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Having in battle slain his foe Kama who was worshipped by
the gods, the Giindkai'vas, and human beings, Pritha's son
Arjuna looked resplendent in Ins energy like the deity of a
thousand eyes after the slaughter of Vritra.*' Then riding on-
that car of their- whose rattle resembled the roar of the cloud
and whose splendour was like that of the meridian Sun of
the autumnal sky, which was adorned with banners and equip*,
with a standard incessantly producing an awful noise whosi

* Some of the Bengal texts read tbe BrBt line of 15 differently, if
that reading be adopted, tbe translation would run thus, — 'He was ever
the favor, to of men. Be was exceedingly liberal. Indeed, he who I
s,iw;;v : : loved to jive awav, at laat met witli death. — T.

389 maHabharata,

effulgence resembled that of the snow or thu Moon or kha
conch or the crystal, 83 and whose steeds were like those of
Indra himself, those two foremost of men, viz,., the son of
Pandu and the crusher of Kecin, whose energy resembled that
of the great Indra, and who were adorned with gold and pearls
and gems and diamonds and corals, and who were like fire or
the Sun in splendour, fearlessly careered over the field of
battle with great speed, like Vishnu and Vasava mounted
on the same chariot. 51 " 88 Forcibly divesting the enemy of his
splendour by means of the twang of Gandiva and the slaps
of their palms, and slaying the Kurus with showers of shafts,
the Ape-bannered Arjuna, and the Garuda-bannered Krishna, 88
both of whom were possessed of immeasurable prowess, — those
two foremost of men, — filled with joy, took up with their
hands their loud sounding conchs adorned with gold and white
as snow, and placing them against their lips, blew them
simultaneously with those beautiful mouths of theirs, piercing
the hearts of their foes with the sound. 57 The blare of Pan-
ahajanya and that of Devadatta filled the Earth, the welkin,
and heaven. 8 * At the sound of the heroic Madhava's conch
as also at that of Arjuna's, all the Kauravas, O best of kings,
became filled with fright. 53 Those foremost of men, causing
the forests, the mountains, the rivers, and the points of the
compass to resound with the blare of their conchs, and filling
the army of thy son with fright, gladdened Yudhishthira there-
with. 60 As soon as the Kauravas heard the blare of those
conchs that were thus being blown, all of them left the field
with great speed, deserting the ruler of the Madras and the
chief of the Bharatas, O Bharata, viz., Duryodhana. 61 Then
diverse creatures, uniting together, congratulated Dhananjaya,
that hero shining resplendent on the field of battle, as also
Janarddana, those two foremost of men who then looked like
a couple of risen Suns. 63 Pierced with Kama's arrows, those
two chastisers of foes, viz., Achyuta and Arjuna, looked res-
plendent like the bright and many-rayed Moon and the Sun
-. sen after dispelling a gloom. 43 Casting off those arrows,
iho two mighty warriors, both endued with unrivalled prow-
ls-, surrounded by well wishers and friends, happily entered

K.VR.VY l'AUVA. 381

ili.-ir own encampment, like the lords V3sava and Vishnu duly
invoked by sacrificial priests.*** Upon tho slaughter of Kama
in that dreadful battle, the gods, Liamlharvas, human beings,
Chcivdnas, great RLshis, Valerias, and great Ndgas, worship-
ped Krishna and Arj una with great respect and wished them
victory (in all things). 65 Having received all their friends then,
each according to his age, and applauded by those friends in
return for their incomparable feats, the two heroes rejoiced
with their friends, like the chief of the celestials and Vishnu
after the overthrow of Vali.' "**

Section XCV.

