" and broken cars and dead
elephants, could no longer be distinguished. The combatants
could not distinguish friends from foes 43 in that thick dark-
ness caused by shafts when Kama's (celestial) weapon was
displayed. The mighty car-warriors of the Piiudavas, O mon-
arch, were completely shrouded with the shafts, decked with
gold, that were sped from Kama's bow. Those mighty car- war-
riors of the Pandavas, king, in that battle, though strucrcrHno-
vigorously, were repeatedly broken by the son of Radha, even
as a herd of deer in the forest is routed by an angry lion ! 44 ~* s
Routing the foremost of Panchala car-warriors and (other)
foes, Kama of great fame, in that battle, slew the Pandava
warriors like a wolf slaying smaller animals. Beholding the
Pandava army turn away from battle, the Dhartarashtra 47 " 4 *
bowmen of great might rushed against the retreating host,
uttering terrible shouts. Then Duryodhana, monarch, filled
with gteat delight, 49 caused diverse musical instruments to be
beat and blown in all parts of the army. The great bowmen
amongst the Panchalas, those foremost of men, though brok-
en,' 9 returned heroically to the fight, making death their goal,
The son of Radha, however, that bull among men and scorcher
of foes, O monarch, in that battle, broke those returned heroes
in diverse ways. There, Bharata, twenty car-warriors among
the Panchalas and more than a hundred Chedi warriors were
slain by Kama with his shafts. Making the terraces of cars
and the backs of steeds empty, Bharata,*'" 55 and slaying the
combatants that fought from the necks of elephants, and routing
the foot-soldiers, that scorcher of foes, viz., the Suta's son of
great bravery, became incapable of being gazed at like the
midday Sun and looked resplendent like the Destroyer himself
at the end of the Yuga. Thus, monarch, that slayer of
foes, that mighty bowman, viz., Kama, having slain foot,
horse, car-warriors, and elephants, stood there ou his car, Iu'-


deed, like the Destroyer himself of great might standing after
slaying all creatures, 5 *"' 6 the mighty car-warrior Kama stood
alone, having slain the Somakas. The prowess that we then
beheld of the Panchalas seemed to be exceedingly wonderful,"
for, though thus struck by Kama, they refused to fly away from
that hero at the head of battle. At that time, the king (l)uryo-
dhana), and Duscasana, and Kripa the son of Caradwata," and
Ar'.watthaman, and Kritavarman, and Cakuni also of great
might, slaughtered the Pandava warriors in hundreds and thou-
sands." The two sons also of Kama, O monarch, — those two
brothers of prowess incapable of being baffled, — filled with rage,
slaughtered the Pandava army in several parts of the field."
The battle that took place was dreadful and cruel and tho
carnage that occurred was very great. Similarly the Pandava
heroes, viz., Dhrishtadyumna and Cikhandin" and the (five)
sons of Draupadi, filled with rage, slaughtered thy host. Even
thus a great destruction took place among tho Pandavas every-
where on the field, and even thus thy army also suffered great
loss at the hands of the mighty Bhima.' " 6a

Section LXXIX.

"Sanjaya said, — 'Meanwhile Arjuna, O monarch, having
slain the four kinds of forces (of the enemy), and having ob-
tained a sight of the angry son of the »Suta in that dreadful
battle, 1 caused a river of blood to flow there that was tawny
with flesh. and marrow and bones. 8 Human heads constituted
its rocks and stones. Elephants and steeds formed its banks.
Full of the bones of heroic combatants, it resounded with tho
cries of ravens and vultures. Umbrellas were its swans or
rafts. And that river ran, bearing away heroes like trees along
its current. 5 (Fallen) necklaces constituted its assemblage of
lotuses, and head-gears formed its excellent foam. Bows and
shafts constituted its fishes ; and the crowns of crushed men
floated on its surface.** Shields and armour were its eddies,

* I confess I do not understand what is meant by .Wirakshndraiavd-
hnon. The version giveu is offered tentatively. — T.