"Sanjaya said, — 'Upon the fall of Kama otherwise called
Vaikartana, the Kauravas, afflicted with fear, fled away on all
sides, casting their eyes on empty space. 1 Indeed, hearing
that the heroic Kama had been slain by the foe, all thy troops,
stupified with fear, broke and fled in all directions. 8 *!- Then, O
king, the Kuru leaders, filled with anxiety, desired to withdraw
their troops, Bharata, whose flight had been endeavoured to
be checked by thy son. s Understanding their wishes, thy son, O
bull of Bharata's race, acted according to the advice of Calya,
withdrew the army.'* Then Kritavarman, O Bharata surrounded
by the unslaughtered remnant of the Niirayana troops of thy
army, quickly proceeded towards the oncampment. 8 Surrounded
by a thousand Gandharas, Cakuni, beholding the son of Adhi-
ratha slain, proceeded quickly towards the encampment. 4 Cara-
dwat's son Kripa, O king, surrounded by the large elephant
force that resembled a mass of clouds, proceeded quickly to-
wards the encampment. 7 The heroic Acwatthfunan, repoatedly
drawing deep breaths at sight of the victory of the Pandavas,
proceeded quickly towards tho encampment.' Surrounded by
the unslaughtered remnant of the Samsaptakas which was still
a largo force, Sucarman also, O king, proceeded, casting his

* Some cf the Bengal texts read Sadasyaninrfyau which is unmcin-
Nig. Of course, the correct reading is SucLisyapuiau. — T.

t The Bombay edition reads the second line of - cTiffeienliy.— T.


eyes on those terrified soldier^, 9 * King Duryodhana, deeply

afflicted and deprived of everything, proceeded, his heart filled
with grief, and a prey feo many cheerless thought?. 10 Calya,
that foremost of car-warriors, proceeded towards the camp, on
that car deprived of standard, casting his eyes on all sides. 11
The other mighty car- warriors of the Bharata army, still nu-
merous, fled quickly, afflicted with fear, filled with shame, and
almost deprived of their senses. 12 Indeed, seeing Kama over-
thrown, all the Kauravas fled away quickly, afflicted and anxious
with fear, trembling, and with voices choked with tears. 13 The
mighty car-warriors of the Kuru army fled away in fear, O
chief of Kuru's rice, some applauding Arjuna, some applauding
Kama. 14 Amongst those thousands of warriors of thy army in
that great battle, there was not a single person who had still
any wish for fight. 15 Upon the fall of Kama, O monarch, the
Kauravas became hopeless of life, kingdom, wives, and wealth. 16 '
Guiding them with care, lord, thy son, filled with grief and
sorrow, set his heart upon resting them for the night. 17 Those
great car-warriors also, monarch, accepting his orders with
bent heads, retired from the field with cheerless hearts and
pale faces.' " 1S

Section XCVI.

"Saujaya said, — 'After Kama had thus been slain and tho
Kaurava troops had fled away, he of Dacarha's race, embracing
Partha from joy, said unto him these words :' — Vritra was
slain by the wielder of the thunder-bolt. Kama hath been slain
by thee. Men will talk (in the same breath) of the slaughter of
Vritra and Kama in awful battle. 2 Vritra was slain in battle by
the deity of great energy with his thunder. Kama hath been
slain by thee with bow and sharp arrows. 8 Go, son of Kunti,
and represent, O Bharata, unto king Yudhishthira the just, this
prowess of thine that is capable of procuring thee great fame
and that hath become well-known in the world!* Having reprc-

* Tlie Bengal reading is Bhayardditdn, the Bon>bay rtadmg,
Bkay<Xrdditiis> I adopt the funuer.. — T.


sented unto king Yudhishthira thej ust this slaughter of Kama
in battle for compassing which thou hadst been endeavouring
for a long course of years, thou wilt be freed from the debt thou
owest to the king !■ During the progress of the battle be-
tween thyself and Kama, the sun of Dharma once came for
beholding the field.' Having, however, been deeply and ex-
ceedingly pierced (with arrow-), he could not stay in battle.
The king, that bull among men, then went back to his tent. 7 —
Partha answered Kecava, that bull of Yadu's race, saying,—
So be it ! — The latter then cheerfully caused the car of that
foremost of car-warriors to turn back. 8 Having said these
words unto Arjuna, Krishna addressed the soldiers, saying, — .
"Blessed be ve, stand all of ye careful Iv, facing the foe I 9 — Unto
Dhrishtadyumna and Yudhamanyu and the twin sons of Madri
and Vrikodara and Yuyudhana, Govinda said, 10 — Ye kings,
until we come back having informed the king of Kama's
slaughter by Arjuna, stand ye here with care!" — Having re-
ceived the permission of those heroes, he then set out for the
quarters of the king. With Partha in his company, Govinda
b iheld Yudhishthira," that tiger among kings, lying on an
excellent bed of gold. B »th of them then, with great joy,
touched the feet of the king. 13 Beholding their joy and the
extraordinary wounds on their bodies, Yudhishthira regarded
the s )ii of Radha to be dead and rose quickly from his bed. 1 *
That chastiser of foes, viz., the mighty-armed monarch, having
risen from his bed, repeatedly embraced Yasudeva and Arjuna
with affection-. That descendant of Kuru's race then asked
Vi-atdeva (the particulars of Kama's death). 11 Then the sweet-
speeched Vasudova, that descendant of the Yadu race, spoko
t> him of Kama's death exactly as it had happened." Smiling
then, Krishna, otherwise called Achyuta, joined his palms and
a'l kes-ed king Yud'iishthira whose foes had been killed, saying,"
— By good luck, the wielder of Gctndiva, and Vrikodara the son
of Panda, and thyself, and the two sons of Madri, are all safe*
having been freed from this battle that has boon so destructive
of heroes and that made the very hair of the body to stand on
end'. :a Do thou those acts, sou of Pandu, which should
next be d >ne ! Th iSuta - >n Kami, p - • 1 of -great might

384 ma ha nn A RATA.

and other wise culled Vaikartana, hath been slain ! By good
luck, victory hath become thine, O king of kings S By good luck,
thou growest, son of Pandu ! 13 The Earth drinketh today
the blood of that Suta's son, that wretch amomr men, who had
laughed at the dice-won Krishna !*° That foe of thine, O bull
of tvuru's race, lieth today on the bare ground, pierced all over
with arrows. Behold that tiger among men, pierced and
mangled with shafts ! 31 O thou of mighty arms, rule now,
with care, this Earth that is divested of all thy foes, and enjoy
with ourselves, all kinds of enjoyable articles ' — ' 22

" Sanjaya continued, — 'Having heard these words of the
high-souled Ke<;ava, Yudhishthira, with great joy, worshipped
in return that hero of Dacarha's race. — Good luck, Good luck,
— were the words, monarch, that he said. 38 And he added, —
It is not wonderful, mighty-armed one, in thee, son of
Devaki, that Partha, having obtained thee for his charioteer,
should achieve feats that are even superhuman !" — Then thab
chief of Kuril's race, that righteous son of Pritha, taking hold
of Kecava's right arm adorned with A ngadas, and addressing
both Kecava and Arjuna, said, 35 — Narada told me that ye two
are the gods Nara and Narayana, those ancient and best of
Rlshis, that arc ever employed in the preservation of righte-
ousness ! JS Gifted with great intelligence, the master Krishna-
Dwaipayana, the highly blessed Vyasa, also, hath repeatedly
told mo this celestial history ! 27 Through thy influence, O
Krishna, this Dhananjaya the son of Pandu, facing his foes, hath
vanquished them, without ever turning back from any of them !"
Victory, and not defeat, wo are certain to have, since thou
hast accepted the drivcrship of Partha in battle ! 83 — Having
said these words, King Yudhishthira the just, that tiger among
man, mounting his car adorned with gold and having steeds,
of ivory white and black tails and fleet as thought harnessed
unto it, and surrounded by many Pandava troops, set out, con-
versing pleasantly with Krishna and Arjuna along the way, for
beholding the field of battle on which thousands of incidents
had taken place. 30 " 8 '* Conversing with those two heroes, viz.,