and cars were the rafts with which it teemed. And it could
be easily forded by persons desirous of victory, while to those
that were cowards it was unfordable. 5 Having caused that
river to flow, Vibhatsu, that slayer of hostile heroes and bull
among men, addressing Viisudeva, said, 6 — Yonder, O Krishna,
the standard of the Suta's son is visible ! There, Bhima-
sena and others are fighting with that cfreat car-warrior!
There, the Panchiilas, afeared of Kama, are flying away, O
Janfmldana ! 7 Yonder, king Duryodhana, with the white
umbrella over his head, along with Kama, looketh exceed-
ingly resplendent as he is engaged in routing the Pancha-
las '} There, Kripa, and Kritavarman, and Drona's son, that
mighty car-warrior, are protecting king Duryodhana, them-
selves protected by the Suta's son ! a There, O Krishna, Calya,
well conversant with holding the reins, looketh exceedingly
resplendent as, seated on the terrace of Kama's car, he guideth
that vehicle ! 10 Bear me to that mighty car-warrior, for even.
such is the wish cherished by me ! Without slaying Kama
in this battle I will never return ! u Otherwise, the son of
Badha, Janarddana, will, in my sight, exterminate the
mighty car-warriors of the Parthas and the Srinjayas ! 12 — •
Thus addressed, Kecava quickly proceeded on his car against
*hy army, towards the mighty bowman Kama, for causing a
pingle combat to take place between Kama and Savyasachin. 13
Indeed, the mighty-arn^ed Hari, at the command of Pandu's
son, proceeded on his car, assuring (by that very act) all the
tPandava troops. 1 * The rattle then of Arjuna's vehicle rose loud
in that battle, resembling, O sire, the tremendous peal of
Vasava's thunder. 15 With that loud rattle of his car-wheels,
the sun of Pandu, of prowess incapable of being baffled and
endued with immeasurable soul, advanced, vanquishing (as he
came) thy host. 14 Beholding Arjuna of white steeds and
having Krishna for his drivor thus advance, and seeing the
standard of that high-souled one, the king of the Madras,
addressing Kama, said/ 7 — There cometh that car-warrior hav-
ing white steeds yoked unto his vehicle and having Krishna for
las driver, slaying his foes in battle ! There cometh he about
whom thou wert enquiring ? JS Yonder standetk the son of

KAKVV fARVA. 2f)f) v

Kunti, holding his bow Gcmdiva ! If thou canst slay him to
day, great good may then be done to us !*' Hi; cometh.O Kama,
desirous of an encounter with thee, slaying, as lie cometh, our
chief warriors! Me is incapable, smi of Radha, of being
resisted by anybody else ! Do thou proceed against Unit, hero
of Bharata's race ! a0 Through fear of Arjuna who is slaying
large numbers of his foes, there the Dhartarashtra army is
speedily breaking on all sides l' il Avoiding all our warriors,
Dhananjaya advanceth with great speed', f<r, as I think, an
encounter with thee, judging by his form swelling with rage
and energy !" Blazing with wrath, Partha will not stop IV
desire of battle with anybody else save thee, especially when
Vrikodara is being so much, afflicted (by thee) ! 23 Learning thafr
king Yudhishthira the just hath been exceeding!}' mangled and
made earless by thee, and seeing (the plight of) Gikhandi.n, and
Satyaki, and Dhrishtadyumnathe son of Prishata,* 4 and then
(five) sons of Draupadi, and Yudn&manyu, and Uttamaujas;
and the brothers Nakula and Sahadeva," that scorcher of foes,
viz., Partha, advanceth impetuously on a single car again..:.
thee ! i5 Without doubfc, he is advancing with speed against us,
avoiding other combatants ! Do thou, O Kama, proceed against
him, for there is no other bowman (among us that can do so).*'
I do not behold in the world any other bowman, save thee,
that would resist the angry Arjuna in battle like the continent
(resisting the surging sea) ! i8 I do not behold any arrangements;
made for his protection, either on his Hanks or at his rear. He.
advanceth alone against thee ! L >ok after thv success now ! 89
Thou alone art able to encounter the two Krishnas in battle '
That business is thine, O son of Radha, ! Proceed, therefon .
against Dhananjaya ' z ° Thou art the equal of Bhishma, of
Drona, of Drona's son, of Kripa ! Do thou resist in this great-
battle the advancing Savyasachin ! S1 Indeed, O Kama, slay this
Dhananjaya that resembles a snake frequently darting out its-
tongue, or a roaring bull, or a tiger in the forest ! sa There, those;
kings, those mighty car-warriors of the Dhartarashtra arm}',
through fear of Arjuna, are quickly flying away, regardless <ȣ
one another. 53 Save thee, O Suta's son, there is no other man,
O hero, that can, in battle, dispel the fears o^ those retwatii