D.fferences of reading are noticeable between tbese t^o verses as


Illadhava and Phalguna, the king beheld Kama, that bull
among men, lying on the field of battle." Indeed, king
Yudhisthira beheld Kama pierced all over with arrows like a
Kadamva flower with atraignt filaments all around its body. 19
Yudhishthira beheld Kama illuminated by thousands of golden
lamps tilled with perfumed oil. 84 Having behold Kama with
his son slain and mangled with .shafts sped from Gdildiva,
king Yudhishthira" repeatedly looked at him before he could
believe his eyes. He then applauded those tigers among men,
viz., Madhava and Phalguna, saying," — U Govinda, today I
have become king of the Earth, with my brothers, in conse-
quence of thyself of great wisdom having become my protector
and lord ! sr Hearing of the slaughter of that tiger among men,
viz., the proud son of Radha, the wicked-souled son of Dhrita-
rastra will be filled with despair, 8 * as regards both life and
kingdom ! Through thy grace, bull among men, we have
acquired our objects l 3 ^ By good luck, victory hath been thine,
O Govinda ! By good luck, the enemy hath been slain ! By
good luck, the wielder of Gciudicu, the son of Pandu, hath
been crowned with victory I 40 Thirteen years we have passed
in wakefulness and great sorrow ! thou of mighty arms,
through thy grace, we will sleep happily this night !*' — In
this way, O ruler of men, king Yudhishthira the just praised
Janarddana greatly as also Arjuna, monarch !'*"

"Sanjaya continued, — 'Beholding Kama with his son slain
with Partha's shafts, that perpetuater of Kuril's race, viz.,
Yudhishthira, regarded himself as reborn. 43 The kings (in tho
Pandava army), — great car-warriors all — filled with joy, ap-
proached Kunti's son Yudhishthira and gladdened him greatly. 4 *
Nakula, and Sahadeva, and Vrikodara the son of Pandu, and
Satyaki, O king, that foremost of car-warriors among tho
Vrishnis, 41 and Dhrishtadyumna, and Cikhandin, and others
among the Pandus, tho Panchalas, and the Srinjayas, worship-
ped the son of Kunti after the slaughter of the Suta's son.**
Extolling king Yudhishthira the son of Pandu, those delightera

occurring in the Bengal and the Bombay texts, I have adopted tb«j
Bengal readings. — T.



in battle., those affectual smiters, those heroes possessed of
s-ureness of aim and longing for victory, also praised those
scorchers of foes, viz., the two Krishna*, with speeches fraught
with panegyrics. Then those great car- warriors, filled with
delight, proceeded towards their own camp. 47 " 18 Thus occurred
that great carnage, making the hair to stand on end, in conse-
quence, king, of thy evil policy ! Why dost thou grieve for
it now ?' " i9

Vaigampayana continued, — "Hearing those evil tidings, the
Kuru king Dhritarashtra suddenly fell down on the ground
from his excellent seat. 50 Similarly, the royal lady Gandhari
of great foresight fell down. She indulged in diverse lamen-
tations for the slaughter of Kama in battle. 81 Then Vidura
and Sanjaya both raised the fallen monarch and began to
comfort him. 88 Similarly the Kuru ladies raised Gandhari. 53
Tinking destiny and necessity to be all powerful, that royal
ascetic, under that great grief, seemed to lose his senses. 54 His
heart filled with anxiety and sorrow, the king, however, did not
again swoon away. Comforted by them, he remained silent, in-
dulging in melancholy meditations. 85 He that reads of this great
battle, which is like unto a sacrifice, between the high-souled
Dhananjaya and Adhiratha's son, as also he that hears this
battle read, both obtain, O Bharata, the fruit of a great sacri-
fice duly performed. 50 The learned say that the holy and the
eternal Vishnu is Sacrifice, and each of those other gods, viz.,
Agni, Wind, Soma, and Surya, is so. Therefore, he that will,
without malice, hear or recite this Parvan, will be happy and
eapable of attaining to every region of bliss. 57 Filled with
devotion, men always read this sacred and first of Samhitas.
They that do so, rejoice, obtaining wealth, and grain, and
fame. 58 A man must, therefore, ever hear it without malice.
Ho that does so will obtain all kinds of happiness. With
that foremost of persons, Vishnu, and the illustrious Self-
born, and Rhava also, become pleased. 89 A Brahmana, by
readino- it, would obtain the fruit of having studied the Vedas ;
a Kshatriya obtains strength and victory in battle ; Vaicyas
would obtain immense wealth, and Cudras would obtain health
and freedom from disease. 60 Then again the illustrious Vishnu


is eternal And since it is that god who hath been glorified
in this Parvan, it is for this that the man reading or hearing it
become th happy and acquireth all the objects of hi." heart.
These words of the groat Rishl (Vyasa) can never he untrue I* 1
The merit that may be attained by listening to the recitation
of the Kama Parvan is equal to his who giveth away un-
ceasingly for a whole year good cows with calves," *




PAG] .

After Drona's death the Kuru warriors in grief, with

Duryodhana at their head, repair to Drona's son 1

Kama and Duryodhana and Duseasana and Cakuni pass

the night sleeplessly ... ... ... ib

AVhen morning comes, they rise and perform their

customary rites ... ... ... ib

Arraying their troop? fchey proceed to battle, making

Kama their leader ... ... ... 2

The Panda vas also proceed to battle ... ... ib

Kama fights for two days and is then slain by Arjuna ib

Sanjaya repairs to Hastiniipore and informs Dhrita-
rashtra of Kama's fall ... ... ... ib

Janamejaya enquires about the details of the battle ib

Sanjaya repairing to the Kuru city accosts king Dhrita-
rashtra ... ... ... ••• 3

Dhritarashtra's lament ... ... ••• l "

Dhritarashtra enquires of Sanjaya about the details of the

battle ... ... ... ••• *

Sanjaya begins his narration ... ••• °

The cheerlessness of the Kuru army upon the fall of Drona ib
Duryodhana's spirited address ... ••• ib

Kama made generalissimo ... ... ••• °

Kama slain by Arjuna on the second day ... ib

Hearing of Kama's fall in battle Dhritarashtra swoons away ib
Dhritarashtra and the ladies restored to their senses ib

The old king enquires whether Duryodhana is still alive ib

Sanjaya informs the king of Duscasana's slaughter ...
Dhritarashtra enquires of Sanjaya as to who arc dead
and who still living among both the Kurus and the
Panda 1 ... ... ... ... ib

Sanjaya recounts the names of those amongst the Kurus

that have fallen ... ... ... ib


Dhritarashtra enquires about those of the Pandava side

that have fallen ... ... ... 12

Sanjaya recounts the names of the Pandava warriors

that have fallen in battle ... ... ib

Sanjaya recounts the names of the Kuru warriors that

are still alive ... ... ... 15

Dhritarashtra, foreseeing defeat, once more swoons away 17
Dhritarashtra's lament for Kama ... ... 18

Sanjaya endeavours to comfort the old king ... 20

Continuation of Dhritarashtra's lament ... ib

Dhritarashtra enquires about the particulars of the battle 27
The Kauravas retire to their encampment after Drona's fall ib
They hold a consultation in the night ... ... ib

Duryodhana enquires of his adviseres as to what should

next be done ... ... ••• 28

A(;watthaman proposes the installation of Kama as

generalissimo ... ... <•• ">

Duryodhana's address to Kama, offering the command

of the Kaurava army ... ... ••• ib

Kama accepts the command and promises to slay the

Pandavas ... ... ••• ••• i' 1

The installation of Kama in the command of the army ib

The Brahmanas bless Kama ... ••• 1D

The Kaurava army arrayed for battle ... ••• ^l

The Makara array and its details ... ••• ^ L

Yudhishthira asks Arjuna to array the Pandava army 33

The Pandava troops arrayed in the form of a semi-circle ib

The commencement of battle ... ••• 34

The fierce slaughter on both sides

The encounter between Bhima and Kshemadhurti ... ih

Kshemadhurti slain by Bhima

Diverse Pandava warriors encounter diverse Kuru warriors ib

Encounter between Satyaki and the two Kaikaya princes ib

Anuvinda slain by Satyaki ...