•combatants ! 34 All those Kurus, O tiger among men, obtain-
ing thee as their refuge in this battle, stand, depending on thee
and desirous of thy protection ! 85 Advance against the son of
Pandu, son of Riidha, mustering that courage now with
which thou hadst in battle vanquished the almost invincible
Vaidehas, the Amvashthas, the Kamvojas, the Nagnajits, and
the Gandharas ! 35 Mustering thy great prowess, O mighty-
armed one, proceed against Vasudeva of Vrishni's race, who is
always gratified by the diadem-decked (Arjuna) !" —

" 'Kama said, — Thou seemest now to be in thy usual frame
of mind and thou art now agreeable to me ! Do not, O mighty-
armed one, entertain any fear of Dhananjaya ! 38 Behold the
might of my arms today, and behold my skill ! Single-handed,
I will today destroy the mighty host of the Pandavas, as also
those two lions among men, viz., the two Krishnas ! I say
this truly unto thee ! 8D I will never return from the field today-
without slaying those two heroes ! Or, slain by those two, I
shall today sleep on the field of battle ! Victory is uncertain in
battle !*° Slaying or slain, I shall today achieve my purpose I* 1 —

" 'Calya said, — All great car-warriors, O Kama, say that
this foremost of car-warriors, (viz., Arjuna), even when alone,
is invincible ! When, again, he is protected by Krishna, who
will venture to vanquish him ? 42 —

" 'Kama said, — As far as I have heard, such a superior car-
warrior hath never been born on Earth ! Behold my prowess,
since I will contend in buttle with even that Partha who is
such ! 4S This prince of Kuril's line, this foremost of car-warriors,
careers in battle, borne by his steeds white in hue ! Perhaps,
he will despatch me to Yama's abode today. Know, however,
that with Kama's death, these all will be exterminated!***
The two arms of this prince are never covered with sweat.
They never tremble. They are massive and covered with cica-
trices. Firm in the use of weapons, he is possessed of great
skill and endued with great lightness of hands. Indeed, there
is no warrior equal to the son of Pandu !* s He takcth a large
number of arrows and shooteth them as if they were one.

* Beferniif' lo the Kuru aruiv.— T.


Quickly fixing them orr the bow-string, he propelleth them
to the distanco of two miles. They always fell on the foe.
What warrior is there on Earth that is equal to him ? 4S That
Atiratka, endued with great activity, with Krishna as his ally,
gratified the god Agni at Khandava. There, on that occasion,
the high-souled Krishna obtained his discus, and Savyasachin,
the son of Pandu, obtained his bow GdndicaS 7 There that
mighty-armed one, endued with might that knows no decay,
also obtained his terrible car unto which are yoked those white
steeds, as also his two great celestial and inexhaustible quivers,
and many celestial weapons, from the god of fire. 48 In the
region of Indra he obtained his conch Dcvadatta and slew
innumerable Daityas, and all the Kalakeyas. Who is there
on Earth that is superior to him ?*' Possessed of greatness
of soul, he gratified Mahadeva himself in fair fight, and
obtained from him the terrible and mighty weapon I'd cupula
that is capable of destroying the three worlds. 50 The several
Regents of the world, united together, gave him their weapons
of immeasurable energy, with which that lion among men
quickly destroyed in battle those united Asuras, viz., the
Kalakhanjas. 51 So also, in Virata's city, having on a single
car vanquished all of us, he snatched from us that wealth of
kine and took from all the foremost of car- warriors (portions of)
their garments. 52 Challenging that foremost of Kshatriyas,
that hero having him of Vrishni's race for his ally, that warrior
who is endued with such energy and such attributes, I regard
myself, O Calya, to be the foremost of persons in all the world
in point of courage ! 6S He is, again, protected by that Kecava
of uifuriate energy, who is Narayana himself and who is with-
out a rival, that high-souled Vasudeva, that ever-victorious
Vishnu armed with conch, discus, and mace, whose attributes all
the worlds, united together, cannot (in narrating) exhaust in tin
thousand years. Beholding the two Krishnas together on the
same car, fear cntercth my heart together with courage.* 54 " 1 '

* Some of the Bengal texts read Jayate-asdddkyatancha. The onpro-
nouueed a before the last word i.< the negative particle. The Bense Beema
to be that ultbou^h Kama is not wuutiu r iu coura ' fear also eutera