Vinda also slain by Ditto

Encounter between Crutakarman and Chitrasena the ruler

of the Abhisaras



iitrasena slain by Crutakarman ... ••• 41

Encounter between Pritivindhya and Chitra ... ib

Encounter between Bhima and Drona's son ... 43

The Siddha8 &c. in the sky applaud both the warriors 45
Bhima and Acwatthaman are both borne away insensible

from the field ... ... ... 4G

Fierce battle between Arjuna and the Sumsaptakas ib

Acwatthaman challenges Arjuna ... ... 48

Encounter between Arjuna and Acwatthaman ... 49

The immense slaughter caused by Arjuna ... 50

Acwatthaman borne away from the fight by his steeds 53

The heroism of Dandadhara ... ... 54>

Arjuna encounters Dandadhara ... ... ib

Dandadhara slain by Arjuna ... ... 55

Arjuna slays Danda the brother of Dandadhara ... ib

Arjuna once more proceeds against the Samsaptakas ib

The Samsaptakas slaughtered by Arjuna ... 57

Krishna describes the dismal sights on the field of battle 58

The heroism of Pandva ... ... ... 01

Pandya slaughters the Kuru army ... ... ib

Encounter between Pandva and Acwatthaman ... G2

Pandya slain by Acwatthaman ... ... 65

The heroism of Kama ... ... ... 65

The carnage caused by Kama ... ... 67

Diverse encounters between diverse heroes ... 69

Encounter between Sahadeva and Duscasana ... 71

Sahadeva vanquishes Duscasana ... ... 72

Kama encounters Naku la ... ... ••• ib

Kama defeats Nakula and lets him escape ... 75

Kama makes a great slaughter among the Panchalas 76

Yuyutsu encounters Uluka ... ... ••• ••

Yuyutsu vanquished by Uluka ... ... 78

The heroism of Cakuni ... ••• ••• 1 ' 3

Kripa encounters Dhrishtadyumna ... ... 80

Dhrishtadyumtia confounded before Kripa ... 81

Dhrishtadyumna retreats before Kripa ... ••• ib

Kritavarmah encounters Cikhandin ib



Cikhandin worsted by Kritavarman ... ... 82

Arjuna encounters diverse heroes ... ... 83

Encounter between Duryodhana and Yudhishthira ... 85

The great carnage on the field ... ... 87

The encounter between Yudhishthira and Duryodhana

continued ... ... ... ... 89

Duryodhana swoons away ... ... ... 91

Bhima prevents Yudhishthira from slaying Duryodhana ib

Diverse encounters ... ... ... 92

The Kuru army defeated by Arjuna and the other

Pandava heroes ... ... ... 9k

The Kaurava army at evening ... ... 95

Kama assures Duryodhana that he would slay Arjuna

on the morrow ... ... ... ib

Dhritarashtra's grief upon hearing of the defeat of

the Kurus ... ... ... ... 96

Sanjaya rebukes Dhritarashtra by reminding him of

his evil acts ... ... ... ... 97

When morning comes, Kama repeats his pledge about the

slaughter of Arjuna ... ... ... ib

Kama desires to have Calya for driving his car ... 99

Duryodhana approaches Calya and humbly solicits him

to become Kama's driver in that day's battle ... 100

Calya takes offence at the proposal ... ... 102

Duryodhana repeats his request in words that do

honor to Calya ... ... ... 10-i

Calya accepts the drivership of Kama's car on the under
standing that he (Calya) would utter before Kama
whatever words he would think proper ... 105

Duryodhana recites to Calya the history of the triple
city and of Brahman'3 having accepted the driver-
ship of Mahadeva's car on the occasion of the latter's
burning that abode of the Duityas ... ... ib

Duryodhaua recites the history of Kama's preceptor in
arms, viz., Rama and his austerities and the grant of
weapons unto him by Civa ... ... 118

Duryodhana: eulogises Calya as superior to Krishna 123



Calya repeats his promise about, holding t.ho rein- o!

Kama's steeds during the second day'H battle ... 123

Calya and Kama ride the same car ... ... 12"/

Kama brags about his ability to slay Arjtina ... 12(J

Calya endeavours to inspire Kama with fear by eulogis-
ing the Pandavas ... ... ... ib

Kama's boast about his competence to slay Arjuna... 127

Kama expresses his firm determination of encountering

Arjuna whatever the consequences ... ... 129

Galya again eulogise? Arjuna and taunt? Kama ... L30

Kama addresses every Pandava soldier, offering rich
rewards in case any of them succeeded in pointing out
Arjuna to him in that day's battle ... ... I'll

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