Piirfcha is the foremost of all bowmen, while Narayana w
unrivalled in encounters with the discus. Even such are Vasu-
deva, and the son of Pandu ! Indeed, the mountains of Hima-
vat may move from the spot were they stand, but not the two
Krishnas ! 55 Both of them are heroes, possessed of great
skill, firm in the use of weapons, and mighty car-warriors.
Both of them have adamantine frames. Who else, O Calya,
save myself, would proceed against Phalguna and Vasudeva
that are even such ? 57 The desire cherished by me today, viz.,
a battle with the son of Pandu, ruler of the Madras, will be
fulfilled without delay ! Soon will that wonderful and un-
rivalled and beautiful battle take place ! Either I will over-
throw those two in battle today, or the two Krishnas will today
overthrow me ! sa — Saying these words unto Calya, Kama,
that slayer of foes, began to utter loud roars in that battle,
like those of the clouds. Approaching then thy son, that fore-
most one among the Kurus, and saluted respectfully by him,
Kama said unto that prince 53 as also unto those two mighty-
armed warriors, viz., Kripa and the Bhoja chief Kritavarman,
and the ruler of the Gandharas with his son, and the precep-
tor's son, and his own younger brother, and all the foot-soldiers
and horsemen and elephant-riders, these words, 60 viz., — Rush,
towards Achyuta and Arjuna and close up their path all around,,
and cause them to be tired with exertion, so that, ye lords of
Earth, I may easily slay those two after ye all will have mangled
them deeply ! GI — Saying, — So be it ! — those foremost of heroes,
desirous of slaying Arjuna, speedily proceeded against him.
Those mighty c;ir- warriors then, obeying the behest of Kama*
began to strike Dhananjaya with innumerable arrows in that
battle. ca Like the great ocean containing a vast quantity of
water receiving all rivers male and female, Arjuna received all
those warriors in battle. 63 His foes could not notice when
he fixed his excellent arrows on the bowstring and when he,
let them off. All that could be seen was that men and
steeds and elephants, piurced with the arrows sped by Dhanan-

his heart. Hia i.- a tuiied feeling at sight of the two Krishnas on tbe
^auie car. — T.


jfiya, continually fell down, deprived of life/ 1 Like men with
diseased eyes that are unable to gaze at the Sun, the Kau-
ravas on that occasion could not gaze at Jaya who seemed
to be possessed of the energy of the all-destroying Sun that
rises at the end of the Yaga, having arrows fur his rays, and
Gandiva fur his beautiful circular disc. 6 * Smiling the while,
Pariha with his own showers of arrows cut off the excellent
arrows sped at him by those mighty car-w;u - riurs. In return,
he struck them with innumerable arrows, drawing his bow Gan-
diva to a complete circle. 66 As the Sun of fierce rays between
the months of Jaishtha and Ankara .easily dricth up the
waters (of the Earth), even so Arjuna, bathing the arrows
of his foes, consumed thy troops, king of kings !" Then
Kripa, and the chief of the Bhojas, and thy son himself,
shootincr showers of shafts, rushed towards him. Drona's son
also, that mighty car-warrior, rushed towards him, shooting his
shafts. Indeed, all of them rained their arrows on him, like
the clouds pouring torrents of rain on a mountain. 68 The son
of Panda, however, with great activity and speed, cut off
with his own shafts those excellent arrows sped at him with
great care in that dreadful battle by those accomplished war-
riors desirous of slaying him, and pierced the chest of each
of his adversaries with three shafts. 69 Having arrows for his
fierce rays, the Arjuna-sun, with Gandiva drawn to its fullest
stretch constituting his corona, looked resplendent, as he scorched
his foes, like the Sun himself between the months of Jaishtha
and Ashiira, within his bright corona. 70 Then Drona's son
pierced Dhananjaya with ten foremost of shafts, and Ke<;ava
with three, and the four steeds of Dhananjaya with four, and
showered many shafts on the Ape mi Arjuna's banner. 71 For
ail that, Dhananjaya cut olf the full-drawn bow in his adver-
sary's hand with three shafts, the head of his driver with a
razor-faced arrow, and his four steeds with four other shafts,
felling last from his enemy's car his standard with three other
arrows. 7 * The son of Drona then, filled with wrath, took up
another costly bow, bright as the body of Takshaka, and
decked with gems and diamonds and gold, and resembling a
migVy snake caught from the foot of a mountain, 71 String-


ing that bow as he stood on the Earth, and bringing out
one after another shafts and weapons, Dronas son, that warrior
who excelled in many accomplishments, began to afflict those
two unvanquished and foremost of men and pierce them from

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